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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Eleven

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Correcting Kelly Cover

Chapter Eleven: Kinks are Natural

It was Friday night, the night Kelly would, normally, have gone out with her friends. Since beginning to go braless at school though, many of Kelly’s so-called friends had decided not to associate with her. This fact had been cemented when, at the end of the school day, she had approached a group of them to find out what they were going to do tonight. The small group of girls had fallen silent at her arrival, looking at one another awkwardly.

“Kelly,” said Brianna, “We’re just going to stay in. Finals are coming and we need to study.”

Kelly blushed because it was clear in the looks the girls gave one another, their slow nods of agreement, that Brianna was lying. They just didn’t want her around. Kelly slunk away, feeling stupid and ashamed. Mara, though, a true friend, the girl that picked Kelly up and dropped her off for school, had stuck by her. As Kelly walked away, her cheeks red, Mara left the other girls behind and followed.

“Hey,” she said, “It’s not right. I’m sorry. They’re bitches.”

Kelly nodded, inconsolable, and walked with Mara out of the school.

“I think it’s kind of hot,” Brianna said, once they were in the car, “You know, the boob thing. I mean, it sucks that your mom won’t buy you new bras, but I think it’s kind of cool that you’re rocking it.”

Kelly had made this story up on the morning that Mara had questioned her about her lack of a bra, and Mara had believed it. Mara had said that her grandma did, “the whole bra-burning thing,” when she was younger, and she was very vocal about it. It wasn’t weird to Mara. That had made Kelly feel slightly better. The fact that she’d lied to her only real friend, though, did not make her feel good.

“My parents are making me go to this thing at the club tonight. Super fucking boring,” Mara continued, “but maybe we can hang out this weekend?”

“Um, yeah. Thanks, Mara,” Kelly agreed.

“Hey, did you meet that new boy?” Mara asked, “Brian?”

Kelly perked up and blushed, saying, “Yeah. He was in three of my classes.”

“He’s so cute!” Mara exclaimed, giggling.

“He gave me his number,” Kelly said, “and asked if I wanted to go to a movie.”

“Oh, my God!” Mara squealed, “That’s too cute! Are you gonna go? Are you gonna give him your V-card? You little slut!”

Kelly shivered at the word, her pussy burning in the belt as she replied, “I have to make sure it’s okay with my dad.”

“You have to ask your dad if you can fuck Brian?” Mara teased.

“No! The movie, you bitch!” Kelly said, laughing.

It felt nice to have a friend, she thought, someone that didn’t judge her for her boobs and could make jokes. It felt normal. It made her feel like she was normal. Mara chattered as they drove, finally dropping Kelly at home.

Once she was in the house, it became much more apparent that life, indeed, was not normal. She found Ms. Gloria, already in the house, sitting on the living room couch with her mother. Her mother was nude, wearing a set of cat ears and a collar, along with a chastity belt, a little cat tail protruding from her naked bottom. Ms. Gloria was stroking her hair, as Kat lay with her head in Ms. Gloria’s lap. Ms. Gloria fed her mother a small candy from a little bag she held in her hand, just as Kelly walked in. Nearby sat a neatly folded stack of laundry.

“Mom? What… what’s going on?” Kelly asked, flummoxed.

“Ms. Gloria is helping me,” Kat said and accepted another treat.

“It’s called roleplay, sweetie,” Ms. Gloria explained, “Your mother is trying to get into character. You should call her Kat.”

Kelly blushed and fidgeted, unsure what to do.

“Kat,” said Ms. Gloria, “Why don’t you crawl upstairs and curl up for a nap? Kelly and I should get started on her lessons. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of dinner.”

Kat crawled off of the couch, on all fours, and stalked away. Ms. Gloria stood up.

“Why don’t you help me to get dinner ready, sweetie?”

Kelly, her mouth open in shock, did not move.

“Kelly?” Ms. Gloria said again and snapped her fingers.

Kelly blinked, focused, and shook her head.