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Korrupting Kayla, Part 6


Open to Suggestion

Kayla’s bleary eyes fell on her erotic alarm clock, which read 12:37 am. The training recordings still played in her earbuds, while the vibrating egg in her cunt filled her with more good feelings. On the TV, a muscled jock held the ponytails of a busty blonde in each of his hands, using them as handles to plunge his throbbing shaft repeatedly into the woman’s mouth. Rivulets of thick spit coated her face and naked tits. While Kayla could not hear the squelching and gagging sounds the woman was making over the repeated mantra in her earbuds, she could plainly see the effects of the abusive facefucking on the blonde’s reddened face.

Kayla felt in her leaking cunt for the vibrating egg, fished it out, and dragged herself out of bed in the nude. She quietly padded down the hall to the bathroom, past her mother’s room, the earbuds still filling her head with the hypnotic music and dirty phrases that she now understood to be brainwashing away any shred of morality and dignity she may have had. After relieving herself, she carefully headed back to her room, but as she approached her mother’s bedroom door, a flicker of curiosity made her pause. The image of the Professor’s big penis in her mother’s mouth came back to her. The door, again, was slightly ajar. Kayla removed her earbuds, and the nocturnal sounds of the house came to her. Under the sound of the wind sighing outside, she caught a slight murmur on the other side of the door.

Curious, as ever, Kayla crept to the door and peeked through the crack. There, sitting with her legs spread on the bed, was her mother. Her spread legs showed a shaven cunt, which caused a slight twinge of anger to flare inside of Kayla. Sluts have bald, sticky, wet cunts. Her mother was a slut. Stranger, though, was the fact that her mother stared forward into space, her hand between her legs, and she was playing with her very aroused cunt. Still stranger, was Professor Miles, who was dressed in a set of cotton pajamas. He stood in front of Marie, speaking softly and quietly. Kayla strained her ears and listened.

“Your daughter is a slut,” Miles said.

“My daughter is a slut,” Marie repeated.

“You’ve been a good mother, and tried to raise her right, haven’t you?”

“I’ve tried to raise her right.” Marie agreed.

“But, she has a very horny cunt, and despite your best efforts, you have not been able to stop her from behaving very wickedly, have you?”


“Some girls just have very horny cunts,” Miles stated, “and rather than shame them for who they are, it’s important to support their choices, so that they can be taught what kind of life a slut will have.”


“You’ve been a very supportive mother. Being a supportive mother is very important to you, isn’t it?”


“You want to continue supporting your daughter, don’t you?”


“Sex is a natural function for all people, isn’t it?”


“You enjoy having sex, don’t you?”


“Mastubation is a natural function for all people, isn’t it?”


“You enjoy masturbating, don’t you?”


“It’s natural for your son and daughter to masturbate, isn’t it?”


“It’s natural for your son and daughter to want to have sex, isn’t it?”


“You want to support your son and daughter to do things that are natural, don’t you?”


“You love your children, and want to support them and encourage them.” Miles stated.


“Being a good mother means supporting your children, and encouraging them to do those things that are natural for all people. Your children are naturally curious about sex. Good mothers help their children to understand those things about the world, of which they are curious, don’t they?”

“Yes. Good mothers help their children to understand things about which they are curious.”

“You’re a good mother, Marie.” The Professor praised her, “What will you do as your children become more sexually curious and expressive?”

“I’ll support them and help them to understand things about which they’re curious.”

“That is what a supportive and good mother would do.” The professor agreed.

“Your daughter is a slut.”

“My daughter is a slut.”

“Your daughter is a slut because she’s curious about sex, isn’t she?”


“You’re a good mother. What should you do when your daughter is curious about sex?”

“I should encourage her and help her understand the things she’s curious about.”

“Your son is very curious about a woman’s body, and wonders what it would feel like to have sex with a woman. You’re a good mother. What should you do when your son is curious about having sex with a woman?”

“I should encourage him. Sex is a natural act that everyone enjoys. I should help him understand the things that he’s curious about.” Marie stated.

“Your son only has you and his sister to help him understand sex, doesn’t he?”


“If he looks for understanding outside of his home, he might become a deviant, like Kayla. He might get the wrong answers about sex, and become a deviant. You don’t want him to become a deviant.”


“You want him to understand and learn from someone that cares about him learning the right information, don’t you?”


“Your son is curious about sex with a woman, and he needs the right information. Who has the right information?”

“I do.”

“You want to help your son understand things about which he’s curious.”

“I want to help my son understand things about which he’s curious.”

“You’re a good mother, and helping your son understand things he’s curious about will help him succeed in life.”


“How can you help your son to learn about a woman’s body, and how to enjoy sex?

“I can make sure he has the right information, and encourage him to explore sex at home, where he will get the right information.”

“You’re a good mother.” The professor agreed, again.

“Your daughter is already learning about these things at home, isn’t she?”


“She’s learning to enjoy sex, and you’re helping her to understand that it’s ok to be a slut and like sex. You’re a good mother.”


“You like sex.”


“You are a slut.”


“You like masturbating and having sex.”


As Kayla listened, the Professor went on, reinforcing her mother’s belief that she was a good mother for supporting her children to have sex, to masturbate, to explore and enjoy sex. Her head swimming, Kayla backed away from the door. She couldn’t watch anymore. She crawled back into bed, staring up at the ceiling as the sounds of another woman, this time a redhead, being savagely facefucked, came from the TV. What the fuck was happening to her mother? Clearly the strange changes in her were being caused by something that the Professor was doing. Some kind of hypnosis? What should she do about it? What could she do about it?

The questions went back and forth in her head, until finally, she couldn’t stay awake any longer.


Early in the morning, Kayla wobbled tiredly down the stairs, tottering on a pair of heels. While she was getting better at wearing the things, it still wasn’t easy. Her oversized teenage breasts practically spilled forth from a banded top that seemed more like an infinity scarf that she’d wrapped around her chest. A pair of neon pink panties peeked from beneath an all-too-short, black, denim skirt. The house was quiet this morning. Perhaps the whole family had so much fun abusing her mouth, ass, and pussy the previous evening, that they’d decided to sleep in.

As she reached the foot of the steps, she flipped on the light, and made a little strangled noise in her throat. The wall of family photos now had more new additions. Gone were the “normal” photos that had hung for so many years. Apparently, her brother had been busy with the photo printer overnight. Last year’s yearbook photo was now an 8x10 framed picture of her round, bubble butt covered in a film of her brother’s sperm. A photo taken at the Grand Canyon, where she’d been seated on a donkey and wearing a cowboy hat, was now a large 11x17 printout of her thick lips stretched around Professor Mile’s big penis.

Her father had photographed her in front of the Washington Monument two years ago during a summer vacation to D.C. In its place was her jizz-coated face, mouth open, rivulets of cock cream streaming from her plump cocksucker’s lips. A large photo of her ass and pussy stuffed full of sex toys now hung in place of her cheer photo from her junior year. The photo of her riding a horse was now a photo of her spread legs as she sat in her mother’s lap. The squirming toy was lodged deeply into her cunt, and Marie was cupping her big tits from behind.

Her phone pinged, beckoning her to tear her gaze from the newest horror in her life. She was presented immediately with a new one.

Rich: Hope your review goes well.

The message from her brother included an attached video. She already knew what it was. She knew, too, that she was going to be downloading it to her computer at work, to submit for Master Johnson. The thought should have disgusted her. She should have been appalled. Instead, what she felt was a naughty twinge of excitement at the thought of her boss watching her own mother shove sex toys into her cunt, while a man she hated used her mouth to jerk himself off. What the fuck was happening to her?

Kayla arrived at work and plugged her phone into her computer, where she downloaded the filthy video from her phone. A moment later, it was attached to an email and sent to Master Johnson. She, then, booted up her algorithm matching application and began going through the presented list for the proactive rape allegation database. She began matching a demure photo of a strawberry blonde girl named Rosey Lincoln, with that of the same girl having her anus plugged by a muscled Hispanic man, when her email notification pinged. The simple message from Master Johnson popped up with a one line reply, reading, “Great job. Will review.”

Kayla glanced at the photo on her desk, showing Johnson’s semen coating her surprised face, sighed, and went back to Rosey Lincoln. As usual, she drank from her third bottle of Obsequium from that morning, letting the relaxing sedative warm her cunt. She didn’t need to think about the twisted reality in which she now resided. She just had to match the photos and be a superhero.

“Oversexed blonde asswhore lives up to her potential by taking Hispanic dong up her backdoor.”

The next hour progressed much the same way. Her cunt continued to soak her panties. The algorithm fed her more images of sweet and innocent-looking teens, who turned out to be closet fuckholes. She was in the midst of labeling Misty Lowenstein as a carpet-munching cockgobbler, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped, turned, half-expecting to be confronted by a spurting penis. Instead, she faced a smiling Suck Pet, who promptly stuck her tongue into Kayla’s mouth and groped her boobs. Kayla squealed as the girl pinched her hard nipple and continued to explore her mouth, making Kayla’s cunt gush with a happy feeling.

Seemingly contented, Suck Pet let her mouth free and stroked back her brunette curls, leering at her hungrily.

“Just wanted to say,” the girl began, “that I’m gonna miss you when you move to Media and Marketing next week. You have a real knack for Social Media Outreach, and I hope you get assigned here permanently. If you don’t, though, don’t forget about us.”

“Um…I won’t…” Kayla stammered.

“God, that shell-shocked look on your face never gets old.”

It was at this point that Kayla noticed something new. Around the girl’s neck was a slim, black collar with the words “Suck Pet” imprinted in glittering silver letters.

“Oh, you haven’t gotten yours, yet!” Suck Pet exclaimed, happily.

Kayla felt a cold sense of dread. Yet.

“Company flair!” Suck Pet said, “Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Kayla did not look thrilled.

“Oh, it’s ok, Cumhole,” Suck Pet said soothingly, “It doesn’t even hurt when they put it on.”

“Hurt?” Kayla gulped.

“Oh, well, it’s got this small implant that’s injected into the base of your spine so that they can deliver a concentrated form of Obsequium directly into your brain. I’d imagine that producing all those bottles of the stuff gets pretty expensive, so this is the next logical step. Besides, you’ll have to pee less this way–unless you’re into that sort of thing, which is fine–and it serves as a behavioral monitoring system to help you reinforce using proper language, like that shocking egg thing they make us put in our cunts, only this way they can deliver corrective action straight to the nervous system!”

“Is that… legal?” Kayla wondered aloud.

Suck Pet gave her that cold stare that she recalled from their bathroom adventure, and said, “You do remember where you are, right?”

They… own… everything.

Kayla choked back a sob as she considered what was, undoubtedly, in store for her near future.

“Don’t worry, Cumhole,” Suck Pet said, patting her head kindly, “You’re going to be a great slut.”

With that, the girl strode away, her ass jiggling in her tiny skirt. Kayla turned back to the computer, where Misty Lowenstein’s face was buried between the legs of another girl, while two men jerked themselves off onto her ample teenage bottom. Could this really be happening? A week into working with DomCo, and her entire life now revolved around the most depraved acts of sexual subjegation that she could have never imagined less than a month ago. Yet, here she was, her life now ruled by bodily pleasures.

The computer pinged with another message from Master Johnson, reading, “Please see me at your earliest convenience.”

Kayla felt sick. This was it. When she walked into that office, she was going to walk out with a shiny collar that read, “Cumhole.” Her hands trembled. She should run. She should just get up, and run, now. She could find her dad, tell him everything about what had happened. Surely he could help. Even as she thought it, she knew that it was stupid. She had no idea where her father was. Even if she did find him, what could an architect do against a multinational entity with billions of dollars? No. This was her life.

Instead, she walked to Master Johnson’s door, and waited as Suck Pet buzzed him, then sent her in.

“Good morning, Cumhole,” Johnson greeted her, standing up from the desk.

In his hand, he held a thin, black collar. Kayla began to cry. Johnson rounded the desk and put his arm around her shoulder comfortingly, leading her toward the desk.

“There, there, Cumhole,” He said soothingly, “What are these tears for? There’s nothing to be frightened of here. Did the other girls scare you and tell you that the new company flair would hurt?”

Kayla looked up into his face, and saw only a sense of perverse joy at the sight of her tears. She shook her head.

“Good. Good. Nobody here wants to hurt you. We just want you to be the best that you can be. Now, here you are. We’ll just fit this right here,” he slipped the collar around her neck, and snapped it into place, “and we’re done.”

The collar fit snugly around her neck, but wasn’t uncomfortable.

“Now, you might feel a slight sting,” Johnson said.

Kayla gasped as the collar constricted, and then a pinprick of pain lanced through the back of her neck. She choked with surprise, but the sensation faded quickly. The collar loosened, and then it was back to being only a snug fit.

“You see,” Johnson said, “Nothing to worry about.”

The effect of the concentrated mixture coursing into her brain was near-immediate. Johnson watched as Kayla’s pupils dilated and the euphoria started to hit her. For Kayla, it was like the feeling of Obsequium, but much more potent. Her skin flushed as the pleasant feelings worked their way down her body. The same happy, fuzzy feeling invaded her brain, and she felt very warm all over. She shook her head as she tried to follow what Johnson was saying to her.

“...a quick calibration for the reinforcement software. Cumhole?”

“Yes,” Kayla said, focusing, “I’m sorry. What?”

“I was saying that we need to quickly calibrate the reinforcement software. Will you repeat after me please?”

“O… Ok.”

“Tits,” Johnson said. Kayla repeated.

The overwhelming wave of euphoria from the initial injection had started to level off, but as Kayla repeated the word, it came back, making her feel wonderful again.

“Cunt,” Johnson said. Kayla repeated the dirty word, and the good feeling continued.

Johnson rattled off more vulgar words, which Kayla repeated with the same glowing effect.

“Kayla,” Johnson said, and she repeated her name. This time, there was a blinding agony that caused her to double over. Her vision swam and she clutched at the collar, but it wouldn’t budge. The horrible feeling lasted only a moment, but it was enough. She looked up at Master Johnson with a look of horror.

“Cumhole,” Johnson said, and looked back at her expectantly.

Kayla’s lips quivered, but she hesitatingly repeated her new name, “Cumhole.”

The pleasant feeling flowed back to her brain, and she was able to stand up straight again.

“Excellent,” Johnson said, “Everything seems to be working fine. Off you go, now.” He said dismissively.

Cumhole tottered away on her heels and left the office. When she emerged, Suck Pet took her hand and led her to the restroom, where she stood her in front of the mirror. Together, they looked at the black collar, where her new identity shimmered under the vanity lights. Cumhole.

“What’s your name, honey?” Suck Pet asked, and Kayla felt the girl’s hands creep under her skirt, where they massaged her soaking panties.

Kayla sniffled. This was her life. There was no going back now. She couldn’t even say her own name anymore.

“What’s your name?” Suck Pet repeated softly into her ear, “Tell me.”

“Cu… Cumhole,” Cumhole said, and she felt the tears start to stream down her cheeks.

“That’s right, Cumhole,” said Suck Pet soothingly, stroking her wet cunt.

Positive Reinforcement

Throughout the rest of the morning, Cumhole worked through the never-ending list of subjects on her screen. She sulked, then fumed at the unfairness of her situation, taking out her resentment on the images the algorithm fed her. She set the image metatags to the filthiest things she could imagine.

Lana Burnstone is a fat-titted cock cow with a rapeable asshole, who takes piss showers from unwashed brutes.

Brianna Hummel is a submissive meathole with pin-tits that’s only good for semen injections.

Sophie Vargas is a filthy suckslave for hillbilly meatsticks, whose only purpose is draining the balls of strangers.

When lunchtime came, she slogged her way to the cafeteria and picked at her food, robotically, dreading the end of the workday, when she knew she’d have to go out in public wearing a collar that said Cumhole. Combined with her current lack of dress, there was no way she was going to be able to go anywhere with other people and keep herself from being molested. Or, worse. It was an hour after lunch, when the day took a turn for the worse.

Master Johnson called an all-hands meeting in one of the presentation rooms on the lower floors. Cumhole and Suck Pet, along with the other girls and several male staff members, filed into the room. A buzz of murmuring filled the crowded space as they all took seats. Soon, Master Johnson entered the room, taking up a position at the front, where a large flatscreen hung on the wall. Conversation around the room died down as everyone’s attention shifted.

“Good afternoon, everyone!” Johnson said, “Recently, many of our newest Scout Program employees were given a task to review some upcoming products from Product Development,” He announced, and Cumhole felt a lump in her stomach. Johnson continued, “I’m pleased to announce that the final submission is in, and as a teachable moment, we’re going to present the product reviews that we feel showcase both the best and the worst entrants. Now, this exercise is only to help us all understand what it means to show diligence in our work. Our company has a reputation for excellence, and it’s our intention to take the best of these reviews for use in future marketing campaigns. With that in mind, please pay close attention to these two reviews, and we can all learn what sort of material the company expects to see for future projects.”

Johnson’s eyes scanned the crowd, and finally fell on a tall girl with strawberry blonde hair that fell straight down her back, like a waterfall. Cumhole thought that it was some of the most perfect hair she’d ever seen.

“Sugar Puss, would you come to the front, please?” Johnson said to the girl. She looked as though she wanted to crawl under her chair as all the eyes in the room fell on her.

The girl stood, walking slowly to the front, her heels clicking on the hard floor. Her tits jiggled delightfully in a banded white crop top, and the cheeks of her well-rounded ass made an impressive display as she hiked up the steps to join Johnson.

“Sugar Puss,” Johnson said, “after reviewing your submission, we have decided to mark it as unacceptable,” The girl looked as though she might cry, but Johnson went on, “Now, we are going to give you a chance to make it up, and we think the best way to do so would be for you to conduct a new review here in front of your supportive teammates!”

The girl’s legs began to shake with fright, as the implications of what Johnson said sunk in. A door to the side of the stage opened, and a technician wheeled out what looked like a massage chair, parking it next to Johnson.

“Please, have a seat,” Johnson ordered.

The girl sat in the chair. Johnson parted her legs, looked under her skirt, nodded in approval at her lack of undergarments, and stepped back. The screen behind him came to life suddenly, filled with a still image of Sugar Puss, sitting on (presumably) her bed at home. She held a small, black vibrator in her hand.

“This is your original submission?” Johnson asked. The girl nodded, her face red.

The video began to play. Sugar Puss’ bubbly voice came over the speakers around the room, “This tiny toy is clearly meant for vaginal stimulation. One would insert it, and power it on to achieve orgasm,” she explained, and then picked up the next toy, which was recognizable as the rabbit, and she went on to describe it, “While this one stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris through vibration,” lastly she displayed the butt plug and said, “this item is meant for the anus, and can be used to adapt the anal ring in preparation for anal intercourse.”

The video ended. Johnson wore a frown as he said, “The assignment was to review the products and their function. However, this submission simply describes the products and their intended function in terse, clinical language. Sugar Puss,” he turned to the girl, “do you believe this submission would entice you to purchase these products for your own use?”

The girl shook her head, her jaw quivering.

“Correct. It does not,” Johnson agreed.

Johnson motioned the tech forward. The man moved behind the seated Sugar Puss, reached over the chair and removed her top, baring her substantial and firm breasts to the room. He moved to the front, where he placed her feet into the chair’s stirrups, and strapped them in. Next, he maneuvered a tripod near the chair, made some adjustments to a small digital camera mounted on the tripod, and then nodded. Johnson clicked the remote in his hand, and the image on the screen changed to an enlarged view of Sugar Puss’ sugary puss, which was clearly aroused and secreting girl cream.

“The device you are sitting in is a prototype unit for home use,” Johnson explained, “It has multiple massage functions, as well as a few hidden treats for customers that desire a bit of extra stimulation! Sugar Puss, would you please describe the product in the best detail that you can, as well as the experience you’re having as we display these functions?”

Without waiting for the girl to respond, Johnson took a proffered remote from the tech and studied it, then clicked a button. The hum of the chair vibrating filled the room.

“The massage function consists of multiple zones and rollers, as well as a heat function. Would you please describe the experience for us?”

The girl said something inaudible.

“I’m sorry, dear, but no one can hear you.”

The tech fished in his pocket, then offered Johnson a clip-on microphone, which he took, switched on, and then attached the alligator clip to the girl’s left nipple, making her squeal loudly into the microphone. Oddly, this made Cumhole’s cunt twitch, and she pressed her legs together.

“Please repeat your previous statement.” Johnson instructed.

In a trembling voice, the topless girl repeated, “The massagers feel wonderful on my back and thighs. The heat is just right and it’s loosening the tension in my muscles.”

“Tension in your muscles?” Johnson queried, “Are you tense because your big, round tits are on display to everyone here?”


“And they can see your excited cunt on the TV, can’t they?”

“Yes,” The girl agreed and began to cry.

Johnson clicked another button. On the screen, the audience could see a small protrusion rise from the seat and press against the girl’s anus. Her face showed a look of surprise.

“Can you tell us what you’re feeling?” Johson asked.

“It’s… There’s… something rubbing my… my asshole. It’s warm and slippery and feels good.”

Johnson clicked again on the remote, which sent a phallic device out of the seat, and into the girl’s spread cunt. She moaned into the microphone as the device pushed its way into her body.

“And now?” Johnson asked.

“Oooh, it’s… in… my… pussy!”

The machine began to fuck the girl slowly as the audience watched the close-up view of her spread lips on the TV. The device pushed in and withdrew in a robotic rhythm, then began to vibrate and twist, sending the girl into shuddering orgasms. The gathered crowd watched her pelvic muscles clench, her hips bucking against the invading machine that was now driving her crazy. Sugar Puss’ sultry moans echoed out of the speakers around the room as she was forced to cum repeatedly in front of her coworkers.

“Please try to convey what you’re feeling, Sugar Puss.” Johnson said calmly and increased the speed of the machine so that it was mercilessly hammering the girl’s splayed cunt to the point that all she could do was grip the arms of the chair and grunt.

“Fuck… oh, fuck!” she said, “Fuck me harder! Harder! Right there! Oh, God, fuck!”

Johnson clicked again, and Sugar Puss’ knuckles on the chair turned white. She gritted her teeth, her head pressed back against the chair.

“Please tell us what’s just happened.” Johnson said.

“Oooh, it’s… it’s… fucking… in my fucking… ass!”

“Is this a new experience for you?”

“Oh fuck… oh fuck! Yes!”

The two heads on the machine now worked in tandem, stuffing the girl’s fuckholes tirelessly as she trembled and came again, then again.

“So good… oh shit, that’s so… good!” she squealed.

“You’re enjoying the experience, yes?”

“Oh, fuck!”

“It would be safe to say, then, that you are well on your way to becoming an anal whore. Is that right?”

“I… Ohmigod!”

Johnson increased the speed again.

“Is that right?” he repeated.

“Yes!” the girl screamed and bounced herself back against the fucking machines.

“Would you please tell the audience that you’re an anal whore?”

“Fuck! I’m… I’m an… an anal whore!”

As Cumhole sat amidst the other girls, she was acutely aware of the thick musk of aroused cunts all around her. Some of the girls were openly masturbating themselves as they watched Sugar Puss’ abuse in the chair. Others attempted to remain stoic, legs pressed firmly together. The hum of the chair continued to fill the room, but Johnson removed the microphone from the girl’s nipple. The chair continued to pummel her ass and pussy, but the screen went dark again. The technician continued to film the quivering teenager in the chair, who was now a drooling mess muttering to herself as the machine fucked her, punctuated periodically by cries of orgasmic bliss. Johnson, now, ignored her.

“We can see that this is a much more successful marketing message,” he said to the crowd, “Now, let’s move on to our best entry. Cumhole, would you please come to the front?”

Cumhole felt sick. Everyone in the room would be looking at her. They would all see the video. Still, she did as ordered. On wobbly legs, she made her way to the stage and climbed the steps. On the screen, a giant image of her naked twat appeared, the small vibrator pressed against her shiny slit, held in her mother’s hand.

“This next submission,” Johnson announced, “is exactly the kind of marketing material that gets across the departments’ message. As you’ll see, there is thorough use of the equipment, and examples of the effects they provide.”

Cumhole stood next to Johnson, biting her lip and trying not to cry.

“Cumhole, would you please tell us who this is, holding the product against your wet cunt?”

She mumbled an answer, but of course the audience could not hear her. Johnson reached out and pulled the band of her top up, causing her large teenage udders to burst into view and bounce wildly. Then, he clipped the microphone to her nipple, which made her squeak and begin to cry.

“Would you repeat that, please?” he asked

She choked out, “My… my mom.”

There were some murmurs in the crowd at this admission, but Johnson ignored these and started the video. The sounds of her excited moaning poured from the speakers as her mother slid the vibrator through her pussy slit, and then the groan of the penetration as she slipped it into her fuck channel.

“And can you tell us who the studious cameraperson is that took this delightful video?”

“My brother,” she sobbed.

“Well, I commend your family for being so supportive of your chosen profession,” Johnson said with an approving nod, then to the audience, “You can see here,” he continued as the Kayla in the video began to orgasm, “that Cumhole’s very aroused twat is gripping the product quite tightly, even eagerly. It’s as though her cunt has completely taken over her senses and is acting only in the interests of its own greedy pleasure. Would you say that this is an accurate observation?”

She nodded in agreement. They watched the next few minutes in silence, observing her over-sexed cunt as it spasmed and dripped clear nectar all over her mother’s hand. Then, she spread her legs wider as the rabbit toy was pushed up inside of her.

“The next product,” Johnson went on, “Seems to have an even greater effect. You can see, here, that our subject’s legs widen in anticipation of further enjoyment. Her vocalizations, likewise, lead us to conclude that she has entered a state of utter euphoria, in which all conscious thought of her actions has fled. Was this the case, Cumhole?”

She buried her face in her hands and cried as she nodded agreement.

“In fact, such is her aroused state that she becomes completely pliable, allowing her helpful family members to take whatever liberties they wish with her.”

Just behind her, she heard the sound of the girl in the chair mumbling through another orgasm. It seemed that the relentless pounding of the fuck machine had reduced her to little more than animal grunts now, as it continued working away at her sore fuckholes. On the screen, Kayla had been maneuvered into her prone position now, and an enlarged image showed the butt plug sliding into her ass.

“Finally, our last product has added a new level of stimulation, which has caused our subject to completely submit. We can observe this effect here,” he pointed out, as the camera panned from her stuffed butt to the image of her sweaty face, where her lips were wrapped around the head of the Professor’s fat penis. Johnson continued, “This portion in particular showcases wonderfully the effects of using products in concert with one another to reach their maximum potential. The endowed male specimen also receives a significant benefit from the products, as we’ll see.”

The gathered employees watched for minutes as the Professor slowly fucked her mouth. Then, they saw in crystal-clear high definition, the veins on the underside of his cock pulse. In the background the sound of the butt plug being removed came from the speakers, and then the shocked look on her face froze as she was blasted by a jet of thick, hot jizz. The image, paused to perfectly capture her degradation, hung gigantic in front of the audience.

“Finally, we can see the culmination of the experience at this moment,” Johnson said, “and we, also, can see that Cumhole’s moniker is quite well-deserved. Apt, even. Wouldn’t you agree, dear?”

Cumhole nodded in agreement. Of course, he was right. She’d just lay there and let her naughty cunt control her actions. She’d let a man she despised pump his semen into her mouth, and all over her face, while she orgasmed like a filthy cumhole.

“We hope that in future projects, all of you will be so keen as to show ambition toward excellence,” Johnson praised, “and I’m happy to announce that we’ve chosen this submission for the marketing campaign for these products. Excellent work. You may take your seat”

Another grunt from Sugar Puss signaled that the girl was still cumming in the chair.

Uses for Your Cumhole

Cumhole had difficulty concentrating the rest of the day. The constant trickle of aphrodisiacs and sedatives being pumped into her body, as well as the shame of having over 50 of her coworkers watch the filthy video led to alternating waves of horror and arousal. While she struggled to make sense of why this turned her on, the ever-present warmth between her legs made it hard to puzzle through her mixed emotions.

On the one hand, it was horrible. DomCo was exploiting her, forcing her down a path of sexual submission and servitude. They’d taken complete control of her life, making her nothing but a puppet. They delighted in her humiliation and suffering, encouraged it at every opportunity, or created opportunity for it. At the same time, she reflected, the situations in which she was embarrassed or being controlled were always the most erotic and thrilling.

Just a few weeks ago, she’d been the naive, fidgety, bland girl with the stupid bow in her hair and an ivory sweater. Today, she was still naive and fidgety, but she was desirable, lusty, experiencing pleasures that she’d never have even imagined a month ago. When people used her for their pleasure, she felt an odd sense of purpose. She was making them happy. They loved her body, her silly, embarrassed looks, her natural nervousness. When they were playing with her, though, the nervousness seemed to fade. It felt natural for her to be an object of pleasure. In the same odd way, it increased her own pleasure.

As the workday came to a close, Cumhole shut down her computer. When she picked up her purse to leave, Suck Pet seemed to materialize in front of her. Cumhole was consciously aware of herself checking out the other girl’s big tits and lean legs, remembering how her sexy tongue had felt inside her mouth just that morning.

“Hey Cumhole,” Suck Pet said, “Just wanted to say goodbye.”

She wrapped her arms around Cumhole and stroked her back as she slid her tongue into her mouth again, this time kissing her slowly and sensually. Her hands fell to Cumhole’s ass, and she groped her cheeks under the denim skirt as her lips smacked hotly with her own. Cumhole’s excited quim leaked sex cream into her panties as she became more aroused at the sexy treatment. Finally, Suck Pet pulled away with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“If you’re not doing anything tonight,” the girl said, “some of the girls are going out Baiting tonight. You should come, and maybe we can totally lez out afterwards.”

Cumhole still couldn’t get a grip on how other girls could so casually discuss these things, as though it were perfectly normal to invite your co-workers out after hours to have steamy lesbian sex.

“Um, thanks, but I have some plans with a friend,” she answered, and then asked, “What’s Baiting?”

“Oh!” Suck Pet exclaimed, “Baiting. Like, rape-baiting. We go out and cocktease to see who can get raped first. Of course, it’s not really rape, since we’re asking for it, but you haven’t really been fucked until you’ve had a guy just take you like he deserves that pussy simply for being male. I mean, he does, but it’s amazing because he’s just so turned on that you’re basically just a receptacle for his hard cock to jerk off into. God, it’s hot. I’m fucking soaked just thinking about it. There’s something psychologically stimulating about being dehumanized to the point that you’re essentially a wet hole to satisfy his penis.”

Cumhole had heard her fair share of weirdness since starting at DomCo, but she was pretty sure that this was the most bizarre thing she’d heard yet. She just stared, open-mouthed at Suck Pet, who casually sipped a bottle of Obsequium as though what she’d just said was the most natural thing to roll off of someone’s tongue. While Cumhole herself was still, mentally, fighting against her unwilling brainwashing from average teenager to fucktoy, Suck Pet had–literally–drank the Koolaid. She was a complete company girl.

“I’m just… gonna go now, but I’ll… see you around?” Cumhole said, edging around the other girl.

“Cool. If you change your mind, text me!”

She tapped her phone against Cumhole’s and a contact card appeared on the screen. She saved it, just so she didn’t seem rude, of course. There was no way that she was going to text this girl so they could go out and get raped together, she told herself. Suck Pet drifted away, to join a small group of other girls, where they began talking excitedly. She pushed the elevator button far too many times in her haste to get away, until finally the doors opened.

As she got into her car, her phone pinged again, this time with a notification from her banking app. She flicked it open, put her thumb to the screen and was logged in. There, she saw her first deposit from DomCo. $961. She just looked at the numbers. One week, $961. These past few days she’d been so focused on going from one embarrassing situation to another, that she’d nearly forgotten that there was actually going to be a paycheck from all of this. Here it was, though, all hers.

For a moment she forgot all about the collar on her neck, pumping sedatives and aphrodisiacs into her body. She forgot about the brainwashing hypnotic recordings and the fact that she had just been stripped of her given name. For just a moment she allowed herself to dream of having a little apartment where it was just her. Nobody was waiting at home to spank her or shove toys up her cunt. She wasn’t watching a strange Professor brainwash her mother into becoming an incestuous slut toy. She was free. Maybe she’d even get a puppy. For this moment, just this moment, she closed her eyes, and everything was normal.


My thanks to you for completing book one of Korrupting Kayla! The descent into slutdom for poor Cumhole has only begun. Book Two of the series is available in the shop. Look for Book Three in the fall of 2023

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