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The Second Place Sister, Part 9

Chapter Thirty-One: Appropriate Sexual Behaviors

Tori awoke with Cindy’s leg wrapped around her. Her pants were so wet that, for a moment, she thought that she’d peed herself in the night. Then she felt the throbbing in her pussy and realized that she’d been dripping fuck honey all night. Cindy’s pussy, pressed up against Tori’s leg, had also been drooling cream on her. She had an incredible urge to pee, though, and pushed Cindy’s leg off of her gently before crawling out of bed. Cindy mumbled something in her sleep while Tori pulled her pants down and got on their shared toilet.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to clean herself up, though, and as embarrassing as it was, she had to page Amanda. Trying to relieve herself with the belt on felt weird, too. She could feel the stream squishing against her pussy through the little slit. She finished, but she wasn’t sure exactly what to do, or how long Amanda would be. She didn’t have to wait long, fortunately. Amanda knocked softly on the door, and then let herself in.

“Good morning, Tori,” the coordinator said cheerfully, “it looks like you need some help.”

“Yes, please,” Tori said, her face red.

“Stand up.”

Tori stood and Amanda unlocked her belt, placing it in the open shower and running some water. Tori was allowed to clean up her pussy, but when she wiped at it with the paper, it was hard to ignore the consuming need to cum. She was desperately horny, and she hadn’t cum since yesterday in Dr. Carlson’s office. Cindy was now awake, and while Amanda took a seat in the computer chair, Tori let the little redhead have the toilet.

“Why don’t you get cleaned up, Tori, and wash your belt off while you’re at it,” Amanda said, looking down at her phone.

While it was still a little strange to strip off her clothes in front of other people, it was quickly becoming normal. Tori noticed that she didn’t really feel as embarrassed anymore, and what little shame she did feel was overcome by the horniness in her dripping cunt. She wondered if Amanda would notice if she played with her pussy in the shower, and then figured she would.

If she ever hoped to get rid of her belt, she had to show Amanda that she could keep from masturbating, but she wanted to cum so badly. She would have to ask Amanda if it was okay. Tori washed herself and her belt quickly under the hot water, joined a short time later by Cindy.

Amanda watched the two teens wash each other with a little smile. It really seemed as though Tori was accepting all her behavioral modifications rather nicely. She doubted that she’d have been swapping tongues with another girl two weeks ago, and certainly not doing it naked in the same shower.

Cindy’s hand was working at Tori’s pussy, and she was so horny that she didn’t even care that Amanda was right there. She just needed to get off. Cindy kissed her while she played with her cunt, and Tori found herself pinching the other girl’s nipples. Cindy’s hand felt so good.

“Now, Tori,” Amanda said, breaking the spell, “it looks like you were about to cum there, and you know that you’re supposed to ask if that’s okay.”

Tori bowed her head with shame. She’d forgotten because her cunt was so hot.

“Amanda,” she squeaked, “I really need to cum. Could I please?”

“That’s good, Tori. Yes, I suppose that will be alright, but maybe we should try a different kind of stimulation? Whether it’s you, or Cindy playing with your cunt, it’s still masturbation, and that’s what the doctors are trying to help you with,” she looked thoughtful for a moment, “I know. Maybe we should encourage you to try something more traditional. We want you to have a healthy and natural sex life, after all. Cindy, could you please get your toys out?”

“Oh, I’d love to!” Cindy said and bounded from the shower, still wet.

Tori shut the water off and got out, drying herself while Cindy opened her drawer and pulled her toys out, cheerily dropping them on the bed. Amanda came over and looked them over, and then picked up the strap-on

“This will do nicely,” She said, stroking the fake penis with her well-manicured hand.

“What do you mean,” Tori asked, suddenly afraid of the implications.

“Well, it’s very simple. If we want to encourage more appropriate sexual behavior, then we can use this device to serve two purposes. You do want to cum, don’t you, Tori?”

She did. Very badly. The heat in her pussy was almost unbearable, and it was a battle of wills to keep her hand away from her cunt. She nodded her head.

“Have you ever used a sex toy to get yourself off?” Amanda asked.

Tori blushed and said she had, once.

“Well this is no different,” she handed the strap-on to Cindy, who looked like she’d just gotten a new pony for her birthday.

“I can put it on?” Cindy asked with childlike glee.

“Yes, dear. Your roommate is very sexually frustrated, and I know you would love to help her, wouldn’t you, Cindy?”

“Oh, yes! Tori’s so nice, and so pretty, and I love to watch her cum. She looks so delicious when she cums!”

Tori listened to them talk as though she weren’t there, her mind trying to grapple with the fact that she was about to let Cindy push a fake cock up her pussy. Amanda said this was no different from playing with her mother’s toy, but it sure felt different. She’d never had sex, and the fake penis now hanging between Cindy’s legs looked so real. She wanted to cum. She needed to cum. Maybe this would feel good.

“Tori, do you want Cindy to make you cum with her penis?” Amanda asked.

“I... I don’t know,” Tori admitted, waffling.

Amanda came and stood behind her as Tori gazed at the toy between Cindy’s legs. Cindy looked so happy. Tori felt Amanda reach around and cup her breast, her other hand drifting down to cup her soaking pussy.

“Have you ever had sex, Tori,” Amanda said softly in her ear. Her breath was hot and lusty.

“No,” Tori replied.

Amanda’s hands felt good on her body. She remembered the way Amanda had made her cum yesterday, and how wonderful it had felt. It seemed as though her orgasms were growing more intense all the time, more pleasurable. She wondered if that was part of her condition. Amanda was rubbing her clit, and Tori realized she was leaning back against the older woman, Amanda’s big tits pressing into her back. If only Amanda would keep playing with her clit, she could cum without letting Cindy put a fake penis inside her.

“It feels very good,” Amanda said, “It’s so nice to feel a big cock sliding inside your pussy when you’re so horny. You like big cocks, don’t you, Tori?”

A little voice in her head said that she did. It was her voice telling her that she loved to be fucked. She loved big cocks. She was a slut. She needed to cum.

“Yes,” Tori hissed, her eyes glazing over as Amanda manipulated her cunt, squeezed her teenage tits and licked at her ear.

“It will feel so good to let Cindy push that cock into you. I’ll bet you’ll cum really good, and you’ll probably never want to take it out.”

“I... I don’t... but...” Tori was so confused.

Amanda was slowly pushing her toward the bed, and then she was laying Tori down, and then she was kissing Tori on the lips while she played with her clit. It felt so nice to have Amanda kiss her, just like yesterday when she’d sucked her fuck cream off the coordinator’s tongue. Amanda spread Tori’s legs further, smeared her juices around her eager cunt.

Cindy stepped closer, her own pussy just as excited. The strap-on’s little arm rubbed up against her clit, and she knew that as she fucked her roommate’s tiny teen pussy, she would make herself cum, too. Cindy loved to cum, and she loved to make Tori cum. Tori’s face was so lovely when it was cumming. Amanda’s tongue was deep in Tori’s mouth now, and Cindy could hear her roommate moaning softly as the coordinator fingered her little fuckbox.

Cindy stepped between Tori’s spread legs and positioned her cock at Tori’s virgin hole. She was so happy that she got to use the strap-on, at last. She rubbed the fake cock along Tori’s slit, and Tori jumped with surprise, but settled down as Amanda rubbed her cunt gently. The fake penis was getting nice and slippery with Tori’s fuck honey, so Cindy put the head against her hole. Amanda broke away from Tori’s mouth and nibbled at her ear. Tori looked at Cindy with uncertainty, but she was so horny that it was hard to care. She needed to cum.

“Watch it go in your pussy, Tori,” Amanda whispered in your ear, “It’s going to fill you up so nicely. That hard cock’s going to get deep in your little cunt and make you cum so good.”

Cindy pushed the cockhead into Tori, and watched her roommate’s pussy lips part, welcoming the penis inside. Tori gasped as she was penetrated for the first time. The penis wasn’t very big, about average size, she thought, but it felt different from the dildo she’d used on herself. She could feel the fake veins and ridges along the shaft as the head pushed inside her, and then the first few inches.

“Oh, that’s so good, Tori. Let the cock fill you up, honey,” Amanda said, while playing with her nipple.

“Oh, fuck,” Tori exclaimed.

The cock was three inches into her pussy now, and starting to stretch her open so wonderfully. Amanda was right. This was better. This was good. This would make her cum! Cindy pushed the penis further into her, four inches, then five, and Tori felt her cunt muscles sucking at it, trying to pull it deeper. She was humping herself against the penis now, eager to get it all inside of her. Cindy watched her roommate’s beautiful face all screwed up with intense concentration. She looked so hot!

“Mmmm, it’s almost all in there,” Amanda said, “doesn’t that feel nice, Tori?”

“Yes,” Tori panted, pushing her pelvis against the penis.

Cindy pushed again and the last two inches went into Tori’s pussy. Tori groaned as the whole toy filled her up, and then Cindy was pulling it back out, pushing it back in. Tori couldn’t watch anymore. This was good! She lay her head back and let Cindy fuck her with the fake cock. Amanda was sucking on her nipple, playing with her clit. She was so hot, and the penis felt so good. She was going to cum, and soon!

The strap-on’s arm rubbed against Cindy’s clit over and over again as she fucked Tori, bringing her closer to a fantastic orgasm. She watched Tori thrash around on the bed, watched the penis get swallowed up by her hungry cunt, and watched Amanda attacking Tori’s tits with her mouth. It was all so naughty, and Cindy loved being naughty. Both girls were moaning together now, and when Tori started to cum on the fake penis, it set Cindy off, too. She lunged forward, burying the whole toy inside Tori, and collapsed against her roommate.

“Oh, fuck,” Tori yelled, “It’s so good!”

Amanda sat back and let the girls come down from their high. Too soon, in Tori’s opinion, Cindy was pulling the penis out of her. Amanda gestured to Cindy, and the little redhead got up on the bed and positioned the penis at Tori’s open mouth. She pushed it in a little bit, and saw Tori’s eyes open wide.

“You need to clean your girl juice off Cindy’s toy for her, Tori,” Amanda said.


Cindy gently fucked the toy into Tori’s mouth, and watched her roommate suck her pussy off of it. When she was satisfied, Amanda nodded and Cindy pulled the penis away. Tori felt a little sad. She had just gotten into sucking it, and it felt nice to have something in her mouth. Amanda got off the bed, and a moment later Tori felt the straps sliding up her legs. Amanda was pulling her to her feet. The belt was settling into place, the lock clicking, her ass spread open.

On the heels of her most amazing orgasm ever, Tori was suddenly back in her belt and denied any further pleasure. Amanda left without a word, and Tori collapsed back on the bed. She hadn’t cum enough! She wanted Cindy to put the penis back in her and make her cum again. It wasn’t fair! Cindy was all smiles, though, and very happy that she’d gotten to use the strap-on.

“Oh, Tori,” Cindy said, hugging her and mashing her big tits in Tori’s face, “Don’t cry. I know you don’t want your pussy all locked up, but I’ll bet I can still get you to cum some more!”

“Really?” Tori asked, fighting back a sniffle.

“Maybe. We can try some stuff after breakfast if you want.”


Tori didn’t know what was going on anymore. Two weeks ago, she’d have never let another girl near her pussy, but now she was regularly letting girls play with her, stick fake cocks up her, thinking of her pussy all the time. She was a terrible person, letting her stupid cunt control her. She was a stupid slut, and she’d just proven it by cumming on a fake penis. Even now, with Cindy’s big tits in her face, she was getting horny again, and trying to think of other ways to cum, desperate to feel it again.

After eating a small breakfast like a robot, Tori came back to her room with Cindy. Her pussy was already aching as she thought about how incredible the fake penis had felt pushing its way into her. If that was sex, then she certainly wanted to do it again! But, her body and her mind seemed to be at odds with each other. The things she did, and the way she felt made her ashamed. However, while it was happening, she never wanted it to end, and couldn’t wait for the next time she got to cum.

Dr. Carlson was waiting for them when they entered the room. Cindy squealed and ran over to kneel in front of him. Tori knew what was coming next, and it made her pussy hotter. Dr. Carlson nodded to Cindy, and the little redhead happily began to undo his pants, bringing them down and freeing his erection. Tori tried to get a good look at it before Cindy put it in her mouth. She thought it looked very much like the strap-on penis.

“Tori, we’re going to try something new today. It’s a form of aversion therapy,” he said, while Cindy sucked his cock, “I’ll go over the details with you once we leave here. How are you doing with your masturbation?”

“Well, it’s kind of hard to do anything with my pus...with this belt on,” she said, her face reddening.

“Tori, you should try this,” Cindy said, popping the doctor’s cock from her mouth, “have you ever sucked cock before?”


“Cindy may have a point, Tori,” Carlson agreed, “since we’re trying to divert your sexual energy into more natural practices, and away from constant masturbation, this could be a good step.”

Tori took a step closer. She watched Cindy’s head bob up and down the doctor’s shaft, and she looked very happy. In the back of her mind, her voice was saying, “Tori sucks cock... Tori loves cum...”. She found herself getting to her knees next to Cindy, watching her roommate drool all over Carlson’s dick. Cindy pulled it from her mouth, and pointed it at Tori. She got a good look at it for the first time, and it did look a lot like the fake penis she’d just had in her pussy.

She looked up at Carlson, uncertain, and then at Cindy who smiled at her. The little redhead stroked the wet shaft in front of Tori’s face. The head was purple and swollen. It looked like her boyfriend’s penis, the two times she had jerked him off, only a little bigger. Tori stuck out her tongue and licked it.

“Isn’t it yummy?” Cindy asked.

Tori didn’t reply, but carefully put the head between her lips, thinking about how Ron had put his penis between her lips and then cum in her mouth. This was just the same, and she had liked the taste of it then. It felt right to have something in her mouth. Cindy took her hand away and let Tori slip her mouth over more of Carlson’s cock. Tori looked up at the doctor, and his smile confirmed that she was doing it right.

“Just suck on the head a little bit,” Cindy instructed, “and then slide your mouth down it.”

Tori did, and felt her pussy dripping. The cock tasted a little salty, but felt good sliding over her tongue. She took a little more, and Cindy clapped her hands happily when the doctor’s penis went all the way in her mouth. Tori’s lips came down to rest against his shaved scrotum, his cock all the way in her mouth and poking at the back of her throat. She tried her best to mimic what she’d watched Cindy do, and what she’d seen in the videos she’d been labeling.

Carlson groaned softly as Tori began to bob her head up and down on his cock. She pulled off of it, and a string of spit stretched from his head to her lips. She turned to Cindy, and the redhead kissed her, and then took the cockhead into her mouth for a moment, then gave it back to Tori. They passed his throbbing hardon back and forth between them, sharing sloppy wet kisses in-between.

Cindy tugged at Tori’s shirt until she pulled it over her head. She tossed it aside, and went back to sharing the cock. Carlson groaned happily as he watched Tori’s little blonde head suck away at his cock. She was starting to enjoy it. Cindy began to use Tori’s hair to guide her movements, holding her down on his cock with the fleshy pole buried in her throat until she started to gag.

“Suck it, Tori,” Cindy was saying, “you look so good with that dick in your mouth. You want to be a good little cock sucker, don’t you?”


“Yes, that’s so good. Get all that cum out of his balls.”


Cindy pulled Tori’s head back and went down on the cock herself, gagging herself on it. Carlson couldn’t hold off much longer. The sight of the two teenagers working over his cock was too good. Cindy could feel his dick throbbing and ready to burst. Carlson held her head on his cock and blew his load right into her throat.

Cindy let it pool in her mouth until the doctor let her up, and then she quickly shoved her tongue into Tori’s mouth and let the sperm pass between them. Tori thought it was filthy what Cindy had done, but she eagerly sucked the cum off Cindy’s tongue anyway because it made her feel hot between her legs. The two girls swallowed the big load, and then looked expectantly at the doctor, as though waiting for more.

Tori Hamlin with cum facial
Tori Hamlin

“Well girls,” he said, pulling up his pants, “I’d say that was progress. Now, Tori if you’ll get dressed, we have some work to do.”

“Dr. Carlson,” Tori said quietly.

“Yes dear?”

“I... I really need to, um, need to cum again.”

“I suppose we could work on that in a bit, but first we have treatment, don’t we?”

“But... I...”

“If you’re very cooperative with the treatments, perhaps you’ll get to make your naughty pussy cum after, alright?” He said.

“Okay,” Tori agreed, eager for a release.

She was so focused on her pussy, that she’d hardly begun to notice the subtle changes in the way the staff were speaking to her. She just needed to cum, and her pussy was taking up all her attention lately. She followed Dr. Carlson out of the room, and he led her through the hallways to another room.

Inside, there was a chair that looked like the sort she’d sat in on trips to the gynecologist. The chair looked comfortable, with a high back and stirrups for her legs. Dr. Carlson asked her to strip, and she did so without question. He unlocked her belt and slid it down her legs. The cool air in the room made her nipples harden, and it felt good on her overheated cunt.

Carlson had her sit in the chair and put her legs in the stirrups, buckled them in place. She was totally exposed in the chair, her dripping pussy on full display. Next, he pulled some kind of device on a movable arm from beneath the chair, and placed it against her pussy. The device consisted of a slick black pad that rested against her wet lips. The doctor then swung a monitor around from the back of the chair.

“Don’t be frightened, dear,” Carlson said, “we’re going to work on some aversion therapy. I’m going to run a series of pornographic videos for you. If you get excited that’s alright, but the point of the exercise is to deter you from playing with your cunt. If the machine detects your hand getting near your pussy, it will administer a light shock to let you know that it’s not acceptable to get yourself off,”

“Shock?” Tori asked, suddenly afraid.

“It’s nothing to worry about, dear. It’s more like a pinch on the arm, nothing that will cause you any pain.”

“Alright,” she said uncertainly.

“Let’s begin. I’ll start the videos, and be back soon.”

Tori nodded. Carlson pushed some buttons on a computer and then left the room. The videos started rolling, and Tori’s eyes became glued to the monitor. The first video showed a happy teenager, blonde, big tits, and she was on her knees letting a tall man fuck her face forcefully. He pulled the girl’s mouth onto his throbbing prick, and held her there as she gagged and choked. The little pad against Tori’s pussy began to vibrate gently, sending little waves of pleasure into her needy cunt.

She was so horny, and fighting against the need to play with herself, but the desire to cum was so powerful that her hand strayed downward. The blonde girl coughed and sputtered as the man let her up to breathe, but then he shoved his cock back in her mouth, held her head, and fucked it violently as she cried and choked on his invading dick.

Appropriate Sexual Behaviors

The little pad was making her feel wonderful, and if she could just touch her clit she knew that she would cum. Her finger slid to her pussy, reached her engorged clit, but the pad immediately stopped vibrating and she felt a little pulse of electricity flow through her pussy instead. She gasped in surprise. It hadn’t really hurt. The doctor was right. It was like someone had pinched her pussy. She drew her hand back and promised herself not to do it again.

The man on the video was now spraying the blonde slut’s face with cum, and the pad began to vibrate pleasantly again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get her off, only to keep her aroused and wanting to orgasm. The next video started, and a skinny girl with mousy brown hair was getting her asshole reamed hard by a tall man with a big penis. She groaned as the penis filled her up, pushing into her ass until his balls slapped against her pussy. The pad hummed away, teasing Tori’s pussy.

Then, a second cock came into the picture, and also poked at the girl’s already full asshole. She began to struggle, but the man held her hips tightly, pulled his cock out a bit. The second dick began to press against her ass, and the girl was squirming. The second dick forced its way in alongside the first, and the girl began to cry. Tori gripped the chair tightly, determined not to touch herself. The girl’s asshole was stretching beyond comprehension, and Tori was sure they were going to tear her in half. She’d given up trying to fight, and squealed with pain as the two dicks stuffed themselves into her butt.

Tori watched as the tiny girl came with two cocks up her ass. She couldn’t believe anyone could cum from pain like that, but she was watching it happen. The men were laughing at her and calling her a little ass whore, and then they roared with more laughter as the girl pissed herself with their dicks up her butt. They pulled their dicks from her abused asshole, and made her suck on them until they came in her mouth, slapping her and calling her a stupid fuckhole the whole time.

The pad buzzed away at Tori’s cunt as the video ended, and she felt proud of herself for not touching her cunt. The next video came on, and a man and middle-aged woman were kissing lovingly. The pad stopped buzzing. Tori looked at it in confusion, but then turned back to the video. The couple were very gentle, kissing, touching, and then making love in a very caring way. Tori was frustrated. She rubbed her pussy against the pad, hoping it would turn back on and stimulate her cunt, but it stayed silent.

She found herself getting angry with the people on the screen. The man didn’t make the woman choke on his dick. He never put it in her ass. He didn’t call her filthy names. If the other two videos were any indication, the pad would stimulate her if the people on the screen were doing normal sexual things, like calling the girls sluts, cunts, whores, bitches, and shoving dicks into them until they came. If the sex wasn’t normal, like the two people making love gently, then there would be no pleasure.

The video ended, and a new one began. Again, a loving couple held hands. The man seemed respectful and kind. He kissed the woman’s neck, slowly removed her clothes, and ate her pussy until she came. The video ended, and the pad stayed quiet the whole time. Tori couldn’t understand why the man hadn’t stuck his dick into her. He never even got off, and the woman was so selfish that she didn’t even try to make him cum.

Tori was becoming agitated as the next video began. A redhead, maybe a little older than herself, was on her knees with several black men’s cocks around her face. The men began to slap her with their dicks, and the pad started vibrating again. Tori was so happy to have the pleasure return that she put her hand to her clit without thinking, only to get a shock that reminded her not to get herself off. She let the pad buzz away against her pussy as the black men used the redhead’s mouth to get their dicks off. Her face was soon a mess of cum, as two of the men had sprayed her with their semen.

There were three men left, and soon they’d maneuvered the girl until her mouth, ass, and pussy were all filled with cocks. The black men pounded her holes until, one by one, they came inside her. The horny slut came repeatedly throughout the fucking, and Tori felt jealous. That stupid slut could get dicks to make her cum whenever she wanted. She didn’t have to wear a chastity belt, and she never played with herself.

The scene ended, and the next one showed another happy couple gently making love. The pad stopped. Tori humped against it, but got no response. She rubbed her pussy along it carefully. Maybe, if she could do it long enough, she could cum against the pad. It seemed to know what she was trying, though, and the more she rubbed her cunt against it, the pad shocked her.

Tori sighed heavily, wishing the loving couple would get off the screen so the pad would vibrate again. Finally, the video ended, and Tori was relieved when a beautiful college girl getting her asshole violated came up on the screen. The pad went back to work, keeping her cunt stimulated.

Tori lost all sense of time. She only knew that she’d been exposed to several videos, and by the time the monitor went dead, she had been shocked numerous times. During the last several videos, she’d been able to keep her hand off her cunt, but her pussy was so excited that she felt like she was going to burst.

She sat alone in the chair for a few minutes, but no one came. If she hurried, maybe she could get her pussy off before the doctor came back. But, maybe the pad would still be active and ready to shock her cunt if she touched it. She almost did it anyway, but she couldn’t. Getting herself off was bad. She needed to ask for permission to cum. Another few minutes ticked by, while Tori’s cunt drooled on the chair with need.

Finally, Dr. Carlson came into the room with a big smile. He could see that Tori was clearly very agitated. She practically bounced up and down in the chair. Her pussy was red and swollen with the need to cum. He came and pushed the monitor away, putting the pad back under the chair. Tori’s eyes were glazed over, and she’d drooled on her tits, she was so on edge.

“Dr. Carlson,” she said, desperation clear in her voice, “I need to cum. Please, can I cum now?”

“Well, Tori,” he said with a hint of disappointment in his voice, “I’m not sure. According to the results I have, you tried to get your cunt off 24 times. It’s very clear that we’ll need to go through the exercise again later. Perhaps several times.”

Tori’s eyes filled with tears. He had to let her cum. He had to!

“Please! It hurts, Dr. Carlson. I need to cum, so bad! I’ll...I’ll let you put your, your cock in me. Just please let me cum,” She begged, humping the air.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Tori,” Carlson said, “It wouldn’t be very professional of me to have intercourse with a patient, would it?”

“But, please, I have to cum! I’m a stupid slut, and my cunt needs to cum! Please put your dick in me and make me cum!”

Carlson seemed to consider it for a moment, and then said, “Well, I can see that you’re clearly distraught. I suppose, as long as it’s what you really want, I could help you cum with my penis. Is that what you want, Tori?”

She was beyond any kind of rational thought, and the only thing she wanted was to cum like the other stupid sluts on the videos, and they all came so hard when they had a cock in them. She knew how wonderful it would feel, just like when the fake penis made her cum earlier. She needed it.

“Yes, please! Please fuck my naughty pussy and make me cum,” she pleaded.

Carlson undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. His cock sprang out, hard and ready. Tori pushed her pelvis to the end of the chair, her pussy soaked and eager. Carlson lined his dick up with her teenage hole and silently applauded his good work. The tip of his penis split her young lips open, and he pushed into Tori’s virgin cunt. The excited girl came instantly as his meat slid into her, every inch bumping against her clit as he sunk his cock into her body.

“Oh, yes!” she cried, “Oh my God, yes! Fuck me, please! Make me cum!”

With a sinister smile, Dr. Carlson did just that.


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