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Kaylee's Trust Fund: Guest Post by All These Roadworks

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This story contains themes of non-consent.

If you're familiar with my work, you've likely read some of the exceptionally creative stories by the master of fetish fiction, All These Roadworks. He's the author of the exceedingly dark and twisted novels TitCage and The Lesbian Debt, and one of my personal favorites.

This story is copyright of All These Roadworks. Posted with permission of the author.

These works are erotica, not politics, and the author urges everyone to base their sexual and romantic interactions on a foundation of respect, equity, safety and positive enthusiastic consent. Please click here for a comprehensive discussion of his content policy.

Kaylee Bainer was pretty and popular, and her parents were filthy rich. The combination had resulted in Kaylee growing up to be shallow, bratty, not very bright, and spoiled rotten. By age 18, she was cruel for the sake of casual laughs, whether that meant torturing the clique of bimbo followers she ruled over, or cockteasing her Uncle Nathan entirely for the pleasure of seeing him squirm.

Her Uncle Nathan never told her parents how Kaylee would try and kiss him or feel his cock when they were alone together – efforts he always rebuffed. He would simply say that Kaylee was spoiled, and a slut, and her parents needed to be stricter on her.

Her parents were concerned by Kaylee’s trashy outfits and heavy makeup – but it wasn’t really worse than other girls her age, and they were very bad at saying no to her, so they did nothing.

But all that changed when the police raided the Bainer house. Both Kaylee’s parents had been embezzling money from the clients of their accounting business. They were charged with fraud, convicted, and jailed for 10 years. Everything they owned was seized as proceeds of crime – except for Kaylee’s substantial trust fund, which was absolutely secure.

But although Kaylee was free, and her trust fund intact, she had not been aware of the terms that her parents had placed on the fund in the event that anything happened to them. When her Uncle Nathan invited her over to his house and explained them, she listened with growing horror.


In order to protect the virtue of our daughter Kaylee, and provide for her security and moral education, she will receive regular payments from this trust fund for so long as she abides by the following conditions. If she breaches any of the following conditions, payments from the fund will be terminated indefinitely.

(1) She will reside at the house of her uncle, Nathan;

(2) She will not leave the premises in any outfit, unless her uncle approves of:

– (a) her make-up;

– (b) her clothing;

– (c) her accessories; and

– (d) her shoes;

and she will not alter these aspects of her appearance while out without the permission in advance of her uncle.

(3) She will abide by any punishment her uncle sees fit to bestow for lewd, offensive or promiscuous behaviour, or for failure to apply herself to her work or education;

(4) She will treat her uncle with politeness and respect;

(5) She will make appropriate contribution to household chores;

(6) She will leave the house on at least three days a week for the purpose of employment or education. If she is unable or unwilling to find employment or enroll in education, she will accept any job or enrolment her uncle finds on her behalf.


Kaylee found the conditions outrageous – but without them, she would have no car, no clothes, no credit card, and nowhere to live – and her complete failure to apply any effort in school meant that her job prospects were limited.

Reluctantly, she moved in with her Uncle Nathan.

Unfortunately, her parents had misunderstood her uncle’s intentions. They had thought Nathan wanted to set their bratty daughter on the moral straight-and-narrow, and would use the provisions to get her to shape up and be respectable.

But after endless rounds of cruel cockteasing by the brainless little brat, all Nathan wanted to do was see her degraded and turned into a whore.

He started by censoring her outfits. He wouldn’t let her go out unless her skirt was scandalously short, her top tit-hugging or see-through, and her heels at least four inches high. Kaylee was surprised, but not overly concerned by this. She liked looking sexy.

But the hemlines got higher, and the tops got tighter, and displayed more skin. And then, after two weeks, her uncle told her to take off her panties.

“Are you kidding?” protested Kaylee. “This skirt doesn’t come all the way down over my pussy anyway. If I take off my panties, people will be able to *see*.”

“I don’t care,” said Nathan. “If you go out without taking them off, you lose your trust fund.”

“Then I won’t go out!” pouted Kaylee, and stormed off to her room.

She still hadn’t left the house the next day. Her uncle came to her room.

“Your trust conditions require you to be in employment or education,” he said. “I’ve enrolled you in a pole dancing course two nights a week, and in a course run by the local church called “being a good submissive wife” on Sundays. If you don’t leave the house to attend, you lose your trust fund, and if you attend and don’t pay attention, I’m empowered to punish you.”

Kaylee fumed – but her uncle was serious, and the next evening she blushingly turned up at the front door in a short skirt and no panties to go pole dancing.

“Don’t be a slut, Kaylee,” he told her. “If you go pole dancing with no panties, you’ll get cunt juice all over the pole.” And he made her change into a G-string – and then remove her skirt entirely.

He also started her on “an appropriate contribution to household chores” – which he felt, for a woman, was 100% of them. He saved his sluttiest outfits for when he sent her out to do shopping. She got used to going without underwear entirely, and then displaying all the underboob below her nipples, and then wearing see-through clothing. Finally, he started sending her out in nothing but a G-string – which he made her pull up between her pussy lips to give herself cameltoe – and a leather belt fastened across her otherwise naked tits so as to cover the nipples.

She got kicked out of her church wife course when she attended in this outfit – so Nathan started to discipline her for her lewd behaviour and for failing in education. This took the form of beating her tits with the belt she had been wearing, and then her cunt – and then, finally, sticking his cock into her pussy and fucking her roughly until they both orgasmed.

To make up her three nights a week of education or employment, he found her a job as a stripper at a local bar. She thought about rebelling at this point – but going out dressed as a whore for weeks had taken a toll on her self-esteem. She now couldn’t help feeling like she was disgusting and slutty, and that if she went for a job interview they would see how slutty she was, no matter how she was dressed. She couldn’t picture getting a job without her uncle’s help.

So she went out and started stripping.

Her uncle now started to make sure she was wearing appropriate “make-up” – and by this, he meant he would make her kneel in front of the door before leaving the house, and he would masturbate and ejaculate onto her face. He would make her leave the house with gobs of cum on her face, forbidden from wiping it off.

Nathan noticed to his satisfaction that in very little time at all, Kaylee’s friendship circle had changed. All her old friends avoided her now, and instead, she was frequently in the company of a group of men who barely seemed to know her actual name, and instead called her “cunt”, slapped her when she disagreed with them, and freely groped her or fingered her pussy in public. They had a couple of other girls in the group – both slutty, though neither as slutty as Kaylee – and Nathan was delighted to see that they would make Kaylee make out with them for their entertainment. He suspected that in private they made the girls lick each other’s pussies too.

Nathan raped Kaylee every night now, and she thanked him for it, fully aware that most people found her new cum-stained-whore look disgusting. She was just grateful to be liked. He changed her employment to find her work as a prostitute and enrolled her in private tuition on the topic of “how to orgasm from humiliation and pain”, delivered by several of his friends.

Finally – inevitably – Kaylee fell pregnant, and Nathan told Kaylee he was bored with her now. Her trust fund had been paying into his bank account for some time and would continue to do so, and he saw no reason to dispense any of it to her. He told her that he had bought a small dairy farm out in the country – which he owned, so it counted as “his residence” – and she would be living in a barn out there from now on, along with a small herd of cows. She would leave the “residence” daily for her new employment – having her tits painfully milked, and being raped by any man who wanted to pay to use her – and she would also receive new education in how to be a good cow and moo prettily.

Kaylee didn’t argue. After everything that had happened to her over months, she knew deep inside that she was a disgusting slut, and this was exactly what she deserved. Instead, she kissed her uncle, and thanked him for finding her the life she deserved, and then worked his cock into her cunt so that she could be remotely useful and pleasing to him one last time…


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