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Exchange Student, Part Two: Guest Post by Lisa X Lopez

Part two of Exchange Student, by Lisa X Lopez.

Chapter Two: Discipline

Mr. Jerry’s home was a palace compared to Lisa’s hovel. From TV, she knew that most Americans had similar homes, but seeing one in person was like walking into a fairy tale. The house had two floors, as well as a basement. The open-floor design, with large front windows, let the evening sun in and made the white walls glow. It was airy and beautiful.

Mr. Jerry had a TV on the wall that was like having a movie theater at home. The furniture was all leather, cream-colored, and gorgeous. His kitchen had gleaming stainless steel appliances, like nothing Lisa had ever seen. Her entire home wasn’t even as large as Mr. Jerry’s first floor.

“It’s like a mansion,” Lisa said.

Julie giggled and Mr. Jerry said, “We do alright. That’s the thing about America. You work hard and you can do anything. Greatest country on earth.”

Lisa, wide-eyed, nodded in agreement.

“Julie, why don’t you show Lisa her room, and then we can take care of your discipline.”

Julie frowned and said, “Do we have to, Daddy?”

Mr. Jerry nodded and said, “I counted two infractions.”

Julie sighed, and said, “Yes, sir.” Then she turned to Lisa and said, “It’s upstairs. Can I take your bag?”

Lisa shook her head and said, “That’s okay.”

Julie giggled, took Lisa’s free hand, and said, “Bueno!”

“Bueno,” Lisa agreed.

Julie pulled her along toward the stairs, where she let go of her hand and proceeded up. Lisa averted her eyes from the girl’s pink panties, which were clearly visible under her short skirt.

At the top of the stairs, Julie pointed to a door and said, “That’s the bathroom you and I use. Daddy has his own.” She pointed to another door and said, “That’s my room,” and then beckoned Lisa to follow her to a door next to it. “This one is yours.”

She paused with her hand on the knob smiled widely, and bounced in place, making her tits jiggle.

“Daddy let me decorate it for you!” she gushed. “I hope you like it!”

She threw open the door and yelled, “Tada!”

Lisa walked into the room. Pink. Of course, it was pink. The walls were a light rose color, and a fuzzy pink area rug sprawled across the floor. The bed was a queen-size, a four-poster canopy with sheer pink curtains. Pink curtains on the windows. A small pink vanity. Pink bedside table. And on the bed, a giant pink teddy bear holding a red heart.

“Isn’t it just adorable?” Julie squealed.

“It’s… great,” Lisa said and then cheerfully added, “Really great. I love it.”

“I picked the posters out myself, too!”

How had she missed the posters at first glance? The sudden pink shock must have done it. Now that Julie mentioned it, Lisa couldn’t not look at the posters. There were two of them on either side of the bed.

The first was a cute blonde girl, lying on a pink heart-shaped bed. She wore a skirt similar to Julie’s, which was flipped up to expose her pink thong panties and her big round ass. Her top was a pink bandeau, which stretched tightly across her huge melons, which practically spilled out. She wore a pink collar around her neck with a heart in the center. In shimmery letters across the top was the word, “Sexy,” and at the bottom, “Stacy.”

The second poster showed another blond girl, this one sitting on her knees looking up at the camera. Like Stacy, she wore a pink collar around her neck. Emblazoned across it was the word, “Princess” in glittery rhinestones. The girl’s tongue lolled from her mouth and a little string of drool was captured in mid-fall, about to hit her huge rack. The words, “Good Girl,” were scrawled at the top of the poster.

“You can put your things in the drawers,” Julie said and bounced over to the pink dresser to pull out the top drawers.

“Um, thank you.”

“I’m gonna go change into my bad girl outfit,” Julie said sadly.

Lisa set her bag down and said, “Bad girl outfit?”

“So Daddy can do my discipline. I’ll see you downstairs.”

Lisa, perplexed, watched her flounce out the door. A moment later, her bedroom door shut. Lisa frowned as she opened her bag and put her few clothes into the drawer. America certainly was a different place. It was much more pink than she’d expected.


Lisa sat on her pink bed and dangled her legs off the side. It had been only a minute since putting her things away, and she couldn’t stop looking at the scandalous posters. Was this really how American girls decorated? It was awful.

She was still looking at the poster of Sexy Stacy and unconsciously humming The Pink Song when Mr. Jerry appeared in the doorway and knocked on the frame.

“Lisa? Everything okay in here for you?” he asked.

“Yes, Mr. Jerry,” Lisa said. “It’s… very cute.”

Mr. Jerry laughed and said, “Yeah. Julie likes cute. All the girls at her school are into the cute pink thing.” He looked her over, dressed in her faded jeans and black tee-shirt, with black hair and caramel eyes, and he remarked, “You’re gonna stick out like a sore thumb.”

Lisa looked down at her clothes.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Mr. Jerry said. “I’ll give Julie some money to take you shopping for some clothes. If there’s one thing I remember from high school, it’s how important appearances are. Yeesh! Kids are brutal when you don’t dress right.”

Lisa imagined herself dressed in a short pink skirt and pink heels, like Sexy Stacy, and shuddered.

“Anyway, I’m gonna go take care of Julie. Why don’t you come with me? It will do her some good to have someone watch. The surest way to make sure an unruly kid behaves is to embarrass them a little in front of people they like. Just a touch of humiliation goes a long way.”

Lisa fidgeted. She understood discipline. Grandmother was very strict. When Lisa was nine, she’d called one of their neighbors a puta. Her grandfather had switched her hard enough that Lisa never said the word again. Still, she didn’t want to watch whatever discipline Mr. Jerry had in mind for Julie. Julie was a touch obnoxious, but she was nice.

Still, Lisa nodded in agreement. Mr. Jerry had offered his home and hospitality. He was giving her a beautiful place to stay for the education program. And he was a teacher at the school she’d be attending. It would be disrespectful to talk back to him on her first day here. Maybe this was just what people did in America. She hadn’t seen that on TV, but America wasn’t so pink on TV, either.

“Good girl,” Mr. Jerry said when Lisa nodded.

Lisa glanced at the poster when he said it. The Pink Song bopped along in the back of her thoughts. An image of herself on her knees, drooling on her breasts flashed through her mind. And she pressed her legs tightly together before she stood up.

Mr. Jerry knocked on his daughter’s door and then opened it without waiting for Julie to reply. Lisa, standing behind him at the door, covered her mouth in shock. Her reaction wasn’t from the garishly pink room. That she expected. The room was as pink and pretty as her own.

Lisa’s reaction was to Julie’s “bad girl” outfit. Julie stood at the foot of the bed, with her legs apart. The pleated pink skirt had been replaced by a leather one, also pink, but shiny. Her panties were around her ankles. She blushed bright red as Lisa stared at her, open-mouthed. The shirt bearing the word, “Cute,” was on the floor. Instead, Julie wore a tight pink shirt that molded to her body, and across this one were two words. Dumb cunt.

Mr. Jerry stepped into the room and said, “Julie, I counted two infractions. What were they?”

Julie sniffled and said, “I was mean to Lisa. I said something that wasn’t nice.”

Mr. Jerry nodded.

“I said the, “C” word at an inappropriate time,” she said.

Mr. Jerry nodded.

“You can choose,” he said. “Daddy can spank your treasure and you can have the toy after, or Daddy can paddle your bottom but you’ll get no toy.”

Julie swallowed, blushed even deeper as she looked at Lisa, and said, “I’d… I’d like the toy, sir.”

Mr. Jerry nodded and said, “In position.”

Julie bent over the edge of the bed, displaying her puffy naked pussy to her father and Lisa. Lisa shut her eyes, but she opened them again almost immediately. She shouldn’t look at Julie’s pussy. She shouldn’t even think about Julie’s pussy. But Julie’s pussy was so wet and… and pink that she had to look. The Pink Song bopped along in the back of her thoughts.

Mr. Jerry stood behind his daughter, put a hand on her back, and pressed down until Julie’s face was against the bed. Her back arched, pushing her ass up further, and she stuck it out. Mr. Jerry’s drew his hand back and Lisa flinched as he smacked Julie’s bare pussy with the flat of his hand. Julie wailed and sniffled.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she croaked.

“Please tell Lisa you’re sorry,” Mr. Jerry said and drew his hand back again.

“I’m… I’m sorry for being a mean bitch!” Julie said.

Mr. Jerry slapped her pussy again. Lisa gasped, flinched, and cringed.

“Good girl,” Mr. Jerry said.

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, sir!”

A third whack to Julie’s pussy made her moan out loud. This time, when Mr. Jerry’s hand connected and drew back, it came away shiny and wet. Lisa covered her mouth. Was Julie… aroused from this?

Two more hard slaps to Julie’s pussy made her cry out and then moan as she wiggled her hips. After five slaps, Mr. Jerry stepped back and said, “Go get your toy.”

Julie stood and wiped at her eyes, then shimmied to her dresser with her panties around her ankles. She opened a drawer, dug inside, and returned with a thick pink vibrator, which she handed to her father. Then she kicked off her panties, climbed on the bed, and lay face down with her legs and arms spread.

“Lisa,” Mr. Jerry said and Lisa started. “Would you please get the cuffs on that side from under the bed?”


“Under the bed,” Mr. Jerry said and pulled out a padded cuff from his own side to show her. “There are cuffs for Julie’s leg and arm on that side. Could you pull them out and put them on her like this, please?”

He demonstrated by placing a padded cuff around Julie’s ankle and attaching it with a velcro strap. He did it as if this were the most normal thing in the world. Was this normal? Was this what people did in America?

Lisa shook her head and stepped to the side of the bed closest to her. Julie, her cheeks red, looked at Lisa’s uncertain face and said, “It’s okay, Ms. Lisa. I’m a good girl again.”

Mr. Jerry patted Julie’s naked bottom and said, “That you are, Princess.”

Lisa reached under the bed, pulled a padded cuff from underneath, and placed it around Julie’s ankle as her father had done. Mr. Jerry affixed another to Julie’s wrist, and Lisa followed his example. When they’d finished, Julie was strapped to the bed, immobile.

Lisa stepped back, feeling hot as she looked at Julie’s wet pussy and long legs. The Pink Song echoed in her head. So pink and pretty.

Mr. Jerry picked up the vibrator from the bed and as Lisa watched in further astonishment, he pushed the toy into his daughter’s aroused pussy. Julie moaned again and wiggled her hips.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered.

Mr. Jerry pushed the entire long, thick length of the toy into her, then picked up a remote from her nightstand and clicked it. The buzzing was audible inside her as the toy vibrated to life and Julie let out a long whimper. Mr. Jerry set the remote down again.

“Let’s give Julie some alone time, Lisa. You and I can start going over your schedule downstairs.”

“I… Okay,” Lisa said as she watched Julie wiggle on the bed.

“Bueno,” Mr. Jerry said and chuckled.

“Bueno,” Julie mumbled.

Mr. Jerry shooed Lisa out the door, then shut it as he left. As they walked down the stairs, he said, “Were you ever spanked as a child? Disciplined?”

Lisa blushed and nodded.

“Sometimes it’s what a girl needs,” Mr. Jerry said. “Julie is remarkably well-behaved most of the time, but she does act out. When I was growing up, my mother was very strict about discipline, too. It’s one of the best things she taught me, and I’m sure it’s why Julie will be successful. Thank you for your help.”

“Um, you’re welcome,” Lisa said.


Making dinner was something Lisa was used to. She helped every night with dinner at home. Tonight, Lisa thanked her new family by making authentic Mexican tacos, which Mr. Jerry said were delicious. Julie joined them at the table and liked the tacos, too, but Julie was very flushed from being tied to the bed with a vibrator in her twat for an hour, and she was less energetic than earlier in the day.

“May I please watch a show, Daddy?” she asked after dinner.

“Of course, princess,” Mr. Jerry said.

“Would you like to watch a show with me, Ms. Lisa?” Julie asked. “After we clean up, or course.”

“Okay,” Lisa agreed.

Watching a show on the giant TV seemed appealing. After helping Julie rinse the dishes and put them in the washer (another luxury) Lisa followed the girl into the living room. Julie had replaced her “bad girl” outfit with another pink miniskirt and white tube top, but when she sat on the couch and folded her legs, Lisa caught a glimpse of her bare pussy.

“Do you like Good Girl High?” Julie asked.

“I don’t know what that is.”

“OMG!” Julie squealed. “We have to watch it. I’ll start on the first season so you can see the whole thing!”

Lisa sat back and let Julie navigate the astonishing TV display with a remote. Having nothing but an old box television with an antenna, Lisa was flabbergasted by how many shows there were to watch. There must be thousands!

Julie knew the show she wanted, though, and when she clicked on the thumbnail image, Lisa was not at all surprised to see a girly pink title card over the image of two blond girls standing back-to-back. Good Girl High. Why was everything in America so pink?

The show opened on the two blondes from the title card, the camera focused on their posteriors, as they walked the halls of a nameless high school. As they walked by, boys on either side of the hallway turned to follow with their eyes and open mouths. The scene cut to a wide view, showing the two girls in a slow-motion walk, their big tits jiggling as they strutted in their pink heels. They flipped their hair in unison. A closeup on a young man visibly drooling.

“Dirty boys love a good girl,” said a voiceover.

The second girl’s voiceover chimed in, “And no girls are gooder than the girls at Good Girl High.”

Lisa frowned at the use of the word “gooder” but then, English was her second language. The scene cut to the two girls giggling in a bedroom, painting each other’s toenails. The camera seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time on a closeup of the girly pink paint, going back and forth across the toenails. The background music was so happy and bubbly, and as Lisa watched the little brush go back and forth, back and forth, coating the nails in cheerful pink, it was hard to look away. It was hard to think about looking away.

Julie was quiet next to her, watching the little brush, and listening to the soundtrack. One of the girls was talking again, but Lisa didn’t really care what she was saying. Something about her bestie. Something about cute.

Cute. She was cute. They were cute. So cute. They were cute like Sexy Stacy and cute like Julie. Was she, herself cute? Maybe she wasn’t. Girls here dressed in pink and had blond hair. They listened to happy songs and wore little skirts and heels. Those things were very cute.

“She’s so cute,” Julie whispered.

Lisa nodded.

“Really cute,” she whispered back.

The camera slowly zoomed back, and as it did, it rolled slightly and Lisa cocked her head to follow the motion. The edges of the frame were shimmery and pink, and the background music was just so soothing and playful. It really was cute. The two girls put aside their brushes and pushed their hands together. Their fingers interlocked.

“Besties forever,” said one.

“Besties forever,” replied the other.

Lisa didn’t know their names. Had they said their names? It didn’t matter. They were cute. So cute.

They leaned toward each other. They opened their mouths. A pair of little pink tongues snaked out and gently brushed each other. Their lips, so shimmery and pink, touched, then molded to each other in a sexy pink kiss. It was warm and it was wet, the camera focusing on a closeup shot as their plump little lips locked together like two parts of one of those cutesy broken necklaces. Like besties.

Julie groaned. Lisa couldn’t look away from the two sets of lips. They fit so perfectly. The wet smack of the two girls kissing was as hypnotic as the playful music, as the pink shimmer at the edges of the frame.

Lisa felt hot, flushed as she watched them kissing. Julie whimpered and, even though she couldn’t look away, Lisa knew that Julie was touching herself. She was touching her pussy under her skirt.

As the two girls kissed and sighed and purred, an image of Julie’s naked pussy flashed through Lisa’s mind. Julies wet and pink pussy, so cute. Julie’s pussy, with a big pink vibrator stuffed into it, and Julie’s flushed pink skin, and parted pink lips as she moaned in pleasure from the toy in her pussy.

The scene didn’t cut so much as melt into the next, in which the two girls were now topless and still kissing as they touched one another’s big tits through their bras.

“I love your tits, bestie,” said one.

“Your big tits are so perfect,” said the other.

The camera’s focus moved to their hands as they squeezed each other’s big tits. The sound of their smacking lips carried on over the playful music, and the shimmery pink edges of the frame danced just outside Lisa’s field of view.

“So big,” Julie whispered. “Their tits are so big.”

“Yeah,” Lisa whispered.

“Could we be besties?” Julie asked under her breath.

Lisa could hear Julie’s fingers working inside her pussy. The sound was almost like that of the girls lips as they kissed. It was sexy and it was cute. Julie was playing with her cute pink pussy right there on the couch, as she watched the two girls.

Lisa felt a hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her jeans. It was her own hand. She was touching herself, like Julie was touching herself, and her pussy was so hot through the thick denim.

“Yeah,” Lisa agreed as she watched the girls. “Besties.”

“Besties are really cute,” Julie said.

“Cute,” Lisa agreed.

Cute flashed the screen. The word was like a neon sign in Lisa’s head, imprinting itself at the forefront of her thoughts. Cute. It was the word on Julie’s shirt earlier in the day. Julie was cute. Julie could be her bestie, her cute bestie, and they could be cute together.

Besties flashed the screen. Lisa moaned. Julie moaned. Lisa’s head felt so light, like she was floating in a pink haze as shimmery and soft as the edges of the frame. The camera zoomed out.

There was a man, sitting in a chair, and he was watching the two girls. It was like they didn’t notice him. They touched and kissed, unconcerned that he was watching, his hand on his crotch, rubbing his hard cock. Daddy’s girl flashed the screen and Julie moaned.

She took one eye off the screen and looked at Julie. Julie did the same. But she couldn’t quite look away entirely. Everything about the scene happening was just too cute to look away. But Julie was cute, too.

Julie’s tongue licked her shiny pink lips. They were so plump and moist. Julie leaned toward her, and Lisa leaned closer. Julie parted her lips wider and her pink tongue slid out. It touched Lisa’s lips, and Lisa’s tongue touched Julie’s.

In unison, they groaned and then Julie’s lips pressed to Lisa’s. Julie moaned into her mouth. The sound from between her legs grew louder, faster. Julie was fingering her pussy as they kissed. Lisa felt fingers on her own pussy, her fingers. She’d unbuttoned her jeans and her hand was down her panties, touching her pussy. It was so wet and hot.

Julie’s lips were the same, warm and wet. Lisa couldn’t pay attention to the screen anymore. Everything felt so good. Julie’s lips felt so good, and her tongue was amazing. Little sparks danced between them, igniting Lisa’s tongue as they kissed.

In her head, she could still hear the music from the show and the sounds of the two girls, who were now more vocal as they panted and purred. All the sounds mingled with The Pink Song’s lyrics in her mind, becoming a happy jumble of snappy pop music, girly moans, cheerful giggles, and dirty words.

Tits. Cunt. Luscious titties. Pink pussy. So many words that Lisa would never have thought of or said before, but as Julie’s tongue played with hers and Julie’s warm breath in her mouth continued, the words were all she could think about. Julie took Lisa’s free hand and placed it on her pussy.

Lisa groaned and she shook. Julie’s pussy was so warm, like hers, and so wet. Lisa’s fingers traced the other girl’s slit, gathering her honey. Then Julie broke the kiss. She looked into Lisa’s eyes, her own half-lidded and dreamy.

She took Lisa’s hand away from her pussy, and guided it to Lisa’s mouth. Lisa’s mouth was already open from the sexy kiss, and when Julie placed the finger against her tongue, Lisa tasted Julie’s pussy. It tasted… so pink and sweet. Lisa moaned.

There was silence in the room, and it took Lisa a moment to realize that the girls were no longer kissing. Julie pulled her finger from Lisa’s mouth and Lisa wiped a string of drool from her chin. She blinked, her head fuzzy, confused.

“That was so cute,” Julie said.

“Cute,” Lisa agreed.

It had been cute, but she couldn’t understand what had come over her. She blushed and said, “I… I’m sorry.”

Julie tugged at a lock of her hair and said, “Don’t be. It was really sweet. I loved that.”

“Ready for bed?” Mr. Jerry’s voice said from the doorway.

Lisa leaped from the couch and hastily buttoned her jeans, blushing furiously as she looked at Mr. Jerry, then at the floor in guilt.

Mr. Jerry didn’t seem to notice as he said, “Early start tomorrow. Julie will show you the ropes, won’t you, princess?”

Julie grinned and said, “Yeah! We’re like total besties.”

Mr. Jerry laughed and said, “That’s great, honey. Really cute.”

Lisa played with her hair, looked at Julie’s pink lips, and blushed. They really were cute. So cute.



Enjoying this story? You can grab the entire thing right now from Lisa's Shop or Smashwords! This hot tale details Julie and Lisa's slide into submission as brainwashed bimbos at the hands of Julie's father and school faculty. For more Lisa stories and adult adventures, visit her website or follow her on social media.

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