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The Second Place Sister, Part 13

Chapter Thirty-Five: Reunited

Melanie Hamlin: The Second Place Sister

“This is going to be awkward,” Melanie said to her husband as they drove home.

“I think, my love, that that is an understatement.”

“I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with the idea of keeping our daughter locked in chastity. Especially when the rest of her family is fucking their brains out.”

“I do tend to agree,” John said, “but it’s not like she has to stay locked in that thing all the time. They said that it’s only part of the treatment process, to help with the chronic masturbation. According to them, she was already showing improvement.”

“True. It’s just...I don’t know how to tell her what’s been going on, and I certainly don’t want it to stop or seem like we’re hiding something from her.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. I want to stop nailing Stephanie’s little pussy just as much as you want to give up your stud son’s big boner,” he laughed, “but what will we do if Tori can’t accept it?”

“Sometimes,” Melanie said wistfully, “I wish I didn’t think with my pussy so much.”

“Ha! Try having a dick between your legs.”

“Oh, I’ve had a dick between my legs. I find it rather enjoyable.”

They broke into laughter together, but their nerves quickly killed it as they got closer and closer to home.

“How do you feel about… you know… what they said about Tori finding her release at home? How she’ll find it somewhere, no matter what, and it might be somewhere dangerous?” Melanie asked.

“You mean, could I see myself making Tori cum, fucking her like we do Stephanie?”

“I might not have used those exact words, but yes.”

“I don’t know. Tori’s just never been the rascal that Stephanie is, and I guess I’ve always looked at her differently.”

“Me too.”

“You know I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, though, and if that means we have to help her deal with this condition, then that’s what we’ll do, right?”

Melanie took his hand, saying, “You’re right. We’ll do whatever it takes for her.”

“And, the other thing?” John said.

“The other redheaded thing, you mean?”

John nodded.

“Well, she certainly seems friendly, and Dr. Carlson spoke very highly of her. We’ll just have to see how it goes, but I guess we’re committed. It’s not as though we can just return her if she’s not working out.”

“I think you might have to start sharing Mike’s cock with another vixen.” John said, grinning, “Did you see the way those two looked at each other when we met her? That wasn’t lust in their eyes. Well, maybe a little. I think that was love at first sight.”

“Hmmm, you’d know a little something about love at first sight, wouldn’t you?” Melanie teased.

He squeezed her hand, “Yes. Yes, I would.”

John pulled the car into the driveway. The house hadn’t burned down. The windows were unbroken. Nobody was dead in the yard. These were all good signs in his book. The couple left the car and found themselves pausing outside the front door. They looked at one another and laughed at their own hesitation.

Stephanie had dinner going when they came inside. The mingled smells of a full meal wafted throughout the house. Since her parents had fucked her the first time, it seemed like Stephanie had been more involved in their family than ever before. She’d never been distant exactly, but she was always on the outskirts. They knew she felt overshadowed by Tori’s constant success, always coming in second in the races. With Tori away from home these last weeks, though, it was like she’d tried to step up and prove something to them. While it was a nice change, they both knew that Stephanie had never needed to prove anything. They loved her just as much as Tori, and as much as Mike.

“Hey there, later gators!” Stephanie said, popping her head out of the kitchen, “Stuff’s in the oven. You’ve got an hour.”

She strolled out of the kitchen and gave them both a kiss on the lips, squeezing her daddy’s crotch teasingly.

“Tori’s been in her room since we got home. Mike disappeared into his cave with the hottie you adopted, and is probably fucking her brains out as we speak.” Stephanie said.

“Thanks, honey.” Melanie said, and held out her hand.

Stephanie reached out, curious, and felt her mother drop a key into her hand.

“What’s this?”

“Well,” Melanie said, looking uncomfortable, “part of your sister’s treatment for her AHSD is to help her deal with her need to masturbate, so for the time being they’re using a deterrent treatment.” Melanie tried to explain.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“They locked her in a chastity belt.” John said.

“They did what?” Stephanie asked, feigning ignorance, and looking dumbfounded.

“It’s to help her,” Melanie parroted the doctors, “but it means we’re going to have to step up and help, too. If she needs to use the bathroom, take showers, or… well… if she needs to cum. We’re going to have to help her, alright?”

Stephanie found it difficult to suppress her joy at Tori’s predicament, but put on her mask and said, “That’s awful! So, like, by helping her I guess you mean taking this thing off when she needs to do one of the aforementioned activities?”

“That’s about the size of it,” her father said, “just try to be...nice about it, will you?”

“Oh, the picture of sweetness and joy, I am!”

“And also the devil in disguise.” Melanie said with a laugh.

“Mother, I’m hurt! I, of all people, know what it’s like to fight your urges, and my dearest sister shall have the utmost compassion and understanding during this traumatic time.”

“Remind me why you chose track instead of drama?” John asked, rolling his eyes.

“Too much stuff to memorize,” Stephanie shrugged, and gave them her best dumb blonde look.

“Stephie, look,” Melanie said, “This transition is going to be difficult enough for Tori, and for all of us. Things have changed a lot in the last few weeks, and now we have two girls with a hypersexual disorder, living in a house of full time horndogs. It’s not exactly the ideal place to help them stop thinking about sex, is it?”

“Well, when you put it that way, I guess. Maybe you should think about it like this, though. What better place is there than this? Do you want them out in the world where any dick off the street can take advantage of their condition? Or, would you rather provide a safe environment, where like-minded people engage in similar activities in a loving and enjoyable way? Seems like a no-brainer to me, parenty-o’s.”

“I knew you were my daughter,” John said, giving Melanie a jab with his elbow.

“We’re going to have to tell Tori what’s been going on.” Melanie said, still not quite satisfied.

“Of course, we are,” Stephanie agreed, “You two can handle that fuckaroo, and I’ll finish dinner!”

“What about Cindy?” Melanie added.

“You mean,” Stephanie grinned, “how is our newest sister going to handle the fact that her adopted family is banging each other?”

“You and your father have a way of putting a blunt face on things, don’t you?” Melanie asked.

“Like I said, I knew she was my daughter,” John winked.

“If the ride home was any indication of Cindy’s mindset when it comes to sexual freedom and experimentation,” Stephanie said, “I don’t think we have anything to worry about.”

“How so?” Melanie said.

Stephanie mimed a blowjob and laughed.

“Oh... Oh!” Melanie gasped.

“Sounds like she’s going to fit in alright,” John said.

Melanie poked her finger into his chest, “You just want another slutty little teenage hole to put your dick in! You can’t fool me!”

John put his hands up defensively, “Whoa, whoa! I never said anything about putting my dick into anyone. I’ve already got two hungry mouths to feed. Do you think I could handle another one?”

They looked at him as if he were stupid.

“Okay, so I could probably handle another one, but I’m considering it off limits until otherwise notified, okay?”

“Good enough,” Melanie said, “Now let’s go see our Tori.”

Stephanie walked into the living room and they heard the TV come on. Resigning themselves, Tori’s parents plodded up the stairs to have one of the most uncomfortable conversations any parent could ever have. They paused outside Tori’s door and knocked softly.

“Come in,” Tori called, her voice sounded strained.

She was clutching a pillow to her chest, her eyes red from crying. Melanie’s heart sank and she threw her arms around her little girl, while John put his hand awkwardly on her shoulder.

“Oh, my baby,” Melanie said, starting to cry herself, “Everything’s alright now. We’re right here.”

Tori clutched at her mother tightly. She hadn’t felt like this in years, so desperate for her mother’s comfort.

“Mom,” she said quietly, “I’m sorry!”

“Hush now, baby,” Melanie said, “There’s nothing to be sorry for.”

“But I screwed up my life! I’m a stupid slut, and I screwed up my life!”

“Oh, honey. You’re not a stupid slut. And you didn’t screw up your life. We all make mistakes. I mean, just look at your brother,” she joked.

Tori cracked a little smile. She was so glad to be home. Melanie stroked her hair.

“Baby, I know it’s hard right now, but we’re going to make sure everything is alright. We love you so much! We all do. We’re going to take care of you, and your friend.”

“Oh, God! I forgot about Cindy. I didn’t even show her her room or anything!” Tori wailed.

“Don’t worry,” John said, “Mike’s taking care of her, I think.”

Tori laughed, wiping at her eyes, “I’ll bet it’s more like she’s taking care of him.”

“Does that bother you?” Melanie asked, trying to feel her out. The most difficult conversation was still to come.

“No,” Tori said, “I know what she’s like. She’s like me. She can’t help herself.”

“The doctors told us all about it, honey,” Melanie said, “and it’s alright. We don’t think you’re a slut, and we know that you can’t help how you’re feeling. We promise that we’ll give you anything you need to help you, okay?”

Tori nodded, “This is going to sound really weird, but right now, I really have to… to...”

“What is it?” Melanie asked.

“I really need to cum!” Tori cried, looking like she might cry again. It was so embarrassing to say it to her parents, “It hurts so much, mom! Please, can I cum? Please?”

Melanie was a little taken aback at how forward Tori was. She’d have to get used to it, but it was still strange. She’d always been so reserved, so proper.

“Of course you can, honey,” Melanie said, “but the doctors told us that we need to make sure you’re not masturbating.”

“But, how else am I supposed to do it?” Tori asked.

She was genuinely puzzled. It wasn’t as though she could ask them to send Cindy up to lick her cunt for her, after all. They’d never understand, and they’d think she was a lesbian.

“What if...” Melanie hesitated, “What if I helped you?”

Tori looked at her mother blankly.

“John, would you leave us alone, please?”

He nodded, “I’ll be outside if you need me.”

He walked out of the room, and caught Stephanie trying to flee the scene.

“Doing a little eavesdropping, are we?” he asked.

“Maybe a little,” she said, guiltily, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I can’t say I’m not curious as to what’s going to happen in there, too,” he grinned.

“Maybe we can spy together,” Stephanie whispered.

John put his finger up to his lips, and they stood together trying to hear. They could make out muffled talking, and then it got quiet. A moment later, they heard someone moan with relief. Father and daughter shared a knowing look. The moaning became a little louder, more passionate. Stephanie felt herself getting wet. Her father’s cock bulged in his pants. Stephanie’s wicked mind worked quickly.

She dropped to her knees and started to work his pants down. He looked at her curiously, but didn’t stop her. The truth was, he wanted to feel her mouth on his dick right now. He could tell by the little moans in Tori’s room that Melanie had convinced their daughter to let her help. Stephanie pulled her father’s big cock free and hungrily wrapped her lips around the fat head, coating it with her spit.

“Your wife’s eating Tori’s cunt,” she whispered, stroking his slick shaft, “She’s in there with her tongue up her snatch right now.”

She went back to sucking her daddy off as they listened to the desperate groaning behind the door. John held her little blonde head and fed her his swelling prick meat while she looked up at him, her lips stretched around his huge dick.

“You’re such a naughty girl, Stephie, sucking your daddy’s cock while your sister cums on her mother’s face. Oh, shit!”

Stephanie worked her mouth over him vigorously. She’d sucked his big dick several times since he’d taken her cherry, and she was getting more adept and taking the monster in her throat. She’d managed up to nine inches so far, and while she was used to deepthroating Mike’s ten inches, her brother didn’t have the thickness that her daddy did.

Stephanie let a mouthful of frothy goo pour from her stretched lips, where it dripped down her chin and into her shirt, causing the fabric to cling to her tits. Looking up at her father, she pulled his long shaft from her mouth and whispered, “I’m so sorry, daddy. I got all messy,” as she wiped the glop with her fingers.

John rubbed his cock along her shining lips, and replied, “Hush, princess. Where does daddy’s cock go?”

“In my throat,” Stephanie said softly and her daddy pushed his bloated meat back into her.

They could hear Tori panting, and then screaming with joy. Melanie’s talented tongue had obviously done the trick.

The sound of her orgasm set John off, and he held Stephanie’s head on his dick as he blew a big load of thick cream into her throat. She tried to swallow it all, but there was just so much. His cum seeped around the edges of her mouth, and dripped into her cleavage. He fought the urge to growl as he came, his hands tight in his daughter’s hair. Finally, Stephanie had drained his balls and he slumped against the wall, trying to catch his breath.

Stephanie Hamlin with facial: The Second Place Sister

“Oh, that was yummy, daddy,” Stephanie said, smacking her lips, “Guess I’d better go check on dinner!”

She flitted away, down the steps. Things were quiet in Tori’s room now. John put his wet dick away, and tried to compose himself. A moment later the door opened, and Melanie came out with Tori. Tori held the weird black belt in her hand. She had a dreamy look in her eyes, and stood up on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. Then she was strolling down the hall, without her pants, and into the bathroom. Melanie was wiping her mouth.

“Well,” she said, “I think it’s going to be a little easier to tell her, now.”


Melanie had a crazed look in her eyes, and John knew what was coming. His wife dragged him down the hall by his shirt, and into their bedroom.


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