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The Second Place Sister, Part 20

Tori Hamlin The Second Place Sister

Chapter 42: Reuniting with Tim

Tori’s locked up pussy throbbed from cumming so much the previous night. She awoke in clean sheets, feeling more rested than she had in days. Apparently, Stephanie had decided not to wake her up, and not to make her lick her slit this morning. After another awful night she’d suffered at her sister’s hands, though, Tori was grateful. Still, it felt strange not to wake up and fill her mouth with cunt cream.

Though most of Sunday had been fairly uneventful, the evening had been filled with anal training. Stephanie seemed determined to get her sister’s ass ready for Mike’s cock. As to when that was supposed to happen, Stephanie hadn’t really said. Rather, she’d kept Tori locked in her belt all day and used the big dildo to make her ass cum over and over again.

She hauled herself out of bed and wrapped a robe around her naked body, then poked her head out of her door. The house was very quiet. It was after 9:00 on Monday morning. She crept out into the hall and down to Stephanie’s room. The door was open, but the room was empty. She went into the bathroom, relieved herself, cleaned up as best she could with the belt locked on, brushed her teeth, and showered off. When she was finished, she felt almost like a real girl again.

She quickly checked her phone, saw another missed call from Tim, but ignored it like all the others. She wasn’t sure she was ready for that, yet. The sound of voices and clanking silverware drew her down the stairs, where she found her father at the table with Cindy. The little redhead was naked, as usual, but still wearing her pink collar. Her fiery hair was a mess, tangled, knotted, in disarray. She’d obviously been fucked like mad.

Her father was dressed up in a nice shirt and tie. He didn’t usually put on a tie unless he was going to some important business function. John was listening to Cindy’s tale of teenage woe, leading up to her time in the clinic. He’d heard it in brief from Tori, of course, but it was different to hear it from Cindy. Where Tori had made it sound sad, which it was, everything out of Cindy’s mouth made it sound as though it were no big deal. It was just something that had happened.

John caught sight of his daughter as she poked her head into the kitchen, and he immediately came to his feet and launched himself toward her, sweeping her up in his big arms, just like he’d done when she was a little girl. It felt great, comforting, the nostalgia of a happier time that would never come again. She held onto him tightly, like an anchor in her sea of trouble. She wished that she could just stay like this and enjoy it, but the nearness of his body, the smell of a man, the memory of Stephanie feeding her his cum from her cunt, all made her pussy throb.

“Hi, daddy,” she said, “Good morning.”

He held onto her and stroked her hair lovingly.

“Hey, honey,” he said, “I’ve missed you. I’m sorry we’ve been so busy since you got home. I promise your mom and I are going to set aside time for just us soon, okay?”

“It’s alright, daddy,” she said, “I know you guys have important things to do. You look really nice, by the way.”

John finally let her go, and held her at arm’s length, grinning broadly.

“New software test at the data center over in Charbourg,” he said, moving back to the table, “Normally I’d just leave it with one of the managers, but the client made a request for personal attention, and they’re the kind of account you don’t get to ignore, so...”

“Go get ’em, tiger,” Tori said.

Then, she was almost bowled over by Cindy’s tiny frame crushing into her, and shoving her tongue in her mouth. While it felt very weird to make out with Cindy in front of her father, the needy feeling in Tori’s cunt drove her to suck on Cindy’s tongue, and let the other girl’s hands push her robe apart, grope her tits. Tori couldn’t help but moan, which made John’s dick jump in his pants. He wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to the sight of his once-reserved daughter french kissing another girl. Cindy finally realized what she was doing, and pulled herself away from Tori.

“Um, I’m sorry, Tori,” she said, “I guess I shouldn’t do that, like, in front of your dad and all. Sorry Mr. Hamlin.”

“It’s okay, Cindy,” Tori said, crossing the kitchen to start some toast.

Cindy looked at John and said, “Tori said I’m not a slut. I just have a very friendly Vagina,” she giggled, “Isn’t she nice?”

John laughed merrily, “Yes, that was a very kind way to put it,” he agreed.

“Where’s Mike?” Tori asked, conversationally.

“Oh, that lazy man. He’s still in bed,” Cindy said, “he had his dick in me for hours, and I think I finally got all the cum out.”

John stared into his coffee while Tori laughed.

“I, um, I think I’m going to finish getting ready and get out of here,” John said, excusing himself.

When he was gone, Cindy said, “Your dad’s really cute.”

Tori looked at her quizzically.

“Oh, I’m not gonna try to fuck him, silly,” Cindy said, “Your mom looks like she’d murder anyone that tried.”

Anyone, except Stephanie, apparently, Tori thought, but kept her mouth shut.

“Mike said he’s going to take me to a movie today,” Cindy said, “it’s at some theater called Leroy’s. He said it’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but they show films that he thinks I’d really enjoy.”

Tori choked on the toast she’d just bitten off. Leroy’s was an adult theater in the seedier part of town. Kids at school were always talking about sneaking in to see the skin flicks, but Tori didn’t know much about it otherwise.

“I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun,” Tori said distantly.

“Do you want to come?” Cindy asked.

“No!” Tori said, a little too forcefully, “I mean, no thanks. I’m...well, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”