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The Second Place Sister, Part 18

Cindy from The Second Place Sister by Tori Hamlin

Chapter Forty: My Slutty Girlfriend

Over dinner that evening, Cindy regaled John and Melanie with the tale of their adventure to the mall. The little redhead prattled on excitedly, completely naked except for the leash and collar, which she refused to take off. She told them all about how great the sunshine was. She hadn’t been outside in months, after all. She talked at length about all the men staring at her in her little skirt, and how she was such a stupid slut that she’d made Stephanie buy her this leash to keep her in check.

She related the story of how a man had put his hand up her skirt, and she’d kissed him, and how a fight had almost broken out. That led to a story about the two college boys, and how they’d defended her honor (as if she had any, she jested). Tori looked very uncomfortable as Cindy got to the part about the store, in which she’d been fucked by Kyle against the wall of the dressing room.

Thankfully, Cindy dropped her fork just as she was coming to this part. The little redhead ducked under the table, found her fork, but then became distracted by Stephanie’s exposed pussy winking from beneath her skirt. Stephanie jumped when she felt Cindy’s tongue brush against her slit. John and Melanie looked at her curiously, until she began to moan with delight, and squirm in her chair.

They were utterly without words, watching Stephanie get eaten out at the dinner table. Melanie’s hand found her way into John’s lap, rubbing his bulge. She couldn’t blame him for getting turned on. Cindy had the same effect on her, as well. They tried to engage Tori in conversation, but she wasn’t really in the mood. The plug in her ass made her squirm uncomfortably in her chair. Next to her, Stephanie came loudly, and a moment later Cindy emerged from beneath the table.

“I found my fork!” She crooned happily.

“That’s great, sweetie,” Melanie said, stifling a giggle.

“I think I’m going to go to bed,” Tori said, “I’m really tired.”

“Alright, baby,” Melanie said, “do you need anything?”

“I’ll be okay,” Tori said, forcing a smile.

“Night, Tori!” Cindy called.

Tori waved to her, and went up to her room. The plug in her ass was driving her crazy. Her pussy was itching and needy, and the fullness in her bottom seemed to have pushed her just to the edge of an unattainable orgasm. She was so frustrated, and really wanted to be fucked again. She lay on her bed and tried to go to sleep, instead, but her pussy wouldn’t let her. She needed to cum! Stephanie had placed the big black dildo on her nightstand after fucking her ass with it earlier, and when she saw it laying there, she knew that there was something she could do to cum. It would mean admitting that she was a butt slut, but she could cum and go to sleep. She reached for the dildo.

Cindy was helping Stephanie clean up the remains of dinner when Mike came home a while later. Cindy squealed with joy and ran into his arms, planting kisses all over his face, and pushing her tongue in his mouth.

“Oh, baby!” She cried, “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Hey cutie,” Mike said, grinning, “Nice to see you, too!”

“Hey, bro,” Stephanie called from the kitchen, “Will you please go put your dick up that slut? The only thing out of her mouth today has been Mike’s big cock.”

Cindy blushed, saying, “Well, that’s not exactly true! I also licked both your sister’s cunts, and you know what? They taste the same! Isn’t that weird?”

“Um, well, I guess that is...kind...of...weird...Can I get a shower first?”

“Oh, but I love the way you stink!”

“Yeah, well I don’t. You help Stephie, and I’ll be out in a minute, alright?”

“Oh, I guess! If you insist upon denying me!” Cindy said dramatically.

“Soon, soon!” Mike said, prying her lips off of his face again, “Hey, wait! What’s with the leash?”

“Oh, well, we went to the mall and went shopping, and because I’m such a stupid slut, and I get distracted really easy, I thought that maybe Stephanie should put me on a leash so she could keep me from wandering off!”

“This was your idea?”

“Yes! Aren’t I a smarty? Well, not like you, college boy, I’ve got slut smarts! Oh, yeah! Give me my Heisman!”


“The award they give to really smart people, silly!”

“Oh, yeah. You had a great idea,” Mike said, “Now get your cute little butt in there and help Stephie, will you?”


He watched her butt sway happily back into the kitchen, thinking of putting his cock in it. She was some kind of woman! He went into his cave and hit the shower.

By the time he was out and wrapped in a towel, Cindy was laying on his bed with the lights down low. Red stockings covered her legs, and she still wore the pink collar, but otherwise she was naked. Mike was already hardening at the sight of her. She was incredible, oozing sexual energy, her big eyes dancing with playful lust. She smiled when she saw him, and slithered toward the edge of the bed.

Mike dropped his towel, and Cindy gasped at his perfect cock. She’d already decided that there was no better dick in the world. It was big, but not a monster, thick, and it stayed hard constantly. If she had been asked to build the ultimate pleasure tool, it would be this cock swinging right in front of her. She wrapped her hand around it with bated breath, stroking it lovingly.

Mike climbed onto the bed beside her, and she crawled on top of him, kissing him hungrily. His hands roved all over her perfect little body, her big tits, and ran between her pussy slit. She was hot and wet, as always. She reached between them and stroked his cock.

“Michael,” she said softly, “am I your girlfriend?”

“Do you want to be?”

“I’d really like that,” she said.

“Then yes, you’re my girlfriend.”

“Your slutty girlfriend?”

Mike choked on his tongue, but managed to croak, “My slutty girlfriend.”

She kissed him again, and then slipped down his body and sucked his big cockhead into her mouth. She loved the way his big meat stretched her mouth out, what a challenge it was to swallow his whole tool. She fed herself more and more of his cock, devouring 8 inches of it before it hit the back of her throat. Cindy fucked her own face with his prick, slobbering and moaning around it while Mike stroked her hair.

“God, your mouth is incredible,” he groaned.

Cindy came up off his cock and fisted it quickly with her small hand.

“Can I ride it, baby? Please, can I ride your big cock?” she pleaded sweetly.


Cindy mounted him and backed her ass up to his swollen head, pushed her hot cunt back onto it, and felt him begin to spread her open. Her tiny pussy struggled to swallow his girth, but she pushed, and pushed, until she had the first few inches inside of her. She leaned in and kissed him, her big tits mashed into his chest, her hips working him into her further. Mike grunted like an animal as her little hole squeezed his dick tightly. Finally, with a last big push, his whole cock slid into her, and Cindy cried out with joy as he filled her up.

“Oh, Michael, it’s so big!”

“You’re so tight, baby,” he hissed in her ear.

“I love the way you fill me up. Ohhhh, it’s so good!”

“Ride that dick, baby,” he encouraged her.

Cindy began to hump his throbbing tool, very slowly letting him slide out just a few inches, before slamming back down on him. He could feel her whole body quivering as she took him to his swollen balls.

“Baby,” she whispered in his ear, “I’m your slutty girlfriend! Ohhh, fuck! I’m your hot little slut girlfriend!”

“Oh, God!”

“Oh, baby I was so naughty today,” she hissed, “I was such a dirty girlfriend at the mall, baby.”

“W... what?”

“Ohhh, should I tell you, baby? Should I tell you what your slut did today?”

Her pussy was clamped so tightly around him, he was sure it would never come out.

“Tell me...”

She played with his tongue for a moment, and then said, “Well, we went shopping today, mmm, fuck yeah, baby! Oh, and there were...mmm, two hot guys...”

“Oh, shit,” Mike breathed.

“And, when we went... mmm... into a store... ugh... I went into the dressing room with Tori... oh, yes... and... and... we just got so hot...”

“What happened, baby? Tell me...”

“We were so horny...mmm, yeah...and we both, we wanted to be we let the guys in the dressing room...and we...oh, baby we were so naughty! We got down on our knees, and we sucked on their cocks, baby...”

Mike’s cock pulsed inside of her, and he jammed it deep, making her cum for the first time that night.

“Tell me...” he said.

“They were so hard, baby...oh yes...when we got their dicks good and wet...mmm...they pushed us against the wall, and fucked us both from behind like little doggies...oh, fuck you’re so’re so much deeper than the man that fucked me at the mall, baby!”

Mike was about to lose it. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Cindy and Tori both getting fucked in a dressing room?

“Oh, he fucked me so hard, baby, and...ohhh...and the other guy...he...he fucked Tori in her ass... and I got so hot, baby... I came so good on that guy’s cock when he fucked your sister... and after he came in your sluts pussy, baby... I made Tori lick it out... oh, God... she sucked her own ass of that guys’ cock... ungh... and then she sucked my pussy so good... ahhh... your sister sucked my cummy cunt, baby...”

That was all Mike could handle, and his swollen balls pumped cum up his shaft into Cindy’s hot cunt. He bellowed an intelligible string of profanity as Cindy’s sloppy pussy bounced up and down on his cumming cock, her mind exploding with stars as Mike grasped her hips and filled her with sperm. The naughty redhead sat perched on his still-hard dick, watching for Mike’s reaction. When he could finally open his eyes, he stared into her happy green ones, and thought he must be dead. His life couldn’t possibly get any better.

“Holy...fuck...was that, um, was that true?” he asked

“Oh, every word, baby. Are you mad? I’m such a slut, and I didn’t even think about how it would make you feel when that guy shoved his cock up me. I’m sorry, baby! I’m sorry!”

Mike sat up, his cock still firmly lodged inside her, and pulled her close. He kissed the tears that threatened the corners of her eyes. She was so beautiful, and while she might be an uncontrollable slut, her sheer naive innocence made him want her all the more.

“Cindy, you silly little slut,” he said, and kissed her. “I’m not mad at you.”


“No. In fact, you just gave me another reason to like you.”

“But, aren’t girlfriends supposed to, like, not get fucked by other guys? Oh, I can’t remember! I had a boyfriend once, but everything is so hazy, since my pussy started controlling me. I’m such a dumb bimbo!”

“Well, normally girlfriends aren’t supposed to get fucked by other guys, yes,” Mike admitted, “but I like that you got fucked today, and I like that it was with some strange hot guy at the mall.”

He stroked her breasts softly, saying, “You remember when you said you were...broken?”


“Well, we’re both broken, baby. We’re not like other people, and we don’t fit into the regular mold. You’re a total, shameless, and wanton fuckslut, I get that. But you know what? I don’t care. Just the opposite,” He began to pump his dick into her again, “It gets me so hot. Am I jealous that some dude got to bend you over and nail you against a dressing room wall? Hell yes, I’m jealous! It makes my fucking blood boil, but it’s that feeling that makes me want you even more, that feeling of always knowing that when I’m not with you, you might have your legs spread open for another man.”

“Oh, Michael, you’re still so hard,” she hissed.

“I’m hard because of you and your hot little cheating cunt, baby,” he said, fucking her mouth with his tongue.

Cindy rode his big cock to another great orgasm, never breaking their kiss, until she had to scream with the pleasure of it all. Something very strange happened inside her, though. She couldn’t say what it was, but it was a sense of peace and joy that she had never felt before, but it wasn’t the joy of having 10 inches of cock buried inside her. It was something that started deep in her gut, and before she knew it, she was crying, riding Mike’s cock and crying.

“Cindy, it’s alright, I told you I’m not mad.”

“Oh, Michael, I know. I’m not...I don’t know why...I’m not upset. I’m...I’m so happy! I’m such a stupid slut, Michael, and I didn’t think anyone could ever want me, but you do. I can see it. You really mean it, and I’m so happy!”

“Baby, I’m going to cum in your pussy again,” Mike said, “I’m going to cum in your hot cheating cunt,”

“Oh, do it, baby! It’s your pussy! It’s all for you, and even when someone else cums in it, it’s all yours!”

And cum again he did, they did, together. Neither of them could say just how long they stayed locked together. Eventually, Mike’s cock started to go soft, and Cindy pulled herself off his lap, flopping down next to him on the bed.

“I never thought I’d say this,” she huffed, “but I think I came enough for right now,”

“Just give it ten minutes,” Mike said, and flashed her a grin.

“I was thinking five,” Cindy shot back.

They laughed together, until Cindy gave him a delicate kiss on the lips.

“Michael?” she said.

“Hmm?” he was floating in a daze.

“Could I, maybe, well...could I watch you fuck Stephanie some time?”

Just when Mike thought that this woman could be no more perfect, he was given another shock.

“Wait, you know about...”

“Stephanie told me, and it’s okay. I mean, you can live with the fact that I’m the easiest lay in town, and I think it’s really hot that you fuck your sister. She’s soooo sexy!”

“She is that, but I want you to know something. Stephanie and I, well, it’s not like the sex that you and I have. It’s, well, different. It’s just dirty. I think that’s why I like it. She doesn’t make love, and she doesn’t talk to me like you do. She likes me to force her, to rape her and make her take it. That’s what gets her off.”

“Well, that’s hot, too! I’d love to see you rape your hot sister with that big dick!”

“Good God! Could you be any more perfect?”

“Um, well, there’s one more thing,” Cindy said carefully.

“Oh, my...”

“It’s Tori.”

“What about Tori? God, I still can’t believe she let some guy fuck her ass next to you at the mall. Did that part really happen? Tori?”

“Ha! Yes, it did. He took her pussy, then her ass, and then she sucked him clean. She looks so hot when she’s being a nasty girl.”

“If you knew her three weeks ago, you would be as surprised as I am. Tori was a total ice queen. I’m surprised she even knew she had a cunt between her legs.”

“Oh, well, I guess she knows it’s there now! I wanted to ask if you could, well, could I watch you fuck Tori’s ass some time, too?”

“What? Did she say that she wants me to fuck her ass? When did this happen?”

“She didn’t say that, no, but Stephanie said we could get you to fuck her asshole, and I’ll bet you’d like to. Would you?”

Mike thought about that. Stephanie said. That didn’t surprise him in the least.

“Cindy, you need to watch Stephanie, alright? She might play friendly and innocent, but my sister isn’t someone you cross. She’s a little, well, a little bit crazy, I think. She likes to manipulate people to do what she wants, and I think she might be doing the same to you and Tori. So, if she does anything that you don’t feel comfortable with, I want you to just run the other way, alright?”

“Oh, you mean if she wants me to like fuck dogs or something? I don’t think I would be comfortable with that. I might be a silly fuckslut, but I don’t think I’d ever do animals.”

“I guess that qualifies, but I mean anything. If she ever tries to get you to do something you don’t want to do, then you have to get away from her, okay? Just promise me.”

“I will. I promise,” Cindy agreed.

“Good,” he kissed her.

“Mmm, but you didn’t answer my question. Do you want Tori’s ass?”

“Baby, if you put Tori’s open asshole in front of me, and asked me to fuck it, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

“Oh, good! I just love watching a little slut get her booty stretched open! Speaking of which,” she grabbed his cock and began to stroke, “It’s been five minutes, and there’s still one hole you haven’t cum in.”

“Is this heaven?”

“I’ve been told,” Cindy said, spitting on his dick, “that heaven is my tight teenage ass.”


Enjoying this story? You can own the entire Hamlin family epic, a sprawling 55-chapter tale of betrayal, jealousy, and finding forgiveness. This book spans 658 pages of family fuckery, a roller coaster of emotion that, after eight years, still stands as one of the most loved and best-selling works in my library.

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