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The Second Place Sister, Part 15

Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Pussy Slut

Tori Hamlin The Second Place Sister

Tori’s pussy ached as she looked at the belt laying on her bed. She was resigned to the fact that it was going back on. It was part of the conditions of her early release, and if she didn’t wear it, she’d be back at the clinic for the rest of the three-month sentence. In that light, it didn’t seem too bad. Still, after dinner she was horny again, and she desperately wanted to cum before she got locked in again. The desire to play with herself was strong, but she knew she couldn’t. Every time she thought about it, now, she remembered the chair, and the shocks at her cunt, and Dr. Carlson spanking her pussy. There was a knock on her door, and then Stephanie came in, looking very happy.

“Time to lock up, Tori,” she said.

“Wait,” Tori replied, desperate, “I, um, before you do, I really need to...” could she say it to her sister, even after letting her mother lick her slit earlier, “I need to cum, Stephie!”

Stephanie hugged her close, and Tori could feel her sister’s big tits against her body. It made her think of all the times she’d felt Cindy’s tits, and that made her want to cum even more.

“Well, we know you can’t go playing with your cunt, so what do you propose we do about it?” Stephanie asked.

“I... I don’t know,” Tori admitted.

“Hmm, maybe your sister could help you out? What do you think?”

“But... you’re my sister.”

“And? I know that you let mom lick your hot little pussy,” Stephanie said into her ear, “and I know you liked it.”

Tori gasped as she felt Stephanie’s hand cup her wet pussy.

“Why shouldn’t I help, too?” Stephanie asked, “Why shouldn’t a good sister help you cum, when you need it so bad?”

Stephanie’s fingers worked at Tori’s clit, and Tori melted in her arms, moaning.

“But you have to help me, too,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll bet you’re good at licking cunt by now, aren’t you?” Stephanie said, slipping her tongue into Tori’s ear, “I’m pretty hot myself. Maybe you can show me how a good little pussy girl laps at a warm slit, hmm?”

“I… Stephie, I can’t. It’s wrong!”

“Oh, but you need to cum really bad, don’t you?”

Stephanie pushed her finger up Tori’s burning hole, and felt it suck at her.

“Yes,” Tori said, “Yes, I need to cum, Stephie! Please let me cum!”

“I will, just as soon as you make me cum. That sounds fair, right?”

Tori’s resistance faded, and she nodded her head. Stephanie smiled and slipped her tongue in her sister’s mouth, her hand frigging her clit. She pushed Tori right to the edge, felt her pussy quiver, and then stopped. She pushed Tori onto the bed, then pulled her own pants off and tossed them on the floor. She mounted Tori’s chest and, before she could argue any further, pressed her hot pussy against Tori’s face. She felt her sister’s tongue hungrily lick away at her slit, suck on her clit.

“Mmm, Tori,” she said, “you’re really good at that! I think you really like being a cunt sucker, don’t you?”

“Mmm mmm!”

“I didn’t hear you, honey, your mouth is full of your sister’s pussy,” she said, “Oh, yes, eat my cunt you little lesbo! Make it cum really good, and I’ll let you get off before I lock up your pussy.”

Stephanie rode Tori’s face angrily, making sure her sister’s tongue hit every spot, including her ass.

“Suck it, bitch,” Stephanie cried, “Make me cum! Mmmm, yeah, you’re such a dirty little pussy girl, Tori!”

She wasn’t lying. Tori knew her way around a pussy, now, and Stephanie was cumming on her face like a train, bucking her hips and quivering with pleasure. Finally, she pulled her sensitive pussy from Tori’s mouth, and smiled at her twin’s soaked face. Tori’s eyes were totally lost with lust. Her hips humped the air with desperation. Stephanie dismounted and lightly slapped Tori’s pussy.

“Oh, Tori, look at what a slut you’ve become,” she hissed in her ear, “but you were a good slut, so I’m going to let you cum now. Do you want to cum for your sister?”


Stephanie spanked her pussy again, and then shoved two fingers up her fuckhole, using her thumb to rub Tori’s clit. That was all it took, and Tori cried out and came all over her sister’s hand.

“That’s it, Tori, cum for me. Cum like a little pussy slut for Stephie.”

She pushed her tongue into Tori’s mouth, and her sister came again.

“You like that, Tori? Does your hot little cunt feel good?” Stephanie taunted.

“Yesss! Oh, fuck! So... good!”

“I’ll bet you can cum for me again, can’t you?”

Stephanie let up on her sister’s pussy, and Tori pushed her pelvis against her hand, trying to cum again.

“Do you need another one, sissy?” Stephanie said sweetly.

“Yes,” Tori panted, “please, I need it.”

Stephanie put two fingers into Tori and held them there, letting her sister ride them to try to get herself off.

“If you want to cum again, I need to know that you’re a horny little pussy slut. Tell me, Tori, and you can cum again.”

“Please,” Tori begged, “please...Stephie...make me...cum!”

“Then say it. Tell Stephie you’re her little cuntsucking slut.”

Stephanie pinched Tori’s nipple and held her on the edge of a big cum, but she wouldn’t push her over.

“I’m... I’m a slut! I’m a cuntsucking slut!” Tori cried.

Stephanie fingered her cunt and bent over to flick her tongue against Tori’s engorged clit. Her sister lost control and came again, thrashing about, fucking herself on Stephanie’s fingers.

“That’s right, sissy. You’re going to be my little suck slut, my pussy bitch. And I’m going to make you cum so good, because I love you. No one loves you like I do, Tori. No one! Don’t forget that I have the key to your cunt.”

Tori lay quivering on the bed in ecstasy, her head fuzzy and full of stars. Without waiting for her to regain her wits, Stephanie slid the belt over her legs, turned Tori over, and pulled it around her waist. Tori, still lost in bliss, barely noticed. Just before she locked it in place, Stephanie dug into her pants pocket, and pulled out a little egg. She pushed it into Tori’s cunt, and then quickly locked the belt around her, watching the fitted device pull Tori’s ass cheeks apart and expose her asshole.

“What... what was that?” Tori asked.

“Just a little something to help you sleep, my little pussy slut,” Stephanie said, and kissed her on the mouth, pushing her finger up Tori’s ass. Her sister moaned in her mouth, and then Stephanie broke away.

“Night, night, sissy!” Stephanie called as she left the room.

“Wait, Stephie! What was th-!” her call became a strangled cry as the little egg in her cunt began to vibrate, making her cum again.

Stephanie shut the door, grinning happily as she heard Tori cum again. The little egg would probably have her pussy creaming all night, and she’d be surprised if Tori slept at all. She felt good. Tori’s tongue had brought her off very nicely, and she yawned. She was going to sleep great tonight!

The clock on Tori’s nightstand read 3:00 in the morning when the egg in her pussy began to vibrate again, tearing her from the blissful few minutes of sleep she’d just gotten. Every twenty minutes, just as she’d started to fall asleep, the egg would suddenly come to life and set Tori’s pussy cumming again. It had been five hours since Stephanie had locked the thing into her cunt, and while the first few times it had made her cum had been pleasurable, she was so tired.

Finally, the egg turned off and Tori lay in a pool of sweat, trying to recover from yet another orgasm. She couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to get this thing out of her, and sleep. She dragged herself from her bed and padded into the hallway. The house was dark and quiet. She walked down the hall to Stephanie’s room and tried the door. It was unlocked.

Tori went into her sister’s room, where she was sleeping so peacefully. She went to Stephanie’s bed and started to shake her sister.

“Stephie, wake up, please!”

Stephanie rolled over and flicked on the light by her bed.

“Tori, what is it?”

“That… that, whatever it is you put in me! Take it out!”

Stephanie smiled, “But I thought you wanted to cum?”

“Not like this! Please, you have to take it out!”

“Well, if it’s uncomfortable, I guess I can. Maybe you can do a little favor for me, though, and then I’ll take it out for you.”

“Just take it out!” Tori cried.

“If you’re going to be rude about it, you can fuck off!” Stephanie said.

Tori tried to calm down.

“I’m sorry. It’s just, I can’t sleep! It keeps going crazy and making me cum!”

“Well, then, pussy slut, I guess you better get to work before it happens again.”

“What?” Tori gasped.

“You heard me. You’re my little cunt sucker, aren’t you? Well, get sucking!”

A little voice in her head, her voice, agreed with Stephanie. Tori licks cunt... Tori is a lesbo slut... Tori is a pussy girl... She knew what Stephanie said was true, and she had liked it earlier when her sister said all those nasty things to her. She realized that she did want to lick Stephanie’s cunt. She wanted to taste her pussy again, and she wanted to get the egg out of her so she could sleep.

“Okay, I’ll do it!”

Stephanie pulled back her covers and swung her long legs over the side of the bed. She pointed to the floor, and Tori knelt between her legs. Stephanie spread her thighs, and put her hand on Tori’s head, guiding her mouth to her cunt. Tori lapped at her slit, tasting her sister’s honey, and soon she was lost in the rhythm of licking, sucking Stephanie’s clit, and tonguing her asshole.

“That’s my pussy slut,” Stephanie said, “make me cum you little dyke! Get your tongue in there and show me what a good slit licker you can be.”

While Tori was getting Stephanie close, the little egg suddenly switched on again, and Tori felt her pussy contract. She was going to cum! Stephanie pulled her sister’s face into her pussy and Tori squealed into her cunt as she came. That did it for Stephanie, and she came on Tori’s face at the same time.

Stephanie held her head tightly between her thighs until the egg stopped buzzing, and Tori’s pussy settled. Then, she parted her legs and Tori’s wet face came up looking out of breath. Before she could say anything, Stephanie was mauling her tits and pushing her tongue into her mouth. Tori could only moan and suck on her sister’s tongue.

Finally, Stephanie relented and let Tori get up. She pulled the little key from around her neck, turned Tori around and unlocked her belt. She put her fingers up Tori’s cunt, fished around while her sister squirmed. She thought Tori might even cum again, but her pussy seemed too tired. Stephanie pulled the egg out and locked her pussy back up. She turned Tori around and showed her the egg.

“Open,” she said, putting it up to Tori’s mouth.

Tori was too tired to argue. She opened her mouth, and Stephanie put the little egg in it.

“Clean it up good and spit it out.”

Tori swished the egg around in her mouth, sucking her cunt juice off of it, and then spit it out into Stephanie’s hand. Stephanie gave her a kiss.

“You’re such a good little suck slut, sissy,” Stephanie told her, “Now, go on back to bed. I’m supposed to take you and Cindy shopping tomorrow.”

Tori, too tired to do anything, plodded back to bed and fell asleep.


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