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The Second Place Sister, Part 19

Chapter Forty-One: Tied Up

While Mike and Cindy made passionate love, Stephanie slipped into Tori’s bedroom without knocking, to find her sister with four inches of black dildo in her tiny bottom. She could hear Tori sobbing miserably as she tried to push the toy further up her ass, but it was clear that she was having trouble. Stephanie closed the door, set a DVD on the table next to Tori’s TV, and then walked to the bed.

Tori looked up as her sister’s shadow fell across her, and through bleary eyes she could see Stephanie’s look of concern. She knew that Stephanie was probably upset that she’d taken the plug out of her ass, but her overwhelming desire to cum was stronger than anything else.

“Stephie,” Tori croaked, her mouth dry, “I can’t do it.”

“What can’t you do, sissy?”

“I can’t... can’t make myself cum.”

“You poor thing,” Stephanie said, stroking Tori’s blonde hair, “It must be so awful to have a slutty cunt that needs to cum all the time. Do you need me to help?”

“Please, Stephie! It hurts so much,” Tori begged, “I need to cum so bad.”

“I can see that. You know I can’t let you play with your pussy, though, right?”

“I know! You could make my ass cum, though, like earlier?”

Stephanie grinned, “That was fun, wasn’t it? You came so good with that big toy in your asshole, didn’t you?”

“Yesss! Please, Stephie, please.”

Stephanie pushed Tori’s hand away from the toy, and replaced it with her own. She could see that Tori’s asshole was shiny from all the lube she’d put on the toy. She slowly twisted the dildo until it slipped further inside her sister, eliciting a horny moan from Tori.

“That’s what you want, right? My little ass whore wants that big cock in her, doesn’t she?”

“Oh, Stephie, yes! I want it in my ass!”

“You know what that means, right?”

“Ugh! Yes!”

“Tell me.”

“I’m a... a... a butt slut!”

Stephanie pushed a few more inches into her sister, watching her tiny asshole spread wide to accept the fake cock.

“Oh, yeah! That’s what you need to make you cum, isn’t it?”


Stephanie pulled the toy out, pushed it back in, and repeated the in and out as she fucked her sister’s perfect butt. Tori’s sobs turned to groans, and then she was humping her ass back against the toy, trying to get it deeper. She didn’t even realize that she’d taken the whole thing in her ass by then, and was trying to get even more.

“Oh, you’re so close, Tori! Fuck that big cock with your ass for me. That’s good! Now, you need to cum real soon, okay? My arm’s getting tired.”

“Oh, it’s coming, Stephie, please don’t stop!”

Tori shook like a wet dog and started to cum, drooling and moaning as her asshole clenched around the big toy. Stephanie held it in her until she began to come down, and then pulled the toy free with an audible plop. Tori’s asshole stayed wide open, and Stephanie grabbed the plug off the bed and put it back in her sister’s stretched open ass. Tori grunted as the plug filled her back up, but she was too tired, now, to say anything. She felt glad to get the full feeling back in her, and she felt sick because of how good it made her feel.

While Tori recovered, Stephanie went to the big discarded pile of clothes that Tori had thrown all over the floor that morning. She quickly selected a few items and came back to the bed, rolling Tori over onto her back. She straddled her sister and started to kiss her hotly. Tori responded very well, pushing her tongue back into Stephanie’s mouth, moaning like a slut.

Stephanie reached out and took Tori’s hands, brought them together, and used a pair of leggings to tie her wrists together. Tori tried to complain, but Stephanie’s tongue was in her mouth. She started to struggle, so Stephanie pulled her lips away, and put her full weight on Tori’s chest.

“Stephie, what are you doing?” Tori said, panicked.

“Shhh! Don’t you worry, baby. I’m going to make sure you don’t play with your little snatch when I take your belt off. Just relax.”

She tied the leggings to Tori’s headboard, and then moved down her body. She turned Tori on her side, unlocked the belt, and slid the device off her legs. Tori had settled down, and watched her with curiosity. Was Stephanie going to make her pussy cum? She hoped so. Oh, how she hoped so!

“I’m going to put on a little movie for you,” Stephanie explained, using two other pairs of leggings to tie Tori’s legs apart, “and then I’m going to go into mom and dad’s room. I’m going to slide my pussy down onto his big daddy cock, and bounce on it like a little whore until he makes me cum.”

Tori could feel her pussy contracting in desire as she pictured her sister getting fucked, cumming hard on a big dick. She wanted to cum on a big dick, too!

“And while I’m cumming really hard on daddy’s dick, you’re going to lay here and watch a movie, and get really wet and juicy for me. If you’re a good slut, and you don’t try to get at your little cunt, then maybe I’ll let you cum again.”

“Stephie, please! You can’t leave me like this! Please!” Tori begged.

Stephanie reached in her pocket, pulled the little egg out and showed it to her sister. Tori’s eyes went wide with panic, but Stephanie pushed the egg into her pussy, anyway. Next, she pulled a little ball from her other pocket, and stood beside Tori’s head. She looked so scared, and yet so horny. The mix of emotions made Stephanie positively gooey between her legs.

“Stephie, please! I’ll be good! I’m your pussy girl, Stephie! Please don’t leave me like this. Oh, please!”

“Hush now, Tori. You are my pussy girl, and good pussy girls should have something in their mouth.”

She took the little ball and forced it between Tori’s teeth, securing it with a strap around the back of her head. Tori tried to speak, but only a muffled garble came out, which made Stephanie smile. Her sister looked so good like this! Stephanie kissed Tori’s forehead, went to the TV, and popped the DVD into the player.

“I made this for you this afternoon, and I think you’ll really like it,” Stephanie said, “Now, remember. No trying to play with your cunt, and if you can be good, I’ll let you cum after I finish fucking daddy’s cock, okay?”

Tori was probably cursing at her, but she couldn’t make out any words. She hit the play button, set it on repeat, and slipped out the door. Tori lay bound and helpless, her eyes glued to the screen. She recognized the scene immediately. It was the dressing room from earlier in the day. Stephanie had recorded the whole thing! Tori wondered how she didn’t notice it happening, but she’d been so fuck-crazed that she wasn’t surprised.

She watched as she sucked on Kyle’s cock. It was just like the videos she had labeled at the clinic. She was one of those sluts, now, getting recorded while people fucked her face, shoved dicks in her pussy, and put cock up her ass. The little egg started to vibrate, making her pussy clench tightly. It felt different with the plug filling her butt. It felt better. It felt wonderful. It... she came, squirming in her bonds.

When she opened her eyes again, Kyle was pushing her against the wall of the dressing room, his cock in her pussy from behind. Stephanie had zoomed in very close, and she could see her swollen cunt lips, the wet drops of fuck honey pouring from her aroused hole, the way her pussy sucked at his cock hungrily. It had felt so nice to be fucked. Then, Kyle was pulling his dick out of her, putting it slowly up her backdoor. Stephanie had filmed this very closely, too, and for the first time she saw just how much of a slut she was.

Kyle’s cock made her ass stretch open, pushed further and further until it was all the way in her butt. She saw her round butt cheeks flatten as the college boy tried to get even more into her, but his balls were already resting against her cunt. Something else broke inside of her, another barrier of denial that maybe, just maybe, she could go back to the way things were, before she was a slut. Now, though, the sight of her ass getting invaded by some stranger’s cock, and the sight of herself creaming on it, told her that there was no going back. She came again, though the egg hadn’t even started up again.

She could see a steady river of cunt juice flowing from her pussy on the screen, and she knew that this was the point where Kyle had cum in her asshole, and she’d orgasmed. Kyle pumped his seed into her, and then pulled his slimy cock out. She saw herself slide down the wall, and then the boy pushed his dick in her mouth. She remembered how it tasted, and that she’d liked it. Then, Cindy’s pussy was there, and Tori was cleaning Todd’s jism out of it. She’d liked that, too. She was an utter slut.

As if she needed any further confirmation of this fact, the video ended and a new one started. This one she knew, too. She had the black toy already 2 inches deep into her asshole when Stephanie had started to film. Her ass was stretched so wide that it looked impossible for something that big to fit in it. But she knew it had. It had fit, and she’d cum harder than ever when it had filled her up.

On the video, Stephanie was telling her that she was a butt slut, and Tori knew it was true. She was going to be just like Cindy, spreading her legs for anyone that asked, unable to control the desires in her pussy. Part of her was terrified, but that part seemed to grow more distant every day. Every time she debased herself, or let Stephanie use her tongue to get off, or when she came with a plug up her butt and a sex egg in her cunt, like she was now, that part of her died a little more.

What wouldn’t go away was the guilt that came after each intense cum, the memory that she’d once been a good girl. She’d been a track star, on pace for a great college career, her future so promising. The recruiters had flocked to her, offered her scholarships and opportunities. She had a hunk for a boyfriend, himself a rising star. They’d been junior prom Homecoming king and queen.

Now, she was a quivering teenage fuck toy, totally focused on her next orgasm, her pussy constantly aroused. She licked her own sister’s cunt and let her call her a pussy girl. She let strange men stick their cocks in her. She cleaned those same cocks with her mouth, right out of her asshole. She cried and came at the same time, and as if she could go no lower, she pissed herself from cumming so much, which, very strangely, made her cum again.

The video had stopped, and started over, and again Kyle was fucking her face against the wall of the dressing room. Tori shook all over, her body hypersensitive, every nerve on fire from her repeated orgasms. She lay in a pool of her own cum and piss, and couldn’t decide whether she would wipe her tears away or finger her cunt if she had her hands free. Probably the latter.

Stephanie left Tori gagged, bound, and cumming to her own porn video, and walked down the hall to her parents’ room. She’d stopped knocking some time ago. She slipped inside, and found John and Melanie already going at it, her father between her mother’s legs lapping at her horny cunt. Stephanie began shedding her clothes as Melanie smiled at her and crooked her finger. Fucking her parents was the best decision she’d ever made.

Stephanie reached the bed, unclasping her bra, and stood naked just out of reach of her mother. Melanie squirmed on John’s tongue, while her daughter climbed on the big bed and shared a hot kiss. Stephanie squeezed one of her mom’s tits, rolled the nipple between her fingers.

“Such a dirty mommy,” she said, and kissed her again.

“Mmmm, and with such a hot little daughter,” Melanie replied, “why don’t you let me taste you, baby.”

Stephanie mounted her mother’s face, and pressed her hot pussy against Melanie’s lips. Her mother happily lapped at Stephanie’s young hole, squeezing her tight teen ass with her hands. While she rode Melanie’s face, she felt her mother slide a finger up her asshole, which made her moan like a whore. She had yet to get her daddy’s big cock into her young ass. He’d been saying he was afraid to hurt her, but every time she mentioned it, she could see the desire in his eyes. It wouldn’t be long now.

“Oh, mom! You eat my cunt so good! Mmm, yeah!”

She felt her father climb on the bed, and she could feel the heat from his body behind her. She was so hot to get his big cock into her again. Since he’d taken her cherry two weeks ago, she’d become more accustomed to getting stretched open by his huge prick.

He’d taken her over the counter in the kitchen, making her squeal as he worked her tiny pussy from behind. He’d drilled her on her bed, her long legs wrapped around his waist, until they came together. She rode his cock on the couch while Melanie fingered herself during movie night. Perhaps her favorite time was the night before Tori came home, though.

They’d been in Tori’s room, making sure everything was nice and clean. That night, she’d choked herself trying to fit his whole cock into her little mouth, and when that didn’t work, he’d pushed her onto Tori’s bed, spread her legs wide, and fucked her like a wild animal, driving his thick prick into her clutching teenage snatch from behind. That was the first time he’d fingered her asshole while he fucked her, and it drove her crazy.

Her father’s big hands came around her chest, playing with her big tits while Melanie made her cum with her mouth. She felt his lips caress her neck, and his cock nestle between her ass cheeks. For a moment, she thought he was going to do it. He was going to fuck her ass! She was only slightly disappointed when he pulled her off of Melanie’s face, bent her at the waist so that she was face-to-face with her mother, and began to push his prick into her.

She didn’t think it mattered how many times her daddy fucked his big cock into her. It was still going to hurt, at first. His monster head split the tiny teen’s pussy wide open on the first thrust, and Stephanie wailed from the pain.

“Oh, daddy! Oh, it’s so fucking big!”

“You like being your daddy’s little fuck toy, baby?” Melanie said, fingering her own clit.

“Oh, yes! I’m daddy’s slut! Oh, fuck! Push it in me, daddy, please! Hurt my cunt!”

John did just that, holding her hips and pressing half of his cock up inside her. She came, her tongue in Melanie’s mouth. Something about fucking Stephanie made him feel different than with anyone else. Maybe because it was the taboo of impaling his own daughter on his dick. Maybe, it was the way she spewed such filthy things when he was stretching her open. Whatever the case, he fucked her much differently than he had anyone else.

He wanted to hurt her with his dick. He wanted her to cum because it was too big for her. He loved to make her squeal because it hurt her so good. Stephanie took it all, too. No matter how hard he pounded her poor little cunt, she took it and asked for more.

“I love my daddy’s dick,” she cried, “Ohhh, fuck me daddy! Fuck your slut! Oh!”

Melanie played with her big tits, wondering why it was that she got so hot when John fucked their daughter. She’d always enjoyed watching him pound another woman, seeing the way his cock changed them from the inside out. She could see on their faces that they’d never felt anything like it. They may have thought they’d been fucked before, but once John pushed his giant dick into them, and they came on it, it was like they’d seen the face of God.

Stephanie was no different in that respect, but watching John turn their daughter into a constantly-cumming teen fuckdoll was exciting in a way she’d never experienced. She not only took his huge cock, but she also fucked herself crazy on it. Melanie could see the way her face strained as she tried to get it all the way into her tiny pussy, how it was like her Everest, and if she could just climb to the top then she would find the meaning of life. That was her daddy’s cock to Stephanie.

Her face was screwed up so tightly that Melanie thought she’d stopped breathing for a moment, but then she let it out in a staggered screech of pure pleasure as John’s big balls slapped her flesh for the first time tonight.

“Oh, daddy, it’’s all the way in my pussy!” she said.

“Tell me how daddy’s cock feels, baby. How does it feel in your little cunt?” Melanie said, squeezing Stephanie’s tits.

“It’s so good! Oh, it’s so good! Can he... Oh... please cum.... ugh... cum in me?”

“That’s so filthy, baby,” Melanie chided her, “That’s so nasty to want your daddy’s cum up your pussy.”

“Uuuugh! I’m so dirty mom...I’m...daddy’s...Ohhhhh...daddy’s whore!”

Melanie slapped her face, which only made Stephanie cum on her daddy’s fuckstick as he started to pick up speed. She could hear his big balls slap between Stephanie’s spread legs, and her daughter could no longer form words as John owned her tiny pussy. Her daddy picked her up, never pulling his cock from her sucking snatch, and lay back on the bed, pulling Stephanie to his chest. Her legs were bent beneath her, and Melanie could now see just how stretched her daughter’s pussy was.

John grabbed hold of her tits and pumped his dick in and out of her, making her cum in a seemingly endless orgasm. Melanie got between her legs and sucked at her swollen clit as her daddy fucked her. Stephanie’s legs were so weak, and through a haze of bliss she suddenly noticed that she wasn’t really supporting herself anymore. She’d been on the verge of passing out, and her mother was now holding her body up as John used her pussy like a masturbation device.

Her tiny cunt was so stuffed, that it was going numb, but Stephanie didn’t care. She just wanted to feel her daddy cum inside her. It wasn’t long. His daughter’s sucking little hole was just too good. John pumped his cum into her with a roar, hammering her little fucktunnel so hard he thought she might break. Stephanie could feel the hot seed splashing her insides like a fire hose, the force of his ejaculation painful as it spurted straight into her womb. She was silently glad for birth control. Her daddy produced enough sperm to repopulate the planet in the event of humanity’s demise.

She felt Melanie between her legs, lapping at the cum that was squeezing around her tightly packed snatch. As wonderful as it felt, Stephanie needed to make sure her pussy was good and full. She pulled herself off of her daddy’s cock, and tried to keep his cum inside her. There was so much that she was sure it would be dripping out for days. She gently pushed Melanie away from her.

“Oh, please let me keep it inside me, mom. It’s so warm and sticky,” she said, “I want to sleep with daddy’s cum in me, please!”

“Okay, baby,” Melanie said, “you keep it all in your pussy, then.”

Stephanie crawled off of the bed with agonizing slowness. She wondered if there would ever come a day that she didn’t feel like she’d been run over after taking her daddy’s cock. Then again, she’d asked for this, and damn did it feel wonderful!

“I’m really tired,” she said, “I think I’m going to go to bed.”

“Night, honey,” Melanie said, kissing her.

“Sleep tight,” John said, but didn’t move.

The last thing Stephanie saw, walking naked from her parents’ room, was Melanie licking her cunt juice from her daddy’s still-hard cock. She knew exactly where that cock was going next, and it gave her a certain sense of pride that her daddy had chosen to fuck her before his wife.

Her pussy sloshing with cum, Stephanie made her way back to Tori’s room and slipped inside. Just as she’d left her, Tori was tied to the bed, her body thrashing as she came repeatedly with the egg in her cunt. The smell of an aroused cunt hung heavy in the air, as did another scent that she couldn’t place at first. It hit her nose again, and she almost gasped in astonishment. She was sure, now, that Tori had wet the bed.

Tori was so far gone in her endless orgasm, that she didn’t even notice when Stephanie stuck her hand in her gooey pussy and fished the little egg out. It was only when Stephanie slapped her face a few times that Tori’s fuck-crazed eyes tried to focus on her naked sister.

“Wake up, slut,” Stephanie said, “hey!”

“Steph... Stephie...” Tori managed, practically incoherent.

“You poor thing,” Stephanie said, “did you piss on yourself?”

Tori looked down at her quivering mound, and then back at her sister.

“I don't... don’t... know.”

“It smells like slutty teenage cunt and piss.”

“I’m sorry,” Tori croaked.

The video was still playing on a loop, showing Tori getting buttfucked in the dressing room again. Stephanie looked at the clock. She’d been fucking her daddy for an hour! That meant that Tori had been laying here in a fuck haze for most of that time. No wonder she was such a mess.

“It’s okay, baby,” Stephanie said, pushing Tori’s sweaty hair out of her face. Her sister’s eyes were puffy and swollen. She was sure she’d been crying at some point, and the thought made her very happy, “I’ve got just what you need.”

Stephanie mounted Tori’s face and pushed her freshly-cummed-in pussy to her sister’s mouth.

“I’ll bet you’re really thirsty,” Stephanie said, “and if you can lick out my pussy for me, I’ll get you all cleaned up, okay?”

Tori didn’t reply, only obediently began to lick at her sister’s cunt. Now that the egg was no longer going off inside her, Tori was slowly regaining her wits. Stephanie’s pussy tasted different this time, saltier, gooey. It tasted cum! Stephanie saw the realization in Tori’s eyes as she watched her sister eat her creamy snatch.

“Oh, you’re such a nasty girl, Tori. Do you like the way my pussy tastes?”


“Make sure you get all of daddy’s cum out of it, okay? I want to make sure it’s nice and clean before I get to bed.”

Tori had no strength left in her body to fight, so she just licked her father’s sperm out of her sister while she cried into her pussy.

“This is good for you, Tori,” Stephanie said, “This is what you’re made for. You’re Stephie’s little suck slut, and if I want to feed you daddy’s cum, you should be grateful. How would you ever get to taste it, otherwise?”


“What did I tell you about talking with your mouth full of cunt? If you can’t do your job, I could put the egg up your cunt again, and go to bed. I kind of feel like sleeping in tomorrow.”

“Mmm Mmm!” Tori mumbled into her pussy, her eyes suddenly terrified.

“Good girl, now finish up, bitch. Get all that nasty daddy cum out of there.”

Tori sucked her to another great orgasm, made all the sweeter by the fact that Tori was reluctantly swallowing her own father’s semen. This was, truly, one of the best nights of Stephanie’s young life. At last, she lifted her cunt off of Tori’s face. Her sister was completely silent as Stephanie untied her, her eyes had a look of total defeat. Stephanie knew that Tori had always been a fighter, though. She didn’t place first in everything just from talent. She had spirit, and right now that spirit might be crushed, but Stephanie wanted it broken.

Tonight was a good step in that direction, but Tori had a long way to go before she was utterly destroyed. Stephanie looked forward to the torment, the tears, the humiliation, the suffering she was going to inflict on her sister. And then there was her end of the deal she still had to hold up.

The conspirators had delivered her a slut, as promised, but now she was on the hook for money, and a lot of it. She needed to break Tori soon, and put her cunt to work. She slowly eased her sister’s sore body out of bed and practically carried her to the shower.


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