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Korrupting Kayla, Part 6

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Kayla’s bleary eyes fell on her erotic alarm clock, which read 12:37 am. The training recordings still played in her earbuds, while the vibrating egg in her cunt filled her with more good feelings. On the TV, a muscled jock held the ponytails of a busty blonde in each of his hands, using them as handles to plunge his throbbing shaft repeatedly into the woman’s mouth. Rivulets of thick spit coated her face and naked tits. While Kayla could not hear the squelching and gagging sounds the woman was making over the repeated mantra in her earbuds, she could plainly see the effects of the abusive facefucking on the blonde’s reddened face.

Kayla felt in her leaking cunt for the vibrating egg, fished it out, and dragged herself out of bed in the nude. She quietly padded down the hall to the bathroom, past her mother’s room, the earbuds still filling her head with the hypnotic music and dirty phrases that she now understood to be brainwashing away any shred of morality and dignity she may have had. After relieving herself, she carefully headed back to her room, but as she approached her mother’s bedroom door, a flicker of curiosity made her pause. The image of the Professor’s big penis in her mother’s mouth came back to her. The door, again, was slightly ajar. Kayla removed her earbuds, and the nocturnal sounds of the house came to her. Under the sound of the wind sighing outside, she caught a slight murmur on the other side of the door.

Curious, as ever, Kayla crept to the door and peeked through the crack. There, sitting with her legs spread on the bed, was her mother. Her spread legs showed a shaven cunt, which caused a slight twinge of anger to flare inside of Kayla. Sluts have bald, sticky, wet cunts. Her mother was a slut. Stranger, though, was the fact that her mother stared forward into space, her hand between her legs, and she was playing with her very aroused cunt. Still stranger, was Professor Miles, who was dressed in a set of cotton pajamas. He stood in front of Marie, speaking softly and quietly. Kayla strained her ears and listened.

“Your daughter is a slut,” Miles said.

“My daughter is a slut,” Marie repeated.

“You’ve been a good mother, and tried to raise her right, haven’t you?”

“I’ve tried to raise her right.” Marie agreed.

“But, she has a very horny cunt, and despite your best efforts, you have not been able to stop her from behaving very wickedly, have you?”


“Some girls just have very horny cunts,” Miles stated, “and rather than shame them for who they are, it’s important to support their choices, so that they can be taught what kind of life a slut will have.”


“You’ve been a very supportive mother. Being a supportive mother is very important to you, isn’t it?”


“You want to continue supporting your daughter, don’t you?”


“Sex is a natural function for all people, isn’t it?”