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The Second Place Sister, Part 7

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Chapter 26: Hypersexual Disorder

On the morning of her fourth day at NewYou, Tori was so busy trying to fit four fingers up her cunt and two in her ass, that she never heard Amanda knock on her door. When the confused teenager didn't answer, Amanda let herself in, and that was how she found Tori. Her little ass was in the air, her face mashed against the mattress, and she was moaning and trying to get off by double penetrating herself with her fingers. As much as it pleased Amanda to see Tori in such a state, she was here for a purpose.

"Tori," she said, but the girl didn't answer.

Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, and she bucked her hips back against her fingers. Amanda came to the side of the bed and spanked her upturned ass hard enough to get her attention. Unfortunately, the slap on her jiggling little butt cheek had the effect of making Tori instantly cream on her fingers. Crying out with pleasure, she half opened her eyes, seeing Amanda looking down at her with a disapproving glare. Tori, though, wasn't able to stop herself. She shivered and quaked. Her knees buckled, and her fingers popped from her wet little holes as she collapsed on the bed, riding out her morning orgasm.

She lay with her legs spread, her breath coming in ragged gasps. She was so dazed that she could hardly remember where she was. And then Amanda was bringing her a towel from the bathroom, covering her naked body with it. She began to come to her senses and realized that she'd just orgasmed in front of her coordinator. She'd been finger fucking herself like a wanton whore, and she'd been so into it that she didn't even know she had an audience.

"A, Amanda?" Tori said, feeling shame welling up in her gut.

"Yes, good morning, Tori," She said unhappily, "Are you quite finished?"

"I'm sorry," she squeaked, and started to cry, "I don't know why I did that!"

"Well, there's no time to think about it, honey. I need you to get cleaned up, and fast. Dr. Carlson would like to see you,"

"Yes...Okay..." Now that she'd cum, she was getting her wits back.

She dragged herself off of her sweat-soaked sheets and stumbled into the bathroom. A moment later, Amanda heard the shower running. The smell of teenage pussy hung heavy in the air, and the scent had Amanda wishing she could get herself off, too, but there was no time for that. Tori's transition over only three days was astonishing. Most of the previous girls took weeks to become this fuck crazed. She knew Dr. Carlson would be very pleased.

She waited in Tori's room for about ten minutes before the horny teen came bumbling out of the bathroom, still pulling on her shirt. Her blonde hair was damp and disheveled, and there were dark bags under her eyes. Amanda guessed that this wasn't the first time Tori had played with herself in the last few hours.

"Okay, I'm ready," Tori said, not feeling ready at all.

"We have a minute. You should at least brush your hair,"

"Oh, no!"

Tori hurried back to the bathroom, and jerked her brush through her damp hair, making it mildly presentable. When she came back out, Amanda nodded, and they left the room. The coordinator took her through some hallways she hadn't been down before, until they came to a small reception area. Dr. Carlson's secretary saw them and pushed a button on the intercom to let him know they'd arrived.

"He'll see you now," she said, indicating a wooden door.

Amanda led Tori to the door and opened it, ushering her into the office. Dr. Carlson's office was small, but neat. A few bookshelves held several different medical related tomes. A small couch sat in front of his desk, as well as two padded chairs. Dr. Travers was also here, seated in one of the chairs. The two men stopped their conversation when Tori and Amanda came in, and Dr. Carlson stood to extend his hand. Tori took it, while he smiled broadly at her.

"Tori, very good to see you again," he said, indicating the couch.

She sat down next to Amanda, and said, "Thank you, sir,"

"I'm hearing good things about you. It seems you've been on your best behavior and have been very cooperative in your therapy sessions. How are you getting on?"

"Um, I guess I'm okay. Things are good," she managed a weak smile, but she really just wanted to go home, or play with herself, or both.

"Very good to hear," he replied, and sat back down at his desk, "Dr. Travers has been filling me in on your session from yesterday, and his diagnosis of your issue. Do you remember?"

She lowered her eyes and said, "Yes."

Amanda put her arm around Tori.