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The Second Place Sister, Part 6

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Chapter Twenty-Three: An Unexpected Gift

Busty Stephanie was on a total high as she whipped her little convertible into the driveway. Not only had the interview gone well, it had landed her the job with little question. Prior modeling experience was not an issue, once the two talent recruiters had seen her stunning body, amazing good looks, and bubbly personality. She attributed her success, though, more to the former.

The recruiters had complimented her on some great photos, obviously done by someone who knew what they were doing. They gushed over her poolside shots, not only the bikini ones, but the more tasteful examples, as well. She was a natural in front of the camera, and the photos just oozed sex appeal. Lance, the male half of the recruiting team, told her that it was like she was trying to seduce the camera. Laura, the female half, told her how jealous she was that it came so naturally.

When asked if she could come in on Monday for some sample shots with their own photographers, she was delighted to say yes! Now, pulling back into her driveway, she imagined how excited her parents would be when they heard the news. She had beaten Tori to finding a job, one of the few firsts in her life. She was going to be the star, not that uppity cunt of a sister. They were going to gush over how beautiful she was, how successful, how she had made it all on her own. No more second place for Stephanie! She imagined Tori locked away in a tiny room crying by herself, and decided that life was fantastic.

Her only complaint was, of course, that she was so ridiculously horny and had no outlet. She was determined to fix that, and fast. The memory of her father's tongue making her little teen pussy cream all over would drive her to get his big dick into her pronto. She knew it could happen now. Her mother had as much as given her the go ahead while she fucked her slutbox against Stephanie's face.

The oversexed, psychotic teenager put her convertible in park in the side drive and shut it off. Her hands were shaky with excitement. With purpose, she strode into the house, all long legs and big tits. The house was quiet.

"Mom? Dad? Mike?" she called out, but no one answered.

She peeked into the living room. Nothing. Into the kitchen. Nothing. She checked the garage, and noted that her mother's car was gone, as was her father's. Mike's would be parked around the back, since he came and went out the rear basement door. She went to the stairs and stopped suddenly. What was this? A trail of rose petals led up the steps. Curious, she followed them up, then down the hallway, and into her room. The trail stopped, but on her bed was a box.

Now, this was intriguing. She glanced around the room, but there were no clues. Carefully, she approached the bed and took the wrapped box in her hands. The paper was shiny and red, wrapped with a little bow. No tag. She pulled away the paper, and revealed a black box made of thick cardboard, not some shitty flimsy stuff. A wide red stripe ran from corner to corner, the middle broken by a gold heart.

She placed the box on her bed, and removed the lid. Tissue paper covered the contents, red like the wrapping. She pulled it out, and what lay inside took her breath away. A lingerie set lay inside, as well as two small black boxes. Jewelry boxes. First, a red, lace cami with a matching push-up bra. With it were a set of matching panties, sheer, tasteful, but naughty.

She picked up one of the boxes, and found a set of gold hoop earrings inside. She put it aside and picked up the other little box. When she propped the lid open, she almost came right there. Inside, sparkling gold, lay a little necklace with a charm that said, "Daddy's Girl," the dot on the 'I' a tiny diamond.

"Holy fucking shit," she whispered to herself.

She looked around her room, making sure this wasn't some kind of prank. The money that this stuff must have cost, though, would have been a really expensive prank. She followed the gift to its logical conclusion. Her daddy had made up his mind, and he wanted to fuck her. Her daddy was really going to fuck her. She could hardly breathe. She set the little box down carefully, and had to lay down on the bed. Her head was spinning with dirty thoughts. She was lost in a daydream when her phone buzzed, making her jump. She picked it up and looked at the text message.

“6:00, dress classy. Dad.”

“What's going on?”

“Did you find your present?”


“Then don't ask questions.”

Her pussy was tingling as she set down the phone. She had 6 hours to get ready. Dress classy? She couldn't think of much that she owned that was classy. Most of it was teasing material, made for showing off her tits and ass. She would have to go shopping.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Therapy

Tori awoke to the dinging of the alarm on her watch and pulled her fingers from her pussy. She couldn't remember the dream she'd been having, but apparently it had made her finger herself in her sleep. She sighed at the empty feeling in her yearning cunt and wondered if she had enough time to get off. Not if she wanted to shower and eat, she decided.

She pulled herself out of the comfy bed, and prepared for day 3 at the NewYou Clinic. Once she was in the shower, she lost control. The soap on her young breasts, and cleaning up her pussy felt amazing. In fact, it felt better than it ever had, like every nerve in her body was tingling with pleasure at the touch. She quickly found herself rubbing her clit until her brain exploded in orgasm, and she had to relax against the shower wall until she caught her breath.