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The Second Place Sister, Part Twenty-Three

Chapter Forty-Six: Weekly Therapy

Tori awoke the next morning with a sense of calm, a strange feeling of peacefulness and clarity that she hadn’t felt in some time. It was still early when she slid, naked, out of bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom. She relieved herself, cleaned as best she could, and then went to Stephanie’s door. The sound of music blared from her radio inside. Tori knocked on the door, waited, and a moment later Stephanie opened it.

Smiling, she beckoned her sister inside. Stephanie was strutting around nude, going through some clothes, trying to decide what she was going to wear. She gave Tori a kiss good morning, pleased at the way her sister moaned in her mouth. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Tori knew what was required of her, and fell to her knees, crawled over, and began to lick and suck her sister’s cunt.

“Oh, you’re such a good cunt sucker, Tori,” Stephanie said, rubbing her crotch in Tori’s face.


Tori licked her to a great orgasm, after which Tori sat on her knees and waited like the good slut she was supposed to be.

“I suppose you need to cum, too, don’t you?”

“Yes, please, Stephie.”

“Well, you’ll need to wait a little while, slut. Let me get dressed, and we’ll go downstairs. Did you shower?”


“Let me unlock you, and you go get yourself all cleaned up. No playing with your cunt, either, alright?”

“Yes, Stephie.”

Stephanie unlocked her sister’s cunt, and Tori obediently went to the shower to clean up. When she was freshened up, she went downstairs, belt in her hand, and found Stephanie at the table with Mike and Cindy. Melanie and John were in the kitchen, just heading out for the day. Melanie came and gave Tori a kiss on the forehead.

“Will you be alright to get to the clinic this afternoon?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Tori replied.

She’d almost forgotten that today was the day for weekly therapy. She was suddenly afraid. What if they wanted her to come back? What if they wanted to keep her? What if they wanted to keep Cindy? She tried to calm herself. There was nothing she could really do about it. Just like wearing her belt, the weekly visit to the clinic was part of the early release terms. She had to do it, otherwise, they would keep her for sure.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay,” Melanie said, seeing the look on her face.

Tori managed a weak smile. She looked at Cindy and saw the same fear on her friend’s face. Her heart hurt for Cindy. She’d finally found somewhere she could call home, where she was accepted. She didn’t want to lose that, now. She went to the little redhead and hugged her. Her pussy became hotter, feeling the other girl’s naked body against her skin.

It was right then that she realized she’d never even dressed after the shower. She’d come down completely naked, just like Cindy. She hadn’t even considered putting clothes on! She dropped her belt as the realization struck her. She was becoming just like Cindy! Not only was she a slut, but she was also getting worse. How long would it be before she didn’t have a single thought in her head aside from fucking?

Stephanie saw the look of terror flash across Tori’s face. This was an opportunity. Something was really troubling her sister, and as much as she hated her, she needed to dole out both compassion and instill terror in equal measure, if she was going to keep Tori under control. She took Tori gently by the arm and led her out of the kitchen, into the living room.

“What is it, sissy?” Stephanie asked.

Tori hugged her tightly and buried her face in Stephanie’s neck. She smelled wonderful, and she was so warm.

“Oh, Stephie, it’s happening! It’s happening to me, too! I’m going to be like Cindy!”

“Hush, hush,” Stephanie said, stroking her sister’s hair, “You knew it was going to be this way, baby. Don’t worry, though, I’m going to take care of you. You know that right?”

Tori nodded and held on to her tightly.

“I love you, Tori. More than anyone else, I love you, okay? Even though you’re a stupid slut, I love you.”

“Oh, Stephie, I love you, too!”

“We’re going to get you through this, Tori. Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I’m scared, Stephie.”

“I know, baby. But you can’t let it worry you, alright? Whatever is going to happen, will, but I’ll always be here to watch out for you. Would it make you feel better if you got to cum? I’ll bet your pussy hurts, doesn’t it?”

It did hurt. It ached, and it was wet and throbbing. She really wanted to be fucked, and just forget about the way she was changing.

“Would you like Mike to fuck your pussy?”

Tori nodded. That would be nice. That would make her cum really hard.

“Wait here,” Stephanie said and went back to the kitchen.

Tori sat on the couch and spread her legs, examining her pussy. It was so hot, so wet. She wanted to touch it but knew it was wrong. The clinic staff would probably ask her if she’d been masturbating. If she could tell them she hadn’t, maybe they would take the belt away, and her pussy would be free all the time!