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The Second Place Sister, The Conclusion

The final installment of The Second Place Sister, plus a little teaser for the upcoming title, Cheerloathing. Fans of this story will love what's coming. Jump to the end of the post for the teaser. Teaser video is SFW.

The Second Place Sister Cover

Chapter Fifty-Five: Higher Education

Stephanie’s convertible pulled up at an off-campus house in one of the ritzy parts of town. The light stone home sat behind a sprawling stretch of well-manicured lawn. A long driveway wound to a gated entrance, where Stephanie pulled up and rang the buzzer. She recognized Todd’s voice over the intercom.

“It’s your dream girls,” Stephanie giggled.

“Shit! Come in!”

The gate buzzed open and Stephanie pulled inside, idling the car at the gate. She texted Todd to let him know they had security and film people coming in behind them any minute. A moment later, a white van and a black Lincoln pulled up to the gate and were buzzed in. Mike got out of the car, talked with the drivers, and the little convoy pulled up to the house.

The four of them got out, and Mike went to shake hands and pass out checks to the security and film crews. Stephanie and Mike led the way to the door, where they were met by Todd and Kyle.

“Fuck me, but you girls are looking good!” Todd exclaimed.

“You aren’t looking so shabby yourself,” Stephanie replied honestly.

“Come in,” Kyle said, showing them inside, “This is my dad’s winter palace,” he joked, “I get to use it through the summer whenever I want.”

The home wasn’t a mansion, but it was very grand. The foyer was done up in dark, polished wood, with marble flooring and a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The sound of heavy bass pumped from another room, mingled with the buzz of guys and girls laughing, drinking, shouting.

“Where do you want to set up?” Todd asked.

“Preferably a big room, lots of light, some furniture, but not a lot,” Stephanie said.

“I’ve got just the place,” Kyle winked.

He led them through a wide, arched doorway, and down a long hall toward another wing of the house. The sound of the music died away as they entered a larger room.

“This is the ballroom,” Kyle said.

The room had a high, domed ceiling with a skylight. It was wide open, clearly meant for entertaining a lot of guests. The walls were lined with several long couches, while an oval, wooden table sat at the center.

“I think this will be great,” Mike said.

Mike introduced himself to Todd and Kyle, saying, “So, you’re the guy that fucked my girlfriend?”

Kyle stepped back from the bigger, younger man, “Shit, dude, I didn’t know she had a boyfriend.”

Mike laughed and clapped him on the shoulder, “It’s not a thing, man. You think I could possibly keep something this fine all to myself?”

Kyle laughed uneasily, “I guess not,” he said.

The cameramen set up their equipment around the room, while the three burly security men took up positions around the room and blended into the background. Stephanie handed a stack of release forms to Todd.

“Anyone that wants to participate has to sign one of these,” she explained, “It gives us permission to use any video we shoot, but ensures we retain all rights to the footage, and frees us from any kind of monetary compensation. You’re unpaid actors.

Todd laughed, “I don’t think any of these dudes are worried about getting a check. They’ve probably never imagined getting their dicks waxed by anyone as hot as you girls.”

“Glad to hear it. Now, go pass them around. If they want to peek in and see what they’re signing up for, it’s okay.”

“Cool. Can we get you girls anything? Beer, drinks?”

“Water,” Stephanie said, “just lots of water.”

Mike and Tori pulled one of the long couches toward the center of the room, and then he stripped off his clothes and sat down. Tori and Cindy’s eyes were immediately fixed on his huge dick. It wasn’t long before people started to drift into the room to see the porn stars. Girls and guys alike, some curious, some horny started to fill the room. Todd stood at the door, policing, making sure that no one was allowed in without signing a form. The room was soon packed with close to two dozen people, mostly college boys, and a few girls.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Kyle said, climbing up on the table, “Ki Alpha Kappa has a great treat for you tonight, so thanks for coming out! Our good friends, two of the hottest adult entertainers of our era, have agreed to join us tonight to film their next project. The best news is that many of you are going to get to fulfill your dreams of being a porn star this very night.”