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Twelve Days in Christmas, Ch. 1 (Guest Post by Lisa X Lopez)

Welcome to the second guest post! Everyone seemed to enjoy the first from All These Roadworks, who will be back for more in the near future. Today, I'm introducing another author, someone that's incredibly talented and just beginning to publish her work. Lisa Lopez is a gorgeous Latina, who I've had the very hot pleasure of meeting in person. We first connected through Literotica, after she read The Second Place Sister, and it turned out we were pretty close to one another. Her site model is just that, a model, but the real Lisa is (in my opinion) much sexier. Let's encourage her to start modeling herself for her material. 😉

I will state, up front, that this story does not fit into the reluctance/noncon space. However, since this site has a huge amount of family fun readers, this may check a lot of boxes. In the long term, Erotikinks is about presenting exceptional writers of all kinds of erotic content. It's why I chose the name, rather than making this or some such. The cold truth about erotica is that it often gets lumped in with porn, which I think is unfair. Erotic stories are based around character and fantasy, where the story is the heart.

Very rarely have I come across another writer who can fashion such engaging and likeable characters, weaving them into a story that will have you hot one minute and in tears the next, but that's Lisa's talent. She also does content in the cheating wife/gf space, cuck themes, femdom, and the like. Her upcoming novel, Matriarchy, which I'm helping with, I think will be a real kick for those that like dark and sadistic femdom stories, so keep up with her.

I threw the idea her way of doing a Christmas story for the holiday and basing it around a taboo romance theme, and this is the result. It's a remarkable holiday read, and really hits the Christmas spirit. The final four chapters of the book are a soul-crushing read, while the rest of it is a lot of hot and sexy fun.

While my own kinks lean pretty heavily toward reluctance and noncon, I love a solid story more than anything else. I hope you will, too. If you like Lisa's work, visit her site at You can also follow her on Twitter. Her other novella, The Beauty of Broken Things, is a non-erotic read, but does have a couple of pretty hot sex scenes, and the story itself is one of the saddest things I've ever read in my life.

Other works include Kyle's Conquests, an upcoming novella about reluctant seduction of three wives at the hands of a hunky gym trainer, and a serial story that's posted on her site called Cucking Brian, which is a bit of a confessional that details mostly true, but eroticized accounts of Lisa's own humiliation of her poor boyfriend.

December 13th: Coming Home

As the snowfall intensified, adding another layer of white to the already blanketed stretch of country road, Christmas slipped on her gloves, her hat, and opened the car door with a frustrated sigh. Her sneakers were not meant for the sudden cold, wet crunch of the snow that they sank into when she stepped out of the car. It was bitter, biting through her thin socks as she trudged to the back of the vehicle and looked at the flat tire. Fuck.

Glancing both ways down the road, she saw only a stretch of white as far as the limited visibility allowed. Despairing, she got back into the car, cranked the heat, and pulled out her phone. No signal. Fuck. It was just her luck, she thought, a goddamned flat just a few miles out of town.

She turned on the hazard lights and watched the snow fall, scanning the road, hoping that someone would see her and stop. She should have known better, should have been prepared. All those times, those lessons, growing up in the harsh winters of the Upper Peninsula, came back to her and she felt stupid.

"Always have an emergency kit, a spare, and a jack," her father's voice said, "You're going to get stranded at some point. It's inevitable."

Christmas, though, had been away for a while, living in the warmer climate of the south and attending school. She hadn't been prepared and the long drive back up north had been such smooth sailing. Naturally, her luck would run out just an hour from town.

Headlights broke the swirling snow, heading toward town. Christmas quickly leapt from the car, soaking her feet again and waving her arms at the oncoming truck, shouting into the wind. The truck began to slow, then stopped. She thanked the small town kindness of strangers and crunched through the snow. The truck's door opened and a tightly bundled man stepped out, better prepared, wearing heavy snow boots. He started toward her.

When he was close enough, he tugged down his scarf and said, "Chris? That you?"

Christmas felt relief. Not a stranger. Even better.

"Tommy!" she exclaimed and hugged him, "Thank God!"

"Having some trouble, huh?" Tommy said, returning the embrace.

"Flat tire."

Tommy shook his head and said, "Been away too long. Should have had a spare."

Christmas rolled her eyes and said, "Think you can take me into town?"

"Hop in," Tommy said, "I'll call Hank when we get close, and he can tow you in."

"Thank you!"

Christmas returned to the car and retrieved her bag, locked it, and walked to the truck. The heated cabin was a welcome feeling. Tommy opened his side, got in, closed it, and removed his scarf. The truck rumbled back onto the road.

"Headed home?" Tommy asked, hesitantly.

Christmas nodded and said, "Yeah. First time in four years. How have you been?"

Tommy shrugged, "Good, I suppose. Can't complain. You talked to your brother?"

"All the time," Christmas replied, "He came down to see me at school, once."

"Glad to see you back," Tommy grinned, "Town just ain't been the same without a Christmas dance at The North Pole from the town mascot!"

She punched his shoulder and laughed, "Well don't count on that again. It's Lester's fault for spiking the egg nog."

"What about the next year?"