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The Second Place Sister, Part 6

Chapter Twenty-Three: An Unexpected Gift

Busty Stephanie was on a total high as she whipped her little convertible into the driveway. Not only had the interview gone well, it had landed her the job with little question. Prior modeling experience was not an issue, once the two talent recruiters had seen her stunning body, amazing good looks, and bubbly personality. She attributed her success, though, more to the former.

The recruiters had complimented her on some great photos, obviously done by someone who knew what they were doing. They gushed over her poolside shots, not only the bikini ones, but the more tasteful examples, as well. She was a natural in front of the camera, and the photos just oozed sex appeal. Lance, the male half of the recruiting team, told her that it was like she was trying to seduce the camera. Laura, the female half, told her how jealous she was that it came so naturally.

When asked if she could come in on Monday for some sample shots with their own photographers, she was delighted to say yes! Now, pulling back into her driveway, she imagined how excited her parents would be when they heard the news. She had beaten Tori to finding a job, one of the few firsts in her life. She was going to be the star, not that uppity cunt of a sister. They were going to gush over how beautiful she was, how successful, how she had made it all on her own. No more second place for Stephanie! She imagined Tori locked away in a tiny room crying by herself, and decided that life was fantastic.

Her only complaint was, of course, that she was so ridiculously horny and had no outlet. She was determined to fix that, and fast. The memory of her father's tongue making her little teen pussy cream all over would drive her to get his big dick into her pronto. She knew it could happen now. Her mother had as much as given her the go ahead while she fucked her slutbox against Stephanie's face.

The oversexed, psychotic teenager put her convertible in park in the side drive and shut it off. Her hands were shaky with excitement. With purpose, she strode into the house, all long legs and big tits. The house was quiet.

"Mom? Dad? Mike?" she called out, but no one answered.

She peeked into the living room. Nothing. Into the kitchen. Nothing. She checked the garage, and noted that her mother's car was gone, as was her father's. Mike's would be parked around the back, since he came and went out the rear basement door. She went to the stairs and stopped suddenly. What was this? A trail of rose petals led up the steps. Curious, she followed them up, then down the hallway, and into her room. The trail stopped, but on her bed was a box.

Now, this was intriguing. She glanced around the room, but there were no clues. Carefully, she approached the bed and took the wrapped box in her hands. The paper was shiny and red, wrapped with a little bow. No tag. She pulled away the paper, and revealed a black box made of thick cardboard, not some shitty flimsy stuff. A wide red stripe ran from corner to corner, the middle broken by a gold heart.

She placed the box on her bed, and removed the lid. Tissue paper covered the contents, red like the wrapping. She pulled it out, and what lay inside took her breath away. A lingerie set lay inside, as well as two small black boxes. Jewelry boxes. First, a red, lace cami with a matching push-up bra. With it were a set of matching panties, sheer, tasteful, but naughty.

She picked up one of the boxes, and found a set of gold hoop earrings inside. She put it aside and picked up the other little box. When she propped the lid open, she almost came right there. Inside, sparkling gold, lay a little necklace with a charm that said, "Daddy's Girl," the dot on the 'I' a tiny diamond.

"Holy fucking shit," she whispered to herself.

She looked around her room, making sure this wasn't some kind of prank. The money that this stuff must have cost, though, would have been a really expensive prank. She followed the gift to its logical conclusion. Her daddy had made up his mind, and he wanted to fuck her. Her daddy was really going to fuck her. She could hardly breathe. She set the little box down carefully, and had to lay down on the bed. Her head was spinning with dirty thoughts. She was lost in a daydream when her phone buzzed, making her jump. She picked it up and looked at the text message.

“6:00, dress classy. Dad.”

“What's going on?”

“Did you find your present?”


“Then don't ask questions.”

Her pussy was tingling as she set down the phone. She had 6 hours to get ready. Dress classy? She couldn't think of much that she owned that was classy. Most of it was teasing material, made for showing off her tits and ass. She would have to go shopping.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Therapy

Tori awoke to the dinging of the alarm on her watch and pulled her fingers from her pussy. She couldn't remember the dream she'd been having, but apparently it had made her finger herself in her sleep. She sighed at the empty feeling in her yearning cunt and wondered if she had enough time to get off. Not if she wanted to shower and eat, she decided.

She pulled herself out of the comfy bed, and prepared for day 3 at the NewYou Clinic. Once she was in the shower, she lost control. The soap on her young breasts, and cleaning up her pussy felt amazing. In fact, it felt better than it ever had, like every nerve in her body was tingling with pleasure at the touch. She quickly found herself rubbing her clit until her brain exploded in orgasm, and she had to relax against the shower wall until she caught her breath.

Tori quickly toweled off, but the feel of the cloth against her body had her wishing she could fuck herself again. She couldn't recall ever feeling so turned on. When she pulled on her light blue scrubs, the touch of the fabric on her bare nipples was enough to keep her excited. If she weren't so hungry, she might have waved off breakfast and made herself cum before she met with Dr. Swell, but she had skipped dinner the night before.

She'd been afraid of seeing Harmony again, ashamed at the way that the pretty redhead had made her climax in the gym, while she pushed her tongue around in her mouth. But she couldn't avoid the cafeteria forever. She had to eat. She also craved one of the delicious vitamin shakes that Dr. Swell had introduced her to the day before.

Her hair still damp, Tori left her room and made her way to the cafeteria. It was busy this morning. About twenty girls, she guessed, were mingling around the room. Some by themselves with earbuds in their ears, while others sat in pairs or small groups. A few gave her some glances as she walked in, but for the most part they just ignored her.

She figured that many of them were like her, They wanted to do their time and go home. She wasn't very interested in making friends. As she went up to the serving line, Harmony spotted her. The busty redhead was, again, at a table with the black-haired girl from yesterday. Valerie. Her name was Valerie, and she was rude. Harmony smiled at Tori. She didn't seem like she was being unfriendly, and waved to her. Tori blushed and started to put food on her plate, making sure to grab one of the blue shakes at the end of the line.

She looked for somewhere to sit, but all of the tables and chairs were occupied by someone. She was scared to just pick a random person, and sit with them. As her eyes scanned the room, Harmony saw her uncertainty, and waved her over. Tori almost shook her head, no, but thought better of it.

She had three months here, hopefully less. She didn't need to make any enemies. She'd always been the popular girl at school, and tried to make friends with everyone. She could do the same here. She just wished she could stop thinking about her pussy, especially when she saw Harmony. Tori put on her best friendly smile and came to Harmony and Valerie's table.

As she set her tray down, she glanced at Valerie. The cute girl with the black hair was absorbed in a book, her earbuds stuffed in her ears.

"Um, Hi," Tori said to both girls.

Valerie gave her a little wave without looking at her. Harmony's face broke out in a big grin.

"Hey there, sugar. Good morning," she greeted Tori cheerfully.

That made Tori feel a little better. Maybe Harmony hadn't told her friend about what happened. Maybe she hadn't told anyone. Tori hoped not.

"Thanks for letting me sit here," Tori said, "The place is sure crowded this morning."

"Sure thing, baby," Harmony said.

Tori dug into her food, famished, and chased it with the blue shake. Harmony and Valerie had shakes, too, but they were empty.

"Pretty good, aren't they?" Harmony said, with a nod to the shake.

"Yeah," Tori agreed, "I'm gonna have to find the secret recipe and make them when I go home."

"They taste like cum," Valerie said, not bothering to look up.

Harmony laughed, and said, "They sure do, but not quite as good. Do you think they taste like cum, Tori?"

"I, um, I wouldn't know," she said, uncomfortable with the sudden direction the conversation had taken.

"You mean, you never..." Harmony said.


"Never sucked off a boy and let him cum in your mouth," Valerie said, finally looking up, "Never let your boyfriend blow his load all over your face, or licked it off your fingers after a handjob?"

"Ew, no!"

Valerie shrugged and went back to her book.

"Ha! Don't mind her," Harmony said, "She's just a slut."

Valerie frowned, but didn't say anything.

"So, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about yesterday," Harmony began to say.

Tori looked worried, and glanced at Valerie. Maybe she knew!

"You know," Harmony continued, "about surprising you in the gym. I kinda sneak around sometimes, and you were in the zone with that workout. Didn't mean to scare you like that."

Tori breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't said anything to Valerie.

"It's okay. I guess I'm just trying to get adjusted," Tori said, "How long have you two been here?"

"About a week," Harmony said, "Val's came in at the same time. Did they stick a thermometer up your ass, yet?"

Tori blushed furiously, and looked at the table.

Harmony grinned, "You get used to it," she said, "I liked it in the ass before I came in here, so it's nothing to me. You ever get it in the ass? Guess not, since you never tasted cum, right?"

"Uh, no," Tori lied, remembering the feel of her mother's toy in her ass.

"I think that Dr. Swell gets off on it, you know?"

"She seems nice," Tori squeaked.

"Eh, she isn't bad, I guess. I just think she likes to watch girls take it in the ass," Harmony said, laughing again.

Tori wasn't sure what to say. This conversation was really uncomfortable, and she was having a hard time concentrating because her pussy was itching and horny with the memory of what had happened yesterday in the exam room. All too soon, her alarm was dinging. She had fifteen minutes until she needed to meet Dr. Swell.

"Speak of the devil," Tori said.

"Later, cutie." Harmony said with a wink.

Tori blushed and took her tray up. She had to get to the bathroom before she met with Dr. Swell. She couldn't imagine going through another episode like yesterday. She hurried to her room, pissed, and wiped. The growing need in her pussy was begging for release, but she knew she didn't have time. She hurried to the exam room with a minute to spare, and knocked softly. She heard Dr. Swell beckon her in. Dr. Swell looked happy to see her, and, of course, Ron was there. He pointedly ignored her, studying the wall.

"How are you feeling this morning, Tori?" The doctor asked.

"I'm fine, thank you," she said, sitting up on the table.

"Wonderful. I'm glad to see you're settling in. You look much more comfortable than yesterday,"


"I'm just going to do a quick blood draw this morning, alright? We're going to see how the shot I gave you is working on getting rid of the drugs in your system."


The doctor drew a small vial of blood and handed it to Ron. He left out the back door, and was back within a minute. By the time he returned, Dr. Swell was going through the same routine as the day before. Blood pressure, reflexes, and then it was time for Tori to turn over.

"Did you get a chance to relieve yourself before you came in?" Dr. Swell asked,

"Yes, Ma'am," she replied, grateful that her face was hidden so that Dr. Swell couldn't see her cheeks coloring.

"That's good."

Dr. Swell pulled down Tori's pants, exposing her naked cheeks. The table's center, again, raised up, pushing her heart-shaped bottom into the air. With her ass and pussy exposed to the doctor's eyes, Tori was very conscious of the wetness between her legs. She could feel her juices running out of her pussy, and down her legs. She had no doubt that Dr. Swell could see it, too.

"Just relax now, Tori."

The doctor's gloved finger pressed against her anus, smearing the cool jelly on her outer ring, then she slowly pushed it inside. As if on cue, she saw Ron's pants begin to tent through the hole her head rested in. Dr. Swell moved her finger in and out of Tori's ass, lubing it up generously. The feeling reminded her of playing with her mother's toy, only this was much naughtier. She had another woman's finger up her ass, and her pussy was dripping.

"Try not to enjoy it too much, Tori," Dr. Swell said with a giggle.

Tori felt so ashamed. She did like the feeling, and was almost anxious to feel the thermometer sliding inside of her. She felt the doctor's finger pull out, and a moment later the "thermometer" was resting against her asshole. Ron and Dr. Swell grinned at each other. She'd increased the size of the sex toy today by just a little bit.

Tori would likely not be able to tell the difference, but it gave the doctor a sick kick to know that she was widening the naive teenager's butthole a little more each time, teaching her to accept larger and larger objects. The "thermometer" began to push its way into Tori's ass. Despite herself, she moaned when it passed her sphincter, and her poor pussy quivered. Dr. Swell spread her ass apart and pushed a little more.

Through the hole, she could see Ron's cock rising, growing, and moving closer to her lips. He held her shoulders in place gently, but firmly. The "thermometer" slid further into her rectum, and she felt Dr. Swell release her butt cheek. The doctor's free hand cupped Tori's little pussy, her palm rubbing up against her clit. Tori gasped at the contact, shivered with pleasure. Stephanie was right. She had a naughty pussy. She shouldn't be enjoying this. She was about to cum from a medical exam with a thermometer up her ass.

Her eyes were fixated on Ron's erection. Something was different today. His pants weren't the kind that tied around the waste, they were button-ups, and a few of the buttons were undone. As his cock hardened, it had begun to push its way free of his pants, and she could see the bulbous head poking through.

"Your vagina looks very aroused this morning, Tori," Dr. Swell said, "I'm going to need to monitor your vaginal temperature, as well. Just to make sure you're alright."

The doctor's hand left her pussy, and a moment later, she felt a second "thermometer" against her wet pussy lips. Dr. Swell was going to put two of them in at once! She found herself eager to feel the second "thermometer" inside her, filling both her holes. Ron's cock had managed to free itself from his pants, and it was rising higher, getting closer to her lips.

She tried to lift up, to get away from the approaching cock, but his hands were holding her firmly in place. Dr. Swell pushed the second "thermometer" into her virgin pussy, and she opened her mouth in a big "O" of surprise. When she did, the head of Ron's cock passed between her lips and settled there. He didn't push forward, but just let the tip rest between her lips. She should have been repulsed, but she actually felt quite happy to have something in her mouth.

Her pussy and asshole were both filled, but Dr. Swell began to adjust the "thermometers," saying something about the readings not looking correct. The effect was that both "thermometers" began to slide in and out of Tori's poor holes, creating conflicting feelings in her tummy. The motion felt really good, but she knew it shouldn't.

She was breathing very heavily, and noticed that Ron had begun to rock his hips very slightly. The head of his penis was slowly moving in and out of her mouth. She should be disgusted. This was wrong! Nurses didn't put their penises into the patient's mouths. She should tell Dr. Swell what was happening! When she tried to open her mouth, though, it just seemed to allow more of Ron's hard cock into her mouth.

Now she was nursing on the head as he rubbed it back and forth between her lips. There was an unfamiliar, salty taste in her mouth. It wasn't unpleasant by any means, in fact it reminded her of the tasty blue shakes they served in the cafeteria. Dr. Swell was still adjusting the "thermometers," and now Tori was on the verge of an orgasm. There was no stopping it. Her pussy had taken control, and she was actively fucking herself on the "thermometers". She hadn't even noticed that Dr. Swell was no longer moving them. She was just holding them in place while Tori slid her ass and pussy up and down them like a bitch in heat.

She was moaning around Ron's penis, now, lost in a haze of fucklust. She all but forgot where she was, so intense were the feelings in her pussy. Finally, the friction was too much, and her legs started to buckle. She moaned like a porno slut and started to cum right there in front of the doctor, for the second day in a row.

"It's okay, Tori," Dr. Swell was saying, "go ahead and cum. Let it out."

Ron's cock was throbbing in her mouth, jumping up and down. She heard him groan, and then her mouth was flooded with a huge amount of the salty stuff she'd been tasting. She realized, right then, that she was getting her first taste of cum. She'd told the two girls at breakfast that it was gross, but as the tangy cream spurted into her mouth, she found herself swallowing it down greedily. It actually tasted very good!

Her brain tried to process what she was doing, sucking down a big load of sperm from this stranger's penis, and when it registered, she came again thinking about how naughty it was. It was embarrassing, shameful, it was sick, and her pussy liked it. The fact that she liked it made her begin to cry, and Tori was so confused. Her tears ran down the shaft of Ron's cock, which began to soften and fell from her mouth with a plop, leaving a string of sticky saliva and sperm hanging from her lips.

Dr. Swell pulled the "thermometer" from her pussy first, and it felt empty. The next one came out of her ass, but she was still humping the air, as though begging for it to be put back. Neither Ron, nor the doctor said anything. They just watched the oversexed young girl try to get the toys back inside of her. Dr. Swell couldn't have been more pleased.

It was only the third day, and Tori was submitting quickly. Many of the previous girls had taken weeks to get to this level of self-debasement. Tori clearly had a submissive streak that ran deep, untapped, and waiting to be brought out. When she checked Tori's blood, she was sure that she'd find her sex drive had increased significantly.

Finally, Tori's head began to clear. Her pussy still wanted to cum again, but she was past the big orgasm, and she could think again. Dr. Swell lowered the table, and Ron stepped away, his cock tucked back in his pants. She hadn't noticed him putting it away, and she could have just imagined the whole thing, except for the taste of his sperm in her mouth. Dr. Swell helped her to sit up and handed her a tissue.

"There, there, Tori," she said softly, stroking her hair, "Don't worry. These things happen, you know."

Tori tried to look at her, but she was so ashamed of how she'd acted, the way she'd lost control.

"You just have a very sensitive vagina, it would seem," Dr. Swell continued, "and orgasms come very easily. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Most women would kill to be like you," she laughed.

That made Tori feel a little better. Maybe she didn't have a slutty pussy. Maybe she was just different. The doctor didn't make it sound like a bad thing. She noticed that Ron was gone now. She thought, again, that she should tell Dr. Swell about his penis going into her mouth, but she decided that she'd embarrassed herself enough for one day. The doctor would probably think she was making it up anyway. All of them already thought she was lying about doing drugs. Who believes anything that a stupid drug addict with a slutty pussy says? The thought made her want to cry again, but she choked it back and wobbled to her feet.

"You can go now," Dr. Swell said, pulling Tori's pants up. She hadn't even thought to do that herself.

Tori hung her head as she shuffled out of the exam room, closing the door quietly behind her. She wiped at her eyes with her sleeve and walked quickly back to her room. She had the next two hours free before her one-on-one therapy, but she didn't know what to do. She checked the alarm on her watch, and decided to lay down. She felt very tired after cumming so hard. It seemed like she had just shut her eyes when there was a knock on her door, and Amanda let herself in.

"I'm sorry, Tori," she said quickly, "I'll just take a moment, and you can get back to your nap. In fact, maybe this will help."

She handed Tori the little music player from the day before.

"I've got it loaded up, just like I told you. It should help you relax."

"Thank you," Tori sniffled.

Amanda noticed her red eyes and sniffling nose.

"Tori, is everything okay?"

"I'm fine," she said, "Just miss my family."

Amanda gave her a peck on the head and a big hug saying, "Well, two days are down, and I'm hearing nothing but good things about you. Your time with us will be over before you know it, and when you get out, you'll feel like a whole new person!"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Try the music. It'll help you relax."

Tori put the earbuds in as Amanda left the room. She pulled the covers up around her and shut her eyes as the music began to play. Amanda was right, the music was soothing. It wasn't anything she might have picked on her own, some kind of slow jazz with calming sound effects, like something you might play for an upset puppy. As she drifted off to sleep, her subconscious mind picked up the repeating phrases hidden underneath the music, things that her waking mind would never detect. And they spoke to her in her own voice.

"Tori is a slut... Tori wants to be raped... Tori wants cock... Tori sucks cock... Tori loves cum... Put it in my ass... Tori has a slut pussy..."

She awoke an hour later with her hand in her cunt again, wet with her fuck honey. The music was still playing. She pushed the covers back, rolling onto her back. She couldn't believe that she was horny again, but playing with her pussy felt like the right thing to do, so she kept at it until she came again. When she came down, Tori went into the bathroom and made herself presentable. She had an hour before therapy, but couldn't decide what to do.

She decided on another run, and made her way to the gym, pounding the treadmill for 20 minutes. Harmony didn't appear. It wasn't that Tori wanted her to, she told herself. She didn't want the busty redhead to come in and feel her up again. She didn't want her to stick her tongue in her mouth. She didn't want her to rub her pussy and make her cum. Those were dirty things, things a girl with a slutty pussy would do, and Tori was a good girl.

Still, she found herself hanging around the gym catching her breath for another few minutes. When no one came in, she went back to her room and showered off. Her pussy was begging to be played with again, but she did her best to ignore it.

Finally, it was time for therapy, which her watch reminded her of. Not that she could forget. She took the winding hallways to Dr. Travers' office and knocked on the door. His deep voice beckoned her inside. Tori came in and shut the door.

"Good afternoon, Tori. It's very nice to see you again. You're looking lovely!" He said, seated behind his desk, working at the computer.

"Hello," she replied meekly.

"Please have a seat. Grab a sucker if you'd like."

She did like, and grabbed one before sitting on the comfy couch. Travers finished up on his computer and came around, taking a seat in the big chair opposite the couch.

"And how are you feeling today? Settling in, I hope?"

"I'm good, and yes, everyone is really nice."

"Excellent. Now, today, what I'd like to do is try to get to the root of your recent experimentation with drug use. I'm going to ask you some questions about your background, and we're going to explore, together, the driving force behind your addiction. Does that sound alright?"

"Whatever you need, sir."

Over the next half hour, Travers asked her all about her family life, her youth, school, her accomplishments, her boyfriend, social groups, and habits. He was very easy to talk to, and didn't come across condescending, or as though he was in a superior position. Tori found it easy to open up to him, and talk about anything. Finally, the question came.

"When did you first experiment with drugs, Tori?"

For the first time she didn't have an answer, since she had never actually done drugs.

"Well, that's the thing, sir," she tried to explain, "I never actually did any drugs."

Travers frowned, saying, "Now, Tori, your toxicology report was very clear. Your body contained a wide variety of illicit compounds," he looked at her chart, "Marijuana, cocaine, painkillers, muscle relaxers. If this is going to work, I need you to be honest with me."

He looked at her expectantly, but she didn't know what to say. She was getting upset, and felt hot tears behind her eyes. He thought she was lying. Everyone thought she was lying, and no one would believe her!

"I... I don't know. I don't ever remember doing any drugs!" she declared, agitated.

"It's alright, dear. Just calm down a bit, now," he handed her a tissue, "you said you'd never done any drugs, but now you're saying you don't remember?"

"I don't. I didn't ever do drugs, and if I did I don't remember doing it!"

Travers stroked his chin, looking thoughtful, "It may be possible that this whole experience has been such a trauma," he posited, "that your mind has suppressed the memories of your drug abuse."

She wiped at her eyes, fighting the urge to cry. Why did she cry so much lately? It was like her hormones were completely out of whack.

"Tori," he said, snapping her back, "I'd like to try a bit of hypnosis, if that's alright. Perhaps we can bring out the repressed memories in your subconscious."

"Does that really work?"

"It has varying degrees of success, depending on the person."

"If you think it will help."

"I'd like to try."

She nodded agreement. Travers had her lay down on the couch, and she heard his voice change. It became more monotone, very even, relaxing, she couldn't really focus on what he was saying. Whatever it was, she was getting sleepy. Soon, she was under, relaxed, oblivious to what was happening on the other side of her eyelids.

Travers smiled at the prone teenager. She'd gone under very easily, indicating that she was going to be very open to suggestions. He began by implanting a few false memories. Tori smoking a joint alone, snorting a few lines of cocaine, taking some pills. She didn't have a long history of abuse, given that her downhill slide had been over the course of a single week, so he didn't need to work on her much.

When he'd finished the false memories, he made her more open to sexual advances. She would be more shameless about her masturbation. She would enjoy the depraved things that happened to her, but her mind would still rebel against them, leaving her in a constant state of confusion as her body and her mind warred with one another. He was tempted to go further, but he wanted the behaviors and memories to take root first. Soon, he was bringing her out, and then she was awake. Tori saw the doctor standing over her looking pleased. She felt refreshed, like she hadn't since all this craziness began.

"Did it work?" she asked.

"Yes it did," he replied, and sat back in his chair, "Do you remember now, what happened?"

She did remember. She could recall a few things. She'd smoked a joint after track practice, in her car. She'd hidden in her room and snorted cocaine. She'd taken pills, and remembered the way they had made her feel good, like she was floating. The flood of memory was powerful, and when she knew that she was guilty of all the things they said she did, she began to cry in earnest. She was a stupid drug addict. She'd done it! She'd ruined her own life, and poisoned her body! She wasn't a good girl, after all.

Travers let her cry, continuing to hand her tissues as she let it out. She felt awful. She didn't want to feel like this. She knew that if she could, instead, find some pleasure, that it would make the horrible memories go away. Without even thinking, she reached her hand into her pants and began to play with her pussy, still crying as she did so.

"Tori," Dr. Travers' voice broke through the fog of tears, "Tori, what are you doing?"

She didn't know what he meant. Then she looked down and noticed that she was masturbating herself right there on the couch. She pulled her hand out of her pants, horrified. She was touching herself right in front of the doctor! How humiliating!

"I, I'm sorry," she cried, "I don't know why I did that!"

Travers hid his smirk, saying, "Now, now, dear," he came and sat next to her, putting his arm around her. It felt good to be held. He let her cry it out for a moment, and when it seemed like she was pulling herself together he said, "I think I may know what's going on, Tori."

She looked up at him with pleading eyes. Maybe he could fix her. If he knew what was wrong, maybe he could make it stop!

"Are you familiar with adolescent hypersexual disorder?"


"I believe that this might be the case. It's rare to see, but does happen. Your repressed sexual urges, such as your chronic need to masturbate, are forcing your mind to find other outlets. In some circumstances those things can be positive, such as your success on the track. Other times, they can be destructive, like drugs. Since these cases are so rare, we really don't know much about how to treat them, but given the nature of this institute, it would behoove us to know as much as possible. I'd like to speak to Dr. Carlson about this. If you both agree, I'd like you to help us understand this condition better, and perhaps we can find a way to help other young people like yourself in the future. What do you think?"

She didn't understand. Hypersexual disorder? Wasn't that the same as calling her a slut? She did know one thing, and that was that she wanted to go back to how her life had been two weeks ago. She wanted to be normal, to be racing like the wind around the track, to be holding gold medals and hearing the cheers and praise of her family and friends. She wanted to spend movie nights with her family, hug her mother and father, her big brother, and even Stephanie. If NewYou could make that happen, then she had to do it, didn't she?

"Yes," she agreed, "Yes. I'll do it. I want to be normal again!" She put her head in her hands and tried not to cry again, but she wanted it so badly that she couldn't help it.

Travers let her cry a while longer, rubbing her back. After a few minutes, he told her that their time was coming to an end. She'd have her free period before group therapy, and then dinner. He'd talk to Dr. Carlson, and let her know what they'd come up with. Tori was so grateful as she walked out of the office and back to her room.

She felt embarrassed that she'd cried so much, and touched herself in front of the doctor. She shut herself in her room, lay on the bed, and studied the ceiling. She needed to pull it together. She popped in her earbuds, seeking solace in the soothing music, and closed her eyes. The sounds played, and beneath them her own voice droned on.

"Tori is a cunt...Rape my mouth...Cum on me...Tori wants her pussy used...Hurt my pussy...Tori is a stupid slut...Tori wants big cock..."

Chapter Twenty-Five: Daddy's Girl

At 5:30, Stephanie was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. During her trip to the mall, she'd picked up her dress for the evening, taking a cue from the red lingerie in the box. She settled on a tight red dress that came to just above the knees, not short enough to be slutty, but not long enough to be prudish. It was held up by thin straps, and contained her big tits very nicely, with just a hint of cleavage. Dark red lipstick coated her full teen lips, perfect dick sucking lips, if she said so herself. Her eyes were done up with a smoky mascara that brought out their bright blue. She'd stopped by the spa while she was out, as well, and was thoroughly waxed all over.

The little gold hoops hung from her ears, and her new necklace sparkled under the bathroom lights. Beneath it all, she wore the new lingerie. Checking herself out in the mirror, she knew that she looked more than fuckable. She was a wet dream. There was no way that her daddy could resist her.

She checked her phone, but still hadn't heard another word from him. Neither of her parents had been home, either. She'd passed her brother on the way in from the mall, as he headed to work. He'd looked extremely pleased and content, more so than she recalled seeing him in, well, ever. He'd been in a hurry to leave, and they hardly said a word to each other, though.

With 15 minutes to 6:00, Stephanie heard the sound of someone pulling up in the driveway. She checked herself one last time in the mirror, left the bathroom, grabbed a little handbag with some essentials, and bounced down the stairs. Her stomach was all aflutter. She was bubbling with excitement. There was a knock at the door. Curious. Neither of her parents would have knocked, naturally.

She peeked out the window, and saw a tall man in a suit and tie. She cautiously opened the door, and the man's eyes widened as he took her in. Long, blonde hair, a face that smoldered with sensuality, lips red and inviting, eyes blue and twinkling with mischief. Her figure was model-perfect, her stomach flat and toned, hips curved just right, and legs long and smooth. The man nearly had to pick his jaw up off the floor.

"Uh, Ms. Stephanie Hamlin?" he queried.


"I'm your chauffeur," he said, "My name is Thomas."

"My chauffeur?"

"I've been instructed by John Hamlin to convey, 'his most gorgeous angel' (his words) to a secret rendezvous."

"Hmm, sounds interesting," she said, giving him a teasing smile.

Thomas stepped back, and Stephanie walked out, locking the door. He walked ahead of her, and into the drive, where a long, black Lincoln limousine idled. The big car was all class, dark and rich with chrome trim and big whitewall tires. Thomas opened the door for her, and watched her beautiful ass as she got inside. She made sure he got a good look, too. She was alone in the car.

Settling into the leather seat, she noted a bottle of champagne on ice, with a note that read, "Don't overdo it". She was tempted, but Stephanie had never been big on drinking. She was underage, for one thing, but it just wasn't something that had ever appealed to her at the parties. Thomas' voice came over the intercom to ask if she was comfortable. She replied that she was, and the car began to back out of the drive.

Soon, they were speeding onto the highway, and into downtown. The drive only took about fifteen minutes, but when the car came to a stop it was in front of The Elder, one of the most upscale restaurants in the city. She'd never been, though it was a place their family could certainly afford. Thomas came and opened the door, offering his hand to help her out. He gave her a courteous nod as she walked around the car, and up the red carpet to the big doors. A well-dressed man stood outside the big wooden doors with a clipboard in hand.

"Name please, ma'am?"

"Stephanie Hamlin."

He checked his list, found her name.

"Welcome to The Elder, Ms. Hamlin. The rest of your party are already seated."

"Um, Thank you."

He opened the doors and watched her ass sway inside. A receptionist greeted her right away, took her name again, and escorted her through the restaurant. A pianist sat in the center of the main room, currently on break. The old English decor shone under ruddy lights that kept the place dimly lit, but comfortable. Everything here smacked of money, and everyone in the place was dressed very formally. As she walked through behind the receptionist, she drew every eye. The men watched her with desire, as did some of the women, while other looks were clearly jealous of her youth and beauty.

She was shown to a VIP section, closed off by a thick wooden door, heavily stylized. The receptionist knocked lightly, waited a moment, and held the door open for her to enter. When she walked into the private room, her parents were both seated at a table. They both drank her in lustily as she strode to meet them. Her father stood, dressed in an expensive black suit. She'd never seen him look so good. He kissed her softly on the cheek, and motioned for her to take a seat next to her mother. Melanie's dress was the classic little black, and she wore it well. She greeted Stephanie with a not-so-motherly kiss on the lips.

Somewhat taken aback, it took the horny teen a moment to process that her mother was kissing her in a restaurant, but she soon returned it with fervor, licking Melanie's lips as John watched quietly. The smirk on his face said that he didn't mind a bit. Melanie pulled away, and took Stephanie's hand.

"Good evening, you gorgeous creature," she said hotly.

"Mom," Stephanie said softly.

She felt hot tears in her eyes. She'd never felt this from her parents. They'd always loved her, sure, and always shone it. But tonight, this place, this experience, this was all for her. She wished her bitch sister would just stay gone, and then she'd have this every night. It would always be her that they showered with love. It would be her who they called gorgeous as they kissed her. She collected herself, stuffed away those thoughts, and tried to focus.

"You guys really go all out on a first date, don't you?" she joked.

"Only when the lady is worth it," John said with a smile.

"And only when we want to get into her pants," Melanie whispered in her ear.

Stephanie felt her pussy spasm. She was clearly right about the direction this evening was headed. Her parents, both of them, were going to fuck her.

"Oh, God," she whispered as Melanie licked at her earlobe.

"Now, shouldn't you have your dinner before dessert, dear?" John asked.

Melanie pouted, "But it just looks so good, how can I resist?"

"That it does," he agreed, "but there's preliminaries to go through before the games, right?"

Melanie nodded. Stephanie began to tell them all about the interview, and the job as she browsed the menu. The waiter came by to drop off a bottle of ridiculously expensive wine, not even bothering to card any of them. John and Melanie were ecstatic about the modeling, her mother wanting to know every detail. She was forced to admit that she didn't know much, yet. She'd find out on Monday. Finally, they put in their orders, and John steered the conversation in a new direction.

"Stephanie, we love you very much," he started.

"I know you do, daddy, mom."

"We love all of our children, and over the last week our family has really opened up with each other."

"I might have noticed," she said pointedly.

"You know that your mother and I, well, we're very sexual people. We always have been. We're very open about it, and we've never kept it a secret from any of you. We've always allowed you three to go your own direction, and we've tried our best never to pressure you to do things that you don't want to do," he went on.

"I've never felt that you did."

"Honey," Melanie cut in, "we both know that there's something that you want," her eyes slid to John, "and we're not against you getting it. We just need you to know that we would never force anything on you. We want what you want, and we want it be something that's done with love."

"Oh, mom, it will be," she gushed. She'd never felt so girly.

"You're a very smart girl, Stephie, and you know where this is all going," John said, "but we need to establish ground rules here, before anything happens. Do you understand?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Good. Your mother and I are deeply in love. I want you to know that. This beautiful woman here," he indicated Melanie, "is my heart and soul. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to come between us. We made that vow years ago, and despite all the odds we've faced, we've never wavered. I belong to your mother, and not to any other woman. Is that clear?"

"Yes, daddy. Yes, mom."

They both seemed satisfied.

"Over the years, we've both had some fun," Melanie admitted, "and this won't be the first time that your father and I have shared someone. There's been women in the past, and some men. If it was naughty, dirty, kinky, or taboo, we loved it. And I know that we're going to love this, too, but we want you to understand that we'll never make you do anything you don't want to do. So, if you ever feel uncomfortable, you need to tell us, alright?"


"We also live by a policy of honesty," Melanie went on, "and we don't want there to be any secrets between us, so is there anything you want to tell us?" she was grinning like a cat.

Her first thought was that they'd found out what she'd done to Tori, but she quickly dismissed that. If they'd known that she'd drugged her sister and conspired to have her locked away in a drug rehab center that was turning her into a teenage fucktoy, she would probably not be out at a fancy dinner right now. Then she remembered Mike. His look of contentment. Like he'd had some weight lifted off of his shoulders. Or maybe a weight relieved from his balls.

"Mike," she said softly, "I've screwed around with Mike."

There it was, her naughty little secret. They both nodded. They weren't surprised. This wasn't the first they'd heard of it. They were just testing her.

"Thank you for being honest, honey," John said, "Now, we don't care when or how it happened. Just tell us, were you both willing? No one forced you, and you didn't...force him?"

She couldn't help but laugh a little at that. Her brother was so horny that the thought of her forcing him to get his cock sucked was hilarious.

"No, he didn't force me. It just sort of happened," she admitted.

"Alright. Now that we've cleared the air, I think another glass of wine is in order," Melanie suggested.

Stephanie couldn't agree more. She was already a little heady from the first glass.

"Can I ask you guys something?" she said.

"Of course, honey."

"Did Mike fuck you," she asked Melanie.

"Very well," she said, smiling over the rim of her wine glass.

"I knew it!"

A knock at their door interrupted the conversation. The waiter walked in after a moment, bearing a big tray filled with dinner. Once they were tended to, the conversation turned lighter as they dug into their meal. They all ate sparingly, a little nervous about what was going to happen after they left The Elder. By 8:00, they were finishing up. John tipped their server very handsomely, and led his ladies out of the room.

He felt like a king with these two knockouts on his arms, as he drew stares from everyone in the restaurant. He could feel the jealousy of every other man driving into him, and it made him smile. He was a mother fucking king tonight, and as he looked into the smoldering eyes of the temptresses on either side of him, he knew that if it was his last day on earth he was going to die happy.

Thomas had the limo waiting for them outside. Once they'd all been seated, John in the middle of the two women, the limo was away. The trip was only a few blocks, and when they stopped it was at the Grand Hilton Garden. The swanky hotel was the home away from home for big money CEOs, visiting dignitaries, celebrities, or anyone that could afford to drop most of middle America's annual wage on a few nights of luxury. Stephanie was dumbfounded at how much this night must have cost her father, and he hadn't batted an eye at any of it. She always knew he was well off, but he wasn't the kind of man to spend frivolously.

The Garden stood up to the name well. The three of them entered the lobby, greeted by the sound of exotic birds singing to one another in the tall trees. The hotel was an open atrium design, two walls of rooms rising up on either side for 26 stories, topped by a gigantic skylight. A waterfall crashed in the center, sending a river of clear water around the entire ground floor. Stephanie saw all manner of colorful fish swimming around. Plants and flowers were everywhere. It was like an arboretum in the middle of downtown. John led the two women to the elevator. He and Melanie had stopped in earlier and checked themselves in.

When the elevator doors closed, Melanie turned to her daughter and kissed her again, then grabbed her husband by his tie and pulled him in, too. The two women shared him between them as the elevator climbed to the top floor of presidential and honeymoon suites. They separated as the elevator doors folded open. A well-dressed young couple caught them disentangling from one another, and stood aside to let them pass. The man looked at John with a sense of awe, while his companion cleared her throat, obviously unhappy that his attention was not on her. Holding hands, John led them all to their suite, and opened it with a keycard.

Stephanie's mouth hung open at the opulence of their room. It was all soft cream colors, with a long picture window that showed the towers of downtown spread out across miles. The room was actually three different rooms. The first, where they entered, was a sitting area with a big flatscreen TV, long couch and two comfortable recliners. One door opened to a half bath. A full bar filled one wall, with a miniature kitchen just off to the side. Another door led to the master suite, which was dominated by a huge California king bed with a silk canopy. A full bathroom complete with hot tub, a big glass shower, and long vanity lay off to the left. Back in the sitting room, a small staircase led to a loft that contained another king sized guest bed and its own half bath.

John quickly kicked off his shoes with a happy sigh, and fell into one of the recliners. Melanie and Stephanie, more daintily, removed their heels and set them aside. Melanie went to the bar and pulled a bottle of wine from the chiller, filling three glasses and passing them out. She gave her husband a quick kiss, and took Stephanie by the hand.

"Get yourself comfortable," she told him, "us girls have to get ready."

John raised his glass to them, and watched them disappear into the bedroom. He flipped on the TV, and let the news fill in the background noise as he discarded his suit on the couch, sipped at his wine, and tried to contain his raging hardon. Periodically, he shot a glance to the closed bedroom door, his eagerness hard to keep in check. The wine and the two beauties had put him in an animal state. It was a struggle not to march into the room and start ravishing the naked female flesh that was so near at hand.

A short time later, Melanie emerged from the room. She smelled like a dream, and looked even better. She'd lost her dress, and donned a lacy white bra and pantie set that lifted her perfect breasts and presented them to full effect. Sheer white stockings clung to her toned legs, and a pair of flashy white heels lifted her ass, making it even tighter and rounder than it already was. He couldn't remember the last time she'd put so much work into looking so damn good. She approached him slowly, coming to stand in front of him, and flipped her dirty blonde hair for effect. As she fell to her knees in front of him, he noticed a little collar around her neck with a charm that read, "slut".

His cock got even harder, if that was possible, as she put her hands on his bare knees and looked up into his eyes. She slid her hands up his legs, and pulled off his boxer shorts slowly, never breaking her gaze. His big dick, free at last, sprang up into the air. He drew in a deep breath as Melanie threw his shorts to the side, and lay her head on his leg. She inhaled the scent of him, that intoxicating, masculine smell. After all the years of it, she was still turned on just by that dominant, alpha male scent.

She returned her hands to rubbing his legs, and leaned over to kiss the head of his cock. Her hands came up to grasp it lovingly, and she rubbed its big head across her cheeks, across her lips, sat up on her knees and ran its length between the valley of her breasts. All this time, she'd never said a word, just stared into his eyes. Finally, she put the head between her lips and slowly suckled on it. She was worshiping his dick, making love to it with her lips.

Slowly, she engulfed more and more, until her mouth was completely stretched around its thickness. She remembered, years ago, the struggle to even get a couple of inches into her mouth. It had taken years of practice on his big tool, but she'd come a long way. Still, the sheer size of his cock was a mammoth challenge to fit into her mouth.

John, afraid to break the spell she was casting on him, didn't dare move. His gorgeous wife continued to work her mouth up and down his shaft, taking a little more each time. When he was good and hard, slippery from her saliva, she stood up and held out her hand to him. He took it eagerly, lost in her wide smile. A little drop of precum hung at the corner of her mouth, and she flicked her tongue to lap it up.

She pulled him from the chair, and led him toward the bedroom door. He knew what was on the other side, and as anxious as he was to see how Stephanie looked, he couldn't tear his eyes away from Melanie's wonderful ass as it swayed in front of him. She stopped at the closed door, turned and gave him a deep kiss.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you," he replied.

She opened the door and took him inside. Stephanie lay on the big bed, her feet bare, her body clothed in the expensive lingerie he'd given her. She lay on her stomach with her legs in the air. Her big teen tits looked luscious, confined in the red bra, and her little necklace hung down between them, twinkling in the dim light. A soft jazz tune played in the background as he slowly approached the amazing young girl on offer in front of him. She was glowing, all smiles and twinkling eyes filled with mischief. Melanie led him to the bed, and lay down next to her daughter.

"Do you know this girl?" She asked him.

"I thought I did," he choked out.

She was a vision. Unbelievable. Her eyes fell to his big, swinging cock, and she licked her lips hungrily.

"Is that for me, daddy?" she asked quietly.

John nodded, and stepped closer. He reached out toward his horny daughter, but Melanie swatted at his hand.

"Uh, Uh," she scolded, "Ladies first!'

She rose up on her knees, and pulled Stephanie up to her, wrapping her hand in her daughter's hair and pulling her face up to her lips. She crushed them against Stephanie's, pouring her pent up lust into a fiery lip lock that caught the oversexed young girl by surprise. Melanie's tongue slid into her mouth, wrapping itself around Stephanie's. The younger girl moaned loudly, while Melanie's hands roamed over her youthful body.

She cupped her tits, ran her hands over the curve of her neck, down her back, grabbed one of her perfect ass cheeks and groped it. She purposefully avoided her pussy for now. She broke their kiss, and pulled Stephanie's head back by her hair, kissing her way down her neck. John leaned in and replaced Melanie's lips with his, sharing the young girl between them. This was a game he knew from experience.

Stephanie's brain was in sexual overload. She'd never been this intimate with anyone, and certainly not with a man and woman at the same time. She had no idea where to put her hands, but instinct told her to use one to caress Melanie's body, and the other to stroke John's big cock. Melanie licked, kissed, and nibbled her way down Stephanie's neck, and between her big tits, while John kissed her with everything he had, and groped her ass. The weeks of repressed sexual energy had Stephanie on the verge of cumming right there, and they'd barely even started.

Melanie pulled back and watched her husband kiss their daughter. She was so hot. This was a million times more sexy than when they'd shared girls before. It was so taboo, what they were doing. It was so naughty. She loved it!

"Let's show our man how much we love him," she said softly, pulling Stephanie back down.

They lay on their stomachs, breasts heaving with excitement, and John brought his huge prick up to their faces. Melanie began to lick at his head, while Stephanie massaged his heavy balls. Melanie bobbed her head up and down his big shaft, coating it, and then pulled off. She took it in her hand and directed it toward Stephanie's mouth. The hungry teen's palette watered with anticipation, and she took to it with vigor. Her lips wrapped around her daddy's big cockhead with some effort.

She was used to Mike's cock, which, though a little smaller, was still a monster in its own right. He'd repeatedly fucked her mouth for some time now, and she'd learned how to take him almost to the balls by now. John's cock, though, was truly a weapon of ass destruction. He was bigger than anything she'd seen in porn. As she forced his huge dick into her mouth, she began to wonder if she could even take him inside her. With some trepidation, she looked forward to it. It was going to hurt, though, and it was going to hurt a lot.

"Mmmm, that's good baby," Melanie said, watching her girl work her daddy's cock over, "He's so big, isn't he?"

"Mm hm," Stephanie uttered around his cock.

"It's much bigger than your brother, and soon it's going to go inside you," Melanie continued, "It's going to pop your little teen cherry, and daddy's going to make your young cunt all his. That's what you want, right?"

She pulled her mouth off of his dick and said, "Yes! I want it," and then John took her hair in his hand and guided his big prick back to her mouth.

Stephanie opened up and took him, bobbing her head, trying to get the whole thing down her throat, but she simply couldn't do it. Melanie was so hot watching her try to swallow her father's penis. Just like everything Stephanie did, she wouldn't be satisfied with only a few inches. She greedily sucked at his swollen rod like a true daddy's girl. Finally she had to come up for air, and Melanie happily took over. She rolled onto her back, and hung her head off the edge of the bed. She'd learned that this was really the only way for him to get all the way into throat.

John pushed his huge cock into her mouth, and slowly slid it down into his wife's throat, until his big balls rested against her face. He groaned in ecstasy when he felt her throat muscles begin to massage his head. Stephanie was awestruck. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. The thick stalk was clearly visible in Melanie's throat. She got on her knees and kissed her daddy while he fucked his long shaft in and out of Melanie's mouth, very slowly. He pulled it out all the way, and Melanie sucked in a big breath.

"You try, now," she said.

Stephanie turned over as her mother had done, and offered her mouth to her daddy. Melanie slithered down Stephanie's body, and got between her legs as John put his dick into her mouth. He gradually fed her a few inches, pulled back to let her breath, and then put it back in. Melanie pulled her daughter's panties aside and began to lap at her dripping slit.

Stephanie bucked her hips against her mother's face, while John repeatedly fed her more and more of his cock. She'd managed to take a little over half now, but her mouth was stretched so far that she felt like a snake trying to eat a mouse. Her jaw ached as he continued to assault her face. Melanie worked her pussy over skillfully with her tongue, nibbling at her clit and driving the girl crazy.

At nine inches of cock in her throat and mouth, Stephanie had her first orgasm of the night. John held his dick in her as she thrashed on the bed, grinding her cunt against Melanie's face, gripping the covers on the bed so tightly that her knuckles turned white. Melanie relented, and John pulled his dick out of her mouth, leaving a long trail of saliva between them. Stephanie struggled to catch her breath. Her head swam with light. She'd never felt anything so good in her life.

Melanie and John, together, began to strip her of her lingerie, Melanie pulling off her panties, while John pulled off her top. Melanie stripped herself quickly as Stephanie tried to recover. Soon everyone was nude, except for the women in their stockings. Melanie maneuvered her daughter into the middle of the bed and began to work on her big tits, while John went down between her legs and ate her to another orgasm. Stephanie cried out and squealed with joy at the amazing sensations running through her body. Melanie reached over to the nightstand, and came back with a bottle of lube and a big dildo. Stephanie, eyes glazed over, looked at the toy while her father continued to work her pussy over.

"We should open you up before the main event," Melanie said, squirting some lube into her hand.

"No!" Stephanie cried, "No, I want his cock first."

"Baby, Melanie said, "Your father isn't the average sized man. It's going to hurt, a lot."

"I know," Stephanie said, "I want the first thing inside me to be daddy's cock. I've waited so long, and I've never even used a dildo," she looked down at her father between her legs, "I've been waiting to take your cock so long, daddy. Please, I want you to hurt my pussy. Push your big cock in me and make me hurt."

She squirmed against his tongue, close to cumming again, her pussy wetter than it had ever been. John's big dick jumped at her words. They were so filthy, worthy of being her mother's daughter. He came up onto his knees, and pushed her legs wider.

"If that's what you want, baby," he said.

He rested the head of his big cock against her tiny pussy, and wondered if it was even possible. Melanie had Stephanie lift her ass, and placed a towel beneath her. She smeared the lube in her hand on her daughter's already excited cunt. There was no way around the pain that was going to come, but she wanted it to be as easy as possible for John to push his cock into her little channel. Stephanie humped at his big dick as it rested against her pussy. She was so close to what she'd been dreaming of for so long. She was going to lose her cherry to the man she loved the most in the world.

John rubbed his big head up and down her slit, coating it in her fuck cream and the lube. Finally, he put it between her pussy lips and began to push. The head of his big dick split Stephanie's pussy open wide, and began to slip inside. Melanie kissed her hard, and Stephanie screamed into her mouth as John opened up her tiny teenage pussy. Just the head of his cock felt like it was tearing her in half. The pain was like nothing she'd ever felt, but she welcomed it, even as tears formed in her eyes.

She was so crazed with lust that she pushed her hips against the intruding cock, but John just held it there, trying to let her get used to his immense size. He could feel her pussy slowly opening up for him, but it was like a vice around his organ. She was so tight that he could scarcely believe he'd gotten as far as he had. Stephanie was in another world, one dominated by searing pain mixed with a perverse pleasure. Her daddy was pushing his dick into her. He was going to take her cherry.

John pushed another inch into his little girl, and watched her little box spread even wider for him. Stephanie thrashed around, clenching her mother's hand in a death grip Melanie watched her husband's big dick slowly start to disappear inside her daughter.

"Hurt my pussy, daddy," Stephanie breathed, "make your cock fit! Make it fit! Ohhhh, fuck!"

He was a few inches into her little fuckhole when he came up against her hymen, and heard her gasp. They locked eyes and Stephanie nodded her head. She wanted it over. She wanted him inside her. John drew back, and then thrust forward quickly. Stephanie screamed as blinding pain shot through her whole body, and ripped through her brain. Tears flowed down her pretty face as her virginity was taken from her, and at that thought, she passed out.

When she came to, she had no idea how long it had been. Melanie was cleaning her pussy with a warm towel. She felt like she'd been hit by a truck. Her whole body ached, but mostly her pussy felt battered and sore. John was in the bathroom.

"Welcome back, baby," Melanie said, smiling up at her.

"What...what happened?"

"You're no longer a virgin," Melanie said, "and you passed out."

"Oh, God. That's so embarrassing!"

She wanted to cry. She'd been so close to having her daddy fill her up, but she hadn't been ready for just how badly it was going to hurt. Her brain simply couldn't cope with all the sensations.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about," Melanie said, "It happened to me the first time, too. That dick is a pussy pleaser, but damn can it do some damage."

"We're not done, are we?" Stephanie asked, afraid that her daddy would never want to risk hurting her again.

"Not if you don't want to be, but you need a little while to adjust now. You didn't think it would be that easy to lose your cherry to a beast like that, did you?"

"I kind of did," Stephanie giggled, "but I guess I was wrong. Fuck, it hurt!"

Melanie nodded. She knew exactly how Stephanie felt. A moment later John came out of the bathroom. There had been so much blood that he was sure that he'd killed his daughter with his penis. The towel they'd put down was a bloody mess, which they'd have to dispose of. He'd needed to shower off to clean up. Stephanie had been out for a good twenty minutes, but he was happy to see her regaining some color when he came back into the room. He bent down and kissed her softly.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you, baby," he said.

"Daddy, it's alright. I wanted it to hurt. That way, I know it's real."

"Honey," Melanie said, "Why don't you go pour us another glass of wine, and when Stephanie's ready we can try again."

John left the room, returning a moment later to find his wife making out with their daughter. The sight was enough to get his big dick rising again. He still hadn't gotten off, and was eager to try to fuck Stephanie again. They lay on the bed together, touching one another and sipping at their wine. The pain was soon fading as Stephanie felt the effects of the wine, and she found that she was still very wet and excited. Soon, they were a tangle of naked limbs and heaving tits once again, the horny trio licking, sucking, and touching until finally, John ended up between Stephanie's spread legs once more.

Melanie smeared his dick with copious amounts of lube, and also applied it liberally to her daughter's little pussy. It was a little easier this time, when the big cockhead spread Stephanie open. The pain was still there, and her pussy was sore, but it didn't hurt as much as the first time. John soon had half of his cock in her, and Stephanie was breathing heavily. Her mother was kissing her as John allowed her pussy to accommodate his size, and then pushed another inch, then another of his giant incestuous prick up inside of his daughter.

With 8 inches of the biggest cock she'd ever seen stuffed up her pussy, Stephanie came like a hurricane. She cried out with a mix of pain and pleasure, while John slowly pulled a few inches of cockmeat from her clenching hole, and then pushed them back in. He worked her rhythmically, sweat beading on his brow. Her pussy was so tight! Soon enough, though, Stephanie was taking his big dick in and out with relative ease. The pain had turned into a dull ache because she was so stretched open, but the pleasure was like nothing she'd ever experienced.

Her daddy stuffed her little cunt over and over with the first 8 inches, and after a while she was taking 9, and then 10. Melanie continued to play with Stephanie's body, paying special attention to her big tits, dropping her head between her legs to lap at her clit, and running her tongue along John's shaft as it went in and out of her. Stephanie was in another world. Nothing existed except the huge cock that felt like it was driving into her soul. She lost count of how many times she came as her daddy relentlessly drove his huge prick into her. His stamina was the stuff of legend. She had no idea how long he'd been using her pussy, and she didn't care. She never wanted it to end.

At some point, she realized that she felt his balls slap against her ass. She was taking his entire cock. She was overjoyed at the realization, and it made her cum harder than at any time before. Her clutching snatch milked her daddy's big dick so much that he couldn't hold back any longer. He lay on top of her, her long legs wrapped around him, pulling him into her over and over again. They were a sweaty mess, utterly lost in the lewd fucking and Melanie lay beside them with the dildo in her cunt.

John roared as his daughter's pussy convulsed around his shaft, and he unloaded load after load of hot cum into her young cunt. Stephanie was crying, whether from joy, pleasure, or the pain she couldn't tell, and didn't care. Her daddy was cumming in her. He was filling her up! He was making her cum with him.

She heard her mother crying out with her own orgasm. Then, the flood of cum began to slow. Her father's cock was buried inside her. She was kissing him. Her legs were tired, and falling away. She felt his big dick sliding out of her, and the emptiness it left was like she was losing a piece of herself.

John rolled off of her, and she lay between her parents. Her whole body quivered, and a flood of cum was pouring from her stretched out pussy. Melanie dove between her legs and began to lick it up. She loved her husband's cum, and there was no way she was going to waste it. Especially since she hadn't gotten fucked, herself. Stephanie didn't even know that she could cum again, but she did.

The mixed juices in her cunt flowed into Melanie's mouth as Stephanie crashed through another orgasm. Finally, Melanie came up beside her, pushed her tongue into her mouth, and she tasted her own pussy and her daddy's cum. They kissed for only a moment, and then Melanie rolled onto her back. All three of them were asleep within a minute.


Enjoying this story? You can own the entire Hamlin family epic, a sprawling 55-chapter tale of betrayal, jealousy, and finding forgiveness. This book spans 658 pages of family fuckery, a roller coaster of emotion that, after eight years, still stands as one of the most loved and best-selling works in my library.

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Need more Hamlin twins? Read A Hamlin Family Interlude, a follow-up story that takes place between The Second Place Sister and Doppelgänger.

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If you prefer willing submission with a rape kink twist, you can read about Sasha and her twisted fantasy, which becomes all-too real, in Sasha's Obsession.

If you prefer to own the whole dirty family collection, you can grab the Family Fun Pack

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