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The Second Place Sister, Part 10

stephanie hamlin with cum facial
Well-fucked Stephanie

Chapter Thirty-Two: Progress Update

Stephanie lifted her cummy pussy off of Mr. Hart’s spent cock, and flopped down on his bed with a contented sigh. Her chemistry teacher stroked the gorgeous teenager’s big tits with a silly grin plastered on his face. It wasn’t the first time he’d fucked a student, but Stephanie was easily the hottest of his conquests. Of course, she didn’t think of herself as a conquest, and that was fine with him. To her it was just repaying a favor, and she’d made it clear that if he wanted to keep getting his dick into her that he should make himself available for future favors, if necessary.

“You’re such a bad teacher,” she said, stroking his slimy dick, “I can’t believe you made one of your top students ride your dick like that.”

This was the part of Stephanie that he was really addicted to. She had the filthiest mouth he’d ever had the pleasure of sticking his dick into.

“Nothing wrong with a little extra credit,” he said, tweaking her nipple.

“You’re right, but maybe you should ease up on the curriculum. You ride your students pretty hard.”

He laughed and stood up, pushing his dick into her mouth. Stephanie cleaned him off happily, and then lay back on the bed with the remains of his sperm coating her face.

“So, I heard something less pleasant recently,” she said, as Hart cleaned her spit off his dick with a towel.

“What’s that?”

“My parents got a call from the clinic. Apparently, Tori’s up for an early release.”

“I heard that from Pete,” Hart confirmed.

“That wasn’t supposed to be the deal,” Stephanie complained, “She was supposed to be gone for three months.”

Hart waved her irritation away, saying, “Look, Steph. I can only do so much, and I told you that I couldn’t make you any promises once she was in. Pete’s the head of the clinic, and he makes the final call on petitioning the court for release. It was always a shaky proposition, the drugs and all. The way I hear it from him, they have to continue to roll out new sluts from that place pretty consistently. Three months for drug rehab just wasn’t something he was sure he could put a good face on.”

“I guess so,” she agreed, though unhappily.

“The way Tori responded to the treatments was really what pushed the time line up, though. Apparently, she took to them so quickly that it was a surprise for everyone.”

He walked over to the TV and pulled a DVD from a drawer.

“I think I have something that will make you feel better,” he said with a grin.

He put the DVD in the player and turned on the TV.

“Pete sent me over some of the videos they have of Tori, and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’ve jerked my dick to this a lot recently. Their cameras capture just about everything.”

The DVD began to play, and Stephanie broke into a happy smile as a wide view of an exam room came up on the screen. Her stupid sister looked so unhappy. Some dark-haired woman in a lab coat was talking to her, and then she sat up on an exam table, while an orderly stood behind her. The woman went through a series of little tests, checking Tori’s blood pressure, reflexes, and so on.

Things got more interesting, though, when the woman had Tori lay on her stomach, and the table scrunched up in the middle. Her bitch sister’s ass went up in the air, and then the woman pulled down Tori’s pants. Stephanie saw her lubing up Tori’s asshole, and then pushing a dildo into it. Stephanie squealed with delight. She couldn’t believe it! Tori was taking a sex toy up her ass?

“Rebecca, that’s the dark-haired woman there, told Tori she was going to take her temperature with a rectal thermometer,” Hart said, laughing as he laid back on the bed.

Stephanie was transfixed. Rebecca held the toy in Tori’s ass for a few minutes, and Stephanie watched her squirming around in discomfort. She knew from recent experience that having something up your ass could be a little uncomfortable, but it was so wonderful that it was happening to Tori. Then, Stephanie covered her mouth in disbelief. Tori began pissing herself, spraying urine from her snatch like a fountain. Rebecca leaped out of the way, and Stephanie began to cackle like mad. Mr. Hart laughed along with her as they watched Tori piss and cum at the same time.

The video played on, and Stephanie watched as Tori took two dildos in her at the same time and came from it. Tori laying on her bed fingering her cunt. Tori getting kissed and felt up by some big-titted girl in the gym. Tori getting moved to a new room with some small naked redhead. Tori watching porn on a computer while the redhead licked her slit, and then Tori riding the redhead’s face on the bed they had to share.

Stephanie could hardly contain herself when the video showed the redhead wearing a strap-on, fucking her sister while another woman made out with her. It was like a beautiful dream. When she thought it couldn’t get any better, the video showed Tori in a weird chair with her legs spread, and a man in a lab coat pushing his dick into her. Stephanie wanted to cry with joy as her sister yelled for the man to fuck her slutty little cunt, to make her cum, telling him she was a stupid cunt. The final scene on the DVD had Tori bent over her bed, and the little redheaded girl was making Tori take the strap-on up her ass.

The video ended, and Stephanie didn’t know what to say. She felt like she could cry from sheer joy. A week and a half. That was all it took for the clinic to turn Tori from an uptight, prissy little bitch, into a crying, oversexed kitten that begged her doctor to let her cum on his cock. She suddenly didn’t feel so bad that Tori was coming home. Judging by the state she was in, Stephanie’s part of the bargain was going to be much easier to accomplish, and she was already going over her ideas in her pretty head.

“What do you think?” Hart asked.

“I think,” Stephanie said, rolling over and grasping his dick, “That I owe you a little bit more teen pussy.”

She popped his dick into her mouth and began to suck him hard again. Mr. Hart sighed as he dug his fingers into her hair. This was one of the best favors he’d ever done for someone.


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