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The Second Place Sister, Part 14

Chapter Thirty-Six: At First Sight

Cindy: The Second Place Sister by Tori Hamlin

Mike lay on his bed, utterly fucked. He stroked Cindy’s gorgeous red hair as she lay in his arms, completely naked. The blue scrubs she’d worn, baggy and unattractive as they were, could do little to hide the fact that she had a great body. Just how great, though, he hadn’t known until she’d gotten him into his bedroom and rode his huge dick like she hadn’t been fucked in years. While the sex with his mother or Stephanie was always mind-blowing, always fulfilling, and always enjoyable, the sight of this hundred-pound sex bomb bouncing on his lap like it was her only mission in life had rocked his world.

Cindy was so different from any other girl he’d had. She wasn’t just passionate, or dirty, or hungry for his cock. Yes, she was all those things, but when she looked down at him, her big tits bouncing, he could see that she was really getting off on how much pleasure she was giving him. She could make him feel like he was the only thing in the world that mattered, and pleasing him was why she was put on this earth, and she could do it with just a look from those big, sexy eyes.

“Mmmm,” Cindy purred in his ear, “You’re so nice, Michael! And such a stud! Where have you been all my life?”

“I don’t think my brain can form words, right now,” he said lazily.

Cindy giggled, and the sound was musical.

“I haven’t cum like that since… well… since ever,” she said, and licked his ear.

“Shit, I don’t know if you could even call that cumming,” he said, “More like I just found God,” he laughed, “and she’s got red hair and wonderful tits.”

Cindy laughed with him, and kissed him deeply. When she pulled away, she looked a little sad.

“What is it?” Mike asked.

“It’s just… I think I really like you,” Cindy admitted, “I know I just met you and all, but you seem… different, somehow. Like you weren’t just fucking me, but like you really wanted me.”

“And that makes you sad?” Mike said, confused.

“No. It makes me really happy,” she whispered, and wiped at her eyes, “But I’m… I’m broken, Michael. I’m a stupid slut, and I can’t control my cunt. And I really like you, but I’m going to ruin you, like I ruined myself, because I can’t control it!”

Mike pulled her close and kissed her teary cheeks.

“Hey, hey,” he said, “I really like you, too. It doesn’t sound weird to me. When I saw you, at the clinic, it was like a fucking laser hit me. I don’t know what it is, but I really like you, too. And I don’t care if you’re a slut, and I don’t care if you can’t control it. It just means that I’ll have to fuck you constantly, right?”

Cindy laughed, despite her tears, “You better,” she said, “I need it a lot!”

The sound of Stephanie’s voice calling them for dinner interrupted their heart-to-heart. Mike groaned as he stood, and put on some lounging clothes. Cindy lay on the bed naked, looking uncertain.

“Oh, you probably don’t have anything to wear, do you?” he said.

Cindy laughed, “This is usually what I wear.”

“It looks good on you,” he grinned.

“But maybe if you have a t-shirt?” she asked, “I don’t want to freak your parents out, or anything.”

Mike laughed so hard he almost choked, and laughed even harder when he saw the questioning look on Cindy’s face.

“Oh, man! Baby, you have no idea,” he said.

They emerged from Mike’s cave holding hands, and looking for all the world like a couple of lovesick teenagers. Stephanie and Melanie bustled around the kitchen, while John read something on his tablet. They met Tori coming down the stairs, smelling of shampoo, her hair wet, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Cindy squealed and ran to Tori, sticking her tongue in her mouth. Mike just watched in awe. He wondered if he were dreaming. Never in his life would he have imagined he’d see Tori openly French kiss another girl and look like she was enjoying it.

“Oh,” Cindy said, pulling away, “I’m sorry. That was rude of me, and right in front of your brother.” She looked embarrassed.

“Come here,” Tori said, and pulled her back, shoving her tongue back into her mouth.

Mike thought he might pass out. Tori broke their kiss, and winked at Mike, then brushed past him and went to the table.

“Isn’t she the best?” Cindy asked, grabbing Mike’s hand.

“I… um… I...”

Cindy smooched his cheek and dragged him to the table. Tori kissed her daddy on the forehead and sat down. John beamed at his daughter, and then saw Mike and Cindy come in. Mike looked flustered, and the two of them smelled like sex. John gave him a grin and went back to reading. Cindy sat between Tori and Mike, her big tits resting on the tabletop. Stephanie and her mother began bringing plates of turkey, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and rolls to the table.

“What is this, Thanksgiving?” Mike asked.

“We have a lot to be thankful for, mister!” Stephanie chided him, “Our Tori is back. And apparently you finally found a girlfriend that can stand you for more than five minutes. I’d say, you need to count your blessings.”

Mike laughed, “Oh, I am,” he said.

He and Cindy looked at each other like little puppies. Tori looked relaxed and happy for them. Stephanie wanted to throw up and murder them all. If that look on their faces was any indication, she’d just lost the majority of her brother’s attention, not to mention his big cock.

Now that her mother had, obviously, sucked Tori’s cunt and made her cum, Stephanie was sure that she was going to be sharing her mother’s attention with Tori, now too. That left her father, and if he thought he was going to be sticking his dick into Tori, too, he’d better think again. Stephanie would have none of that. She’d worked for years to get her daddy’s cock, and she’d be damned if she was going to share it with Tori. She’d burn this house to the ground, and everyone in it before she’d allow that.

Still, she put on her mask, an easy thing after wearing it for so many years. She was the happy, bubbly, loving sister, ever-so-concerned for Tori’s wellbeing. Never again would she allow any harm to befall her. Absent-mindedly, she fingered the little key she’d hung around her neck and felt better. The key to Tori’s cunt, and it was hers. Stephanie joined in the conversation, cheerily bantering back and forth. She was patient. She’d be cashing in on Tori’s cunt soon enough.


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