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The Second Place Sister, Part 8

Author's Note:

The DomCo series will be coming to an end next year with Korrupting Kayla, Book Two, followed by the conclusion of the Reluctant Suckslut serial, and finally the last epic, slutty adventure, that will bring back the Hamlin twins. As always, I sincerely appreciate the continued support and readership of these stories. That's not to say these characters will go away. Like that one hot girlfriend we've still got locked in the basement, we're just not gonna let them go (it's humor. Don't SWAT me). I'll be pumping out a new series in Tales from the Other Side.

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Chapter Thirty: A Promise Kept

Stephanie sang along to the radio as she cruised into her neighborhood, her spirits high. Her introduction to her new modeling job had gone splendidly, but her first shoot wouldn’t be until later in the week. She felt wet between the legs, remembering the way the photographer had fucked her with his eyes the entire time. He’d been really cute, in a rebellious artist sort of way, with lanky black hair, piercing eyes, and a really fit body. Stephanie had decided immediately that she would fuck him, as long as it didn’t screw up her gig.

The afternoon was waning as she pulled into her driveway, happy to be home. She was hoping that her daddy wouldn’t be too busy to shove his big dick into her and cure her horny itch. The soreness in her body had begun to fade by that morning, but she’d taken it easy the day after losing her virginity to her father’s over-sized prick.

She had, however, invited Tim around and blown his small penis, just to make sure he stayed in line. She’d also been eager to tell her brother about what had happened, and that her pussy was now open for him. Mike had been so patient, after all, through her numerous blowjobs and relentless teasing. He deserved to be next in line to fuck her, and she felt a thrill at the thought of having her brother’s big cock stretch her out, too. She knew Mike would be rougher, more dominant, and she liked that contrast to her father’s careful lovemaking.

She came into the house, big tits bouncing around in her half top, and checked the garage. Both her parents’ cars were gone. No daddy dick to fuck herself on, but there were other options in this house. She went to the door to Mike’s cave and heard some loud pounding bass from down inside. Smiling, she opened the door, and slipped inside, making her way quietly down the steps.

Mike lay on his bed in a pair of shorts, his attention in some gaming magazine. He was absorbed and had no idea he was no longer alone.

Stephanie crouched low and sneaked over to the bed. The head of Mike’s flaccid cock poked out the bottom of his shorts. She felt her mouth water as she quietly leaned over his lap and slipped her lips over his cockhead. Mike groaned and dropped his magazine. She slid her lips further onto his cock, pushing his shorts up and smiling up at him with her mouth full of his growing dick.

“Steph...” he breathed, and then groaned as she purred happily around his meat.

She continued sucking at his dick, forcing more of it into her mouth. His hands came down to wrap in her blonde hair, and he began to use it to fuck her mouth. She let him use her for a few moments, getting his dick nice and slippery. Fuck, her pussy was so wet. She pulled her mouth off his dick and stroked it.

“Did you miss me?” she asked huskily.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “My nuts are about to burst.”

“Mmm, well that’s not healthy. A good sister should make sure her nasty brother’s big balls are getting drained, don’t you think?”

“Of course,” Mike agreed.

“I heard a little rumor,” Stephanie said, fisting his cockhead, “I heard that you got to go balls deep in our hot mother’s pussy.”

Mike’s dick jumped at the memory of Melanie’s cunt wrapped around his cock, and he said, “It was amazing.”

“Mmmm, I know. She’s got such a hot little cunt! I have a surprise for you, though.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you know what I did this weekend?”

“I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

She squealed like a little girl with a secret, and told him, “I got my virgin pussy stretched open by our daddy’s big dick.”

She wrapped her lips around his cock again and sucked as Mike processed this new information.

“Oh, shit,” he moaned, “You did it? You got dad to fuck you?”


“Was it what you’d hoped?”


“So that means...”

She pulled his dick out and smiled up at him, smacking his throbbing meat against her face.

“That means,” she said teasingly, “that my big brother, my filthy, perverted brother, should certainly not try to stick his thick cock into me. That would be soooo wrong. Good girls, like me, don’t let their hung brothers shove their big pricks into their pussies. It’s disgusting!”

Mike pushed her head back onto his cock and began to pump his hips, forcing his cock in and out of her throat.

“It’s too bad I’m such a fucking pervert,” Mike said between groans, “If I were a good brother, I wouldn’t even think of getting my big dick into my hot sister. But I’m a terrible brother, and I want to make my sister a total whore for my cock.”

“Uh, Uh!”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “I think I’m gonna push my fat prick up your little hole and make you cum on it.”

“You can’t do that to your little sister,” she said, stroking his meat, “Only some fucking sicko would want to do that. You really think I’m just going to let you force that thing up my pussy, and that I’m going to like it?”

“I don’t care if you like it,” Mike played along, “I’m going to do it, anyway. I’m going to rape your little cunt, just like I do your mouth.”

Stephanie dropped his hard dick and stood up, turning as if to leave. Mike was up in a shot. He knew this game. He grabbed his sister’s arm and pulled her body against him. She beat him with her fist, but he twisted her hands behind her back and held her wrists together, while he pushed his lips against hers. Stephanie struggled, but Mike forced his tongue into her mouth, while his free hand went under her skirt and groped her perfect ass.

She bucked her hips against him and tried to wiggle free, but he turned her around and bent her over his bed, still holding her hands behind her back. He reached under her skirt and yanked her panties down to her knees.

“Let go of me you sick fucker!” she yelled.

“Shut up, slut. You’re gonna take my dick up your snatch, and you’re gonna ride it like you fucking like it!”

“I’ll bet you feel big now, don’t you! Do you feel like a fucking man? Does it get you off to rape your hot little sister’s teen cunt?”

He pushed her skirt up her back and saw her gorgeous, shaved, wet pussy just inches from his cock. He’d been dreaming of the day that he could fuck Stephanie for so long. He never imagined it would happen. Now, just two days after fucking his beautiful mother, he was about to penetrate his sister, too. He knew he was the luckiest man in the world.

Stephanie was still fighting against him, so he took hold of both her arms and pulled them back, using them to lever her until she was helplessly bent over with her ass sticking up in the air. Her face pushed into the bed, Mike lined up his big dick with her slit and slowly rubbed the head in her flowing fuck cream. Stephanie panted and moaned. His dick was so close, so hot.

“Open up for Mikey,” he said, and pushed his big head past her pussy lips.

“Oh, fuck!” Stephanie cried.

His cockhead split her pussy open, slipping inside her. She stopped struggling. It felt too good. Mike pushed again. She was so tight! Stephanie tried to breathe evenly, but Mike slowly put more inches of his dick into her. She felt her little pussy forced open, struggling to accept his girth. The initial pain was intense, but Mike paused with half his cock in her and let her get used to it. He wasn’t quite the size of her daddy, but he was no slouch.

“Holy...shit...” Mike groaned.

Her newly fucked pussy was incredible. He was only the second cock to ever get inside her, and he could tell. Stephanie’s whole body quivered, her legs spread wider, and she began to push back into him, trying to get more of his dick into her. Mike pulled a few inches out, and then pushed back in. Stephanie was so hot that she came on his dick right then. Mike let her arms go and took hold of her round little ass, spreading it open while he fed more cockmeat into his squirming sister.

Stephanie babbled unintelligibly as eight inches of her big brother’s fat prick sunk into her body, setting off another orgasm. The feeling was so much better, now that she’d been fucked. She didn’t know if it was the way that he’d taken her, or just the fact that she’d had time to recover from her daddy’s fuck, but this time was fabulous! She urged Mike to get all the way in, feeling her pussy trying to milk his big shaft.

“Oh, Mike,” she moaned, “Does your... sister’s cunt feel good... Ooooh! Is that getting your dick off?

She pressed her ass back until she felt him all the way inside her, and they both stopped. Mike was sweating, holding his dick firm inside his busty sister’s vice of a pussy. Her muscles sucked at him hungrily, trying to draw his load out. Stephanie panted, filled up so full that her head was buzzing. It was impossible for something to feel this good. Then Mike began to pull his length out of her, and push it back in, picking up speed, and she knew she was wrong. This feeling was even better.

Her brother started to pound his thick dick in and out like a machine, until his hips were slapping against her ass and making her cheeks jiggle with every thrust. Stephanie lost her mind in an endless string of orgasms. Her legs would hardly hold her up, she was shaking so badly. She felt Mike spit on her exposed asshole, and then his thumb was slipping inside as he fucked her. She’d never felt anything in both holes at once, and the painful pleasure of it was too much.

Her legs gave out, and she collapsed on Mike’s bed. He came down with her, pushed her up higher on the bed until her feet hung off the side, and then continued to ravish her clutching teenage fuckhole with his thumb up her ass. Stephanie was babbling incoherently, but he didn’t even care. His sister’s hot little cunt was the only thing in his world, and her clamping muscles were about to bring him off. With a final push he buried his big cock into his slutty sister and doubled over on top of her. His finger popped out of her ass, and they came together. Stephanie humped against him as his cum burst inside of her, her body pinned beneath him while she screamed out her lust.

She had no idea how long she lay there with Mike on top of her. Her pussy sucked and quivered at his invading shaft as it began to shrink, until finally he pulled it from her body. Mike flipped his sister over. She was so beautiful. Her hair was a sweaty mess, and a silly grin was plastered on her face. Her skirt was bunched up around her tiny waist, and her half top was skewed crazily so that one of her big tits had come out. She didn’t even move when he brought his slimy cock up to her mouth and pushed it between her lips.

She didn’t even try to suck it. She simply lay there like a limp doll and let him clean his dick off with her mouth. Stephanie could taste all the sex on his cock, but she was too fucked to even try to participate. Mike groped her free tit with his big hand while he crammed his wet cock into her throat.

“Yeah, you dirty slut. Clean up that dick for me,” he said under his breath, “Is this what you wanted, Steph?”

Her body tingled all over as she let Mike fuck her face. Finally, it seemed he was satisfied, because he pulled his wet dick out, leaving a trail of saliva and cum hanging from the side of her mouth. She couldn’t even move her hand to wipe it away. Or maybe she didn’t want to. What she did want to do was sleep, and before she could even try to stand and go to her room, she was snoozing on Mike’s bed.

The sight before him was like a wet dream. His big-titted sister was so hot, and she looked like such a slut laying there with her legs spread open on his bed. He’d cum, possibly, even harder than when he’d had his mother, and that was saying something. Melanie was an incredible woman, and her body was fantastic. Stephanie, though, was the picture of an ideal young fuck toy. Her body was so hard, and so perfect that Mike’s dick started to stiffen up again.

Stephanie was out cold, completely oblivious. He shook her gently, hoping she’d wake up for a second round. Nothing. He adjusted her so that her ass sat at the edge of his bed and pulled her top down around her waist so that her big tits stood proudly before him. She was so delicious! Mike got back between her legs, put them on his shoulders, and began to work his cock back inside her tiny young cunt again. Stephanie just moaned quietly but didn’t move.

Mike smiled and pushed his dick further into her again, watching how her tits bounced around as she took his dick. Her pussy was so juicy and wet, her fuck honey dripping down her ass, onto his bed, onto the carpet. She was so fucked, though, that she still slept through it. There was something so perverse in the fact that he was balls deep in his sister while she slept. It seemed even more a violation than the fact that he was fucking his sister to begin with.

Her cunt was now so slick that it was easily taking his whole length, encasing his cock like a glove. As he worked her little pussy over, he was struck by an even more perverse thought. He pulled his dick from her and rubbed it against her asshole. His dad might have been the first to get into her pussy, but he could claim her backdoor right now. The idea had his cock jerking with anticipation. He lined it up and began to push, opening her virgin asshole up.

Stephanie still didn’t respond. Her ass was so slick from her cunt cream that he had little trouble pushing his cockhead inside. It was so tight, but he didn’t let it stop him. Brows knitted with concentration, he pushed harder this time, and felt her asshole open up for him. His big head slipped past her sphincter, and Stephanie let out a groan, but didn’t wake up.

Her ass was amazing! He’d thought that pussy was tight, but her asshole was squeezing his dick so tightly that he thought it might cut off the circulation. He eased the head in a little further, and then worked it back and forth, lubing up her channel with her own juices. Stephanie groaned again as he put another inch up her backside, and then he had to stop or he’d cum right then.

He grabbed her big teen tits in his hands, took a deep breath, and pushed again, fitting another couple of inches into her virgin butt. Stephanie’s eyes fluttered open, and she looked confused. It took a second to remember where she was. There was a fullness in her lower body, and thought it didn’t really hurt, it felt strange. She focused her eyes on Mike, his sweating face, his silly smile, and she realized that her legs were over his shoulders. Then she felt his cock move in and out of her, but this feeling was different. Her head cleared and she realized that her brother’s cock was up her ass.

Mike grinned down at her as the realization hit her, and then he was fucking his big dick in and out of her butt. She shook and tossed her head from side to side as she felt his big meat slide up inside her. It was a wholly different feeling from getting her pussy reamed. It didn’t feel bad. Just different. Then Mike’s finger began to work at her clit as he fucked her and she decided that she liked how full she felt.

“Mike...” she said.

“Shut up and take it, Steph,” he said, “I’m gonna make you my little butt slut. How would you like that?”

“Oh, it’’s...” She couldn’t get the words out.

“That’s right. My little butt slut sister. I’m gonna teach you how to take it all. Dad might have gotten your pussy, but this ass will always belong to me first, won’t it?”

“Oh, fuck...Uuungh!”

“What did you say one time,” Mike said, filling her up with another inch, “I wanted to make you my three hole slut? Well, look at you now! Where’s my cock, Steph?”


“Tell me where it is, slut.”

“It’s... in... my... my... ass! Oooh!”

Mike had six inches of his bloated prick in her rectum, and she didn’t think she could take any more than that. She felt so full, and her asshole was squeezed so tight around his shaft. It felt like his dick was buried in her soul, it was stretching her out so much. Mike fought against her ass’s natural reaction to expel his dick and continued to push and pull his cock out of his sister’s gorgeous ass. Stephanie’s legs were locked around his neck, and she was on the cusp of another orgasm from his manipulation of her clit.

“Go on, Steph,” he said, “Go ahead and cum with my cock in your ass. I know you want to.”

She did want to, and this was so dirty that she knew she couldn’t hold back if she’d desired. Stephanie felt his dick throb deep in her asshole, and she knew he was cumming in her. Her big brother was cumming up her ass, right after he’d cum up her pussy. She’d given him two of her holes and he’d taken the third like he was entitled to it. The thought made her cum with him, and she could feel his second load trying to find its way out of her ass, but his cock had her plugged so tightly that there was no escape.

She’d always known she was horny, and that she was slutty, but now she was really a three-hole slut for her big brother. He’d taken her ass, and that seemed to break something in her, some final barrier. She was a slut. She was a nasty teenage incest slut, and she’d just came with her brother’s dick lodged tightly up her ass. It was so filthy, and yet so perfect. She knew that she’d never deny this to him again, and she couldn’t understand why she’d ever denied him at all. His dick felt at home inside her, and she was truly his butt slut.

“Oh, fuck! Take that cum up your ass,” Mike shouted, his dick pumping into her, “Holy shit! You’re my fucking little ass whore, Steph!”

“Mmmm, yeah! I am! Fuck it, Mike. Cum up my ass!”

She didn’t even realize what she was saying. She was just spouting filth while Mike emptied his big nuts into her for a second time. When, at last, he’d spurted one final jet of cum into her, he lowered her numb legs to the floor. His cock began to slide out of her, and then popped free, leaving an empty feeling behind that made her a little sad. She’d gotten used to being stuffed full of his fuckmeat. The orgasms this time had been different, though. They were wonderful, but not the intense explosions in her head that made her see stars. These were more like constant butterflies in her stomach that caused an all-over body buzz.

She was still trying to catch her breath when Mike pulled her off the bed roughly onto her knees and slapped his wet cock against her face. She knew what was coming, and she didn’t have the energy to try to stop him. She wondered, as he pushed his dick into her mouth, if she even wanted to. This seemed right.

He’d claimed her asshole, and now it was her job to clean him up after the wonderful feelings he’d given her. Mike used her mouth harshly, gagging her with his dirty cock, telling her she was a whore. He was right, and she liked it. By the time his dick softened, she had tears rolling down her cheeks from his abuse of her mouth. Her makeup ran down her face like smeared paint. She looked like a total mess, and she felt like one, too.

Mike pulled his dick out of her mouth and lifted her tired body in his arms. Stephanie felt like she was floating. Her naked brother carried her upstairs to her room and laid her on her bed. She giggled a little, thinking that she’d probably left a trail of cum all the way upstairs, as she could still feel it dripping from her ass and pussy. Mike disappeared, came back a moment later with a warm washcloth and a glass of water. She accepted the glass with shaky hands and gulped it greedily, while her brother gently cleaned her up. She didn’t know when he finished because she was asleep, well and truly fucked this time.

Well-fucked Stephanie Hamlin
Well-fucked Stephanie


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