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The Second Place Sister, Part 19

Chapter Forty-One: Tied Up

While Mike and Cindy made passionate love, Stephanie slipped into Tori’s bedroom without knocking, to find her sister with four inches of black dildo in her tiny bottom. She could hear Tori sobbing miserably as she tried to push the toy further up her ass, but it was clear that she was having trouble. Stephanie closed the door, set a DVD on the table next to Tori’s TV, and then walked to the bed.

Tori looked up as her sister’s shadow fell across her, and through bleary eyes she could see Stephanie’s look of concern. She knew that Stephanie was probably upset that she’d taken the plug out of her ass, but her overwhelming desire to cum was stronger than anything else.

“Stephie,” Tori croaked, her mouth dry, “I can’t do it.”

“What can’t you do, sissy?”

“I can’t... can’t make myself cum.”

“You poor thing,” Stephanie said, stroking Tori’s blonde hair, “It must be so awful to have a slutty cunt that needs to cum all the time. Do you need me to help?”

“Please, Stephie! It hurts so much,” Tori begged, “I need to cum so bad.”

“I can see that. You know I can’t let you play with your pussy, though, right?”

“I know! You could make my ass cum, though, like earlier?”

Stephanie grinned, “That was fun, wasn’t it? You came so good with that big toy in your asshole, didn’t you?”

“Yesss! Please, Stephie, please.”

Stephanie pushed Tori’s hand away from the toy, and replaced it with her own. She could see that Tori’s asshole was shiny from all the lube she’d put on the toy. She slowly twisted the dildo until it slipped further inside her sister, eliciting a horny moan from Tori.

“That’s what you want, right? My little ass whore wants that big cock in her, doesn’t she?”

“Oh, Stephie, yes! I want it in my ass!”

“You know what that means, right?”

“Ugh! Yes!”

“Tell me.”

“I’m a... a... a butt slut!”

Stephanie pushed a few more inches into her sister, watching her tiny asshole spread wide to accept the fake cock.

“Oh, yeah! That’s what you need to make you cum, isn’t it?”


Stephanie pulled the toy out, pushed it back in, and repeated the in and out as she fucked her sister’s perfect butt. Tori’s sobs turned to groans, and then she was humping her ass back against the toy, trying to get it deeper. She didn’t even realize that she’d taken the whole thing in her ass by then, and was trying to get even more.

“Oh, you’re so close, Tori! Fuck that big cock with your ass for me. That’s good! Now, you need to cum real soon, okay? My arm’s getting tired.”

“Oh, it’s coming, Stephie, please don’t stop!”

Tori shook like a wet dog and started to cum, drooling and moaning as her asshole clenched around the big toy. Stephanie held it in her until she began to come down, and then pulled the toy free with an audible plop. Tori’s asshole stayed wide open, and Stephanie grabbed the plug off the bed and put it back in her sister’s stretched open ass. Tori grunted as the plug filled her back up, but she was too tired, now, to say anything. She felt glad to get the full feeling back in her, and she felt sick because of how good it made her feel.

While Tori recovered, Stephanie went to the big discarded pile of clothes that Tori had thrown all over the floor that morning. She quickly selected a few items and came back to the bed, rolling Tori over onto her back. She straddled her sister and started to kiss her hotly. Tori responded very well, pushing her tongue back into Stephanie’s mouth, moaning like a slut.

Stephanie reached out and took Tori’s hands, brought them together, and used a pair of leggings to tie her wrists together. Tori tried to complain, but Stephanie’s tongue was in her mouth. She started to struggle, so Stephanie pulled her lips away, and put her full weight on Tori’s chest.

“Stephie, what are you doing?” Tori said, panicked.

“Shhh! Don’t you worry, baby. I’m going to make sure you don’t play with your little snatch when I take your belt off. Just relax.”

She tied the leggings to Tori’s headboard, and then moved down her body. She turned Tori on her side, unlocked the belt, and slid the device off her legs. Tori had settled down, and watched her with curiosity. Was Stephanie going to make her pussy cum? She hoped so. Oh, how she hoped so!

“I’m going to put on a little movie for you,” Stephanie explained, using two other pairs of leggings to tie Tori’s legs apart, “and then I’m going to go into mom and dad’s room. I’m going to slide my pussy down onto his big daddy cock, and bounce on it like a little whore until he makes me cum.”

Tori could feel her pussy contracting in desire as she pictured her sister getting fucked, cumming hard on a big dick. She wanted to cum on a big dick, too!

“And while I’m cumming really hard on daddy’s dick, you’re going to lay here and watch a movie, and get really wet and juicy for me. If you’re a good slut, and you don’t try to get at your little cunt, then maybe I’ll let yo