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The Second Place Sister, Part 15

Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Pussy Slut

Tori Hamlin The Second Place Sister

Tori’s pussy ached as she looked at the belt laying on her bed. She was resigned to the fact that it was going back on. It was part of the conditions of her early release, and if she didn’t wear it, she’d be back at the clinic for the rest of the three-month sentence. In that light, it didn’t seem too bad. Still, after dinner she was horny again, and she desperately wanted to cum before she got locked in again. The desire to play with herself was strong, but she knew she couldn’t. Every time she thought about it, now, she remembered the chair, and the shocks at her cunt, and Dr. Carlson spanking her pussy. There was a knock on her door, and then Stephanie came in, looking very happy.

“Time to lock up, Tori,” she said.

“Wait,” Tori replied, desperate, “I, um, before you do, I really need to...” could she say it to her sister, even after letting her mother lick her slit earlier, “I need to cum, Stephie!”

Stephanie hugged her close, and Tori could feel her sister’s big tits against her body. It made her think of all the times she’d felt Cindy’s tits, and that made her want to cum even more.

“Well, we know you can’t go playing with your cunt, so what do you propose we do about it?” Stephanie asked.

“I... I don’t know,” Tori admitted.

“Hmm, maybe your sister could help you out? What do you think?”

“But... you’re my sister.”

“And? I know that you let mom lick your hot little pussy,” Stephanie said into her ear, “and I know you liked it.”

Tori gasped as she felt Stephanie’s hand cup her wet pussy.

“Why shouldn’t I help, too?” Stephanie asked, “Why shouldn’t a good sister help you cum, when you need it so bad?”

Stephanie’s fingers worked at Tori’s clit, and Tori melted in her arms, moaning.

“But you have to help me, too,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll bet you’re good at licking cunt by now, aren’t you?” Stephanie said, slipping her tongue into Tori’s ear, “I’m pretty hot myself. Maybe you can show me how a good little pussy girl laps at a warm slit, hmm?”

“I… Stephie, I can’t. It’s wrong!”

“Oh, but you need to cum really bad, don’t you?”

Stephanie pushed her finger up Tori’s burning hole, and felt it suck at her.

“Yes,” Tori said, “Yes, I need to cum, Stephie! Please let me cum!”

“I will, just as soon as you make me cum. That sounds fair, right?”

Tori’s resistance faded, and she nodded her head. Stephanie smiled and slipped her tongue in her sister’s mouth, her hand frigging her clit. She pushed Tori right to the edge, felt her pussy quiver, and then stopped. She pushed Tori onto the bed, then pulled her own pants off and tossed them on the floor. She mounted Tori’s chest and, before she could argue any further, pressed her hot pussy against Tori’s face. She felt her sister’s tongue hungrily lick away at her slit, suck on her clit.

“Mmm, Tori,” she said, “you’re really good at that! I think you really like being a cunt sucker, don’t you?”

“Mmm mmm!”

“I didn’t hear you, honey, your mouth is full of your sister’s pussy,” she said, “Oh, yes, eat my cunt you little lesbo! Make it cum really good, and I’ll let you get off before I lock up your pussy.”

Stephanie rode Tori’s face angrily, making sure her sister’s tongue hit every spot, including her ass.

“Suck it, bitch,” Stephanie cried, “Make me cum! Mmmm, yeah, you’re such a dirty little pussy girl, Tori!”

She wasn’t lying. Tori knew her way around a pussy, now, and Stephanie was cumming on her face like a train, bucking her hips and quivering with pleasure. Finally, she pulled her sensitive pussy from Tori’s mouth, and smiled at her twin’s soaked face. Tori’s eyes were totally lost with lust. Her hips humped the air with desperation. Stephanie dismounted and lightly slapped Tori’s pussy.

“Oh, Tori, look at what a slut you’ve become,” she hissed in her ear, “but you were a good slut, so I’m going to let you cum now. Do you want to cum for your sister?”


Stephanie spanked her pussy again, and then shoved two fingers up her fuckhole, using her thumb to rub Tori’s clit. That was all it took, and Tori cried out and came all over her sister’s hand.

“That’s it, Tori, cum for me. Cum like a little pussy slut for Stephie.”

She pushed her tongue into Tori’s mouth, and her sister came again.

“You like that, Tori? Does your hot little cunt feel good?” Stephanie taunted.

“Yesss! Oh, fuck! So... good!”