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Korrupting Kayla, Part Twelve

Chapter Eight: Good Girl

Tiffany stumbled out of the elevator when the doors opened, and she found herself facing a woman behind a desk. The woman looked up from her computer at the sudden arrival of the confused blonde, but she herself did not seem surprised or confused.

“Hey, cunt,” she said in greeting. “Opted in for full-time, huh?”

Tiffany tottered forward and leaned against the desk, saying, “Um, yes?”

Now that she could look over the desk, she saw that the woman was bare-titted and wearing a pair of chains, the ends of which were clamped to her nipples. The chains hung downward, where they disappeared between her legs. Tiffany could only imagine where they ended and shuddered. Her collar read, “Bitch Slit.”

“What department?” she asked.

“Um, recruiting.”

The woman nodded and typed at the computer, then picked up a tablet, stood up and came around the desk. The chains, she now saw, were clipped to the woman’s labia, and small weights were attached to them. She gave a small grimace with each step she took. Other than her precarious heels, she was completely nude. A drying crust of, what Tiffany thought must be cum, was stuck to her left cheek. More of it was in her hair.

“Come with me,” she said and swiped open a door beside the desk.

Tiffany matched Bitch Slit’s slow gait, as they walked down a hallway and into a room occupied by only a chair and a table. The chair, she observed when Bitch Slit pulled it out for her to sit, had a raised protrusion down the center. The protrusion had small bumps all along it. When she sat, she immediately understood what they were for, as they pressed into her cunt and rubbed it pleasantly with her every movement.

“I’m guessing you didn’t read the shit you signed, did you? They never tell anybody to read the shit. They didn’t tell me to read the shit. Did you read the shit?” Bitch Slit asked.

“The… shit?”

“Yeah, you didn’t read the shit. No one ever reads the shit,” she said again with a dramatic sigh. “Alright, let me summarize. You signed a document on a tablet acknowledging your full-time status as a DomCo employee.” She tapped at her tablet and continued, “You got a nice starting salary and, with some high marks from your contract manager, some bonuses. Nice work, cunt. You were either good at sales or you’re a lot of fun in the sack.”

“Both?” Tiffany suggested.

Bitch Slit looked her over and then agreed, “Yeah. Both could be right. Seeing as how you have no rating or reviews, even from Dick, you probably weren’t boinking your boss, though.”

She studied the tablet for a moment and then said, “Sales it was. Good numbers. Dick must have liked you in the field. Well, I suppose recruiting’s a good fit, then. Let me give you the good stuff first, and then we’ll get to the shit.”


“Don’t get cute, cunt,” Bitch Slit said with a hint of warning.

Tiffany, unaware she was being cute, simply nodded.

“Starting salary is 75K and your pay is deposited weekly. For every new hire you bring in that’s willing, it’s a $1,000 bonus. Every coerced or blackmailed hire is a $2,000 bonus. If you participate in an Edge gang recruitment, your bonus per inductee is $10,000.”

“Edge gang?”

“Top-level shit,” Bitch Slit said. “Nothing you’re going to need to worry about right now. That’s 69th-floor business. After indoctrination, assuming that you’re still sane enough to drive a vehicle, you’re up for a class A motor pool vehicle selection and a set of Haloes.”

Tiffany wasn’t sure she liked that sound of, “if you’re still sane enough to drive.”

“Once you’re through indoctrination,” Bitch Slit continued, “You’ll be assigned to your department Master. Again, assuming you’re still sane enough to pass as a proper subhuman fuck toy. Now, let’s talk about next steps.”

Tiffany squirmed in the chair, grinding her cunt against the weird seat, and considered that she may have made a rather hasty decision.

“As a full-time employee, you have three standings. Good Girl. Naughty Girl. Bad Girl. Can you guess which one you want to be?”

“Um, Good Girl?” Tiffany answered.

“Aren’t you a cunt with a brain? Yes. You want to be a Good Girl.”

Bitch Slit tapped at her tablet again and the large monitor on the wall came to life. Tiffany stopped squirming in her chair. On the screen was a video stream, presumably live, which showed scenes out of a nightmare. The video feeds were broken up into smaller windows, and on each of the windows was what looked like a farm.

Only, the animals on the farm were not real animals. They were women. Some of them were in dog cages, wearing floppy or pointed ear headbands, with tail butt plugs. Others ate from troughs like pigs, while still more were hitched nude to posts, wearing horse masks and tails. Yet more of them were strapped into metal constructs, with pumping machines latched to their tits as they wailed in pain.

“This is the farm,” Bitch Slit said. “Can you guess where Bad Girls go? What do you want to be?”

“A Good Girl!” Tiffany exclaimed.

“Bad Girls and broken things can still serve a purpose,” Bitch Slit said. “The company never discards a female resource. It’s best you have an idea, right from the start, what comes of non-conformity. Now, the next step. If you have any pressing engagements for the next month, cancel them. You’re going to go home today and inform friends and family that you’ll be going away for a work retreat.”

“A month?” Tiffany asked, flummoxed.

“That usually does it. Some of us are fucked enough in the head already that it doesn’t take that long. Of course, if you’re not a compliant bitch by the end of the month, well,” she nodded to the monitor, “the company never discards a female resource.”

“Oh my God,” Tiffany muttered.

Yes, she thought, this was what Kayla would have classified as, “doing something stupid.”

Bitch Slit motioned for Tiffany to follow. They returned to the elevator doors and, before they opened, she left her with the parting words, “This is sub-level seven. Report here tomorrow morning at eight.”


Tiffany stepped into the elevator.

“And Tongue Candy,” Bitch Slit called, then touched her collar and said, “Remember. Good Girl.”

Tiffany nodded and the doors shut on the strange slut.


Chapter Nine: Carly

Carly hated working at DomCo. She hated the weird managers and the slutty clothes. She hated sitting at the computer and having to think slutty thoughts all day, tagging images of other sluts acting like sluts. Carly hated the fact that she’d been spanked by her creepy boss, and hated, even more, the vibrating underwear that she’d had to wear the rest of the day. She hated the stupid corporate videos and hated that they somehow made her pussy wet.

She also hated the mean and stuck-up blonde psychopath that called herself Suck Pet like it was some kind of honor. Carly hated that the psycho had kissed her like a lesbian in the bathroom, and she hated the way Suck Pet had rubbed her cunt and told her she was pretty. When she’d orgasmed in front of the mirror, while that psycho had mauled her tits and fingered her pussy, she’d hated that too.

She hated that part because it made her feel like the psycho bitch was right and that she was a slut who just hadn’t realized, yet, that she was a slut. Carly hated the red bottles full of something that made her feel like a horny slut, and she hated the black collars that the other girls wore because she had a pretty good idea that she’d get one, too. She hated having to ride the corporate shuttle to the company dorms because she’d imagined that sleeping in those would be preferable to another day on the street. Carly hated working at DomCo.

Carly also hated living on the streets, however, which is why she’d taken this job. It had been an easy decision, she’d thought, when the psycho had run into her only two nights ago. In fact, it had seemed like a godsend. Come and work in my office, she’d said. It’s just a little computer work, she’d said. Sign a contract to stay on for a year, get corporate training, a steady paycheck, and turn your life around, she’d said. They even offer corporate housing, she’d said.

Well, none of that had been a lie, Carly reflected as the shuttle stopped at the tall bank of company dorms. It hadn’t exactly been the whole truth, either, she’d learned today. On her very first day in Scout, she’d broken the dress code because she hadn’t read the tome of paper she’d been supplied with. Not reading that tome had also landed her in legal hot water, as that Johnson creepo explained while Suck Pet spanked her. Now, she either had to keep working for these whackjobs or get sued by their fancy lawyers.

That was a kick in the cunt. How was a broke, homeless, nineteen-year-old supposed to go to court and prevail over some giant company that owned, like, half the fucking planet? The dorms were just another piece of this shit pizza that she hated. It wasn’t like they were gross or anything. Quite the opposite. The dorms themselves were great.

Her bunkmate, though, she was a whole other story. The brain-damaged cunt that she’d been put up with called herself Cum Puppy, and, like the psycho, she said it like it was perfect for her. Maybe it was.

Cum Puppy was a busty redhead who seemed way too happy to have a bunkmate. She was, also, probably, clinically insane. At least, that was Carly’s armchair diagnosis of her bunkmate’s mental state. Carly’s only real instruction, after signing the papers the previous day, had been a card with her bunk number on it. The fact that she was able to sign papers for a corporate job on a Sunday, she thought, should have been a dead giveaway that something wasn’t right. What sort of office is open on Sunday? It had to be someplace filled with nutters.

Her first impression of the dorms was a good one. They were modern, clean, and certainly, more than a step up from the abandoned trailer she’d been hiding out in for the last few months. When she’d knocked on the door to her bunk, however, the night had taken a decided turn for the worse.

“Oh, hi! Are you my bunky?” Cum Puppy asked as she opened the door.

Carly had almost declined to enter. The redhead proudly wore a black collar with her name on it. Aside from this, she was completely nude, standing in the doorway.

“I… Am I in the ri… right place?” Carly stammered.

The redhead plucked the card from her fingers, nodded, and said, “Sure are! Come in here, bunky!”

Before she knew what was happening, the redhead had grasped the front of the new shirt Suck Pet had given her and yanked her through the door. She slammed it shut and whirled Carly around, pushing her back against the door and laughing as if they were playing some kind of game.

The weird, naked girl pressed her body up against Carly and actually sniffed her like a… a cum puppy.

“You got that new slut smell,” she remarked and giggled to herself as if it was delightfully funny.

“What?” Carly babbled.

The girl retreated, releasing her hold, and said, “Sorry. I’m working on boundary issues with my therapist. I’m probably gonna molest you a little bit. Try not to take it personal.”

“Okay, I’m gonna leave,” Carly said and turned to the door.

Fuck! No job was worth shacking up with this whacko, she’d thought. Only, the door hadn’t opened. She looked over her shoulder at Cum Puppy as she tried the knob again.

“Nope, nope, nope,” she chanted, grinning, and held up her finger. “Bio… bio-whatsis locks. You gotta have the right digits, darlin’. Come on, I’m not so bad! I promise I’ll try real hard not to do all kinds of naughty things to you tonight. We can be like, girlfriends. I don’t have many of those. They think I’m, you know,” she twirled her finger around her temple and stuck out her tongue, “but I’m sane as Jane on a plane.”

“Oh, Jesus,” Carly muttered, her heart pounding.

The rest of that night she’d spent huddled in the corner, as far away from the weird redhead as possible. She hadn’t even accepted the bowl of soup Cum Puppy had given her, afraid it might be drugged (it was), and she’d even been skeptical of the blanket she’d offered later. That had turned out to be okay. The entire evening, the girl had spent watching TV, masturbating loudly, and then she’d finally gone to sleep. Carly had, eventually, crept to the couch. That had been only the start of what, she was sure, was going to be a very long and miserable existence at DomCo.

Her first humiliating day behind her, she trudged into the elevator and took it up to her shared room. When she tried the handle, she found that it unlocked when she put her hand on it this time. Inside, there was no sign of Cum Puppy. She did, however, find a box with the DomCo logo on it, just inside the door, and it had her name on it. She took it to the counter and tore it open.

Inside were new clothes, if one could call them that. Of course, at a place like this, she supposed they did call them that. She found four short skirts and coordinating tops, but no underwear. A little note inside had a heart on it, scrawled in red marker, and the words, “From Suck Pet.”

Less than thrilled about the clothes, but grudgingly thankful to have something that fit the dress code, she took a set of them to the bathroom to shower. The bathroom had no door. The shower had no curtain. Carly started it and took advantage of the fact that she was alone to shower in a hurry.

No sooner had she stripped and gotten under the hot spray than the sound of the door opening and shutting reached her from the front room. A moment later, Cum Puppy let herself into the bathroom, nude, with what must have been streaks of dry semen on her tits.

“You read my fucking mind, bunky!” she said. “God, I need a shower.”

She joined Carly under the water without an invitation. Not that Carly would have chosen to give her one.

“Hey!” Carly cried. “Wait your turn!”

“Shh,” Cum Puppy said and pressed her finger to Carly’s lips. “It’s okay. I’ll help.”

Carly couldn’t understand how kissing her in the shower was helping, but that was what came next. She made a muffled squeal of astonishment and tried to pull away, but Cum Puppy pulled her wet body tighter against her and kissed her neck.

“Boundaries!” Carly cried. “Jesus! Stop!”

Cum Puppy pulled away, giggling, and said, “That’s so cute! You’re right. We need boundaries. From now on, I won’t kiss you unless you’ve got a wet cunt.”

“What? No!”

“Is it wet?” Cum Puppy asked and pushed her hand between Carly’s legs.


“It is!” Cum Puppy declared and pressed Carly into the shower wall with her body.

Carly groaned and tried to push her away, but the girl was strong. When Carly tried to force her hand away from her cunt, Cum Puppy went for her tits. When she tried to wriggle away, she finally got free and nearly tripped herself getting out of the shower.

She grabbed a towel and fled to the front room, drying herself and swiftly pulling some of her new clothes from the box. That was when she was bowled over onto the floor by a naked, wet slut.

“What the fuck!” Carly cried and tried to get back up, but Cum Puppy had her whole weight on her back and her knee dug into her spine.

The psycho looped something around one of her wrists and it cinched tight. Carly screamed but the redhead yanked her other arm behind her and looped that one, too.

“How am I supposed to tongue your twat for you if you’re squirming like a worm?” Cum Puppy asked.

“What? No! Let me up!”

“Oh, come on. You haven’t even tried it.”

Cum Puppy rolled her over and mashed her tied arms into the carpet. The naked redhead stood over her grinning, her chest heaving from the exertion and her own excitement. Jesus! Was she getting off on this? She fucking was!

Carly kicked at her but Cum Puppy gripped her legs and knelt between them until her face was buried in Carly’s cunt.

“Oh, shit! Don’t! No!” Carly cried and thrashed, but the girl’s grip on her was firm. She kicked at her back with her feet, which only made Cum Puppy moan sluttily into her cunt. And then she bit Carly’s clit between her teeth and Carly screamed.

“You want another?” Cum Puppy asked, poking her head up from Carly’s crotch.


“Are you gonna let me tongue your twat like a good bitch?”

Carly began to sob and nodded her head. She hadn’t wanted to let her do it, but her sluttily aroused cunt, having been teased all day by the vibrating underwear and the terrible red drink, made her give in to the pleasure. Shamefully, she came from being girl raped by her roommate. And then she did it again.

That night, Cum Puppy kept Carly tied up and spoon-fed her some of the soup she made, while Cum Puppy herself ate something else. The soup, combined with the Obsequium, left her rather sleepy and horny. She was both sleepy and horny enough that she didn’t fight when Cum Puppy cuddled her in her small bed that night. The insane redhead groped her tits and played with her cunt, whispering in her ear that she was pretty. Carly felt too blasted on whatever was in the soup that she merely whimpered, sniffled, and orgasmed.

“We can have so much fun at night,” Cum Puppy told her, “after they make you right. Don’t worry, baby. It won’t take long. They’ll fix you.”

Carly wasn’t able to puzzle out what the words meant. She wasn’t even certain she was hearing them correctly. Everything was so fuzzy and her head felt so hot and foggy.

In the morning, Cum Puppy let her go and whatever she’d given her had begun to fade. She felt too tired to fight the redhead when she took her to the shower and kissed her under the hot water. Then, she dressed for work, still groggy, but in no mood for another punishment for being late.

Carly fixed coffee in the break room, took her required bottle of Obsequium with her to her desk, and began her second day at DomCo.


Enjoying the story so far? Catch up on the entire novel, Korrupting Kayla, Book Two before the release of Book Three!

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