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The Second Place Sister, The Conclusion

The last installment of The Second Place Sister

The Second Place Sister Cover

Chapter Fifty-Five: Higher Education

Stephanie’s convertible pulled up at an off-campus house in one of the ritzy parts of town. The light stone home sat behind a sprawling stretch of well-manicured lawn. A long driveway wound to a gated entrance, where Stephanie pulled up and rang the buzzer. She recognized Todd’s voice over the intercom.

“It’s your dream girls,” Stephanie giggled.

“Shit! Come in!”

The gate buzzed open and Stephanie pulled inside, idling the car at the gate. She texted Todd to let him know they had security and film people coming in behind them any minute. A moment later, a white van and a black Lincoln pulled up to the gate and were buzzed in. Mike got out of the car, talked with the drivers, and the little convoy pulled up to the house.

The four of them got out, and Mike went to shake hands and pass out checks to the security and film crews. Stephanie and Mike led the way to the door, where they were met by Todd and Kyle.

“Fuck me, but you girls are looking good!” Todd exclaimed.

“You aren’t looking so shabby yourself,” Stephanie replied honestly.

“Come in,” Kyle said, showing them inside, “This is my dad’s winter palace,” he joked, “I get to use it through the summer whenever I want.”

The home wasn’t a mansion, but it was very grand. The foyer was done up in dark, polished wood, with marble flooring and a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The sound of heavy bass pumped from another room, mingled with the buzz of guys and girls laughing, drinking, shouting.

“Where do you want to set up?” Todd asked.

“Preferably a big room, lots of light, some furniture, but not a lot,” Stephanie said.

“I’ve got just the place,” Kyle winked.

He led them through a wide, arched doorway, and down a long hall toward another wing of the house. The sound of the music died away as they entered a larger room.

“This is the ballroom,” Kyle said.

The room had a high, domed ceiling with a skylight. It was wide open, clearly meant for entertaining a lot of guests. The walls were lined with several long couches, while an oval, wooden table sat at the center.

“I think this will be great,” Mike said.

Mike introduced himself to Todd and Kyle, saying, “So, you’re the guy that fucked my girlfriend?”

Kyle stepped back from the bigger, younger man, “Shit, dude, I didn’t know she had a boyfriend.”

Mike laughed and clapped him on the shoulder, “It’s not a thing, man. You think I could possibly keep something this fine all to myself?”

Kyle laughed uneasily, “I guess not,” he said.

The cameramen set up their equipment around the room, while the three burly security men took up positions around the room and blended into the background. Stephanie handed a stack of release forms to Todd.

“Anyone that wants to participate has to sign one of these,” she explained, “It gives us permission to use any video we shoot, but ensures we retain all rights to the footage, and frees us from any kind of monetary compensation. You’re unpaid actors.

Todd laughed, “I don’t think any of these dudes are worried about getting a check. They’ve probably never imagined getting their dicks waxed by anyone as hot as you girls.”

“Glad to hear it. Now, go pass them around. If they want to peek in and see what they’re signing up for, it’s okay.”

“Cool. Can we get you girls anything? Beer, drinks?”

“Water,” Stephanie said, “just lots of water.”

Mike and Tori pulled one of the long couches toward the center of the room, and then he stripped off his clothes and sat down. Tori and Cindy’s eyes were immediately fixed on his huge dick. It wasn’t long before people started to drift into the room to see the porn stars. Girls and guys alike, some curious, some horny started to fill the room. Todd stood at the door, policing, making sure that no one was allowed in without signing a form. The room was soon packed with close to two dozen people, mostly college boys, and a few girls.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Kyle said, climbing up on the table, “Ki Alpha Kappa has a great treat for you tonight, so thanks for coming out! Our good friends, two of the hottest adult entertainers of our era, have agreed to join us tonight to film their next project. The best news is that many of you are going to get to fulfill your dreams of being a porn star this very night.”

A cheer went up from the crowd.

“Now, I know some of you had your doubts, but I want to direct your attention to this gorgeous little blondie over here.”

Kyle motioned to Stephanie, who was standing in front of Cindy and Tori as they slobbered on Mike’s cock. Stephanie blew the crowd a little kiss, as murmurs rippled through the audience.

“...fucking hot...that body...oh my God...bend that over...gorgeous.”

“That, my friends, is the luscious Lucy Lix,” Kyle said, using the name she’d given him, “and she will be your designated fluffer this evening. Just look at that beauty, waiting to suck on your horny pricks!”

The crowd cheered.

Kyle went on, “But wait, once she’s got you good and wet, the main course will be ready and willing to take all the dick you can put into their every hole! My friends, let me introduce you to Cindy Sin and Little Kandy Kunt!”

Stephanie stepped aside and revealed the two hungry sluts behind her. Cindy had Mike’s cock buried in her throat, while Tori massaged his balls and sucked at his tongue. Cindy pulled up, revealing her boyfriend’s huge tool to gasps from the crowd.

“Shit...fucking way is it real...I have to try that fucker...look at the redhead...fucking twins...”

Stephanie stepped forward, saying, “You’ve all signed consent forms to let us film the action, so let’s have a nice orderly line and get this shit going. Who has a dick for my slutty little mouth?”

She dropped to her knees near the couch and rubbed her pussy under her little skirt as the guys began to line up. Pants were quickly tossed aside, and the first man stepped up. His dick was about average, and with all the practice she’d had on her daddy’s huge fuckstick, she took him to the balls with no effort. He pumped her mouth until he was good and hard, then stepped up to the couch. Cindy was sucking at Mike’s cock. Tori stood with her legs spread apart, her ass sticking out invitingly, making out with her brother.

The man stepped up and took hold of her hips, rubbed his cock against her slit and slid it home. Tori moaned with lust as she got her first cock of the night. She looked back over her shoulder at him.

“Fuck my horny cunt,” she hissed, “Get your cock all the way in there and make me cum, baby.”

The college boy couldn’t take it. He pulled his cock out after only a few strokes and shot his cum onto her ass.

“Thank you for cumming on my ass,” Tori said hotly as the next man stepped up.

“Ride my dick for me, slut,” he said crudely, wagging a nice thick eight-incher in her direction.

He sat on the couch next to Mike, and Tori straddled him, sinking her hungry pussy down onto his shaft. Cindy straddled Mike’s lap, reverse cowgirl, and lined his huge cock up with her asshole. The crowd gasped as they watched Mike’s giant dick disappear into the tiny girl. Cindy moaned and shook as she took it inside of her, leaning back into her boyfriend’s chest. Tori leaned over as she bounced on the thick prick up her twat and swapped hungry kisses with her friend.

Another man pulled his cock from between Stephanie’s glistening lips and pushed it into Cindy’s open cunt. The little redhead squealed with delight.

“Fill me up,” she urged, “Yes, I need more cock!”

She happily fucked away at both of the dicks inside of her as Tori came next to her with an exultant cry. The man fucking her groaned and began to pound his dick into her, while Stephanie alternated between a small cock and a nice big one, getting them ready.

“You like my nasty little slut mouth,” she said, stroking the two boners, “Are they good and hard to fuck my dirty friends?”

She slapped the cocks on her tongue, took them into her throat, and then watched them join the action. The guy in Cindy’s pussy pulled out and shot a load onto her big tits with a howl. He moved away for the next guy, who was quick to shove his big prick into Cindy’s vacated cunt. The second man, his penis about the size of Tim’s, worked it into Tori’s ass but blew his load after a minute.

The guy in Tori’s pussy was still going strong and she’d cum twice more already. He seemed to be trying to keep pace with Mike, probably trying to see if he could last longer than the stud with the bigger dick next to him. From the wonderfully full feeling in her pussy, Tori guessed he wasn’t used to having this kind of competition. Mike, though, was a pro.

Tori felt his cock pulsing and knew he wasn’t going to last. She quickly pulled him out of her pussy and swallowed his cock, letting him spray her mouth with hot, thick cum. Next to her, Cindy came like a train, bucking her hips on the cocks in her holes. The guy she’d just drained staggered to his feet with a look of awe on his face.

“You’re fucking amazing,” he said and tottered away.

He was quickly replaced by another well-hung frat jock, who picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as his dick sank into her pussy. Her arms went around his neck, and he put his tongue into her mouth. He didn’t seem to care that another man had just cum a big load into it. She didn’t care either. He moved her up and down his prick in swift strokes.

“God, you’re so fucking nasty,” he said, looking into her eyes, “You got a boyfriend?”

“Yeah,” she said, “he doesn’t know that I’m getting gangfucked right now.”

“That’s so fucking hot.”

“Should I tell him?”


“You want me to tell him I have a new boyfriend with a big prick, and that he fucks me better?”

“Oh, fuck! Yeah, tell him, baby.”

“He’ll be so jealous of your big cock,” Tori said.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum on my sister’s face,” Tori said.

The man pulled his dick out of her and set her on her feet. Tori took his dick in her hand and saw that Stephanie had just finished sucking on another cock. She pointed her current fucker’s cock at Stephanie’s face and jerked him off until he sprayed hot spunk onto her face and hair.

“Oh, you slut!” Stephanie cried, surprised.

Tori attacked her face, licking it clean, swapping spit with her sister as the next guy stepped up to fuck Cindy. Mike didn’t want to be an ass hog, so he slid Cindy off of his engorged prick and lay back on the couch. She took his cock back into her mouth to clean it up and offered the next man whichever free hole he wanted. The dick that slid into her wet cunt was a little bigger than average but nice and thick. It made her cum as her lips slurped at Mike’s cock.

Tori finished licking the cum from Stephanie’s face and found herself being pushed back onto the couch. The next guy pushed her legs up to her ears and began to jackhammer his cock into her pussy until she creamed all over him.

“Cum in my mouth,” she huffed, as she felt his cock throb.

He pulled out of her and finished by fucking her mouth like a pussy, roaring with his orgasm as he slapped his balls against her face and shot a thick stream of cum directly into her throat. What came next was a surprise. The man stepped away, and a pretty, tall brunette with long curly hair pushed her tongue into Tori’s mouth and her fingers into her asshole.

“Mmmmph!” Tori grunted into the girl’s mouth.

The girl hadn’t taken her clothes off. Tori could see her small breasts down the front of her sparkly black top as the girl pulled her mouth away and continued to finger-bang her ass. She roughly pulled Tori down the couch, until her ass was hanging off, the back of her head resting on the cushion. The girl then pulled her fingers out of Tori’s ass and stuck them into her own mouth, sucking them clean.

“Mmm, you have such a tasty little ass, you slut,” the girl moaned.

She flipped up her little skirt and mounted Tori’s face, rubbing her pussy on her lips. Tori went to work, sucking at the horny girl’s snatch as she hurled all manner of filth at her.

“Lick it good, cunt,” the girl said, “Get that snatch good and wet, then make it cum. Ooooh, you’re a filthy little cunt sucker, aren’t you? Make me cum, bitch! Make me cum!”

Tori did just that, sucking at her clit, and licking between her folds. As the girl came on Tori’s face, she felt another cock slide up her ass. The sudden intrusion made Tori scream into the girl’s pussy, which set her off again. She felt a man’s fingers rubbing the girl’s cunt, so she licked at the fingers, too. The girl came for a third time, and then let Tori breathe.

“What a whore,” the girl said, and slapped Tori’s face playfully, “You’re probably going to cum with that dick up your ass, aren’t you?”


“Show me how a little ass slut cums,” the girl said, and rubbed Tori’s clit until she saw stars.

She felt a surge of prick juice in her rectum and knew that the man had just cum in her asshole. She heard Cindy being double penetrated next to her, and then her friend’s cries of passion were muffled as another dick went into her mouth. The girl slithered off of Tori and got between her legs. She felt a hot tongue probe her ass and wrapped her legs around the brunette’s head until she’d sucked all the cum out of her asshole.

The nasty dark-haired girl came up from between Tori’s legs and forced her mouth open. She spit the nasty cum load into Tori’s mouth and then held it closed until she swallowed it.

“You’re so nasty,” the girl whispered in her ear, “Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Is it her?” she asked, indicating Cindy while she rubbed Tori’s pussy again.

Someone shoved a cock up Tori’s cunt, and she gasped.

“No?” the girl asked, and then saw Tori’s eyes move to Stephanie, "Oh my God! Isn’t that your sister?”

“Uhhhg! Uh-huh!”

“Fuck, that’s so kinky,” the girl said, and made Tori cum again, “Can I stay and help these guys fuck you?”


“Thanks. My name’s Amy,” the girl said and kissed her.

Amy quickly took control of the action. There was a line of eager cocks waiting to get sucked and fucked, and if they kept taking them one at a time, they were going to be here all night. Amy began directing. She sat Tori down on the cock in her pussy, letting the guy pump away. The next man came and took her open ass, and they were soon sawing their dicks back and forth in her as she screamed and moaned.

Amy found a couple of chairs and placed them behind the couch. She directed another man up on the chair, and he quickly filled Tori’s mouth. She did the same for Cindy, getting Mike’s big dick into her cunt. The next man in line stepped up.

“Which slut do you want?” Amy asked him.

He pointed to Cindy.

“Ass, mouth, or pussy?”

“Don’t care.”

“Take her ass,” Amy said and moved him along.

The man pushed his sizable prick up Cindy’s ass, as Amy repeated the process with the next in line. While the girls got their holes stuffed, Amy was right there spitting filth into the guys’ ears to make them cum faster.

“How does that little teen cunt feel? Do you like fucking hot little 18-year-old ass? Don’t you want to shoot your cum down that tight little throat? Fuck that stupid slut and make her cum. She loves all that dick you’re giving her.”

Each time one of the guys would cum into Cindy or Tori’s holes, Amy was right there licking it out, telling them how good it tasted, spitting it back into their mouths, dribbling it on their tits. She left Stephanie alone, instantly recognizing her as another dominant bitch, and she wasn’t here to cause any trouble. The brunette never took her clothes off throughout the whole thing.

After two hours of endless fucking, the last cock was finally drained. Mike had cum three times, once in Cindy, once in Tori, and once in Amy’s hot, sucking mouth after his cock came out of Tori’s asshole. Finally, Todd and Kyle took Stephanie in a sweaty double penetration. Cindy licked the cum from her ass, while Tori cleaned up her cunt.

It was midnight when the three fucked sluts were finally done. Todd, who was keeping count, told them that 14 men had fucked Tori, while 12 had taken Cindy. He offered them the use of the big garden tub upstairs, which Tori and Cindy happily accepted. Stephanie opted for a shower, saying that she wasn’t quite so sore as the other girls.

Mike saw to the security guys, who had gotten away with an uneventful night. The camera crew packed their equipment, too, dicks hard in their pants. Todd showed them out as Mike began to get dressed. Amy hung around, chatting with Kyle until Stephanie came back downstairs, her blond hair wet and falling loose about her shoulders.

“I’m Amy,” the brunette said, holding out her hand.

“Stephanie,” she shook.

“Not Lucy Lix?” Amy teased.

“Ha! Made it up on the spot. It seemed appropriate.”

“Girl, you have some mad sucking skills,” Amy complimented her, “and that sister of yours. She is a grade-A fuck toy, my God!”

“You weren’t so bad yourself. Thanks for the hand. It’s not easy to keep everything in line when you’ve constantly got cock in your throat.”

“So, you’re the brains behind LKK, huh?” Amy asked.

“I suppose, in a way.”

“Well, it’s good to put a face with the body. And what a face! You two are fucking hot! Did I mention I’m a member?”

“You didn’t, but thanks.”

“I fucking love you chicks,” Amy said, “I’m FeistyBrunette on the site. I signed up the first day it went live. You know, I thought it was all staged until tonight, the whole sister-brother thing, but I guess it’s not, is it?

Stephanie shifted uncomfortably.

“Hey,” Amy said, “It’s cool. I dig it, honey. Where do you think I learned how to suck cunt and ass so well?”

Stephanie relaxed, “That’s pretty hot,” she said.

“Of course, my brothers weren’t like yours. I mean, fuck, that thing’s unreal. You ever fuck it? Sorry, you don’t have to answer that. I’m just a prattling fucker, and shit just comes out before my brain can catch it.”

Stephanie laughed, “It’s alright. I won’t answer it directly, but what do you think?”

Amy grinned, “by the way you deepthroated some of the bigger ones tonight, I’d be willing to bet you’ve had some practice on something bigger.”

Stephanie winked.

“Hey, sorry. I don’t mean to, like, hold you all up. I just wanted to meet you guys. Can I give you my number? If you’re ever looking to do some kinky shit like this again, I’d love to come along. You don’t have to pay me or anything, I just think it’s fucking great.”

“Sure. Never know when a good cumsucker is gonna come in handy, right?”

“Ha! Yeah, I think that’s kind of what my brothers were thinking when they taught me how to behave,” Amy laughed.

“How many brothers do you have?”


“Wow! And they all...”

“At one time or another.”

“I think I like you, Amy,” Stephanie grinned.

Stephanie programmed her number into her phone and stuck out her hand. Amy didn’t shake it, instead opting for a long, sloppy tongue kiss while she groped Stephanie’s big tits.

“Keep in touch. I’m gonna go find something to fuck,” she said as she went to rejoin the party.

She joined Mike on the couch, where her brother lay with his eyes closed, a happy smirk on his face. She elbowed him.

“Hey, pervert,” she said, “what did you think?”

Mike cracked a tired eye open, “I think I can’t cum anymore tonight, but I had fun. I think this is going to make a lot of money.”

“You’re right about that.”

Cindy and Tori came into the room looking tired, holding hands, and glowing.

“There are our little porn stars,” Stephanie said, “You two are the hottest fucks on Earth!”

“God, my asshole feels like the hottest fuck on Earth,” Tori groaned.

“That was so much fun!” Cindy cried, and her towel burst open and fell away.

“Apparently, the only thing not attracted to you are clothes of any kind.” Mike joked.

“Ha! These big fuckers have a mind of their own,” Cindy giggled, jiggling her big tits.

“Ready to go?” Stephanie asked.

“Ready to sleep for a week,” Tori said.

“Oh, I couldn’t do that,” Cindy said, “I’d need to cum after a few hours, or I get cranky.”

The girls got dressed, and the four of them headed toward the car. Todd and Kyle met them at the door.

“That was fucking phenomenal,” Todd said, “If you guys ever need a place to shoot again, get in touch. Was everything okay?”

“Great,” Stephanie said, “Just do me one favor.”

“Fucking anything for you, baby.”

“Tell all your friends where they can see the tightest, sluttiest, teen pussy they could ever hope to jerk off to.”

Kyle and Todd grinned at one another, “You better believe that’s a done deal. You guys be careful, and thanks again for coming to the party.”

They piled back into Stephanie’s car and drove through the dark streets in silence. Tori squirmed in the seat, her sore ass sending a dull ache through her whole body. Her pussy tingled happily. Cindy was already asleep in Mike’s arms. Stephanie kept glancing over at her sister.

“Do I have a booger on my face or something?” Tori asked.


“Maybe you lost your puppy over here? You keep looking at me.”

“Oh, sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“I’m good. Really good, actually. That was incredible. That girl, Amy, had me hot as hell.”

“Yeah, she was something else,” Stephanie said, “And she’s a member.”


“Yeah. We had a little chat while you were cleaning up. I got her number.”

“Mmmmm,” Tori purred, “We might have to put that to use sometime. If you’re okay with it, of course. You do own my cunt, after all.”

Stephanie grinned, “Could be hot.”

They fell quiet, and neither said a word the rest of the way home. The house was silent as they got inside, their parents already in bed apparently. Tori went into her room and was asleep before her head hit the pillow. Stephanie put her hand on the handle of her room but stopped. The sound of repeated moaning from her parents’ room drew her to their door. She could hear them groaning softly, making love.

The sound was soft, loving, and in sharp contrast to the filthy display she’d been involved in for the last few hours. The conversation with her mother came back to her weary brain. If she opened that door, it would mean accepting everything in the agreement. Was she ready for that? Could she do it? She thought of the train of cocks she’d sucked tonight, the two men who had fucked her after the gangbang.

She could see now, that while she was in love with John, she was certainly open to the idea of being fucked by other men. She enjoyed it even. She could never ask her father not to fuck another woman, just as his wife wouldn’t ask him. He’d always have to share her, and she him. She could do that. If it meant he would be happy, and that they would be happy together, she could do it. She shucked off her clothes in the hallway, turned the handle on her parents’ door, and slipped inside.


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