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The Second Place Sister, Part 12

Chapter 34: Homecoming

Tori Hamlin in chastity belt: The Second Place Sister by Tori Hamlin

It was Friday, and at noon Tori’s parents would arrive to pick her up. She’d woken up and cried into Cindy’s pussy as she licked her to an orgasm, and then together they’d packed Tori’s meager belongings into her bag. Tori put on the clothes she’d arrived in three weeks ago, but it felt like they belonged to someone else. On her phone call the previous evening, talking with her parents while Dr. Carlson pushed his dick into her, Tori had explained that she had a friend she’d like them to meet.

After hanging up the phone, Dr. Carlson had blown a big load into her cunt, and Tori had cum wonderfully all over his throbbing cock. While she cleaned off his prick with her tongue, Tori asked him what it would take to have Cindy released from the Clinic. Dr. Carlson explained that Cindy’s parents had signed her in, but that she was an adult and had the legal right to check herself out any time she wanted.

Given her condition, though, Cindy would never be able to properly care for herself in the outside world. She would never be able to hold a job, go back to school, or do much of anything as a productive member of society. It was in her own interest to remain in the care of the clinic, unless Cindy could somehow show that she was in good hands with someone to care for her. Tori then divulged her wish that Cindy could come and live with her family. They were wealthy, and they were stable, and they might be able to care for Cindy.

Dr. Carlson seemed to give it deep thought as he wiped his dick on Tori’s tongue. Finally, he agreed to the idea. If Tori could convince her family to take Cindy’s care seriously, and if Cindy agreed to come to the clinic with Tori for her weekly evaluations, then there was really nothing that the clinic could do to stop Cindy from leaving. In fact, a family environment might be just what she needed, he reckoned. What he didn’t tell her, was that he was counting on Cindy and Tori’s emotional attachment to keep them both coming back to the clinic. It was part of why he’d put them together in the first place, as they’d shown a very compatible emotional profile.

Now, it was only a few minutes until noon, and Tori held Cindy’s hand tightly. Cindy had put on a pair of the blue scrubs, the first clothing she’d worn since arriving at the clinic. She wanted to make a good impression, she’d said. Dr. Carlson and Amanda escorted the two girls to a private waiting room, where they waited for Tori’s family.

They didn’t wait long. John and Melanie burst into the room with Stephanie and Mike behind them. Tori felt the shame of the last few weeks fall away as her teary-eyed mother ran to her and threw her arms around her with joy. John, likewise, scooped both women into his big arms. Melanie planted kisses all over Tori’s face, while John laughed like an idiot. Tori began to cry. It seemed like years since she’d seen her family.

Reluctantly, her parents let her go, and Mike and Stephanie moved in and hugged her, too. Her siblings weren’t crying, as her parents were, but they looked happy to see her, nonetheless. The Hamlin’s stood grinning at one another, unsure of what to say. Tori, though, stepped aside and motioned for Cindy to step forward. The little redhead shyly came to stand by Tori.

“Mom, dad, this is my friend, Cindy. The one I told you about.”

“Hello, Cindy,” Melanie said and gave the girl a hug.

To the side, Mike felt his breath catch in his throat. The little redhead couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred pounds, and half of that was her tits. It wasn’t just her incredible body, though, which the blue scrubs couldn’t hide. She was beautiful. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Cindy looked at him, too, and blushed. She was afraid to open her mouth for fear she’d say something slutty.

Tori asked if her siblings and Cindy could wait outside for a moment. Cindy quietly followed Stephanie and Mike out of the room. Once they were gone, Tori began to tell them about Cindy’s story, her condition, and how close they’d become. She left out all the parts about sucking cock together, eating pussy, and Cindy fucking her asshole with a strap-on, but she pleaded with them to consider having Cindy come to stay with them.

“This is really important to you, isn’t it?” John asked.

“Yes, daddy,” Tori agreed, “This place is not somewhere to spend your whole life. The staff is nice, and all, but can you imagine your family throwing you away because you can’t control what your body is doing to you?”

John and Melanie shared a strange look, but Tori was so desperate to plead Cindy’s case, that she didn’t think about what that look meant.

“Well,” Melanie said, “We do have the spare room. She seemed like a nice girl.”

“I won’t lie to you, mom,” Tori said, “She’s a slut. She’s an unashamed, and wildly horny slut.”

Did her mother just smile at that comment?

“What do you think, John? Can our family take on one more wildly horny slut?”

John chuckled, “I think it might be able to,” he said, “But it’s probably a decision that the whole family has to make.”

Melanie went to the door and opened it, beckoning the others inside. Tori couldn’t be sure, because Melanie’s body had been blocking the doorway, but she could almost swear that Cindy had been kissing Mike and grabbing Stephanie’s tits. The three of them came in, and John asked Mike and Stephanie their opinion. Mike was quick to agree, too quick perhaps. Her family grinned at his swift acceptance and looked at Stephanie.

“Oh, you know me. Wherever there’s trouble, saving the day, all that shit,” she said.

“Well, Cindy,” Melanie said, “It looks like you’re coming with us.”

Cindy burst into tears and threw her arms around Tori, shoving her tongue into her roommate’s mouth, much to the surprise of the entire family. Cindy then went around and kissed each of them the same way. Tori thought it was a little strange that none of her family hardly flinched at swapping spit with the little redhead, but she had to admit the sight made her horny. Cindy seemed to be having trouble extricating her tongue from Mike’s mouth, and they all stood by, somewhat uncomfortably, as the two of them made out and touched one another. Cindy humped her pussy against Mike’s leg.

“Um, well,” John finally said, “I suppose we should get going.”

Cindy broke away from Mike, leaving his face flushed and a bulge in his pants.

“Oh, can I please get my things?” she asked shyly.

Thankfully, no one was looking at Tori as she turned a deep shade of red.

Tori’s parents met with Dr. Carlson and Amanda in a private consultation, while the four teens hurried themselves out of the clinic. Tori and Cindy stopped outside the big glass doors and looked at one another. Tori hadn’t been outside or seen the summer sun for three weeks. For Cindy, it had been even longer. Tori held the little redhead’s hand. She looked terrified. The only thing she’d known for months had been the tiny rooms in the clinic, the endless masturbation, therapy sessions, the same recycled menu of cafeteria food and thick protein shakes.

Tori had to remember that Cindy had, not long ago, been just like her. She was a successful cheerleader, a popular girl at school. She’d had friends, a home, a life. Now she was just a fuck machine, always focused on her next orgasm, ready to screw anything and anyone at the drop of a pair of pants. The taste of her strawberry pussy lingered in Tori’s mouth from that morning, and the feelings in her own cunt told her that she needed to cum, but she was still locked in her belt.

Her belt! The clinic hadn’t taken it off! In all the hustle to get out, she’d forgotten all about it. It had become so natural to her over the last two weeks. How was she supposed to get it off? It dawned on her, then, that she would be coming back here regularly over the next few months. They probably intended for her to wear it for the time being.

Cindy saw the look on Tori’s face change from glee to horror, and she asked, “Tori, what’s wrong?”

“The belt,” she said under her breath, “they didn’t take it off.”

“Of course, not, silly,” Cindy said, “Don’t you remember? Amanda said they were giving keys to your parents.”

“No, I don’t remember.”

“Oh, well you had the strap-on up your ass at the time, so you probably didn’t hear.”

Tori blushed again, hoping Mike and Stephanie hadn’t heard. Her siblings were already down the steps, though, and heading to Stephanie’s little convertible.

“Hey, are you two coming?” Stephanie yelled to them.

Cindy let her hand go and bounced down the steps like a child. The sun was so bright, the day so warm. She remembered a lifetime ago, when she’d loved the summer. She could tan, she could swim, she could stay up all night with her friends. They’d probably forgotten about her by now, though. No one ever wrote or came to visit. They probably thought she’d gone into a crazy house. She glanced back at Tori and was glad that she had one friend. And now, maybe, she was going to have a real family. She hoped her stupid pussy didn’t screw it up. She really didn’t want to spend the rest of her life at the clinic.

Stephanie got behind the wheel and lowered the top on the car. Mike told Tori she could have shotgun, and got in the back, where Cindy had already plopped her tiny ass down with a huge smile.

“I used to have a convertible!” she said, “My parents took it away when they caught me getting fucked on the hood.”

Stephanie and Mike laughed. Cindy might just fit right in, after all. Tori, though, felt her pussy getting all juicy at the thought of Cindy spread out on the hood of a car getting a dick pushed inside her. She squirmed uncomfortably in the passenger seat as Stephanie cranked the engine.

“Hey, stud!” Cindy said to Mike and gave him a big kiss with a lot of tongue.


“I think you made a new friend, Mike,” Stephanie jabbed, tearing down the drive toward the gate.

Cindy came up for air saying, “I’m sorry,” then to Mike, “You’re really cute. And I can’t help myself. Did they tell you I have overactive cunt syndrome?”

She began to rub the sizable bulge in Mike’s pants.

“Cindy,” Stephanie said, “I think you came to the right place.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Tori asked.

Stephanie put her designer shades on, and just flashed Tori a stupid grin. Tori didn’t care what she meant right now. She was just glad to be out. The whipping wind through her hair was giving her a sense of clarity she hadn’t felt in weeks. If her cunt would just calm down, she might be able to really think straight about what she was going to do from here. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t calm down. It didn’t help that Cindy was pulling her brother’s dick out of his pants and lowering her head to his lap.

“She’s very friendly,” Stephanie said to her sister.

“Um, yeah. She is,” Tori agreed.

“You okay back there, bro?” Stephanie called to her brother.

He gave her a thumbs up as Cindy put her lips over his big dickhead. Tori could see it all happening in the mirror. She’d never thought of her brother as anything but that. Now, though, she saw the size of his cock as her friend lovingly massaged it with her mouth, and she felt a little jealous. She tried to look away, but she couldn’t. Cindy looked so hot, and that cock, that gorgeous piece of fuckmeat was incredible. Tori felt sick. She couldn’t believe she was admiring her own brother’s penis.

“It’s a nice cock, isn’t it?” Stephanie said to no one in particular.

“Stephie!” Tori cried, “That’s our brother!”

“Hey, a nice cock is a nice cock,” she shrugged.

Tori tried to shut out the sound of Mike’s moans, the wet slurping, Cindy’s purring, and the smack of her lips as Stephanie barreled home. It just wasn’t possible. The red-headed sex kitten hadn’t seen but one cock for months, and nothing like Mike’s. It was like Christmas for the sex-crazed teen. The way his big shaft filled her mouth was amazing. Even when Stephanie had to stop at traffic lights, and people looked over at them with shocked faces, Cindy didn’t care.

Stephanie felt a thrill over it. Every time someone did a double take, confirming that their eyes did indeed see a tiny redhead slobbering on a porn star-sized cock next to them, Stephanie giggled. Tori felt so embarrassed, and yet so horny. She couldn’t be upset with Cindy, though. She knew how the girl was, and she’d signed up to deal with it for the rest of her life. This was the new normal.

Mike groaned in the back seat as he blew his load into Cindy’s talented mouth. She eagerly guzzled it, and then came up gasping for breath. Collecting the few drops that had squeezed through her lips, she licked her fingers clean.

“Oh, wow! Thanks, so much!” she said, “I was starving!”

She giggled and gave Mike a peck on the cheek.

“Uh, yeah,” Mike said, “Any time. That was amazing!”

For just a second, Tori could swear she saw a look of jealousy cross her twin’s face, but it was gone the next second. She must have imagined it. Cindy was tucking Mike’s big cock back into his pants. They were almost home. Tori wasn’t sure exactly what she was feeling. Would it still feel like home?

Stephanie pulled into the drive and parked the car. The four of them got out, Mike taking the two girl’s bags for them. Stephanie led them to the door and let everyone inside. Tori paused in the entryway, taking stock. Cindy began to flit around the house, making excited little noises as she explored her new home. She dragged Mike along with her by the hand.

“You okay, sissy?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, Stephie,” she said distantly, “It just feels... different.”

Stephanie hugged her sister tightly, and then kissed her softly on the lips.

Stephani Hamling kissing Tori Hamlin in The Second Place Sister by Tori Hamlin

“It is different,” she said, “Everything is going to be different. It’s going to be better.” she said huskily and kissed her again.

Tori froze. She remembered the last time Stephanie had kissed her, in her room, and then fingered her pussy. It seemed like years ago. She’d been shocked, and disgusted then, more at herself than Stephanie. Now, though, it felt good. It felt really good. She hardly gave a thought to opening her mouth, letting Stephanie stick her tongue into it. She felt up Stephanie’s big tits, kissed her like a sexy little lesbian, moaning into her mouth. Stephanie broke away and grinned at her.

“Welcome home,” she said and walked away.

Tori stood like a statue, her pussy aching. Her breathing was ragged, and her head spun. Had she really just made out with her sister? She knew that she was a stupid slut, now, but her own sister getting her hot? It was wrong! She picked up her bag from where Mike had dropped it near the door. She couldn’t hear Mike and Cindy anymore, and wondered where they’d gotten off to, but she also wanted to go to her room. She needed new clothes. She needed a shower. She needed a nap. Most of all, she needed to cum, and felt frustrated that the clinic kept a hold on her, even here.

She sighed and stalked up the stairs, paused outside her door. She felt like an intruder. Like she was about to walk into some stranger’s room without knocking. She was being ridiculous. This was her room. This was her home. She was still Tori Hamlin, and this was where she belonged! She opened the door and stepped inside.

Nothing had changed. Everything was still where she’d left it. Years of trophies lined the shelves. Her bed was neatly made. She dropped her bag on the floor and flopped down on the bed. It smelled of home, and of love, not like the constant disinfectant cleanliness of the clinic. She put her head on her pillow, and something inside her broke. She began to cry.

Tori Hamlin crying The Second Place Sister


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