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The Second Place Sister, Part 5

Chapter Twenty-one: The Physical

Dr. Rebecca Swell had once been a darling of the scientific community. By the age of 25 she held advanced degrees in biology and chemistry. Finding work had been no problem, and though she was approached and sought after by several companies, research labs, and government entities, she'd found herself working in the research department of a large pharmaceutical company.

Unfortunately, she was also overeager, and had no regard for protocol or process. When it was discovered that she had initiated human trials on some questionable drugs of her own design, the fallout was swift. To avoid any kind of scandal, she was quietly dismissed from her post, but soon found herself blackballed by everyone who had previously courted her.

The problem with Rebecca Swell lay in the fact that she was a horny and dominant bitch. Dr. Swell loved sex. Not in the way that some people love chocolate, or puppies. It was an obsession that dominated her life. It wasn't that Dr. Swell loved having sex, though she did. It was that she simply could not understand how there were people in this world that did not, and it was her life's mission to see that the world devolved into debauchery, animal lust, and eroticism. She particularly enjoyed sexual domination. The way some people submitted themselves to any and all kind of debasement at the hands of someone that they perceived to be a more dominant sexual force in their lives.

Those people, in the opinion of Dr. Swell, were far too few. Her particular branch of research focused on altering those individuals through the use of DNA, hormone, and chemical alteration. Making sluts with science, she had joked on more than one occasion. Shortly after finding herself unemployed, with a generous severance package to pay for her silence, she had been contacted by another researcher who had similar thoughts to her own. Enter Dr. Paul Carlson.

Carlson himself was far more reserved with his research. He was a stickler for process on the surface, but in reality, he was just much better at hiding his activities behind a curtain of legitimacy. Through his own contacts, he'd learned of Dr. Swell's interests, her falling out with the broader scientific community, and he'd been very happy to reach out to her and bring her into the fold.

Laying out his plans for the NewYou Clinic, he'd been able to persuade her (rather easily) to get involved. She would have free reign to develop her project as she saw fit, provided it fit within the overall goal of the clinic. That goal was to turn young, more conservative women into young sluts. It was Carlson's opinion that the world (mostly the male population thereof) could seriously benefit from starting young adult women on the path to slutdom as soon as possible.

Over the course of a few years, their methods had been fine-tuned to include psychological conditioning, DNA, hormone, and body modification, as well as reinforcement of "appropriate" behaviors. Though there had been no shortage of young, attractive, troubled teens through the doors of NewYou over the last two years, Tori Hamlin was absolutely the best.

She was flawless, perfect, exceptional. She was stunning. Her body and her looks evoked the kind of sexual arousal that most women only dream of. The kicker was that she had no idea of her effect on both men and women. She was innocent to a fault, a truly good girl and wonderful person. Corrupting her would be the professional challenge, and accomplishment of a lifetime.

On the previous evening, as Dr. Swell fed Tori her pills and pushed the needle into her perfect ass, she could hardly contain her excitement. Of course, she had lied about both the pills and the injection. The pills were a powerful aphrodisiac, designed for the short term. The injection would take a little longer, as it was designed to rewrite some of her genetic code.

Over time, as it worked, it would increase Tori's hormone production, substantially increase her libido, halt her egg production, and make certain areas of her body much more sensitive to pleasure. Her pheromone production would kick into overdrive, making everyone around her extremely attracted to her. The overall effect was that she would live out her life in a near-constant state of sexual arousal, prevent pregnancy, and any pleasure she received in her erogenous zones would be heightened incredibly. She'd also attract people like a magnet, and they'd all want a piece of her.

The Recoder, as Dr. Swell had come to call it, was only a tool, though. Tori would still need extensive reinforcement on her psyche if she was ever going to accept the new feelings that were going to run rampant through her body. The most delicious part of it was that she would always retain her own personality. In her mind, she would always want to be the same good and wholesome girl, but the terrible urges she'd experience would leave her with a constant sense of guilt and humiliation. Those same feelings, though, would only heighten her arousal, making her body demand more sexual attention.

Dr. Swell was prepping her exam table as poor Tori was escorted through the doors of the examination room by an orderly. She was now dressed in the same light blue scrubs as all the rest of the girls.

"Good morning, Tori," Dr. Swell said cheerfully, "How did you sleep?"

"Okay, I guess," she said sleepily. It was clear she hadn't slept much at all.

"Did you make it to the cafeteria for breakfast?"

Tori shook her head. She'd still been too frightened to leave her room. She hadn't eaten anything since yesterday morning, but she'd kept drinking water, like the doctor told her to. And she needed to pee, a lot.

"Well, when we finish up here, I can take you down to the cafeteria myself, and get you something to eat, okay? You can't neglect your health, you know,"


Dr. Swell motioned to the exam table. It looked like one of those tables in a chiropractor's office, with a hole at the head where she could put her face, while she lay on her stomach. It was covered in the same white paper that all doctors covered exam tables in. The table sat at about waist height.

"Can you sit on the table for me please? I'm just going to check you out a little bit,"

Tori obediently sat on the table, her legs swinging over the end. Dr. Swell put on a blood pressure cuff, checked her pressure, then listened to her heart. She asked Tori to open and say 'ahhh,' and then tested her reflexes. While all this was happening, Tori began to feel like she might have to pee again. She wanted to tell the doctor, but the male orderly was standing at the other end of the table, and she felt embarrassed to say anything in front of him.

"Good, Tori," Dr. Swell said, "Now, can you please lie down on your stomach for me, and just put your face there at the top,"

Tori did as she asked, resting her face in the little hole. The male nurse took up position by her head, and she could clearly see his legs and his crotch through the hole. He seemed unreasonably close, in her opinion, but then she was no doctor. The table began to move, the section under her stomach raising up. This had the effect of pushing her rear end into the air. Tori gasped as she felt Dr. Swell pull down her bottoms.

"Now, just relax Tori. I'm going to take your temperature really quickly. This is a small rectal thermometer, so don't be afraid when you feel a little sensation at your backdoor, okay?"

"Can't you just use the mouth one?" she asked.

"Those old things aren't very accurate. The best readings are taken right here. Now, this will be a little chilly. I'm going to put just a dab of some jelly on your bottom, so I don't hurt you when I put this in,"

Tori cringed and began to blush. She was sure the nurse could see her exposed butt and couldn't believe he was going to watch the doctor put a thermometer in her ass! She flashed back briefly to when she'd put her mother's dildo in her ass. It had felt good, but then, she'd been alone in her room. She could feel her pussy getting wet at the memory and was instantly ashamed. Dr. Swell would probably see her arousal and think that she enjoyed this. On top of that she really had to pee!

Dr. Swell's finger touched her anus, coated with slippery medical jelly. Tori felt the finger slowly slide into her ass, and she moaned just a little bit. It didn't feel bad. When she looked down through the hole, she could see the nurse starting to get an erection. He was getting turned on watching the doctor push a finger up her butt!

"That's good, Tori," Dr. Swell said, "I'm going to put the thermometer in now, alright?"

"Uh huh."

Dr. Swell picked up a small black dildo, giddy with excitement. She lubed up the small fake penis and grinned at her nurse as she positioned it at the entrance to Tori's ass. Slowly, she began to push it in, watching Tori's perfect ass squirm at the unwanted intrusion. The feeling of the "thermometer" sliding into her asshole made Tori's poor pussy start to quiver. The nurse's cock was tenting his thin pants, starting to rise higher. As Dr. Swell pushed the "thermometer" deeper into her teenage butthole, the nurse's cock swelled even more. Soon it was standing at full attention, which brought it up through the hole until it bumped against Tori's lips. Only the thin fabric separated his cockhead from her mouth.

"Is that too uncomfortable, Tori," Dr. Swell asked.

"No," she replied, and when her mouth opened, the clothed head of the nurse's cock entered her mouth. In shock she tried to pull back, but his big hands held her shoulders down.

"I need you to stay still, Tori," Dr. Swell urged, and gave her ass a light spank.

Tori's pussy began to drip with juice. Her bladder was painfully full. Her breath was hot on the nurse's aroused penis. The pressure in her bladder was getting unbearable.

"Doctushwell," she tried to say, her mouth muffled by the fabric-covered cock against her lips. She had to warn the doctor. The pressure from the "thermometer" was pressing against her bladder.

"Just another minute, Tori. We're almost done,"

Tori's body began to shake from trying to hold in her water. She was on the verge of tears as Dr. Swell began to pull the "thermometer" from her ass. As it came free with a pop, the sudden release of tension set off the poor teen's full bladder, and before she knew it she was letting it go. Hot tears burst from her eyes, coating her face and the nurse's thin pants. Dr. Swell jumped away with a cry. Tori couldn't help herself. She emptied her bladder right there in front of Dr. Swell and the nurse. Both of them just stood silently and let her finish, all the while she cried with the nurse's big dick pressed against her lips.

Finally, she was done. Her body shook with shame. She sobbed uncontrollably. Worst of all, her pussy was so hot from the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation. Suddenly, the nurse stepped back. Dr. Swell was stroking Tori's pretty hair and hushing her.

"Oh, honey, it's okay," she said soothingly, "I should have asked if you needed the bathroom before we started. I know those pills made you have to pee so bad,"

Tori couldn't collect herself. She just lay with her exposed asshole in the air, crying.

"Ron," Dr. Swell said, "Could you please grab a mop and clean up?"

She heard the nurse walk out of the room. Dr. Swell went to a cabinet and came back with some towels. She began to clean up Tori's piss-soaked pussy for her. The feel of the scratchy towel against her pussy, rubbing her clit, the whole humiliating situation was just too much. As if her shame could go no deeper, Tori began to cum as Dr. Swell cleaned up her pussy. Her firm legs shook, and a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Even worse was that Ron walked into the room with a mop and bucket just as she went off. She could hear him gasp as her pussy juice ran down her legs.

Dr. Swell continued to clean her up as Tori rode out her orgasm. Ron said nothing but began to mop up the floor. Tori's whole body was red with embarrassment. She couldn't believe she'd just pissed herself and then orgasmed right in front of the doctor and nurse. She wanted to go hide in her room and die. Dr. Swell lowered the exam table and came around to stroke Tori's hair kindly.

"There, there, honey. It's alright. Occasionally, these kinds of things happen. It's nothing to be ashamed of,"

Tori heard her, but she was sobbing so hard that the words hardly registered. Dr. Swell helped her to sit up and used the same piss and cum-soaked towel to dry her tears. Tori could smell her own fluids all over it.

"Why don't I take you back to your room, and you can clean up. Okay?"

Tori nodded. She stood up on wobbly legs and pulled up her pants. With the doctor's arm around her, they walked out of the room. Tori couldn't help but notice the wet spot on the front of Ron's pants, where his cock had been bumping against her lips. The hallways were empty as Dr. Swell escorted Tori back to her room.

"Go ahead and shower up, Tori," Swell said, "I'll come back in a few minutes, and we'll go down to the cafeteria together. I'm starving!"

She tousled the shaken girl's beautiful hair and left her alone. Once she was by herself, Tori began to get a hold of her tears. Mechanically, she set her bag on the bed and began to unpack it. She'd been so frightened the night before that she hadn't taken the time. As she pulled out her things, she noticed that all of her panties and bras were missing. Her personal items were still here, toothbrush, other toiletries, a few books, some notepads, a couple of track suits. All of her underwear, though, was gone. Maybe the clinic supplied their own? She went to the sets of drawers, finding plenty of the light blue scrubs inside, but no underwear. She made a mental note to ask the doctor later. Pulling a new pair of scrubs out, she took them into the bathroom.

The mirror showed her that her face was a mess. Her eyes were red and puffy, her hair disheveled. She stripped off the soiled scrubs she was wearing and threw them in the hamper. They smelled like piss. She turned on the shower, and jumped in, not even waiting for the water to warm up. The cold water served to clear her head a little bit. As she soaped up her body, the water gradually heated until it was a nice soothing temperature. As she worked at cleaning herself, especially her crotch, she tried to block out the embarrassing situation she'd just endured. However, when she thought back on it, her pussy started to juice up again.

"No, no, no!" she whispered to herself, "Stop that!"

But her pussy didn't stop. It became more excited as she washed it and pictured Ron watching her cum with her ass in the air. Soon, she was vigorously masturbating herself, leaning against the shower wall with her fingers plunging in and out of her tight little box. The memory of the thermometer sliding into her ass brought her off, and she came so hard that she had to sit down in the shower for fear she might pass out. After a few moments, she started to come down, and the guilt set in again.

She'd just finger fucked herself thinking of the doctor putting a thermometer in her ass! It was disgusting! She pulled herself up and finished her shower. She climbed out and dried herself, avoiding touching her pussy. She knew that if she felt the towel between her legs, that she would start to get excited again, and she had to get control of herself. She was a good girl, and good girls didn't play with their pussies like this.

She dressed in the new set of scrubs and brushed out her hair. Being clean helped her mood. She felt almost normal again, except for the constant tingling between her legs. When she emerged from the steamy bathroom, Dr. Swell was standing by her little desk looking at the few pictures she'd brought from home.

There was one of her parents and her together, another of her and Stephanie after their first state track competition, another of her and Tim, and finally her whole family on vacation in Jamaica. All of those memories seemed so long ago, and like they happened to a different person. She didn't even feel like she was the girl in those pictures. Now she was Tori the drug addict, who masturbated too much and pissed herself. The thought almost made her cry, but she sucked it up. She needed to get through this, and she couldn't do it if she were constantly crying.

"Don't you look beautiful," Dr. Swell complimented her, "Is this handsome young man your boyfriend?" she pointed at the picture with Tim.

"Yeah," she confirmed.

At least he was. She figured that he'd probably dump her at the first chance he got, thinking she was some kind of lowlife druggie.

"You have a very lovely family, Tori. I'm sure they miss you,"

Tori managed a weak smile.

"Are you hungry," Swell asked, "I know I am!"

Now that she thought about it, she was. She was very hungry. She nodded in the affirmative.

"Let's go see what we can find," Dr. Swell held out her hand.

Tori took it and the doctor led her out of the room and down the hallway to the common room. It was the free hour for the patients, so the common room was fairly busy. The noise and banter when they walked in reminded Tori of her school cafeteria. Several of the tables were occupied by little groups of other girls, all of them dressed in the pale blue scrubs. A few turned to look at her as Dr. Swell brought her in, others ignored her completely. A few girls sat alone reading books or playing on tablets. A few of the patients were hunkered in big chairs watching cable news, or playing video games.

Dr. Swell took Tori to the serving line. All manner of different food was readily available, as long as you liked health food. Everything seemed to be organic. She saw sandwiches, yogurts, fruits, and vegetables. Dr. Swell handed her a plate and told her to get whatever she wanted. Tori picked a little bit of everything, piling her plate high. She was famished! At the end of the line was a big beverage tray, but it had only one option. She picked up a plastic bottle with some kind of thick blue liquid in it, and looked at it quizzically.

"It's a protein and vitamin mixture," Dr. Swell offered, "We want to ensure our patient's health, so we don't serve any sodas or sugary drinks here. In fact, having at least one of these shakes every day is required to make sure you're getting all the vitamins you need."

Tori took one of the blue shakes, unaware that Dr. Swell's story was a complete fabrication. The NewYou Clinic ran a little side business in sperm donation. They advertised widely under the guise of fertility research, and paid twice as much as any sperm bank. This, of course, resulted in a near-endless supply of fresh cum. The shakes were mixed with a blue dye, but were essentially just a big bottle of semen.

Dr. Swell took Tori to a table by themselves and set her tray down. Hungrily, she dived into her meal as Tori did the same. The poor teen was so hungry, and the food was delicious. She washed it down with her shake, which tasted a little salty and tangy, but was really quite good. She thought that she could come to like it. Dr. Swell hid a little smile as she watched Tori guzzle down a pint of sperm that probably came from twenty different men.

"So," Dr. Swell said, "you won't actually start therapy sessions until tomorrow. Today we're going to assign you to a coordinator who will go through and get you oriented. She'll get you your schedule, introduce you to your counselors, and make sure you know where to go,"

"Okay," Tori agreed. She's started to feel a little better now that she wasn't so hungry.

Tori cleaned her entire plate and felt great. Dr. Swell sat patiently as she finished, then they took their dishes up to the counter together. The cafeteria had begun to empty out as other patients drifted off to finish out their free hour, but a few girls were still hanging around.

"I'd like to introduce you to some of the other girls," Dr. Swell said.

She took her first to a girl with jet black hair. She was thin and wispy, pretty, with icy blue eyes. She had earbuds in her ears and was drawing in a sketchpad. When she saw them approaching, she pulled out her earbuds and looked at them curiously.

"Tori, this is Lindsey," Dr. Swell said, "Lindsey's been with us for about a month now. Lindsey, this is Tori Hamlin. She came in yesterday."

Lindsey got up from her chair and gave Tori a big hug. Her tiny breasts pressed against Tori's larger ones, and she could feel the other girl's hard nipples under her scrubs. Apparently, she didn't have any underwear, either.

"Hi, Tori," the thin girl said quietly, "It's nice to meet you." She gave Tori a little peck on the cheek.

"Um, it's nice to meet you, too," she replied.

"Lindsey also came to us from a troubled background with drugs, but her progress here has been great," Dr. Swell beamed, "I'm sure you two will get along great."

Lindsey put her earbuds back in and waved goodbye as Dr. Swell led Tori away to another table that was occupied by two girls who were giggling with each other. Their conversation stopped as Tori and Dr. Swell approached.

"Tori, this is Harmony," Dr. Swell indicated a buxom redhead with huge breasts and freckles dotting her gorgeous face, "and this is Valerie," the other girl was a black-haired with striking features and deep brown eyes, "Girls, this is our newest patient, Tori Hamlin."

Valerie just nodded to her, but Harmony stood up and embraced Tori, rubbing her big tits against her. She planted her lips firmly against Tori's, and slid her hands onto Tori's ass. Shocked, Tori didn't move as the other girl kissed her. Dr. Swell cleared her throat, and Harmony broke away from Tori, putting her lips to her ear, and telling her how pretty she was.

"Harmony, don't scare her," Dr. Swell scolded the busty girl, "Tori, you'll have to forgive Harmony. She's one of our more... friendly patients."

Harmony looked hurt, and told her, "I have this thing for girls," she giggled, "I'm not a lesbo or anything, I just like how they kiss."

Valerie snickered, but didn't say anything. Her eyes danced with foul humor.

"It's, um, nice to meet you," Tori squeaked.

"Awww," Harmony cooed, "Isn't she a doll, Val?"

"Whatever," the girl said dismissively.

"I'll see you girls later," Dr. Swell said.

"Bye cutie," Harmony said. Valerie ignored her.

Dr. Swell led her out of the cafeteria and back to her room. As they approached, a tall young woman in a white smock met them outside of Tori's door. She was very pretty, as all the women here tended to be, with short sandy blonde hair and soft, pale blue eyes. Dr. Swell introduced her as Amanda, Tori's coordinator. She shook Tori's hand.

"Well, I have work to do," Dr. Swell said, "I'll leave you two to go about your business. Tori, I'll see you for your exam tomorrow morning."

Tori blushed, hoping the exam would go better than her first one. Dr. Swell walked away, and Amanda opened Tori's door, gesturing inside. Amanda set a small briefcase down on Tori's desk and began to remove some items. First was a little binder, and then a laminated map of the facility. Next came a pair of earbuds with what looked like a little music player, similar to her iPod at home. The final item was what looked like some kind of hairnet, but it had little white pads and wires all over it. Tori had no idea what it was. Amanda first picked up the binder and handed it to Tori.

"Tori, I'll be your coordinator while you're here. That means I'll help you get oriented to your therapy sessions, help you set up anything on your computer that you need, and be your point of contact if you have any questions. You see the little blue button on your watch? If you hold that for three seconds it'll page me, in case you need some help, okay?"

Tori nodded.

"First things first. That binder has your schedule laid out for the remainder of the month. You'll get a new one next month. It will tell you what room you need to be in for all your sessions, the times, and the doctors who will be treating you. It also contains a copy of the facility rules and guidelines, which I'll need you to read and sign by the end of the day," she handed Tori the map, "this is a map of the facility, in case you need help getting around," next came the music player, "I'm guessing you've used an iPod before," Tori nodded, "Same thing. We're going to load this up with some soothing music for you, and some specially constructed audio programs to help you reinforce good social behaviors and dismiss negative ones."

"Like hypnosis?" Tori asked, a little afraid.

Amanda laughed, "No, not quite like that. It's more like brain training. Did you ever study really hard for a test by reading the same thing over and over again until it stuck?"

Tori nodded. She had, many times.

"It's like that, only you're hearing instead of reading. It's based on years of psychological research, and it's been proven to help break bad habits and addictions."


"Now this," she picked up the weird hairnet things, "is a neural mapping device. I know it looks crazy," she laughed, "but it's not going to melt your brain or anything," she turned on Tori's computer, "What we're going to do is put this on you and run a program on the computer. All you have to do is just repeat the words you see on the screen. The map will monitor different areas of your brain, mapping the electrical impulses. This will allow your doctors to identify different areas of your psyche that are like trouble spots. All of us give in to certain impulses, and those impulses come from different parts of our brain. If we can identify where the impulses for your addictions come from, then it gives us a better idea of how to treat them."

Tori supposed that made sense. If it was based on years of research, and the clinic had such a great reputation, then they must know what they were doing.

"Okay," she agreed.

Amanda turned to the computer and pulled up an application.

"Once you get started, you'll go for thirty minute intervals. The computer will pause the program every half hour for you to take a break. The entire process will run about two hours. When you're ready to start the next segment, just click the 'start' button there, okay?"

Tori nodded.

"Are you ready to get started?"

"I guess so."

She sat down in the chair in front of her computer, and Amanda placed the weird contraption on her head, fitting it snugly.

"I'll be back to check on you from time to time, but if you need any help, remember to just hold the blue button on your watch for three seconds and it will page me, okay?"


"Any questions?"

"No, I think I'm okay."

Amanda nodded and walked out of the room. Tori thought this all seemed a little ridiculous, but then didn't really have any choice. She had to do what they said if she wanted to get out early. Resigning herself to it, she clicked the start button, and the program began. Words started to pop up on the screen and, as instructed, she repeated them out loud.

"Titmouse. Holy. Control. Comeuppance. Grape. Gang. Cockatoo. Creamer. Fun. Watermelon. Pussy-willow. Essex."

The words didn't seem to have any kind of pattern to them, but were completely random. She found herself bored after the first session and decided she didn't need a break. She just wanted to get through it, so she went a full hour before she had to pee. She then went through the second hour without a break. Amanda appeared a few minutes before she finished the last session.

"All done," she said, as session four completed, "Nice job, Tori. Most of the girls get so bored they tend to take longer breaks."

"I like to get things done," Tori said. It felt good to finish faster than most of the girls. That was what she was used to.

"You've got two free hours starting in about ten minutes, so you're welcome to do whatever you'd like. I'll need you to meet me back here promptly at 2:00, though. I'll show you around to where you'll meet for your therapy sessions and introduce you to the therapists."

"Okay," Tori agreed. With a smile, Amanda left her in her room.

Now that she was no longer occupied with the program, she wasn't sure how to fill her time. With her mind free, she realized that her little pussy was aching for attention again, but she was determined not to get herself off like a little slut again. She needed to do something to take her mind off it. Maybe she could go to the workout room. It would probably feel good to get some time in the gym. She'd been neglecting it the last week with everything that had been going on. Carefully, she opened her door and poked her head out. She was still scared of running into anyone, and going out by herself, but she'd have to overcome that fear some time.

She stepped outside into the hall, and didn't drop dead, so she took that as a good first step. She retraced her steps from earlier in the day, went down the hallway, and passed the common room. The free period had attracted a lot of girls to the room, and she quickly hurried past it. She walked down the next hall and found the gym. It looked deserted, which suited her just fine.

A variety of workout equipment was spread across the large room. She couldn't decide what to do first. She walked around looking at the machines. She passed several weight machines, some ellipticals, and in the back found some treadmills. Now running, that was something she could do. She checked out one of the machines, fiddled with the controls, and started at a walk. The program gradually increased the speed of the treadmill, and soon enough she lost herself in the run. Before she knew it she was sweating, and it felt good.

Her feet pounded the treadmill, the repetition familiar. She could easily imagine that she was back at school, taking time in the gym to work on her cardio. This was right. This was who she was. She was a track star! She was gold medal material! The program slowly decreased her speed, and after a few minutes she was jogging, and then back to a walk.

Her legs were burning, but it was a welcome feeling. This was exactly what she needed to pour out her frustration at the unfairness of it all. When the machine came to a stop, she was panting and covered in sweat. Her long blonde hair was soaked, and her chest heaved from the exertion. She stepped off the treadmill, and when she turned around, she almost ran right into Harmony, who was watching her with a friendly grin.

"Oh," she exclaimed, "I, uh, I didn't see you there, Harmony."

The busty redhead came up close to her, and she could smell her shampoo.

"Don't mind me, honey," she said, "I was just admiring. You really put in a good run."

How long had she been there? Tori wondered.

"Um, thanks. I run track at school."

The pretty redhead got a little closer. Tori tried to back away, but she bumped up against the treadmill. Harmony inhaled Tori's scent, the smell of her sweat intoxicating.

"Mmmm," Harmony purred, "I love the smell of a pretty, sweaty girl," she said softly, and licked Tori's lips, tasting her sweat.

Tori gasped, but before she could react, Harmony kissed her again and it felt nice. The feelings she had been ignoring in her pussy suddenly flooded her mind, and she found herself pushing her tongue into the other girl's mouth. Her brain was telling her that something wasn't right, but her body wouldn't listen. Harmony moaned into her mouth, and her hand came up to massage Tori's breast through her scrubs. Her nipples hardened at the other girl's touch. Harmony's other hand cupped Tori's hot pussy through her pants. The contact was enough to snap her out of her daze, and she pulled her mouth away.

"Harmony," she squeaked, "I..."

"You're so pretty, baby," the redhead said, her hand rubbing Tori's crotch, "and you smell so nice."

"Please, don't," Tori whispered.

"It feels good, doesn't it?"

Tori groaned as Harmony's hand rubbed the fabric of her pants across her clit, sending sparks of pleasure through her body. Tori started to quiver. She knew it was wrong, but the feelings in her pussy were so strong. She was going to cum right there if Harmony didn't stop, and she wasn't stopping. She was kissing Tori again, rubbing her big tits against her body. Tori groaned in the busty girl's mouth and her legs began to get shaky. She couldn't stop it. She broke their kiss, and with a strangled cry she began to orgasm as the redhead squealed with delight.

"That's it, baby," she hissed, "let me see you cum! Mmmm, that's so hot! Oh my god, so hot!"

Tori slumped against Harmony as her orgasm rippled through her body. Her head spun with pleasure. Harmony held her up as Tori started to come down from her sexual high. The crotch of her pants was soaked where her pussy had poured out her orgasm, and as she came to her senses she realized that Harmony was licking the sweat from her neck. The intimacy sent more shivers of pleasure down her spine, but the guilt had begun to set in. She'd let a strange girl kiss her and feel her pussy! Worst of all, she'd liked it, and had a huge orgasm! She wanted to cry, but struggled to hold it in. She didn't want to cry in front of the other girl.

"That was so sexy, baby," Harmony said, "You're a little firecracker!"

Tori was so embarrassed. She pulled herself away and ran out of the gym without a word. Through a haze of tears, she ran down the hallway, past the common room filled with people, and ran into her room. She was shaking all over as she threw herself onto her bed. She couldn't believe what had just happened! She'd kissed a girl, and she'd liked it. She'd cum on another girl's hand, and it had been wonderful. It was just like when she'd cum for her sister. Stephanie had told her she had a slutty pussy that day, and that she needed it. Maybe Stephanie had been right after all. Maybe she did have a slutty pussy. She certainly had no control over it. Even now she was horny!

Despite the feelings of guilt at what she'd done, she shoved her hands down her pants and began to finger herself until her brain exploded into another orgasm. The lingering smell of Harmony in her nostrils made her cry out and thrash about on her bed as she squealed in delight. Her pelvis humped up and down on the bed. Her pussy went off like a rocket as her fingers squished in and out of it. She was a mess of sweat, her head swimming with the afterglow of her orgasm. She pulled her fingers from her snatch and brought them to her mouth, sucking her fuck honey off them. That's what Stephanie had called it. Fuck honey. She'd told her to clean up her fuck honey off her fingers, and Tori had done it happily. She was so confused.

Her head finally started to clear, and her surroundings came back to her. She had no idea how long she'd been laying here playing with herself. The beeping of her watch made her jump in alarm. She looked at it, and time read 1:45. Amanda would be coming in 15 minutes. She had to clean herself up. She couldn't allow the woman to see her like this, smelling like sweat and pussy. She quickly ran into the bathroom and started the shower.

She was cleaned in record time. While she showered, she could feel her pussy coming back to life again, but she repressed the juicy feeling between her legs. This was ridiculous! She had to get control. She had to fight it! She put on a new set of fresh scrubs, two minutes before Amanda was due to come back. She was toweling off her hair as her coordinator knocked on the door. Tori let her in and saw a curious look on the woman's face as she sniffed at the air.

"I went to work out," Tori explained, hoping that the smell of her sweat covered the smell of her sex.

"Oh, good," Amanda said happily, "I'm sure that felt great!"

"Yeah," Tori agreed, not wanting to share exactly how great it really felt.

"Well then. Are you ready for the grand tour?"

"Sure," Tori agreed, tossing the towel on the bed.

Amanda led her out of the room. Tori tried to stay slightly behind the woman, using her as cover. She couldn't bear to look at anyone for fear that they'd know what had happened in the gym.

"Tori," Amanda said, "Is something wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, no. It's just, I'm a little scared. This is all so new."

Amanda smiled gently, "Of course, sweetie. Don't you worry, though, you're safe here."

Tori tried to return her smile. Amanda took her down a hall she'd not yet been down, explaining that these were the therapy offices. Some of them were for groups, others for one-on-one sessions. They stopped in front of a brown, wooden door with a nameplate that read, "Dr. Travers," which Amanda knocked on. The door was opened by a skinny, older man in a tweed suit. He had a pair of spectacles perched on his beakish nose, behind which a pair of tired, but friendly eyes studied the two women.

"Come in, Amanda," he said warmly, "and you must be Tori," he extended his hand.

Tori shook it and nodded her head. Travers went to his desk and picked up a sucker, handing it to Tori.

"Have a sucker," he said happily, "when I ran my own practice, all the children loved to get a sucker," he laughed merrily.

"Thanks," Tori said, unwrapping the sucker and putting it in her mouth. It tasted of grape and was coated with a special chemical blend of Dr. Swell's, which would help Tori develop an oral fixation.

"So," Travers said, "Have a seat."

Tori and Amanda sat down on a plush couch opposite the doctor.

"You're my newest patient, then?" he asked, picking up a file, "Now, we don't judge here, Tori. All of us are human, and as such we all make mistakes, and sometimes bad choices. Our job isn't to tell you you're a bad person because you have an addiction. We're only here to help you get back on your feet, so that you can go home, okay?"

"Okay," she agreed.

"I want you to know that you can be open with me. What is said in this office is strictly between the two of us, and will always remain confidential."


"Looking at your file, I can see that you got yourself into a little trouble with some drugs,"

"I guess so."

"Many of our girls have done the same, dear. It's perfectly natural to want to experiment when you're young. Sometimes, people just go a little too far. Now, I also see that you've had some issues with chronic masturbation?"

Tori blushed deeply. She couldn't believe he knew. She wanted to die.

"Tori," he said very softly, "It's alright. Masturbation is a perfectly natural thing for anyone to do. Just like drugs, though, sometimes it gets out of hand, no pun intended," he chuckled, "Now, is it true that you masturbate?"

She nodded her head carefully, humiliated. If he knew that she had, in fact, just finished masturbating, he'd probably feel differently.

"How often would you say that you masturbate?"

"Do I really have to do this," she said, looking at Amanda with wide, frightened eyes.

"Yes, dear," she said, "this is all part of the court order. You'll have to cooperate, if you want a good report."

Tori did want a good report, more than anything. She wanted to get out of this place. She wanted to get away from the doctors, and the exams, and from Harmony, and the questions.

"I don't really know," she said, "I didn't used to, but lately it's been a lot."

"How do you define a lot?"

"Maybe five or six times a day on some days?"

Travers nodded but didn't comment. He made a little note on his chart. Tori noticed that she had devoured the entire sucker at some point in the conversation and was sucking on the empty stick.

"May I have another sucker?" she asked shyly.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Family Healing

The first morning without Tori in the house was an uncomfortable one, especially for John and Melanie. They tried to go through their regular morning routine for a Saturday. Melanie made a great breakfast, and John browsed the news and financials, but with only Mike and Stephanie at the table this morning, nothing seemed quite right.

Mike was quite surprised at how much he missed having Tori around the house. Sure, she was a bitch, stuck up and thought the world revolved around her, but with her out of the picture for now he began to notice just how much her personality counterbalanced Stephanie's more extreme behavior. Tori was like the anchor to sanity, where Stephanie was definitely the storm. He still couldn't quite believe the shit Tori had gotten into, though.

If there was anything he'd imagined Tori never doing, it was drugs. The evidence was overwhelming, though, and her erratic behavior lately was what sealed it for him. Obviously, she had wanted to try something out, and gotten carried away. He was glad that she was getting help. Who knew? Maybe the counseling would help her not be such a bitch.

As his mother bent over the stove in her usual sexy getup, Mike's mind drifted away from Tori, and fixated on his mother's amazing ass. Melanie, despite her mixed-up feelings, was a sexual creature. It was just who she was, and there was no stopping her showing off. This morning she wore a blue lace teddy that left both globes of her shapely behind on display, with a tiny thong running through her crack. Her legs were garbed in slinky blue matching stockings. Her horny son had to fight not to drool on the table or make it too noticeable that he was checking her out. His dad was such a lucky bastard, to have a woman that dressed like that for bed every night.

John, partially engrossed in his tablet, was very much aware of the way his son was checking Melanie out. He couldn't blame him a bit, and he had to admit that ever since Mike had witnessed his wife sucking up cum in the kitchen, the thought of her seducing his boy was something that had made his dick hard every time he thought about it. It wouldn't be the first time Melanie had taken another cock into her gorgeous body.

They were quite the wild pair when they were younger, and the sight of his stunning wife getting impaled on another man's hard shaft was one that he'd witnessed, and enjoyed, many times. It had been a while, but ever since his little tryst with Stephanie by the pool, his fantasies had been running a little wild.

John also eyed up his busty daughter, who was smiling to herself as she stared at her phone. Every now and again, her foot would brush up against his leg, and he was sure it was no accident. She never looked at him when it happened, but that sexy little smile never left her lips. Ever since he'd eaten her perfect teen pussy, he'd been conflicted, but he'd put a few plans in motion and thought that they would take things in the right direction.

It was very obvious, now, that Stephanie wanted to fuck him. His own daughter wanted her daddy to take her cherry, and she wanted it bad. With all that had happened recently with Tori, she'd been respectful enough not to push the issue, and even acted as though nothing had happened. But every time she saw him, he could see an uncontrollable lust in her eyes, like she was going to rip off his pants, and didn't give a damn who saw it. There was an undeniable tension between them, and it was a situation that would have to be dealt with soon, or it would only smolder.

For her part, Melanie had even played up the fantasy, ever since she'd seen the video of her husband bringing their daughter off with his tongue. The very same night, she'd made him fuck her from behind, and moaned about how much she loved her daddy's big cock in her little cunt. When he ate her pussy, she taunted him, asking if it was as yummy as Stephanie's.

It was pretty apparent that she wanted him to fuck their daughter, and when she heard about his ideas, she was firmly on-board When she'd admitted that she'd made Stephanie lick her pussy in the kitchen, he about blew his load in his pants. It seemed like his whole family had gone through an abrupt sexual awakening over the course of a weekend, and he wasn't sure whether to be delighted, or terrified, but he was leaning toward the former.

It wasn't just their daughter that Melanie was fantasizing about either. Just this morning she'd sucked him off in the shower and told him to shoot his big load on mommy's face. Picturing his son's dick exploding all over his hot mother had made him erupt, and he'd done just that. Melanie was also dressing even more scandalously around the house, as evidenced by her outfit this morning. She always showed off, comfortable around her own home, but she'd certainly turned it up a couple of notches recently. Even he was surprised at just how much ass she was showing.

Yup. He couldn't blame his son for looking. He was tempted to just bend her over right there and shove his big prick up her asshole while his kids watched. He didn't, but the thought was making him hard. And his daughter rubbing her foot against his crotch right now wasn't helping.

And then there was Tori, the gaping hole in their life. His fatherly instinct made him feel guilty for trying to go on with life as it had been before Tori was... committed. But what else were they supposed to do? Their hands were completely tied.

He still had Stu running in circles looking at any and all possible options to get his daughter out as soon as possible, but the beleaguered attorney had burned a lot of favors just to do what he had, and John had been more than grateful. Melanie even offered to fuck and suck the life out of him for his hard work, just like old times. He was a married man, though, and politely declined, though with a stiff dick at the thought.

And so, the Hamlin family tried their best to move on with their lives, knowing that Tori wasn't gone forever. She was just away, like the time she and Stephanie had gone on their school trip to Washington for a week. Only, in Washington she'd not undergone any kind of anal probe, or pissed herself.

Stephanie was, perhaps, the only one of the family that was on cloud nine. Tori was out of her life for three whole months. She had her sister's tiny-dicked boyfriend firmly under her thumb. In an hour she would be attending an interview for the modeling ad, having submitted an application and her portfolio earlier in the week.

The agency had called her only hours later to ask her to come in. On top of it all, it was summer break, and her friends were texting her non-stop about all the parties that were going down this weekend. If there was one wrinkle in the demented hottie's life right now, it was that her daddy hadn't fucked her yet. Granted she hadn't really tried to push it too much, with everything that had happened lately, but it still irked her.

How could he ravish her hungry little pussy with his tongue so well, and then just leave it at that? And then for her mother to make her submit to eating her cunt, while super-hot and unexpected, then also ignore what had happened, was just unfair. Even her brother, who could always be counted on to feed her his delicious sperm, had been standoffish lately.

With the way he was ogling their mother's backside right now, she was pretty sure she knew the reason, too. Mike had always had the hots for his mom, and who could blame him? Hell, Stephanie wanted to fuck her mom almost as bad as she did her daddy. What right did that give him to deny her needs, though? She'd had to turn to Tim's little penis to get a taste of cum, and he only shot maybe a tenth the amount of cum that Mike's big balls held.

She was just frustrated. Her pussy was constantly aching to be filled, and her desire for hot, slippery, ball cream was endless. She needed her daddy to fuck her, and soon, otherwise she wasn't sure if she could keep her cherry any longer. Eighteen years was way too long, in her opinion.

Melanie was also in turmoil. Her heart was breaking at the thought of Tori locked away in that clinic. It was obvious that she needed help, but as her mother she felt awful that she hadn't noticed the signs of what Tori was up to. She just never expected her children to get involved in something like drugs. Especially not Tori. Tori had always been the responsible one. Where Stephanie took risks, Tori was there to pull her back from the brink and talk sense into her. Where Stephanie was temperamental, Tori was levelheaded and logical. Maybe, though, that was just the problem. Maybe they had pushed Tori's success too hard, and she had rebelled. After all, the twins did share a lot of personality traits.

The clinic hadn't seemed a bad place, though. At least there were no padded rooms, or people in strait jackets. There were no electroshock treatments or torture going on. In fact, it had seemed like a really great place where Tori would get the help she needed. Melanie was just sad that she couldn't be there to help her daughter through it. The rest of the family felt the same way, she knew, but life had to go on.

She finished up the food and started loading up plates, first setting out her husband's, then Stephanie's. She leaned over the table to set Mike's in front of him, making sure to give him a good view of her tits as she did so. Ever since John had told her about Mike watching them, she'd been unusually horny. And that was saying something.

Melanie's sex drive worked in high gear at all times, but since the events of last weekend, her oversexed pussy was even more needy than ever. She also felt a little guilty that she had made Stephanie suck her pussy off, and then had essentially ignored her daughter ever since. The poor teenager was probably confused about the mixed signals, especially after both her parents had used her body in the same day, and then never followed up with even a word about it.

If Stephanie was upset about it, though, she didn't show it. She was likely just as concerned about her sister as they all were, but Melanie owed it to her to at least have a real conversation about what had happened. She knew John felt the same way. She looked forward to the talk they were going to have, once Stephanie was home from her interview. The interview was something she was particularly proud of. She was overjoyed that Stephanie was making things happen for herself, and the modeling gig was right up her little showoff daughter's alley.

The whole family seemed to ogle her tits as she served up breakfast, and all those pairs of eyes made her more aroused. Mike looked like he wanted to shove them in his mouth, it was hanging so far open. Melanie caught his eye, and he looked away ashamed, but she only smiled and let him look. She returned to the counter and picked up another plate, brought it back.

"Sausage, anyone?" she said teasingly, but looked at Mike.

"I don't think I can handle that much meat, mom," he quipped, "There's so much here already."

"Oh, well if you can't, I'm sure your sister and I can handle some sausage, right Stephie?"

Stephanie smiled, "Sure mom. I'll take all the sausage you can feed me," she looked pointedly at her dad, who looked back down at his tablet.

Melanie plunked a sausage link onto Stephanie's plate, and then her own. The air was heavy now with sexual tension. Melanie glanced periodically at Mike, Stephanie at her father, but no one said anything. It seemed as though the slightest innuendo could cause the table to explode into a full-blown orgy, but no one wanted to be the one to let all their secrets out first. Mike, after all, had no idea that Stephanie had been shared between her parents, while her parents had no idea that Stephanie had been letting Mike fuck her wet teen mouth for some time now. Stephanie, likewise, had no idea Mike had witnessed his mother acting like a cum hungry slut.

The atmosphere was broken by the alarm on Stephanie's phone chiming. Everyone at the table jumped in their seats and looked away from each other. Stephanie looked down and dismissed her calendar reminder.

"Oh, looks like I'm finished," she cried, "Gotta get going. Someone has to pay the bills around here," she said, looking smug, "You can all thank me later."

She went around the table and gave her mother a peck on the head, Mike one on the cheek, and then in front of everyone, planted a quick kiss on her father's lips. She kept it very modest, and then ran out of the room. John looked a little dazed, while Melanie only smiled at him. Mike just dug into his food. With a sigh, John set his tablet aside and picked up his empty plate, bringing it to the sink. He gave Melanie a very big, sloppy kiss, and squeezed her tit right in front of Mike.

"I gotta catch up on some work," he said and left the room.

Mike and his mother were left alone at the table. He swallowed hard. He was almost certain that his mom had been teasing him lately. Had his dad told her what he'd seen? Had she liked the fact that he'd watched? Why was he so damn nervous around his own mom? Melanie looked across the table at him.

"What are your plans for the day, mister?"

"Work later, maybe hit the books for the summer courses," he said, "You know me, the dutiful and studious son!"

Melanie laughed, "I must not have met that one, yet."

Mike grinned and pushed his empty plate aside. Melanie's face became more serious.

"You know that we love you kids more than anything, right?" she asked

"Yeah, of course, mom. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, honey. It's just, you guys grew up so fast, and you're all adults now. Your sisters are beautiful women. My son's a hunk! I just wonder where all the time went. I don't feel like I see enough of you, and I just want to know that you're okay. That there's nothing you need...from me?" she cocked her head.

"I'm... everything's good, mom."

"It seems like if you're not at work, you're always down in that mancave of yours. I haven't seen you out with your friends a lot since starting college or seen you bringing any girls around. I'd think they'd be lining up around the block to get a piece of that!"

"Ha! Well, I'm in a little bit of a dry spell, I guess," he ran his hand nervously through his thick brown hair, "I guess I have my eye on a couple, but maybe I'm not sure how to approach them?"

Now her curiosity was piqued, and her eyes brightened, "Oh, well, then you've come to the right place. See, your mother knows a thing or two about what a woman wants. Why don't you tell me a little bit about these two vixens you're trying to decide on, and maybe I can help,"

"I don't know," he said, "but I'm willing to try."

"Go for it!"

"Okay, well, they're both gorgeous," he said, "one is a couple years younger than me, and the other is a little older."

"Hmm. How much older?"

"Oh, I'd say around your age," he replied hesitantly.

"Oh, really? So, my boy is a milf hunter?"

"Ha! I guess, if you put it that way."

"Okay, tell me more."

"The younger one is a real tease, very sensual, but she's saving herself. We've had some fun in the past, but I don't know if I can hold out. This seems weird to be talking with you about," he grimaced.

"Honey," Melanie said, "In case you haven't noticed, your father and I have never really been shy about sex. You were our first child, after all, and we got started young. I know that a young man your age has certain...needs, and we're both okay with that. We just want you to be safe about it, and make sure you're doing things with someone that cares about you," She wasn't sure if he picked up on that little hint, but went on, "So, what about the other one? The milf?" she giggled as she said it.

"Well, she... I don't know how to put this. I don't even think she knows that I'm really attracted to her. I don't really know, myself, how I feel about it. With her, I know that there could never really be any kind of future, because she has someone in her life. But, whenever I see her, I'm just overcome with a passion that I can't ever remember feeling before. Maybe that sounds stupid."

Melanie reached across and touched his hand, her cleavage on full view as she leaned across the table.

"What you have to understand, my dear, about older women is that we've gone through more. We're, most of the time, sure of what we want. We're more confident. We're not always out looking for love. Sometimes, we have urges that need to be satisfied, too, and it's not uncommon to find a handsome young man that with those urges," she smiled at him, clenching his hand a little harder, "What we like more than anything, though, is a man that knows what he wants, too. Someone that isn't afraid to show us how he feels or to take what he wants. In fact, we often can't make the first move, and need that strong man to show us how to surrender. My advice would be to just tell this woman how you feel, and if she rebukes you, then what have you really lost?"

Mike seemed to consider it very deeply, holding onto her hand. She could feel little beads of sweat pop up in his palm. His hand shook a little bit. She stared across the table at him, waiting for his response.

"Honey," she whispered, "tell me what you're thinking."

"I... last week, before all this shit with Tori...I saw...well, I saw something. I saw something that I haven't been able to stop thinking about, and it's driving me crazy."

"What did you see," she asked, knowing full well what had been on his mind.

"I saw..."

"It's okay, baby, I know. You can say it," she nudged.

Mike looked stunned for a moment, his mouth falling open. She nodded for him to say it.

"I saw... you... and... dad. I saw you..."

"You saw me well-fucked, licking up a cum load like a total slut, didn't you?"

And there it was, out in the open.

Mike grinned. His hand was shaking even more than before. His mouth was dry, his heart pounding.

"Yes," he said quietly.

"And it turned you on, didn't it?"


"Would it surprise you to know that... it turned me on, too, when he told me that you saw?"

Mike released a breath that he didn't even know he'd been holding. He could scarcely believe what she'd said. She wasn't upset. Just the opposite. She liked it.

"Are you serious? You don't think I'm a freak?"

Melanie crawled over the table, until her face was inches from his. Her deep green eyes were something to get lost in. Her perfect tits were right there. Mike froze.

"Only as much of a freak as the rest of this family," she hissed, "Do you know what I've been thinking about, since your father told me?"

"No," he squeaked. This couldn't really be happening. Any moment he was going to wake up in his bed and find that he'd cum in his pants.

"I've been thinking about how it would feel if my son, my handsome, young, studly son, were to push his needy cock into me."

She brushed her lips against his. Mike groaned, and almost fell out of his chair. This was definitely not real. There was no way. But Melanie's breath was hot in his mouth, her lips wet and welcoming. If this was a dream, then he'd be a fool not to let it run its course before he woke up.

"But, what about, dad?" he asked, his tone hushed, conspiratorial.

"Your father and I have had this conversation already, and do you want to know what else?"


"His huge cock got so hard at the idea, that he almost came in his pants," she said, and pushed her lips against his again. It felt so dirty to say and do these things with her son. It was so nasty, and so wrong, but so incredibly hot, "If we're going to make it through everything going on, our family has to be honest with each other, and this is the truth, honey. It's wrong, and it's nasty. It's perverted, filthy, and depraved. The way you look at my body, and the things that I think about you doing to it, they have no place in polite society," her hand snaked its way down to his shorts, and felt his big bulge straining to get free, "and that's why it makes me so fucking hot!"

"Oh shit," Mike moaned as his mother's manicured nails brushed his thick meat through his shorts, "that's why it turns me on, too."

"Mmmm, then I guess you inherited that from your parents."

"Mom, there's something else," he said. He couldn't believe he was about to tell her, "Something else you should know. Since we're being honest, and all."

"Tell me, baby," she said softly, and kissed him again.

"The other girl I told you about... It's... It's Stephie," he blurted.

Melanie couldn't have looked more shocked. It was like she'd been slapped. She shouldn't have been surprised, really, but she was. Mike had the hots for his sister, too? How fucked up was her family?

"We've never gone all the way, but she's sucked my cock, a lot."

As his admission sunk in, Melanie found that she wasn't upset at all. In fact, this new knowledge sent a big shiver right down to her already soaking pussy.

"Oh, God. Stephanie's sucked your cock?" She absentmindedly began to stroke his hardon.

"Well, sort of. She doesn't really like to suck it," he admitted, "she likes to be forced to do it,"

"Really? Oh, honey, now this is just too good," She grinned devilishly, "do tell me more about our hot little Stephie. Did you know that her father ate her pussy last week?"

Mike gasped in surprise, "You're kidding," he said, "I never thought..."

"What is it?"

"Well, remember I said that she was saving herself?"

"Mmhmm," Melanie pulled his shorts up, letting his big dick free. She wrapped her hand around it.

"Oh, shit, mom. That's so good."

"Tell me," she whispered.

"I tried to get her to fuck me, but she says that she won't until dad pops her cherry!"

Just the thought of it, Stephanie seducing her brother, then denying him her sex until her own father took her virginity, the sheer unadulterated, twisted reality of what was going on in her home gave Melanie a mini orgasm right there on the table. She gripped Mike's cock firmly and put her head down as her hips rocked up and down. Mike watched her perfect ass bounce and felt the heat of her firm grip on his meat.

"Honey, that's so... it's so hot! Oh my God!"

Mike couldn't take it. His big dick was throbbing so hard that he was no longer rational. He stood up, knocking his chair onto the floor, and pulled his shorts down in one swift motion. His swinging, bulging prick was right in Melanie's face. It was the first time she'd seen it in years, and she was giddy when she saw that he was definitely his father's son.

He wasn't quite as large, but he was no slouch. It had to be close to ten inches, and as thick as her wrist. She gaped in awe, and never pulled away as he aimed it right at her mouth and thrust forward. She felt the hot, mushroom head slide between her lips, glide over her tongue, and push into her throat. Within the blink of an eye, she had more than half of her son's giant meat pole throbbing in her mouth.

She moaned around it happily and began to work her tongue across the underside. Mike put his hand on the back of her head and encouraged her to suck him. Melanie was so turned on by the lewdness of it, the fact that she was milking her own son's fat penis with her mouth on the kitchen table. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, looking up into his eyes as she worshiped his giant manhood. She made little mewling noises while she nursed on the head, then sunk the length back down her throat. It had taken her years of practicing on John's even bigger dick, but Melanie was a deepthroat master now. Mike's cock was no challenge compared to John's.

"Holy fuck, mom," he groaned, "You took it all! Oh, shit, fuck!"

Melanie continued to gobble up his cock, giving up her control as her son began to fuck her mouth eagerly. When he pulled out, she gripped his cock before he could sink it back in.

"My arms are tired," she said, "let me lay on my back so you can fuck my face."

Strings of saliva hung from her lips, her eyes wild with lust. He'd never seen his mother this way. She flipped onto her back, lay her head over the side of the table and opened her mouth in invitation. Mike was so far gone that he never hesitated. He slowly pushed his dick back into Melanie's mouth and fed it back out, then back in, picking up speed.

Her face became a mess of saliva as he used her throat. She was fingering her cunt with one hand, grabbing at her tits with the other. Mike pushed her hand off of her breast and replaced it with his own. Using her perfect boobs as handholds, he pinched her nipples and pounded his big dick in and out of her mouth.

With her hand now free, she gripped his swollen balls, massaging them gently. She could feel the huge amount of potent sperm just aching to find release. Mike's pounding cock pulled free of her mouth, releasing another torrent of sloppy precum and slime that oozed down her messy face. She panted for breath, but stopped him from putting it back in.

"Please," she whispered, hoarse from his powerful use of her mouth, "I want to feel you cum inside me. Let me fuck that young cock!"

On wobbly legs she got off the table, pulling her skimpy teddy over her head, and using it to wipe the slop from her face. Mike lay on the kitchen floor, his big dong standing at full mast. Melanie stepped out of her wet panties and kicked them aside. Completely nude, she stood over her eager son, so consumed with lust that she never thought about stopping.

She straddled him, knees on the floor to either side of his waist. His stiff cock bumped against her hungry cunt, sending a spasm of pleasure through her whole body. He cupped her tits as she pushed back against his hard organ. The head began to split open her inviting pussy, and she sucked in a sharp breath as her head fell back. He pulled at her nipples and groaned as she slid down his cock, taking each inch slowly.

Mike was in heaven. He hadn't been inside a wet pussy in over a year. He pumped his cock into his horny mother, making her shudder. Melanie's ass came to rest against his big balls, and her whole being sung with joy at being filled with so much cock. She was such a slut, she admitted to herself. She was a depraved fucktoy, and no amount of dick was too much to get shoved into her body. She had greedily impaled her cunt on her own son's manhood, and she loved every moment of it. She looked down on this handsome young man, the fruit of her own womb. Never had she imagined that he'd be inside her again, but his face screwed up with passion and lust showed her that he was all in.

Her heart fluttered in her chest. It hammered harder than she could ever recall. The taboo coupling had her so hot, out of control, an animal. She pressed her burning palms against his chest and began to ride his cock, up and down like a carnival ride. The most hideous and depraved carnival ride in the world. Mike grunted like a man possessed, and he was. He'd never had a pussy like this. He'd never felt something that gripped his big cock with so much warmth. It was as though it was made for his dick. It was perfect. His mother's pussy was perfect!

Melanie bounced up and down happily on him, shivering with mini orgasms as every downthrust rubbed her clit. She was lost in ecstasy. Her eyes were watering with tears, it felt so good. Through a haze of tears and stars, she saw John standing in the doorway, a little perverted smile on his face. He didn't say anything, but she knew he wasn't jealous. The big bulge in his pants showed her what he thought about the lewd fucking going on in his kitchen.

As he patiently stood and watched his son take her pussy, she came harder than ever before. This was so taboo. It crossed more lines than she ever had before. Melanie had been gangbanged, double penetrated, whored out for money just for the kick, but the incestuous fuck she was getting now topped it all. She was a filthy incest mommy. She was a dirty bitch letting her son rut her like a wild animal. She was pumping his dick with her overheated cunt right in front of her husband, and the delicious wickedness of it all was going to make her cum again!

Mike wasn't much better off. He was holding it back, trying to make this last as long as possible, but it was a losing fight against his mother's hungry pussy. She was bouncing on his dick like a wildcat, and no amount of self-control was going to help him hold the cum in his balls any longer. Her tight ass slapped down against his balls one last time, and Melanie began to quake and scream like a banshee. That was it. His nuts exploded! He began to empty a flood of semen into his mom, roaring like he was the kind of the mother fucking jungle.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Melanie was saying, over and over.

Their combined orgasm seemed to go on forever until, finally, Melanie collapsed on his chest. Her hair was a matted mass of sweat, her face plastered with cum and saliva. Mike's load squelched around his still-hard shaft as he held it deep inside her. She was lost in a euphoria of stars and pleasure. Her whole body tingled, and she found herself giggling uncontrollably. Mike had his eyes shut, while his dick kept pumping little spurts of cum into her. He thought it would never end. He lay there in a haze, feeling Melanie's cunt sucking at his softening rod. And then he heard his father begin to clap and laugh. The poor boy turned white, noticing him for the first time.


Enjoying this story? You can own the entire Hamlin family epic, a sprawling 55-chapter tale of betrayal, jealousy, and finding forgiveness. This book spans 658 pages of family fuckery, a roller coaster of emotion that, after eight years, still stands as one of the most loved and best-selling works in my library.

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Need more Hamlin twins? Read A Hamlin Family Interlude, a follow-up story that takes place between The Second Place Sister and Doppelgänger.

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If you prefer willing submission with a rape kink twist, you can read about Sasha and her twisted fantasy, which becomes all-too real, in Sasha's Obsession.

If you prefer to own the whole dirty family collection, you can grab the Family Fun Pack

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