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The Second Place Sister, Part 21

Tori Hamlin The Second Place Sister

Chapter Forty-Three: The Reluctant Threeway

Stephanie sped away from a downtown office just after noon, shades on and her radio blaring. Life was grand. She’d just cashed a check for twelve grand and all that money just for showing her tits and ass off in some bathing suits. She’d put that many to good use, today, too. She had her own lawyer on retainer, set up a business, and employed a web designer. And the day was only half gone.

She peeked over her shades at a rowdy car full of boys as they hollered and hooted at the hot blonde in the convertible. She pulled her top up and flashed them her tits, which shut them up and then sped through the green light in the opposite direction, laughing at the foolishness of the male gender. A short while later, she pulled into the driveway at home and parked off to the side drive next to Tori’s unused Miata.

Humming to herself, the psychotic teen made her way into the house, calling out that she was home. Nobody answered. She figured Tori would be in her room, probably trying to make herself cum again. That would be great, because her hot young cunt really needed some attention, and there was nothing like face-raping her sister to get her off good. She bounded up the steps, noted Tori’s empty room, and pulled out her phone. She knew her parents were both off at work. Who knew where Mike and Cindy had gotten to? They could be downstairs fucking for all she knew. It was surprising, though, that Tori would be out. She shot her a text.

“Hey, Sissy. Where you at?”

“Hey. Out to lunch with Tim.”

Stephanie groaned with fury. This was awful! The last thing she needed was for Tori to feel like she could get back to normal. She needed to get them both back under control, and quickly.

“Oh, cool!” she typed back, “You guys wanna come swim after?”

She knew Tori would hesitate at the question, and Stephanie wanted it that way. It would make her think about her locked-up cunt.

“IDK...” Tori wrote back.

“I’ll let you out.”

“Tim says it sounds like fun. Bts.”

Stephanie smiled. She needed to come up with something quick. She knew, though, that getting Tori’s cunt belt off of her would be like setting off firecrackers in a dry field. She’d been locked up and unable to cum since last night, which had to be getting to her by now. Even if she’d somehow managed to get herself off with her ass, Stephanie knew it wouldn’t be enough for Tori’s overeager little cunt.

As they walked to his car, holding hands, Tori felt very nervous. She was about to be half-naked in the pool with a boy, and with her horny sister. Her cunt was soaking already, and she was having trouble thinking about anything but the ache inside her, the constant itch that needed to be scratched. She had no idea how she was going to make it out of this without being utterly humiliated. What was really confusing, though, was that the thought of being humiliated in front of Tim just made her pussy even hotter.

“Hey, I had a really good time,” Tim said, opening her door.

“Me, too,” she replied and pulled his lips down to hers.

The feel of his tongue slipping into her mouth was like a tinder on an open fire. She moaned audibly into his mouth, and her hand caressed his toned chest through his shirt. It took all her inner strength, which was quickly fading, to pull herself off of him and get in the car. Tim, his face flushed, came around and got behind the wheel.

“That was...” he said, hands shaking, “that was great.”

Tori looked at him shyly and batted her eyes.

“Well, you deserve a little attention after being such a patient boyfriend, right?”

“Can’t say no to that, can I?”

“You’d better not!” she teased.

Tim grinned and gunned the engine. He liked the new Tori. A few weeks ago, she would have been very reserved when she kissed him, and he could count the number of times he’d felt her tongue in his mouth on one finger. Whatever epiphany she’d had while she was gone, he was starting to be glad it happened. And, damn, he could get used to seeing her dressed like this.

He knew from seeing her in her track shorts and top that she had an amazing body, but she’d never displayed it so openly before. His little dick was hard in his pants as he drove them to her house, eager to check her out in her swimsuit. He just hoped it wasn’t going to be the granny one-piece from last summer.

Stephanie heard Tim’s car rumble into the driveway and smiled wickedly. She watched Tim help Tori out of the car. Silently, she had to compliment her sister on her choice of dress. She looked damn hot in that little skirt and top, and even from the upstairs window she could see Tori’s nipples poking from the thin fabric. She was certainly aroused, and that was good.

Stephanie met them downstairs as they came in the door, giggling. She gave Tori a big hug and kissed her on the lips, just not as hot as she’d been doing the last few days. She gave Tim a hug, too, and a peck on the cheek.

“It’s so good to see you two back together,” she said, her mask firmly in place.

“Thanks, Steph,” Tim said, and held Tori’s hand, “It’s nice to have her back.”

“Very nice,” Stephanie agreed, “Oh, hey, I grabbed a pair of Mike’s trunks for you, Tim. You guys are about the same size, so they should be okay. If you wanna get changed and head out, us girls need to get changed upstairs.”

She grabbed Tori’s hand and dragged her away until they were in Stephanie’s room. Once she’d closed the door, she was on Tori like lightning, shoving her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Tori, already at the brink of a total slut meltdown, couldn’t have complained if she wanted to. She groped Stephanie’s big tits through her top, moaned into her mouth, and humped herself against her sister’s body.

“Oh, God, Stephie! I... please... I need to cum!” Tori begged, her eyes filled with need.

“Okay, sissy, but first, show me what a good pussy girl you are.”