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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Eight

Chapter Fifty-Two: Sisters

“I can carry you.”

The words rang in Stephanie’s ears as she lay cradled in Tori’s arms. It struck her because of the dream, the same dream that plagued her over and over. Stephanie was smart. She knew that the memory of that day was her subconscious latching onto a fond memory of a time her sister had been there, had helped her. It was a way for the guilt to reach the front of her mind, after being pushed so far back for so long.

She’d tried so hard to convince herself that Tori deserved everything that Stephanie had done to her, but once she got it out, admitted it all to her family, it felt small and stupid. Maybe it wouldn’t have if Tori had admitted that she felt the same way, that she had lived her life looking down on Stephanie. But it hadn’t happened that way. Tori had reacted differently, and it was so hard to hold onto the hate in the face of such powerful love.

She also had to admit to herself that the last week had made it much more difficult to justify her hate. When they’d entered their teen years, the twins had begun to drift apart. They developed new friendships, grew into their own personalities, and Tori had become more distant, more aloof. That was when the hate really began to grow. Stephanie felt snubbed as Tori became more popular, more successful.

Since coming home, though, Tori had been completely different. The intimacy they’d shared over the last seven days had brought them so close. Maybe, closer than they had ever been. She could feel, every time Tori looked at her, each time she told her she loved her, with each lick and suck between her legs, she could feel the truth of that love. And, it had begun to chip away at the rocky core of disdain that she had been holding for so long.

“I can’t do this without you, Stephie. Please come back to me!”

Those simple words, feeling the truth of them in Tori’s embrace, had shattered the thick walls Stephanie had built around her heart. She didn’t just feel bad, or guilty for what she’d done. She was destroyed. What she had done, wasn’t forgivable, and yet she’d been forgiven, totally and completely, and that was what hurt the most. Even in the face of life-altering change, having everything stripped away from her, Tori could say such a thing and mean it. It wasn’t Tori that deserved the pain, the humiliation. It was herself.

Stephanie could feel herself losing her mind as the foundation of resentment, rage, and scorn fell out beneath her. How could she turn around and look into the face that she shared with this person, look into the same eyes as her own, and not wilt with the shame of her actions? But, she had to try, didn’t she? If ever she was going to crawl back to some level of sanity, she had to look at Tori.

She rolled over and saw the deep worry in her sister’s beautiful face. There wasn’t a trace of anger in her eyes. There was only concern, caring, love. How had she been so wrong? Tori’s hand stroked her cheek, pushed her hair out of the way. She didn’t say anything, but it was enough that she was here.

“What... what have I done, Tori?” Stephanie choked.

“Hush, Stephie. You just let me talk, and you hush, alright?”

Stephanie nodded.

“You know, there may be times when the things we do, well, they don’t make sense. They have consequences that we never intended. I can see, now, that I hurt you. I hurt you so badly, Stephie, and the worst part of it is that I never even thought about it. The things you said, well, they were partly true. I drifted away from you, from my best friend. But I never hated you, Stephie. I never looked down on you, and I never stopped loving you. I just didn’t, well, I didn’t think that I wanted to be like you.

“You’re so impulsive, so risky, and the truth is that I was afraid of what I would be like if I followed you. But now, everything is different. What you did was wrong, yes, I can’t lie to you and say it wasn’t. But I can understand why, and that makes me accept it. Not only that. I can see what it’s done to me, to us, and I’ve learned something from all of this. I’ve learned that what I had, the medals, the structure, none of it was important. Not really. It’s this that’s important, Stephie,” she said and held her hand.

“It’s you, and it’s me. It’s mom and dad. It’s Mike, and it’s Cindy. It’s the love, Stephie. And I wouldn’t have ever found it again if you hadn’t acted the way you did. Cindy never would have found it, if you hadn’t acted. You might not see it this way, but by changing my life, you changed Cindy’s for the better. Really, for the better. And if I had to give up some stupid medals, so that she could be happy, then that’s a small sacrifice. Over the weekend, when tied me in that chair, which was really hot by the way, well, afterward I thought really hard about what was happening between us. I decided, then, that I know I can’t control myself anymore.

“Just like Cindy, I’ll become consumed and spread my legs for anyone that wants me. Do you know how frightening it is, knowing that you have no control whatsoever? Well, I made a decision that night, and I decided that you would be my control. I trusted you, and I still do, to keep me reigned in, to keep me safe. I still need you to be that, Stephie. You might think that you took that control by sheer force and took advantage of me, and that might be part of the truth. However, I gave it up to you willingly, too. I know that you’ll protect me, even now, after the things you said, I know it. Now, tell me you love me.”

Stephanie felt a pain in her heart and a lump in her throat. Every word from Tori’s mouth was like daggers, piercing her armor, tearing it away. If they’d had this talk a month ago, would it be the same? She thought not, and Tori made good points. Her hate wasn’t the liberating, driving force that she’d fooled herself into thinking it was. It was a ball and chain, weighing her down, sinking her. It might have even drowned her, eventually.

“I... I love you,” Stephanie said, and this time she found that she really meant it.

“I love you, too, sissy. I love you, and I trust you, and no matter what happens from here forward, I want us to be what we really are. Sisters?”

Tori put her head against Stephanie’s, the heat of her skin a comfort, her twin’s eyes wet and red saying everything she could have hoped for.

“Sisters,” Stephanie declared and kissed her.



“I’m still your slut,” Tori hissed, “and I like everything about it. Please don’t stop.”

Stephanie grinned, and said, “Well, I hardly slept at all last night, and that little domination game that mom was playing with me still has me hot as fuck, so I guess you better get to work pussy girl.”

Tori sank beneath the covers, and the sound of Stephanie’s moans was like music to her ears.

Chapter Fifty-Three: Evidence

Agent Oliver welcomed John Hamlin and his family into a conference room and seated them around a big, round table. Along with them was John’s friend and lawyer, Stu. His wife and girls were beautiful, and the agent felt his stomach turn at what they’d been subjected to. He offered them drinks.

“I appreciate you coming in, especially you, Stephanie,” Agent Oliver said, “And I’m glad you’ve decided to help us.”

Tori squeezed her sister’s hand under the table.

“Yeah, sure,” Stephanie said, looking down.

“I hope you don’t mind if I get straight to it,” the agent said, “I can’t tell you what any evidence would mean to us at this point.”

Stu cleared his throat, “Speaking on behalf of my clients, I have to have certain assurances first. The family has a few concerns, and some requests that we’re going to ask you to honor before any further discussion takes place.”

“Go ahead,” Oliver said, spreading his hands.

“First, total immunity for Stephanie Hamlin,” Stu stated, “my clients would like to work out their internal family issues themselves, and have requested that their children have no part in any legal proceedings until necessary. In exchange for immunity, Stephanie has a great deal of information that we think will be of use to your investigation.”

“That’s reasonable. Consider it done.”

“Second, the video evidence that Mr. Hamlin will be furnishing you with contains very graphic images of his daughter, Tori, and we demand that this evidence not be shared with any media outlet, and not be used for any purpose other than prosecution of those involved in the alleged conspiracy.”

“Of course.”

“Very good. If that’s agreed, then I have some documentation I’d like you to sign. I assume you have the authority to make good on these promises on behalf of your division?”

“I do.”

Stu passed him some papers, watched him sign them, and put them into his briefcase.

“The floor is yours, Agent Oliver,” Stu said.

“Thank you,” he set a recorder on the table, switched it on. “I’ll be recording this conversation for the sake of the investigation. I can assure you that anything said in this room will remain private, and will only be shared on an as-needed basis with our legal team, in the event that we are able to move ahead with any prosecution. Is that fair?”

“Yes,” Stu said.

“Stephanie,” Oliver said, “Could you please recount to me all the events, as you remember them, starting from your first involvement with any individuals known to you as part of the wider network of conspirators?”

Stephanie took a drink of her water, and with a shaky voice began to recount all the awful things she’d done. Tori held her hand under the table. She could tell that it was difficult for Stephanie, especially in front of her parents, to let it out, but she did it.

Mr. Hart, chemistry teacher, was Stephanie’s original point of contact. It fit with what Oliver had put together so far. Mr. Hart had befriended Stephanie in her sophomore year, helping her with chemistry and biology homework during her study period. He’d probed her very subtly, and carefully, picking up on her feelings of abandonment and anger toward her sister. When she got into his class as a junior, the following year, their relationship began to become more intimate.

Mr. Hart suggested that he might know of a way to knock Tori down a few pegs and teach her a lesson. Stephanie, controlled by her anger, had readily agreed. He dropped hints that he knew some friends who were highly skilled at taking young girls under their care and turning them into sluts. Stephanie, curious and a highly sexual person herself, was soon asking all the right questions.

Her teacher made it quite clear that there were several well-defined formulas that his “friends” had used in the past, to ensure that nothing could be traced back to them, and it would look to all the world as if Tori was a victim of her own mistakes. He went over with her, on several occasions, her role in the planning, the execution, and how things were to be handled once Tori’s “adjustments” had been made.

Stephanie, no idiot, knew that nothing came for free. Her part, after the changes had been made, was to pay a great deal of money. At first, Stephanie wasn’t certain if it was feasible, but Mr. Hart was quick to present a number of options. They finally settled on building an adult website. They ran several numbers on the potential income from it and looked extensively at real numbers from hundreds of such sites. The sum Stephanie needed to pay, one million dollars, was a drop in the bucket for the long-term income potential involved.

Mr. Hart made it very clear, though, that if she couldn’t, or wouldn’t pay her debts, his “friends” had ways of recouping their losses. Many of those involved both girls being used for various sexual enterprises, most likely prostitution in one form or another. Stephanie, sure that she could make the website work, had readily agreed.

Mr. Hart supplied her with a chemical compound that would make it impossible for Tori to pass a drug test, which would be required if she were arrested for possession of controlled substances on school grounds. The compound would also alter Tori’s brain chemistry, making her irrational, sexually charged, prone to compulsive masturbation, and unable to focus. All of these would raise red flags with any reasonable person, and when the inevitable charges came, it would be hard for anyone to deny that she had been acting very strangely.

Struggling through this part, Stephanie admitted to dosing her sister with the compound over several days. Then, during a weekend track practice, she planted drugs, provided by Mr. Hart, in Tori’s locker. When school began that week, she made an anonymous call to the school police, which put Tori under suspicion and started the ball rolling.

Stephanie, unfortunately, didn’t have any knowledge of those within the legal system that routed Tori to the NewYou Clinic, nor did she know anything about who was at the head of the network. The only thing she did know was that she was contacted by an accountant, who then helped her route her website’s income to the right channels. Part of the money would go into paying the actress, Tori, while the rest would be split to pay the manager, Stephanie, to handle expenses, and fees, and pay toward her debt. She had one year to come up with the money.

Stephanie provided Agent Oliver with the name of the accountant, as well as financial records for the website. Oliver, looking them over, was amazed at how much money the site was generating after only a week in operation. Sex brought in a lot of money, he knew. He’d spent most of his adult life investigating sexual exploitation, and pretty girls doing naughty things usually led to someone getting paid a lot of dough.

Tori wasn’t just pretty, though, she was an absolute knockout, just like her sister. No wonder the perverts were quick to part with ten bucks a month to jerk off to her. He couldn’t, himself, claim to be immune to how beautiful she was. The twins both exuded sex appeal like mad.

“That’s everything, I think,” Stephanie finished, staring at the table.

She couldn’t bring herself to look at her family. She felt like she might even be sick. Tori still held her hand tightly, which was probably the only reason she didn’t run from the room and bury her head in the sand.

“May I please have the video?” Oliver asked.

John slid the DVD across the table, a little hesitantly.

“Thank you. I’ll review it in private.”

“Do you think what I told you will help?” Stephanie asked softly.

“Yes, I think it will. I’ll look into the accountant and, as you know, we’ve been trailing Mr. Hart for some time. I’d really like to thank you all for your help, and if there’s anything else I’ll be in touch,” Oliver said.

“There’s something else,” Tori said, “I’m supposed to go back to the clinic every week for evaluation.”

Oliver nodded, “I have a friend of mine working on that right now. I feel pretty positive that I can pull some strings to have the court order lifted. You won’t be going back there again.”

“But, what about the other girls? Valerie? Harmony? I saw them on the last visit, and they’re...already different. Maybe even worse than me.”

“Until we can make a case, there’s not really anything we can do. I’m sorry.”

Tori frowned, then said, “Well, maybe there’s something I can do? Dr. Carlson asked if I would help the other girls to accept the fact that they were changing. He wanted me directly involved with it. Maybe I could be, like, some secret agent or something? Does that sound ridiculous?”

Oliver sat back in his chair and thought about it. They’d never been able to get someone inside the clinic. Tori could be a valuable asset, but she’d also be in a lot of danger.

“Let me think about it,” he said at last, “but until you hear from me, don’t plan to go back there. I don’t care if they call and threaten you. Don’t go near them again.”

Tori nodded.

“Thanks again for your time, folks.”

Oliver went around the table and shook hands, saw them out the door. He glanced at the DVD on the table like it was going to bite him. That little piece of plastic could be the thing that broke this case wide open. He just had to work up the courage to watch it.

Chapter Fifty-Four: The Way Forward

“You can’t be serious?” John said, certain Tori had lost her mind.

“Yes, I am,” she said, “I think it’s the best thing.”

The entire family, and the adopted Cindy, sat in the living room. Since coming home from the FBI office, the most uncomfortable conversation they’d ever had was just getting underway. Tori declared, right from the start, that LKKXXX.COM was staying online, and Stephanie was going to continue to manage it.

“How is that anything close to being the best thing?” Melanie asked.

Stephanie, smart girl that she was, kept her mouth shut and didn’t meet anyone’s eye.

“If we shut it down,” Tori said, feeling more lucid than she had in weeks, “then we raise suspicion. Not only that, Stephanie still has a debt to pay, or there are going to be consequences. We know that. Also, we just set up a cross-promotion with Cindy’s site, and I want her to succeed. Lastly, I like it.”

Her parents squirmed in their seats as she said it, but it was the truth, “If I’m really stuck this way, like, forever then I’ll probably never be able to function in the normal world. Cindy and I don’t have another choice. Maybe the site started as a way to exploit me, but I actually enjoy it, alright?”

“Honey,” John cut in, “You don’t have to do anything. I...I have the money. Stephanie can get out of her debt, and I’ll make sure you never want for anything. I’ll take care of you.”

“No, daddy. I love you for it, but no. This is something Stephie and I have to do, and if we’re going to do it we’re going full throttle. We’re going to make LKK and Cindy Sin the hottest, nastiest, sluttiest, money machine on the internet,” Tori declared.

“Fuck,” Mike said, “If you told me I’d hear that come out of your mouth a month ago, I’d have said you were on drugs.”

“Har, Har, smart-ass,” Tori said, but she was smiling.

Melanie stretched her long legs and leaned against her husband, “John,” she said, “If that’s Tori’s decision, then I think we should let them try.”

“Did mass insanity infect my whole family? What the fuck is going on here?” John cried.

“Not insanity,” Melanie said, “You’re just thinking as the protector, provider, and king of this horny jungle. Take a step back and listen to your daughter. She’s right.”

John looked like he might argue, but shut his mouth.

“Daddy, I know how you’re feeling, but I don’t want you to be afraid,” Tori said, “This is me at my most rational which, admittedly, is bordering on a mental breakdown because I haven’t cum since this morning!”

Now that he took the time to notice, he could see that Tori was barely holding herself together right now. She was flushed and sweating, her eyes shining with barely-contained lust. Her breasts were heaving as she tried to maintain even breathing. All the signs of what they’d done to her were there in front of him, and he knew from past experience that she was on the verge of snapping.

“Okay,” John consented, “On the condition that you do it safely. Do you understand?”


“Good. Now, Stephanie,” he said, and his daughter looked like she was going to throw up, “Would you please come with me and your mother? Mike, will you please fuck your sister.”

“Oh, can I help?” Cindy cried.

“Please do!” Tori said, and the three of them left for Mike’s cave.

Stephanie followed her parents up the stairs to their bedroom, hanging her head. She wished she had a bullet right about now. She gulped as she reached the top of the stairs, but her parents put their arms around her and took her into their room.

“Lay with me, baby,” Melanie said, flopping down on the bed.

Stephanie carefully lay next to her mother. She couldn’t stand to look at her father, knowing the pain she’d see there. If her betrayal of Tori was bad, what she’d done to her father was even worse because of the way she loved him. She may as well have pulled his heart from his chest and set it on fire, then pissed on the ashes. She felt her lip quiver as she tried to hold back a flood of tears. She felt the bed sag behind her, and then her father’s big arms were holding her.

“Baby,” Melanie said, “We’re not going to sit here and beat you up. You know what you did. You’re not a dummy.”

“I know,” Stephanie whispered, “and...I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, mom, dad.”

“Don’t apologize,” John said, “You may not realize this, but we can see how you feel on your face. Once that mask of yours fell away last night, well, we could see that’s exactly what it was. A mask. You’ve been hiding from us for years, haven’t you?”


“We’re the ones that should apologize,” Melanie said, “We should have seen it. We should have been there. We want you to know that, no matter what you might think, we never loved either of you girls more than the other. We still don’t.”

“Stephie,” John cut in, “What we have, the three of us, what we’ve shared since that night in the hotel, it will always be special. It’s something that only you have, and no matter what happens from here on, it will always be something no one can take away from us.”

“But we told you,” Melanie said, “that when this started what it was going to be, didn’t we?”


“You know, then,” she went on, “That I’m your father’s wife, his lover, and his partner. Nothing is going to change that, right?”


“But,” Melanie said quietly, “tell me the truth now. You’re in love with him, aren’t you?”

Stephanie looked away, but there was nowhere else to look. She was a little teen sandwich between them.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I’m going to leave you two alone,” John said and walked out of the room.

“I’m sorry, mom,” Stephanie said, “I guess, well, I guess I always have loved him.”

“Ha! Little girl, you don’t have to apologize to me for loving that man. Do you think I can blame you? If John Hamlin isn’t the greatest man to ever walk the earth, then I don’t know who is. And his big dick is my own personal Jesus.”

Stephanie had to laugh at that.

Melanie became more serious, “Now, your father and I have talked about this a lot. Even before involved, we talked about this possibility. You might think that we’re pretty impulsive, and I won’t deny that we have been from time to time. But we’ve also had years of experience, and we’ve seen what an open relationship like ours has done to other people. There are a lot of people, well, most people I suppose, who can’t separate love and sex. Your dad and I are different that way. We can, and do.

We knew that it was a risk, when we started this, that you might not be able to. We took the chance on it, though, not because we were consumed with lust for you, though, it was a little bit of that,“ she smiled, “but because we loved you. Both of us love you so deeply, and so completely that we knew we would be able to make room in our hearts for you.”

“Oh, mom,” Stephanie said.

It was very difficult not to cry. She saw the same struggle in her mother’s face.

“Now, we’ve talked some more, in light of...recent events. What you did, it hurt us both, and I know that you know that. We’re not going to dwell on it. Tori came to us, and she talked to us, too. We want you to know that, even though we’re hurt, we still love you. Your dad and I, we love you so much. You’re not just our daughter, Stephie, you’ve become much more than that to us.”

“I’m your little fuckpet?” Stephanie asked.

“Ha! Well, I guess you’re that, too, but only when I want you to be,” Melanie winked at her, “No, you’re our lover. You’re part of us. If you can be honest with us, truly honest, no more hiding, then we can make you part of what your father and I have. Would you like that?”

“I don’t get it.”

“Well, I guess it would be like a polygamist marriage or something, only you can’t exactly marry him. But you’d be kind of, a second wife, if you could handle that.”

“That would probably sound really weird to anyone but this family,” Stephanie joked.

“It would probably sound criminally insane to anyone but this family,” Melanie added, “and it probably is. But, it looks like crazy runs in our blood.”

“Are you calling me crazy?”

“Well, you did turn your sister into a slut, and then sold her pussy online.”

“Point taken,” Stephanie admitted sadly.

“We hope,” Melanie said, “Really, really hope, that this will help you, Stephanie Hamlin. We could be wrong, and it wouldn’t be the first time, but look at what’s happened in this family over the last month! Tori was right, you know. What you did might have been wrong, but you were still the one who brought us all together, in different ways. You pulled a family that was slowly drifting apart, back together. In the process, you managed to get us another daughter that needed our help, and on balance, that means a lot.”

“Thank you,” Stephanie whispered.

“I’m not done, yet. I want you to think about what I’ve said, but I need you to think about something else.”


“Your father is an amazing lover. He’s also one of the most intensely sexual and perverted sons of bitches I’ve ever met, and believe me I’ve met a lot of perverted sons of bitches. He needs a constant supply of horny cunt to keep him satisfied, and we aren’t always going to be what he needs. Most of the time we will be, but to keep a man like that wrapped around your finger you’ll have to accept the fact that he’s going to fuck other women. If you can’t handle sharing, you’ll never keep that man happy. Never. Do you hear what I’m saying?”


“Okay. Before you say another word about this subject, I want you to think about this, and think about it harder than you have anything in your life. One thing I will not have you do is put your hands on Tori, or anyone else like you did last night and this morning. Jealousy has absolutely no place in this kind of relationship, alright?

Now, recognize that I get jealous as hell, and I will murder a bitch if she tries to take my husband. But, when it’s sex, when it’s for fun, you have to learn how to channel the jealousy to become the hottest piece of ass your man will ever need. That’s what last night was, I’ll be honest.”

“That was so hot,” Stephanie admitted.

Just thinking of the way they’d treated her the night before made her want to be fucked. Then she’d gone and ruined it all by letting the jealousy overcome her, on top of the suppressed guilt, the hate, the volatile cocktail of emotion.

“Fuck, you’re telling me,” Melanie agreed, “But that was the jealousy. You’re a knockout, baby. That body, that attitude, the way you fuck like an animal, the way your mind works to seduce and destroy. You’re trouble with tits, Stephie, and when I see the way your father looks at you, the way he makes love to you, I get jealous.

Someday, I’m not going to look like this, and believe me, it’s a challenge now to keep this up. There’s always going to be some younger, better-looking, hornier little slut that’s going to think she can fuck him better than you can. What you have to learn is that a pervert like your dad needs variety, but also craves stability. You have to provide both, which is part of the reason that this...arrangement works for all of us. Now, go and think. If you can handle what it takes, we’re here, and we love you. If you can’t handle it, well, we move on the best we can. Alright?”

Stephanie nodded, her head a mess of emotion. Melanie kissed her and walked her to the door. John came out of Stephanie’s room, met her in the hall, and gave her a hug. He stroked her long hair and pressed his lips to her head. Neither of them said a word as they stood this way for a few minutes. Finally, he let her go and joined his wife. Stephanie went into her room and closed the door.

She lay on her bed and tried to get a hold of herself. What was she going to do now? The long-held hatred seemed to have vanished, leaving behind an empty hole in the center of her being. Maybe, over time, it would be filled with the love that she was being given by everyone, but right now she just felt terrible. Was it enough that she was trying to make amends? Could they all, truly, forgive what she’d done? Could she really be her daddy’s girl, knowing what it would entail?

All of these thoughts swirled in her head as the broken teen pulled her covers over herself. If she could sleep, then everything would just go away. But, she couldn’t. She just lay there, drained. The quiet hum of her laptop drew her out of her thoughts. She glanced at the desk. Her father must have put it back in her room while she was talking to Melanie.

Distraction. Tori wanted to keep the site running, and she wanted Stephanie to continue managing it. As sick as it made her feel, maybe she could do that. She had to admit to herself that she was curious about it. She hadn’t looked at it since she’d exploded and brought everything to light.

She threw back the covers and padded over to the desk, opening the lid on the computer. She brought up the site, checked the stats, and what she saw blew her mind. Memberships weren’t just up, they were skyrocketing. 46,556 as of right now. Page views were in the millions. Tori’s latest video was an absolute smash hit with the fans. There were well over 200 pages of comments, and that single video had been viewed over 100,000 times in the last day.

She couldn’t believe it. At this rate, the debt would be gone by the end of summer, and they would still have made more money than most people saw in their lifetimes. She looked at the traffic and saw that a great deal of it had been sent from Cindy Sin, while Cindy’s site had gotten loads of traffic from LKK, as well. The cross-promotion was definitely working.

She checked on the videos shot out by the pool. The video of Tori and Cindy seemed to be a pretty popular one, with almost as many views as Tori’s session with the porn studs. It was the video of Tori licking Stephanie’s cunt, though, that was the king. Apparently, people really enjoyed watching two hot sisters doing each other, even if it just showed Stephanie’s body from the shoulders down. That particular video had over 200,000 views at the moment.

Most of the comments were from fans demanding to see more of them together. Others begged to see her and Tori fuck their hung brother together. The most common, though, were calls to please show their faces. That was still something Stephanie wasn’t sure about, and she’d never discussed it with Tori.

She clicked over to Cindy’s site and saw it for the first time. The little redhead had been busy, that’s for sure. No wonder she and Mike had been gone from morning to night for several days. Most of her “work” was group stuff, along with solo shoots of her and Mike. The intro page had Stephanie hot between the legs just reading it.

Hello, there all you horny perverts! LOL! My name is Cindy, and I’d like to welcome you to my little show. As you can see, I’m one of the dirtiest little teenage fuck toys you’ll ever have the privilege of jerking your cocks to. I used to be a high school cheerleader, but I after I got fucked by two guys after the prom, I found that I like shaking my ass and tits a lot more than my pompoms.
I live with my big-dicked boyfriend, and along with my super horny best friend, Little Kandy Kunt, I can never get enough fucking and sucking. Even though my boyfriend has a huge cock, I also love to cheat on him and let other guys have my ass, mouth, or pussy. The things I like most, though, are gangbangs, and anal. As you can see, I have a really tiny body, and I’m only a hundred pounds. That really makes guys hot and horny, and they just love to bend me into all kinds of crazy positions and fill my tight little holes with so much cock that I ooze cum for days.
I also love to shoot with my best friend, Kandy, who is just as much of a slut as I am! Just like us, our two sites are best friends and we’re going to be making a lot of great content together. I can’t wait to hear from all of you! Don’t be shy. I’ll do my best to answer your questions and comments, because I really couldn’t do this without all of you guys! Your the lube that makes this little fuck machine run, so please don’t be afraid to say anything you want, no matter how nasty!

Stephanie clicked through the video previews and photo sets. One of the more popular was a video of Cindy in a seedy porn theater getting groped and sucking off a chain of men. She assumed that Mike filmed this one on his phone since the quality was a little lacking. The others, though, were much more professionally done.

Watching the hot little hundred-pound fuck machine get railed over and over was getting Stephanie juicy. She bought a membership to help out and watched the videos while she rubbed her pussy. Her favorite was one of Cindy getting gangfucked for almost an hour. There was almost no point in the whole shoot when she didn’t have three hard cocks stuffing her airtight. There must have been a dozen guys running a train, pushing cock up her ass, her pussy, into her throat, spewing jism all over her body. Cindy took on every one of them with that big, friendly smile of hers.

Even though she’d seen that busty body every day for the last week, Stephanie still thought Cindy looked incredible in the lingerie photo shoots. Teddies, nighties, negligees, bra and panty sets, all of them looked fabulous on her toned, flawless figure. Stephanie came on her fingers as she watched Cindy get face fucked by five different men, while a statuesque milf with fake tits played fluffer, and ate Cindy’s cunt.

A knock at her door brought her around, and she called for whoever it was to come in. No need to hide what she was doing in this house. Tori staggered into the room, her hair a sweaty mess. There was fresh cum leaking from her ass, dripping down her legs. She sniffed the air, smelled her sister’s arousal, and saw her wet pussy on display as she sat in her computer chair. Tori dropped to her knees and crawled between Stephanie’s legs, devouring her hot, young cunt without saying a word.

“Oh, God! Yes, that’s my pussy girl. Eat Stephie’s cunt, baby, mmmmm yes!” Stephanie moaned.

On the screen, Cindy’s face was covered in spunk and her own saliva, her head hanging off the edge of a table. Another porn stud pulled his dick from her mouth and shot a huge load onto her tits as Cindy squealed with perverted joy. The image made Stephanie cum on her sister’s face so hard that she had to push Tori away from her sensitive cunt.

“Did I suck your pussy good, Stephie?” Tori asked, rubbing her face on her sister’s legs, “Did you cum like a little teen slut on your sister’s mouth?”

“Fuck! Yes, baby. You sucked my cunt so good. Now, tell me you love me.”

“I love you, Stephie.

“Tell me who owns your cunt.”

“You do, Stephie. Mmmm, you do!”

“Have you looked at Cindy’s site?” Stephanie asked, coming down off her high.

“Oh, God! Yes, we were just looking through it downstairs. She’s amazing!”

Stephanie nodded, “If we’re going to get serious about this thing, we need to step up the game a little bit. Let me show you some of the stats on your latest videos.”

Tori pulled up a chair, which soon became wet and sticky with her brother’s spunk, still leaking from her recently-fucked asshole. Stephanie took Tori back through the stats from the site, showed her the income, and they spent the next couple of hours reading comments and responding.

“There’s a lot of people that want to see my face,” Tori commented.

“Yeah,” Stephanie agreed, “but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to cross that line.”

“Well, I can think of one reason not to,” Tori said, “My face is your face, and your face is plastered on swimsuits ads across a dozen states. It would be pretty easy to get us confused unless they compared our tits.”

Stephanie groped her big tits, saying, “It’s not so much that I’m worried about losing the modeling job over it. Hell, managing this site is way more profitable and interesting than swimsuit modeling. I’m under a contract, though, at least for the next two months. There’s a clause that states that I can’t do anything that will embarrass the company, or I could get sued for breach of contract.”

“I think appearing in hardcore pornography would probably fit under embarrassing for a teen swimsuit line,” Tori agreed, “Okay. We’ll wait to decide on that one.”

“They offered me another contract for the fall, but I haven’t signed it yet. I could decide not to. If you noticed, there’s an awful lot of people that want to see us together.”

“Sounds yummy to me.”

“It does,” Stephanie agreed, “and I’ve been thinking about that. If we keep this going, I can’t ask you to do something that I won’t. I think I put you through enough hell already, so it might be time that I joined you.”

“Stephie, you don’t have to do that,” Tori said, “and I don’t want you to feel obligated to do it, either.”

“I am obligated, Tori. I’m not going to exploit you. Not anymore. Whether you like it or not, I’m going to be fucking and sucking right beside you, okay?”

“Oh, Stephie. I love you.”

“Hey, I don’t know about you, but all this shit has got me hungry. Are you up for a late lunch?”


“Go put some clothes on. We should go out.”

Stephanie's phone pinged with a message.

“Hey hot stuff. It’s Todd. You remember, from the mall?”

“It’s Todd,” Stephanie said.

“From the mall?”

She nodded.

“See what he wants.”

“How could I forget?” she wrote back.

“LOL! Well, I sure can’t. Hey, we’re having a little party tonight. Nothing crazy. Some beers and just chilling. We could really use some lovely ladies to spice things up, though, if you and your friends aren’t doing anything.”

She showed the message to Tori.

“Well, I haven’t gotten to do shit all summer,” Tori said, “and it could be fun. What do you think?”

“I think we should have lunch, and that we should talk to Cindy.”

Tori nodded.

“Sounds like it could be fun. Can I talk to the girls and get back to you?”

“Hell yeah! You got my number, baby. :)”

“I do. TTYS.”

Stephanie shooed Tori out of the room to get dressed. She went to her closet and picked out a pair of tight low-rise jeans and a silky red shirt that left her tummy exposed. She met Tori downstairs. Her hot sister wore a tiny white skirt made of thin cotton, with a white halter top. Her nipples poked through the fabric. Mike was in the kitchen, digging through the fridge.

“Where’s Cindy?” Tori asked.

Mike poked his head out of the fridge and whistled.

“Damn but you two are looking edible,” he commented.

“Keep it in your pants, sicko,” Stephanie said, “We’re gonna go out for some food. You wanna come?”

“Cindy’s in the shower, but hell yes I want to cum!”

“Come out to eat, dickhead,” Tori said, flipping her hair.

“Come eat out? Sure.”

“Do you ever think about anything but pussy?” Stephanie asked.

“Do you?” Mike shot back.

“Yes, actually. I think about dicks just as frequently.”

“Jokes aside, yes, I could go for something to eat.”

Half an hour later, they’d managed to stuff Cindy’s big tits into a slinky half-top, and barely contain her ass and pussy beneath a frilly skirt. The four of them piled into Stephanie’s convertible, and drove into town, causing all manner of near-collisions at every red light.

As they sat around the table at a steakhouse, receiving very attentive service, Stephanie talked with them about the message from Todd.

“So this is the guy that fucked Cindy at the mall?” Mike asked.

“That’s him,” Stephanie said.

“Oh, his dick wasn’t anything like yours, baby,” Cindy said.

“What college?” Mike asked, patting Cindy’s hand.

“Over at State,” Stephanie said.

“Sounds like trouble,” Mike said.

“Maybe the best kind of trouble,” Tori added.

“Do you all want to go?” Mike asked.

“I think it could be fun,” Stephanie said, “and with all those horny college guys, you can bet on all of us going home fucked tonight. It could be a good opportunity to get some great videos if we do it right.”

“I’ll tell you what, if you’ll let me arrange for some security, and those guys are okay with being filmed, then I agree. We’ll need to bring releases for them to sign.”

“Sounds smart,” Stephanie agreed.

She shot a text to Todd.

“Hey, do you still want some hot girls for your party?”

“Hell, yes!” Came the reply a minute later.

“How about a couple of porn starlets?

“Shut the fuck up. You’re joking, right?”

“Got a computer nearby?”


“Go visit CindySin.Com and LKKXXX.COM. Get back to me when you do.”

A few minutes passed, and then Stephanie’s phone pinged again.

“I should have known better than to doubt you girls. Holy fuck. Please come over!”

Here are our conditions. We bring security, in case people want to get out of hand. We get to film any action that happens. Anyone that wants to get their dicks into the hottest teen sluts they’ve ever seen has to consent to be filmed. We can guarantee no faces, but if they won’t sign then they don’t get to fuck. What do you say?”

“I don’t think that’s a problem. Bring it.”

“Shoot me the address. We’ll be there at 9:00.”

She shared the message around the table, and Mike got on the phone soon after. He’d hired some private security for some of Cindy’s shoots already, and even got a discounted rate for letting them blow their loads into her throat. They were pretty eager to help out again on short notice. Next, he got in touch with the film crew that shot Cindy’s gangbang videos. He’d have to pay a little extra for the short notice, but they agreed to bring the equipment out and film.

“So, who’s ready to party?” Stephanie asked.

Four hands went up around the table.


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