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The Second Place Sister, Part 13

Chapter Thirty-Five: Reunited

Melanie Hamlin: The Second Place Sister

“This is going to be awkward,” Melanie said to her husband as they drove home.

“I think, my love, that that is an understatement.”

“I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with the idea of keeping our daughter locked in chastity. Especially when the rest of her family is fucking their brains out.”

“I do tend to agree,” John said, “but it’s not like she has to stay locked in that thing all the time. They said that it’s only part of the treatment process, to help with the chronic masturbation. According to them, she was already showing improvement.”

“True. It’s just...I don’t know how to tell her what’s been going on, and I certainly don’t want it to stop or seem like we’re hiding something from her.”

“Oh, I know what you mean. I want to stop nailing Stephanie’s little pussy just as much as you want to give up your stud son’s big boner,” he laughed, “but what will we do if Tori can’t accept it?”

“Sometimes,” Melanie said wistfully, “I wish I didn’t think with my pussy so much.”

“Ha! Try having a dick between your legs.”

“Oh, I’ve had a dick between my legs. I find it rather enjoyable.”

They broke into laughter together, but their nerves quickly killed it as they got closer and closer to home.

“How do you feel about… you know… what they said about Tori finding her release at home? How she’ll find it somewhere, no matter what, and it might be somewhere dangerous?” Melanie asked.

“You mean, could I see myself making Tori cum, fucking her like we do Stephanie?”

“I might not have used those exact words, but yes.”

“I don’t know. Tori’s just never been the rascal that Stephanie is, and I guess I’ve always looked at her differently.”

“Me too.”

“You know I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, though, and if that means we have to help her deal with this condition, then that’s what we’ll do, right?”

Melanie took his hand, saying, “You’re right. We’ll do whatever it takes for her.”

“And, the other thing?” John said.

“The other redheaded thing, you mean?”

John nodded.

“Well, she certainly seems friendly, and Dr. Carlson spoke very highly of her. We’ll just have to see how it goes, but I guess we’re committed. It’s not as though we can just return her if she’s not working out.”

“I think you might have to start sharing Mike’s cock with another vixen.” John said, grinning, “Did you see the way those two looked at each other when we met her? That wasn’t lust in their eyes. Well, maybe a little. I think that was love at first sight.”

“Hmmm, you’d know a little something about love at first sight, wouldn’t you?” Melanie teased.

He squeezed her hand, “Yes. Yes, I would.”

John pulled the car into the driveway. The house hadn’t burned down. The windows were unbroken. Nobody was dead in the yard. These were all good signs in his book. The couple left the car and found themselves pausing outside the front door. They looked at one another and laughed at their own hesitation.

Stephanie had dinner going when they came inside. The mingled smells of a full meal wafted throughout the house. Since her parents had fucked her the first time, it seemed like Stephanie had been more involved in their family than ever before. She’d never been distant exactly, but she was always on the outskirts. They knew she felt overshadowed by Tori’s constant success, always coming in second in the races. With Tori away from home these last weeks, though, it was like she’d tried to step up and prove something to them. While it was a nice change, they both knew that Stephanie had never needed to prove anything. They loved her just as much as Tori, and as much as Mike.

“Hey there, later gators!” Stephanie said, popping her head out of the kitchen, “Stuff’s in the oven. You’ve got an hour.”

She strolled out of the kitchen and gave them both a kiss on the lips, squeezing her daddy’s crotch teasingly.

“Tori’s been in her room since we got home. Mike disappeared into his cave with the hottie you adopted, and is probably fucking her brains out as we speak.” Stephanie said.

“Thanks, honey.” Melanie said, and held out her hand.

Stephanie reached out, curious, and felt her mother drop a key into her hand.

“What’s this?”

“Well,” Melanie said, looking uncomfortable, “part of your sister’s treatment for her AHSD is to help her deal with her need to masturbate, so for the time being they’re using a deterrent treatment.” Melanie tried to explain.