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The Second Place Sister, Part 16

Chapter 38: Who Doesn't Like a Slut on a Leash?

Cindy from The Second Place Sister by Tori Hamlin

Stephanie learned, the next morning, that she and Cindy shared similar tastes in clothing. Well, fairly similar. Cindy preferred to have no clothes on at all, where Stephanie liked to show as much skin as possible, but leave a little for the imagination. She was an accomplished cocktease, after all. Unfortunately, the world still had laws, like the ones against public indecency, and Cindy’s going out to the mall naked would have certainly landed them all in trouble.

After wrestling Tori out of bed, making her sister eat her cunt, degrading her by telling her what a good slit licker she was, and then helping her out of her belt, making her cum, and getting her off to clean up, Stephanie felt like her day was off to a great start. She’d found a well-fucked Cindy at the table completely nude, and had to admit that the little redhead had an amazing body. While Cindy was quite a bit smaller than Stephanie and her sister, she did share the same tit size as Stephanie.

The three girls, all in various forms of undress, were now raiding Stephanie’s closet, after breakfast. Since Cindy had no clothes, Stephanie offered to give her an outfit to go shopping in. Tori, though, had gone through her closet a few times, and then became depressed. None of her old clothes seemed appropriate. They were all very conservative, very stuffy. Her recent reprogramming made her look at them all, and disregard them. They didn’t show off her body. They weren’t tight, or slutty, or provocative, and she was a slut. She was a cuntsucking pussy girl.

And so, after throwing all of her clothes out into a big pile on the floor, she’d wound up in Stephanie’s room with her sister and Cindy. Cindy insisted that anything she wore be an easy access outfit. She needed to allow herself to be fucked at any moment, and she couldn’t be bothered with buttons, zippers, or clasps. Stephanie decided that she quite liked Cindy.

The two of them were chatting away happily when Tori came in, wearing nothing but a bra. Cindy cried happily and gave her a big kiss as Stephanie watched. Tori felt herself getting wet, and knew she needed to stop this or she’d be begging Stephanie to unlock her belt and let Cindy lick her cunt.

“You two are so pretty,” Cindy said, “I wish I was as pretty as you. I love your hair!”

“What are you talking about?” Stephanie asked, “You’re a hot little package! I wish my ass was as small as yours.”

“You think so? That’s so nice!”

“Um, Stephie,” Tori said, “I need something to wear.”

“Did you shrink in the wash or something?” Stephanie joked.

“No, it’s just that my old clothes...they aren’t right. I don’t know how to put it.”

“They aren’t slutty enough?” Stephanie grinned.

Tori looked at the floor.

“Oh, cheer up you downer!” Stephanie said, “we’re having fun today! Three hotties on a shopping trip! We’re going to make the boys’ eyes fall out of their heads. Let’s get you something hot to wear!”

Tori began to feel better as Cindy and Stephanie went gaga over her, pulling out skirts, tops, pants, until finally they’d settled on outfits. Stephanie stuffed her tits into a black Lycra top with a matching mini skirt, little black thong, and some four inch heels.

They put Cindy in a pink tube top that looked like it might explode from the pressure her breasts put on it, and a tiny pink skirt that left the bottom of her ass cheeks hanging out. No panties for Cindy, of course. She looked like she might throw up when Stephanie suggested them. Finally, a pair of pink Playboy platform shoes gave the little redhead an extra few inches.

For Tori, they gave her a naughty schoolgirl look, with a white blouse that showed off her firm stomach, an open chest with no bra that teased her perfect tits, a tartan skirt, and a pair of white stockings. Stephanie insisted on a pair of white heels that made her the same height as her twin.

“Stephie,” Tori said, “can I please take this thing off while we go out?” she asked, flashing her belt.

“If you’ll promise not to rub your cunt in my car, then I guess it’ll be okay.”

“I won’t!”

Stephanie unlocked Tori’s belt and slid it down her legs, tossing it on her bed. Tori breathed a sigh of relief as her pussy was exposed.

“I’ll just go get some panties,” Tori said.

“No,” Stephanie said firmly, “why even bother. Your pussy will juice them up, anyway. How embarrassing would it be if someone saw. It would look like you pissed yourself!”

Tori cringed as the memory of her doing just that, at the clinic, flashed through her mind.

“She has a point,” Cindy said, “see, I’m wet already!”

“You’re always wet,” Tori jibed.

“And always ready!”

“Come on, you sluts,” Stephanie said, “let’s do some makeup.”

Stephanie always went light on her makeup, but she took some extra time dolling up the other two girls, and making sure Tori looked like a hooker. She smiled at her sister’s smoky eyes and painted eyelids, and at the look of mixed sadness and arousal when Tori saw her face in the mirror.

“I look like a slut!” Tori said.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Stephanie said, “look at Cindy. She’s a slut, and she’s not bitching about it.”

“I think you look hot!” Cindy said, playing with her slit under her tiny skirt.

“Doesn’t she?” Stephanie said.

“Well, I guess,” Tori acquiesced.

“Gosh, I haven’t cum for hours,” Cindy said suddenly, “I think I need to before we leave.”

“Oh,” Stephanie cried, “I’ll bet Tori could help you with that!”

“What?” Tori cried.

“Yes!” Cindy said excitedly, “She always eats my cunt really good.”

Tori reddened with embarrassment, but the heat in her own pussy was getting to be too much to take, too. She already knew that Stephanie wouldn’t let her play with herself, so if she wanted to cum she was going to end up licking Cindy’s twat, and probably her sister’s, too.

“What do you say, pussy girl?” Stephanie said, reaching under Tori’s skirt and diddling her clit, “are you gonna suck her pussy for her? Are you gonna make her cum? I’ll finger your hot little box if you do. Would you like that?”

Tori tried to hump her pussy against Stephanie’s teasing hand, but she knew it was useless. The only way she was going to cum was if Stephanie let her, and that meant she was going to put her tongue in Cindy’s slit. She slowly got to her knees while Cindy spread her legs on the edge of Stephanie’s bed. She gave Stephanie a last pleading look, but got only a cold stare in return.

She didn’t know why she was doing these nasty things, taking Stephanie’s orders. A few weeks ago, she would have punched her sister in the face for calling her a pussy girl, but now her cunt twitched at the words and her mouth watered thinking of the strawberry taste of Cindy’s juicy pussy. She hadn’t tasted it for almost two days. She also hadn’t been fucked for almost three, and her pussy was so used to having Dr. Carlson shove his prick into it, that she knew she was going to need to be fucked soon.

Tori began to finger and lick Cindy’s slit, the little redhead gripping Stephanie’s sheets as she let Tori bring her off. Stephanie stroked Tori’s hair as she sucked her friend’s cunt, telling her what a nasty little tongue whore she was, how pretty she looked with her tongue in some slut’s snatch. As filthy as her sister’s taunts were, they also excited Tori. She knew that if she did a good job, Stephanie would rub her pussy for her, and she’d get to cum. In the end, that was what really mattered.

It wasn’t long before Cindy was crying out and feeding Tori her fuck cream, which the horny teen lapped up eagerly. Cindy fell back on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Tori looked up at Stephanie for approval. Her sister leaned down and kissed her, pushed her tongue into her mouth, shared Cindy’s taste with her. Tori knew, then, that she’d been a good suck slut, and Stephanie was going to let her cum.

“Can I cum, too,” Tori asked, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

“Would you like that?” Stephanie asked coyly.

“Yes, please.”

“Would you lick my cunt first, if I said you could cum?” Stephanie asked.


“Well, I don’t want your little lesbo tongue near my pussy.”

“But... I... I’m...”

“Shhh, shhh,” Stephanie hushed her confused sister with a nasty kiss, “I know you need to get your cunt off, sissy. Why don’t you get up on the bed?”

Tori quickly complied, laying next to Cindy, while Stephanie pushed her little schoolgirl skirt up to her waist. Stephanie looked at the recovering Cindy, who knew exactly what was wanted of her.

“Oh, yes! I get to lick your pussy, Tori!” She cried, shimmying off the bed and getting between Tori’s legs.

“See how happy she is?” Stephanie said, “You should show some enthusiasm, like Cindy has.”

Cindy went to work on her friend, and soon Tori was moaning and humping her face, while Stephanie kissed her.

“We’ll need to get a dick into you soon,” Stephanie whispered in Tori’s ear, “A nice big, fat prick to fuck you and make you cum really good. Would you like that, pussy girl?”

Tori would like that. She eagerly remembered Dr. Carlson’s cock opening her pussy up for the first time, and the way she’d cum with that throbbing meat inside her. It seemed like ages since she’d felt that, and now that Stephanie had mentioned it, she wanted it again.

“Yes,” Tori gasped as Cindy brought her off, “Ohhhhh, yes! I need to be fucked.”

“Sluts like us need cock, don’t they?” Stephanie hissed, “They need to cum on big cocks.”

“Yes!” she came again on Cindy’s expert tongue, “Ohhh, I’m cumming!”

Stephanie rubbed her clit while Cindy tongued up and down her slit, “You’re such a slut, sissy! I can’t wait to watch your cunt get spread open by a fat dick. You’re going to look so sexy!”

Cindy slowed her ministrations as Tori twitched in post-orgasmic bliss. She crawled up on the bed and fed Tori her honey-covered tongue, then let Stephanie taste it, too. The three girls swapped tongues until there was nothing left of Tori’s girl cream to lick up.

“Right then,” Stephanie said, hopping off the bed, “Who wants to go shopping?”

“Let me clean up my face,” Tori said, sliding off the bed.

“Don’t,” Stephanie ordered, “You look hot like that!”

“You do! You really do!” Cindy agreed, “I’ll do it, too!”

“But...” Tori started to protest.

Stephanie moved like lightning, pushing Tori over the bed, pulling up her skirt, and slapping her sister’s exposed cunt. Tori yowled in surprise.

“No talking back, now, slut!” Stephanie said harshly, “you’ll wear that snatch cream on your face, or I’ll put your belt back on before we go out.”

“Okay! Okay!” Tori relented.

Stephanie stood her up, made out with her, fingered her snatch for a moment.

“Now you’re learning,” Stephanie said, “sluts don’t talk back, do they? They just obey like good little fuck toys.”

Tori looked at the ground. Stephanie was right. In the back of her mind, her own voice was telling her that she was a slut...she needed to obey...she needed to be fucked...she was a stupid slut…

“Gosh, you two are soooo hot!” Cindy cried, clapping her hands like an excited child, “Stephie, can you slap my cunt, too?”

The little redhead bent over the bed, and Stephanie looked at Tori meaningfully as her hand swatted Cindy’s pussy. The small girl jumped, moaned, and asked for another. Stephanie slapped her wet cunt again, and then pulled her ridiculously short skirt down.

“Thank you, Stephie!” Cindy said cheerfully.

“Come on, girls,” Stephanie said, marching toward the door, “Let’s go make some dicks hard!”

“I thought we were going shopping,” Cindy said, confused.

Tori just shook her head, took Cindy’s hand, and led her out of the room.


A few minutes later, they were cruising toward the mall in Stephanie’s convertible, the Saturday summer sun beaming down. Tori rode in the back seat, Cindy in the passenger side. They drove with the top up for now, worried about their hair.

“So, Cindy,” Stephanie said, “you and Mike?”

Cindy smiled, “I don’t know. I guess so. Your brother’s so sweet. I mean, it’s only been, like, a day, but I think I really like him.”

“Yeah, he has a certain charm,” Stephanie agreed, “but what about that cock?”

“Stephie!” Tori cried, “That’s our brother!”

Cindy laughed, saying, “Uh, yeah! He’s got a fucking amazing cock!”

“Did he put it up your ass, yet?” Stephanie asked.

Tori squirmed on the seat. She shouldn’t be getting hot thinking about Mike’s big dick going up Cindy’s ass, but she was.

“Oh, not yet!” Cindy said, “I’d sure like to try that!”

“Trust me, it feels like he’s fucking your soul,” Stephanie said.

“What?” Tori blurted, “How would... how do you know?”

“Oh,” Stephanie said, “I thought you knew.”

“Knew what?”

“That Mike fucked me,” Stephanie said nonchalantly.

“No! In case you didn’t notice, I haven’t been around a lot lately! You fucked our brother?”

“Stephie, that’s so naughty,” Cindy cried, “and sooo hot! Do you think he’d fuck both of us at the same time? I’ll bet you look really hot when you get fucked.”

Stephanie laughed at Tori’s discomfort in her mirror, and said, “Well, he’s got enough cock for both of us, so if you don’t mind sharing I’ll bet we could convince him.”

“Oh, that would be so much fun!” Cindy cried, practically bouncing in her seat, “Maybe he can fuck Tori, too! Tori, you’d really love his dick!”

“I don’t want to fuck my brother!” Tori said.

“Why not?” Stephanie asked, “I mean, you already licked your sister’s snatch, and let your mom eat your pussy. What’s the big deal? It’s only a dick.”

“But... Stephie! It’s wrong! It’s nasty! It’s something a slut... would... do.” she trailed off.

Stephanie giggled, “Do you know any sluts?” she joked, “Besides, that hungry little cunt of yours is probably all juicy right now just thinking about getting fucked, isn’t it?”

She was right. It was.

“Oh, mine is!” Cindy agreed.

Tori was still trying to grasp the fact that her brother had fucked Stephanie. The thought both disgusted her and made her incredibly horny. She couldn’t deny that when she’d seen Mike’s cock in Cindy’s mouth yesterday, she’d wanted to get in the back seat and put it in her mouth, too. In fact, she’d thought about it a lot since then. How would something that big feel inside her? How hard would she cum with that huge fuckstick pumping her juicy cunt?

The more she imagined laying next to Cindy, watching her body get filled up with Mike’s cock, waiting her turn to feel it herself, the hotter she was getting. Her pussy was leaking on Stephanie’s leather seats. She tried to think of something else, anything else, and fight the urge to get herself off. Stephanie was pulling into the mall parking lot now.

Stephanie parked the car, and the three girls got out. She looked at the spot where Tori was sitting, saw the little wet spot and took the opportunity to humiliate her sister once again.

“Tori,” She said sweetly, “be a dear and clean up the seat where your cunt got it all wet, would you?”

Tori looked at her blankly. She didn’t have a towel, napkins, a Kleenex, or anything to wipe up the seat.

“I don’t have anything to clean it with,” she said.

“Sure you do,” Stephanie said, sticking her tongue out.

“You want me to lick it up?” Tori asked.

“Oh, I’ll do it, Stephie!” Cindy offered.

“No, it’s Tori’s mess,” Stephanie said, “and she needs to take care of it. Go on, sissy.”

Tori gingerly bent over and put her face to the seat. She licked at her wet spot, feeling Stephanie’s hand slide up her skirt and rub her dripping slit. She gasped as she lapped up the little puddle of pussy juice, while her sister fingered her horny cunt in the parking lot.

“That’s good, Tori,” Stephanie said, pulling her hand away.

Tori stood up and pulled her skirt down. Stephanie nodded, and the three of them walked up to the mall, turning heads left and right. As they walked through the weekend crowd, dicks became stiff, jaws fell to the floor, men whistled, wives frowned and pulled their husbands along, girlfriends slapped their boyfriends’ eyes back into their heads.

Stephanie relished the power of her body on display. Cindy couldn’t help but stare at every crotch that walked by, wondering how big their dicks were. Tori shuffled along uncomfortably, her pussy dripping wet, ashamed at how horny she was, wishing that she could just lay on a table and offer her hungry cunt to every cock that passed by. She needed to be fucked so bad!

A pair of college-aged guys, bolder than most, made a beeline for the three dolled up girls when they saw them across the entryway of the mall. They were clearly in great shape, all rippling muscle, big arms exposed, nicely tanned. Stephanie pegged them for jocks right away. She hated Jocks.

“Morning ladies,” one of the guys said, “you girls are looking good today!”

“Oh, do you think so?” Cindy said, “I don’t usually wear so many clothes.”

The guys looked at one another as if they weren’t sure they’d heard her correctly.

“Thank you boys,” Stephanie said, “You two hunks are looking pretty hot, too!”

She could swear that she saw their egos inflating right before her eyes.

“You girls need a couple of strong men to keep you company? You know, like bodyguards? Looking that good, you’ll probably get all the creeps after you. Having a couple of gentlemen along, can’t hurt, can it?”

Stephanie almost blew them off, but then she saw her sister’s glazed eyes, looked at her legs, noted the little drops of moisture between her thighs. Perhaps this would be a good way to experiment with just how submissive Tori could be.

“Why not?” Stephanie agreed, “I’m Steph. This is Cindy, and my sister, Tori,”

“Todd and Kyle.”

Todd stood a bit taller than his friend, with a close-cropped head of dark brown hair, while Kyle sported blonde hair tied back in a little ponytail. The two guys grinned at their good luck, and fell in on either side of the little group of girls.

“So what brings you girls out today?” Kyle asked Tori.

“Um, shopping for clothes,” Tori said bashfully, “What about you?”

“Just enjoying the weather,” Todd answered, “checking out the honeys.” he winked.

“Where are you going to school?” Stephanie asked.

“Over at State. We’re on the track team,” Kyle answered.

“Oh, really?” Stephanie said happily, “I run track at Harding High. So does Tori.”

“Oh, man,” Todd said, “I’d have never pegged you for high school chicks.”

“Seniors next year,” Stephanie said, “Don’t worry. We’re legal,” she winked.

That made the guys grin lustily.

“Oh, I just got it!” Cindy cried joyously, “That means it’s not illegal to fuck us, right?”

The guys blanched, and Stephanie laughed.

“Not real quick on the uptake, this one,” Stephanie said, “but she’s got a good heart.”

“That’s not all she’s got,” Todd said, and winked.

“Are you talking about my tits?” Cindy asked.

“Indirectly, maybe,” said Todd.

“Oh, thanks! That’s really nice.”

“Keep your skirt on,” Stephanie told her, “I’m sure these gentleman aren’t just trying to get in your pants, Cindy.”

“But I’m not wearing pants.”

Stephanie sighed.

“Oh, of course not,” Kyle said, “We respect beautiful ladies, such as yourselves. Our motives are purest gold, indeed!”

Tori lagged a few steps behind, feeling like a fifth wheel. She was having trouble focusing on the conversation, since her wet cunt felt electrified every time her thighs rubbed together. She kept looking at the guys’ crotches, wondering if they had big dicks. Kyle noticed, and fell back apace to walk beside her.

“You must be the quiet one,” he said softly.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess so. I’m a little tired,” Tori said, managing a weak smile.

“Long night, eh?” he winked.

My sister shoved a sex toy up my cunt, and I didn’t get to sleep until 4:00 in the morning, because I couldn’t stop cumming, and then she made me lick her cunt and beg her to take it out, Tori thought.

“I guess you could say that,” she said aloud.

“Well, if you girls are looking for something fun to do tonight, there’s a great party just off campus. Maybe you can come. After you catch up on your rest, of course,”

“Thanks,” Tori said, “I’m not really big on parties.”

“Hey, that’s cool,” Kyle said, “but if you change your mind, I’ll give you my number before we split up. Sound okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Tori agreed, her eyes on his crotch.

Kyle followed her gaze, and watched Tori lick her lips.

“You see something you like?” he said, his voice hushed.

“What?” she tore her eyes away, blushed at what she’d been thinking, “No. Sorry. I’m kinda unfocused today.”

“Hey, it’s all good, baby. When I see something I like, I don’t mind making it obvious either,” he said with a big smile.

He had perfect, white teeth, and Tori wondered what it would feel like to have his mouth sucking her overheated pussy. She’d probably moan like a slut and cum on him. They both became distracted by a commotion just ahead of them. Todd was chest to chest with another hunky guy in a polo shirt. Tori and Kyle ran to catch up. Cindy was standing there wringing her hands, while Stephanie and Todd argued with the stranger.

“...looked like she was pretty into it, bro,” the stranger was saying.

“Keep your hands off the lady, punk!” Todd shouted.

“Cindy, what’s going on?” Tori asked.

Kyle went to join his friend, causing the stranger to begin backing down. The odds were clearly not in his favor now.

“Oh, Tori, I couldn’t help it. That guy put his hand up my skirt, and I just...I kissed him, and then Todd told that guy to lay off, and then they were arguing over me. I didn’t mean to, Tori!” Cindy said, looking distraught, and like she might start crying.

“Punk!” Todd said.

The stranger had backed away, and was now quickly hurrying in the opposite direction. With no further excitement, the crowd that had gathered around began to mill away, muttering. Todd, Kyle and Stephanie rejoined the other girls. Cindy put her arms around Stephanie, exposing her bare ass for anyone to see, and many did.

“Oh, Stephie, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to be a bother. I’m such a stupid slut!” Cindy cried.

Stephanie awkwardly put her arms around the small girl, and patted her gently.

“Um, it’s okay, Cindy. No harm done. It’s a good thing Todd was there to help.”

Cindy then turned and flung her arms around Todd.

“Oh, thank you!” she said, mashing her big tits into his chest, “I’m sorry that you almost got in a fight with that man. I’m such a stupid slut!”

“Cindy,” Tori said gently, “You’re not a stupid slut. You just have, well, a very friendly vagina.”

Everyone laughed, and Tori felt better, Like she was part of the group.

Cindy wiped at her eyes, “You’re sweet, Tori,” she said, then to Todd, “I feel so bad, though. Would you really have fought that guy?”

“Yeah, baby,” Todd said, puffing out his chest, “Defending the honor of those with friendly vaginas is my weekend job.”

Cindy giggled, “Well I should probably blow you or something, right?”

“Um, that’s, uh, not really necessary...” Todd muttered.

“Whoa!” Kyle gasped.

“What?” Cindy asked, “Did I say something wrong? I've been in the institute for a long time. Oh, I get so confused about what I’m not supposed to say. It just comes out like a cumshot to the face!”

Kyle burst out laughing, “Oh, shit! This...girl’s...amazing,” he said in fits.

“Oh, God,” Cindy kept on, “You see why they wouldn’t let me out in public? I can’t help myself.”

“We’re working on that,” Stephanie said, “It’s alright, Cindy. We’ll just make sure to watch you more closely.”

Cindy’s eyes suddenly lit up when she saw a parent pass by with their child on a kid harness. Now, inspiration was not something Cindy was accustomed to, and the sudden brilliant (in her mind) thought, caused her to exclaim out loud.

“Son of a fuck!” she cried, startling everyone within fifty feet.

“What?” Tori said, surprised.

“Oh, I just had such a wonderful idea!” Cindy said, clapping her hands.

“Oh, this should be great,” Stephanie deadpanned.

“It is! It is! Stephie, you should just put me on a leash, like that little kid over there!”

She pointed to the child in the harness, his mother firmly grasping the tether as the rambunctious child flitted every which way. The guys looked at one another with shocked expressions. Tori and Stephanie looked at one another, not quite as shocked.

“See, I’ve got it all worked out!” Cindy went on, “If you put a collar on my neck, a pretty one, and you just lead me with a leash, then it won’t be so easy to misbehave and do things I’m not supposed to,” she explained, and began dancing, singing, “Cindy is a genius!”

“Okay, okay,” Stephanie said, “calm down, honey. Your ass and tits are jiggling all over the place!”

“Huh? Oh, sorry,” Cindy apologized.

When she’d agreed to take Cindy and Tori shopping, clearly Stephanie had underestimated the monumental task of accompanying two sluts, who could not control their cunts, out into a public place. Cindy was practically begging for every man in the place to rape her, and Tori was visibly restraining herself from helping them do it. Maybe Cindy’s idea wasn’t so bad, after all.

“You’re serious?” Stephanie asked.

“Oh, yes! It would be so much fun, too! I mean, who doesn’t like a slut on a leash?” Cindy said, as though it were something any reasonable person could say ‘no’ to.

“Hard to disagree with that statement,” Todd said, his cock becoming quite obviously erect in his shorts.

“Okay, okay, look,” Stephanie interjected, “Why don’t I go down to the novelty store, and see if I can find something. You guys can go in there,” she pointed to a teen fashion shop, “and poke around for some decent clothes that Cindy won’t find too appalling,” she turned to Todd and Kyle, “And our handsome escorts, would you mind terribly if I asked you to keep an eye on these two for a few moments?”

“I think we can handle that,” Todd agreed wolfishly.

“Thank you.”

They watched Stephanie bustle down the hall, and the four of them drifted into the store. The place was, oddly enough for a weekend, not very busy. The sign boasted the latest in summer fashion for teens and young ladies. The latest summer fashion was, apparently, skimpy and skimpier. Almost everything screamed cocktease, from micro miniskirts, to tight tops, to tube tops, to tiny panties and bikinis.

Tori stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the summer swimline on one wall. The large sign hanging above the long display showed her own face staring back at her. She shook her head, thinking she was seeing things. She was not imagining it. The swimsuit model, her big tits straining the bikini top, was Stephanie.

“Is that,” Cindy followed her gaze, “Stephie?”

Tori nodded her head, unable to create words.

“Man, oh man,” Todd whistled, “Your sister’s a model? I should have figured.”

“I, uh, I guess she is,” Tori said.

They were distracted by the sales boy coming up, and asking if they needed any help. The young man, probably a year younger than Tori, gasped when she turned to face him.

“Oh, wow!” he exclaimed, “Hey, I know you. You’re the model!”

He pointed at the sign with Stephanie on it, saying, “Gosh, I feel like a jerk saying this, but you’re so beautiful! Could I, like, have a picture with you or something? No one is gonna believe that I met you. We get people asking who you are all the time!”

Tori didn’t know what to say. Should she tell him that it wasn’t her? It was the right thing to do.

“Actually, that’s not me,” she admitted, “That’s my sister. We’re twins.”

“Oh,” he said, clearly not disappointed in the least, “well, then I guess you’re both beautiful! Could I still take a picture with you?”

“Well, I guess,” Tori agreed.

The young man pulled out his phone and came to stand next to her. Tori tried to smile, but her cunt was so horny that it was hard to focus. He fired off a selfie, his arm around her shoulder.

“Oh, man,” he said, “thank you so much. That was awesome!”

“No problem,” she said.

She turned around, saw Kyle waiting for her, but Cindy and Todd were gone. She panicked, her hungry pussy suddenly forgotten. She’d lost Cindy. She’d lost a completely uncontrollable fuck machine at the mall. Visions of rape and murder flashed through her mind as she called Cindy’s name.

“Hey,” Kyle said calmly, “It’s alright. She’s just over there with Todd,” he pointed to a rack of tiny tops.

Cindy was picking through the tops, occasionally pulling one out, holding it up to her bulging tits for Todd to see. Todd grinned like a fool, and piled compliment after compliment on the tiny redhead. Tori quickly made her way over, the sales boy forgotten.

“Oh, Tori,” Cindy said, “What do you think? The pink, or the white? I think the white one would really show off my nipples when they get hard, but the pink one is so girly!”

“Maybe you should try them on?” Tori suggested.

“Oh, yes! Could you help me?”

“Sure,” Tori agreed.

Cindy pulled both shirts, as well as matching skirts off the rack. She set them down on a shelf, and then pulled at her top. Tori quickly stopped her before she could pull her shirt off.

“No, honey,” Tori whispered, “In the dressing room.”

“Oh, right,” Cindy blushed.

Tori sighed and picked up the clothes, leading her by the hand to the dressing room. The two of them slipped inside, while Todd and Kyle waited outside the door. Once they were in the dressing room, Cindy pulled off her shirt, letting her big tits free. She sighed with relief, finally in her natural state. Tori couldn’t take her eyes off Cindy’s breasts.

She knew it was wrong. They were in a public place, and she’d been trying so hard to keep Cindy under control, but now it was Tori who was losing her shit. The throbbing in her cunt was so insistent that it was becoming hard to ignore. She desperately needed to orgasm. Her legs shook, little beads of sweat dotted her brow. Cindy looked at her and knew.

“Oh, honey,” Cindy said compassionately, “do you need to cum? You didn’t get to get off real hard before we left the house, like I did. I’ll bet I left you needing more when I licked your cunt, didn’t I?”

“No, Cindy...It’s...we can’t, here,” she tried to argue.

The two girls stopped when they heard Todd and Kyle whispering outside. It was hard to make it all out, but Tori heard something about “the redhead sexbomb” and Kyle saying that he “liked the quiet one better”.

“Cindy, hang on,” Tori said.

She couldn’t believe she was about to do this, but her desire to be fucked was quickly becoming a runaway snowball that was about to destroy an entire village if it wasn’t stopped. Just outside the door, were two very hard and willing cocks, and her pussy was in dire need.

“You want some cock?” Tori asked.

“Well, duh!” Cindy said.

She poked her head out of the dressing room.

“Um, guys?” She hissed.

Todd and Kyle turned to her, their eyebrows raised.

“Could we, maybe, have your help for a minute?”

The guys grinned at one another and came to the door. They quickly glanced about the store, didn’t see anyone looking their way, and slipped inside. The dressing room was a tight fit with four people, but it wasn’t a prison cell. There was enough room for them, though it was snug.

“So, what can we do for you girls?” Todd asked.

“We need to get fucked,” Cindy said bluntly.

“And we need to hurry, before Stephanie gets back,” Tori added.

“Oh, well, I think we can help with that,” Kyle said, cupping the bulge in his shorts.

The two girls wasted no time. They dropped the guys’ shorts, revealing two half-hard pricks of about average size. Tori felt her mouth watering as she knelt in front of Kyle, while Cindy went down in front of Todd. It was only the third real penis that Tori had put in her mouth, only the second one by choice, and the only one since leaving the clinic.

She felt her heart pounding in her chest at what she was about to do. Voluntarily, she was going to suck on Kyle’s cock, having only met him less than an hour ago. If she did it, she could no longer deny that she was a slut. That little voice in her head would be right about all the nasty things it said about her. She liked sucking cock...she wanted her mouth raped...she loved cum...she was a stupid slut...Kyle pushed the head of his cock into her mouth before she could say anything to stop him.

Cindy already had Todd’s cock swallowed to his balls and he was growling in his throat. Tori, more inexperienced than her friend, clumsily licked around Kyle’s cockhead with her tongue. He put his hand on her head, and began to feed her his dick, sloppily fucking her mouth as she moaned. Her hand went to her clit, rubbing it beneath her skirt. She knew she shouldn’t be playing with herself, but she was so hot that she couldn’t help it.

Cindy eagerly slurped at Todd’s pole, massaging his balls with her hand. Todd pulled his phone out, and began to video the action. He’d be damned if he wasn’t going to have something to remember this incredible moment with. He’d fucked plenty of girls, but he’d never met anyone as cock hungry as these two clearly were. He made sure to get a good shot of his buddy fucking the quiet blonde’s mouth.

Stephanie entered the store with a little white bag on her arm. She scanned the place, looking for the two guys and the sluts, but didn’t see them. She gasped as she saw herself on the advertisement for the swim line. She hadn’t gotten to see the finished product, yet, and she had to admit that it looked good. She was distracted by the sales boy coming up to her bubbling with excitement.

“Oh my God! It’s really you!” He said, “I just met your sister, but I didn’t know you were here, too! I’m such a fan!”

“Um, thanks. Did you see where my sister went?”

“Oh, yeah. She went into the dressing room with her friend a minute ago. They were with two guys, but I don’t know where they went. Hey, can I get a picture with you? My friends will never believe me!” he gushed.

“Yeah, sure,” Stephanie agreed, a little calmer now that she knew the two girls were still in the store.

The sales boy stood next to her, put his arm around her, and took a selfie.

“That was great! Thanks so much!”

“Sure,” Stephanie said, “Now, which dressing room was it?”

He pointed to a closed door, and Stephanie walked that direction. She was about to knock when she heard a familiar sound from within. Sucking. Moaning. Groaning. She had a pretty good idea, now, where the two guys had gotten off to. Stephanie smiled to herself.

“Oh, boys and girls, it’s Stephie,” she called through the door, “Could I come in please?”

The door opened a crack, and Stephanie quickly slipped inside. While she had an idea what was happening, seeing it firsthand still caught her off guard. Kyle had Tori’s head pressed against the wall, and her sister was squatting, fingering her cunt, while Kyle fed her his cock. Cindy was stroking and sucking Todd off like she couldn’t get enough. Stephanie, quite the slut herself, though more in control, felt herself getting wet watching the lewd display.

“Hey, Steph,” Todd said, “Sorry, but they said they needed some help, and well...”

He groaned as Cindy licked his balls.

“Tori,” Stephanie said, “I can’t believe you! I leave you alone for fifteen minutes, and you’ve got a dick in your mouth and a hand in your cunt!”

“Shtepie,” Tori babbled around Kyle’s cock.

“Well, you may as well get what you need,” Stephanie said, “I know you need to cum, don’t you?”

“Mmm hmm!”

Stephanie pulled out her phone and started recording, pushing herself between the two guys. She focused her camera on Tori, leaving Cindy out of the picture. It never hurt to have a good video, she figured. Especially if she could hold it over Tori’s head.

“You like that dick in your mouth, slut?” Stephanie said to her sister, “You like your pretty mouth fucked?”

She recorded Tori’s oral abuse for another two minutes, and then whispered in Kyle’s ear. He grinned, and pulled his dick out of Tori’s mouth. She tried to chase it and get it back in, but he stopped her, and motioned for her to stand up. Todd got the drift of what was happening, and pulled Cindy up, too. They turned the girls around and hiked up their short skirts.

Tori’s stomach was aflutter. She’d only had one cock in her up to now, and she wondered if it would feel the same as Dr. Carlson’s. Would it make her cum just as hard, or would it be different? She felt Kyle’s dick poke at her slit, then push itself inside of her. She moaned as a few inches of his cock slipped between her pussy lips. Cindy began to fuck herself back onto Todd’s dick next to her, her legs spread wide, her hands pressed up against the wall of the dressing room.

Stephanie zoomed in on Tori’s slit. Her back was arched, her ass sticking out, her pussy dripping. Kyle’s cock was four inches deep inside her, and he was pushing more in with agonizing slowness. He held Tori’s hips, making her wait for it. Tori was trying to push her ass back against him to get his full length into her, but he held her firm.

“Please fuck me,” she panted, “Please, I need to cum on your cock.”

Stephanie grinned broadly, hearing her twin say those words. It was going to sound great on the video. Cindy turned toward Tori and raped her mouth with her tongue as Todd fucked her. The little redhead started cumming, and Todd clapped his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. She grunted and pumped her hips on his dick as she orgasmed. Tori was so hot and needy that she came, too, making strangled little squeaks as she tried to keep quiet.

“Kyle,” Stephanie hissed, “Tori really likes it in her ass.”

That was all Kyle needed to hear. He pulled his dick out of Tori, and re-positioned it. Tori felt his cockhead tease her asshole, and froze. Her lingering orgasm still flooded her body, and she couldn’t have moved if she’d tried. She felt Kyle’s slippery manhood push into her asshole, and she groaned softly. Stephanie made sure to get a good shot of Tori’s ass spreading open for Kyle’s dick.

Kyle grunted as he forced a few more inches up Tori’s tight little teen anus. While she’d taken the strap-on in her ass a few times, Kyle’s was the first real cock that had been in her ass. It felt much the same as the toy Cindy fucked her with, but it was so hot, and throbbing. Tori relaxed her asshole, felt him slide further inside, and then felt his balls slap against her pussy. She’d taken his whole cock up her ass! The realization made her cum again.

“Oh, shit,” Kyle exclaimed, “She just came with my dick up her ass!”

Tori was too far gone to feel embarrassed. She was cumming so hard, Kyle’s cock all the way in her asshole. The college guy was so on the edge, filling up this high school slut’s asshole in a dressing room, that he couldn’t hold it in. He grabbed Tori’s hips and unloaded his balls in her ass. Next to him, he guessed that the little redhead’s snatch was pretty damn good, too, because Todd was cumming in it right now.

“Cum up her ass,” Stephanie was saying, “cum in that little slut’s asshole!”

Kyle didn’t need to be told. He’d never cum so hard in his life. Tori’s asshole sucked at his prick, emptying his shaft of every drop of cum he could give it. The blonde teen was hardly able to hold herself up on her own legs, and Kyle realized his arms were turning to jello trying to keep her standing so he could fill her up. Finally, he let her slump against the wall, pulling his slimy dick out of her. Tori spun around and slowly slid down the wall in a euphoric haze.

She’d cum so good that she was seeing stars. She didn’t even think to complain when Kyle put his cummy, ass-soaked prick between her lips and used her mouth to clean himself off. He pulled his softening cock from her mouth, leaving a string of drool and sperm hanging from her lips. Her eyes still closed, she caught the familiar scent of Cindy’s hot cunt near her face, as well as the tangy smell of Todd’s cum, obviously deposited within her.

“Lick it out,” Stephanie was saying, through an orgasmic fog.

Tori obeyed, and let Cindy rub her gooey fuckhole against her mouth. Tori lapped Todd’s cum out of it like a kitten, swallowing the tasty spunk along with Cindy’s strawberry fuck honey.

“Fuck, your sister’s some kind of slut,” Todd was saying.

“Isn’t she?” Stephanie agreed.

Now Cindy was kissing her, sucking all the sexy mess off of her tongue. Todd cracked the door open, checked that it was clear, and then he slipped out. Kyle followed him a second later, leaving the three girls in the dressing room. Stephanie and Cindy pulled Tori to her feet, where she swayed unsteadily for a moment before catching her balance. Her eyes took another moment to focus on Stephanie’s smiling face, and she grinned like an idiot. Cindy, her top askew, hugged her.

“Did you get to cum good?” Stephanie asked.

“Uh huh,” Tori managed.

“Good. Now that you got that out of you, we still have shopping to do.”

“Okay,” Tori griped, “Just another second...”

Her breathing was slowing, her heart getting back to a normal rhythm. Now that she was coming off her sexual high, she was starting to feel the guilt wash over her. She resolved not to cry, and choked on a sob.

“Oh, Tori,” Cindy said, “Don’t cry! I know your first real cock in your ass hurts, but it’ll go back to normal size soon!”

The utterly ludicrous way in which Cindy interpreted her feelings made her laugh, which felt good. She was still ashamed at the way she’d acted, getting fucked by a stranger in a dressing room. In her ass, no less. Still, it was hard to feel down when Cindy’s utterly slutty innocence made everything so funny.

Tori took a breath and got herself up. She could feel Kyle’s cum dribbling from her asshole. She straightened her clothes, helped Cindy tuck her tits back into her top, and then she noticed the clothes on the floor. She remembered that there had been a reason they’d come in the dressing room, and it wasn’t to get fucked. It was to try on clothes.

Both tops were crumpled and stained with pussy juice and drops of semen. The skirts had made it through unscathed, but there was no way they were going to be able to put the tops back on the rack. Tori picked up the clothes, showed them to Stephanie, who laughed.

“I guess we’re buying them,” she said, shrugging, then her face lit up, “Oh, I almost forgot. I found something for you, Cindy.”

“Oh, did you? That’s so great! See, there’s the proof that you need to keep me in line,” she pointed to the shirts, “I’m such a stupid slut, that I’ll just open up my pussy for anyone if you don’t keep an eye on me!” she giggled.

Stephanie pulled a collar and leash from the white bag. The toy collar was pink, like the rest of Cindy’s outfit, with little sparking studs around it. She put it around the redhead’s neck and fixed the strap.

“Too tight?” She asked.

Cindy shook her head. She looked genuinely pleased and proud. Next, Stephanie clipped a pink leather leash to the collar, and gave it a little tug. Cindy followed the tug like a well-trained bitch.

“That’s gonna be so much better,” she said, “Thanks, Stephie!”

“Yeah, sure,” Stephanie said.

She and Tori shared a look that said, "are we going to be able to do this without getting arrested?"

Stephanie opened the door, slipped the leash’s loops around her wrist, and Cindy followed along happily. Tori was the last one out, holding the messy bundle of clothes. The two guys were waiting for them outside.

“Oh, wow!” Todd exclaimed, “Cindy, you look so hot!”

“Really?” Cindy said, “You’re so sweet!”

“I’m surprised you didn’t cum and run,” Stephanie said slyly.

“Hey, we’re your stalwart protectors, right? Defending the honor of those with friendly vaginas, remember?”

“And friendly asses,” Kyle added, more softly.

Tori blushed and wanted to die. As they made their way up to the counter, Tori passed a mirror and gasped. Her makeup was destroyed. She looked like she’d been facefucked, then had a slimy dick and gooey cunt rubbed all over her, which is exactly why she looked the way she did. Without thinking, she used one of the stained tops to wipe her face off, and looked halfway human again.

She met Stephanie at the counter. The sales boy looked like he might pass out, or cum his pants, or both. His eyes kept bouncing between his current wet dream girl, Stephanie, to the collared and leashed redhead beside her, and then back to Stephanie. When Tori came to the counter with the clothes, he visibly drooled. The sight of the twins together was obviously more than his mind could handle. Like a robot, he rang up their purchase and stuffed everything in a sack. Amazingly, he did it all without ever looking at any of it.

“Uh, come back and see us again,” he said.

“Thank you!” Cindy called, as Stephanie tugged her leash gently.

Flanked by Todd and Kyle, Stephanie marched them out of the store, and on to the next. Stephanie paraded them through shop after shop, buying jewelry, lingerie, clothes, accessories. All the while, people parted for them like the Red Sea. Tori figured that most people were just a little put off by Cindy being led around on a leash, her ass practically hanging out, tits bulging in her top. Cindy certainly wasn’t put off. She actually seemed to enjoy it. Every time she got catcalled, whistled at, or propositioned (which was frequently) Stephanie would give the leash a little tug and she’d fall back in line happily.

By the time they were walking back toward the car, Tori’s curiosity got the better of her.

“How in the world are you affording all this stuff?” She asked.

“Did you see the ad in the first store?” Stephanie replied.

“The modeling thing,” Tori concluded, “how long has that been going on?”

“Oh, almost two weeks,” Stephanie said.

“Stephie, I’m so proud of you!” Tori cried, hugging her sister tightly.

Stephanie was taken aback. She couldn’t remember the last time Tori had said anything of the kind. She awkwardly hugged her back, mentally stamping out the tiny twinge of guilt that had started to creep into the back of her thoughts.

“Uh, thanks, sissy,” she said sweetly, her mask firmly in place.

Todd, walking beside the collared Cindy, asked her, “Hey, do you think I could, maybe, get your number or something? I had a really good time today.”

“Oh, that’s really nice!” Cindy replied, “I did too! I really liked the part where you fucked me and came in me! But, I don’t have a phone.”

“You can have mine,” Stephanie said, “We live together.”

“Okay, great,” Todd said.

Kyle looked at Tori expectantly.

“Hey, Kyle,” she said as they approached the car, “I, well, you seem like a nice guy, but I kinda have a boyfriend,” Tori said, instantly feeling ashamed. She hadn’t even called Tim since she’d been out, and had ignored his messages.

“I get it,” Kyle replied easily, “I’m not looking to mess up whatever you got going on. Hey, if it was a one-time thing, I can be cool with that, but man, you’re something special, Tori. Why don’t I give you my number, and if you want to, you can call me sometime. Sound fair?”

“Okay,” Tori agreed, and he let her punch the number into her phone.

The girls loaded their loot into the trunk of the car, while Stephanie put the top down on the convertible. The guys walked off with cocky swaggers, and the three girls piled into the car. It was just before 4 in the afternoon. They were part way home when Cindy suddenly broke into tears.

“Cindy, what’s wrong?” Tori asked, laying a hand on her shoulder from the back seat.

Cindy shook her head.

“Tell me what’s wrong,” Tori said again.

“It’s… well… Oh, my stupid cunt made me want that guy’s cock! Ted, no, Tom, no, I can’t even remember his name!”

“Todd.” Stephanie added helpfully.

“Todd! Fucking Todd and his juicy dick!” Cindy went on, “I didn’t even think about Mike, and I really like him! Oh, I’m such a dumb slut,” she cried, “Now he’s going to think I don’t like him. What am I supposed to do?”

Tori didn’t know what to say. Stephanie started to laugh.

“Are you fucking serious?” Tori said, “Can’t you see that this means something to her?”

“Oh, ease up, pussy girl,” Stephanie snapped, enjoying the blush in Tori’s cheeks.

“Cindy, have you watched any pornos with Mike, yet?” she asked.


“Have you seen his internet history, and looked at what kind of stories he reads?”

“I don’t know what an internet history is.”

“It doesn’t matter. The point is, I have done those things. If anything, what you did is only going to make his dick harder.”

“What do you mean?” Tori asked.

“Mike has a huge fetish for cheating. Slutty wives, slutty girlfriends, all that shit. It’s like his number one fantasy. After we fuck, sometimes we talk about this shit. Look, Mike loves sluts. If he could have a girlfriend, like you, that was completely obsessed with cock, and just couldn’t control her pussy, that’s what he’d ask Santa for for Christmas. Do you get it?”

“So, you’re saying that he would be happy that I fucked that guy?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. Now, here’s what you’re going to do...”


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