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The Second Place Sister, Part 3

Chapter Ten: John and Melanie

After tossing her soiled nightie into the dirty clothes, Melanie put together some clothes for the gym. Despite her three children, she had the body of a college girl, and constantly worked to keep it rock hard and attractive. Not only was it for her husband's benefit, but she felt like, as the owner of a spa, she needed to portray an attractiveness that her client's felt like they could also attain. As she was packing her bag for the gym, John came into the room, looking a little flustered, and with his erection tenting his robe.

Melanie stopped what she was doing and put her hands on her hips, asking, "Are you okay? You look a little...turned on?"

John smirked. He had never hidden anything from his wife, and she hadn't from him. They didn't need to. They lived life on the same page, and that policy had provided them with years of happy marriage. Just last night, Melanie had opened up to him about how it had made her feel when she'd discovered their daughter with her ass and pussy filled with sex toys. She'd come clean about how she'd sucked Tori's wonderful pussy juice off of the dildos, and how horny the whole situation had made her. John had responded by tongue fucking her to multiple orgasms as he made her tell him exactly what she had fantasized about. Now it was his turn to come clean.

"So, Stephanie's told you about this modeling business," he began.


"And you're okay with our daughter modeling bikinis for strangers?"

"She's an adult now, honey. She's also gorgeous, and if she wants to use her looks while she has them to get ahead a little, I'm okay with it. Just as long as she's safe,"

"And you're okay with me helping her take racy photos for a modeling portfolio?"

"Of course, baby. I'd rather it be you that some stranger, her first time,"

Her emphasis on “first time” was not lost on John.

"As long as you're okay with it," he said.

Melanie could tell he was holding something back.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Well," he hesitated, "I don't know for sure, but I think Stephanie has been flirting with me. She's been, well, very affectionate lately, and I could swear she's trying to tease me,"

Melanie laughed, saying, "Well, duh!"

John looked confused.

"Anyone can see that she's been teasing you," Melanie said, "and pretty shamelessly, I might add,"

"You know?" he looked amused.

"Honey," she said, reaching into his robe and molesting his hardening cock, "She was born of a full-fledged, professional cocktease," she ran her little tongue over his lips, "and she's grown up to be a huge tease, herself. You should have seen her at work at the mall yesterday,"

"And the fact that she's trying to cocktease her own father doesn't bother you?"

Melanie wrapped her hand around his thick shaft, pressing her body up against his.

"Truthfully," she hissed in his ear, "No. it doesn't bother me. She's so sexy, isn't she?"

She began to stroke his big boner, bringing it to life. John groaned at his wife's teasing.

"I know how much you love a big pair of young tits," Melanie went on, "And how much we both love some hot, young, tight, pussy,"

"You're so bad," he whispered, "That's your daughter,"

"And our daughter is a full-blown wet dream," Melanie said, feeling his bloated head, "a teasing, bitchy, horny, little hottie,"

"Mmmm," he hummed, "She is that. But, you told me how you felt just watching Tori play with herself," he tried to argue, "and we know that it's not right. Despite everything we've done together, all the pleasure, all the dirty, nasty, filthy sex, we've never once involved the kids,"

"Would it be wrong to open up to them now that they're all adults," Melanie continued, "wrong to let them know that they have a whole world of pleasure available to them, and wrong for them to learn about it with two people who love them, instead of getting into some of the...situations we did?"

She was stroking his cock harder now.

"When you put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad," he said, but still sounded uncertain, "What if we're wrong, though? What if Stephanie is just a tease, and likes it that way. What if she thinks it disgusting to do anything else?"

Melanie stuck her tongue in his mouth and jerked his big dick. After a second she pulled off his lips and said, "Honey, that girl is so horny she's about to burst, trust me. She's got a serious daddy complex, and if she can't get what she wants from you, you can bet that eventually she'll go find some dirty old man to do it for you. And you know what else? The whole time, she'll be thinking about you,"

"I don't know, Mel," he said, his breath raspy, "Do you really think that's what it is?"

"Baby," she assured him, "I think it's time some things started changing in this family, and all of the kids are adults now. They're good kids, and we love them. There's nothing wrong with love, right?"

John agreed. It was hard to disagree with a woman who was stroking your cock so expertly.

"As long as we're divulging all of our secrets and hidden desires," he said, "there's one more thing..."

"Mmmm, what's that?"

"Mike saw us, this morning," he said, "he walked into the kitchen while you up the table," he grinned ruthlessly, reaching up to fondle his wife's beautiful tits.

Melanie gasped, her voice a hushed whisper as she said, "You mean, when I was licking up that big pool of your spunk off the table?"

He nodded, "Saw it plain as day. I waved him off, but he certainly got an eyeful. No doubt about it now. He knows that his mom's a horny little cumslut,"

Melanie moaned as she held her husband's cock.

"How does that make you feel, baby?" he asked, "to know that your son saw you lapping up that big pool of cum like a hungry kitten?"

"Oh, God," Melanie hissed, "do you think he jerked off to it?"

John had to laugh. His wife was amazing. Where most women would have been appalled at the thought of their son seeing them in such a compromising scenario, Melanie only wanted to know if Mike had cum because of her.

"Probably," he said, "I'll bet he's down in his room right now stroking off,"

Melanie smiled, dropped her husband's cock, and composed herself.

"Well," she said, "I guess I'm glad he's got something other than porn to get his rocks off to. Now, I'm going to work out. I'll go to the store after, and I'll plan to be home promptly at 5. Until then, you are in charge of this madhouse. Try not to burn it down, hot stuff."

She grabbed her bag, slung it over her shoulder, blew him a kiss, and was gone. John's boner was at full attention, disregarded by his sexy wife as though it were a toy she was tired of. Not only that, but he was due to meet up at the pool in the back soon, and there was very little chance that he'd be able to hide his huge meat from his teasing daughter. Now, though, he wasn't exactly sure he wanted to.

The fact that his wife had pretty much given her consent to allowing Stephanie to seduce him was something that he couldn't yet comprehend. He wasn't even sure of his own feelings, for that matter. Yes, Stephanie was gorgeous. She was a tease. She obviously wanted to arouse him. Could he allow himself to let it happen, though? Heaving a big sigh, he instead focused his energy on getting into a pair of shorts, and then making his way to his office to break out the camera equipment.

Chapter Eleven: The First Taste

The early summer sun blazed down on the Hamlin's back yard. John had opened up the pool a month ago, but Stephanie just hadn't really taken the time to enjoy it much this year. Of course, she'd worked on her tan a bit, but hadn't been in the mood to swim much. Today, though, the pool area held new promise.

She was sure that baring her body for her father in all manner of skimpy swimsuits would help her seduce him. She'd seen her parents extensive collection of teenage porn, and knew that they were into younger girls. Her poor, horny, teen pussy throbbed with need. She was so tired of just using her mouth. She desperately wanted to know how a real cock would feel buried in her hot little snatch.

She carefully laid out a variety of swimwear and beach attire on the lounge table, along with a bottle of sun oil. She figured that the pictures would look better if her skin was shiny. The modeling job wasn't only to help with her father's seduction, after all. She was genuinely interested in making some money for herself. If she could do it by showing off her hard little body, and making men want to jerk off their dicks to pictures of her, so much the better. Wrapped in a towel, she laid herself out on a lounger by the pool to wait for her father to arrive.

She didn't have to wait long. John came out carrying two cases of camera equipment. He set them in the shade of the back porch, set up a tripod, and placed one camera on top. He set out a smaller handheld camera, and a second tripod to capture video. He could probably get some great stills from the video as he had Stephanie change poses and move around. His stacked daughter laid out on a lounger, wrapped in a towel, with a pair of big sunglasses on her face. Her lips shimmered with gloss, and she flashed him a big smile, sexily bending one leg while she spread her thighs just slightly. John smiled to himself. She knew what she was doing, alright.

Equipment ready, John walked over to stand over her. His flip flops smacked the concrete with each step closer. He wore a pair of long, baggy shorts to hide his massive cock. His chest was bare, and he wore a visor to block the sun.

"Hi, daddy," Stephanie called, "Isn't it a lovely view out here today?"

"Sure is," he replied, drinking in her long, smooth legs.

"Daddy, could you oil me up? I think the pictures would look better if my skin was glistening,"

She held up her bottle of oil in her dainty hand. John took it.

"Sure, baby. Why don't you lose the towel," His voice almost cracked as she grinned at him.

Stephanie stood up, put her back to him, and unfastened her towel. She glanced over her shoulder as she slowly lowered the towel, exposing her bare shoulders, then the strap of the tiny bikini she had chosen to model first. Finally, she dropped the towel. John's breath caught in his throat as the thin strap of cloth cut the crack of her perfectly rounded teenage ass. She kicked it away with one leg and laid face down on the lounger.

"I'm ready for you, daddy," she said quietly.

Her whole body quivered with excitement. She was about to feel her father's strong hands stroking her bare flesh. She wanted to jump up and stick her tongue down his throat, and beg him to please take her. She could hardly stand the anticipation. What if he didn't want her, though? What if he was disgusted by the thought of plunging his huge tool into her tight young body? She'd seen some incest porn in her parents collection, so she was sure it was something they'd fantasized about in the past. What if it was only that, though? Something that he would never consider doing for real?

A moment later she felt his touch on her skin. The cool oil and his warm hand were an erotic contrast. He began in the small of her back, spreading the oil very liberally into her teen flesh. Her breath blew out of her body, and she tensed.

"Just relax, baby," her father said softly, "I'm sure the pictures will turn out great. You're so beautiful."

She sighed contentedly as he smeared the oil on her back, working it up her spine, into her sides. He pressed it up under the strap of her bikini, and she imagined him pulling the knot free and letting her top fall away. Her breathing became more ragged. The feel of his hands was incredible!

He massaged the oil into her shoulders next, his touch gentle but firm. More oil into her neck, then back down to her back. In a few minutes her skin was glistening, but he wasn't done. He slowly worked more oil into the backs of her legs, starting low with her ankles, and ever so slowly working his way up her hard legs. She giggled a little as he touched the backs of her knees, tickling her ever so slightly.

She was panting by the time his hands worked their way up to the top of her legs. He was so close to her ass. He rubbed the oil onto the inside of her thighs, his cock starting to swell in his shorts.

"Spread your legs," he whispered. The words almost made the oversexed teen cream herself.

"Yes, daddy." she said obediently, and spread her legs a little wider. The bikini bottoms were so small that she was sure he could see her exposed, puffy, teen pussy. He worked the oil into her inner thighs, his fingers dangerously close to her wet cunt. Then his hands were sliding up the globes of her ass, the slick oil causing them to slide easily over her cheeks. Sexy young Stephanie could feel her pussy spasm as her father's big hands massaged her ass. Her head reeled at the thought of him spreading her cheeks and shoving his tongue up her oiled up asshole. Her butt squirmed under his touch and she couldn't help but moan. Then his hands were gone.

"I think the back's done," John said, "How's it feel?"

"Great, daddy," she said truthfully, "Are you okay to do the front?"

"Sure, honey," he accepted happily.

It was an intense battle with his penis right now. The supple teenage flesh beneath him was just begging to be ravaged. He hardly cared if this little cocktease was his daughter. He wanted to watch her little pussy spread open as he worked his huge shaft up inside her.

Stephanie turned over, and John suppressed a groan. Her bikini top was almost as small as the bottoms. It was hardly more than a couple bits of fabric over her hard nipples. Her big tits spilled out around them, firm and plump on her chest.

John began at her feet, working his way up slowly, oiling her ankles, then her calves, up to her thighs. He smeared the oil on her inner thighs, purposely brushing his thumb against her pussy lips, feeling her jump at the intimate contact. He could see her chest heaving with excitement.

She was absolutely turned on by this. He straddled the lounger and worked the oil into her stomach, watching her beautiful face the entire time. She bit her bottom lip, as though afraid to open her mouth. She felt that if she did, she'd scream. His hands moved up from her abdomen, slid into the valley between her breasts. Stephanie's brow was furrowed in concentration.

"Don't forget my big tits, daddy," she heard herself whisper.

John grinned, and did as she asked. He added more oil, and his hands cupped his daughter's big tits, smearing them from the bottom of the perfect globes, and then sliding under her top. When his hands passed over her nipples, Stephanie couldn't hold back. All the tension in her body suddenly shot down to her pussy, and her hips began to wriggle back and forth of their own accord. With her father's hands on her tits, Stephanie came right there by the pool. Her young body shook as she moaned and tossed her hair. It wasn't a powerful cum, but John's experienced eye saw it for what it was.

"I, I'm a little sensitive there, daddy," she said, blushing.

John's dick was now hard. It tented his shorts.

"I'm sorry, honey," he said, pulling his hands away, "are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah," Stephanie said, "I'm great. I think I'm good and shiny now!"

He couldn't tell because of her sunglasses, but he was pretty sure she was staring at his hardon, which was quite evident.

"I'll grab the camera," he said, turning away.

Stephanie tried to collect herself. Her father had just made her cum by touching her tits. Her father had touched her tits! Holy shit! She had craved this attention for years, and it was finally here. He'd obviously been aroused. There was no hiding a dick like that when it was hard. Stephanie fought to get control of her breathing. Her daddy was coming back with the camera.

"Ready for a couple of shots?" he asked, his dick still hard. He wasn't trying to hide it. She took that as a good sign.

"Sure, daddy. How do you want me?" She grinned.

Over the next hour, Stephanie teased the living hell out of her father, and he her. He instructed her to pose in several different ways, some on the lounger, some against a tree, on the table, by the water, in the water, and in various swimwear, some fairly conservative, some of it utterly lewd.

Throughout the process his cock was hard and apparent in his trunks, and by the time he finished the last shot Stephanie's little cunt was sopping wet. Finally, he set the camera aside and jumped in the pool. He was under for a few seconds, and then emerged with a gasp.

"Damn, but it's hot out here!" he yelled.

Wasting no time, Stephanie followed him in, making sure to splash him as much as possible. He was sputtering as she came up under him, brushing her toned body against his hard rod. John gasped as she broke the surface right under his nose, coming up fast so that her lips landed right on his. Rather than pull back, he found himself lingering, feeling her young lips pressed against his. His arm went around her waist, and her hand slid into his shorts. She wrapped her small hand around as much cock as she could, moaning into his mouth as her lips opened and she felt his tongue slip inside. Finally, he broke away, still holding his sexy little girl.

"Stephie," he breathed, "I know you've been flirting with me."

"Was it that obvious, daddy?" she asked.

"Only after your mother pointed it out."

She gasped and almost let go of his cock, but she'd wanted it for so long that she held on, "M, mom? Mom knew?"

He nodded, "Your mother's the greatest tease I've ever known. She can spot a flirt a mile away, and you, have obviously inherited her talents in that regard."

"Daddy," she whispered.

"Stephie," he said gruffly, "look. I know what it's like to be a horny teenager. Hell, I was one not too long ago. You're an adult now, though. That means you need to think very carefully about the things you do, and the repercussions of your actions."

"Oh, I have daddy! I've been thinking of you for a long time."

"Just hear me out, Stephie. You're my daughter, and that means that there are things that some people might think are wrong, you know that."

"You mean," she put her lips to his ear, "things like daddies pushing their big, swollen, daddy cocks into their daughter's virgin pussies? Or do you mean horny little girls trying to fit as much of their daddy's big dicks into their throat as they can manage? What about holding your daughter down while she offers up her tiny asshole for you? Would some people say those things are wrong, daddy?"

John's cock lurched under the water. Fucking fuck! His daughter was a pro at spewing nasty talk. Any restraint he had was beginning to crumble.

"I, uh, yes...yes, Stephie. There are people who would say all those things are wrong."

"Would you say they're wrong, daddy?" she asked, stroking his stiff pole under the water, "Would you say there's anything wrong with a loving daughter offering up her juicy, teen cunt for her daddy to enjoy whenever he wants?"

Unable to control himself, John took hold of one of her big tits. Stephanie moaned.

"Those are yours, too, daddy. It's all for you. I've been saving my pussy just for your big, hard, daddy dick," she moaned.

"Stephie, you know that nothing will ever be the same, right? Once you cross this line, I'm going to make you addicted to my cock. You're going to do anything I want, just like your mother, just so you can keep getting filled by me. And your mother will know. She'll know about it every time I shove my cock into your willing little cunt, and she'll know about the way you scream and cum when I teach you how to take the whole thing up your ass."

Stephanie was lost in lust. Her father was a dirty talker, too. She was on the edge of cumming just from his naughty words. She was so close to having him. She just had to say it, and her cherry was gone. Her daddy would take her and make her a woman.

"Yes," she said without hesitation, "I want that, daddy. I want it so bad. Please, please make me your slut. I want to be your slut, daddy, please."

She sucked on his tongue, her small hand jerking his huge cock while he molested her big tits. They made out in the pool a few more minutes, oblivious to everything else.

"Stephie," he pulled back, "This is something I have to think really hard about. I'm not stupid. I know that things in our family are starting to change, now that you're all adults. But that doesn't mean I'm ready to rush into anything. If you really love me, you're going to have to accept that. If we, as a family, decide to take our relationship in a new direction, it's going to be one filled with love and respect. That doesn't mean it won't be kinky, dirty, and filled with debauchery, but it's not something to take lightly. Do you understand?"

Stephanie nodded her head, her face falling in disappointment. She should already be feeling his big cock bumping against her uncontrollable slit. She should be choking on his fat cockhead! Before she knew what was happening, he was lifting her from the pool and sitting her on the edge. He spread her legs, revealing her puffy little teen cunt. And then, swiftly as a cobra striking its prey, her daddy buried his face between her legs. The sudden contact of his hot breath on her pussy made her gasp, and then her bikini bottom was roughly pushed aside. Her body convulsed in mind-bending pleasure as John's tongue slowly ran the length of her exposed slit.

"Oh, fuck, daddy! Oh, fuck! Yes! Push your tongue up into my virgin cunt. I want you to taste what you can have whenever you want. It's all yours, daddy. It's your pussy," she screamed.

John took his sweet time on his sexy daughter's young, dripping box. The smell of her arousal and chlorine from the pool was going to his head. It had been years since he'd tasted the unspoiled fuck juice of a virgin pussy. The fact that it was his busty daughters only made it more exciting, more nasty. Stephanie's hands were on the back of his head. She was moaning and thrashing her hips, desperately fucking her wet pussy against his tongue.

"Fuck me with your tongue, daddy! Make your little girl cream on your face! I'm gonna fill your mouth up with fuck honey, daddy. It's going to taste so good! Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God, I'm gonna cum for you, daddy! Your slutty daughter's going to cum on your tongue!"

And cum she did, harder than any time in her young life. Her hot girl juice squirted like a fountain on her father's face, bathing his tongue and lips with her sweet cum. She fell back on the concrete, her head spinning with unbelievable pleasure as her daddy sucked her clit and rubbed her ass and pussy holes with his big fingers. When he slipped one finger in cunt, and another up her tight little ass, Stephanie completely lost control. Her mind could no longer form a coherent thought or word. Finally, he pulled his tongue from her dripping box, crawled from the pool and stuck his tongue into her mouth.

"Taste your pussy, baby," he hissed, "lick up your sweet cum like a good slut."

Wild with desire, she complied readily, licking all of her juices from his face, his lips, sucking her pussy off of his tongue. When she was satisfied that she had cleaned up well enough, she finally opened her eyes, seeing her father grinning down at her.

"Daddy, please..please fuck me...I've waited so long," she begged.

John shook his head, "Not today, baby. That was just a tease. I have a lot to think about before I bury my big cock inside that firm little body of yours. Until then, I want you to think about it, too. I want you to play with your naughty little cunt while you think about your daddy pushing his fat prick up your pussy. If it happens, it's going to be unexpected. You'll never know. It could be tonight, or next week. Maybe while the whole family is eating dinner, you'll be sitting on my lap with a foot of cockmeat stuffed inside of you. You'll never know until it happens. If it happens. Now, you should get cleaned up. Your mother will be home soon, and I have a lot to talk about with her."

With that, he stood up, collected his camera equipment, and left his daughter trying to regain her composure. As her mind swirled with what had just happened, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. She was so sure that her plan would work. He was supposed to shove his big tool into her and make her his little teenage fuckhole. Instead, he'd eaten her pussy like a madman, made her cum harder than ever in her life, and then left things wide open.

One thing was certain, though. She was more determined than ever to get her daddy's huge cock in her every hole, and living in a family of sexual deviants, that should take much more doing. Today was a success, in reality. He hadn't turned her down, and he hadn't been disgusted with her confession. There was still a chance, and that gave her hope. As her high came down, she stared up at the sky. The sun was lower, less blazing, and as she soaked it in her eyes fell on an upstairs window.

It was Tori's room. Maybe Tori had seen what happened. The thought made Stephanie very hot again. She hoped that Tori had watched her daddy bring off her pussy with his expert tongue. On wobbly legs, she stood and collected her swimsuits from the yard. She needed another shower.

Chapter Twelve: Sharing with Melanie

Melanie returned from the gym sweating, sore, but happy. The workout had burned off some of the sexual energy she'd left the house with, but while driving home she had begun to wonder if anything had happened while she was out. Stephanie would have, likely, taken advantage of this photo shoot to mercilessly tease her father. And she had purposely left him in a highly aroused state, just to encourage him to maybe feel out his daughter's intentions toward him. By the time she pulled into the driveway, her panties were soaked with a combination of sweat and her horny juices.

She came through the front door, tossing her gym bag in the entryway. It could be dealt with later. She took her small sack of groceries into the kitchen, and was surprised to see Tori and Stephanie already there. Tori looked a little more lively, probably driven from her room by pure hunger. She'd hardly eaten anything the last few days. The two girls were in the midst of putting together some kind of pasta dish, the amazing smell wafting out of the kitchen. She recognized Italian spices in the air, and the smell of fresh baked bread. A steaming pot of sauce simmered on the stove. Mike was there, too, setting places on the table.

The three children stopped what they were doing as she entered, all smiles, and yelled, "Welcome home, mom!"

"Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise? My three beautiful children, all getting along, and cooking a family meal? I'm inclined to ask what you did wrong, and how much it's going to cost us to fix," she jabbed.

Stephanie laughed, "Oh, mom. Nothing's wrong! Everything is great! We just want you to know how much we appreciate everything you guys do, and how much we love our family! See, even Tori pulled her hands away from her pussy long enough to help!"

"Stephie! Shut up!" Tori cried, blushing a deep red.

Mike laughed quietly, his cock aching in his pants at the sight of his hot sisters and his equally sexy mother. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her body shone with sweat. There were splotches of it on her sports bra, and her tight little workout shorts. He imagined, for a moment, that the stains weren't sweat, but rather blobs of hot cum that some gym stud had sprayed her with after she sucked him off in the shower room. Maybe he'd let loose a hose of semen on her pretty face, and she'd eagerly lapped it up and asked for more. His dick was throbbing as he hid it behind the tabletop.

"Where's your father?" Melanie asked.

"Back in his office," Stephanie replied, "touching up my fantastic new modeling photos!"

"Modeling photos?" Tori questioned.

"Your sister is going to apply to do swimwear modeling over the summer. Your dad helped her take some pictures this afternoon to make a portfolio."

"Is that what the fucking racket was out there?" Tori said.

"If you want to, you can go tell dad that dinner's about done," Stephanie said to her mother, ignoring Tori's comment.

Melanie nodded, set her grocery bag on the table, making sure to lean over the table to give Mike a great view of her glistening cleavage.

"Could you please put these away for me, sweetie," she cooed at her handsome son, "I want to make sure they don't spoil.

"Uh, sure, mom." the infatuated college boy replied.

Melanie rounded the table, and gave him a big hug, pulling him against her tits.

"You're such a good boy," she said, and glancing up to make sure the girls weren't watching, she leaned in and gave Mike a quick, but slightly more than motherly peck on the lips. She winked, and turned around to find her husband.

Mike was dumbstruck. Did his hot mother actually just hit on him? There was no way. He must still be fucked up over what he'd seen her doing this morning. He knew his parents were freaks, but hitting on their own kids? There was no way in hell. Trying to hide his raging erection, he began to put her groceries away.

Down the hall, Melanie entered her husband's office. He was touching up a variety of photos from Stephanie's shoot earlier in the day. She closed the office door quietly, and came to stand beside him. John looked up and grinned like a devil, nodding toward the screen. A series of photos showed their stacked daughter in everything from a conservative one-piece suit, to skimpy little beach wear, to more revealing bikinis, and finally in a scandalous micro-bikini that may as well have left her completely nude, for all the flesh it managed to hide. Melanie felt her arousal spiking as she looked at the images.

"My god," she whispered, "she's even more beautiful than I'd imagined. I can't believe you had the restraint not to fuck her right there. You didn't fuck her, did you?"

John shook his head, saying, "No. We did have a little talk about her flirting, and she came clean. Well, she came clean in about the filthiest way possible, practically begging for me to take her cherry, and make her my personal fucktoy. That girl is as wild as her mother," his hand cupped Melanie's aroused pussy mound, "There's something else you might like to see, though," he grinned devilishly.

Melanie raised an eyebrow. He had her curious. He minimized the collage he was working on, and brought up another file. This one was a lengthy video of the entire photo shoot. Most of it was what she had expected. There was John, shirtless, rubbing oil into Stephanie's hard body. They went through a variety of poses, shots, John directing her to try different things, work various angles, and then he leaped into the pool. Stephanie was right behind him.

The camera captured perfectly her emergence from the water, her forceful kiss on John's lips. Melanie's breathing became rapid as she watched her daughter skillfully make out with her husband. It was clear that her hand was stroking his cock. The video was too far to have picked up sound, but she watched John pull away, talk for a moment with Stephanie. She looked disappointed for a moment, but then John picked her up and set her lithe body on the side of the pool. Her daughter's legs spread wide, and then her husband's face disappeared between Stephanie's legs.

"Oh my god," Melanie whispered, " ate her pussy?"

John looked up at his wife. Her eyes were glazed over with lust, and her hand was now inside her shorts. He smiled and turned back to the video. On the screen, the camera showed Stephanie grinding her hips against his face, her head thrown back in pleasure. Her long blonde hair shook from side-to-side as she experienced her first orgasm from a man's tongue. After only a few moments, she collapsed on her back, her big breasts heaving.

Her body continued to spasm as John's face came back into view. He crawled from the pool and stuck his tongue into his daughter's mouth. Melanie moaned and worked her fingers over her engorged clit. The sight before her was incredible. She had never imagined how erotic it could be to watch John bring off his own daughter with that skillful tongue. Finally, he walked away, leaving Stephanie twitching as her high receded.

"So," John said with a grin, and a little trepidation, "What do you think?"

"Baby, that can't...I don't have any words. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen, John."

He turned in his chair and took his wife's shorts in his hands, sliding them down her long legs. The intoxicating smell of her sweat and arousal hit his nose, and his mouth watered. The video began to play again on its own. Melanie couldn't take her eyes from the screen. She felt John's big tongue slip between her folds and bump her clit. She trembled as he lapped at her horny cunt with a passion. Her pent-up arousal was coming to a head as, on the screen, she again saw her busty daughter cum all over her daddy's tongue. The sight was just too much. She began to cum herself, fucking her pussy against her husband's face. A moment later, she started to come down, and released her death grip on his hair.

"Fuck me, John. Holy fuck me! That was amazing!"

"Her pussy tasted just like yours," John said, "so sweet, but more innocent. She's definitely a virgin. I'd be willing to bet that no one has ever eaten that pussy before today. She said that she's been saving it for her daddy, and wants me to teach her how to take my big cock in every hole,"

"She didn't!" Melanie hissed.

"Not in those exact words, no. It was more like 'Do you think it's wrong for daddies to shove their big daddy cocks up their little girls' cunts? And is it wrong for a daughter to want to fit as much of her daddy's big prick into her throat as she can take. Is it wrong for a little girl to offer up her asshole so that her daddy can make it his whenever he wants?' Yeah it was more like that,"

"Oh, my, God...She really lays it on, doesn't she?"

"I'd say she inherited it from the best," he said, standing up to kiss his wife hungrily.

Melanie shook her head, trying to clear away the growing urge to fuck herself silly on his huge cock right there.

"The kids have dinner ready," she said, "we should go."

John nodded. He turned off the video, locked his computer, and followed his wife into the kitchen.

Chapter Thirteen: The Slutty Queen who Rules this Roost

Melanie Hamlin Sexy

Dinner was a quiet affair, as the entire family seemed to be famished from the day of lewd activity. Tori consumed two huge plates of everything, trying to regain her strength. Her thoughts kept drifting to her sister, fingering her to an orgasm that morning, and how good it had felt. By the time she was finished eating, she could feel that her chair was a wet mess from her dripping pussy.

Under the table, Stephanie rubbed her foot against her father's leg, while unbeknownst to the sexy teenager, her mother was also rubbing his bulging erection. Mike, left out, was consumed with his own thoughts about his hot mother's cum covered face. Once the meal was over, Tori claimed that she still felt sick, and returned to her room. Mike left without a word. John returned to his office to continue working on the photos, which left Stephanie and Melanie to clean up the remains of dinner.

"I can handle this, mom," Stephanie said, "You should go catch a shower and relax. You look beat!"

"Oh, that's alright, baby. I can lend you a hand before I clean up," she smiled.

She watched her daughter's big tits jiggle in her tight top as she leaned across the table to collect dishes and bring them to the sink. Melanie brought the remainder, and together they began to wash off the plates and glasses, loading them in the dishwasher. When the task was done, Stephanie stood and stretched, her joints popping delightfully. Melanie pulled her close and hugged her, stroking her blonde hair.

"Did you enjoy your photo shoot?" she asked, innocently.

"It was great," Stephanie replied, "I'm sure daddy will make them look awesome!"

"Mmmm, I know he will. And did you enjoy his tongue in your hot little pussy?"

She snaked her hand down to Stephanie's mound, cupping it through her shorts.

"W, what do you mean," Stephanie gasped, suddenly afraid, "He, well, we, uh, uh..."

"Shhhh, baby. It's okay. I know how hot you are for your daddy's dick," she whispered, her tongue flicking her daughter's ear, "It's so big and powerful. When he stretches my cunt open with it, it's like being in heaven. His tongue is amazing, but when he holds me down and forces the length up inside my pussy, or in my tiny ass, I'll do anything he says."


Melanie's fingers slipped into her shorts, finding her daughter's clit. She roughly pressed Stephanie against the counter and began to work her finger into her slick cunt. Stephanie was at a loss. She never imagined her mother being into girls, and especially not her daughter. Yet, here she was, pumping Stephanie's virgin pussy with two fingers. Melanie kissed her like a lesbian slut, sloppily working her tongue into her daughter's mouth. Stephanie pushed her pelvis against her mother's hand, moaning into her mouth. Melanie broke their kiss, using her other hand to slide under Stephanie's shirt and rub her nipple.

"I never realized that you were such a hungry little slut, and not just a tease," Melanie taunted the busty teen, "I never knew that my sweet little girl was a cock-craving cunt that wanted her daddy to fill her up with his giant prick. That is what you want, isn't it Stephie?"

Her mother's words were making her head spin. Light flashed behind her eyelids as she started to cum.

"Yes," she hissed, riding her mother's fingers, "Yes, I want my daddy's big cock. I think about it all the time, mom. Do you... do you think I'm a pervert? Am I wrong to want to feel a real cock inside me?"

Melanie pulled her sticky fingers from her daughter's snatch and fed them to her little girl. While Stephanie cleaned her own fuck juice from her mother's hand, Melanie said, "It is wrong. You're a filthy little teenage cunt. You're an incestuous, nasty, cum-loving slut that craves her own daddy's fat prick. You're obviously fucked up in the head, baby. No good girl wants their daddy to make her take his foot long cock up her tiny asshole. A good girl doesn't beg him to please let her suck it. You're a teasing little tramp with a body to die for, and that's why I love you."

Melanie kissed her again, groped her big tit, and then stepped back, licking her lips. Stephanie tried to catch her breath. The last few minutes had been so hot that she could feel her pussy on a hair trigger, eager to cum again at the slightest touch.

"Now, I'm going to take a shower. Your poor father has a lot to think about, and I want you to keep your urges in check for now, baby. If your daddy wants to feed you his big prick, and pop your cherry, I'm not going to stop him. You just remember something,"

Stephanie nodded.

"You remember that that man is my husband. I love him more than life itself, and more than anything in the world. I also love you kids the same. But, there will be no jealousy in this house. If I get even a hint that you're trying to take my husband, I will bury you. So help me God, I will make it my mission to destroy you, or any other woman that thinks that she can compete with the slutty goddess that rules this roost! If you can accept that, then I think that a lot of things are going to change in this family, and bring us all closer together. Do we have a deal?"

Stephanie didn't even need to think. She had never seen her mother so dominant, so frightening, so serious. For all of Stephanie's alpha tendencies, she knew that her mother could grind her under her boot heel anytime she chose. She kissed her mother passionately for a few seconds, fell to her knees and placed her head between her mother's legs, smelling her desire.

"Yes, ma'am," she said meekly, "Yes. I'm just a dumb little slut that can't control her pussy, and I know that you'll teach me to please my daddy the way he likes."

Melanie smiled, pulled her shorts down, and leaned against the table.

"Show me what a good little stupid slut you are, baby."

Stephanie pushed out her tongue and tasted her first pussy. As soon as the sweet taste of sweat and fuck honey hit her tongue, she knew it wouldn't be her last.

Chapter Fourteen: Framed

With only a few days left in her junior year, Tori was having trouble concentrating. She chalked it up to nerves, but it just seemed like everything around her was happening in a daze recently. She'd be a senior in a few months. The thought had been weighing on her heavily all year. That must be it. She just wasn't sure what she wanted to do next, after high school was behind her. She'd already started getting notices about scholarship opportunities for track from various colleges. Stephanie had gotten some, too. Tori really hoped that she could go to the same school as Stephie. Having her sister there would make life so much better. Stephie was always so supportive.

Right now, though, her head hurt. It was hard to focus on what Mr. Hart was saying. She'd never cared for chemistry. Not that her grades weren't good. She was a perfect student, in fact. She just didn't like the way Mr. Hart stared at her like a pervert all the time. The past week, it had been even worse due to the constant tingling in her pussy.

And it wasn't just Mr. Hart. Everything had been worse! She'd felt a little sick each day. She was getting headaches. Some days it was hard to keep on task. Her recent visit to the doctor had come up with nothing. The doctor wrote off her feelings as psychological, probably stress related. She was sure the stress would go away once summer began, and things would be fine.

The classroom door opened, and a teacher's aide came in with a note for Mr. Hart. He took it, glanced at it.

"Tori," he said, "The office would like to see you for a moment."

Tori was confused. She'd never been called to the office for anything. She never got in trouble. She was a good girl! Good girls don't cum on their sister's fingers, she thought briefly, then tried to push that dirty thought away. She clumsily pushed herself up from her desk and made her way up to the front of the room, taking the note from Mr. Hart. Her head spun. What could she possibly be needed in the principal's office for?

Her head hurting, Tori left the room and slowly made her way to the office. For a moment, she almost forgot where it was! Then, she collected herself and remembered. Yes, it was up toward the front. She pushed past the glass doors leading to the reception desk, where Angela sat busily typing. Last year, Tori volunteered as an office assistant during her free period. Angela had been really nice to talk to.

"Hi, Tori," Angela greeted her happily.

"Hey Angela. I guess I'm supposed to see the principal for something?"

"Go on in, hon. I'm sure it's nothing. Probably another college, coming to try to woo you!" Tori felt better. Maybe it was some good news! She walked past the reception desk to the Principal's door, and knocked softly.

"Come in," Mr. Patterson's voice boomed from behind the door.

Tori turned the knob, stepped inside, and was immediately frightened. What was going on? Mr. Patterson sat behind his desk, frowning. Behind him stood one of the school police, and seated in front of his desk was her father. Mr. Patterson and the officer looked disappointed, while her father looked furious.

"You, um, wanted to see me, Mr. Patterson?"

"Yes, Tori. Please sit down."

She sat next to her father, who reached out and held her hand affectionately. He didn't seem angry with her, but rather with the two men on the other side of the desk.

"Tori," Mr. Patterson began, "A short while ago, we received an anonymous tip that you were in possession of illegal narcotics."

"This is absurd," her father raged, "Tori is one of your best students. This is obviously some kind of prank."

"That could very well be," Mr. Patterson went on, "However we are bound by law to investigate all claims of this nature, as you know. I know Tori's reputation is nothing but stellar, Sir. I'm sure that this will all turn out to be nothing. Now, Tori, we had to request that one of your parents be present for this discussion. We will need you to please empty out your pockets, and the officer here will need to escort us all to your locker to have a look, too. Will that be any problem?"

Tori was aghast. Drugs? She didn't even know what drugs looked like, let alone take any!

"Of course not, Sir," Tori agreed, "I don't have anything to hide!"

She stood up and emptied out everything in the pockets of her snug jeans. Her school ID, a pack of gum, some spare change. No drugs.

"Thank you, Tori," Mr. Patterson said, "Now I understand that your father has requested his legal counsel to be present before we proceed any further. When your attorney arrives, we'll take a quick trip to your locker."

An uncomfortable few minutes passed, and then a knock came on the door. It swung open, and John's attorney stepped inside, looking a consummate professional. Stu had been a long time friend of the family, having grown up with John. In fact, it was John who loaned him his starter money to open his practice when he'd passed the bar, and in exchange he made John his priority client in all matters. Stu shook hands with everyone in the room, introducing himself. He then switched into full attorney mode.

"Am I to understand that my client is being investigated for possession of illegal narcotics?"

Mr. Patterson confirmed, "I wouldn't yet call it an investigation. An anonymous tip was phoned into the office this morning, and as you're aware we are bound to investigate that claim. Would you agree, Sir?"

"That's correct, and I'm sorry, John, Tori, but they do have the right of it. Since the report is on school property, and the lockers are also school property, the administration doesn't require your consent for a search. They've extended it, I think, out of respect for Tori's well-known record as an upstanding student."

"Thanks," John grumbled.

"Shall we go?" Mr. Patterson asked. The men nodded.

Her father held her hand, and the small group made their way through the halls to the junior lockers. Tori was just glad that classes were still in session, so no one would see how embarrassing this was. At the same time, the embarrassment had started her confused pussy leaking, and she hoped that no one could hear the squishing sounds it was making as they walked.

They stopped in front of her locker, and she put the combination in with the dial. The door clanked open. The officer, with rubber gloves on, began to remove her books, papers, folders. She always kept things neat. Once everything was out and placed on the ground, the locker was empty. No drugs.

But then he reached back inside. There was a loose panel in the back, and the tip of what looked like a plastic baggie poked out from the corner. The officer pried the panel back further. There, clear as day, was a small baggie filled with several items that Tori had never seen before.

Her father, the principal, and the officer all looked at her in shocked disbelief. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what the baggie was. She looked pleadingly at all of them, tears welling up in her eyes.

"That isn't mine," she cried, "Someone must have put that in there! It's not mine!"

Becoming hysterical, she began to cry. Her father put his arm around her.

"Perhaps we should return to my office," Mr. Patterson said.

In a blur, Tori let herself be led back to the office. Once inside her father sat her in a chair.

"This is ridiculous," he shouted at Mr. Patterson, "My daughter isn't some drug fiend! Someone put that shit in there, and is trying to get her in trouble."

"I'm sure you're right," Mr. Patterson said, "but this is very serious. Now, the officer will need to send the drugs to the lab for testing. He'll make sure they check for any fingerprints on the bag, and any items inside. We will, however, need Tori to submit to a drug screen. I'm sure she'll have nothing to worry about."

"Tori doesn't have to do anything," her father yelled, "This freak show is ending right here,"

Tori continued crying. How could this happen to her?

Mr. Patterson interjected, "I'm sorry, but this is a legal matter now. Tori will have to take a drug screen."

"Like hell she will," her father continued, "Stu, tell them that Tori doesn't have to do a damn thing!"

Stu looked uncomfortable, but had to admit, "They're right John, I'm sorry. The school has full discretion in the matter, since the incident is taking place on public property. They're within their rights to request a drug screen, as it could affect Tori's position in school activities."

Tori stood up and grabbed her father's arm.

"It's okay, Daddy," she said, choking back tears, "I'll do it. I don't do drugs. It'll be okay. You'll know that I'm not guilty. I'll show you, Daddy!"

"Honey," John replied, "are you sure?"

"Yes," she retorted, "I'm going to do it," now she was angry. Someone was trying to frame her, "I'll show them!"

Mr. Patterson looked relieved, and said, "I'll give you the address for the lab. The sooner it's done, the sooner we can put this whole matter behind us."

He flipped through some cards in a Rolodex, scribbled an address and phone number on a sticky note, and handed it to Tori's enraged father. He snatched it, took Tori's hand, and they marched out the door.

Once in the outer office, John turned to Stu.

"I know you've got to play by the law here, Stu, but I need every defense you can muster. I don't care what it costs. This is obviously a stupid school prank, and I'll be damned if it's going to destroy Tori's life. Can you meet us at the house first thing tomorrow morning? I want you there when these results come in."

Stu nodded, "Of course, John. You know I'm here for you guys," then to Tori, "Don't worry, honey. This will all blow over in a couple of days. You'll see."


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