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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Three

Chapter Forty-Six: Weekly Therapy

Tori awoke the next morning with a sense of calm, a strange feeling of peacefulness and clarity that she hadn’t felt in some time. It was still early when she slid, naked, out of bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom. She relieved herself, cleaned as best she could, and then went to Stephanie’s door. The sound of music blared from her radio inside. Tori knocked on the door, waited, and a moment later Stephanie opened it.

Smiling, she beckoned her sister inside. Stephanie was strutting around nude, going through some clothes, trying to decide what she was going to wear. She gave Tori a kiss good morning, pleased at the way her sister moaned in her mouth. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Tori knew what was required of her, and fell to her knees, crawled over, and began to lick and suck her sister’s cunt.

“Oh, you’re such a good cunt sucker, Tori,” Stephanie said, rubbing her crotch in Tori’s face.


Tori licked her to a great orgasm, after which Tori sat on her knees and waited like the good slut she was supposed to be.

“I suppose you need to cum, too, don’t you?”

“Yes, please, Stephie.”

“Well, you’ll need to wait a little while, slut. Let me get dressed, and we’ll go downstairs. Did you shower?”


“Let me unlock you, and you go get yourself all cleaned up. No playing with your cunt, either, alright?”

“Yes, Stephie.”

Stephanie unlocked her sister’s cunt, and Tori obediently went to the shower to clean up. When she was freshened up, she went downstairs, belt in her hand, and found Stephanie at the table with Mike and Cindy. Melanie and John were in the kitchen, just heading out for the day. Melanie came and gave Tori a kiss on the forehead.

“Will you be alright to get to the clinic this afternoon?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Tori replied.

She’d almost forgotten that today was the day for weekly therapy. She was suddenly afraid. What if they wanted her to come back? What if they wanted to keep her? What if they wanted to keep Cindy? She tried to calm herself. There was nothing she could really do about it. Just like wearing her belt, the weekly visit to the clinic was part of the early release terms. She had to do it, otherwise, they would keep her for sure.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay,” Melanie said, seeing the look on her face.

Tori managed a weak smile. She looked at Cindy and saw the same fear on her friend’s face. Her heart hurt for Cindy. She’d finally found somewhere she could call home, where she was accepted. She didn’t want to lose that, now. She went to the little redhead and hugged her. Her pussy became hotter, feeling the other girl’s naked body against her skin.

It was right then that she realized she’d never even dressed after the shower. She’d come down completely naked, just like Cindy. She hadn’t even considered putting clothes on! She dropped her belt as the realization struck her. She was becoming just like Cindy! Not only was she a slut, but she was also getting worse. How long would it be before she didn’t have a single thought in her head aside from fucking?

Stephanie saw the look of terror flash across Tori’s face. This was an opportunity. Something was really troubling her sister, and as much as she hated her, she needed to dole out both compassion and instill terror in equal measure, if she was going to keep Tori under control. She took Tori gently by the arm and led her out of the kitchen, into the living room.

“What is it, sissy?” Stephanie asked.

Tori hugged her tightly and buried her face in Stephanie’s neck. She smelled wonderful, and she was so warm.

“Oh, Stephie, it’s happening! It’s happening to me, too! I’m going to be like Cindy!”

“Hush, hush,” Stephanie said, stroking her sister’s hair, “You knew it was going to be this way, baby. Don’t worry, though, I’m going to take care of you. You know that right?”

Tori nodded and held on to her tightly.

“I love you, Tori. More than anyone else, I love you, okay? Even though you’re a stupid slut, I love you.”

“Oh, Stephie, I love you, too!”

“We’re going to get you through this, Tori. Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I’m scared, Stephie.”

“I know, baby. But you can’t let it worry you, alright? Whatever is going to happen, will, but I’ll always be here to watch out for you. Would it make you feel better if you got to cum? I’ll bet your pussy hurts, doesn’t it?”

It did hurt. It ached, and it was wet and throbbing. She really wanted to be fucked, and just forget about the way she was changing.

“Would you like Mike to fuck your pussy?”

Tori nodded. That would be nice. That would make her cum really hard.

“Wait here,” Stephanie said and went back to the kitchen.

Tori sat on the couch and spread her legs, examining her pussy. It was so hot, so wet. She wanted to touch it but knew it was wrong. The clinic staff would probably ask her if she’d been masturbating. If she could tell them she hadn’t, maybe they would take the belt away, and her pussy would be free all the time!

Stephanie returned with Mike and Cindy behind her. Mike was grinning like a dog. Cindy looked very happy, as well. Cindy sat on the couch next to her friend, while Stephanie stood off to the side. She prepped her camera and waited. This was going to make an excellent update for the website.

“Does my little sister need cock?” Mike asked.


“Oh, can we share it, Michael, please?” Cindy asked.

“Sure, baby,” Mike agreed.

Cindy pulled Tori in and kissed her hotly, putting her tongue in her friend’s mouth. Tori fumbled with Mike’s shorts with her free hand and pulled them down over his already stiffening cock. She moaned into Cindy’s mouth as she put her little hand around his thick shaft. The two sluts broke apart, huddled together near Mike’s big tool, and wrapped four hands around his shaft. His fat cockhead poked out of their grasp.

“Oh, you’re so big, baby,” Cindy said.

Cindy released his cock and gently pushed Tori’s head toward Mike’s penis. His sister opened her mouth wide and sucked in his bulging head, which made Cindy moan. Tori looked so sexy sucking on her brother’s cock. The little redhead played with his big balls, while Tori tried to swallow as much prick meat as she could. She was getting a little better at it and was able to take him seven inches deep before choking.

She came up and swapped with Cindy. The smaller girl made it look easy to deepthroat Mike’s big dick, swallowing him to the balls. Tori could see the big fuckstick in her friend’s throat, and the sight made her pussy drip. Cindy held him in her throat, massaging his dick with her throat muscles. She came up smiling, and then the two girls licked his dick together, mashing it between their lips as they tried to kiss each other around it.

“Mike, please fuck me,” Tori begged.

Mike nodded, and Tori lay back on the couch, her legs spread, ass on the edge. Mike crouched slightly and put his fat knob at the entrance to her cunt. She looked so sexy, just waiting for him to push it in. Her perfect tits heaved with her breathing. Cindy kissed her and took Mike’s cock in her hand. She guided it to Tori’s pussy, and put it inside. Tori groaned as Mike’s cock opened her up on the first thrust.

“h, fuck!” she yelled, as he filled her up.

He didn’t shove it in, but went at a steady pace, feeding it into Tori’s tiny hole until it was all the way inside of her, and she was panting, cumming on it. Cindy rubbed Tori’s belly, where the outline of Mike’s huge cock was clearly visible. Tori looked down and saw it, too. His dick was so big that she could see where it was pushed up inside of her. It was one of the most erotic things she’d ever seen, and it made her cum again as Mike held his cock inside of her.

“Fuck your sexy little sister, baby,” Cindy said, rubbing Tori’s clit.

Mike pulled back, and slowly worked up his pace until he was pounding Tori’s hot, gripping snatch. His sister went crazy, humping herself against his powerful strokes, jabbering about how good it felt. When she came again, Mike pulled it out. Cindy straddled Tori’s lap and made out with her, as Mike pushed his cock into his tiny girlfriend from behind.

Tori felt his balls slap against her cunt each time Mike bottomed out inside Cindy, and then the feel of her friend’s hot fuck honey flowed across her cunt. She groped Cindy’s big tits and then felt Mike’s cock leave her friend. He pushed it back into his sister, stroked her pussy until she came again, then withdrew to put it back in Cindy.

She didn’t know how long this went on, only that she came again and again as Mike fucked them both. He growled in his throat, and Tori knew he was going to cum. Cindy rolled off of her, and watched Tori stroke her brother off, until his big cock burst. The two sluts laughed as Mike sprayed them with hot seed, coating both of their faces, and their tits, making them a huge mess. Finally, he was spent and stepped back. Cindy and Tori licked at each other’s bodies, cleaning his spunk from one another, until they ended up in a 69, lapping at one another’s cunts until they came again together.

They broke apart, giggling and sweating. Catching their breath, they lay together on the couch. Stephanie turned off her camera, smiled, and came to Tori. She took her sister’s face in her hand, kissed her gently, and tasted her brother’s cum on Tori’s lips.

“Feel better, baby?” she asked.


“Go have another shower, and wash that nasty spunk off yourself.”

Tori stood on wobbly legs and went upstairs. Cindy pulled herself off the couch, and Mike took her down to his cave to clean up, too. A very pleased Stephanie grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She wanted to get the video edited and on the website by the afternoon.

It was just before noon when Tori and Cindy, finally dressed in slutty clothes, got into Tori’s car. She hadn’t driven for almost a month, and it felt very strange as she started the car. They drove to the clinic in silence, both of them lost in their own thoughts. Tori stopped at the gate, hit the buzzer, and drove up the long drive.

The clinic was just as she remembered it, of course. The two girls went to the reception desk, gave their names, and a few minutes later Dr. Carlson came out of a side door grinning happily.

“Welcome, girls,” he said happily, “It’s so nice to see you both. Come in, come in.”

He led them through the door.

“Cindy,” he said, “You’re wearing clothes! My goodness! I never thought I’d see the day.”

“Oh, well, we couldn’t just drive over naked, Dr. Carlson!”

“Yes, but you’re here now. Don’t you want to take them off?”

“Well, yeah!”

They followed the doctor to his office first, where Cindy stripped out of her clothes and dropped them on the couch. He looked at Tori expectantly, and she guessed she was supposed to do the same, so she did, adding her clothes to Cindy’s.

“How has the belt been treating you, Tori?” Dr. Carlson asked, pulling out his cock.

Cindy immediately set to work, sucking on it as Tori watched.

“It’s alright, I guess,” Tori said, her mouth watering. “I haven’t had any trouble trying to play with myself if that’s what you’re asking.”

“It is. I’m glad to hear that! Now, don’t you girls worry. We won’t be keeping you long. Cindy, you’ll be going to individual therapy with Dr. Druce. Tori, you’ll come with me...ugh,” he came in Cindy’s mouth, “and spend some time in aversion therapy, alright?”

The chair. She was going into the chair. They were going to see if she’d try to play with herself. If she could hold out, maybe they’d let her free of the belt! She nodded. Dr. Carlson put his cock away as a knock came at the door.

A big man who she hadn’t seen before came in. He was dark and brooding, with short black hair and a mustache. Cindy seemed to know him, though, and she hugged him when he came in. Dr. Druce, Tori presumed.

“See you later, Tori,” Cindy called and walked out of the room.

“Shall we?” Dr. Carlson asked, and took Tori by the hand.

He led the naked teen through the halls, and into the other wing. Tori stopped dead in her tracks in the hallway, her mouth agape. An orderly was passing them by, but what stunned Tori was the girl crawling behind him. She was being led by a leash, and a little tail stuck out of her asshole. Tori recognized the bright red hair, the big breasts, and the green eyes that had once been so bright. Now, they were glassy, unfocused. The girl didn’t even look at her. Her tongue hung out of her mouth, and she was panting like a puppy.

“Is that...Harmony?” Tori asked.

“Yes. It wasn’t long after you left. She suffered some sort of mental breakdown. She thinks that she’s a dog, and won’t respond to anyone. Very sad,” Dr. Carlson said, frowning.

Tori watched the girl as she was led away, wiggling her ass. She stopped and sniffed at the floor, then pissed right there. Tori couldn’t watch. She pulled her gaze away, and let the doctor pull her down the hall. She didn’t know why the sight of Harmony in such a state made her feel so sad, but it did. Maybe it was because the girl had been so full of life, and so friendly. Now she, well, she didn’t want to think about it.

Dr. Carlson took Tori into a room that looked almost the same as the one where she’d spent so many days in aversion therapy, but this one was slightly different. For one, there were two chairs instead of one. The chairs faced each other. There was also what looked like some kind of pommel horse like they used to use in gymnastics class when she was younger. This one, though, had four erect rubber protrusions. They looked like dildos.

Tori and the doctor were also not alone in the room. Another familiar face, Valerie, was waiting for them. The thin, black-haired girl was also naked, but like Tori, she wore a chastity belt. She saw Tori and waved.

“Hey, Tori. Long time, no see.”

“Valerie? What are you doing here?”

“Trying to get over playing with my twat,” the other girl said and shrugged.

“Well, girls, let’s get started. First, we’re going to work you up a little bit. We want you both to raise your arousal level before you get into the chairs. If you can, then, make it through the session without masturbating, we’ll call that a step in the right direction.”

“Sure, doc,” Valerie said.

Dr. Carlson unlocked Tori’s belt, then Valerie’s. He went to a cupboard, came back with a jar of medical jelly, and rubbed the cold slime into both of their assholes, making sure to finger them good until they were both panting. He led Tori, first, to the strange device, and had her sit on it. Two of the four protrusions slid easily into her ass and pussy at the same time, filling her holes and making her buck and moan.

As Tori quivered and shook, double penetrated by the two fake cocks, Dr. Carlson brought Valerie over and sat her on the other two, facing Tori. The two teens moaned and squirmed, their tight little holes stuffed so full. Dr. Carlson went to the computer and punched the keyboard. The fake cocks inside the two teenagers began to vibrate gently.

The girls went crazy, moaning and yelling as the fake cocks worked at their little holes. It wasn’t long until they were bouncing up and down on them, trying to cum, kissing one another, touching their bodies. Tori was the first to cum, and she wailed as she fucked herself silly on the fake cocks.

Valerie came next, kissing Tori and holding her tightly as she cried out. Dr. Carlson let them both fuck themselves for a few more minutes, and then shut off the machine. He pulled Tori from it first, the poor teen shaking and wobbly. He strapped her into one chair, and brought the pad to her pussy, the monitor around to the front. Valerie was next.

He returned to the computer, punched in another command, and the screens came to life. The familiar sight of hardcore pornography filled Tori’s vision. She gripped the arms of the chair, her little twat begging to be touched. The pad vibrated gently, driving her crazy. She could hear Valerie moaning as her pussy was excited the same way.

On the second video, Tori heard Valerie cry out, and knew that the other girl had tried to touch her pussy. Tori’s competitive nature held her fast. She wasn’t going to let Valerie beat her. She was going to win! Valerie cried out again. Tori’s hands trembled, her pussy was so juicy, so hot.

The third time Valerie cried out, Tori was watching two brunettes with fake tits eat each other out, while both of them got fucked in their asses, cumming and moaning into each other's pussies. Tori’s hand strayed. She touched her swollen clit. She got a shock, the pad stopped vibrating. She bit her lip and grabbed the arm of the chair, growling at her failure.

Tori counted twenty cries from Valerie throughout the session, but there could have been more. She didn’t know. She was so hot between the legs, so in need of a good cum, that she hadn’t been paying attention near the end. She knew that she had failed at least four times. That was something to be proud of, though. It meant she was getting better at not touching her cunt. She heard Valerie sobbing as the screens went dark.

Dr. Carlson came in a few minutes later and pushed the screens away, then pushed the pads down beneath the chairs. He let Valerie out first. The thin girl was crying, squirming in the chair.

“Please, Dr. Carlson, Please I have to cum. Oh, please can I cum?” she begged.

Tori remembered her first session in the chair. She’d done the same thing. She wanted to right now, in fact. Her cunt was so needy.

“Oh, please! You can put your cock in me, Dr. Carlson,” Valerie said, desperate.

“Now, Valerie, I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be very professional of me to have intercourse with a patient, would it?”

Tori remembered those same words. She knew what was going to happen. The exchange was just the same, and a moment later Dr. Carlson was pumping his cock into Valerie’s horny pussy. Tori watched it all, strapped into the chair, her pussy burning. She wanted to masturbate so badly, watching the other girl get fucked, but she resisted. Somehow, she resisted.

When the doctor grunted and came in Valerie’s pussy, he pulled his slimy cock from the little teen’s hole, came, and unstrapped Tori from her chair. The other girl’s cunt cream was shiny on his cock, and Tori fell to her knees to suck it off, moaning as she licked the spunk and honey from the softening shaft.

“Can I please cum, too, Dr. Carlson?” Tori asked sweetly.

“Yes, dear,” he said and pulled her to her feet.

Dr. Carlson put her back on the machine. The fake cocks filled up her little pussy and ass so nicely, and then he turned it on. The setting was higher this time, and Tori went crazy as the two cocks began to pump in and out of her holes. Valerie sat, exhausted, in the chair and watched the machine fuck Tori to a very satisfying series of orgasms. When she was twitching and sobbing from having cum so much, the machine stopped. Tori slumped forward, her body held in place by the two cocks stuffed up her tight little holes.

Dr. Carlson helped her to stand, then lay her on the cold floor. The cool tiles felt wonderful on her hot skin. She opened her bleary eyes to see Valerie’s pussy squatting on her face. The other girl’s slimy cunt touched her lips, and Tori began to lap hungrily. The doctor’s sperm flowed into her mouth, and she swallowed it down until Valerie came on her face.

Then, Dr. Carlson was pulling Valerie up, bending her over the machine. He beckoned to Tori and bent her over, as well. She knew what was coming. The sting of Dr. Carlson’s hand against her cunt sent a shiver through her body and she yelped. He slapped her cunt four times, one for each time she’d tried to masturbate. When he was finished, he stood her up and groped her tits, pushing his tongue in her mouth.

He turned her around, to where Valerie’s cute little cunt winked at her as the skinny girl was bent at the waist. Dr. Carlson took Tori’s hand and used it to slap the other girl’s horny cunt.

“Twenty-two times,” he said.

Tori looked at him and looked at Valerie. He was telling her to punish the other girl’s cunt. Tori drew her hand back and whacked Valerie’s cunt hard and the other girl screamed. Tori did it again, harder. Valerie screamed again. By the time Tori slapped her cunt for the tenth time, Valerie started to cry. Her pussy was red and swollen. Her asshole was clenching and unclenching. Tori hit her again as the doctor looked on. His cock was getting hard again.

Tori punished Valerie’s cunt twenty-two times, and by the end of it, she watched the petite girl quivering and crying with contempt. She remembered the first time this had happened to her, how it had hurt, but she didn’t think she had cried. Valerie was obviously a bad slut, if she couldn’t even take a few slaps to the cunt.

Valerie’s red, puffy cunt was leaking fuck honey. Dr. Carlson moved Tori aside and sank his cock into the crying girl. She cried and screeched even more as he pumped her abused little slit. Tori went around her and squatted on the ground in front of her. Valerie’s cute little face was a mess of tears and sweat. Tori licked her tears, and then fed them to her, shoving her tongue in the girl’s mouth. Valerie cried, even as she came, and then the doctor blew his nasty load into her puffy cunt.

“You’re a bad slut,” Tori hissed at her.

That only made Valerie cry harder as she gripped the awful machine. Dr. Carlson pulled his cock out of her, came around to the other side, and stuck it in Valerie’s mouth. She was sobbing so much that she couldn’t properly suck it, but he just fucked her mouth until his dick was clean. Tori watched him feed his cummy dick to Valerie, licking her tears the whole time. When the doctor judged his dick clean enough, he popped it out of Valerie’s mouth. Tori kissed her deeply and stroked her hair until the girl started to calm down.

“Don’t worry, Val,” Tori said, “You’ll learn to be a good little slut.”

“But, I don’t want to be a slut!” Valerie cried.

“I thought that once,” Tori said, “but I was wrong. You’re going to be a slut, Val. You already are. You just haven’t accepted it yet. You’ll be a really good slut, soon.”

Dr. Carlson slid Valerie’s belt up her legs. Tori noticed that her belt was different, though. Where Tori’s left her asshole wide open, Valerie’s covered her entire crotch. Not only that, Valerie’s had little plugs inside it. One pushed into her pussy, the other in her ass. When she walked, the two plugs rubbed her insides, pushing the thin wall between her ass and pussy. The result was that Valerie sometimes had to stop and lean against a wall as she orgasmed.

An orderly came and led Valerie away, the little girl leaning against him as the plugs in her holes drove her already horny cunt into fitful cum sessions. Dr. Carlson slipped Tori’s belt on, too, and took her out of the room.

“That was really good work in there, Tori. I’m very surprised.”


“The way you talked to Valerie in there. I can see that you’ve come to accept your condition. I might even say that you’re enjoying the feelings to some degree. I remember, when we first diagnosed you, that you often felt very guilty about it. That you were fighting to hold on to the person you thought you were. Obviously, you learned that it’s a futile exercise, and acceptance is the only way to keep yourself from going crazy.”

“I guess that’s true. I still have those moments, sometimes, but it’s really helped to be home with my family. They’ve been really good to me, helped me keep the urges in check.”

“Yes, I can see that. I was speaking to Cindy’s therapist while you were in your session. He thinks that living with your family has also been a positive thing for Cindy. She’s even starting her own business?”

“Yeah, it’s a website, but at least she’s putting her...skills to some use. She’s really happy,” Tori said.

“That’s wonderful news. It’s Dr. Druce’s opinion that Cindy’s shown such a positive improvement, that she really only needs to come in for evaluation once a month.”

“She’ll be glad to hear that. What about...what about me?”

“The weekly sessions will have to continue, at least until the end of your court-mandated time. However, I wonder if, when you come in, you’d consider helping us. I like the way you handled Valerie there. Girls with your condition, well, you know how difficult it can be to accept that they’re becoming sluts. You know how hard it is to feel your control slipping away, and knowing that your sex drive is going to begin taking over your rational mind. Many girls, just like you, have trouble with that. If you could help them to overcome that, help them through it, and show them that becoming a slut isn’t the end of their life, I think you could really do a lot of good for the other girls. What do you think?”

“Well, I suppose. Does it mean I have to come back more often?”

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t ask you to use your own time for this. I know that you’re trying to get your life back in order, and the last thing we want is for you to put your recovery on hold. You’ll just do as you did today. Reassure the girls that their life isn’t over.”

“I guess that would be okay.


“Dr. Carlson?”

“Yes, dear?”

“How long do I have to wear this belt?”

“Well, I have to admit that you did very well restraining yourself today. You’ve obviously come a long way. Only touching yourself four times in such an excited state is a great achievement. I’ll tell you what. We’ll trial a week without it, and test you again next week. If your results improve, then we’ll trial you each week and measure it. If you can keep your numbers under this session, then you’ll have no further need for the belt. However, if your numbers are worse, we might have to put you back in. Does that sound fair?”


“Good. That’s going to be all for today, Tori.”

They’d reached his office. He opened the door for Tori and found Cindy inside. There was cum drying on the corner of her mouth, and Tori could see a little stream of it pouring from her ass. Cindy, though, looked as happy as ever. Dr. Carlson unlocked Tori’s belt, and the two girls put their clothes on.

“Oh, you got out of your belt!” Cindy cried.


“That’s so great!”

Cindy stuck her tongue in Tori’s mouth and groped her ass under her little skirt. Dr. Carlson cleared his throat.

“Let’s go home, Cindy,” Tori said and pulled the little redhead out of the office.

Tori burst through the front doors of the clinic with her head in the clouds. Her pussy was free! The sense of freedom was incredible. No more asking for her pussy to be let out! No more long nights of endless frustration! She couldn’t masturbate! She couldn’t touch her cunt! If she fell into that again, the belt would come back, and she might never be able to take it off.

The girls got into Tori’s car, their hot little pussies leaking fuck honey on the seats. Tori drove them home, stopping for milkshakes on the way. It was summer. Stephanie was watching out for her. She had her best friend in the passenger seat, flashing her tits to the guys in the car next to them. Things were looking up.


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