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The Second Place Sister, Part 11

Chapter Thirty-Three: The New Tori

Tori Hamlin: The Second Place Sister

Fucking, sucking, and cumming. Nearing the end of her third week at the NewYou Clinic, this was Tori Hamlin’s new world. She’d since ceased to really think about it, and none of it seemed wrong. She was just a stupid slut, and stupid sluts liked to get fucked and cummed in. The only thing she could never really reconcile, though, was how she felt after she came. Once the feelings in her pussy had been quelled, she always felt ashamed.

She could remember, only a few weeks ago, that she’d been a state champion track runner. She’d been one of the most popular girls in school. She’d been on the path to success, and no one could stop her. She’d been a good girl, maybe a little prudish, but that was okay. And then she’d done drugs. She could remember doing them, a little bit. She couldn’t ever recall any details, just that it had happened.

The doctors told her that this was normal. Often, teenagers who get involved in drugs won’t remember some aspects of their time as users. Especially with the kinds of drugs Tori was doing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she would be fuzzy on the details. The drugs were only a small part of the problem, though. What really tore her in two was her condition. Adolescent Hypersexual Disorder.

Tori Hamlin nude: The Second Place Sister

The staff at NewYou was desperately trying to help her deal with it, but Tori had pretty much given up hope. Her cunt was in control, and when it was telling her to do things she had to listen. When she listened to her cunt, she felt good and she got to cum a lot. When she tried to be the old Tori, the good Tori, she felt miserable and ashamed. The therapists she talked with tried to help her reconcile the two sides of herself, but there just wasn’t much they could do with so little understanding about her condition.

Now, her typical day was to wake up next to Cindy, her busty roommate, and usually eat Cindy’s pussy until she came all over her face. She rarely bothered to put clothes on. If she did, she’d just get them wet with her overactive cunt. Tori would need to page Amanda to unlock her belt so that she could use the bathroom and clean herself, then the two girls would shower together. Often, they’d make out and touch one another while Amanda watched. Sometimes, Amanda would let Cindy make Tori cum with the fake penis, which was always wonderful. Other times, Amanda wouldn’t let her cum because Dr. Carlson wanted her to go to aversion therapy, and there just wasn’t enough time.

About every other day, she would share Dr. Carlson’s cock with Cindy until he came in their mouths, and Tori found herself looking forward to slurping down his loads of sperm.

Tori Hamlin sucking cock: The Second Place Sister

She’d spent the other days strapped into the chair for aversion therapy, being fed a constant stream of pornographic videos while she tried not to masturbate. Her second time in the chair, after Dr. Carlson had fucked her for the first time, she hadn’t been very successful. She’d tried to touch her pussy seventeen times, remembering how his cock had felt while it pulsed and throbbed in her slutty cunt.

That was the first day Dr. Carlson had spanked her pussy. He’d told her that he was going to spank her cunt for every time she tried to touch herself, and he did. He’d done it in Tori’s room, while Cindy watched and got to play with herself. Dr. Carlson had put her over his knee on the bed, and then slapped her excited cunt with his hand. After the seventeenth spanking on her cunt, he’d let Cindy make out with her while he fingered her to an orgasm for taking her punishment like a good slut.

If she could keep herself from touching her cunt less than ten times while she was in the chair, Dr. Carlson would make her cum with his cock before putting her belt back on.

Tori Hamlin fucking: The Second Place Sister

If she couldn’t do it, he’d make Cindy watch as he spanked her pussy again. Once, she’d cum from him spanking, and she’d done it without permission. He hadn’t been happy, and he’d locked her up in her belt without letting her cum really good. She’d spent the whole night wanting to cum so badly that she hadn’t slept at all. She’d tried repeatedly that night to get her hands into her belt and get her pussy off, but it was impossible.

In the morning, Dr. Carlson knew she’d been bad and tried to masturbate. To show her how bad she’d been, he fucked Cindy’s ass and pussy, quite literally, in front of her and she got to watch Cindy cum several times. In fact, he’d fucked her roommate right on top of her, and made Tori hold Cindy’s pussy open so that she could watch his cock hammer in and out of the little redhead’s cunt.

After he came in her, Tori was allowed to lick his cum from Cindy’s pussy. Dr. Carlson was so happy with her, that he let Cindy fuck her with the strap-on as a reward while he cleaned his cummy dick off in her mouth. This was Tori’s new normal, and as shameful as she felt each time she did one of these nasty things, the humiliation of debasing herself seemed to fuel her horniness, making it a long, devilish cycle of constant debauchery.

Now, her release from the clinic was fast-approaching, and Tori was both excited and nervous. She didn’t know why she felt afraid, exactly. She knew that she would be going home, which was great. She couldn’t wait to have her own room back, her own bed, be allowed to go and do whatever she pleased. She could drive her car, hang out with her friends, spend the rest of the summer in the pool, or see her boyfriend. All of those things, though, seemed like something the old Tori would do, things the old Tori would enjoy.

The friends she had liked the old Tori, the good Tori, not the stupid slut with her pussy locked up because she couldn’t stop playing with it. How was she going to swim at the pool with a chastity belt on? How was she going to make jokes with her friends, when all she could think about was her hot cunt? Would her family even be able to look at her, knowing that she was a slut?

All of these things made her unsure of what her future would be like. Then there was Cindy. The last two weeks spent with the little redhead had brought them close. Closer than any friend she’d had before. Cindy was the only one that really understood what she was going through, because she was like Tori. Cindy often held her at night and told her that she loved her, and that she was the best friend she’d ever had.

She thought about Cindy all alone at the Clinic after she was gone. Would the clinic give her a new roommate? She’d hardly seen Cindy say a word to the other girls in this wing with them. Cindy was so kind, but so sad and alone. Tori wished she could take her home with her. Surely, her family could find a way to love Cindy, like they had their other kids. Maybe she could ask her parents about it, after they’d adjusted to the way she’d changed. If they could adjust.

Right now, Tori had her tongue up Cindy’s asshole, and her roommate was telling her what a good little pussy girl she was, how good she ate her slit, and encouraged her to push her tongue further up her ass. Of course, Tori could do nothing about the burning heat in her own pussy because of the belt. She knew, though, that when she finished off Cindy, the busty redhead would probably fuck her asshole with the strap-on, and Tori had realized a few days ago that she could cum with something up her ass. It wasn’t as nice as cumming from her pussy, but if she worked at, it she could definitely get off from anal.

Tori was rubbing Cindy’s clit, trying to make her roommate cum, when Amanda walked into the room. The two girls were so absorbed in their fuck play, that neither of them even noticed the coordinator’s presence. Cindy’s legs clamped tightly about Tori’s head, and she came all over her face as Amanda watched. She slowly released Tori from her scissor grip, and that was when Tori noticed Amanda waiting. Tori blushed, her face wet with cunt slime, but Amanda didn’t seem to care. She was probably used to stupid sluts doing stupid slutty things.

“I have your release papers for you to sign, Tori,” Amanda said, setting a few sheets of paper on the desk.

Cindy looked at the papers, and then looked at Amanda, and then looked at Tori. She began to sob, the delight of her recent orgasm dashed as she tried to come to grips with the fact that Tori was going to leave. Tori held her tightly and let Cindy cry, stroking her red hair and hushing her like a baby. Tori looked to Amanda for help, but the coordinator only looked sad and shrugged.

“It’s alright, Cindy,” Tori said, “I’ll be coming back every week, and I promise I’ll come and see you.”

“Do you really?” Cindy asked, her eyes red, her nose sniffling.

“I promise. We can play with your toys, and suck your cunt, just like we do now.”

Cindy held onto her tightly.

“But I love you, Tori,” She said, “I don’t want you to go away! You’re my only friend!”

Tori kissed the small girl on the lips over and over, trying to make her calm down. Cindy looked so heartbroken. Amanda, in an uncharacteristic display of pity, came and hugged both of the girls.

“Cindy, I’ll make sure that Tori gets a chance to come and see you when she’s here each week. I promise I’ll make sure they let her, alright?”

Cindy nodded her head, but she didn’t seem appeased.

“I’m sorry, Tori, but I need you to sign the papers,” Amanda said.

Tori went to the desk as Cindy clung to Amanda’s waist. She took the pen, signed the papers next to the X, and set the pen back down. Amanda took the papers and left the room. Tori lay on the bed with Cindy and held her as the lonely girl cried and cried. Tori tried to be strong, but she cried, too. She felt so sorry that Cindy would be here alone. She was such a good person. She was a total slut, and wanted to fuck everything, but she was a good person.

“Cindy,” Tori said softly, once her roommate’s tears had ebbed to a bitter sob, “I’m not making any promises, and I can’t really say, but when I go home I want to ask my parents if you can come and stay with us. Would you like that?”

“You would really do that?” Cindy asked, “Really? You’d ask them? Oh, Tori! That would be so wonderful! My parents won’t let me come home. They said I’m a dumb slut, and that I’m not really their daughter. Do you think your parents would like me?”

“You’re a sweetheart, Cindy. You’re a slut, yes, but you’re a good person, and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Oh, Tori. I love you! I know you can’t make them like me, but I really appreciate that you’d ask them. I don’t know what to say. You’re the best friend ever!”

She shoved her tongue in Tori’s mouth, and thanked her the only way she knew how.


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