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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Five

The First Shoot The Second Place Sister
Image by HentaiArtist2000 via DeviantArt

Chapter Forty-Eight: The First Shoot

Sometime during the night, Stephanie was able to pull herself from the couch and get into bed. She’d pitched fitfully, though, as her dreams disturbed her. She was a child, and she was playing in the snow with Tori. A big hill sloped steeply nearby, and child Stephanie, reckless even then, played too close to it. She fell, she slid, and she wasn’t able to stop herself.

The long plunge down the hill was frightening. She’d struck a tree, breaking her arm, and almost passing out. Tori hadn’t even thought when she’d seen her sister fall. She dove down the hill, her arms outstretched, reaching for young, screaming, Stephanie. She heard the scream when her sister’s arm struck the tree, but Tori rolled to the side and missed it by a hair. They came to a stop at the bottom of the hill.

Stephanie cried. Through the haze of tears, she saw Tori plunging through the deep snow toward her. She remembered the pain, how it crippled her. She was helpless, and couldn’t stand to move. Her arm was twisted at an angle. Tori pulled her glove off her hand and told Stephanie to bite on it, then straightened her arm as Stephanie screamed and faded out.

Tori found a branch, set her sister’s arm as best she could, and wrapped her scarf tightly around it. She’d slowly come to, but the pain was incredible. She tasted blood in her mouth. Tori was pulling her carefully to her feet, putting her good arm over her shoulder. Her face was set in grim determination.

“I’m going to save you, Stephie,” she said, “Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

Tori used every ounce of strength to walk Stephanie back up the hill. She’d had to carry her most of the way because she kept passing out from the pain. Their parents were yelling for them at the top of the hill, but Tori couldn’t yell back. Her mouth was so dry, and she had no breath left to yell with. Still, she pressed on, carrying Stephanie, step after agonizing step, until at last she topped the hill and collapsed in the snow.

John and Melanie rushed Stephanie to the emergency room, where the doctors were quick to compliment Tori’s quick thinking. Had she not done anything, Stephanie’s arm might never have set properly. Tori stood by her side as they treated her arm, and put it in a cast. She signed it with a big red heart, and wrote, “I love you, sissy!”

Over the weeks, as Stephanie’s arm healed, Tori had taken care of her, waiting on her every need. Each time she awoke from the dream, Stephanie felt vulnerable, a hint of guilt coming to the fore of her mind. She beat her fists into her pillow and pushed it away. So what if Tori had shown compassion for her here and there? She deserved this, every bit of it. There was nothing to feel guilty for. At last, she could sleep, and when she awoke, Tori was there lapping at her sore cunt and ass.

“Tell me you love me,” Stephanie panted.

“I love you, Stephie.”

“Tell me you’re a slut.”

“I’m your pussy slut, Stephie.”

Stephanie came on her face. Tori sucked at her cunt honey, filling her mouth with the taste of his sister’s young juices. She’d come in this morning, frightened at whatever Stephanie had planned for her, but also excited. Even though she’d cum a couple of times with Tim, the night before, she was incredibly horny.

She could tell a huge difference in her sex drive over just the last week. Where, before, she would have periods where she was only mildly aroused, it seemed that now she was always horny. Even after she orgasmed several times, she still wanted more. Her pussy and her ass might be sore and tired, but she didn’t care. She constantly wanted sex. Was this how Cindy felt? She thought it probably was. The little redhead could be fucked non-stop for days, and still want more. Tori knew she was getting to that point, too. Her mind was almost always focused on the feelings from between her legs, now.

Stephanie took her to the bathroom, and they showered together. Her sister made out with her, played with her pussy gently under the warm water, and made her cum twice with her fingers. Tori thought that, while being fucked was amazing, the way Stephanie could manipulate her body, and tease her mind with her filthy words, was probably the most exciting and satisfying climaxes she experienced. She knew she wasn’t a lesbian, but she realized that she really did love Stephanie. In fact, she might actually be in love with her.

The thought was both scary, and comforting. It was similar to the way she felt about Tim. She just enjoyed being near him, holding him, feeling his body warm next to hers. Even when they said nothing, it was good just to have him there. She found herself wishing she could have the same thing from Stephanie, that she could hold her body against her and feel that warmth.

It was silly, though. Stephanie clearly felt very differently about her, and it made her a little sad. They would never have that kind of connection. Stephanie’s love was different. It was more like the love one has for a special pet. She was Stephanie’s slut, her plaything. That also made Tori aroused and confused.

Stephanie picked out her outfit for her after they showered. Her tiny skirt was so short that Tori’s ass poked out invitingly from beneath it, and if she wasn’t careful, she showed off her hot pussy. A loose top with a plunging neckline went on over her head, and the sides of Tori’s firm, young tits were clearly visible in the middle of it. If she leaned forward, anyone could look down her top and see her breasts. A pair of fuck-me pumps completed the package, along with a little necklace that Stephanie fastened around her neck. The charm said, “fuck toy”.

Tori felt so hot between her legs as Stephanie looked her over, turning her around so that she could see herself in the mirror. She looked like sex on legs. Stephanie kissed her and told her she looked like the perfect little slut.

It was just after nine in the morning when they left the house in Stephanie’s car. Her sister still wouldn’t tell her where they were going, but she figured that wherever it was, it was going to end up with her cumming several times, and probably doing a lot of nasty things. The thought wasn’t quite so bad. Her pussy drooled on Stephanie’s seat.

They arrived at a big house in another neighborhood not far from home. When they got out of the car, Stephanie checked her appearance, gave her a kiss, and then reached into her purse. She pulled out the little gag ball and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs.

“Stephie,” Tori started to say, but her sister pushed the gag ball in her mouth and put the strap around her head.

Stephanie pulled her arms behind her back and locked the cuffs on her. She played with Tori’s pussy under her skirt.

“One of the photographers I work with recommended a friend of his that does more...risque shoots. We need to make sure we’re putting up fresh content for the site, so I’ve arranged a little shoot for you today.”

“Hut ind uv hoot?”

“Some sexy pictures, and then a hot little fuck session with a hunky porn stud,” Stephanie said.

Tori felt her pussy ache. She was going to be fucked, and she couldn’t wait. Stephanie took her into the house, a small mansion that was often rented out for porn films. The open floor concept was light and airy, filled with sunshine from the many windows. Everything was white, from the carpets to the curtains, to the couch. Several lights were also set up at various locations around the room, driving away any remaining shadows.

A short man with stubble on his face was talking to a couple of men with cameras, but he turned toward the two girls as they entered, and the unbridled lust was clear on his face.

“Looks like our talent has arrived,” he said, coming to meet them, “Ross Baker,” he held out his hand.

Stephanie shook it, “Stephanie Hamlin. This is Kandy. She won’t be shaking hands.”

Ross laughed as he ran his eyes over Tori’s body. The look made her squirm. Stephanie had introduced her by the website name. She noted it as the first time she’d been introduced by her porn name, sure that it wouldn’t be the last.

“Nobody told me we were shooting with twins,” Ross said.

“You’re not. I just manage,” Stephanie clarified, “My sister is the slut.”

They talked about Tori as if she weren’t even there, and while it felt awkward, it was also turning her on. She was the slut. She was here to be fucked.

“That’s too bad. People would dump their life savings to watch the two of you get fucked together. You girls are smoking, and I mean that.”

“Well, they’ll have to be satisfied with one of us,” Stephanie said, “but just because I’m curious, and we’re all here to make money, how much are you talking about?”

Ross grinned, “With those bodies, and if you two were willing to... play... together? Not my area. Whatever the figure, it's a pittance of what the studio would get in return. Especially if you were willing to do anal or DP.”

Stephanie seemed to consider it, “I’ll tell you what. You put that in writing and let our people go over the contract, and I’ll think about it. Fair enough?”

They shook hands.

“So, the specs for the shoot said that she’s going to be blindfolded?” Ross said.

Tori mumbled something, but they ignored her.

“Yeah. Sorry, but we can’t show her face,” Stephanie said.

“I get that. I know who you are, the bikini model. I’ve jerked off to you more times than I can count, honey.”

Stephanie chuckled, “Well, now you get to jerk off to my hot twin sister, too. How nice will that be?”

“Pretty sweet fuckin’ deal is what that is.”

“So we’re starting with some stills,” Stephanie went back to business, “with video, and then the sex. Is that what you have, too?”

“Sounds like it,” Ross agreed.

“Good,” Stephanie reached into her purse, came out with a check, and handed it to Ross.

“Looks good,” he said, grinning, “I know you’re gonna like the results.”

“That’s what I’ve heard. Let’s get to it.”

Ross finally acknowledged Tori, saying, “Ready, honey? We’re gonna get you in the middle of the room here first, alright?”

Tori, her legs shaking, followed the man into the room. She looked back at Stephanie, who nodded her head. Tori was afraid, but she knew her sister was right there. She wouldn’t let anything happen to her. She would be okay. Ross put a blindfold over her eyes and tied it tightly behind her head.

She felt him walk away, and she stood alone, unsure of what she was supposed to do. She heard Ross and Stephanie talking off to the side.

“Tori, get down on your knees like you’re getting ready to suck some cunt,” Stephanie said.

She heard Ross chuckle, and say something about her being well-trained. She slowly got to her knees, which was a little difficult in the pumps, and with her arms cuffed behind her back. She felt a warm, masculine hand cup her chin, and tilt her head up. The click of cameras sounded off in the distance.

She felt the hand on her chin slide down to her throat, and the man moved behind her. He knelt behind her, his hand holding her chin up. His other hand slid around her body to cup one of her tits through her shirt. She could feel the wetness between her legs intensify as his fingers rolled her nipple. She moaned through her gag. Click!

With her sight gone, her movement restrained, unable to speak, Tori felt helpless. The feeling was exciting, yet frightening all at once. The man’s hand moved from her chin, gathered her blonde hair in his fist, and pulled her head back. She gasped in surprise as his other hand went between her legs, lifting her skirt to brush her horny cunt. Click!

The man bent her backward, and her tits thrust out. The loose top clung to them. He raised her skirt and spread her legs a little further. She was sure her pussy was fully on display, wet and puffy. Click! His finger pushed into her and she moaned. Click! The man then bent her over, pressed her face to the carpet, raised her ass in the air, and pulled up her skirt. Click!

She felt her fuck honey running down her leg as the man pressed his finger to her slit. Click! He got his finger wet with her cream, and placed it against her asshole. Click! His finger pushed into her ass. Click! He pulled Tori back upright, unlocked her cuffs, took her shirt off, and cuffed her again. Click! She felt his mouth engulf one of her breasts, his tongue teasing her nipple. Click!

She moaned into the gag ball as he did the same to the other breast. Click! Next, he helped her stand and slid off her skirt, exposing her whole body to the camera. Click! The man spread her legs apart and cupped her teen pussy with his big hand. Click! He pushed his fingers up her cunt and slowly fucked her pussy. Click! Tori moaned and tried to cum on his fingers. Click! Her hands, behind her back, felt his hard-on. He was naked! He pushed his dick between her spread legs from behind, and she felt the shaft slide between her pussy lips. Click!

Tori tried to get it inside of her, but he continued to tease her eager, young cunt with it. Click! It was a new feeling, strange and exciting, being helpless and unable to see the man who was manipulating her hard teenage body so well. His breath was warm in her ear as he rubbed his dick between her wet folds.

A second pair of hands fondled her breasts, making Tori jump. Click! Her legs shook as the friction of the first man’s cock gave her a small orgasm. Click! Her body shivered as the second man sucked at her nipples. Click! The first man held her hips and continued to rub his cock between her legs. The second man kissed her on her gag ball. Click!

The gag ball was pulled from her mouth and hung around her neck, just below her “fuck toy” necklace. With her mouth free, her passionate moans filled the room. She arched her back against the man behind her, and the second man put his tongue in her mouth and groped her tits. Click!

“Good fuck, but this little slut of yours is hot,” Ross whispered to Stephanie.

Stephanie just nodded, watching the two porn studs work her sister’s body over. She certainly wasn’t immune to the effect Tori was having on everyone there. Her own pussy was wet under her skirt. Ross saw Stephanie’s glassy-eyed look, her intense focus on the action. He’d been doing this long enough to know when a bitch was getting hot, and he could see that Stephanie was hotter than most. He suspected that a little bit of slut probably ran in both twins. If he only knew. He slid his hand under Stephanie’s skirt and rubbed her ass. She didn’t stop him.

The two men put Tori on her knees and placed their cocks at her mouth, their two heads bumping against each other. Tori was panting visibly, obviously on the edge of a cock frenzy. Click! The two cocks entered her mouth side-by-side. Tori moaned at the new experience. She let them battle for her mouth, but eventually one of them pulled out, while the other filled her small mouth with its girth.

The cameras rolled and clicked. Stephanie spread her legs a little wider, letting Ross feel her heated cunt. The man in Tori’s mouth began to slowly fuck her face, holding her head in his big hands. Tori hardly participated at all. She just let him use her mouth, drooling around his cock, as the man pushed his dick into her throat, held it until she gagged, pulled back out, and did it all over again.

The First Shoot The Second Place Sister
Image by HentaiArtist2000 via DeviantArt

The other man lay on his back and slid between her legs. He pulled Tori down to his face and began to suck at her pussy. Tori went crazy, her young body shaking and quivering as they made her their toy. The two men, clearly used to working in unison, picked Tori up and carried her to the couch, where one of them sat down, and the other positioned Tori, reverse cowgirl, onto his throbbing hardon.

The stranger’s large penis slid into her hot, quivering, young hole, and Tori began to cum on it, jerking and gasping, a string of saliva hanging from her lip. The other man stood on the couch and put his cock back into her mouth. The sound of moaning, groaning, sucking, and squelching went on for several minutes as they made Tori cum over and over.

Ross’ finger worked at Stephanie’s hot hole, rubbing her clit, sliding inside of her. Stephanie finally snapped out of her trance, and pushed his hand away gently, shaking her head. Ross shrugged and licked his finger while he stared at her. Stephanie grinned at him.

“That’s all of my pussy you’re going to get,” she whispered, “But you can still jerk off to me.”

“Oh, I will,” Ross admitted.

The porn studs swapped places and fucked Tori’s mouth and pussy again. She was a very willing participant now, fucking herself on the stud’s cock in her dripping pussy. She was in a constant state of near orgasm. She knew that she really was just their fuck toy. They were using her body to get themselves off, and in so doing she was having the most erotic fuck of her young life.

This wasn’t at all like anything she’d done. This was intense, a total feeling of abandoning control. They made her do whatever they wanted, put her where they wanted, and used her as they wanted. She was blind, cuffed, and had no choice but to take their large cocks and enjoy them.

She felt herself being lifted up, the cock slipping from her puffy little cunt. The man put his hands on her ass, held her there, and slowly eased her down onto his penis, filling her pussy back up. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and let him lift her up and down his thick rod. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, and she kissed him back.

Her second lover’s hands grasped her waist, and she leaned back against his chest, while the man fucking her held her still. Tori stiffened as she felt the other man’s hard cock touch her asshole. She struggled weakly, whimpering into the man’s mouth. He wouldn’t stop kissing her. The man behind her pushed his cock past her sphincter and she cried out into her lover’s mouth.

Her small body shook all over as she was double penetrated for the first time by two real cocks. The first sensation was an excruciating pain, her body feeling like she was being split in half. The first man held her ass open, his big cock all the way inside of her. The second man slowly eased his cock into her backdoor. She stopped kissing and began cumming as she felt the two penises rub together through the thin membrane in her body.

“Uuuuugh! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, fuck!” she cried and broke down into animalistic grunts as the two studs got both of their cocks all the way inside of her. Still cuffed, she squeezed her legs hard around the man holding her up, and then lost her shit. There was nothing else in the world but the feel of those two hard penises pushing in and out in an endless rhythm of pain and pleasure. She felt absolutely filled, filled so much that she thought she was going to burst.

She had no idea what she was saying, or if the noises coming from her mouth were even words. Her head was a continuous jumble of stars, exploding light, waves of dizziness, and unimaginable euphoria. The two studs held her between them, a hot little teen sandwich, and plugged her holes over and over in a rapid jackhammer of sweat and fuck honey.

She felt the first man begin to cum in her ass, followed moments later by the second man exploding deep in her tight cunt. Tori had the biggest orgasm of her life, up to that point, and felt herself getting faint. She thought she might pass out, her head was so light. The two studs pulled their dicks out of her, and she could feel torrents of warm cum pour out of her ass and pussy.

The men sat her down on the couch and took turns assaulting her slobbering mouth, making her clean up their hard pricks with her tongue. Her ass felt very sore as she sat there, leaking cum on the couch. When they were satisfied with how well she cleaned their dicks up, they gave each other a high five and walked away, done playing with their toy.

Tori lay on the couch, legs spread, oozing jism from her ass and cunt, more sperm and spit hanging from her used mouth. Her arms burned from being cuffed for so long, and her wrists were sore. She labored for breath as her head spun with a blissful afterglow. She couldn’t process a single thought right then. She was still stuck in an animal state, prone and ready to be fucked like a toy some more.

“Turn off the cameras,” Stephanie said.

Ross turned to the cameramen and gave a signal. The cameras stopped. Stephanie went to Tori. She had little love bites on her tits and inner thighs. She was a complete mess but looked as though she was ready for more. Stephanie took the blindfold off her. Tori’s eyes were staring past Stephanie, totally unfocused. Stephanie snapped her fingers and Tori blinked. She kissed her, tasting the two stud’s fuck juice in her sister’s mouth. Tori started to come around as Stephanie pulled away.

“S... Ste... Stephie?” Tori droned.

“I’m here, baby,” Stephanie said softly.

“Did I... I do good? Was I a...good slut?”

Stephanie stroked her hair.

“You were a great little slut, Tori,” she said reassuringly, “You fucked those two stud’s brains out.”

“I love you, Stephie.”

“I love you, too.”

“Could we go home now?”

“Yeah. Let me clean up that messy little cunt first,” Stephanie said.

She leaned Tori forward and undid her cuffs. The sense of freedom was wonderful! Tori flexed her tired arms and rubbed her wrists. Stephanie brought her a glass of water and began to dab at her used fuckholes with a warm towel. There was so much cum spilling out of her and coating the couch. Tori gladly drank the whole glass of water and cradled the cold cup against her sweaty chest. Ross hovered in her bleary vision.

“Baby, you are something else. I’ve seen a lot of girls come and go, but that was HOT, and I mean smoking! You ever want to shoot again, you come and see me, alright? You gotta be the hottest little piece of teen pussy I ever seen. The way you lose yourself in it, that’s a one-in-a-million trait, honey. Most of these dumb sluts don’t show a tenth of the love for cock that you do.”

“Um, thanks, I think,” Tori said.

Stephanie tossed the towel away and helped Tori to her feet. Her legs would barely hold her, they were so weak from cumming. The memory of the dream came rushing back to Stephanie as she half carried her sister across the room, Tori carrying her up the hill, pushing every ounce of strength in her tiny body into her legs, scared but determined to get her sister to safety.

Stephanie gritted her teeth and pushed that thought away with a mental ‘fuck you’. She got Tori into the car and carefully put her battered body in the passenger seat. She told her to wait, went back inside, and found Ross helping pack up equipment.

“Ross,” she called, and the director looked up at her, “Send the copies over to my editor. And don’t forget, I want to see contracts for both of us at my attorney’s office by the end of the week. If it's lucrative enough, you might just get to see a little bit more of my pussy, and get something else to jerk off to.”

“Baby, you got a deal,” he said and grinned like a shark.

Stephanie took a card from her purse, scribbled the lawyer’s name and fax number on the back, and handed it to Ross. They shook hands again and watched her beautiful ass sway away in her tiny skirt. He couldn’t help but grab his cock and lick his finger again. It was the sweetest honey he’d ever tasted.

Tori slept the whole way home, and when Stephanie pulled into the driveway, she had to help her sister out of the car. Tori was slightly more lucid now and was able to walk on her own, though slowly. Her ass was sore and aching, but she was still a touch horny. She couldn’t imagine why. She must have cummed a hundred times over the course of an hour.

She stumbled into the house behind Stephanie, who went ahead of her and ran a hot bath. She took Tori into her own bedroom, helped her undress, and then got her into the tub. The warm water felt great, soothing the aches a little bit. Despite feeling beat up, Tori was smiling. Her pussy was hot and tingling with the memory of the savage fucking she’d gotten.

Stephanie washed her hair and cleaned the cum and dried spit from her face. Tori lay in the tub, eyes closed until the water got cold. Stephanie sat next to her and just watched her. That little nagging guilt kept creeping into the back of her mind, but she kept pushing it away. Tori deserved this, she told herself again. She helped her sister out of the tub, dried her off, and got her into her bed. Tori fell asleep quickly and didn’t wake up for hours.


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