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The Second Place Sister, Part 4

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Chapter Fifteen: Tori in Trouble

Stephanie found her sister quietly sobbing in her room when she came home. When both of her parents were talking in hushed tones around the table, Stephanie knew that her plan was on track. In fact, she'd known before leaving school. It hadn't taken long for word to get around that Tori had left school early. No one knew why, exactly, but Stephanie knew. She laid down next to her sister and put her arm around her, kissing her lightly on the forehead. Tori looked up at her with red puffy eyes.

"Oh, Stephie, it was awful," she cried, "they said I was selling drugs! Drugs!"

Stephanie hugged her tighter and said, "That's crazy. Everyone knows that you're a good girl. I'm sure this will all blow over by tomorrow."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Tori told her twin, "It's just stupid!"

Stephanie pressed her body up against her hot twin, and stroked her hair lovingly.

"Does the whole school know?" Tori asked, suddenly fearful for her reputation.

"No," Stephanie replied, "Just that you left school early. I told people you weren't feeling well."

Tori rested her head on her sister's shoulder and said, "You're the best, Stephie."

Stephanie grinned wickedly, and let Tori cry on her shoulder.

It wasn't long until Tori cried herself to sleep from exhaustion.

The next morning, their father's lawyer arrived early. Stephanie quietly sneaked down the stairs until she could listen in on the conversation. Her father was furious. Her mother was choked up, she could tell, from her sniffling. Stephanie felt only a slight twinge of remorse, but pushed it to the back of her thoughts. Tori deserved this. She was a little bitch. She needed to be taken down a few pegs.

"You have the lab results?" Stu was asking.

Her parents slid a copy over to him. He perused it for a moment, and his face fell. He looked across the table, and saw the same look of despair on his friend's faces.

"Does she know, yet?"

They shook their heads.

Stu sighed, and folded the paper up.

"I'm not going to lie, John, Mel. This isn't good. Not only does it look like Tori's been sampling everything from marijuana, to coke, to LSD, but the prints on the bag came back with a positive ID for her. There's no way to fake that. On the surface, it looks like Tori's been into some heavy drug use recently, and possibly even selling. No one's come forward to say that they've witnessed her trying to distribute, but with how much she's got in her system, it could be that she's just a heavy user. Have you noticed any changes in her moods, activities, or any new friends recently?"

Her parents looked at each other.

"What is it?" Stu asked.

"Well," her father said, "She's been unusually reclusive the last week. She stays in her room, hardly eats, complains that she's not feeling well. She went to see the doctor, but they couldn't find anything physically wrong with her. So, yes, I suppose she's been acting a little differently. Teenagers do that, though, you know."

Stu nodded agreement, and then delivered the bad news, "The next step is that they're going to issue a warrant for her arrest. She'll go in for booking, and obviously we'll post whatever kind of bail we need to. I don't imagine she'll spend more than a couple of hours in lockup. I'll even go with her, just so you two know she has somebody watching out for her. A sweet girl like that, I don't want her in a minute longer than she has to be.

Now, given her superb record, I'm sure that I can set up a plea deal. The amount of drugs she had, while it's bad, we can probably get by without any kind of intent to distribute. I feel very confident that the most we'll be looking at is a fine, followed by a short stay in a rehab facility to treat teen addiction. There's a new place, really highly rated, and it's really more a country club for troubled teens. I'll do everything in my power to beat this thing for you."

"I know you will, Stu, and thanks," John said.

"We really owe you, Stu," Melanie said, "If there's anything at all we can do, anything, just name it," she licked her lips seductively.

Stu felt his cock jump at the memory of what those lips could do. They'd been friends a long time, and the Hamlin's liberal attitude toward all things sex was something that Stu had benefited greatly from in the past. He couldn't count the number of big loads he's shot down Melanie's hot throat over the years.