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The Second Place Sister, Part 8

Author's Note:

The DomCo series will be coming to an end next year with Korrupting Kayla, Book Two, followed by the conclusion of the Reluctant Suckslut serial, and finally the last epic, slutty adventure, that will bring back the Hamlin twins. As always, I sincerely appreciate the continued support and readership of these stories. That's not to say these characters will go away. Like that one hot girlfriend we've still got locked in the basement, we're just not gonna let them go (it's humor. Don't SWAT me). I'll be pumping out a new series in Tales from the Other Side.

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Chapter Thirty: A Promise Kept

Stephanie sang along to the radio as she cruised into her neighborhood, her spirits high. Her introduction to her new modeling job had gone splendidly, but her first shoot wouldn’t be until later in the week. She felt wet between the legs, remembering the way the photographer had fucked her with his eyes the entire time. He’d been really cute, in a rebellious artist sort of way, with lanky black hair, piercing eyes, and a really fit body. Stephanie had decided immediately that she would fuck him, as long as it didn’t screw up her gig.

The afternoon was waning as she pulled into her driveway, happy to be home. She was hoping that her daddy wouldn’t be too busy to shove his big dick into her and cure her horny itch. The soreness in her body had begun to fade by that morning, but she’d taken it easy the day after losing her virginity to her father’s over-sized prick.

She had, however, invited Tim around and blown his small penis, just to make sure he stayed in line. She’d also been eager to tell her brother about what had happened, and that her pussy was now open for him. Mike had been so patient, after all, through her numerous blowjobs and relentless teasing. He deserved to be next in line to fuck her, and she felt a thrill at the thought of having her brother’s big cock stretch her out, too. She knew Mike would be rougher, more dominant, and she liked that contrast to her father’s careful lovemaking.

She came into the house, big tits bouncing around in her half top, and checked the garage. Both her parents’ cars were gone. No daddy dick to fuck herself on, but there were other options in this house. She went to the door to Mike’s cave and heard some loud pounding bass from down inside. Smiling, she opened the door, and slipped inside, making her way quietly down the steps.

Mike lay on his bed in a pair of shorts, his attention in some gaming magazine. He was absorbed and had no idea he was no longer alone.

Stephanie crouched low and sneaked over to the bed. The head of Mike’s flaccid cock poked out the bottom of his shorts. She felt her mouth water as she quietly leaned over his lap and slipped her lips over his cockhead. Mike groaned and dropped his magazine. She slid her lips further onto his cock, pushing his shorts up and smiling up at him with her mouth full of his growing dick.

“Steph...” he breathed, and then groaned as she purred happily around his meat.

She continued sucking at his dick, forcing more of it into her mouth. His hands came down to wrap in her blonde hair, and he began to use it to fuck her mouth. She let him use her for a few moments, getting his dick nice and slippery. Fuck, her pussy was so wet. She pulled her mouth off his dick and stroked it.

“Did you miss me?” she asked huskily.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “My nuts are about to burst.”

“Mmm, well that’s not healthy. A good sister should make sure her nasty brother’s big balls are getting drained, don’t you think?”

“Of course,” Mike agreed.

“I heard a little rumor,” Stephanie said, fisting his cockhead, “I heard that you got to go balls deep in our hot mother’s pussy.”

Mike’s dick jumped at the memory of Melanie’s cunt wrapped around his cock, and he said, “It was amazing.”

“Mmmm, I know. She’s got such a hot little cunt! I have a surprise for you, though.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you know what I did this weekend?”

“I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

She squealed like a little girl with a secret, and told him, “I got my virgin pussy stretched open by our daddy’s big dick.”

She wrapped her lips around his cock again and sucked as Mike processed this new information.

“Oh, shit,” he moaned, “You did it? You got dad to fuck you?”


“Was it what you’d hoped?”


“So that means...”

She pulled his dick out and smiled up at him, smacking his throbbing meat against her face.

“That means,” she said teasingly, “that my big brother, my filthy, perverted brother, should certainly not try to stick his thick cock into me. That would be soooo wrong. Good girls, like me, don’t let their hung brothers shove their big pricks into their pussies. It’s disgusting!”

Mike pushed her head back onto his cock and began to pump his hips, forcing his cock in and out of her throat.

“It’s too bad I’m such a fucking pervert,” Mike said between groans, “If I were a good brother, I wouldn’t even think of getting my big dick into my hot sister. But I’m a terrible brother, and I want to make my sister a total whore for my cock.”

“Uh, Uh!”