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The Second Place Sister, Part 16

Chapter 38: Who Doesn't Like a Slut on a Leash?

Cindy from The Second Place Sister by Tori Hamlin

Stephanie learned, the next morning, that she and Cindy shared similar tastes in clothing. Well, fairly similar. Cindy preferred to have no clothes on at all, where Stephanie liked to show as much skin as possible, but leave a little for the imagination. She was an accomplished cocktease, after all. Unfortunately, the world still had laws, like the ones against public indecency, and Cindy’s going out to the mall naked would have certainly landed them all in trouble.

After wrestling Tori out of bed, making her sister eat her cunt, degrading her by telling her what a good slit licker she was, and then helping her out of her belt, making her cum, and getting her off to clean up, Stephanie felt like her day was off to a great start. She’d found a well-fucked Cindy at the table completely nude, and had to admit that the little redhead had an amazing body. While Cindy was quite a bit smaller than Stephanie and her sister, she did share the same tit size as Stephanie.

The three girls, all in various forms of undress, were now raiding Stephanie’s closet, after breakfast. Since Cindy had no clothes, Stephanie offered to give her an outfit to go shopping in. Tori, though, had gone through her closet a few times, and then became depressed. None of her old clothes seemed appropriate. They were all very conservative, very stuffy. Her recent reprogramming made her look at them all, and disregard them. They didn’t show off her body. They weren’t tight, or slutty, or provocative, and she was a slut. She was a cuntsucking pussy girl.

And so, after throwing all of her clothes out into a big pile on the floor, she’d wound up in Stephanie’s room with her sister and Cindy. Cindy insisted that anything she wore be an easy access outfit. She needed to allow herself to be fucked at any moment, and she couldn’t be bothered with buttons, zippers, or clasps. Stephanie decided that she quite liked Cindy.

The two of them were chatting away happily when Tori came in, wearing nothing but a bra. Cindy cried happily and gave her a big kiss as Stephanie watched. Tori felt herself getting wet, and knew she needed to stop this or she’d be begging Stephanie to unlock her belt and let Cindy lick her cunt.

“You two are so pretty,” Cindy said, “I wish I was as pretty as you. I love your hair!”

“What are you talking about?” Stephanie asked, “You’re a hot little package! I wish my ass was as small as yours.”

“You think so? That’s so nice!”

“Um, Stephie,” Tori said, “I need something to wear.”

“Did you shrink in the wash or something?” Stephanie joked.

“No, it’s just that my old clothes...they aren’t right. I don’t know how to put it.”

“They aren’t slutty enough?” Stephanie grinned.

Tori looked at the floor.

“Oh, cheer up you downer!” Stephanie said, “we’re having fun today! Three hotties on a shopping trip! We’re going to make the boys’ eyes fall out of their heads. Let’s get you something hot to wear!”

Tori began to feel better as Cindy and Stephanie went gaga over her, pulling out skirts, tops, pants, until finally they’d settled on outfits. Stephanie stuffed her tits into a black Lycra top with a matching mini skirt, little black thong, and some four inch heels.

They put Cindy in a pink tube top that looked like it might explode from the pressure her breasts put on it, and a tiny pink skirt that left the bottom of her ass cheeks hanging out. No panties for Cindy, of course. She looked like she might throw up when Stephanie suggested them. Finally, a pair of pink Playboy platform shoes gave the little redhead an extra few inches.

For Tori, they gave her a naughty schoolgirl look, with a white blouse that showed off her firm stomach, an open chest with no bra that teased her perfect tits, a tartan skirt, and a pair of white stockings. Stephanie insisted on a pair of white heels that made her the same height as her twin.

“Stephie,” Tori said, “can I please take this thing off while we go out?” she asked, flashing her belt.

“If you’ll promise not to rub your cunt in my car, then I guess it’ll be okay.”

“I won’t!”

Stephanie unlocked Tori’s belt and slid it down her legs, tossing it on her bed. Tori breathed a sigh of relief as her pussy was exposed.

“I’ll just go get some panties,” Tori said.

“No,” Stephanie said firmly, “why even bother. Your pussy will juice them up, anyway. How embarrassing would it be if someone saw. It would look like you pissed yourself!”

Tori cringed as the memory of her doing just that, at the clinic, flashed through her mind.

“She has a point,” Cindy said, “see, I’m wet already!”

“You’re always wet,” Tori jibed.

“And always ready!”

“Come on, you sluts,” Stephanie said, “let’s do some makeup.”

Stephanie always went light on her makeup, but she took some extra time dolling up the other two girls, and making sure Tori looked like a hooker. She smiled at her sister’s smoky eyes and painted eyelids, and at the look of mixed sadness and arousal when Tori saw her face in the mirror.

“I look like a slut!” Tori said.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Stephanie said, “look at Cindy. She’s a slut, and she’s not bitching about it.”

“I think you look hot!” Cindy said, playing with her slit under her tiny skirt.

“Doesn’t she?” Stephanie said.