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Edge, Chapter Nineteen: Courier

Callback: In The Second Place Sister, Tori was first issued into girl/girl sexual contact by a side character named Harmony. Because of a change to the Recorder by Dr. Swell, Harmony's transition to a constantly horny slut had an unexpected side effect. Now, we'll learn the unfortunate fate of the busty redhead.

Kara from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jenna shook with nervous anxiety as she pulled her car into an abandoned lot outside of the city, Kara in the passenger seat. Though not the same lot, it reminded her of only a few weeks ago, when she’d been forced into the van and edged repeatedly for hours. As she parked the car near an idling, black van, her heart hammered in her chest. The van doors opened, and some kind of monstrous creatures emerged. It was a Halo illusion, she told herself, but damn it was horrifying. The three things were hairy and clawed, with slavering jowls that showed exposed fangs.

“Fuck me,” Kara cursed, “WAT.”

The name made Jenna shudder as she fumbled for the door handle, finally found it, and stepped out. She rounded her car and approached one of the creatures as he stepped forward. The thing’s dead, hollow eyes raked over her with malice.

“You’re the little Angel, then,” he said, and spat into the dirt.

Jenna couldn’t reply. The thing with the username Hit_em_Harder over his head seemed to smile, if one could call it that.

“Rest easy, cunt,” it said, “Unfortunately, rank doesn’t get privilege over a Courier, otherwise you’d be facedown, in the fucking dirt right now for the shit you’re trying to pull.”

The thing stepped forward and slapped her, hard, across the face, sending her spinning onto the ground. Kara rushed forward, rank be damned, but the thing waved a hand and struck her with a gale that knocked her off of her feet, without so much as looking at her.

“Fucking newbies,” it growled, then knelt next to Jenna and continued, “Failure rate around here has dropped ten percent since you bitches started your little clique. It’s fucking up business. My business. More sorry cunts are opting out of slaves and breeders.”

Jenna choked back a sob as the thing’s hand caressed her cheek. She felt only human flesh and tried to make herself believe that it was not really a monster. It didn’t work. The real monster was no illusion.

“I’ll make you a deal, Angel,” the thing said, drawing back his hand and then swiping something out of the air. He held it before her, a glowing platinum key, and said, “You know what this is? Of course, you don’t. This, little bitchy, is a Jailer’s Key. I give you this, and you’re free. You’re out. You can go back to your normal, boring fucking life and forget all about Edge. You keep the money, any rewards you have, and even the Haloes, but you’re free and off the server.”

Jenna gasped audibly. Reflexively, her eyes darted to Kara, who lay in the dirt as one of the other creatures hovered over her.

“Sorry, cunt. Just one key. They don’t come easy.”

“Jenna, take it,” Kara said.

The creature standing over her kicked her in the side, making her cry out.

Jenna’s expression hardened.

“Keep it,” she said, with more confidence than she felt.

The creature shook his head and sighed, then slapped his hands together, making Jenna flinch. The key vanished.

“Right then. We’re gonna have a lot of fun, you and I,” Harder answered and stood up.

Jenna shot to her feet, dusting herself off. The creature near Kara backed away and allowed her to stand. Harder strode to the van and slid the door open, reached inside and tugged out a naked redheaded girl on a leash. The girl obediently followed the leash out of the van, walking on all fours as a little puppy dog tail swished back and forth, lodged in her ass. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and when Harder handed the leash to Jenna, the girl crawled behind her and sniffed at her bottom.

“What?” Jenna stammered, making Harder laugh.

“Your package, Courier. Get her to her new master safely.”

The girl began to snuffle at Jenna’s locked-up pussy.

“Swell outdid herself on this one. She’s requested that you give her compliments to The Farmer when you deliver.”

Harder turned back toward the van. His cronies got in, but he paused, his clawed hand on the door handle, turned back and called, “Hey, Angel!”

Jenna’s head snapped up.

“We’ll see each other again soon,” he said, and then tossed something toward her and Kara.

Her Haloes displayed “Writhing Dark,” and she went blind, nearly dropping the leash as she clawed at her eyes.

“Erin, Dispel!” she commanded, and the darkness lifted in time to see the van driving away in a cloud of dust.

“Fucking prick!” Kara shouted after it.

Together, they looked down at the leashed and naked redhead as she sniffed at the dirt, then relieved herself.

“Still want to know?” Kara asked.

“This fucking game,” Jenna answered.

“Hey, honey,” Kara said to the girl, “What’s your name?”

The dog girl barked and licked her leg happily. In Jenna’s Haloes, a GPS route appe