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The Second Place Sister, Part 2

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Chapter Six: Caught!

Stephanie and her mother bumbled into the house with their arms full of shopping bags, giggling like a couple of teenage girls. The busty teen and her sexy mother were giddy with the teasing they'd been doing. All throughout the mall, heads turned as they sauntered past, the hot milf and her top-heavy daughter in short skirts drawing every eye. Husbands and boyfriends were slapped or dragged away, salesmen were left speechless, and by the time the two sex magnets were home they were both heady with arousal.

"I thought for sure that one in the blue tie was going to cum in his pants when you bent over for that bottom shelf," Stephanie said to her mother.

Melanie laughed, "Yeah, but it wasn't as good as when you kept bumping that big rack of yours against his back as you pointed out things for me to look at."

Stephanie grinned. It seemed as though, since she turned 18, her mother had been much more open with her. She liked the change. She was coming to find that her mother was just as much of a tease as she herself was.

"I don't know about you," Melanie said, "But I'm beat. I think I'm gonna go have a shower."

Stephanie agreed, but first she dropped her bags in the living room and ran to the first floor bathroom.

Melanie, however, made her way up the stairs. She was concerned about Tori, and wanted to check up on her to see if she was feeling any better. She quickly dropped her bags off on her bed, and made her way down the hall to Tori's room. The door was slightly ajar, which was puzzling, and she could hear some kind of low humming sound from inside. Peeking in through the crack, she was completely unprepared for the sight before her.

She quickly slipped inside and shut the door behind her. Her beautiful daughter was unconscious on the bed. Her whole room reeked of teenage arousal, a thick sweet scent that Melanie was all-too-familiar with. Tori's bed was a mess of sweat. Her sheets were soaking with pussy juice and perspiration. Her legs were spread open, and two of Melanie's dildos were lodged inside Tori's ass and pussy, still vibrating away. It was apparent to the more experienced woman that Tori had obviously cum herself into oblivion. Melanie recalled the many times that she herself had been in a similar state.

Her hands shaking, Melanie looked down at her daughter, recalling her earlier conversation with Stephanie in the car. Maybe Stephanie was right. Tori had certainly overdone her masturbation today. Carefully, Melanie took hold of the vibrator in Tori's pussy and flipped the switch to stop the vibration. Tori didn't even move. She was obviously deeply asleep.

The smell of her young, virgin pussy was heavy on the toy. It was greasy with her teenage cum, slick and sticky. Horny with the taboo of what she was doing, but unable to help herself, Melanie put the dildo to her mouth and tentatively stuck out her tongue. Her head spun as she licked her daughter's cum off the toy, putting it into her mouth to suck all of the sweet nectar off of it. She sighed with happiness. It had been so long since she and her husband had shared any hot young pussy, and Melanie couldn't believe how much she had missed the taste of teenage cunt juice.

After cleaning the toy with her mouth, she slowly eased the second toy from Tori's asshole and flipped it off. This was so dirty. Her mind was in conflict with her body as she slowly brought the toy to her mouth and tasted Tori's ass. She slurped it with passion, cleaning every drop from it. The task done, she turned her attention to her daughter. Tori's body was so hard, toned, and beautiful. But this was her own daughter. She shouldn't have the feelings of desire that were welling up within her right now.

Her mind flashed back to the last young girl she'd been with. Mike's babysitter when he was young had been a college freshman. The horny couple had seduced the younger college girl fairly easily, and for the next year they'd fucker her silly, both individually and together. She could remember clearly watching the tight young college freshman get her inexperienced pussy, ass, and mouth stretched open by John's huge cock. She recalled fondly the times that she had happily licked John's balls while his wife rode his dick up and down. She'd licked her husband's big loads out of the girl's ass and pussy many times, swapped his cum, fucked herself on the young girl's face. But that had been long ago.

Looking down at her daughter's hot young body, Melanie recalled all of these things. But even as horny as the sight made her, Melanie was overcome with motherly love for the poor passed out teen. She took a box of Kleenex from Tori's nightstand, and used them to gently clean her daughter's ass and pussy of her juices. She didn't want to wake the young girl, and so she pulled the sheets up around her, quietly slipped out the door with her borrowed toys, and let Tori rest.

Chapter Seven: I Kissed a Girl

Tori didn't emerge from her room by the time the family finished dinner, and though Stephanie had listened at her door a few times, she hadn't heard anything. Her mother, over dinner, told the family that Tori wasn't feeling well, and should be left alone for the night. A few times, she'd disappeared into Tori's room to check up on her, bring her water, and once something to snack on. Stephanie eavesdropped on those occasions, but wasn't able to hear anything but Tori sobbing quietly. The thought of Tori's tears was enough to make her evening a happy one, though.

By the time morning came, Stephanie was up fairly early. She was getting morning shakes ready for herself and Tori, just in case her sister came down for their morning jog. As usual, she put a drop of Mr. Hart's wonderful solution into Tori's shake. She had just finished dosing it when Mike came into the kitchen. She could clearly see his morning hardon in his boxer shorts, and was suddenly hit with inspiration. Since no one was around, she was fairly certain that it wouldn't be long before her brother was pawing at her body, probably looking to release the big load in his monstrous balls.

Sure enough, as she leaned against the counter, her back arched and ass sticking out behind her in her tight shorts, she felt Mike push up against her backside. One hand roamed up under her shorts, and she spread her legs a little, moaning as Mike's fat finger slid along the folds of her pussy. His other hand slipped into her shirt and groped one of her big tits.