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The Second Place Sister, Part 2

Chapter Six: Caught!

Stephanie and her mother bumbled into the house with their arms full of shopping bags, giggling like a couple of teenage girls. The busty teen and her sexy mother were giddy with the teasing they'd been doing. All throughout the mall, heads turned as they sauntered past, the hot milf and her top-heavy daughter in short skirts drawing every eye. Husbands and boyfriends were slapped or dragged away, salesmen were left speechless, and by the time the two sex magnets were home they were both heady with arousal.

"I thought for sure that one in the blue tie was going to cum in his pants when you bent over for that bottom shelf," Stephanie said to her mother.

Melanie laughed, "Yeah, but it wasn't as good as when you kept bumping that big rack of yours against his back as you pointed out things for me to look at."

Stephanie grinned. It seemed as though, since she turned 18, her mother had been much more open with her. She liked the change. She was coming to find that her mother was just as much of a tease as she herself was.

"I don't know about you," Melanie said, "But I'm beat. I think I'm gonna go have a shower."

Stephanie agreed, but first she dropped her bags in the living room and ran to the first floor bathroom.

Melanie, however, made her way up the stairs. She was concerned about Tori, and wanted to check up on her to see if she was feeling any better. She quickly dropped her bags off on her bed, and made her way down the hall to Tori's room. The door was slightly ajar, which was puzzling, and she could hear some kind of low humming sound from inside. Peeking in through the crack, she was completely unprepared for the sight before her.

She quickly slipped inside and shut the door behind her. Her beautiful daughter was unconscious on the bed. Her whole room reeked of teenage arousal, a thick sweet scent that Melanie was all-too-familiar with. Tori's bed was a mess of sweat. Her sheets were soaking with pussy juice and perspiration. Her legs were spread open, and two of Melanie's dildos were lodged inside Tori's ass and pussy, still vibrating away. It was apparent to the more experienced woman that Tori had obviously cum herself into oblivion. Melanie recalled the many times that she herself had been in a similar state.

Her hands shaking, Melanie looked down at her daughter, recalling her earlier conversation with Stephanie in the car. Maybe Stephanie was right. Tori had certainly overdone her masturbation today. Carefully, Melanie took hold of the vibrator in Tori's pussy and flipped the switch to stop the vibration. Tori didn't even move. She was obviously deeply asleep.

The smell of her young, virgin pussy was heavy on the toy. It was greasy with her teenage cum, slick and sticky. Horny with the taboo of what she was doing, but unable to help herself, Melanie put the dildo to her mouth and tentatively stuck out her tongue. Her head spun as she licked her daughter's cum off the toy, putting it into her mouth to suck all of the sweet nectar off of it. She sighed with happiness. It had been so long since she and her husband had shared any hot young pussy, and Melanie couldn't believe how much she had missed the taste of teenage cunt juice.

After cleaning the toy with her mouth, she slowly eased the second toy from Tori's asshole and flipped it off. This was so dirty. Her mind was in conflict with her body as she slowly brought the toy to her mouth and tasted Tori's ass. She slurped it with passion, cleaning every drop from it. The task done, she turned her attention to her daughter. Tori's body was so hard, toned, and beautiful. But this was her own daughter. She shouldn't have the feelings of desire that were welling up within her right now.

Her mind flashed back to the last young girl she'd been with. Mike's babysitter when he was young had been a college freshman. The horny couple had seduced the younger college girl fairly easily, and for the next year they'd fucker her silly, both individually and together. She could remember clearly watching the tight young college freshman get her inexperienced pussy, ass, and mouth stretched open by John's huge cock. She recalled fondly the times that she had happily licked John's balls while his wife rode his dick up and down. She'd licked her husband's big loads out of the girl's ass and pussy many times, swapped his cum, fucked herself on the young girl's face. But that had been long ago.

Looking down at her daughter's hot young body, Melanie recalled all of these things. But even as horny as the sight made her, Melanie was overcome with motherly love for the poor passed out teen. She took a box of Kleenex from Tori's nightstand, and used them to gently clean her daughter's ass and pussy of her juices. She didn't want to wake the young girl, and so she pulled the sheets up around her, quietly slipped out the door with her borrowed toys, and let Tori rest.

Chapter Seven: I Kissed a Girl

Tori didn't emerge from her room by the time the family finished dinner, and though Stephanie had listened at her door a few times, she hadn't heard anything. Her mother, over dinner, told the family that Tori wasn't feeling well, and should be left alone for the night. A few times, she'd disappeared into Tori's room to check up on her, bring her water, and once something to snack on. Stephanie eavesdropped on those occasions, but wasn't able to hear anything but Tori sobbing quietly. The thought of Tori's tears was enough to make her evening a happy one, though.

By the time morning came, Stephanie was up fairly early. She was getting morning shakes ready for herself and Tori, just in case her sister came down for their morning jog. As usual, she put a drop of Mr. Hart's wonderful solution into Tori's shake. She had just finished dosing it when Mike came into the kitchen. She could clearly see his morning hardon in his boxer shorts, and was suddenly hit with inspiration. Since no one was around, she was fairly certain that it wouldn't be long before her brother was pawing at her body, probably looking to release the big load in his monstrous balls.

Sure enough, as she leaned against the counter, her back arched and ass sticking out behind her in her tight shorts, she felt Mike push up against her backside. One hand roamed up under her shorts, and she spread her legs a little, moaning as Mike's fat finger slid along the folds of her pussy. His other hand slipped into her shirt and groped one of her big tits.

"Good morning to you too, pervert," she said.

Mike only grunted, continuing to play with her body as his huge cock swelled in his shorts. Stephanie turned around, letting him pin her against the counter. She stuck her tongue in his mouth, tasting his foul morning breath, but not caring a bit. Her hand slipped inside his boxers, wrapping around his fat schlong.

"I'll bet you have a nice big load of cock cream inside those big balls of yours, don't you?" She whispered in his ear.

"Mmhm," Mike grunted, pinching her nipple.

"You're probably going to make your poor little sister jerk off your swollen prick, too, aren't you?"

"You know you want to," Mike said.

Stephanie purred, continuing to stroke his big shaft, taunting him further, "Of course not. What sister wants their big brother's cock spewing a nasty load of cream in front of them? You're the worst brother ever,"

He forced his tongue back down her throat as she increased the friction on his thick penis, then broke away and vomited more of her filthy talk quietly into his ear, "There's something way wrong with you, if you think your little sister actually wants your big, nasty, brother cock anywhere near her. It doesn't matter if I don't want it, though, I know that you'll just push me down on my knees and rape my hot mouth until you explode, won't you?"

Mike could only stand so much of his hot sister's nasty talk. He pushed down on her shoulders until she was eye-level with his throbbing dick. The fleshy monster tented his boxers as Stephanie's warm breath puffed out on it. Mike pulled his boxers down, and his cock popped out, slapping lightly against her cheek. Her breathing increased. She was panting. Her pussy was getting moist. She looked up into her brother's eyes, which were glazed over with lust. He was beyond control. Even if she had really wanted him to stop, there was no way he was going to unless his balls were empty.

"Open," he breathed quietly.

"Uh, uh," Stephanie teased, "You're not sticking that nasty thing in my mouth!"

Mike rubbed the bulbous head across her lips, smearing precum across them.

"Open up, slut," he said, more desperately this time.

Still, Stephanie kept her lips sealed, daring him with her eyes, shaking her head.

Roughly, Mike took her hair in his hand, and pulled her head back with it. Involuntarily, her mouth opened in surprise, and Mike quickly pushed his cockhead past her lips. Stephanie moaned as her brother's huge penis slid over her tongue, and pushed into the back of her throat.

"Mmmmph," she pretended to complain, putting her hands on Mike's legs and pushing as though to fight him off. Her feigned resistance only fueled her brother's horny urges, though. He tightened his grasp on her hair and fed his cock deeper into her mouth, holding 7 inches of the thick shaft in her throat as she tried not to gag.

"Take it you cocksucker," he hissed, "suck down that brother cock. I'm gonna jerk myself off with your face,"

And that's what he did, relentlessly pulling and pushing his huge prick in and out of her sucking mouth. Grunting with exertion, Mike used his sexy sister's mouth to get his morning wood off. Stephanie was moaning with delight by the time she felt his cock throbbing in her mouth. She knew it wasn't going to be long.

As he pulled out of her mouth momentarily, she hissed at him to wait, and quickly grabbed Tori's shake off the counter. She quickly stroked Mike's quivering cock, jerking it for the big load that she knew was coming. A moment later, his hand gripped her ass cheek hard as he gritted his teeth. He wanted to roar, but couldn't risk his family hearing what was going on. Stephanie beamed with delight as she milked his big dick into Tori's shake, watching his huge creamy load spewing its contents. Finally, he stopped cumming, but his legs were quaking as Stephanie gripped his shaft.

She let it go and stared into Tori's shake. A thick film of sperm covered the top. She picked up a spoon and quickly mixed it all in until there was no sign of it. Mike slowly pulled up his boxers, tucking his dick away.

"Y, you're going to drink that?" he breathed.

"No, silly," Stephanie said quietly, "This is Tori's."

Mike's jaw dropped. His sister's depravity was, at times, more than he could fathom. He could see that she was completely serious, too. She was going to feed Tori his cock cream. The thought made his big dick start to rise again. His stuck-up bitch sister was about to swallow his huge morning load, and had no idea.

As though she had been summoned by the thought, the two siblings heard footsteps on the stairs. Stephanie quickly wiped a string of saliva from her abused mouth with her hand as Tori rounded the corner in her jogging suit. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She looked more rested than the day before, but still had dark circles under her eyes.

"Good morning, sissy," Stephanie beamed, all smiles, "Feeling better?"

She handed Tori her shake, and her twin took it gratefully.

"Yeah, I guess so," she said, swirling her drink around, "I guess I just needed to rest."

She upended the shake as Mike and Stephanie watched. Mike's eyes looked like they might pop out of his head. Stephanie quickly downed her own shake, kicking Mike's shin lightly behind the counter. He quickly made himself busy in the pantry, trying to hide his erection.

"Ready?" Stephanie asked.

Tori nodded and the twins were heading out the door, Stephanie's big tits bouncing in her top, while Tori kept pace beside her. Stephanie shot her twin a sidelong glance, checking for any signs that the potent serum was working on her. Sure enough, within a few minutes, Tori started to lag just a step behind.

Poor Tori didn't understand. She had awoken more invigorated this morning. Her head was a little hazy, still, but the long hours in bed had helped. Her mother had come in and talked with her a few times through the evening, comforting her as she told her about finding Tori with the dildos shoved up her tight teenage holes, laying in a pool of her own cum and sweat. Melanie told her how she had cleaned her up a little and let her sleep. She had taken her soiled sheets and replaced them with new ones, and assured Tori that she had nothing to be ashamed of. It was alright to experiment with your body. Everyone tried new things.

While it had helped a little, Tori was still confused about why she had done any of it in the first place. She felt so ashamed about the way she'd left her door open, secretly hoping that someone would see just what she was doing in her room. She'd become excited at the thought that any of her family could walk by and see her ass and pussy stuffed with sex toys, and that she knew that the embarrassment would make her teenage pussy cum even harder. Just thinking about her day spent in bed masturbating was starting to make her wet.

She'd sincerely hoped that the morning workout would purge her mind and body. She prayed that the lustful, nasty thoughts would be expelled, but instead she was slowing down. Her head was becoming more cloudy and confused by the second. Her pussy juice was starting to flow down her leg. What the hell was wrong with her? She never acted this way! Her life was in control. She was a track all-star, a top student, a wholesome and well-respected pillar of the school! She was always in first place.

Now, though, her brain was foggy, and her stupid pussy was crying out for attention. She needed to fuck it with her mother's toys again. She looked at her bitchy, big-titted sister, now easily outpacing her on a simple morning jog. This wasn't right. Stephanie was the one who was always a step behind, not Tori!

Without warning, she stopped dead in her tracks and started to cry. Stephanie jogged a few paces before noticing that Tori was no longer by her side. She stopped, turned, and saw her sister with her head in her hands, tears flowing. The smallest twinge of remorse flashed through her mind, but the jealous teen quickly pushed that thought away. Tori deserved this. Tori was the bitch. Tori was stuck-up and thought she was better than everyone.

Stephanie walked back to her sister, feigning concern. She put her arm around Tori, and pushed her big tits against her.

"Tori? What's wrong?" She asked, sounded so genuine.

Tori looked up at her with tear-stained cheeks, her eyes puffy and red.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Stephie! I don't feel good, again."

"Come on, honey," Stephanie said, "let's take you home."

Tori nodded and leaned against her sister, feeling lucky that Stephanie cared so much about her. Her sister wouldn't let anything happen to her.

The twins had only made it a couple of blocks from the house, so the trip only took a few minutes. Stephanie ushered her sister inside. The house was still quiet. Their parents hadn't yet made it downstairs, and Mike had vanished into his cave. Sniffling, Tori plodded up the steps to her room with Stephanie right behind her.

The girls went into Tori's room, and Stephanie shut the door behind them. The room still smelled faintly of young Tori's hot cunt, which she had played with so vigorously the day before. Stephanie tried hard not to smile at the thought. She grabbed the box of Kleenex from Tori's nightstand as she sat her sister on the bed. Carefully, Stephanie wiped Tori's eyes, handing her a couple of tissues to blow her nose.

Stephanie went to Tori's closet and pulled out some loose shorts and a tee shirt, taking them to the bed.

"Come on, sis," she said, "Let's get you changed and let you lay down."

"I, I can dress myself," Tori said, sniffling.

Stephanie looked hurt, her face falling, she tried to portray the image of the most caring and concerned sister that anyone could ever hope for.

"Oh," she said, "Okay. I just want to help,"

Tori stood up, weakly. She was in no mood to fight. She held her arms up, still crying. Stephanie took hold of her track top, pulling it over her twin's head and tossing it aside. Tori's perfect boobs were held in place beneath her sports bra. Stephanie felt a stab of jealousy. Tori's tits were just the right size, not like her own over-sized fuck balloons. Tori sat back and Stephanie pulled down her track pants, discarding them with the shirt. She peered between Tori's legs. She wasn't wearing any panties! Clear fluid was evident on her legs. The little bitch was creaming right in front of her.

Stephanie stood up from the floor and leaned over to pick up the pajamas, in the process shoving her huge boobs into Tori's face.

"Stephie!" Tori complained, her face muffled in Stephanie's cleavage.

"Sorry," Stephanie apologized, "They just get in the way sometimes."

She pulled the top over Tori's head, making sure to brush her hands over Tori's smaller breasts in the process. She felt her twins' nipples harden, and her sharp intake of breath. Next, she slid the shorts over Tori's feet, catching the smell of her aroused pussy as she bent down. She pulled Tori to her feet, and slid the shorts up her long legs. Her hand "accidentally" rubbed against Tori's juicy cunt, eliciting a moaning from her sexy sister.

Stephanie looked Tori in the eyes, and quickly leaned in and planted her lips lightly on her sister's. Tori gasped, and for the briefest of seconds, didn't move. Then she seemed to realize what had happened, and pulled away.

Hamlin twins kissing
The first kiss

"Stephie, what the hell?" Tori hissed.

"I, I'm sorry," Stephanie stumbled, "I smelled really good, and I...well...I don't know. You just looked like you needed someone to love you."

She blushed, feigning embarrassment. She knew that in her aroused state, Tori would just feel more confused about her feelings. Stephanie pulled her twin close and hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry," she said again, "please don't think I'm some kind of lesbo,"

Stephanie's knee rubbed up against Tori's crotch, sending shivers through her body. Her twin could feel the slight convulsion as Tori's pussy twitched. Tori was so confused. It actually felt kind of good to have Stephanie's big soft tits pressed against her, and having someone hold her while she felt so confused and strange was comforting. Even so, she couldn't help but think about how Stephanie knew she had been playing with herself the other day, and how she had almost seen her.

That brought back all of the memories of the previous day’s lengthy masturbatory session, and how dirty she had acted. Her teenage pussy was already soaking, and Tori could hardly wait to cum again. Still, when she'd felt Stephanie's lips, it hadn't felt bad. In fact, it felt naughty, and exciting. It had felt shameful, and that feeling had only served to make Tori's poor pussy even hotter.

Before she knew what she was doing, she found herself carefully leaning back into Stephanie, pushing her lips lightly against her twins'. Stephanie sucked in her breath, and opened her mouth just a little bit, slipping her tongue into Tori's mouth. One of her hands, meanwhile, snaked down into Tori's shorts and between her legs. Tori moaned into her sister's mouth as her knees quaked.

This was so wrong! She shouldn't be letting her sister feel her pussy. She shouldn't be so turned on. She was a good girl! It was disgusting! Then Stephanie's finger found Tori's engorged little clit, and rubbed it. Instantly, the confused teen found herself bucking up against her sister's hand as she came violently. Her legs turned to jello, and she broke away from their incestuous kiss as she panted and came all over Stephanie's hand.

"It's okay," Stephanie was whispering in her ear, "It's okay. You need this. You need to let it out, Tori. Cum for your sister."

The nasty words coming from Stephanie's mouth only served to make Tori more aroused. How could she have enjoyed that? It was so filthy. It was incest! She had just cum on her sister's fingers. She was a horrible person. Good girls didn't cum on their sister's hands. Poor Tori didn't know what to do. It felt good, but it was so gross! She started to cry again, even as she continued to hump Stephanie's hand.

"Shhh," Stephanie was hushing her sobbing twin, "It's alright, honey. Your little pussy is so horny from all those years of being the perfect girl. You have a naughty pussy, Tori," Stephanie went on, pushing two fingers up her twin's overheated snatch, "It's a filthy little slut pussy, and it has to cum or you'll go crazy,"

Tori buried her face in Stephanie's neck, smelling her shampoo, feeling the heat from her body as she let her sister fingerfuck her soaking teenage cunt. The nasty things Stephanie was saying almost made sense. Maybe she was right. Maybe Tori did have a naughty pussy. After all, a good girl wouldn't want this.

She was so ashamed of herself. A wave of guilt swept through her, and she came again, finally unable to keep herself standing. She fell back on her bed, shaking. Her legs were like spaghetti. Her stomach was tight and heaving. Her head was exploding with light and stars. She felt Stephanie push her fingers into her mouth, and without even thinking about it she tasted her own pussy juice as Stephanie fed it to her.

"That's a good girl," Stephanie was saying, "clean up your fuck honey. Good, Tori."

Tori sucked all of her juices from her twins' fingers, and found that it was not unpleasant at all. The sweet taste of her pussy mingled with the salt from her tears as she continued to sob in her confusion. Was she some kind of lesbian now? Was she a pervert? Stephanie's fingers were gone now, and so was her sister. She hadn't even noticed her leave. Tori rolled onto her stomach and softly cried into her pillow. As she sobbed, her mind a whirlwind of emotion and confusion, her sensitive nipples rubbed against the sheets, causing her to moan. Without realizing it, her hand had found its way into her shorts, and she began to tease her soaking pussy again.

Chapter Eight: What Mike Saw

Melanie Hamlin sexy

Stephanie was overjoyed as she shut Tori's door, leaving it open just a hair so that she could peek in on her again later. Her perfect sister had just turned into a sobbing, pussy juice-sucking little slut right before her very eyes. The experience had left her own cunt screaming for attention. Silently, she thanked Mr. Hart for his excellent work, vowing to fuck the living shit out of him after she convinced her daddy to pop her cherry. As much as the excited teen wanted to go off and finger her own juicy box, there wasn't time.

By the time her parents came downstairs, Stephanie was humming to herself as she made up a big breakfast of waffles and sausage. Her handsome father strode into the kitchen wrapped in his bathrobe. Her mother was right behind, dressed in a skimpy little nightie. Their hair was damp and they smelled wonderful. Stephanie wondered if they'd been in the shower together. For just a moment, she pictured her mother pressed up against the shower wall as her hung father plowed her juicy pussy from behind.

The horny teen felt a stab of jealousy. Her father was the sexiest man she had ever seen. He was so confident, exuded sex appeal, and to top it off he was a wonderful person. Her mouth watered thinking about how it would feel to have his big dick spread open her virgin pussy, or push her face into the bed as he mounted her and made her take his huge prick into her ass.

"Morning, sunshine," he beamed at her, taking in the sight of her teenage curves in her booty shorts and halter top.

"Good morning, daddy!" she cried, turning from the stove and giving him a big hug, pressing her huge tits against his chest.

She could feel his cock twitch beneath his robe, and she wished that he would just pull it out and shove her to her knees, press her head back against the counter and feed her every inch while she moaned out her lust. Instead, he broke away and went to the table, pulling up the morning financial news on his tablet. Her mother came and gave her a kiss on the forehead before pouring coffee for the both of them.

"Where's your sister?" She asked, a twinge of concern in her voice.

"Still not feeling well. We came back from our jog early, and I put her back in bed. She's probably up there playing with herself."

Her father coughed, and her mother frowned.

"Stephanie, that's not nice."

"Sorry, Mom."

"It looks like you have things well in hand," Melanie said, "maybe I should check on her. I'll get her in to see the doctor tomorrow."

Stephanie watched her mother's gorgeous ass sway out of the room and up the steps. She turned back to her cooking, plunked a couple of waffles and some sausage onto a plate, and brought it over to the table. She placed the plate in front of her father, leaning across the table so that her big tits hung down in front of his eyes. He glanced up, pausing with his coffee halfway to his mouth.

"Thanks, honey." he stammered.

"Anything else you'd like, daddy?" she asked coyly, still bent over the table.

There was a heavy silence between them for just a moment, during which her father's eyes were locked on her over-sized teenage melons. He swallowed hard, and pulled his gaze away.

"I, um, I think that will do it," he choked out, "maybe some more cream for the coffee?"

Stephanie stood and blatantly pushed her tits out, asking, "Any particular kind of cream you like?"

She padded over to the fridge, opened it up and bent over, sticking her perfect, round ass out for her father.

"Well," he said, "some milk, or the french vanilla will be fine. Lady's choice."

Stephanie grabbed the milk, and brought it over, popping the cap off. She stood at his shoulder and poured a dash into his coffee for him, then set it on the table. She threw her arms around his neck from behind and put her lips next to his ear.

"That nasty creamer shit is full of chemicals. You should stick with the milk. I can't have my big daddy getting all sick from a bunch of garbage! How could you keep your fat daddy stick up for mom if you put that shit in your belly?"

"Stephie," he gasped, "what's with you?"

"Me? Nothing, daddy. I just want you to be healthy!"

The teasing teen kissed his neck and pulled away, fleeing from the kitchen with her heart racing. She dashed into the bathroom to shower and bring herself off, the image of her father's huge prick in her mind.

Down the hall, Melanie peeked through Tori's partially open door, watching as her hard-bodied daughter plunged her fingers in and out of her teenage pussy yet again. It seemed that Stephanie had been right. This was at least two days straight that Tori had hidden in her room masturbating. This time, though, she wasn't really hiding. She'd left the door open as though she wanted to be caught. Maybe she was developing a fetish for being watched?

As Tori writhed on the bed in pleasure, Melanie's hand strayed to her own pussy, which was quickly becoming excited again. She'd just cum hard while John fucked her in the shower, but the sight of Tori's naked teen flesh was enough to get her going again. As she started to massage her mound, Tori let out a long groan and bucked against her hand, cumming hard all over her sheets. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, until finally, the exhausted teenager's hand drooped, and her head fell to the side. She had fucked herself unconscious again. Melanie quietly shut Tori's door, and went back down the stairs.

John was still at the table, his breakfast gone. Stephanie was nowhere around. Melanie quietly came up behind her husband and draped her arms around his neck, just as Stephanie had done only moments ago. John looked over his shoulder, beaming at his sexy wife, feeling her breasts pressed into his back. She licked his earlobe and purred, running her hand down into his robe and rubbing his hard chest.

"Someone didn't get enough, it seems," he quipped, "sausage?" he held up a partially eaten sausage.

Melanie giggled, and slid her hand further down his robe.

"I'd rather have this one," she hissed, wrapping her hands around his thick head.

John growled deep in his throat. His dick was already half hard from watching Stephanie's teasing, and he was certain that's what it was. He couldn't fathom it, but he could swear that lately she'd been trying to get a rise out of him. John pulled his wife around, pushing his chair back in the process. She straddled his lap, letting his big dick rest between her legs as she pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Her pussy was sopping, and his dick was getting harder by the second. She opened his robe, and without any ceremony, lifted her hips, pushed the thin nightie aside, and rubbed her pussy against his hard cockhead. As their tongues wrestled with one another, John felt her pussy start to squeeze around his cock, sucking him in. He wondered what had gotten her so worked up that she was willing to fuck him right at the table with the kids home.

Melanie moaned into his mouth as a few inches of his huge prick slipped up her cunt. She thought about how Tori had just cum so hard she passed out, and the image of her daughter's sexy young pussy was at the front of her mind as John pushed himself deeper. She wondered, briefly, how hot it would look to watch Tori cum on a real cock, a big cock like her husband's. How sexy would it be to see her tight, inexperienced pussy get split open by a thick, foot long shaft like this? It would be like the sexy babysitter they'd fucked together years ago.

The memory of the young girl getting defiled by her husband's huge meat pole was always vivid. She had loved watching the poor girl lose control of her senses when John took her ass for the first time. The way she had, at first, moaned with pain, but then begged him to make her cum with his cock up her ass was amazing.

Melanie remembered the first time it had happened to her, and the way she'd become addicted to it. Over time, she had done about any nasty, perverted thing her big-dicked husband wanted of her. Such was the power of the pleasure he gave her, the control his huge dick had over her body and mind.

Now, as she felt all 12 inches of his manhood fill her up to the breaking point, she pictured her tiny daughter's tight little hole getting filled with this monster cock. Just the image in her mind had her bucking her hips, fucking herself silly as her clit rubbed up and down John's thick tool. She held tightly to him as his hands gripped her firm ass cheeks, pulling her up, and then letting her fall back down onto his rod. She was so heady with her repeated orgasms that she was hardly even a participant anymore. He simply grunted and used her pussy to jerk off his engorged prick. She was constantly quaking, her legs shaking, her breath coming in short gasps.

Her husband's powerful tool filled her up so completely that she lost all sense of where she was. The only thing in the world was the giant meat stalk that repeatedly shoved itself into her soul, seeking release. She threw her head back and screamed, "Ooooh, fuck, yes," as she felt John's huge balls swell against her ass.

Then, with a roar like a lion he bathed her insides with a ridiculous amount of sperm. His cock was lodged all the way inside her, his balls against her ass as he let himself go. There was so much cum that it had nowhere to go. It gushed in rivers around his shaft, and somehow squeezed out of the tight seal of her stretched cunt to dribble down his balls. It pooled in his chair, dripped on the floor. He picked his quivering wife up and laid her back on the table, his big dick still tightly inside of her. He held her hips as he continued to milk his swollen cock with her tight hole.

Chapter Nine: The Tease

Stephanie emerged from the steamy bathroom wrapped in a towel. Her bulging young tits scraped against the rough cloth, causing her nipples to stiffen in a most delightful way. She walked down the hall, noted Tori's door was closed now, and stopped to listen. She couldn't hear anything inside. She was probably asleep. The sexy teen moved on, entering her own room, and checked her phone.

She had a message from Tim, Tori’s hunky boyfriend, wanting to know if she'd heard from Tori. She hadn't answered his calls for a couple of days. She toyed with the idea of telling him that Tori was busy with her fingers up her overheated little cunt, but instead settled on relaying that she wasn't feeling well. A moment later he sent over a thank you.

She dropped her towel, running her soft hands over her huge boobs, tweaking her nipples. She was so hot from finger fucking her sister to an orgasm this morning. The following tease she'd done on her father, and the way Mike had fucked her mouth, all culminated in an overwhelming urge to make her virgin pussy cum just one more time.

She knew, though, that when she got off it would make the feeling dissipate for a while, and she enjoyed being sexually keyed up like this. It made her feel so naughty. She'd also skipped out on the breakfast that she'd prepared for her parents, and her stomach was rumbling.

Going through her closet, she came up with something that could have been labeled an outfit but was really just a getup to show off her curves. She hoped her father would be around the house today so that she could flirt and tease him. She'd heard him pound her mother sometimes four or five times in a day, so she knew that eventually he would give in. She just hoped it would be soon. His big prick was constantly on her mind these days, and she desperately wanted him to take her cherry.

She packed her round ass into some tight-fitting yoga pants and pulled an equally tight tank top over her huge melons. Her hair still a frizzy mess, she bounced down the steps into the kitchen. Her father was gone, probably already in his office. Her mother was crouched on the floor, though, her nightie rumpled. She looked to be cleaning up something off the floor.

"Hey, hot stuff," Stephanie quipped, "Whatcha doing?"

Melanie looked up at her stacked teenage daughter. Her face had the shimmer of having been recently cleaned. There were wet spots all over her nightie, though, big patches of filmy white.

"Hey, Stephie. Just cleaning up. Your father had a little accident with some cream. And you know that when boys make messes, we girls get to clean them up."

She didn't look too upset that she was cleaning up the mess.

"Was Tori feeling any better, when you checked on her?" Stephanie asked.

Melanie shook her head, "She was taking a nap."

Stephanie nodded, saying, "I hope she gets better. We've got finals this week."

Melanie stood up and tossed a big bunch of paper towels into the trash.

"You girls are growing up so fast," she said, giving Stephanie a big hug.

Stephanie put her arms around her mother. This close, she could smell both Melanie's soap from her shower this morning, but also a tangy scent of cum. She was certain of it. The spots on her nightie, the cleaning. She felt sure that it wasn't coffee creamer her mom had been cleaning up. Somebody had sprayed a huge load of cum in the kitchen, and her mother had been the recipient of that big load. She was sure of it.

She felt a little buzz in her brain as she imagined her dad's huge cock hosing her mother with sperm. The horny teen's mouth began to water, just thinking of how much cum that giant fuckstick could pump out. Probably twice as much as Mike's. Stephanie loved cum. She loved having it on her tits, on her face, squirting down her throat. Breaking away from her mother, she changed the subject.

"Mom, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, honey," Melanie said happily, "you know you can always talk to me."

"Well, do you think I could be a model?"

"A model? Baby, you're so pretty. Of course you could be a model. Why do you ask?"

"I want to make some extra money over the summer, and I've been thinking of that ad we saw at the mall yesterday. The one for swimsuit models. I thought that, maybe, I could take some pictures and build a portfolio. Laying around in bikinis all day sure beats bagging groceries, or something."

Melanie beamed, "I think it's a great idea, baby. You know, your dad likes to do a little professional photography on the side. Just the occasional wedding here and there. Maybe he could help you put together some pictures?"

Stephanie did know, and she hoped her dad could be convinced, as well. She just wanted her mother on-board with the idea, too.

"Do you think he would," she wondered aloud, "I mean, he wouldn't think it's weird to take pictures of his daughter in a bikini?"

Melanie giggled, saying, "Honey, regardless of whether you're his daughter, your father is a very red-blooded man. Any chance to check out a gorgeous young girl in a bikini is probably something he's not going to fight too hard."

Stephanie squealed with girlish delight, hugging her mom close and saying, "Thanks mom! Can I go ask him? Is he in his office?"

Melanie gave her a peck on the head. Stephanie could smell cum on her breath.

"Yes, he's in his office. Don't bother him too much if he's busy, okay?"

Stephanie nodded her pretty blonde head and dashed from the room, tits bouncing, down the hallway. Her father's office door was open, and she found him inside in front of one of his computers. He was on speakerphone with someone else but grinned widely when he saw her and waved her inside. He held up his finger to indicate she should wait a second.

"Thanks, Dave," he said into the phone, "That should keep them happy. I'll get back in touch on Tuesday."

The man on the phone hung up. John spun his chair around to face his busty daughter.

"Hey, Stephie. What's up?"

Stephanie entered full-on tease mode. She sauntered up to her daddy and plopped into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her wild, uncombed blonde hair tickled his nose.

"Daddy," she said girlishly, "I have a favor to ask you,"

"My wallet's upstairs, honey," John grinned.

"I don't need money, daddy," she laughed, "well, actually, I do. Just not your money."

"I'm listening."

Stephanie adjusted herself a bit, rubbing her tight ass against his crotch. He still hadn't changed from his robe.

"Well, I was hoping to get a little different job this summer, and I saw this ad when mom and I were at the mall,"

"Go on," he said, his cock jumping as Stephanie's firm ass rubbed against him. She smelled like a fresh teenager, and her big tits were positively straining in her tank top to break free. Daughter or not, John was a pussy hound, and Stephanie was a gorgeous piece of teenage ass. He had never had any qualms about fantasizing, especially the way she'd been teasing him lately.

She continued, "Well, there's an ad for some swimsuit modeling, and I talked to mom about it. She said it would be okay to put together a few pictures in a portfolio and see if I could get the job. I was hoping that you would help me take some really good shots that look professional?"

"Hmm," he considered, "I suppose I could help out. I'm glad to see you're taking some initiative to make something on your own. What kind of dad would I be if I didn't lend a hand?"

Stephanie squealed and kicked her legs like a little girl. In the process, her tits jiggled wildly, and her butt rubbed all over his lap. Unexpectedly, she gave him a quick kiss right on the lips. She didn't linger in any manner that seemed improper, though.

"You're the best, daddy! I can't wait! Can we do it this afternoon? Maybe out by the pool? Pleeease, daddy?"

Her big green eyes were begging, her lips trembling. John's big dick rose until it was resting firmly against her ass. There was no way she couldn't notice, but she didn't say anything about it.

Laughingly, John said, "Alright, baby. Settle down, now. I'll need to check all my equipment, but I don't have anything important to do today, so sure. Let's say, maybe, two hours? I just have to finish up some emails and get things ready. I'll meet you out by the pool."

"O-M-G," she yelled, "This is going to be so cool! Stephanie's gonna be a model," she sang, "Stephie's gonna be a model!"

She leaped from his lap and swished her ass all the way out the door like she was on a runway. Poor John had to adjust his big dick. He'd certainly need to wear some extra baggy shorts this afternoon.


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