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The Second Place Sister, Part 21

Tori Hamlin The Second Place Sister

Chapter Forty-Three: The Reluctant Threeway

Stephanie sped away from a downtown office just after noon, shades on and her radio blaring. Life was grand. She’d just cashed a check for twelve grand and all that money just for showing her tits and ass off in some bathing suits. She’d put that many to good use, today, too. She had her own lawyer on retainer, set up a business, and employed a web designer. And the day was only half gone.

She peeked over her shades at a rowdy car full of boys as they hollered and hooted at the hot blonde in the convertible. She pulled her top up and flashed them her tits, which shut them up and then sped through the green light in the opposite direction, laughing at the foolishness of the male gender. A short while later, she pulled into the driveway at home and parked off to the side drive next to Tori’s unused Miata.

Humming to herself, the psychotic teen made her way into the house, calling out that she was home. Nobody answered. She figured Tori would be in her room, probably trying to make herself cum again. That would be great, because her hot young cunt really needed some attention, and there was nothing like face-raping her sister to get her off good. She bounded up the steps, noted Tori’s empty room, and pulled out her phone. She knew her parents were both off at work. Who knew where Mike and Cindy had gotten to? They could be downstairs fucking for all she knew. It was surprising, though, that Tori would be out. She shot her a text.

“Hey, Sissy. Where you at?”

“Hey. Out to lunch with Tim.”

Stephanie groaned with fury. This was awful! The last thing she needed was for Tori to feel like she could get back to normal. She needed to get them both back under control, and quickly.

“Oh, cool!” she typed back, “You guys wanna come swim after?”

She knew Tori would hesitate at the question, and Stephanie wanted it that way. It would make her think about her locked-up cunt.

“IDK...” Tori wrote back.

“I’ll let you out.”

“Tim says it sounds like fun. Bts.”

Stephanie smiled. She needed to come up with something quick. She knew, though, that getting Tori’s cunt belt off of her would be like setting off firecrackers in a dry field. She’d been locked up and unable to cum since last night, which had to be getting to her by now. Even if she’d somehow managed to get herself off with her ass, Stephanie knew it wouldn’t be enough for Tori’s overeager little cunt.

As they walked to his car, holding hands, Tori felt very nervous. She was about to be half-naked in the pool with a boy, and with her horny sister. Her cunt was soaking already, and she was having trouble thinking about anything but the ache inside her, the constant itch that needed to be scratched. She had no idea how she was going to make it out of this without being utterly humiliated. What was really confusing, though, was that the thought of being humiliated in front of Tim just made her pussy even hotter.

“Hey, I had a really good time,” Tim said, opening her door.

“Me, too,” she replied and pulled his lips down to hers.

The feel of his tongue slipping into her mouth was like a tinder on an open fire. She moaned audibly into his mouth, and her hand caressed his toned chest through his shirt. It took all her inner strength, which was quickly fading, to pull herself off of him and get in the car. Tim, his face flushed, came around and got behind the wheel.

“That was...” he said, hands shaking, “that was great.”

Tori looked at him shyly and batted her eyes.

“Well, you deserve a little attention after being such a patient boyfriend, right?”

“Can’t say no to that, can I?”

“You’d better not!” she teased.

Tim grinned and gunned the engine. He liked the new Tori. A few weeks ago, she would have been very reserved when she kissed him, and he could count the number of times he’d felt her tongue in his mouth on one finger. Whatever epiphany she’d had while she was gone, he was starting to be glad it happened. And, damn, he could get used to seeing her dressed like this.

He knew from seeing her in her track shorts and top that she had an amazing body, but she’d never displayed it so openly before. His little dick was hard in his pants as he drove them to her house, eager to check her out in her swimsuit. He just hoped it wasn’t going to be the granny one-piece from last summer.

Stephanie heard Tim’s car rumble into the driveway and smiled wickedly. She watched Tim help Tori out of the car. Silently, she had to compliment her sister on her choice of dress. She looked damn hot in that little skirt and top, and even from the upstairs window she could see Tori’s nipples poking from the thin fabric. She was certainly aroused, and that was good.

Stephanie met them downstairs as they came in the door, giggling. She gave Tori a big hug and kissed her on the lips, just not as hot as she’d been doing the last few days. She gave Tim a hug, too, and a peck on the cheek.

“It’s so good to see you two back together,” she said, her mask firmly in place.

“Thanks, Steph,” Tim said, and held Tori’s hand, “It’s nice to have her back.”

“Very nice,” Stephanie agreed, “Oh, hey, I grabbed a pair of Mike’s trunks for you, Tim. You guys are about the same size, so they should be okay. If you wanna get changed and head out, us girls need to get changed upstairs.”

She grabbed Tori’s hand and dragged her away until they were in Stephanie’s room. Once she’d closed the door, she was on Tori like lightning, shoving her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Tori, already at the brink of a total slut meltdown, couldn’t have complained if she wanted to. She groped Stephanie’s big tits through her top, moaned into her mouth, and humped herself against her sister’s body.

“Oh, God, Stephie! I... please... I need to cum!” Tori begged, her eyes filled with need.

“Okay, sissy, but first, show me what a good pussy girl you are.”

There was no hesitation. Tori dropped to her knees, and pulled down her sister’s skirt, watching her long, tanned legs kick it away. Stephanie gently put her hand on Tori’s head as her sister went to work on her slit. Tori moaned into Stephanie’s wet cunt, lapping at her flowing juices like they were the water of life. Stephanie thrust her cunt against her sister’s face, caught up in the intense passion with which Tori slurped at her fuckhole. It wasn’t long before she was cumming on Tori’s face, coating her sister with fuck cream and calling her a cunt sucker.

When Stephanie finally released her head, Tori knew she was finished, but she waited on her knees for Stephanie to tell her what to do next. Stephanie motioned her up, and turned her around.

“Now, if we’re up here too long, Tim’s going to get suspicious, so I’m going to take off your cuntblocker, but then we need to get dressed. If you can behave yourself, and not touch your little fuckslit, then I’ll be sure to make you cum really hard after we get done in the pool, alright?

“Stephie, I need it so bad,” Tori begged, “Please, I’ll be quick.”

Stephanie slipped the belt down her legs, bent Tori over the bed, and slapped her cunt hard. Her sister wailed, and Stephanie slapped her cunt again.

“Ow, Stephie! What the fuck!”

“Shut it, slut!” Stephanie said, pushing the base of the plug in her asshole and making Tori moan like a whore, “would you rather get your cunt locked up again and parade around in front of your boyfriend like that?”

“No,” Tori said, defeated, “Please, I’ll be good!”

“Good slut,” Stephanie said and stroked Tori’s pussy gently until her sister came.

Tori moaned and quivered as Stephanie got her off, which relieved the tension in her pussy a little bit, but didn’t make the heat go away. It was just enough to take the edge off, but she was still so horny!

“Now, as much as I love you for keeping this plug up your little asshole, I think we need to take it out for now. Unless you want to explain to Tim why you have it in?”

“Oh, God, no!” Tori said.

“I didn’t think so.”

Stephanie worked the plug out of Tori’s ass, making her cum again in the process. When she had it free, she put it to Tori’s lips.

“Clean it up,” she said.

Tori wanted to balk, but she knew better. If she didn’t do it, Stephanie would physically restrain her, belt her, and probably do something even more humiliating. Maybe she would show the videos to people, maybe to Tim. Her life would really be over, then. She’d be the slut on the video getting her asshole fucked in a dressing room, and no one would ever forget.

Tori opened her mouth and let Stephanie push the big plug between her lips. Tori licked the acrid toy and thought she might puke, but she held it in and finished as quickly as possible. Satisfied, Stephanie tossed the plug on the bed and admired her sister’s gaping asshole. She’d certainly opened up nicely, but even as she watched, Tori’s ass was closing up again. So resilient, the teenage ass, Stephanie mused. Fuck it open, and it just goes right back to being tight again.

Stephanie went to her closet. Since starting her modeling career, swimsuits were something that was not in short supply. She picked out a modest green bikini for herself, something that showed off her figure very nicely, but wasn’t slutty. Tori, on the other hand, she handed two pieces of white string.

“What is this? Is this a suit?” Tori asked, looking at the strings curiously.

“It’s a microkini. It’ll look good on that hot body of yours,” Stephanie said.

“Why can’t I wear one like yours?”

“Because I want to look at your gorgeous body,” Stephanie said, stepping closer and kissing her hotly, “and I’ll bet Tim wants to see it, too. Be a good girlfriend, now, and put that fucker on.”

Tori fumbled with the little pieces of string and eventually figured them out. The tiny suit was ridiculous. She may as well have just gone nude. The top was only a couple of small nipple covers, and straps that went over her shoulders and behind her back. The bottoms were simply a piece of string that ran through her ass and split the slit of her pussy. The silky material rubbed against her clit when she moved, driving her already overheated cunt crazy.

“Oh, Tori,” Stephanie praised her, “That poor boy is going to have your legs spread, and pushed back to your ears by the end of the afternoon! How fucking sexy are you!”

“I look like a slut!” she cried, immediately realizing how stupid it sounded.

She’d just eaten her sister’s pussy, cum on her fingers, and sucked a sextoy right out of her young asshole. If that wasn’t a slut, then she didn’t know what was. Stephanie just laughed at the comment, thinking the same thing.

“Oh, calm down. It’s not like you’ve never had a dick in you,” Stephanie said, “Come on. Let’s go.”

Tori followed her downstairs, the string rubbing her clit with every step. It was already soaked with her fuck honey. The girls went out to the pool, where Tim was already floating on an inflatable raft. Stephanie was afraid that his eyes might actually pop right out of his head as they came outside.

“Holy mother of...” he began to say, but his tongue stopped working.

The twins were the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Their long blonde hair was teased by the wind, toned legs that seemed endless, flat stomachs, and perfect, perky tits. His small boner was raging in his trunks. He couldn’t believe what Tori was wearing if you could even call it that. The tiny suit did basically nothing to hide her flawless body. Stephanie dove into the pool, coming up beside the raft.

“Tell her she looks hot, Tim!” She said.

“Baby, you are amazing!” Tim yelled.

Tori blushed and came to sit at the side of the pool, putting her legs into the cool water.

“Come on, party pooper,” Stephanie yelled, “get in!”

Tori’s frown disappeared. What the hell? She hopped into the pool, and she was honestly surprised that a cloud of steam didn’t rise around her as the cool water hit her hot cunt. The initial cold felt great on her hot skin. She kicked her legs up and just floated peacefully on the surface. She heard Tim cry out as Stephanie flipped his raft, dunking him in the pool and breaking into a fit of laughter. Stephanie swam to the side of the pool, pulled herself out, and made sure Tim got a good look as she pulled her wet suit out of the crack of her perfect ass.

She padded to the pool shed, went inside, and came back with a beach ball. She spiked the ball into the pool, right at Tim, and followed it with a cannonball that sent water flying everywhere. Soon, they were playing monkey in the middle, with Tim as the monkey. The twins were trying to keep the ball away from him, but he had several inches of height on them. He got his fingers on the ball as it sailed over his head, and chose Stephanie as the next monkey.

They easily kept it from her, passing it back and forth for a few minutes. Tori missed the ball and had to swim for it, but Stephanie made it first. They giggled, wrestling for control of the slippery ball, but it popped out of their grasp. Stephanie took the opportunity to tackle Tori into the pool with a vicious laugh. Tori screamed and they went under together.

When they came up, they were both laughing. It felt good, just like when they were kids. Tori was having fun, though her cunt was still throbbing for attention. Tim swam over near them and retrieved the ball, paused, and looked at them. It had been a few seconds since they came up, laughing like little girls, but the laughter had died down. Now they were just looking at each other. Then, Stephanie was kissing his girlfriend.

Tim’s mouth opened in shock. He didn’t know what to say and wasn’t sure if he should say anything. He could see Stephanie’s hand beneath the water, and it looked like she was playing with Tori’s pussy. The sun must be getting to him. He expected Tori to break away laughing at her sister’s joke, but she didn’t. She kissed her back, and then their tongues were in each other’s mouths.

Tim’s cock was straining in his trunks. He dropped the ball and let it float away. Tori was moaning softly, letting Stephanie’s hand work between her legs. He hadn’t been wrong. He could see Tori’s hips bucking against her sister’s hand as they made out. Tori wrapped her arms around Stephanie’s neck and became utterly lost in what her sister was doing to her. Stephanie’s free hand came out of the water, and she crooked her finger at him.

Tim came over, swearing to God that he would never ask for anything again if this was real. He floated up to the two girls, who hadn’t stopped kissing. Stephanie took his hand and put it on Tori’s breast. Tori moaned but didn’t stop kissing her sister. Stephanie, however, did. She pulled away, looked Tori in the eyes, and pulled Tim’s mouth to her own. She sucked at his tongue while he mauled Tori’s tits, and beneath the water, Stephanie continued to rub her sister’s pussy.

Stephanie broke away and then pushed Tori and Tim together. She worked her sister’s cunt as she watched them make out. She put Tori’s hand on Tim’s erection and heard her sister moan into his mouth. They broke apart, looked at each other, looked at Stephanie, and then Stephanie kissed him again. When they parted again, Stephanie looked into Tori’s eyes.

“Tim,” she said, “Have you ever gotten to fuck a pair of hot twins?”

“Stephie,” Tori hissed.

“I...uh, no...”

Stephanie kissed Tori again, broke away, and said, “Would you like to?”

“Stephie!” Tori said again.

“Can’t you see how hard you made him, Tori?” Stephanie said, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to help your boyfriend’s poor balls?”

“But, both of us?” Tori asked.

“Why not?” Stephanie said, “I won’t fuck him if you don’t want me to, but think about it. How many guys do you think get to do something like this in their life? Don’t you want Tim to know what it’s like? Hasn’t he been a good boyfriend? Don’t you think after a year of patiently waiting with his blue balls, he deserves this? I know you want to, you little slut.”

Tim couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. He expected Tori to rip her sister’s eyes out for calling her a slut, but instead, she stuck her tongue back in her mouth and tightened her grip on his cock. Stephanie pulled them both by the hand, out of the pool, grabbed a handful of towels, and they went inside. In the living room, she laid out the towels on the floor and started to make out with her sister again, while Tim watched, unsure of what to do.

While Stephanie kissed her, she pulled the tiny suit off of Tori’s body, and Tori did the same to her. They looked at Tim, walked over to him, and together they fell to their knees and tugged at his wet shorts until they hit the towels. His thin, five-inch rod stood as erect as it had ever been, bobbing up and down with his excitement. Stephanie groped his balls, rubbing them in her hand and purring. Tori, completely at the mercy of her horny pussy, swallowed his cock whole.

She was a little disappointed by how small his cock was, having had her mouth stretched open by Mike’s massive weapon just that morning. He was also smaller than every other cock she’d had in the last few weeks. However, she was too far gone to care. It was a penis, and that was all that mattered right now, getting it inside of her, cumming on it.

Tim tried heroically to control his breathing, wanting to last as long as possible. The few times he’d been with Stephanie, though, had always been short. She was just so hot that when she sucked and jerked his penis, he never lasted more than a couple of minutes. Now, it was like Stephanie doubled, both twins attacking his member with lusty vigor. He was thankful that the time spent in the cold water had dampened the heat in his loins, but that heat was very quickly increasing.

Tori slobbered on her boyfriend’s primed penis, looking up into his eyes while her sister massaged his balls. Tim put a hand on her head, his face twisted in concentration, his breathing labored and ragged.

“Isn’t she so sexy,” Stephanie said to Tim.

“Oh, yes!”

“Tori’s such a good cock sucker, isn’t she?”

“Oh, yes! Yes!”

Stephanie slowly extracted herself, backing away from the action. She picked up her phone and flipped the camera on, capturing the action, and then walked to the corner of the room. She turned on another camera she’d set up earlier. As she’d suspected, Tim and Tori were so caught up in their lust that they never paid attention to the rest of the room. She now had a good wide angle of the whole room on video, as well as more close-up shots that she could capture with her phone camera.

Tori pulled her mouth off of Tim’s cock and lay back on the towels. Stephanie slowly moved closer, zooming the camera in to catch a good shot of her sister’s swollen, wet cunt.

“Please, baby,” Tori begged, rubbing her clit, “I need you to fuck me, please!”

Oh, God! He was going to lose his virginity! It was going to happen! He eagerly fell to his knees between Tori’s spread legs, and then Stephanie was there with them. Some part of Tori’s mind noted the phone in Stephanie’s hand, but she was too far gone to care. The only thing that mattered was getting fucked, and now. Stephanie took hold of Tim’s throbbing penis, stroking it quickly as she guided it to Tori’s steamy slit.

“Put it in her pussy, Tim,” Stephanie urged, “Show your girlfriend how you fuck her.”

“Stephie...” Tim groaned. Her hand furiously stroked his dick, edging him close to orgasm, “I...”

His cock touched her slit, the heat against his primed flesh sending a shock of pleasure to his brain. Poor Tim never made it inside her, though. He bellowed and his cock shot two small spurts of cum onto Tori’s pussy, and jerked in Stephanie’s hand.

“No!” Tori cried pitifully, “Oh, no, Tim!”

Stephanie fought to suppress a laugh at the defeated look on Tori’s face. She needed cock in her so badly, and now that she knew it wasn’t going to happen, she looked like she might cry. Stephanie took her hand from Tim’s cock, and watched as Tori pushed him, forcefully, onto his back. Her lips enveloped his shrinking penis, and she sucked for all she was worth. It had to get hard for her again! It just had to!

Just at that moment, an excited squeal cut the tension in the room. Mike and Cindy stood in the doorway. The little redhead looked well-fucked and disheveled. Her tiny top and skirt were obviously thrown on in haste. Both were stained with drops of, what Stephanie rightly guessed was cum. More strings of cum were in her hair.

“Look, baby,” she said to Mike, “a threesome! Two more makes an orgy!”

Cindy bounced into the room, shedding her clothes. Tim’s eyes darted between the stacked redhead, Tori sucking on his cock, Stephanie grinning, and Mike swaggering into the room. His brain was on sexual overload. This was too much! What the hell was happening?

Stephanie silently thanked her lucky stars. This couldn’t have gotten any better if she’d made this part of the plan. She beckoned Mike over, and whispered in his ear, and his face broke out in a wide grin. He rubbed his hands together and pulled down his shorts, freeing his huge prick.

Tim looked at Tori’s brother, unsheathing one of the biggest dicks he’d ever seen. He’d been in locker rooms most of his life, and he’d seen all kinds, but this thing couldn’t be real. Why was he walking over this way? Why was the hot redhead kissing his neck, and pushing her big tits into his back?

“Oh, hi! I’m Cindy,” she whispered in his ear, her hand stroking his chest from behind.

“Uh, hi,” Tim squeaked.

Cindy turned his face toward hers and stuck her tongue in his mouth. She tasted salty and smelled like sex. Was that cum in her hair?

“Oh, are you Tori’s boyfriend?” she asked

Tim could only nod. His head was reeling. He couldn’t grasp what was happening. One moment he was about to lose his virginity, and then he was dying of embarrassment as he came too soon to even get his dick in. Now, Tori’s brother was standing over him with a giant dick, and some girl he’d never seen was making out with him, while his girlfriend sucked on his flaccid penis. This had gone from the best day of his life to the weirdest.

Tori groaned in frustration. She was so focused on making Tim’s penis hard again, that she didn’t even notice Mike and Cindy come in. Hadn’t heard a single word they’d said. It was only when she came up to draw a frustrated breath and saw Mike’s huge, hard, throbbing cock in front of her face that she realized the reluctant threesome had just become an orgy.

“Oh, Tori, it looks like you need help with that little penis down there,” Cindy said and dropped down to take it in her mouth.

Had she just called his penis little? Tim looked at Mike’s huge dick again and had to admit that beside that thing, everyone was little. He looked down at the hot redhead who had replaced his girlfriend, wondering when it had happened. This was all so confusing! And what the fuck was Tori doing! She sat transfixed, staring at her brother’s giant prick, a look of intense focus on her face.

This couldn’t be real! She looked like she was going to touch it. Her hand was moving slowly toward it. Oh, fuck! It was so wrong! It was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. He was getting hard again in Cindy’s mouth! What was wrong with him?

Tori wrapped her hand around Mike’s huge cock, and Mike looked over at Tim with a smug smile. His sister slowly began to stroke his big shaft, and then she put the head between her lips. For Tori, there was no one else in the room. Mike didn’t really even exist as a person right now. He was just a hard piece of fuck meat that could give her what she needed so badly. Tim was the furthest thing from her mind as she stretched her little mouth around her brother’s big, swollen cockhead.

He slowly fucked it into her mouth, watching Tim’s utterly confused face with satisfaction. For Mike, this was a dream come true. He’d wanted to cuckold someone forever. He knew that if he could get his huge dick into some other guy’s wife or girlfriend, he could get them hooked on it. He could turn them into his slut on the side, and make them crave his fuckstick. The fact that it was his own sister, and it was happening right in front of her d-bag boyfriend was just icing on the cake.

“You want that big dick, Tori?” he asked.


“Do you want your big brother to fuck you?” Stephanie asked.

Tori hesitated. She did want to be fucked. She wanted it so badly, but was she really going to let her brother shove that big tool up her? Was she going to spread her legs, and willingly allow him to fuck her with his huge dick? Could she let herself cum on it, and shed the last of her old life. If she did it, then she would know that there was no going back. She would be a true slut. No good girl could allow her hung brother to fuck her silly and make her cum.

She pulled Mike’s big dick from her mouth, and said, “Please fuck me, Mike.”

“What was that?” Mike asked.

“Please fuck me,” she said a little louder, “Please, I need to cum!”

That was it for Tim. Her poor boyfriend came for the second time, pumping a few little squirts into Cindy’s mouth. He watched Tori lay back, her hands busily rubbing her clit. Cindy swallowed his load and came up to kiss him. He could taste his own sperm on her invading tongue. She gently stroked his little dick and put his hand on her huge chest.

Mike went down to his knees and put his huge dick between his sister’s legs. Tori was moaning in total fuck-lust. Mike slid his fat cockhead between her wet, swollen lips, making her cry out and pump her hips against him. He wet his cockhead with her fuck honey, and then re-positioned it, pushed forward, and felt her asshole spread for him.

“Oooooohgodammitnoooo!” she cried, “Oh, please, no, no, no!”

Mike didn’t listen. He pushed a few more inches into Tori’s ass. His sister covered her face with her hands and moaned as he stretched her open. Against her will, she found her pelvis thrusting itself against Mike’s bloated meat, trying to take him deeper. She started to cum, and felt his dick going further and further up her tiny ass.

“Oooh! Oooh! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she yelled.

Stephanie stood over her with the camera. Mike pushed her legs wide and thrust his big dick up her, seven inches now buried in her ass.

“Oh, Tori,” Stephanie said, “That’s so sexy! He’s really stretching your ass open, baby.”

Cindy had her mouth to Tim’s ear, whispering, “That’s so hot, isn’t it? Look at the way she takes that big cock? Oh, God! He’s almost got it all the way in her! Isn’t she sexy?”

Tim found himself nodding his head, his eyes glassy. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen, watching his girlfriend get fucked by her hung brother.

“Oh, I think she’s going to cum again!” Cindy hissed in his ear, “Watch Mike make your girlfriend cum!”

And cum she did, harder than she ever had before. Tori no longer cared that it was her brother. The pleasure was overloading her senses. She clung to his arms as he filled her ass, and then finally felt his big balls slap against her. He’d put his whole cock up inside of her, and she felt so full!

“Mmm, Tori,” Stephanie said, “Where did that big cock go?”

“In... in... my... ass!” she said and came again.

“You love your big brothers’ cock, don’t you?”


“Are you his new butt slut, baby?”

“Yes! Oh, yes!”

“I’ll bet he’ll want to fuck your little teen asshole again, and you’re going to let him, aren’t you?”

“Ooooohfucking, yes!”

Now that her asshole was good and ready, Mike began to fuck her in earnest, pulling and pushing his big prick in and out of his sister’s backdoor. Stephanie captured it all, her heart pounding. It was perfect. She never imagined that this little scenario was going to turn out the way it had. It was more than she could have ever hoped for. Tori was completely fuck-crazed, letting her own brother plow her asshole in front of her boyfriend.

Cindy left Tim alone, came to Tori, and began to make out with her, rub her pussy, finger it. Tori’s poor brain exploded as her pleasure centers were overloaded. She fucked herself up and down on Mike’s prick, her stomach clenching as an endless string of orgasms rocked her tight young body. She had no idea how many times she came. Her brother used her asshole wildly, until with a final push he buried the entire length of his huge prick in her and fired off jets of hot seed in her clutching anus.

Tori thrashed about, and Cindy had to hold her down, pinching her nipples, and rubbing her engorged clit. She was sobbing and cumming continuously, as her brain registered what she’d just done. She felt exhausted. The room was getting dim, she was going to pass out.


She heard her name through a fog, but she wanted it to go away. She kept her eyes tightly shut. No more, please!

“Tori, baby!”

Her brain told her that the voice sounded urgent. She should see if it was important. It was much more peaceful to just keep her eyes closed, though. Go away.

“Tori, wake up! Please, baby, wake up!”

She carefully opened one eye and saw Tim looking at her. Her vision was hazy, as if she’d been crying. Her body felt like she’d been hit by a truck. She felt something warm and sticky in her ass. She opened the other eye. Tim sighed and smiled at her. He was naked. She was naked.

“There you are,” Tim said, pressing a cold cloth against her forehead.


The soreness in her body was tinged with electricity, an all-over buzz of good sensations. Most of them, as usual, these days, seemed to be coming from her cunt. She saw that she was in her room. She lay on her bed. Tim hovered over her. Cindy lay beside her, stroking her tits.

“Welcome back!” Cindy said, and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“What...what happened?” she asked, her mouth dry.

Tim handed her a glass of water, which she gulped down thankfully. God, her ass was sore!

“You passed out,” Tim said, “Cindy and I got you upstairs.”

“Cindy,” Tori said, “Could you please leave us alone.”

The little redhead nodded and flounced off the bed and out of the room. The memory of what she’d done came flooding back, making her head hurt. She’d fucked her brother! She’d let him have her ass, and she’d cum all over his huge cock! She looked at Tim, his happy face, and she started to cry. He climbed on the bed with her, held her tenderly, and let her get it out. She must have fallen asleep at some point.


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Need something a little shorter? Consider the short story collection Horrible Households: Tales of Incestuous Exploitation!

Need some visual stimulation? Bookmark the post The Illustrated Sister, where I post commissioned artwork for this story as it becomes available.

If you prefer willing submission with a rape kink twist, you can read about Sasha and her twisted fantasy, which becomes all-too real, in Sasha's Obsession.

If you prefer to own the whole dirty family collection, you can grab the Family Fun Pack

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