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The Second Place Sister, Part 17

Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Butt Slut

Tori Hamlin The Second Place Sister

When they arrived home, Stephanie had been quick to get her sister’s cunt locked up again, and as she made Tori lick out her sweaty pussy, she’d berated her for her behavior.

“I accept the blame for today, Tori,” Stephanie said, pushing her sister’s face into her steaming snatch, “I let you go out without your belt on, and look what happened. You got fucked in your mouth, your pussy, and up your ass. What’s worse, is that you played with your dirty little cunt while you let that guy fuck your mouth.”

Tori worked at Stephanie’s pussy like a good cunt sucker, her own sluthole growing more aroused as Stephanie reminded her what a tramp she’d been.

“The next time, we’ll make sure you keep your belt on, and we won’t have to worry about you playing with your snatch, okay?”

Tori hummed her assent into Stephanie’s pussy as her sister came on her face. Tori happily drank down her fuck honey, as her little locked-up box got even hotter. Stephanie pushed Tori’s hungry mouth away gently, and began kissing her.

“Are you my pussy girl, baby?” she asked, looking into Tori’s wild eyes.

It was clear that getting that dick shoved in her holes had done something to her sister today, awakened some carnal urge that had finally pushed her from reluctant slut, to mildly willing slut. In fact, Tori kneeling on her floor right now wasn’t even at Stephanie’s request. They’d been going through their bounty from the mall trip, when Stephanie laid on the bed to get off her feet. Before she knew it, Tori was between her legs, licking at her slit.

“Yes, Stephie,” Tori said, “I’m your pussy girl.”

“That’s right, baby. I’ll bet you want to cum now, don’t you?”

“Yes, please!”

“Well, don’t worry. Your sister knows you’ve got a horny cunt, so I got a few more things at that store where I bought the collar.”

Tori waited on her knees. Stephanie was pleased. She hadn’t even asked. Tori just assumed that she needed to stay there until she was told otherwise. Stephanie rifled through the sacks on the bed until she found the white one from the adult novelty shop. She motioned Tori up on the bed, and made her lie on her stomach. Tori figured her sister was going to unbuckle her belt.

She watched Stephanie pull a big black dildo out of the bag, and then something else that looked like a little pyramid-shaped thing. Stephanie laid the toys on the bed, and pulled Tori’s hips up, so that her ass stuck in the air. Then, she felt her sister’s tongue on her asshole. Tori groaned as Stephanie licked at her ass, spit in her asshole, and slowly worked her finger into her bottom.

“You know,” Stephanie said, her voice husky with excitement, “I noticed something today, when that guy had his dick up your ass,” she punctuated the statement by adding a second finger to Tori’s asshole, making her moan and grip the sheets, “I noticed that you came really hard. You did, didn’t you?”

“Oh, God! Yes!”

“That’s something we have in common,” Stephanie went on, working her slippery fingers in and out of Tori’s perfect behind, “I didn’t realize it until Mike had ten inches of dick in my ass,” Tori quivered, “but we can both cum from anal sex, and cum like crazy.”


Stephanie pulled her fingers out of Tori’s ass, put the tip of the black dildo to her backdoor, and then made Tori lick her fingers clean as she pushed the head of the toy inside her sister. Tori groaned as the big toy spread her open, wider than she’d ever been. Tori yelped, and Stephanie spanked her perfect ass cheek.

“Oh, Tori,” she said, “I wish you could see this! You’ve got such a great ass, and it looks so good getting opened up like this.”

“Stephie, it hurts!” Tori cried, clutching the sheets.

“I know, baby,” Stephanie cooed, “but it’s going to feel so good once it’s inside.”

She pushed a little more of the toy up her sister’s round bottom, Tori’s whimpers making her wet again.

“Oh, oh, ooooh!” Tori cried, 5 inches of the dildo buried in her rectum.

“That’s my girl,” Stephanie said, “Just relax. You’re going to take the whole thing for Stephie, aren’t you?”

The pain was awful, but Stephanie had been right. As another 2 inches of the toy went into her tiny ass, she started to get accustomed to the fullness, and then it started to feel good.

“Yesss...” Tori hissed.

Stephanie picked up her phone and switched on the camera, holding it with a shaky hand as she worked the toy further into her sister. Tori was groaning nonstop, now, whimpering and shaking. Stephanie pushed a final time, and the full 8 inches of the black toy became fully lodged in Tori’s ass. Tori felt the fake ball sack against her pussy, and she knew that she had taken the whole thing.

“Oh, that’s so good, Tori!” Stephanie said, “8 inches of black cock, all the way inside your asshole. Does that feel good?”

“Ughhh! It’ feels...good!”

“I’ll bet it does! Now, just let Stephie make your ass cum, okay?”

“Oh! Okay!”

Stephanie slowly pulled a few inches of the toy out, spit on Tori’s asshole, and then worked it back in slowly. Tori shivered and shook. She’d never felt so full, so stretched. She wondered how big that fucking toy was. Kyle’s dick had been easy compared to this! Now that Stephanie was pulling it out, and pushing it back in, Tori’s ass began to contract around the invading toy, sucking at it just like her pussy did when she had cock in her.

“I need to tell you something,” Stephanie said, fucking the toy in and out of her sister’s asshole, “I don’t think mom and dad have told you yet, because they’re trying to think of a good way to say it.”

“W... what... are... ugh... you... oh, fuck!” Tori came on the toy in her ass, humping the bed.