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The Second Place Sister, Part 7

Chapter 26: Hypersexual Disorder

On the morning of her fourth day at NewYou, Tori was so busy trying to fit four fingers up her cunt and two in her ass, that she never heard Amanda knock on her door. When the confused teenager didn't answer, Amanda let herself in, and that was how she found Tori. Her little ass was in the air, her face mashed against the mattress, and she was moaning and trying to get off by double penetrating herself with her fingers. As much as it pleased Amanda to see Tori in such a state, she was here for a purpose.

"Tori," she said, but the girl didn't answer.

Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, and she bucked her hips back against her fingers. Amanda came to the side of the bed and spanked her upturned ass hard enough to get her attention. Unfortunately, the slap on her jiggling little butt cheek had the effect of making Tori instantly cream on her fingers. Crying out with pleasure, she half opened her eyes, seeing Amanda looking down at her with a disapproving glare. Tori, though, wasn't able to stop herself. She shivered and quaked. Her knees buckled, and her fingers popped from her wet little holes as she collapsed on the bed, riding out her morning orgasm.

She lay with her legs spread, her breath coming in ragged gasps. She was so dazed that she could hardly remember where she was. And then Amanda was bringing her a towel from the bathroom, covering her naked body with it. She began to come to her senses and realized that she'd just orgasmed in front of her coordinator. She'd been finger fucking herself like a wanton whore, and she'd been so into it that she didn't even know she had an audience.

"A, Amanda?" Tori said, feeling shame welling up in her gut.

"Yes, good morning, Tori," She said unhappily, "Are you quite finished?"

"I'm sorry," she squeaked, and started to cry, "I don't know why I did that!"

"Well, there's no time to think about it, honey. I need you to get cleaned up, and fast. Dr. Carlson would like to see you,"

"Yes...Okay..." Now that she'd cum, she was getting her wits back.

She dragged herself off of her sweat-soaked sheets and stumbled into the bathroom. A moment later, Amanda heard the shower running. The smell of teenage pussy hung heavy in the air, and the scent had Amanda wishing she could get herself off, too, but there was no time for that. Tori's transition over only three days was astonishing. Most of the previous girls took weeks to become this fuck crazed. She knew Dr. Carlson would be very pleased.

She waited in Tori's room for about ten minutes before the horny teen came bumbling out of the bathroom, still pulling on her shirt. Her blonde hair was damp and disheveled, and there were dark bags under her eyes. Amanda guessed that this wasn't the first time Tori had played with herself in the last few hours.

"Okay, I'm ready," Tori said, not feeling ready at all.

"We have a minute. You should at least brush your hair,"

"Oh, no!"

Tori hurried back to the bathroom, and jerked her brush through her damp hair, making it mildly presentable. When she came back out, Amanda nodded, and they left the room. The coordinator took her through some hallways she hadn't been down before, until they came to a small reception area. Dr. Carlson's secretary saw them and pushed a button on the intercom to let him know they'd arrived.

"He'll see you now," she said, indicating a wooden door.

Amanda led Tori to the door and opened it, ushering her into the office. Dr. Carlson's office was small, but neat. A few bookshelves held several different medical related tomes. A small couch sat in front of his desk, as well as two padded chairs. Dr. Travers was also here, seated in one of the chairs. The two men stopped their conversation when Tori and Amanda came in, and Dr. Carlson stood to extend his hand. Tori took it, while he smiled broadly at her.

"Tori, very good to see you again," he said, indicating the couch.

She sat down next to Amanda, and said, "Thank you, sir,"

"I'm hearing good things about you. It seems you've been on your best behavior and have been very cooperative in your therapy sessions. How are you getting on?"

"Um, I guess I'm okay. Things are good," she managed a weak smile, but she really just wanted to go home, or play with herself, or both.

"Very good to hear," he replied, and sat back down at his desk, "Dr. Travers has been filling me in on your session from yesterday, and his diagnosis of your issue. Do you remember?"

She lowered her eyes and said, "Yes."

Amanda put her arm around Tori.

"It's Dr. Travers' belief that you're afflicted with Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder, which is a rare thing. Because of its rarity, the medical and psychological community at large doesn't have much in the way of treatment, or information. For a facility such as ours, your condition is something of a blessing. We have a rare opportunity to study your case, and thereby formulate treatments that could help other young people in the future. However, we'd need you to consent to going through with anything, and this isn't something we would want to force on you, dear,"

"What do you mean?"

"We'd like to move you over to the other wing of the facility, and since you're of legal adult age, we'll need you to sign a release for exploratory treatment. I know that sounds frightening, but I want to assure you that nothing harmful will be done to you. We don't believe in the savage, so-called treatments of our past colleagues. Barbaric things like shock therapy, waterboarding, and the like are things that you'll never find at this facility. Rather, you'd be meeting with a few different counselors and undergoing psychiatric treatment. We're not going to stick you with needles, or anything of the kind. Most of your day will just revolve around talking with your therapists, and seeing how you respond to some visual and audio stimuli,"

"Does that mean I'll have to stay here longer?" Tori wondered aloud, suddenly afraid.

"Absolutely not," Carlson assured her, "In fact, if Dr. Travers is correct, and your recent episode with drugs is not really the issue, we may be able to release you far earlier, on the condition that you return to the facility once or twice a week to attend therapy,"

Tori's eyes lit up with excitement. Early release! She'd be a fool not to go for it.

"How early?" she tried not to sound too eager.

"Well, based on your already remarkable progress, I'd say that we'd be looking at a couple of weeks for an initial study, and then the remainder of your court-ordered ninety days could be served by your coming in for therapy once a week. How does that sound?"

"Yes! I'll do it," She agreed quickly.

"I'm so glad to hear that. We have a unique opportunity ahead of us, and we can't tell you how excited we are to have you here. This is truly a chance that we doctors see very rarely. I can't thank you enough, dear,"

Tori was so caught up in the idea of going home in only two weeks, that she never saw the look of triumph that passed between the three staff members.

"Well then," Carlson said, "Amanda will make the arrangements for your move to the second wing. Don't worry about attending your sessions for today. We'll be starting fresh tomorrow. Before you go, though, I'll need your signature on the release form,"

He pushed a sheet of paper across the table and handed her a pen. Tori, still so happy about an early release, never bothered to read the paper. She signed her name, and with it gave Dr. Carlson total control over her treatment for the remainder of her ninety days. Satisfied that she'd done the right thing, Tori followed Amanda out of the office. Her day was looking much better than when it had started!

"Well, that's a piece of good news," Amanda said cheerfully.

Tori smiled up at her and gave her a big hug. She was so thankful that someone was looking out for her.

"Oh, I forgot to mention, tomorrow morning you'll be allowed a phone call home, too. I'm sure your family will be pleased to hear the news."

"I can call home?"

"Yes, dear. It will be a short call, but I'm sure your family is worried about you."

Tori was, again, stunned. She'd gotten used to the idea, now, that she'd be all alone for three months. She'd have no idea what was happening in her family, and this little chance at contact had her overflowing with joy. She couldn't wait to tell her parents that she could come home early, but at the same time she was afraid to tell them why. What if they wanted her to stay here the whole time? What if they couldn't understand that she was really just a stupid slut with a horny pussy. Wait, that wasn't right. She had a disorder. Why had she thought about it in that way? She was silent as Amanda returned her to her room.

"I'll need to make the arrangements to have you moved, which will take some time. I'll come back and get you after dinner this evening, alright?"


"And Tori?"


"Try to keep your hands to yourself, will you? I know that it isn't easy, given your condition, but you should really try."

Amanda left her alone, and Tori couldn't help but feel bad again. She'd been on such a high, that it hadn't really registered as to why she was up for early release. She had a condition. She had a problem. She wanted to be raped in her stupid slut cunt. She... no... she didn't want to be raped! What was she thinking? She was confused. She needed to relax. She grabbed her earbuds and decided to try to nap, despite the grumbling in her belly from skipping breakfast to masturbate. The bed smelled of pussy juice as she lay down and turned on her music. The soothing sounds soon lulled her into napping, and beneath them her own voice filled her mind with what the doctors wanted her to hear.

"Tori licks cunt...Tori needs to be punished...Tori is a stupid slut...Tori needs her pussy spanked...Tori is a lesbo whore...Tori wants to be raped...Tori has a naughty pussy..."

Chapter 27: What Stephanie Always Wanted

Sexy Stephanie Hamlin
Sexy Stephanie Hamlin

The first thing that greeted Stephanie's waking eyes was her mother's face twisted in passion as she rode out a powerful orgasm. Her daddy was taking her mother from behind as she lay on her side, his big hand groping one of her breasts. Melanie squealed with glee as John's big cock pounded in and out of her sopping pussy, and when she saw her daughter open her eyes, she came hard. Stephanie kissed her on the lips, and she came again.

"Oh, fuck, baby," John cried, and unloaded his big balls into his wife.

"Cum in me, baby! Shoot it up my cunt! Oh, yes!" Melanie cried.

Stephanie tried to get up as her parents came together, but she flopped back down on the bed in pain. Her whole body felt battered and beaten. She was sore from head to toe, but mostly between her legs. Her poor pussy throbbed, and when she felt it her fingers came away sticky with the mixture of her own cum, her father's, and her mother's saliva. She groaned out loud and refused to move. Her head ached from the wine, and she generally felt like shit all over. Despite the aches and pains, though, she was content. She'd done it. Her daddy had fucked her, taken her cherry, and then filled her with cum.

John and Melanie, finished with their copulation, broke apart. Melanie turned to Stephanie and stroked her matted hair tenderly. John came around the bed, slid his arms under his naked daughter, and hoisted her carefully. She groaned again, but he gave her a gentle kiss as he carried her to the bathroom. Melanie followed behind them, and unsealed the hot tub. She turned on the jets, and John carefully placed Stephanie's sore body into the water.

The hot, bubbling water was exactly what she needed. She felt the soreness in her muscles and her pussy easing. She dunked her head, came up, and Melanie handed her a glass of water, which she drank gratefully. Her parents then followed her into the big hot tub, none of them saying a word as they soaked themselves. Finally, Stephanie started to laugh. She was giddy. She couldn't believe it had happened.

"Glad to see you're in a good mood," Melanie said with a smile.

"Oh, God! Am I ever," Stephanie agreed, "I hurt like hell, but it was so worth it. Thank you, daddy, mom. That was the best night of my life,"

And, she wasn't lying. This was what she'd always wanted. Her parents had done it all for her. Tori would never have this.

"Yeah, it was pretty damn splendid," John agreed.

"We really must do this again sometime," Melanie added.

"Is anyone else hungry?" John asked.

"Starving," the women agreed.

"How does room service sound?"

An hour later, they were clean and fed. Checkout time was at noon, and the three of them set about packing their things. Once they'd gotten everything together, John left a nice tip for the cleaners, who would certainly have their work cut out for them with the amount of bodily fluids they'd left behind. Her parents had driven to the hotel separately, and Melanie encouraged Stephanie to ride home with her father. She needed to stop by her spa and check in, since she'd left it in the hands of her manager for the last two days.

Father and daughter rode home quietly. Neither of them felt the need to say anything yet. They stole little glances at one another as John drove home, and when they pulled into their neighborhood, Stephanie finally opened her mouth.

"So, when are you gonna put that big monster up my ass?"

John could only look at her in shock, as he struggled to stay on the road.

Chapter 28: Tori's New Program

It was after dinner when Amanda came to collect Tori in her room. She found Tori on her bed with her earbuds in, and shook her awake. The poor teen looked confused for a moment, and then saw Amanda and smiled. She pulled her earbuds out, and sat up, rubbing her eyes.

"We're ready for your move," Amanda said.

Tori already had her meager possessions in her bag, which she slung over her shoulder. Amanda took her through the hallways, and they came to a white door that the coordinator opened with a keycard. They passed through, and into another series of empty white hallways. This part of the facility looked deserted. No one was in the halls, and it was eerily quiet. Unlike the other part of NewYou, the doors here had no little windows, and there were very few of them. Finally, they rounded a corner and stopped in front of one of the doors.

Amanda opened it without her keycard, and showed Tori inside. The room here was almost identical to her old room, with a few small differences. For one, there was no separate bathroom. The toilet and shower were all in the main room, and the shower had no curtain. Perhaps the most striking difference, though, was the girl laying on the bed, stark naked, and plunging a big dildo in and out of her cunt. The girl's huge breasts were heaving with arousal, her pussy glistening and wet, her fiery red hair sweat-soaked. She paid them no attention when they entered.

Tori looked at Amanda in fright. What was this all about? Amanda walked up to the girl, and took over the dildo from her, pushing it quickly in and out of her pussy until the girl began to cum.

"Oh, fuck!" she yelled, "Oh, God! So good!"

Amanda allowed her to ride out her orgasm, and when the girl began to settle down, Amanda sat on the bed with her. The whole experience, though it only lasted a moment, had Tori hot between her legs. She imagined this is what she must look like when she was playing with herself. Amanda stroked the girl's hair and spoke quietly in her ear until her eyes began to focus. Finally, the naked girl sat up, the creamy dildo clutched in her hand.

"Tori," Amanda said, "This is Cindy. She'll be your new roommate,"

"Roommate?" Tori squeaked. They hadn't said anything about a roommate.

Cindy slid off of the bed and crawled over to Tori with her ass in the air. She sat on her knees, and pressed her face to Tori's crotch, inhaling deeply. "Do you want to taste me?" She asked, holding the dildo up to Tori's face.

She could smell the other girl's pussy all over the toy, and though her mind rebelled at the weirdness of it all, she found that she did want to taste it. She just couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Cindy," Amanda said, "I don't think Tori likes to lick other girls' cunnies, do you Tori?"

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard her voice saying, "Tori licks cunt...Tori is a lesbo slut..."

"I...I've never tried," she admitted.

She didn't know why she said it. She should have given a flat 'NO'.

"My pussy tastes really good," Cindy said happily, "I think it tastes like strawberry!"

"Cindy, why don't you leave Tori alone for now. She's new, and you're frightening her,"

Cindy looked hurt, crawled back to the bed, and began to lick her juices from the dildo with a happy purr.

"Cindy is part of the new program, too," Amanda explained, enjoying Tori's obvious discomfort, "She's a more extreme hypersexual, so much so that she can't even stand to be clothed,"

Cindy was now working the dildo back into herself.

"I just thought I'd have my own room," Tori said.

"Well, the rooms in this wing are at a premium, and as part of the new program, Dr. Carlson would like to explore the interaction of two hypersexuals cohabitating. I'm sure Cindy will be happy to have you here, and you'll be doing the scientific community a great service,"

"Alright," she said hesitantly, thinking about her early release.

"Good," Amanda said, "I"m going to leave you two for now, but one of the doctors will be by later to check on you. In the meantime, I've got some homework for you,"


Amanda went to the computer and turned it on. She beckoned Tori over and sat her down in front of it.

"As part of the program, Dr. Carlson mentioned that you'd be subjected to some visual and audio stimuli. Part of our funding at the clinic is derived from our patients helping with some outside work for various internet companies," she brought up a web browser, "some of our partner companies are adult sites, and there are thousands of people all over the world that submit videos that need to be categorized and labeled, so that their users can locate the content they're looking for,"

"Okay," Tori said, not really knowing where this was going.

Amanda clicked on one of the bookmarks, and brought up a graphic adult website. Thumbnail images, hundreds of them, of people performing different sex acts appeared on the screen.

"Whenever you have free time, we'd like you to help with the work. Your job is to watch each of the videos, and select an appropriate category, and write an accurate description. Do you think you can do that?"

"I guess. I don't know much about...well...what they're doing, though." Tori said.

"That's alright. Most of it is pretty easy to figure out. You'll find that most things are variations of each other, so once you get going it will be pretty easy. Obviously, Cindy won't be much help, since she tends to...entertain herself. Why don't you try one, and I'll help you, to give you an idea of what the websites are looking for. Remember, the people that pay for their content have a certain expectation, and you need to try to make your descriptions graphic."

"Okay," Tori said, moving the mouse to the first video and clicking.

The video began to play. It was obviously a homemade film, and a not very attractive girl with stringy black hair was taking off her clothes. The shaky camera zoomed in on her bushy pussy, then back out. A second later she was kneeling in front of the camera man, and taking his pudgy dick out of his pants. Then she was sucking it, and within a few minutes he came on her face and the video ended. Tori began to feel a little hotter between her legs. Behind her, she could hear Cindy moaning as she fucked herself with her toy. As the video concluded, a new screen came up asking for her to select a category and write a description.

"What category do you think that should fit under?" Amanda asked.

Tori clicked the drop-down menu and looked through the categories, many of which she didn't understand. This one seemed to fit under 'oral sex' so she picked that one.

"Good job," Amanda said, "Now how would you describe what you saw?"

Tori thought for a moment, and then typed in, girl giving oral sex.

"Well, it's accurate, but not really what the website viewers are looking for. Try to be a little,"

Tori deleted what she'd typed, and entered, black-haired girl giving blowjob.

"It's better," Amanda said, "but try this one,"

She leaned over Tori's shoulder and typed in, ‘Ugly slut with small tits sucking tiny dick.”

"See, the people that use the site are looking for things that are naughty, so your descriptions need to match up. Make sense?"

"I guess so," Tori said.

"Try another one,"

Tori clicked the next video. A busty redhead lay on a bed in front of a webcam. She slowly rubbed her pussy and clit, and then began to finger herself. The girl made Tori think of Harmony, who she probably wouldn't see again, and Cindy, now screaming with orgasm behind her, and she felt herself getting wet. The video went on for a few minutes as the girl got herself off, and then turned off her webcam. Tori selected "solo girl" as the category, and typed in, “Big-titted redhead plays with her wet pussy.”

"Now that's much better, Tori. I think you're going to do fine. Just remember the expectations of the viewers, and you'll be doing great."

"Okay, I think I can handle it," Tori said, and behind her Cindy grunted and climaxed on the bed.

"I'm going to leave you to it, but I'll see you later."

Amanda patted her shoulder and left the room. Tori watched her new roommate writhe around on the bed playing with herself. Cindy pulled the dildo from her sopping young cunt, and began to work it up her ass.

"Mmmm, yeah," she moaned, "put that big dick in my ass! Oh, fuck!"

Tori sighed, put her earbuds in and returned to her homework. The next video showed a blonde teenager, much like herself, surrounded by three men. The men had cocks that ranged from average to large. They all stood over her, stroking their dicks near her face. The girl looked very happy, as she wrapped her hands around two of the cocks, and began to suck on the third one. Tori felt herself getting more excited as the action went on. The girl took turns sucking on each cock, but then the men became more aggressive. They began to hold the girl's hair back, slap her face with their dicks, and shove them into her mouth and throat repeatedly.

The girl looked very pleased when they gagged her with their cocks, called her a dirty cocksucker, suckslut, or almost made her puke by holding their meat in her throat. Soon, one of the men lay down, and the girl mounted him, sliding her pussy onto his cock. Another man kept pushing his dick into her mouth, using her hair to guide her head up and down his pole. The third man, the one with the biggest cock, got behind her and started to push his big dick into the girl's asshole.

By now, Tori's hand was in her pants as she watched the video. Her music was playing low in her earbuds, but over it she could hear the groans and filthy talk from the video. In the back of her mind she could hear herself saying, "Tori wants big cock...Fill up my pussy...Fuck my asshole..." and she imagined that she was the girl in the video. She looked like she was having so much fun getting her mouth, ass, and pussy all filled with dicks.

She slowly fingered her pussy as the blonde teen got gangfucked, and then the men started spurting off into her tight little holes. The man in her mouth was first, shooting cum all over her smiling face. The man in her pussy was next, but she couldn't see his cum. She could just see him pumping his dick into her and yelling, "I'm cumming! Oh, shit!". He lay there as the third man continued to pound his dick into the girl's butt, until finally he cried out and pushed his cock in until his balls were up against her ass.

The girl started to cum at the same time, and when the man pulled his cock out of her, a flood of dirty sperm leaked from her asshole. The girl climbed off of the man she'd been riding, and started to suck on the cock that had just been in her ass. It was so filthy, but Tori began to climax. She rode her fingers through it, until a big wet spot formed on the front of her pants. The video ended, and went to the next screen. Tori pulled her hand from her pussy, and began to clean it with her mouth, sucking her own juices.

Category: Gangbang. Description: Blonde teen slut takes three cocks in all holes.

She read the description over, and decided that it was good. The girl was a slut, after all, taking all that cock in every hole, and then sucking her own ass off of one of them. Tori put on the next video. This one was just a skinny brunette whore, bent over and shoving a dildo up her tiny asshole. She watched the whole video, though, and over the course of twelve minutes, the girl put bigger and bigger dildos in her ass, until it was stretched open wide.

While she was watching, she hadn't noticed that Cindy had crawled under the desk, until she felt the girl lapping at her wet crotch through her soaking pants. She looked down and pushed her chair back, her mouth gaping like the whore's ass on the screen. Cindy looked up at her with hurt eyes.

"Cindy? What are you doing?" Tori asked, feeling sorry.

"You smell like honey," Cindy said, "I just wanted to taste it,"

Tori sat back down, saying, "Cindy, I'm not a lesbian. I'm sorry," but her own voice in her subconscious mind was saying, "Tori licks cunt...Tori is a lesbo slut...Tori sucks girl slit...".

"I'm not a lesbian!" Cindy protested, "but that doesn't mean I don't like to lick cunt."

Tori heard the same thoughts she'd just had echoed aloud by her new roommate, and carefully looked at the door. It was shut. On her screen, the whore was shoving another big toy up her ass. Tori rolled her chair back to the desk, looking down at Cindy's hungry eyes.

"Okay. You can taste it," she whispered, "but just a lick," and she slid her pants down.

She couldn't believe she was about to let another girl lick her pussy, but the way Cindy's eyes were begging to taste her, she felt bad saying no. The poor girl obviously couldn't control herself. Cindy crawled between her legs, and sat down on her dildo, pushing the toy deep into her asshole.

It was just like the girl on the screen. She leaned into Tori's pussy and moaned against her clit. The sensation was incredible! Tori tried not to like it, but as she watched the girl on the screen fuck her ass with a huge dildo, she was becoming very aroused. Cindy delicately licked Tori's slit, running her tongue between her pussy lips.

"Mmmm," Cindy purred, "You taste like honey, too," and then she was licking Tori passionately, dipping her tongue into her new roommate's hole.

Tori was so disappointed in herself. She shouldn't be enjoying this. Good girls didn't let sluts lick their horny cunts. Only stupid sluts let other sluts lick their cunts like little lesbos. Tori was a good girl, not a lesbo slut! She didn't want this! But the feeling of Cindy's tongue was about to make her cum all over the horny girl's face. When Cindy sucked Tori's clit into her mouth, Tori couldn't hold back. She put her hand on Cindy's head and held her face against her creaming snatch.

"Oh, yeah! Eat that pussy," Tori cried, "lick my cunt, you little lesbo whore!"

Cindy sucked her pussy harder, and made Tori cum again. Soon, she was getting too sensitive. The licking was making her sore, and she had to push Cindy's face away. Cindy looked sad, and Tori didn't want her to be sad, so she leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Cindy flicked her tongue across Tori's lips, and Tori could taste her own cunt again. She decided that she did taste a little bit like honey. As her orgasms started to subside, she pulled her lips away from Cindy's and felt ashamed. She didn't know why she'd said those nasty words. She'd never said anything like that before. She hardly ever cussed, unless it was at Stephanie.

"Oh, you taste wonderful," Cindy said, "Thank you."

Cindy crawled back to the bed with the dildo lodged in her ass, and a minute later she was asleep. Tori was too embarrassed to move. She'd let another girl lick her, spewed a bunch of filth out of her mouth, and worst of all she'd loved every moment of it. She slowly pulled her pants back up and looked at her screen. The video had ended, how long ago she didn't know. She was supposed to pick a category and write a description. She tried to block out what had just happened and get focused. Amanda wouldn't be happy with her if she had only made it through three videos.

Category: Solo Girl. Description: Brunette whore stretches her asshole with sex toys.

As Cindy snored softly behind her, Tori started the next video.

Chapter 29: Cindy

At the tender age of nineteen, little redheaded Cindy was a varsity cheerleader, and a senior at a rival high school. That was until her parents had found her on the living room couch, sandwiched between two men who were old enough to be her father. When the two ultra-conservative adults walked into the room from a canceled church group outing, to find their daughter happily bouncing up and down on two dicks lodged firmly in her little teenage butt and squishing pussy, to say they were upset would be putting it mildly.

Though their faith would normally dictate that they forgive their little girl, and help her see the light, this was not the first time they'd witnessed her debauchery in action. As Tori learned about her new roommate, she discovered that Cindy's sexual experience was more than extensive. Cindy discovered, just after her eighteenth birthday, that when she lost her virginity the pleasure that a penis could bring her far outweighed the fulfillment she felt from cheerleading, or her educational pursuits.

She'd lost her cherry after Junior prom, to not one, but two football players. While she'd gained a reputation as the blowjob queen of Frankfurt High, the first time she felt one of the jocks shove his throbbing prick into her pussy, and the other down her throat at the same time, something in her brain changed. The two boys took her in every hole that night, calling her filthy names, and pounding her full of meat as she came over and over. After that night, she realized that the perverse animal lust that the thoughts of those cocks evoked in her, was so powerful that she couldn't deny it.

Once the story got around, about her prom night fun, she decided that she was okay with it. People at school called her a dirty slut, a stupid fuckhole, and a whore. Cindy thought they were right, and after the football team gangfucked her after winning their next game, she knew for certain. Over twenty muscled young men used her in every hole, and though she was sore, sticky, and cocksick by the next morning, she knew that she would never stop.

Cindy from the Second Place Sister with cum facial
Sore, sticky and cocksick

The first time her parents caught her, she was being pounded in her tiny asshole on the back porch of their home. The next time, she was getting violated on her father's weight bench by some stranger she had met while jogging. The third time, her mother walked into the kitchen to find a delivery driver spraying her face with semen. Her parents tried to talk to her, to tell her how sinful her actions were, how damning they would be for her future. Rather than convince her to stop, instead she felt only hornier at how embarrassed they were by her. The repeated string of incidents led them to seek professional help, and it was at this point that their research brought them to the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction. Dr. Carlson's diagnosis of Hypersexual disorder was, understandably, something they didn't want to hear. However, when Cindy tried to pull off her father's pants to blow his cock during their meeting with the doctor, they finally couldn't take anymore. That had been over 3 months ago, and Cindy had made no progress toward recovery. Not that the institute had tried very hard to work toward a cure.

Tori learned all of this as she lay in bed with her horny, naked, roommate, trying to drift off to sleep. She was having trouble, and so had engaged Cindy in conversation, something that she quickly learned was not Cindy's strong suit. It wasn't that she was stupid, or an airhead. It was that she often became consumed with the feelings flowing from her overactive cunt, and what should have taken a few minutes to relate, instead took a few hours. Cindy would lose track of the conversation and begin to masturbate herself with one of her toys until she came, at which point she became lucid enough to pick up the conversation again.

On at least one of these occasions, Tori became so overwhelmed with the sight of her roommates writhing, naked body, humping in pleasure, that she had to cum, too. It was her third experience with another girl fingering her to orgasm, only this time Cindy again used her tongue, and Tori told her she was a stupid little cuntsucker when she came.

They both fell asleep naked, and Tori thought it felt nice to hold onto someone in this place where everything was strange, and all the weird feelings in her body made her feel so good, yet so terrible. She listened to her earbuds as she felt her pussy pressed against Cindy's tiny bottom, and again wondered why she had said those dirty things to Cindy while the girl sucked her horny slit. It wasn't like the Tori she remembered, before the drugs.

Early in the morning, the two girls awoke. Tori felt strange, not having a schedule of therapy to go to. Amanda, on a brief visit the prior evening, had informed her that Dr. Carlson was working on a new program for her, and should have things ready by the next day. Until she heard otherwise, she should keep on with her work. Tori awoke to Cindy's tongue probing her mouth, the little redhead moaning as her hand cupped Tori's perfect tits. Startled, Tori flew from the bed, looking down on her roommate's hurt face.

"I'm sorry," Cindy said, "I thought we were becoming friends. It's hard not having any friends, anymore," she looked like she might cry.

"You just startled me," Tori said, sitting back down on the bed, "I'm sorry. Please don't cry,"

Cindy wiped at her eyes, and managed a smile, "We can still be friends?"

Tori nodded.

"Oh, good!"

The girl sounded genuinely pleased, and threw her arms around Tori happily, rubbing her own big boobs against Tori's. Their nipples rubbing against one another started Tori's pussy throbbing, but something else was eating at her too. Her stomach.

"Cindy," she said, trying to disentangle herself, "What do we do about breakfast around here?"

"Oh," Cindy looked surprised, "There's a cafeteria down the hall. Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast, on account of my slutty pussy," she said, as though it were the most normal thing in the world, "I'll show you!"

"Wait," Tori said, "I want to get cleaned up and put on some clothes first,"

"Clothes? What do you need clothes for?"

"Well, I can't just walk around naked all day, can I?"

"I don't see why not," Cindy said, as though Tori were being unreasonable.

"Why do you like being naked?" Tori asked.

Cindy shrugged, "It just feels nice. If I wear clothes, I just have to take them off to get at my cunt, so why even bother?"

Tori shook her head. She wanted a shower, but there was no privacy from Cindy. She'd have to let the other girl watch her as she washed herself. She almost wanted to laugh. She'd let Cindy lick her stupid pussy twice already and slept naked with her all night. There really wasn't any reason to be concerned about a shower at this point. Tori started the shower, and once the water was nice and hot, she got in and began to scrub herself clean while Cindy watched with her hand between her legs.

While she was turned away from her roommate, giving Cindy an excellent show of her round teenage ass, she heard the other girl step into the shower with her. She turned around quickly, and saw Cindy picking up the soap, lathering up her big tits.

"Cindy, what are you doing?" Tori hissed.

"What? I'm having a shower, too!"

"But I'm already in the shower," Tori tried to explain.

"And now we're both in the shower, silly!" Cindy giggled and gave her a peck on the lips.

It was useless. Tori tried to finish washing, while avoiding contact with Cindy's body, but it was a losing proposition. She eventually gave up, and soon the two girls were washing one another, rubbing their hands all over their bodies, sharing little kisses. Cindy became so horny that she crouched in the shower and ate Tori to a tremendous orgasm.

"Oh, shit! Suck my fuckhole, you bitch," Tori cried, as Cindy tongued her tunnel, "Show me how good you eat cunt! Oh, yeah! Mmmmmm!"

She held the back of Cindy's head and rode her face until she came, filling Cindy's mouth up with her fuck honey. When Cindy looked up at her, face shining with Tori's cum, Tori felt like she got what she deserved. Cindy was a stupid slut. A stupid little lesbo slut, and stupid sluts are only good for one thing. She suddenly realized what she'd been thinking, and now she felt mean and ashamed. Cindy was a troubled girl. She couldn't help herself! She looked so happy, licking Tori's juices off her face.

Troubled, Tori got out of the shower and began to dry herself off. Cindy wasn't far behind. Tori went to the set of drawers, expecting to find more pairs of blue scrubs to put on, but the drawers were empty.

"Cindy? Where are the changes of clothes?" She asked.

"Well, I never wear any, so I don't think they bothered to give me any," she said, drying her hair.

Tori sighed and retrieved her pair from the day before. They smelled of sweat and girl cream, the crotch was stained where her pussy had leaked all over it. Tori pulled them on anyway. Soon after, Cindy showed Tori where the cafeteria was in this wing of the facility.

This wing's cafeteria was just like the other one, but there were far fewer girls here. No one even batted an eye at Cindy's nudity, but they did glance at Tori. Some of them looked on with curiosity, others with unconcealed lust. At least one other girl was naked, too. In all, only five girls were seated in the cafeteria.

Tori loaded up a plate and grabbed a protein shake, then made her way with Cindy to one of the open tables. As they ate, Cindy pointed out the other girls, and told Tori what she knew about them.

"That's Bethany," she pointed to a thick, but attractive blonde girl, "She got caught blowing her brother, and her parents put her here," next was a girl with black hair, streaked with green, "and that's Liz. She drank a lot and did tons of drugs. Over there," she pointed out the naked brunette, "that's Karen. She's a filthy fuckslut like me," Cindy said proudly, "I think she's got me beat in how many dicks have been in her, but I beat her on the most in one day."

"How come no one sits with each other? Shouldn't we all be, I don't know, friends or something?" Tori wondered.

"I don't think so," Cindy tried to explain, "See, the girls over here, we get put here because we're not really great at social interaction. Like Liz, she liked to fight. Me, well, most people just think I'm weird, and since I can't keep my clothes on, they don't let me in the other wing. Same thing with Karen. Bethany, you just can't talk to. She doesn't really talk to anyone. You, I don't know what your deal is. You don't seem scary, or weird, but I like the way your pussy tastes!"

Tori thought she'd shrivel up from embarrassment and hoped no one had heard what Cindy said.

"So, none of the other girls are roommates?" Tori asked.

"Oh, no. Like Amanda said, there's not a lot of rooms around here, and I guess the docs want to see what happens when you put two horny girls in the same room together," she laughed at that, and Tori blushed. She knew what happened.

They finished their breakfast with little conversation, and then Cindy showed her around their wing. It was pretty much identical to the other wing, with the same amenities. It just had far fewer patients. Tori felt like she should do some of her work, so Cindy took her back to their room. The little redhead was feeling horny, anyway, and she hadn't gotten off since last night, so she was eager to get back in the room and plug her pussy with something.

While Cindy fucked herself silly, Tori booted up her computer, and returned to the website to watch and label videos. The one she started with today opened with a hard-bodied young girl, who couldn't have been much older than herself. Her blonde hair was tied up in pigtails, and she was already naked. A mountain of a man with rippling muscles and a cock that must have been about ten inches long, approached the girl as she sat on a bed. He stood her up, turned her around, and handcuffed her hands behind her back. The girl looked happy.

The man lifted her and put her on her stomach on the bed and grasped her pigtails in his hands. He guided his cock to her mouth, told her to open, and then plunged his tool into her with no mercy. Using her pigtails, he plugged her throat repeatedly, roughly, and with no regard for her whatsoever. The girl gagged and sputtered as the man fucked her mouth, until finally he pulled out and flipped her onto her back. He leaned over her body, spread her legs, and began to eat her pussy. When the girl began to moan with pleasure, he shoved his big dick back into her mouth and, again, began to pound it in and out with a relentless power. The girl coughed, choked, and beat at his legs with her fists, but the man just continued to pump her mouth and eat her pussy.

Tori watched the whole scene with mixed feelings of arousal and horror. While the girl might have started off enjoying the rough treatment, she was obviously in over her head. The man finally pulled his dick from her throat, and a huge flood of spit poured down over the girl's face. She gasped for air while the man slapped her face with his big appendage, telling her she was a worthless little whore.

He then picked her up and turned her upside down so that her legs were in the air, his face between her legs, and her dripping face at cock level. She obediently sucked his big cock while he ate her for another minute, and then he tossed her on the bed, back onto her stomach.

She lay quivering on the bed as the man climbed on top of her, spread her legs, and then mounted her. He aimed his big prick at her tiny little asshole, and used the spit on his cock to push it in. The girl cried and screamed as his huge tool thrust inside of her. The camera man moved around to capture her face, showing a flood of tears flowing down her spit-soaked face. The man pumped his dick in and out of her ass with powerful thrusts, filling up the crying girl with more meat than she could handle. He used her asshole to jerk himself off, but the girl came anyway, setting off the man's own orgasm.

He roared and blew his load into her ass, and even though she cried, she came with him. The camera zoomed in on her stretched out hole. Tori couldn't believe how something so huge had gone into the tiny girl's ass. The dildo she'd used on herself had been nowhere near as large. She wondered what it would feel like to take that big cock in her own ass. Would she cry like the dumb slut on the screen, or would she be able to take it because she liked big cocks?

"Oh, wow, he really gave it to her ass, didn't he?" Cindy said over her shoulder.

Tori jumped. She hadn't realized Cindy had been watching. The video ended, and she was asked to pick a category and description. She wasn't quite sure about this one. Was it anal? Was it oral?

"Try rough for the category," Cindy suggested, and Tori did.

"How would you describe that?" Tori asked. Maybe Cindy would be helpful after all. Tori didn't know if she could think up lots of dirty things, like Cindy did.

"How about, tiny, dumb cum dumpster cries as she's reamed by huge prick?"

Tori entered that in. She felt like Cindy's suggestion was great.

"Would you like to help," she asked her roommate.

"Okay!" Cindy said cheerfully and pulled up another chair.

They continued watching the porn videos together, getting through three more before there was a knock at the door, and Dr. Carlson came in.

"Good morning, ladies," he said with a big smile, and took a seat on the bed.

Cindy, squealed with glee and crawled across the floor to rest on her knees in front of the doctor. Carlson rested his hand on her head gently.

"Hello, Cindy. How do you like having a new roommate?" He asked

"Oh, it's really great, Dr. Carlson. Thank you, so much! She's been really nice to me, and she even let me taste her pussy. She tastes like honey,"

"Hmm, is that so?"

Cindy nodded, and then looked up at him pleadingly, asking, "Dr. Carlson, can I please have some cum? Please? I've been really good, and I haven't had any for days. I think it's been days."

"You're always good, Cindy. We never have any problems with you. Go ahead."

Tori wasn't quite sure she'd heard right, until Cindy eagerly put her hand on his zipper and lowered it. Next, she pulled at his pants, which he helped her get down. The horny redhead pulled Carlson's penis free and held it in her hand. Tori could see her body shaking with anticipation. The doctor's cock was fairly average in size. Cindy looked up at him for permission, and when he nodded his head, she engulfed his cock in her mouth and began happily sucking away.

"Tori," he said, as though nothing strange was going on, "I'd like to thank you for the work you've been doing the last day. I've gotten a communication from the website you've been helping with, and they're really pleased with your imaginative descriptions. I can't tell you how important it is for us to get funding for the work we do here,"

"Um, you're welcome," Tori said.

Cindy bobbed her little head up and down his cock. Tori thought that if she had to label this as a video, it would be silly suckslut blows her doctor. Carlson seemed to notice Tori's distress.

"Cindy has a serious addiction to sex," Carlson said, "and also craves semen. While we usually try not to encourage an addiction, Cindy's condition is so advanced that to deny her any kind of outlet might be detrimental to her well-being. We allow her to indulge in the occasional act of sexual gratification, in order to keep her calm," he spoke as though Cindy were not even there, sucking on his penis, "The best we can do, until we understand it better, is to provide her a safe outlet for her urges. This way she isn't doing any harm to herself, or to others around her,"

He gently encouraged Cindy's sucking with a hand on the back of her head. Cindy made little happy noises as she hungrily slobbered on his rod, massaged his balls, and tried to get at his cum.

"Now, your condition is not quite this far along, and we think we have some ideas that will help. Amanda will be by later to talk with you, but I wanted to personally check up on you, first. Is there anything I can do to make your transition more comfortable?"

Cindy popped his cock out of her mouth, and turned to Tori, asking, "Wanna try some?"

Cindy from The Second Place Sister with cum facial

Tori's mouth watered at the sight of the doctor's glistening cock in her roommate's hand. She actually did want to try some. She wanted it very much. The sight of the hard flesh throbbing only a few feet away was making her very anxious. She wanted to feel something in her mouth. She wanted to taste the cum that she knew would spurt from its head, just like Ron's during her last exam. She almost moved, almost joined Cindy on her knees, but there was still some part of her that rebelled against the idea. Good girls didn't suck their doctor's cocks. Tori shook her head, and watched Cindy go back to work.

She tried to think about what Carlson had asked, then remembered, "Could I get a change of clothes?"

Carlson's hips jerked, and Tori knew that he was cumming in Cindy's mouth. Cindy mewled like a kitten, sucking his cream down, milking his cock for all it was worth.

"Mmm, yes, of course, Tori. I'll have Amanda bring some around for you," he said.

It was clear that Cindy didn't want to let his softening cock from her mouth, but there was no more cum for her to swallow. She looked sad.

"Dr. Carlson," she said softly, "Maybe you could feed me more later? I'd really like some more."

"We'll have to see, Cindy. You were very good, though, so perhaps I can work something out for you."

Carlson pulled his pants back up.

"Is there anything else I can do, Tori?"

"I, um, I don't think so. I just want to change my clothes."

The doctor nodded and showed himself out. Tori noticed that there was a wet spot on the front of her pants. Her pussy had been dripping as she watched the videos with Cindy and had acted up even more as she watched her roommate suck on the doctor's cock. Cindy crawled up on the bed and began to lick her lips and fingers, trying to get any drops she might have missed.

"There's never enough," she said, "Never enough cum."

Tori didn't know why she was doing it, but she was standing up and pushing her pants off. She was walking up to her roommate with her bare, dripping pussy exposed. She was standing in front of Cindy as she lay on the bed, and then she was climbing on top of her, straddling the redhead's face, pushing her cunt against Cindy's mouth. Cindy might have been saying something, but Tori only heard muffled noises as she pressed her dripping hole to Cindy's mouth.

The little girl's tongue began to lap away at her, suck at her clit, and push into her fuckhole. Tori rode her face, sliding her slit along Cindy's tongue, making sure it hit both her asshole and her pussy. She could feel a repressed orgasm building up as she used Cindy's face to get herself off.

"Oh, yes," she moaned, "eat it you little dyke! Suck that pussy! Mmmm, fuck! Make me cum, slut. Make me cum!"

Cindy moaned into Tori's pussy as she fucked herself against Cindy's face. Within moments she was shaking and cumming, spilling her fuck honey on the little redhead's tongue. Cindy slurped away at her cunt until Tori was finished. She fell back on the bed with relief and sighed loudly. Cindy cuddled up next to her, her face a mess of girl cream. She kissed Tori pleasantly and shared the honey taste with her. Though her mind told her it was wrong, Tori made it shut up because it felt nice to lick her own cunt cream from Cindy's lips.

When it was all gone, Cindy gave Tori a big hug and told her she loved her. Tori wanted to cry. No one had said that to her since her parents brought her to this place, and it felt great to be close to someone. The two fucked out girls fell asleep in each other's arms.

When Amanda came around a little while later, the girls were awake. Tori had put her dirty clothes back on, and Cindy was in the middle of showing her roommate her toys. The sex toys were laid out on the bed in a row. Cindy showed Tori her dildos, one small, one about average, and one very large and pink. It was the toy she had been playing with the first day Tori met her.

Cindy also had two butt plugs, one big and black, the other smaller with a little horse tail. She liked the one with the tail, she explained, because the hair hung down and tickled her pussy. The last one was a strap-on, which she said that she never really used because she didn't have anyone to fuck with it.

Tori caught the hint in her voice and shivered. She didn't know if she wanted Cindy to fuck her with a strap-on. She'd never been fucked, after all, except for the one time she'd put her mom's toys in her pussy. It felt strange to even contemplate the thought. Two weeks ago, she'd have said it was disgusting. Now, though, she felt her pussy gushing at the thought of the little redhead pounding the fake cock into her body, making her squirm around and cum like the stupid sluts on the videos.

The two girls looked at Amanda guiltily, as though they'd been caught with their hands in a cookie jar. Amanda glanced at the toys but didn't seem to care. She seemed glad to see the two of them getting along. Cindy scooped up her toys and put them away in a drawer as Amanda sat in the computer chair. She held a bundle of clothes out for Tori.

"Your clean clothes," she explained, "I'm sorry I forgot to get them to you earlier,"

Tori took the clothes thankfully, and without a thought, started to strip out of her old ones. Amanda watched, and Tori was almost sure she saw a hint of desire in the older woman's big green eyes, but she couldn't be sure. She got dressed in the new clothes and felt much better.

"Tori, Dr. Carlson has asked me to help with the first step in your treatments, so I'll need you to come with me, please. Don't worry. It's nothing to be afraid of," Amanda said.

"Okay," Tori said submissively.

"Have fun, Tori!" Cindy called happily, as Amanda led her out the door.

When they were out of the room and walking down the hallway, Amanda said, "Once we're through with this, we're going to meet Dr. Carlson, and you'll be allowed to call home for a few minutes,"

"Really?" Tori's spirits instantly lifted.

"Yes, dear," Amanda laughed, "It won't be a long call, but Dr. Carlson will need to explain the new diagnosis and let them know that you really don't have a drug problem. Won't that make them feel better?"

"Well, yeah, of course!" Tori stood up straighter.

She was thrilled that her parents would know she wasn't a drug addict. However, now she'd have to tell them that she was basically a virgin sex addict. She didn't know how they'd take it. She knew her parents liked sex. It hadn't ever been a secret at home. Her parents were, actually, very sexually active. Maybe that was where she got her condition from. Still, she felt sad to have to tell them.

Amanda led her down the hall, opened a door with her keycard, and they went inside. The room looked like Dr. Swell's exam room, only there was no Dr. Swell, or Ron. She didn't know whether she felt relieved, or disappointed. The last time she'd seen Dr. Swell, she'd cum in front of her while she took Tori's temperature, and Ron had secretly cum in her mouth under the table. She recalled the taste of his sperm with a strange fondness. She'd liked it, and she'd been very tempted to help Cindy suck off Dr. Carlson this morning just so she could taste it again.

Amanda told Tori to remove her pants, and Tori obeyed. She wondered when she'd stopped feeling shy about exposing herself in front of other people. She'd changed in plenty of locker rooms, so she was used to other girls seeing her in some form of undress, but she'd always been a little wary of it before. Now, it didn't seem so bad. It was a little embarrassing, but it also made her feel excited.

Amanda went to the table and picked up some weird looking apparatus. It looked like some kind of strange rubber strap. She'd never seen anything like it. The thing was black, looked thin, and had some kind of straps and loops. Amanda brought it over to Tori and knelt in front of her.

"Lift up your leg, please," she said.

Tori did, and Amanda slid one of the loops over her foot, then the other one over her opposite foot. She pulled the weird thing up Tori's legs, until she felt it nestled against her pussy. Amanda then took the straps and secured them behind Tori's back. She felt the back of the device cup her ass cheeks, and when Amanda secured it in place, the straps in back pulled her sculpted butt cheeks apart, totally exposing her asshole. She heard the device lock into place, and she looked at Amanda with fear and confusion.

"What is this?" Tori asked, starting to panic.

The rubbery material pressed between her legs and against her pussy. She could feel her exposed anus open to the world.

Amanda was smiling, "It's a custom-fitted chastity belt!" She explained happily.

"A what?"

"A chastity belt. The doctors are concerned about your constant masturbation, and in order to curb those urges, they felt that the first step in your treatment should be to modify that behavior, so that it doesn't progress further. This belt is designed from a very tough, but flexible material. It's molded to your figure, and should keep you from rubbing your hot little cunny too much,"

Tori was in shock. She didn't know what to say. How was she supposed to use the bathroom?

"Don't worry, dear. It's for your own good," Amanda went on, "Now, there's a slit in the material just wide enough to let you safely use the bathroom, but not big enough to let you get your little fingers into your pussy. Of course, you'll need to clean yourself up, so whenever you need to do that, you'll have to page me so that I can unlock your belt for you,"

"But, but... "

"You'll still be able to wipe your bottom, of course," Amanda continued, ignoring Tori's growing concern, "but if you need to...relieve yourself in other ways, you'll just have to ask permission, alright?"

"This isn't fair," Tori cried, "Cindy doesn't have to wear one of these!"

"Yes, well, Cindy has her own therapies arranged, just as you have yours. If you want to get an early release, you'll need to follow through with the agreement you signed with Dr. Carlson,"

That got Tori to quiet down, and she realized she was behaving like a child. Amanda was right. She was supposed to be getting better. She had a condition, and they were going to help her. Surely they knew what was best. As embarrassing as it was, she was just going to have to do it. Though she was resigning herself to it, her acceptance didn't do anything to help the ache in her pussy. She'd been aroused since Cindy started showing her the sex toys, and with this thing on, she wouldn't be able to get herself off, or use Cindy's face to do it either. The thought scared her more than it should have.

"Now, walk around a bit and tell me how it feels," Amanda instructed.

Tori walked around the room. The material flexed well with her movements. It didn't chafe, didn't feel uncomfortable, really, just different. Having her ass totally open was a little disconcerting, as well.

"Feel okay?"

"Yes, I guess so,"

"Great. Now, you can put your pants back on,"

Tori pulled her pants back up over the chastity belt. At least she could hide it under her clothes.

"Alright, now, let's go make that phone call!"

Her spirits lifted again as Amanda showed her out of the exam room, and back down the winding halls to Dr. Carlson's office in the other wing. Carlson was going over some papers behind his desk, but beamed when they entered the office.

"Tori, how does the new treatment device feel?" he asked.

Tori shrugged, "It's weird. How long do I have to wear this?"

Carlson seemed to consider that a moment, "That will entirely depend on you. If you can keep your hands from playing with yourself, then we'll know we've made a step in the right direction. However, if we still see signs that you're trying to masturbate frequently, we'll need to keep it on. I guess the answer is, as long as it takes,"

Tori felt panicked. What if she never got better? What if she was like Cindy, and she kept getting worse and worse until there was no hope? Would she have to keep this thing on for the rest of her life, always asking someone to help her pee, or allow her to cum? She tried to fight the panic down, but the tears were in her eyes before she could stop them. On top of that, she had been in a constant state of arousal since Cindy showed her the toys, and it was getting to the point that she needed to cum or she might go crazy.

"There, now, Tori," Amanda said comfortingly, "I'm sure you'll be able to help yourself, right? You don't want to always be playing with your pussy, do you?"

"No," she choked out.

"But a girl has needs, and I'll bet someone with your condition is probably getting a little hot and bothered right about now, aren't you?"

Tori looked up into her eyes, and couldn't deny it. She nodded slightly.

"Would you like to cum? Would that make you feel a little better?"

She knew it would. Her pussy was burning up inside, and she could feel her juices running out between the little slit in her belt.

"Why don't you ask Dr. Carlson if he thinks it's okay,"

Tori looked at the doctor, but she couldn't make the words come out.

"What is it that you want, Tori?" Dr. Carlson asked.

"I...Dr. Carlson...May I...I'd like to please...."


"May I please...cum?" she managed between the tears.

"I suppose that would be alright, Tori," He said, "But we can't have you masturbating yourself. That would defeat the whole purpose of the treatment. Perhaps Amanda would be willing to help you, if you asked her?"

Tori turned back to Amanda with pleading eyes. Could she ask another girl to get her off? This wasn't like with Cindy. Amanda was part of the staff. She wasn't a hypersexual, like her roommate. She didn't want to do this, like Cindy did.

"Amanda, would you please me...cum?"

Amanda patted her hair, "Yes, I will, honey. Just pull off your pants, okay?"

Tori looked at Dr. Carlson. Did he mean for her to do it right here in his office? She flashed back to watching Cindy suck his cock just this morning.

"Go on, dear," Amanda urged, "It's alright. We're all professionals here. You want to cum, don't you?"

Tori did want to cum. She wanted to very badly. It had been hours since her last orgasm, and she was having trouble thinking about anything else. She pulled her pants off, and Amanda undid her belt, pulling it down over her legs. The freedom felt wonderful. Her pussy was so wet as Amanda sat her down on the couch and spread her legs. Dr. Carlson looked away and focused on his papers.

Amanda dipped her fingers into Tori's young snatch, and the hot teen moaned loudly at her touch. It felt nice to have someone else touch her pussy. Amanda was very soft and gentle as she rubbed Tori's clit, smeared her fuck cream around her cunt, and used her other hand to finger her hole. Tori became lost in the sensations, never noticing Dr. Carlson pick up the phone.

She didn't hear him dial, but she did snap back rudely to reality when she heard him say, "Yes, Mr. Hamlin?"

Tori sat up at the mention of her father, but Amanda pushed her back and then Tori felt the coordinator's tongue slash against her slit. It felt so good that she almost came, but knew that when she did the belt would go back on, and she wanted it to last. Dr. Carlson was talking to her father.

"Yes, sir. Dr. Carlson at the NewYou Clinic...Fine, fine, thank you so much for asking...No, everything is just fine, and Tori is doing wonderfully. She's here in the office, in fact, and I have some news to share with you, if you'd like to put your wife on speaker, as well...Yes, I'll wait..."

A few moments passed, as Dr. Carlson watched Amanda suck at Tori's pussy. Tori's hands were wrapped in Amanda's hair, and she was chanting under her breath, "Yes! Yes! Yes! So good...mmmm...lick my cunt..."

Dr. Carlson resumed speaking as Tori fought to divide her attention between the phone call and the building orgasm in her pussy, "Yes, hello. Good afternoon to you both...Yes Mrs. Hamlin, Tori is just fine. She's right here, and I'll put her on shortly. I wanted to reach out to you both with a piece of good news first...Yes, I'm sure it is...After careful evaluation, it is the opinion of my staff, and myself, that your lovely daughter is not suffering from a drug addiction...Yes, I know that should put your mind at ease..."

Tori was on the verge, and she couldn't hold it back. She humped against Amanda's face and began to cum, spilling her fuck honey all over the coordinator's face. Amanda eagerly lapped it up as Carlson continued talking, as though nothing was amiss.

"We believe that Tori's recent experimentation is actually due to a repressed condition that has only begun to manifest in the last few weeks. It's a rare condition known as Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder...Yes, I'm not surprised you've never heard of it. It's not something we see often, but the early signs are there. We've asked Tori to participate in a new study here at the clinic, to which she has agreed. The good news is that we'll be able to petition the court for her release much sooner than expected..."

Tori began to come down from her sexual high as Amanda stood up, leaned over, and pushed her tongue into the teenager's mouth. Tori happily sucked at the honey taste of her own pussy, and then licked Amanda's fingers clean.

"We're looking at a release within the next two weeks, however it will be conditional. Tori will need to come in for therapy once a week...Yes, we're very excited, too! When she's released, her care coordinator, Amanda, will meet with you to discuss the conditions, and the arrangements that she'll need at home...Of course you can talk to her. Just a moment..."

Tori stood up on wobbly legs and accepted the phone that Dr. Carlson was holding out for her.

"Dad? Mom?" she said.

"Baby, it's good to hear your voice," Melanie said on the other end.

"It's good to hear you, too," Tori said, and it was.

"How are they treating you honey?" Her father asked.

"Everyone has been really nice," Tori said, "It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I just miss you guys,"

John and Melanie told her all about the last week, what they had been doing, how work was, about Stephanie's modeling job, but left out the fact that they'd fucked her twin silly over the weekend. She was happy to hear that Stephanie was also keeping tabs on her boyfriend, Tim, and that her sister was really worried about her, too. Tori felt so lucky that Stephanie was looking out for her, when she knew she couldn't. She felt like a bitch for being so rude to her sister before she'd gotten put in this place.

All too soon, Dr. Carlson was asking her to wrap up the call. Tori told her parents that she loved them, and that she couldn't wait to come home. Then she handed the phone back to the doctor. Amanda pulled the belt back up her legs. Tori hadn't even noticed that she'd talked the whole time with her lower body completely exposed. Amanda locked her pussy back up and escorted her out of the office while Dr. Carlson continued to chat with her parents about Tori's treatment.

"You'll need to continue working," Amanda said, as they approached Tori's room, "as much as you can over the next couple of weeks,"


Amanda opened the door and let Tori inside. Cindy lay on the bed shoving the big dildo up her ass, and a smaller one in her pussy. Tori couldn't help but feel a little jealous. The whole room smelled of teen pussy.

"Remember, if you need help just page me," Amanda said, and then she was gone.

Cindy came with toys lodged deeply in both her tight young holes, and then realized that Tori was back. She grinned tiredly at her roommate, and pulled the toys from herself, then began to clean them with her mouth. Tori already felt the growing heat in her cunt watching Cindy's lewd display, but there was nothing she could do about it. She found her hand straying toward her pussy, but then she felt the belt, and stopped.

"Do you want me to take care of you?" Cindy asked happily, "You can shove your cunt against my face, if you want."

"I can't Cindy," Tori said sadly. She did want to shove her cunt against Cindy's face.

"Sure, you can," Cindy reassured her, "I said it was okay. I like how you taste, and when you call me a stupid dyke. It's really hot,"

"No, I can't," Tori said, and slid her pants off, revealing the belt.

"Oh," Cindy said, "They locked up your pussy? That's awful! How are you supposed to cum?"

Tori shrugged.

"Well, there's still your ass, right?" Cindy said, as though it were the most logical thing in the world.


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