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The Second Place Sister, Part 9

Chapter Thirty-One: Appropriate Sexual Behaviors

Tori awoke with Cindy’s leg wrapped around her. Her pants were so wet that, for a moment, she thought that she’d peed herself in the night. Then she felt the throbbing in her pussy and realized that she’d been dripping fuck honey all night. Cindy’s pussy, pressed up against Tori’s leg, had also been drooling cream on her. She had an incredible urge to pee, though, and pushed Cindy’s leg off of her gently before crawling out of bed. Cindy mumbled something in her sleep while Tori pulled her pants down and got on their shared toilet.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to clean herself up, though, and as embarrassing as it was, she had to page Amanda. Trying to relieve herself with the belt on felt weird, too. She could feel the stream squishing against her pussy through the little slit. She finished, but she wasn’t sure exactly what to do, or how long Amanda would be. She didn’t have to wait long, fortunately. Amanda knocked softly on the door, and then let herself in.

“Good morning, Tori,” the coordinator said cheerfully, “it looks like you need some help.”

“Yes, please,” Tori said, her face red.

“Stand up.”

Tori stood and Amanda unlocked her belt, placing it in the open shower and running some water. Tori was allowed to clean up her pussy, but when she wiped at it with the paper, it was hard to ignore the consuming need to cum. She was desperately horny, and she hadn’t cum since yesterday in Dr. Carlson’s office. Cindy was now awake, and while Amanda took a seat in the computer chair, Tori let the little redhead have the toilet.

“Why don’t you get cleaned up, Tori, and wash your belt off while you’re at it,” Amanda said, looking down at her phone.

While it was still a little strange to strip off her clothes in front of other people, it was quickly becoming normal. Tori noticed that she didn’t really feel as embarrassed anymore, and what little shame she did feel was overcome by the horniness in her dripping cunt. She wondered if Amanda would notice if she played with her pussy in the shower, and then figured she would.

If she ever hoped to get rid of her belt, she had to show Amanda that she could keep from masturbating, but she wanted to cum so badly. She would have to ask Amanda if it was okay. Tori washed herself and her belt quickly under the hot water, joined a short time later by Cindy.

Amanda watched the two teens wash each other with a little smile. It really seemed as though Tori was accepting all her behavioral modifications rather nicely. She doubted that she’d have been swapping tongues with another girl two weeks ago, and certainly not doing it naked in the same shower.

Cindy’s hand was working at Tori’s pussy, and she was so horny that she didn’t even care that Amanda was right there. She just needed to get off. Cindy kissed her while she played with her cunt, and Tori found herself pinching the other girl’s nipples. Cindy’s hand felt so good.

“Now, Tori,” Amanda said, breaking the spell, “it looks like you were about to cum there, and you know that you’re supposed to ask if that’s okay.”

Tori bowed her head with shame. She’d forgotten because her cunt was so hot.

“Amanda,” she squeaked, “I really need to cum. Could I please?”

“That’s good, Tori. Yes, I suppose that will be alright, but maybe we should try a different kind of stimulation? Whether it’s you, or Cindy playing with your cunt, it’s still masturbation, and that’s what the doctors are trying to help you with,” she looked thoughtful for a moment, “I know. Maybe we should encourage you to try something more traditional. We want you to have a healthy and natural sex life, after all. Cindy, could you please get your toys out?”

“Oh, I’d love to!” Cindy said and bounded from the shower, still wet.

Tori shut the water off and got out, drying herself while Cindy opened her drawer and pulled her toys out, cheerily dropping them on the bed. Amanda came over and looked them over, and then picked up the strap-on

“This will do nicely,” She said, stroking the fake penis with her well-manicured hand.

“What do you mean,” Tori asked, suddenly afraid of the implications.

“Well, it’s very simple. If we want to encourage more appropriate sexual behavior, then we can use this device to serve two purposes. You do want to cum, don’t you, Tori?”

She did. Very badly. The heat in her pussy was almost unbearable, and it was a battle of wills to keep her hand away from her cunt. She nodded her head.

“Have you ever used a sex toy to get yourself off?” Amanda asked.

Tori blushed and said she had, once.

“Well this is no different,” she handed the strap-on to Cindy, who looked like she’d just gotten a new pony for her birthday.

“I can put it on?” Cindy asked with childlike glee.

“Yes, dear. Your roommate is very sexually frustrated, and I know you would love to help her, wouldn’t you, Cindy?”

“Oh, yes! Tori’s so nice, and so pretty, and I love to watch her cum. She looks so delicious when she cums!”

Tori listened to them talk as though she weren’t there, her mind trying to grapple with the fact that she was about to let Cindy push a fake cock up her pussy. Amanda said this was no different from playing with her mother’s toy, but it sure felt different. She’d never had sex, and the fake penis now hanging between Cindy’s legs looked so real. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. Maybe this would feel good.

“Tori, do you want Cindy to make you cum with her penis?” Amanda asked.

“I... I don’t know,” Tori admitted, waffling.

Amanda came and stood behind her as Tori gazed at the toy between Cindy’s legs. Cindy looked so happy. Tori felt Amanda reach around and cup her breast, her other hand drifting down to cup her soaking pussy.

“Have you ever had sex, Tori,” Amanda said softly in her ear. Her breath was hot and lusty.

“No,” Tori replied.

Amanda’s hands felt good on her body. She remembered the way Amanda had made her cum yesterday, and how wonderful it had felt. It seemed as though her orgasms were growing more intense all the time, more pleasurable. She wondered if that was part of her condition. Amanda was rubbing her clit, and Tori realized she was leaning back against the older woman, Amanda’s big tits pressing into her back. If only Amanda would keep playing with her clit, she could cum without letting Cindy put a fake penis inside her.

“It feels very good,” Amanda said, “It’s so nice to feel a big cock sliding inside your pussy when you’re so horny. You like big cocks, don’t you, Tori?”

A little voice in her head said that she did. It was her voice telling her that she loved to be fucked. She loved big cocks. She was a slut. She needed to cum.