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The Second Place Sister, Part 3

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Chapter Ten: John and Melanie

After tossing her soiled nightie into the dirty clothes, Melanie put together some clothes for the gym. Despite her three children, she had the body of a college girl, and constantly worked to keep it rock hard and attractive. Not only was it for her husband's benefit, but she felt like, as the owner of a spa, she needed to portray an attractiveness that her client's felt like they could also attain. As she was packing her bag for the gym, John came into the room, looking a little flustered, and with his erection tenting his robe.

Melanie stopped what she was doing and put her hands on her hips, asking, "Are you okay? You look a little...turned on?"

John smirked. He had never hidden anything from his wife, and she hadn't from him. They didn't need to. They lived life on the same page, and that policy had provided them with years of happy marriage. Just last night, Melanie had opened up to him about how it had made her feel when she'd discovered their daughter with her ass and pussy filled with sex toys. She'd come clean about how she'd sucked Tori's wonderful pussy juice off of the dildos, and how horny the whole situation had made her. John had responded by tongue fucking her to multiple orgasms as he made her tell him exactly what she had fantasized about. Now it was his turn to come clean.

"So, Stephanie's told you about this modeling business," he began.


"And you're okay with our daughter modeling bikinis for strangers?"

"She's an adult now, honey. She's also gorgeous, and if she wants to use her looks while she has them to get ahead a little, I'm okay with it. Just as long as she's safe,"

"And you're okay with me helping her take racy photos for a modeling portfolio?"

"Of course, baby. I'd rather it be you that some stranger, her first time,"

Her emphasis on “first time” was not lost on John.

"As long as you're okay with it," he said.

Melanie could tell he was holding something back.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Well," he hesitated, "I don't know for sure, but I think Stephanie has been flirting with me. She's been, well, very affectionate lately, and I could swear she's trying to tease me,"

Melanie laughed, saying, "Well, duh!"

John looked confused.

"Anyone can see that she's been teasing you," Melanie said, "and pretty shamelessly, I might add,"

"You know?" he looked amused.

"Honey," she said, reaching into his robe and molesting his hardening cock, "She was born of a full-fledged, professional cocktease," she ran her little tongue over his lips, "and she's grown up to be a huge tease, herself. You should have seen her at work at the mall yesterday,"

"And the fact that she's trying to cocktease her own father doesn't bother you?"

Melanie wrapped her hand around his thick shaft, pressing her body up against his.

"Truthfully," she hissed in his ear, "No. it doesn't bother me. She's so sexy, isn't she?"

She began to stroke his big boner, bringing it to life. John groaned at his wife's teasing.

"I know how much you love a big pair of young tits," Melanie went on, "And how much we both love some hot, young, tight, pussy,"

"You're so bad," he whispered, "That's your daughter,"

"And our daughter is a full-blown wet dream," Melanie said, feeling his bloated head, "a teasing, bitchy, horny, little hottie,"