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Correcting Kelly, Chapter Eleven

Correcting Kelly Cover

Chapter Eleven: Kinks are Natural

It was Friday night, the night Kelly would, normally, have gone out with her friends. Since beginning to go braless at school though, many of Kelly’s so-called friends had decided not to associate with her. This fact had been cemented when, at the end of the school day, she had approached a group of them to find out what they were going to do tonight. The small group of girls had fallen silent at her arrival, looking at one another awkwardly.

“Kelly,” said Brianna, “We’re just going to stay in. Finals are coming and we need to study.”

Kelly blushed because it was clear in the looks the girls gave one another, their slow nods of agreement, that Brianna was lying. They just didn’t want her around. Kelly slunk away, feeling stupid and ashamed. Mara, though, a true friend, the girl that picked Kelly up and dropped her off for school, had stuck by her. As Kelly walked away, her cheeks red, Mara left the other girls behind and followed.

“Hey,” she said, “It’s not right. I’m sorry. They’re bitches.”

Kelly nodded, inconsolable, and walked with Mara out of the school.

“I think it’s kind of hot,” Brianna said, once they were in the car, “You know, the boob thing. I mean, it sucks that your mom won’t buy you new bras, but I think it’s kind of cool that you’re rocking it.”

Kelly had made this story up on the morning that Mara had questioned her about her lack of a bra, and Mara had believed it. Mara had said that her grandma did, “the whole bra-burning thing,” when she was younger, and she was very vocal about it. It wasn’t weird to Mara. That had made Kelly feel slightly better. The fact that she’d lied to her only real friend, though, did not make her feel good.

“My parents are making me go to this thing at the club tonight. Super fucking boring,” Mara continued, “but maybe we can hang out this weekend?”

“Um, yeah. Thanks, Mara,” Kelly agreed.

“Hey, did you meet that new boy?” Mara asked, “Brian?”

Kelly perked up and blushed, saying, “Yeah. He was in three of my classes.”

“He’s so cute!” Mara exclaimed, giggling.

“He gave me his number,” Kelly said, “and asked if I wanted to go to a movie.”

“Oh, my God!” Mara squealed, “That’s too cute! Are you gonna go? Are you gonna give him your V-card? You little slut!”

Kelly shivered at the word, her pussy burning in the belt as she replied, “I have to make sure it’s okay with my dad.”

“You have to ask your dad if you can fuck Brian?” Mara teased.

“No! The movie, you bitch!” Kelly said, laughing.

It felt nice to have a friend, she thought, someone that didn’t judge her for her boobs and could make jokes. It felt normal. It made her feel like she was normal. Mara chattered as they drove, finally dropping Kelly at home.

Once she was in the house, it became much more apparent that life, indeed, was not normal. She found Ms. Gloria, already in the house, sitting on the living room couch with her mother. Her mother was nude, wearing a set of cat ears and a collar, along with a chastity belt, a little cat tail protruding from her naked bottom. Ms. Gloria was stroking her hair, as Kat lay with her head in Ms. Gloria’s lap. Ms. Gloria fed her mother a small candy from a little bag she held in her hand, just as Kelly walked in. Nearby sat a neatly folded stack of laundry.

“Mom? What… what’s going on?” Kelly asked, flummoxed.

“Ms. Gloria is helping me,” Kat said and accepted another treat.

“It’s called roleplay, sweetie,” Ms. Gloria explained, “Your mother is trying to get into character. You should call her Kat.”

Kelly blushed and fidgeted, unsure what to do.

“Kat,” said Ms. Gloria, “Why don’t you crawl upstairs and curl up for a nap? Kelly and I should get started on her lessons. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of dinner.”

Kat crawled off of the couch, on all fours, and stalked away. Ms. Gloria stood up.

“Why don’t you help me to get dinner ready, sweetie?”

Kelly, her mouth open in shock, did not move.

“Kelly?” Ms. Gloria said again and snapped her fingers.

Kelly blinked, focused, and shook her head.

“Come with me. We’ll work on dinner and talk about it.”

Kelly followed Ms. Gloria into the kitchen. While Ms. Gloria got some of the new groceries out and began to make dinner, she spoke to Kelly.

“Do you know what kinks are, Kelly?” she asked.

“No,” Kelly answered.

“Kinks are little things that make people excited. They can be compulsions, or they can be some sort of practice that people use to enhance a sexual experience. There are lots of them. Everyone has them, even you. You may not know what they are yet, but as you get experience, you’ll start to learn about the things that you like, the things that excite you. Kinks are very normal, and no one should ever be told that they are strange for having a kink.”

Kelly nodded, not really understanding. Ms. Gloria flipped through a recipe book, scanning the pages as she talked. She motioned Kelly over, and pointed to a page that showed a recipe for a spiced hamburger patty.

“We’re going to make this one,” she said.

Kelly helped Ms. Gloria to portion out the various spices into small measuring spoons, carefully laying them out in a neat row with one spoon in front of each bottle, so they could be easily distinguished from one another when they were needed. Ms. Gloria kneaded patties in her hands as she continued telling Kelly about kinks.

“People’s kinks are nearly endless. Really, anything you can think of that gets a person sexually excited can be a kink. It’s important to experiment with different kinds so that you can find out what you like and what you don’t. Your mother is going through an exploratory phase, and we need to support her because encouraging the sexuality of people we love is the right thing to do.”

Kelly listened and nodded, but it was very difficult to pay attention to the words, as well as watch Ms. Gloria make the food because she’d been wearing the belt all day, remembering lying in bed, tied to her mother, kissing her, watching porno, and daydreaming about the cute new boy. Having been dosed with lab-grade aphrodisiacs for five straight days and only allowed to cum three times, her pussy felt like it was on the verge of a meltdown, and the only thing she wanted to pay attention to was the unbearable wetness and heat between her legs.

Still, Ms. Gloria prattled on, unaware of how desperate Kelly’s situation had become.

“You do want to support your mother, don’t you, sweetie?” Ms. Gloria asked.


“Good. While she’s going through this latest exploration, it’s important that you help her stay in character. Just treat her like any pet, and you’ll do fine.”

It was at this point that Todd arrived home from work. He set his folder aside and said, “Hello ladies. This looks good!”

“Kelly’s been very helpful with dinner,” Ms. Gloria said, beaming at the girl, “and we were just discussing kinks, so Kelly can help her mother explore her latest fantasy.”

“That’s great,” Todd said, “You know, Kelly, that’s really impressive,” he rounded the kitchen island and hugged his daughter, “I know this week’s been pretty hard on you, and with your mother trying out all these new things, it’s been kind of confusing, but you’ve been a real trooper. Hasn’t she, Ms. Gloria?”

Ms. Gloria agreed.

“Have you been thinking about what kind of car you want?” Todd asked, letting Kelly go.

Kelly blinked, caught off guard, and said, “What car?”

Todd nodded, “I have a lot of faith in you, princess. Even though it’s been tough, you’ve stuck with it all week. I really think that by the end of this whole deal, you’re going to find your special talent, or get those grades. Tomorrow morning, we can go and pick out the car, if you want. I was thinking that having something tangible, that you can see and touch, might help you realize the goal.”

“Really?” Kelly said, her pussy momentarily forgotten.

“Sure,” Todd said, “Now, you can’t drive it until you hold up your end of the deal, but we’ll bring it home and it will be waiting for you when you’re ready.”

“Thank you, dad!” Kelly said and hugged him.

“I love you princess. Just keep being a good girl for daddy, and I’ll take care of you, alright?”

Kelly nodded. Todd made to walk out, but Kelly spoke up again.

“Dad,” she said, quietly, “I… do you think I can… can I please take off the belt?”

Todd paused, seemed to consider, and then reached into his pocket, removing a small key. He handed the key to Ms. Gloria.

“I think that we can trust Ms. Gloria to make sure you aren’t touching your twat, so sure. Just remember, no masturbating.”

Kelly blushed cutely. Todd walked out of the room to check on his pet. Kelly turned expectantly to Ms. Gloria.

“Once dinner’s over,” Ms. Gloria said, “We’ll get that off you and get you cleaned up, alright?”

Kelly nodded eagerly.


Kat knelt in front of her husband, slowly suckling on his cock as he stroked her hair, just below the cat ears.

“You have such a pretty little tail,” Todd said, commenting on Ms. Gloria’s final addition to Kat’s costume, which swished gently back and forth as Kat bobbed her head on Todd’s shaft.

Kat had not wanted to put the tail butt plug into her anus, but Ms. Gloria had been rather stern with her, looking dour, and Kat had relented in fear of getting a bad report on her behavior. The plug had hurt, at first, because Kat had a virginal butthole that had never been fucked. Todd intended to correct that oversight.

“Would you like daddy to fuck your ass, princess?” Todd asked, and Kat shook her head, looking up at him pleadingly as she sucked.

“Alright. Until you want it, though, you’ll have to keep the belt on. Even when Kelly gets to take hers off.”

Kat tried to pull her mouth off his cock to speak. Todd quickly put his hand on her head and prevented it.

“Is there something you’d like to say?” he asked.

“Mhm,” Kat, answered.

“Does it involve your ass and my cock?”


Todd allowed her to speak.

“Are you… are you mad?” she asked.

Todd pushed her head back down and said, “No, honey. I’m not mad. I am disappointed, though. I thought that we had worked out your disrespectful bitchiness, and you’ve been doing so well. I’m not some kind of rapist, though. I’m not going to force you to do something you’re not comfortable with. Everything that happens in this house should be consensual.”

Kat sucked him more vigorously, thankful that he was not going to force her to do anal. However, she did want to be fucked. She wanted to be fucked very much and Todd would not fuck her, he’d said, until he could have her ass. Katie did not think this was fair, exactly, because she had a very wet and useful pussy that Todd could fuck whenever he wanted to. Kat’s new reasoning, now, based almost entirely on what would make Todd happy, and what would allow her pussy to feel pleasure, quickly overrode whatever fear she had about taking cock up her ass.

“Mhg,” she said, and Todd allowed her up.

“You can… I want you to... to fuck my ass,” she said.

Todd put his cock into her mouth and stroked her hair, wordlessly. After several tense moments, during which Kat pulled out every trick in her oral sex playbook on his cock, Todd finally ejaculated into her mouth.

“That’s it, kitten,” he growled, “Get your milk. That’s so good, princess.”

Katie guzzled the flow of semen and mewled happily, in keeping with her costume, even giving a small purr that she thought sounded cute. Todd agreed. He allowed his wife to remove his cock from her mouth and, as he wiped the sticky head of it across her face, he said, “I’m glad to hear that. I’m very much looking forward to it.”


Kelly found it strange to have to treat her mother like a kitten. It was made all the stranger by the fact that Kat did not eat at the table, but rather was given a bowl of mashed up hamburger, along with another one of milk, and she ate them on the floor, next to her husband. Todd gave her the occasional stroke through her long, dark hair, which made Kat purr. Ms. Gloria sat in the seat that her mother had formerly occupied. Todd examined Kelly’s chemistry worksheet, nodding approvingly at the B grade.

“This is a real improvement,” he said, “I’m really proud of you, Kelly.”

Kelly beamed. Todd pushed his empty plate away, asking, “No homework tonight?”

“No. Dad, could I… well, I was wondering… do you think…” she stammered, and Todd looked at her expectantly, “There’s this new guy at school. He’s really nice. He asked if I could, um, maybe, go see a movie? This weekend?”

Todd rubbed his chin in thought, stroking Kat’s hair with the other hand, then said, “Well, you have been doing pretty well. Let me think about it tonight, and we can talk about it tomorrow when we go shopping for the car.”

Kelly agreed, sullen, but not wanting to say something that might get the car shopping trip canceled.

“Ms. Gloria,” Todd said, “I really appreciate the help around the house and the excellent dinner. You’ve really gone above and beyond. Since Kelly doesn’t have homework tonight, you’re welcome to go.”

“Oh, well,” Ms. Gloria said, “I did promise Kelly that we could work on the other lesson tonight, about keeping a man happy. We were going to watch porno together, to see if pleasing a man is a special talent that she can be good at.”

“Of course,” Todd said, “Don’t let me keep you.”

Todd rose and tugged at a leash attached to Kat’s collar. Kat followed along, crawling, obediently.


After helping Ms. Gloria clean up the kitchen, Kelly bit her lip and looked at the older woman with hope in her eyes.

“Let’s go take care of that belt,” Ms. Gloria said, leading Kelly to the bathroom and starting the shower.

Ms. Gloria looked at her, her arms folded, waiting.

“What?” Kelly asked.

“You’ll need to strip to get in the shower, sweetie.”

“But can’t you just unlock it? I can shower by myself,” Kelly argued.

She did not want to take off her clothes in front of Ms. Gloria. Ms. Gloria was her tutor. Ms. Gloria had helped her learn about kissing, though, which had felt good. She was going to watch porno with Ms. Gloria, too, and Ms. Gloria was going to instruct her in the finer points of keeping a man happy. It was all so confusing, and her stupid cunt was so wet and horny that every second she didn’t get the belt off felt like another second that she was losing her grip on sanity.

“It’s alright, sweetie,” Ms. Gloria said, “I’ll do it, too, so you won’t be the only one naked.”

Ms. Gloria pulled off her top, baring her large, naked tits to Kelly. Kelly blushed and looked away. Ms. Gloria undid the catch on her skirt, and then let it fall, exposing her bare pussy. Naked, Ms. Gloria undid the catch on Kelly’s skirt and let it fall. Kelly gave a squeak of surprise. Ms. Gloria unlocked the belt and slipped it down Kelly’s legs.

The sense of relief and freedom made Kelly groan audibly. Ms. Gloria kissed her, once, slowly, putting her tongue in Kelly’s mouth. Kelly thought that she should, probably, not allow Ms. Gloria to kiss her, while her tutor was naked, and they were in the bathroom together. It seemed very slutty. Kelly was ridiculously horny, though, and Ms. Gloria had already shown her that it was perfectly natural for two women to kiss.

Ms. Gloria tugged at the hem of Kelly’s small shirt, and then peeled it up and over Kelly’s head. Then, they were both naked and Ms. Gloria’s erect nipples brushed against Kelly’s. Kelly trembled, her face hot, her body flushed with arousal. Ms. Gloria put her hand on Kelly’s breast and kissed her again, slowly, tugging Kelly’s nipple with her fingers and making Kelly moan. Finally, Ms. Gloria pulled away.

“Go and get yourself cleaned up,” she instructed, and Kelly, dazedly, climbed into the hot shower.

She thoroughly cleaned the copious girl cum from her pussy, but she was so keyed up after being unable to touch herself, that she couldn’t help it. She began to finger her cunt. It felt so good! She needed it so badly.

“Kelly,” Ms. Gloria said, sharply, “Do we need to put the belt back on?”

Kelly froze, her eyes snapping open. She saw the naked Ms. Gloria, leaning against the vanity, watching her rub her twat, and she felt horrified. The need in her pussy was so overwhelming that she hadn’t even cared that Ms. Gloria was watching, and hadn’t given a thought to what she was doing. Her pussy needed to be touched, and so, she’d touched it. Her father was right. She was a stupid, masturbating slut that couldn’t be trusted not to play with her cunt.

“No!” Kelly said, and then she rubbed at her eyes, where shameful tears were starting to form.

She’d done so well, all day, even though it had been hard, and all the conflicting feelings had been so confusing. The moment her twat was bare and exposed though, there went her fingers, rubbing at her fuckhole like a chronic masturbator! She didn’t like the belt, though. The belt was weird, and it made her feel like she was a whore, a degenerate that would spend her whole day playing with her cunt if she wasn’t wearing it.

Then, Ms. Gloria was there, with her, naked in the shower, the hot water glistening in her blond hair and beading on her body. The older woman cradled Kelly’s head in her large melons and stroked her wet hair, saying, “It’s alright, sweetie. There are other ways to get what your pussy needs. Eventually, we’ll teach you those, too. Let’s get dried off and go start the lesson.”

She let Kelly go, shut off the water, and handed her a towel.

“I didn’t bring a change of clothes,” Kelly said, looking around the bathroom.

“You don’t need them. It’s always best if you watch porno naked,” Ms. Gloria explained.

Kelly was not certain that she wanted to walk around the house naked with Ms. Gloria. Then, she considered, that her parents were upstairs. They were probably fucking, or doing some other kink thing like Ms. Gloria had explained. These things were normal. Everyone did this.

Kinks were okay. Women kissing was okay. People shouldn’t be ashamed or treated differently, because of those things. She followed Ms. Gloria, naked, out of the bathroom.


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