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The Second Place Sister, Part 22

Tori Hamlin

Chapter Forty-Four: Acceptance

“Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder,” Tori said softly.

She lay on her bed, cradled in Tim’s muscular arms. She could still feel her brother’s cum running out of her abused asshole. She was caked in sweat, her face a mess of dried tears.

“That’s what they call my... condition,” Tori explained. “They say that’s why I was doing the drugs. That I have this repressed sexual energy that’s uncontrollable, and my brain just can’t cope with it. Some people get horny, and they want to get off. Well, I get really, really horny, and I have to get off or it feels like I’m going to die.”

“So that... down there...”

“I’m sorry,” she said, burying her shame-filled face in his chest, “I didn’t even know what I was doing. I just knew that I needed to be fucked, and I didn’t care who did it.”

“Can I tell you something,” he asked.

“Yeah. Of course.”

“At first, I...well...I was shocked. Hell, I still am! I was horrified. That was probably the single weirdest experience of my entire life.”

“That makes two of us.”

“But what I think really got to me, and what I’m still trying to figure out, was why it turned me on.”


“Oh, man! Watching you just lose control like that, the way you turned into a total sex bomb, I’ve never seen anything so sexy!”

Tori looked him in the eyes and saw that he was telling the truth.

“Tim, I...I’m not right, you know, in the head anymore. I’ve been fighting it so hard, trying to hold on to the person that I used to be. These things that I feel now, these...urges. After I cum, I feel so guilty, knowing that this isn’t who I was only a few weeks ago. But now, after what just happened, I know that I can’t ever be that person again. I’m a slut, Tim. I’m a slut!”

She felt like she was going to cry again, having admitted it out loud to herself for the first time with a clear head. Tim kissed her softly, then again with more passion. His hand went to her breast and massaged it softly. Tori moaned into his mouth and reached between his legs to find him hard again. His small penis was so stiff, twitching in her hand. She pushed him onto his back, straddled his chest, and kissed him again.

She could feel Tim’s heart in his chest when she placed her hot hand against it. She backed her pussy up, felt his small cock against it, and pushed again. His cock slipped into her easily, and she moaned. It wasn’t that she got a lot of pleasure from his penis. It was nothing like Mike’s huge boner, but it was just that he’d stayed, and that gave her pleasure. Despite what had just happened, where another man would have run out the door screaming, Tim had stayed.

He’d carried her to her room, he’d watched over her, and brought her back to life after she’d fucked herself silly. She kissed him as she rode his penis, and though it was small, and she probably wouldn’t cum, she did it because he had cared enough to stay. She could feel Mike’s cum running out of her ass, dripping onto Tim’s balls. He was panting into her mouth. She broke their kiss and straightened her back, her finger rubbing at her clit as she moved her hips back and forth.

Tim held her legs in a tight grip. Even after his miserable performance earlier, Tori was still willing to let him into her body! He decided that he didn’t care if she was a slut. He didn’t care if she fucked her brother’s much bigger dick. He’d never felt so turned on in his entire life, as he had just a short time ago, watching it all happen. Where would he ever find that kind of eroticism again? Who else could match that, but Tori Hamlin?

Watching her perfect tits bounce, his girlfriend fingering her clit, her other hand running through her gorgeous hair, Tim felt his balls begin to tighten. Tori’s eyes opened, and she smiled at him wickedly. She was a fucking goddess, and it didn’t matter if she fucked the whole world. As long as she ended up right here, on top of him, giving him that look, her deep green eyes full of love and lust, he would be her slave forever.

“Cum in me,” she hissed, “cum in my slut pussy, baby!”

“Oh, God! Oh, fuck!”

Three small squirts into her cunt amounted to the biggest orgasm Tim had ever achieved. He felt humiliated, he felt small. Tori still bounced on his softening dick, rubbing her clit, trying to get herself off. She finally did, crying out that she loved him. His inadequacy burned shamefully inside his chest, knowing that he would never be able to pleasure her the way her brother’s huge dick had, but those words made it worth it. Tori collapsed on his chest, giggling. He wrapped her in his arms and breathed in the scent of her, holding her. She might be a slut, but she was his slut.

Chapter Forty-Five: Cindy Sin and Little Kandy Kunt

“What kind of a job?” Tori asked Cindy, as they sat around the table the next morning.

Cindy, naked except for her collar, had just told Tori that she’d come up with a fantastic idea while Mike fucked her the previous night, watching cheating girlfriend porn.

“An internet site,” Cindy explained.

The stacked little redhead had been lamenting the fact that she felt like a freeloader. The Hamlin’s had been so good to her, taking her in when no one wanted her, and she felt like she needed to repay their kindness and contribute to the family. The only problem was her very limited skill set and the fact that she was prone to fucking anything and anyone at the drop of a pair of pants. Those things, coupled with her aversion to wearing clothes, made an already limited pool of work practically non-existent.

“What kind of internet site?” Tori asked, already guessing where this was going.

“Well, a porn website, of course!” Cindy said, happily.

Tori squirmed in her chair, her pussy getting hot in her belt, the big plug stuffed firmly up her tiny asshole once again. Tim had stayed with her a few more hours last night and then had to get home. After she’d cleaned herself up, she’d been met outside the bathroom door by Stephanie. Her sister had pulled her into her room, raped her face, while telling her what a dirty incestuous slut she was, and then made her cum by fingering her wet cunt. She’d locked Tori’s pussy back up afterward, and said that she didn’t know if she could trust her to let her out again, after what had happened.

Tori had, strangely, cum without even touching herself as she thought about the implications. It would mean that getting cock into her pussy would be a rare thing, and that if she wanted to be fucked, it was going to mean cumming from her ass. The idea of being a full-time ass whore for her brother’s huge cock simultaneously scared her and made her very horny.

She tried to focus on what Cindy was saying. Her friend was very animated and excited that she’d come up with the idea all on her own, being such a stupid slut as she was.

“I want to call it Cindy Sin,” she said proudly, “and Mike thinks lots of guys are going to pay money to jerk off to me. Doesn’t that sound great?”

“That sounds right up your alley, honey,” Tori agreed.

“Well, it’s just an idea, but Mike said he has a friend that could help us set it up. We’re going to go see him this afternoon!”

“Well, aren’t you just a little slutty entrepreneur?”

“Ha! They said I could never be my own boss, but look at me now baby!” Cindy gloated.

Tori had to smile at her friend’s innocence. She really was a stupid slut, but a slut with a heart of gold. Tori, on the other hand, was trying to put her life in perspective. Her attempt to return to normalcy by meeting Tim for lunch had completely exploded in her face. More truthfully, it had exploded in her ass. She shivered as she remembered how her brother’s dick had stretched her open so wonderfully and made her cum. She couldn’t get the thought out of her head, now.

“Tori, are you okay?” Cindy asked.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, I’m good. Sorry. Just thinking.”

“Oh, well be careful. I’ve learned that thinking usually gets me into trouble.”

“Somehow, I believe that.”

“Well, is it anything I can help with?”

“Not unless you know how to remove a chastity belt, and have a huge cock to put up my pussy,” she said.

“Oh, well, no I don’t think I know how to do that. But I do know where there’s a huge cock, and I’ll bet it would love to get back into your ass!”

Tori felt her ass clench around the plug. Her butt still hurt from Mike pounding it yesterday. While she did want to cum, she wasn’t sure she could take that monster back into her so soon.

“I... I think I’ll have to pass. My ass is really sore.”

“Oh, boy! Tell me about it! The first time I took that thing in my butt, it was something else. And then, at that movie theater, there were these two guys that both wanted my ass so much that I felt really bad for them. So, I let them both in it at the same time. Gosh, you talk about getting stretched!”

“I guess I never asked how the movie date went, did I?” Tori said.

“Oh, it was great. I don’t remember what movie we saw. After it started Mike was feeling up my tits and pussy, and then some other guys got really interested in what he was doing, and instead of watching the movie, they started putting their dicks in my mouth. Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it they were making me a little three-hole whore right there in the theater. It was really nice.”

“That, really nice. I’m glad you guys had a good time.”

It did sound nice, in fact. Tori could just picture her friend getting her mouth, ass, and pussy slammed full of cocks, cum spraying on her big tits. She had to close her eyes and breathe deeply to get control of her aching cunt.

“Hi girls,” John said, popping into the kitchen with an empty coffee cup.

He leaned down and gave Tori a kiss on the head, then the same for Cindy. Cindy, though, mashed her lips against his, and then quickly pulled them away, slapping herself on the forehead.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! This shit just happens!” She cried.

“It’s alright, honey,” John said with a laugh, “Maybe you should try that one on Melanie next time,” he winked.

“Oh, but she’s so pretty. I’d feel really nervous!”

“Ha! Somehow, I doubt that,” he said, walking to the coffee maker.

“I think I’ll go see if I can get Mike out of bed,” Cindy said, excusing herself.

John came and sat at the table with Tori.

“How you feeling, baby?” he asked, his face serious.

“Okay, I guess.”

“I saw Tim scooting out of her last night. You two patching things up?”

“Ha! Trying to, I guess. He took the news that his girlfriend’s a slut pretty well.”

John frowned, “Tori, do you really think you’re a slut?”

She knew she was, but admitting it to her father might open the floodgates, and she didn’t know if she was ready to start telling him about her last few days at home. Instead, she changed the subject.

“Stephanie told me, you know, about you guys,” she said, “How come you didn’t say anything?”

John sat back in his chair, studying the table silently. Finally, he leaned over and took her small hand.

“I know that things have been really strange for you lately, honey. You have a lot to deal with, a lot of conflicting emotions, new feelings, and a whole life to rebuild just because of one mistake. Your mom and I, well, we didn’t feel like we wanted to give you too much to handle at once. Honestly, we weren’t sure how to even tell you, or if we did how it would make you feel. Do you know how much we love you guys? I would destroy the world to keep you kids safe,” his hand tightened on hers, “and maybe we should have told you as soon as you came home. But, that’s the truth of it. We just didn’t know how to say it, or if it would make you hate us.”

There it was, finally out in the open.

“Is that why you guys have been avoiding me?”

“I’ll never lie to you, baby. It is. Maybe we’re ashamed to face you over it, or maybe we’re just afraid like you’re afraid of what’s happening to you. And that’s no excuse. I can see that now. It’s cowardice, and I’m sorry for it. We owe you more than a cold shoulder.”

Tori felt tears in her eyes. She’d never seen her father so vulnerable, his emotions laid so bare. She pushed her chair back and put her arms around his neck, clinging to him tightly.

“Oh, daddy, you’re not a coward! You’re the bravest man in the world.”

Her tears broke free and ran hot against his neck. He pulled her close and held her until she loosened her grip, and stopped crying. She stood back and he reached out to wipe a stray tear from her cheek.

“So, how do you feel about it?” He asked.

“Well, does it make you happy?”

“I think so. We have a good time, and it’s brought us all closer, I think. I can’t remember us ever being closer to Stephanie before. You know how she is, always the outsider, like Mike.”

Tori nodded. Her sister had always been that way, keeping them all at a distance, even while trying to be part of the whole family.

“Then I’m okay with it,” Tori said, “and I don’t hate you guys. I could never hate you. And I hope you would never hate me for doing...things, too.”

“Baby, that will never happen. Even when you...made your mistake, we weren’t angry. We were hurt, yes, but not because of what you did. We were hurt by ourselves for letting you down, for not seeing that you needed our help, and for not knowing how to give you that help. Maybe, when you have kids, you’ll be able to understand this, but we don’t always know when you need us. We’re just slightly bigger kids, ourselves, you know. Your mom and I started family life a lot earlier than most people, and even though we try our best, we make a lot of mistakes, too.”

“Daddy, I know you guys are human,” she giggled, “and I promise if I need help, I’ll come to you, alright?”

“Good. Is there anything you need, now? Please tell me, honey.”

“I, well...”

“What is it?”

“Can I tell you something?”

“Of course.”

“And you won’t be mad?”

“Well, now that’s not fair, but I’ll do my best.”

Tori looked bashfully at the floor, bit her lip, and looked like she was going to say something, but stopped.

“If you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to,” John said, “but if it will help you, then I’m here.”

“I... Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it?”

John thought for a second, then said, “Yes. Your mother. Our parents weren’t very happy about us being together, and I constantly had to prove myself, especially when she got pregnant with your brother. I worked three jobs, finished school, and started my company and it was all because I wanted her so badly that I would do anything for it.”

“Oh, well, maybe it’s not quite the same thing...”

“Baby, what is it?”

“Well, ever since I started getting’s really hard to explain. I told Tim this same thing. Some people get horny, and they want to get off, right?”

“I think I’ve felt that a time or two, yes,” he grinned.

“Well, with me, it’s like that but a million times worse. When I get...aroused...well, you saw how I acted the first night I came home.”

“I remember.”

“That was mild,” Tori admitted, “that was like a category one storm. When I really start to feel it, it’s like nothing else matters. I don’t care where I am, who it is, or what I’m doing. When I get horny I have to get off or I feel like my head’s going to explode!”

John could see her getting aroused just talking about it. He’d had plenty of experience now, with her sister, to see the signs, and they were practically copies of one another. Her nipples were hard against her tiny shirt, her lips quivering, her stomach tight, breath ragged. Tori was more than turned on, she was intensely horny.

“Well, yesterday, I wanted to have sex with Tim. We were about to do it, right in the living room, but we’d never done it before. I don’t think he’s ever done it, actually. He, well, he got off before we could… you know… fuck?”

John felt his dick stirring in his pants. Tori might be a different person, but he couldn’t help thinking of her sister and the way she totally gave herself over to her lust when she was with him.

“Anyway,” she went on, “I was so into it, the need was so bad, and then Mike and Cindy came home and saw us. You know that Mike and Stephanie...”

“I know.”

“Well, I had to cum so bad. I had to be fucked, and there was no stopping it, daddy. I begged Mike, I fucking begged him to put his cock in me!”

His already rising cock became fully stiff hearing the words out of his daughter’s mouth.

“And he did, daddy,” Tori said softly, “He put that dick up my... up my ass, and I came harder than I ever have in my life.”

John sat back in his chair, breathing heavily.

“Tori, why are you telling me this?”

“I just... I just wanted you to know what happened. I want you to understand what’s going on. You asked me if I thought I was a slut? I do. I’m a slut, daddy! I can’t help it, and I don’t know what’s happening to me, but only a slut would do that!”

She sat down in her chair and moaned hotly, squirming in her seat. Her face was a mix of agony and pleasure, and John saw for the first time his daughter’s switch flipping, and her uncontrollable lust taking over her body.

“Tori, you need to breathe, baby. Look at me.”

She opened her deep emerald eyes and there was desperation like he’d never seen in anyone. Even his wife on her horniest day, as much of a sex kitten as she was, had never looked like this. Tori stood up and bent over the table, pulling her tiny skirt over her perfect ass. John blanched as he saw the base of a butt plug lodged firmly in her tight behind.

“Tori is that...”

“Yes,” she moaned, “there’s a big plug up my ass, daddy. I’m keeping it open so that Mike’s cock can get in easier. Oh, I came so hard when he fucked me, daddy. It was so good.”

As he watched, she reached back and jiggled the plug, making herself moan. She looked at him as she did it, her lips wet, eyes full of need.

“You can fuck me, daddy. You can put your big cock up my ass, too, if you want to. It would make me cum so hard, daddy! Oh, I need to cum!”

The transformation was shocking. John realized that he hadn’t grasped exactly how serious this was for Tori until this moment. While his dick ached to do as she asked, his more rational instincts held firm.

“Honey, I’m not going to fuck you,” he said firmly.

“Please, I have to cum! Oh, please, I need it so bad!”

John had no idea what to do. If he did what she asked, it would be taking advantage of her, and that was not something he was going to do. Still, it was agonizing watching his daughter play with the plug in her ass, trying desperately to get off. He could see the pain it was causing her, and it broke his heart.

“Stay right there, baby,” he said and ran out of the room.

He couldn’t believe he was going to do this, but it was the only solution he had right now, short of getting his daughter off himself. He swung open Mike’s door and crashed down the stairs. Mike and Cindy came running at the sound of his loud steps.

“What’s going on?” Mike asked, worry clear on his face.

“It’s Tori,” John said breathlessly, “I need your help.”

“Tori? Is she okay?” Cindy cried and ran past them both.

Mike and his father ran up behind her. Cindy was already in the kitchen, whispering in Tori’s ear. She’d pulled the plug from her asshole, and was trying to jam three fingers into herself. She looked at Mike and John as they came in, but she wasn’t really seeing them.

“I need you to fuck your sister,” John said plainly.

Mike laughed. He couldn’t help it. It just sounded ludicrous, and he couldn’t imagine any other family in the world in which those words would be commonplace.

“Um, okay.”

“I don’t know what happened. We were talking, and then, well, this. I’m not going to do it myself, and I understand that you two have already...”

“Yeah, once.”

“Then get to it, man! Can’t you see she needs it?”

“Oh, this one is really bad,” Cindy said. Even her normally cheery voice was full of worry.

Tori didn’t even acknowledge their presence. She just continued to fuck herself in the ass with her fingers.

“The only thing is,” Mike said, “I really pounded her ass good yesterday, and I’m sure it hurts. I don’t know if I should.”

John pulled his keys from his pocket. This was one of the oddest moments of his life. Never did he imagine that he would have to unlock his daughter’s chastity belt so that her brother could fuck her and make her cum. But that’s what he was doing. He had to wrestle Tori’s hand from her ass to get the belt down her legs. Her pussy was wetter than any he’d ever seen, and John Hamlin had seen a great many wet pussies. It was swollen, hot and clenching. The sight of her needy cunt actually made him cringe. He’d never seen someone who needed to be fucked so badly.

“Mike’s going to fuck you, baby,” Cindy was saying in her ear, “Would you like that?”

“Ooooh, yes! Please!”

Mike got behind his hot sister and lined his already hard dick up to her fuckslit. He rubbed the head between her lips. It was just like how Cindy got when she really needed to be fucked. Tori was so wet that there was a constant trickle of fuck honey flowing down her legs and pooling on the floor.

“Oh, God! Put it in me, please!” Tori begged.

Mike pushed his cockhead into her, splitting open her tiny pussy. She was so wet that there was no resistance, despite how tight she was, and how big his dick was. It was incredible! Tori bucked herself back against him and immediately began to cum. John watched with a sense of morbid fascination. He’d seen Mike fuck his wife, and he knew that his son had fucked Stephanie, but to see Tori so utterly lost in desire was something else.

Mike fucked his squirming sister for all he was worth, and she came over and over again as he drove his cock into her. She spit a constant string of moans, fuck me’s, and yes’s as her brother took her pussy for the time. Cindy rubbed her clit all the while, sometimes fingering Tori’s asshole, but always watching her friend get off with a look of pure joy.

John backed out of the room, his head in a whirl. He couldn’t stand to watch anymore. Despite all the things going on in his home, this somehow felt wrong. This was different because Tori had no control over her body. He knew that if any other member of his family said no, he could walk away respecting that decision. Tori couldn’t say no. The only answer was yes, for her.

She was screaming for Mike to fuck her harder, how good it was, caught in an endless series of orgasms the likes of which he’d never seen. He soon found himself in his car, pulling away from the house, no destination in mind. He just had to leave.

Tori lay twitching on the table, Cindy licking out her dripping fuckhole, while Mike sat back in a chair recovering. His dick was still hard. He couldn’t get Tori’s voice out of his head, the way she begged to be taken, to be filled. It wasn’t like the sweet love and passion with Cindy, or the rough, dirty fucks with Stephanie, or even the slutty, impassioned mutual screwing with Melanie. Tori was like a submissive little doll, that could only beg to be fucked, and he thought that he could very easily become addicted to this.

Tori lifted herself from the table, not bothering to adjust her little skirt. Cindy was sliding her belt back up her legs, locking her dripping cunt back into it. Mike didn’t know why. It wasn’t like anyone was making her do it. Maybe it was just routine, now, like putting on your socks in the morning. Except that Cindy didn’t wear socks.

Tori wobbled toward him, leaned down, and kissed him on the mouth. That caught him off guard. He kissed her back, feeling her tongue in his mouth. Cindy was cleaning his cock off with her tongue, sucking his cum and Tori’s pussy juice off it eagerly.

“God, I needed that!” Tori declared.

“You’re... not mad?” Mike asked.

“No,” Tori said, “It felt great! When in a house full of sluts, do as the sluts do. Or something like that,” she shrugged and smiled at him.

“Sure, I guess so.”

Tori looked down at Cindy, her mouth stretched around the big dick that had just pounded so much pleasure into her body. She stroked the redhead’s hair, winning a cock-stuffed smile from her friend. Tori clapped Mike on the shoulder and staggered from the room. Cindy stood up and put her own pussy over her boyfriend’s cock, sank down on it, and rode him in the chair.

It was late in the afternoon when Stephanie pulled away from a downtown office building. She’d spent the morning hours on a shoot, dropped a new contract for a fall line at her attorney’s office, and then spent the last few hours going over her own personal project with her web designer. The videos he’d edited together for her were spectacular. She couldn’t wait to get home and unveil her work.

She made it home to find Tori on the couch with Melanie. They were watching a movie, Tori’s head in her mother’s lap. Stephanie flopped down next to them and gave her mother a long open-mouthed kiss as Melanie stroked Tori’s hair. Her sister squirmed uncomfortably, her cunt locked in her belt and undoubtedly yearning to be fucked.

“What have you two kittens been doing today?” Stephanie asked.

“Oh, I spent most of the day at the spa. Busy summer, you know,” Melanie said, “Then I got home and curled up with this little angel to watch some TV. We’ve just been chatting.”

“I didn’t do shit,” Tori said, “Weirded dad out, got impaled on ten inches of dick, came my brains out, had a nap. You know, the usual.”

Melanie laughed, and Tori giggled. Stephanie pushed the mask to the front and laughed along with them, but inside she wanted to choke her sister. How dare she be happy about being a slut? This wasn’t right! She was supposed to be emotionally conflicted, guilt-ridden, and filled with self-loathing. It wasn’t fair that after everything Stephanie had done to ruin her life, that she was smiling and happy, making jokes about it.

“How was your day, sissy?” Tori asked sweetly.

“Meh. Did a shoot this morning. They gave me a new contract for a fall lineup, too. I took it over to my attorney to look over.”

“Well, look at you little miss big stuff,” Melanie said, “so nonchalant with your own lawyer!”

“Ha! Yeah, I guess, so,” Stephanie agreed.

Melanie kissed her again, saying, “I’m so proud of you!”

That was what Stephanie needed to hear. Her dark mood began to fade just a bit. She felt better. Tori didn’t have her own lawyer. Tori didn’t even have a job or a life outside of her endless need to cum. Maybe she was overthinking it. Tori probably did hate herself for being a slut. She’d just learned to accept it and keep it bottled up. That made Stephanie happy. She knew that she and Tori were the same in that respect. They’d keep their pain inside, when possible, and eventually, it would burst forth and they’d lose their shit. Sometimes, more spectacularly than others.

“And where is the rest of our motley crew?” Stephanie asked.

“Dad left this morning. Don’t know where he is. Mike and Cindy are visiting some friend of his about a website she wants to start.”

“Oh, really. What sort of website is this, and why?” Stephanie asked, genuinely curious.

It was difficult, even for Stephanie, not to like Cindy. The little redhead hardly had two brain cells to rub together, but her general state of happiness about everything was infectious. If ever there was a girl with a sad story to tell, it was Cindy, but she didn’t play the victim. She didn’t cry about it, whine, and bitch. She just accepted that she was what she was, and as long as the people around her were happy, she could be happy. She was, truly, a tiny, big-breasted, shamelessly sex-crazed pleasure machine.

“What kind of website do you think,” Tori said, laughing, “she wants to do porn, of course.”

“Well, she’s got the body for it, that’s for sure,” Melanie said.

Stephanie raised an eyebrow at her, “Oh, don’t act so surprised miss ‘hurt my pussy’,” Melanie laughed.

Stephanie grinned, “Oh, and right back at you missus ‘suck mommy’s cunt’!”

“Hey, I know a hot girl when I see one, and that little fuckdoll is a hundred pounds of pure yummy,” she licked her lips.

“Listen to you two sluts,” Tori butted in, “talking about her like a piece of meat that you can’t wait to get in your dirty little mouths.”

“You’re one to talk, pussy girl,” Stephanie fired back.

Tori blushed and lowered her eyes, but she was smiling.

“Oh, now don’t tease each other,” Melanie said, trying to be an adult.

“Oh, but it’s so much fun to tease,” Stephanie said and licked Tori’s ear.

Her sister gasped and she saw her quiver in Melanie’s lap.

“Okay! Okay! You two are getting me all hot,” Melanie said, getting up from the couch, “I’m going to go take a shower.”

“Would you like some company?” Stephanie asked.

“Only if you promise to play nice,” Melanie said.

“Do I know any other way to play?”

“That is, obviously, a rhetorical question.”

“It is.”

“Would you like to come, Tori?” Melanie asked, holding out her hand.

“I... well...”

Her cunt was so hot. She knew what would happen if she went with them, and her pussy was urging her to do it. She hadn’t cum since that morning, and she did need it. She needed it very badly. Could she have sex with her mother, though? She’d already let Melanie lick her pussy once, and she’d loved it. Stephanie was constantly using Tori for sex these days, so that was nothing new. Fuck it.

“Can I please get this fucking belt off, though?” Tori asked.

“Of course, baby,” Melanie said, “If there’s one thing you’re not going to have to do with these two gorgeous sex machines, it’s masturbating. Trust me, you won’t have to,” Melanie winked at her.

Tori followed the two of them upstairs, where Melanie learned that Tori was naturally very submissive. Stephanie played the dominant role very well, and while at first it made Melanie a bit uncomfortable to see the interaction between the two of them, she soon found it extremely erotic. She just didn’t realize, yet, that Stephanie thought about their relationship much differently than Melanie did. For Melanie, it was playful, and it was sexy. For Stephanie, it was about control, about truly owning her sister and making her submit to her.

The first time she watched Stephanie finger her sister’s pussy, making out with her, calling Tori her “pussy girl,” she almost came without touching herself. It was a side of Stephanie she’d never seen in the bedroom before. For her part, Tori danced like a puppet on Stephanie’s fingers. She seemed to get off on every filthy word, on being made to eat her sister’s cunt, and came really hard when Stephanie made her eat Melanie’s cunt, too, and lick her ass.

It was the dirtiest shower of her life, and she came out of it feeling like she’d just lived through a pissing match between her daughters. Stephanie was, clearly, not afraid to experiment with Tori’s newfound sexuality. Tori, though, had seemed to love it. Bitch. cunt sucker. Pussy girl. Suckslut. None of these filthy names even phased Tori. In fact, Melanie could see the way they aroused her and made her more eager to please.

John came home to find them all naked in his bed, giggling. He looked tired. It was like a scene out of a porno movie, something that did not ever actually happen in real life. Three blonde sex dolls, naked and horny in his bed, all of them looking at him as though he were dinner. All he wanted to do was sleep. Melanie saw the look on his face.

“Why don’t you girls go on now? We’ve had enough fun for tonight. I think your dad needs to get in bed.”

The twins kissed their mother, gave John a quick peck on the cheek, and ran their naked asses from the room. John flopped down on the bed and let Melanie run her hands over his chest. He sighed as the tension left his body.

“So, where have you been?” she asked

“I went over to the new data center and worked out some bugs in the software. I needed to clear my head,” he replied, smiling weakly.

“Anything you need to talk about?”

“How are the girls?”

“You’re dodging the question,” Melanie chided him.

“Am I? Maybe. Tell me, though, how are they?”

“The short answer? Good. I got to hang out with Tori, just us, for a couple of hours. Stephanie came home. We had a shower, a little fun.”

“Good. Good. Tori, she was okay?” he asked.

“She seemed fine, yeah. What’s going on with you?”

“So, she didn’t seem...a little crazy? Out of control?”

“Ha! No. Different, yes. Crazy about eating her sister’s pussy, maybe. Out of control, though, no.”

“Good. That’s good.”

“John, spit it out!”

He smiled, sat up on his elbow, and kissed her head.

“I’m sorry, it’s just... if you’d seen her the way... the way I saw her this morning. It was hard, Mel.”

“You mean when Mike fucked her?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“You know?” he asked.

“She told me about it. As I said, we had a good talk this afternoon.”

“I guess it’s just hard to get used to it, and I know that probably sounds selfish. I mean, just think about how hard it has to be for her, and here I’m saying it’s tough on me.”

Melanie tugged at his tie, undid the knot, and slipped it off of him.

“Well, it’s just a change. It’s hard on all of us, I’m sure, and your feelings aren’t any less important than any of ours, so I wouldn’t say you’re being selfish.”

“If you saw what I did, Mel, it just made my heart hurt for her. One minute, we’re having a normal conversation at the table, and practically in the blink of an eye, she’s bending over the table begging to get fucked. I didn’t know what to do, honestly. I think I panicked, and that’s when I brought Mike up to...take care of it. Was I wrong?”

“No, I don’t think so. She told me that she knew you were...weirded out. She felt awkward putting you in that kind of position, and I know she feels embarrassed about it. We really talked, though, and Tori’s coming to terms with the fact that this is what she is, now. She’s been fighting it so hard, but it’s wearing her down, John. She said she still feels a degree of... shame when she comes down from one of her spells, but she also feels liberated.”

“She said that?”

“Mmhm. Look, I know what’s bothering you. Don’t think I can’t read you like a dirty magazine, John Hamlin. You’re thinking that she’s going to feel taken advantage of because of her condition, that she has no choice but to just let anyone use her for their own purposes, right?”

“You pegged me there,” he confirmed.

“Well, it’s not the case. I know that the last thing any of us want is for Tori to feel like she’s being taken advantage of, especially by her own family. She doesn’t, not really. She said she sees it more as us helping to fulfill her need. When she gets going, it’s like a snowball rolling downhill or an out-of-control truck. She can’t stop it until the need is satisfied, and we can either help her satisfy that need, watch her suffer, or she’ll find that satisfaction in places where she truly will be taken advantage of. Do you see what I’m saying?”

John slowly nodded.

“Okay, I can see the logic there. It doesn’t mean I’m happy about it, but I can accept it. I’m also going to look for other professional help if she’ll let me. I want second opinions and alternative diagnoses. If it destroys my company and bankrupts this family, I don’t care. If she’ll let me, I’m going to help her find a way to get her life back.”

“You see why I love you?” Melanie said, “Well, other than your selfless dedication, I guess your huge dick is another reason.”

John laughed.

“Now, why don’t you shut up and let me slobber on that fucking monster.”

“Best idea I’ve heard all night!”

Outside of their parents' room, Stephanie led Tori into Tori’s room, where she licked her sister’s hard nipples and fingered her heated little pussy to a small orgasm. Now that she was good and aroused, pliant, and ready for more stimulation, she held her by the waist and gave her sloppy little kisses. Tori responded eagerly, rubbing her body against her sister, moaning and whimpering with need. Despite her recent sexual play with her hot mother and sister, Tori was still incredibly turned on. She’d spent a lot more time making Stephanie cum, than she had gotten herself, and she could feel that she was hitting that point where it was time to cum or go crazy.

“I have something I want to show you,” Stephanie said.

The words made Tori shiver, recalling the last time Stephanie had wanted to show her something. It had ended with her getting tied to the bed watching porn movies of herself, a vibrating egg in her cunt, and a continual string of orgasms that made her piss herself.

“What is it?” She asked hesitantly.

Stephanie led her to her computer chair and sat her down.

“Well, I thought it was funny that you mentioned Cindy wanting to start her own website,” Stephanie said, “because I’ve been working on a little project of my own.”

Tori watched her sister collect a couple of pairs of stockings, and come back to her. She sank into the chair, knowing what was coming.

“Stephie, please! Don’t tie me up! Don’t put the egg in me, please! I’m your good girl, Stephie, please don’t hurt me!” she begged.

“Shh, shh, shh,” Stephanie hushed her, “I’m not going to put the egg in your little cunt, baby,” she assured her, “but I’m going to tie your arms to the chair, because I don’t want you playing with that hot little cunt, alright?”

Tori trembled but made no move to stop her. Her heart was beating so fast. The thought of being restrained in the chair was both terrifying and exciting. Ever since the first time Stephanie had tied her down, she’d come to realize that being helpless was very erotic. It seemed to help with the guilt that plagued her after she came, making her feel as though she really didn’t have any choice. If she gave up all her control to someone else, there was really no reason to be ashamed when she acted like a slut.

Stephanie gently tied one wrist, and then the other to the arms of the computer chair, and then put her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Tori squirmed in the chair, her pussy so hot and wet. Finally, Stephanie pulled the little gag ball from Tori’s dresser drawer.

“Stephie,” Tori said softly.

“Open up,” Stephanie said kindly.

Tori complied, and let her sister gag her mouth. Stephanie rubbed her pussy for her, and told her she was a good slut. Stephanie turned on Tori’s computer, pulled up her internet browser, and punched in a web address: LKKXXX.COM. The page came up, and Tori was greeted with the sight of her own ass in the air, her belt clearly visible, and she was trying to push the dildo up her asshole. Her face wasn’t visible, so it could have been any porn slut, except that Tori knew when this picture was taken. She looked at Stephanie with horror-filled eyes, and her sister only smiled.

“Now, this little project of mine isn’t to hurt you, Tori. It’s to help you. Seeing as your...condition won’t allow you to hold a real job, or really do much of anything but act like a slut, I thought I’d help you make a little money for yourself. Maybe this is your future!” Stephanie explained.


“Now, calm down. Nothing here shows your face, and no one can tell it’s you unless they’ve actually seen that gorgeous body of yours. Read the description, and see what you think.”

Tori turned her eyes back to the screen and read the introduction page.

Hey there guys! My name is Little Kandy Kunt and, while it’s not my real name, it’s a pretty accurate description! I’m the hottest, horniest, little 18-year-old slut that I know, and I really hope you like jerking those hard pricks to my movies and photos! I’m such a horny teenager with a hot little cunt, that most of the time I can’t control it. That’s why I have to wear this silly chastity belt! If I didn’t, I’d have my fingers in my tight little snatch all day! LOL!

Fortunately, I have a hot sister and a really hung brother that make sure I get out of my chastity belt enough so that they can make me cum and keep my hungry little pussy satisfied. For those of you that are wondering, yes, those are my real brother and sister in my content updates! Not only do I let my family fuck me, but sometimes total strangers. You could be next, and not even know it!

I also have a really cute boyfriend, but his penis is so small, and he cums so fast, that I don’t really get off with him. That means he gets to watch me get fucked by my brother’s huge cock, and sometimes by other guys who can make my pussy cum better than he can! I really hope you enjoy my site, and remember that if you want me to keep posting new videos, you should become a member! My little fuckhole is way too horny that I can never hold down a real job, so I have to make money with what I’ve got. Hugs and kisses, guys!


“Whf a fkk! Sheffy!” Tori mumbled around her gag.

“I thought it was a great description,” Stephanie said, “and look at those stats! Over 300,000 page views, and it’s only been active for maybe the last hour! I can’t wait to see how many people have signed up. You’re probably making some serious cash, right now, sissy. Minus my management fee, of course, but that’s pretty modest. I’ve set up the rest of the earnings to go into a private corporation for you.”

Tori just stared at her, unable to comprehend that this was actually happening.

“Let me show you the videos!” Stephanie said, excitedly.

She logged into the master account and set the playlist to run.

“I’m gonna go have a shower, but you just enjoy the show, and I’ll be back soon, alright?”

“Shteffy!” Tori yelled, watching her sister leave the room.

She turned back to the screen, her poor pussy aching as the first video began to play. She read the scrolling description.

My best friend and I went out to the mall to shop for some tiny clothes that show off our hot bodies and make guys want to rape us, and while we were there we met these two really hot college guys. They didn’t have the biggest dicks, but we didn’t care. We took them into a dressing room and let them feed us their cocks, and then fuck our little pussies really hard. I’m such a slut that I let my guy fuck my ass, too, and then sucked his friend's cum out of my best friend’s pussy. It was a great day!

The video played. Tori was intimately familiar with this one already, having been forced to watch it over a dozen times while she was tied down and made to cum repeatedly. Still, she couldn’t turn away as Kyle fucked her, and she ate Todd’s cum out of Cindy’s pussy. The videos had been carefully doctored, obviously by someone who knew what they were doing. The faces were blurred, and voices pitched differently, but the action was clearly visible. Unless someone had been there, they would never know it was her.

The thought that it was now on the internet, and that several hundred thousand people had now watched her getting fucked in the dressing room was making her hyperventilate. She struggled against her bonds, and pressed her legs tightly together, trying to make the heat in her pussy stop, but it only made it worse. The video stopped. She forced herself to breathe evenly. The next one started. The caption rolled up the screen.

I was so horny today, after getting fucked by a college boy at the mall. My sister had to punish me for being such a slut. They let me out of the house without my chastity belt, and I ended up with a strange cock up my pussy and asshole. My sister made sure that if I wanted to be a stupid butt slut, my tiny ass was going to be ready to get fucked really well, so she put a big black cock in my asshole to open it up. I came really hard when she put it all the way inside me. Just to make sure I was always ready to get my butt stuffed, she filled it with a nice big butt plug after I came. I love my sister so much!

She knew this one again, her cute little ass wiggled on Stephanie’s bed. The big black toy slowly opened her wide. She saw herself cum as her sister put the toy in her butt. She remembered how it felt, the way it stretched her wide open for the first time. Her horny cunt spasmed, a little cum made her shiver. The video ended. The next one came up.

I’m such a naughty slut! You’ll never believe the day I had today, oh boy! My boyfriend came over to have a threesome with me and my hot sister, but his little penis came too fast and he couldn’t get it into my pussy. Thankfully, my brother got home just at the right time! I’m really glad my sister made me wear that butt plug all night because my brother has a really, really big dick! Guess what he was in the mood for? Watch him put that giant fuckstick right up my teenage asshole. At first, I didn’t think it would fit, but he worked me over so well and made sure it did. I came so hard that I passed out!

The whole scene played out before Tori’s eyes, and she got to see what really happened for the first time. She’d been so lost in fuck-lust while it was happening, that she hadn’t really paid attention to anything but her needy cunt. All the faces were blurred, the voices tweaked, but she recognized Tim’s little penis and her brother’s huge cock.

The camera switched between a wide view of the room, and a close-up view of Mike’s big prick forcing its way into her tiny butthole. She watched the way she writhed, screamed, and then came over and over. She couldn’t believe that she’d taken his cock all the way up her ass. Her little hole was stretched so wide that the fit looked impossible. She knew, though, that it had fit. It had also given her the hardest orgasm she’d ever experienced. Just watching it happen to herself made her cum in her chair, bucking against the restraints.

When it was finally over, the videos didn’t play again. The website came back up, with a note to the members that the site was brand new, and lots of slutty adventures were coming in the near future. It declared her “the Internet’s hottest new teenage slut,” and below that a long page of comments from viewers. She couldn’t reach the mouse to scroll through them, but the page count showed dozens of pages. She could only read the first few.

You’re the hottest young slut I’ve ever seen. Please make more videos!

Shut up and take my money!

Please do a DP vid! You would look so hot with two cocks in you at the same time!


Tori read the comments again and focused on the one about making a DP video. She found herself wondering how it would feel to have two cocks in her at once. If they were the size of Mike’s there was no way she could take it. It would kill her for sure. Just taking her brother’s cock in her ass made her pass out, but she’d felt so good while he was in her ass. So good!

Stephanie was there now, standing by her shoulder, cupping her perfect tits. Her sister rubbed her excited pussy until Tori orgasmed in her chair again, and then again. Her eyes were watering, and her arms hurt from straining against the restraints, by the time she stopped cumming. When she was subdued, but still yearning to cum again, Stephanie pulled the little gag ball out of her mouth. Tori looked at her sister with glassy eyes.

“W... why?” she asked.

“For you, of course,” Stephanie said and kissed her, “I want you to make something of yourself, and this was the logical choice. Just like it’s the logical choice for Cindy. You’re going to be a slut forever, sissy. You’re going to keep getting fucked, cumming, and it’s never going to stop. This is what your life is going to be, so just accept it, and make a living off your little slut holes while you can.”

“! I don’t want to be a slut forever! I mean, it feels good sometimes, yeah, but this is...Stephie, it’s too much! You didn’t even ask me what I wanted!”

Stephanie slapped her across the face, and not playfully.

Stephanie and Tori Hamlin

“Sluts don’t get to say no, Tori!” Stephanie hissed, putting her pretty face against her sisters, “Sluts do what they’re told by the bitch who owns their cunt,” she dangled the key around her neck in front of Tori’s face, “Who owns your cunt, pussy girl?”

Tori choked back a sob and looked down. She knew she couldn’t stand up to Stephanie, even if she’d wanted to. Her sister didn’t hold the only key, sure, but when Stephanie was like this, controlling her, making her do these awful things, Tori’s pussy got so hot. Her cunt craved the attention Stephanie gave it, and no matter how many times her sister humiliated her, or dominated her, it was those same things Stephanie did to her that made her cum the hardest.

“You… you do, Stephie,” Tori admitted quietly, “You own my… my cunt.”

The admission made her hungry pussy tingle, and she knew that if she just did what Stephanie wanted, and said the things she wanted, Stephanie would make sure she got to cum all the time. She would take care of her pussy and ensure that Tori was always feeling overwhelming pleasure. But if she was a bad slut for her sister, then she’d be humiliated endlessly. Stephanie could easily choose to put the undoctored videos on the website, and then everyone in the world would know Tori was a slut.

“Yes, I do, baby,” Stephanie said, “And I know just what my pussy girl needs, don’t I?”

Stephanie lightly stroked Tori’s slit as she kissed her hotly.

“And my little slut needs to cum again, doesn’t she?” Stephanie said, teasing Tori’s wet hole with her fingers.

“Yes! Yes, please, Stephie, I need to cum. Your pussy girl needs to cum,” Tori said, bucking against her sister’s hand.

“Do you like your new job?” Stephanie asked and pushed two fingers into Tori’s cunt.

“Mmm, yes! Yes, I like it. Thank you for finding me a job!”

Tori wiggled against Stephanie’s fingers, trying to fuck herself on them.

“Thank me for not showing the whole world your slutty face.”

She gently pushed her fingers in and out of Tori’s pussy. She was so wet that she was soaking the chair.

“Oooh, God! Stephie... than... thank you for… mmmm… not showing, oh, the whole world m… my… my slutty face!”

Stephanie smiled and fingered her faster. She wasn’t really concerned for Tori, of course. She had her own selfish motivation for not putting Tori’s face on the internet, and that was because they had the same face. She didn’t want anyone getting them mixed up, and ruining her modeling gig. If the agency thought she was doing porn, she couldn’t exactly be a poster girl for wholesome teenage girls that wanted to flash their asses and tits in tiny swimwear. Tori, though, was far too horny to make that connection. She just wanted to cum.

“Are you going to be a good slut for me, Tori? Good sluts get to cum.”

“Oooh, ooh, yes! Yes, I want to cum, please. I’m a good slut! I’m so good!” Tori said, desperate.

“Don’t get used to this,” Stephanie said, dropping to her knees between Tori’s legs, “I’m not some dirty little cunt sucker like you. You’ve been so good for me, though, that you can have a special treat.”

Stephanie curled her fingers into Tori’s pussy and found her G-spot, in the same place as her own. She flicked her tongue against her sister’s clit while she hit her sweet spot. Tori lost her mind, thrashing in her chair, screaming with pleasure, and pushing her pussy against Stephanie’s face. Stephanie sucked her clit, her fingers working in her sister’s pussy.

Tori squirted for the first time, her hot juice filling Stephanie’s mouth, and while it was a surprise, Stephanie gulped it down. She really did like the taste of cunt, she just didn’t want to give Tori any ideas. It wouldn’t do to make her think this was something normal. This was special, and only something Tori could have if she behaved.

Finally, Tori slumped in her chair, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Stephanie stood up and took Tori’s chin in her hand, making her sister look at her. This time, it wasn’t fear in her eyes, it was adoration. She’d given Tori what she wanted most, and she’d given it to her good.

“Tell me you love me,” Stephanie said, staring her down.

“I, I love you, Stephie,” Tori whispered.

“Tell me who owns your cunt.”

“You do, Stephie.”

“You want to feel like that again, don’t you?”

Tori nodded her head lazily.

“Then you need to remember what you just said,” Stephanie said, her voice clearly a warning, “because if you try to pull this, I don’t want to be a slut bullshit on me again, I’ll make sure that your little website becomes the most popular viral campaign in the history of porn. There won’t be a corner of the fucking world that doesn’t know who Little Kandy Kunt is, and they’ll be lined up out the door to fuck you in every hole for months on end.”

The fear that crept into Tori’s eyes filled Stephanie with joy. She untied her sister, helped her stand, and got her to her bed. She belted up Tori’s pussy, locked her in, and laid her down. Stephanie pulled the blankets over her sister’s beautiful, naked, young body. She gave her a sloppy kiss, pinching her nipple until she gasped.

“Night, night, Kandy,” she whispered, “I love you, too.”

She was smiling as she turned out the lights, listening to her sister’s choking sobs. Tori lay alone, trying to sort out her confusion. Why did Stephanie say that she loved her, make her feel so wonderful, and then turn around and threaten her like that? Why did she so eagerly allow her sister to manipulate her body, treat her like a slut, and get off on it?

Stephanie’s duality was something that she just couldn’t wrap her head around, and she saw that same duality in herself. They were like two halves of a broken whole, one submissive, yet delighting in the guilty pleasure of the experiences, while the other was dominant and derived her pleasure from the power she had over the...weaker half. That was it. She was weak.

She was out of control, and up to now her life had been nothing but in control. Now, Stephanie was that control, and she craved that because there was so little of it in herself. The epiphany stopped her sobbing. That was her answer.

She would simply allow Stephanie to make her feel good. If she behaved and did the things that Stephanie wanted, then she wouldn’t need to worry about feeling like her life was out of control. She wouldn’t need to feel guilty for doing the slutty things. She would just let Stephanie decide what was right for her, and let Stephanie correct her if she got off track. Besides, Stephanie was still rational, while Tori couldn’t trust herself. She could easily be controlled by the feelings in her pussy, but her sister could see everything clearly.

Obviously, Stephanie was on the right track. She was, now, successful. She had her own lawyer. She had money. She had an accountant, and she’d already created a way for Tori to take care of herself. Stephanie loved her and was looking out for her. Really, what had Stephanie done to actually hurt her? She didn’t beat her, didn’t put her out in the street to get raped. She’d protected her, in fact.

Those college boys could have dragged her and Cindy off, and used them as sex toys for who knows how many men. They could have been murdered that day or sold off as slaves, or something like that. Tori knew those things happened. It could easily happen to her if nobody was watching her back when her cunt took control of her. But Stephanie had been right there, watching, making sure she was okay.

Yes, this was the right decision, she was sure of it. Stephanie loved her. She would protect her. If Tori had to be her good pussy slut, well, that was okay. She liked the way her sister’s pussy tasted. She liked the way her brother fucked her. She liked the way her mother treated her when they were together. She had more in common with her family now than at any time in the past. Satisfied that she was doing the right thing, now, Tori was able to fall asleep.


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