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Korrupting Kayla, Part Seven

In preparation for the upcoming conclusion of the Korrupting Kayla Trilogy, the chapters from Book Two will start rolling out as we approach the DomCo conclusion. You can start the Kayla saga with Korrupting Kayla, Part One here!

This introduction chapter references a character from an Edge side story, PrettyN'Pink. You can read The Penalty for Failure here. If you'd like to read the Book Two release post, you can find it at the link.

Author's Insights:

I thought it might be fun to detail some of the things that change in the course of writing a story. When I first drafted this opening, there were two differences from the published version.

Initially, Tiffany made the suggestion in The Uses for Your Cumhole, that she and Kayla go out to dinner. Naturally, Kayla is reluctant to go out in public with a slut collar on. Tiffany suggested hiding the collar by wrapping a scarf around it. In the first draft, the collar began shocking Kayla for attempting to hide it. This left Tiffany feeling horrible and guilty. I discarded that idea and went with the final version you'll read here.

The other change was a big one. I did want Kayla to finally have sex in this book. In the first draft of the story, Cole takes Kayla's virginity with Tiffany's assistance. That part was eventually cut, as I felt it wasn't quite humiliating enough for Kayla. Instead, Kayla's virginity went to someone else in the later part of the book. That was a more satisfying way for it to happen and more in keeping with the tone of the story.

Chapter One: Holes, Tits, and Tech

PrettyN’Pink’s greatest failure, during all her time in Edge, had been that of The Great Hunt. Even months after that failed attempt to capture some of the greatest rewards she’d ever seen, she still hadn’t recovered from the loss of rank. The event had cost her one of her favorite cars, a big chunk of her inventory, as well as some useful bits of Edge tech.

Today, her failure exceeded that one by a mile. Several miles, really. It was supposed to have been a simple courier challenge. If simple meant anything when one was transporting sex slaves. Only, this particular package wasn’t just a well-trained slut. This one was, well, she wasn’t exactly sure what the girl was.

Not right in the head is what she was, Pretty had observed. The girl was bald-headed and tended to babble, mostly in a sequence of numbers. She waved her hands about while staring into space, as though manipulating something only she could see. Only, she didn’t wear Haloes. That much Pretty was certain of.

She also wore what looked for all the world like a hospital gown, which was not typical of any slave she’d transported before. They were usually scantily clad or completely nude. Most of them were also fucked in the head, but not like this. And then Pretty lost her. She’d lost the goddamn package.

Even now she couldn’t figure out quite how it had happened, but she suspected it was something to do with a Siren’s Song. She’d been hit with one before by an Enforcer. Anyone that had felt that awestruck, worshipful feeling, then the heartbreaking depression that came after, never forgot it. It was what she felt now, only multiplied by a very real sense of ultimate failure.

She could still hear the song in her head, even hours later. No matter how it happened, the result was the same. Pretty had failed the challenge. Not only failed to deliver, but she’d lost the package. That wasn’t just a penalty, which was dire for this challenge, but something devastating. The two Enforcers now riding in the van with her indicated that she was going to face consequences far more horrible than simply the loss of rank, money, and getting hit with a 90-day slave penalty. Edge didn’t send Enforcers out for small tasks, and even requesting one to intervene on your behalf carried a penalty.

She didn’t dare ask where she was being taken. They wouldn’t tell her. She was nothing to them, just another game piece. Only, she wasn’t even a game piece anymore. They’d taken her Haloes. The loss of those, after being attached to them for almost a year, felt like losing a limb. No HUD, no server, no augmented sight. Being strictly human again was pretty disconcerting. Terrifying, really.

The drive to wherever they were bound, she guessed, took over an hour. When the van finally stopped, the two Enforcers pulled her from the back and walked her, holding her bound arms, through a heavy door in a parking garage. Wordlessly, they rode an elevator downward until they emerged in another hall. Then, she was guided to a white room with a chair, where they stripped her. Into the chair she went, shaking from the cold and the fear.

The nudity was nothing to her at this point. Pretty had been humiliated and degraded so often in her months in Edge that she didn’t give a second thought to being naked. Hell, she could have been butt naked with a dick in her ass at a Presidential inauguration and been cool about it. The trembling came from the fear.

Edge wasn’t some little operation. In her months spent forced to play, she’d come to understand that whoever was behind it had more money than she could imagine and so much influence that she was sure they could off her without a single eyebrow being raised. They were people you didn’t fuck with and, until today, she had never done so. She’d capitulated after the first home invasion and family blackmail, like a whipped dog.

Pretty had cried a few times in those early days. The first time she’d been taken against her will, she’d cried. When she fully gave in, left her family behind, and became PrettyN’Pink, she’d cried. It had been a long time since she had, but today, she cried when they shaved her head. She loved her fucking hair.

Naked, bald, and afraid, they took her arms again and led her out of the room. Another hallway. Another elevator. Further and further into the ground, they took her. Pretty didn’t believe in Hell, but the further the elevator took them, the more she started to believe.

When they led her down another hallway and finally opened a giant steel door that looked like something out of a nuclear bunker, she believed. Inside the large room were rows and rows of chairs. These were not just seats, however. These were… stations, she guessed, and when she saw the empty one that they guided her to, she knew that this one was hers.

Each of the stations was a reclined couch, which was designed for long-term comfort. That did not make her feel any better. What horrified her was that in each of the stations was a woman. Each woman was nude, and they were strapped to the chairs with metal cuffs on their wrists and ankles. Over the head of each woman was some sort of weird helmet, with a black visor in the front. Hoses ran from between their legs into the floor.

Pretty was placed in her chair and the metal straps held her in place. Pleading with her captors would do no good, but she did it anyway. They didn’t listen. They placed one of the weird helmets over her head and everything went dark. Only a moment later, some kind of crystal lattice winked into existence in her vision and began to spin. As she watched it fold and contort into new shapes, she heard a humming, which reminded her of the Siren’s Song.

The hum changed several times, seemingly directly in her head, like the song, and with each strange new shape the lattice made, Pretty felt like her mind was being sucked away. Then, there was a cacophony of voices, all of them shouting back and forth, chattering away like the most crowded room she’d ever been in. She thought she might have screamed, but she couldn’t actually hear it over the din.

Slowly, too slowly, so fucking slowly that she felt her sanity running out of her ears, the voices began to wink out. First, they popped away one by one, like soap bubbles in a bath. Then, they began to wink out so rapidly that it was like automatic gunfire in her head. The reports were deafening at first, but coalesced, becoming a single thumping beat, like listening to a steady heart.

The heartbeat slowed, pulsed in time with her own. Maybe it was her own. Then the voices were back, all of them, but speaking as one. They spoke a million things, and yet, she understood. And then she saw it all, laid out before her like she was standing on a mountain overlooking the entire world.

It was Edge. They were Edge. She was Edge. She had only one second of clear thought as she realized the truth. All those pieces, just like her, all the challenges, the tasks, the rewards, all of it happening in real-time. Coordinating something like that couldn’t be done with the most powerful computers on the planet. And so, they’d built their own, and they’d built it out of people. Then, she was part of it, and the realization went away, just like Pretty.


Chapter Two: The Uses for Your Cumhole

Kayla made the drive over to Tiffany’s house with her chemically manipulated cunt soaking the seat. On arriving, her oversexed blonde friend took in the look of her with uncharacteristic shock. Kayla was sweating, the chemicals coursing through her body pumping up her arousal beyond anything she’d ever experienced. This was like Obsequium on steroids. She could actually feel her secretions running down her legs. She had a wild, glazed-over look in her eyes and smelled of sex.

“Holy shit!” Tiffany exclaimed, “Are you for fucking real?”

“Cum!” Kayla jabbered, her brow sweating and body shaking, “Need to cum!”

“You came to the right place!” Tiffany cried happily and pulled her inside.

Tiffany went to work on her naked cunt with a mission, sucking, stroking, and licking Kayla to a trio of delicious orgasms, before she finally calmed enough to become coherent and have a conversation. Laying naked together, Tiffany toying with the collar, her friend asked the obvious question.

“So, what’s with this thing?”

Kayla swallowed and said, “It’s the new company policy. They’re… it injects that stuff into my brain so I’m always going to be horny. And it will punish me if I don’t call myself Cumhole.”

She broke down and sobbed. Tiffany wrapped her arms around her, cradling and letting her cry.

“Oh, Kayla,” She said softly, “I’m so sorry. I had no idea what they were really like. This is all my fault!”

“Cumhole… “ Kayla said through her tears.


“My name is Cumhole,” she said sadly.

Kayla felt a shiver of sexual excitement pass through Tiffany’s body.

“Fuck,” she said, “I can’t decide if it’s totally fucked, or totally hot.”

Kayla looked at her in horror, wiping tears from her eyes.


Tiffany nodded and said, “Okay, yeah, it’s fucked. It really is. Being a cumhole is something that you should decide for yourself. It’s just, well, you know me. Kinky.”

Kayla nodded. She did know. Tiffany loved dirty things. Collared sluts being forced into constant arousal was certainly something that would make Tiffany wet.

“Okay.” Tiffany said, “So, how do we beat it? How do we get Kayla back?”


“Yeah. How can we get you free?”

“We can’t,” Kayla said. “They’ll destroy me.”

“There has to be a way,” Tiffany said, her brows knitting in concentration. “Let me think about it.”

“Don’t do something stupid,” Kayla warned her.

“Me? Never!”

Kayla rolled her eyes.

“Hey,” Tiffany added, “Why don’t we go do something normal? Let me take you out for dinner.”

“Dinner? In public? I’m dressed like a slut and wearing a slave collar that says Cumhole!”

“Maybe we’ll just order in,” Tiffany said.

Kayla nodded, fingering the cruel collar.

While waiting for their food to arrive, Tiffany suddenly sat up straight.

“What?” Kayla asked.

“Maybe you’re thinking about this all wrong,” she said.


“Kayla, they aren’t the ones in control. You are!” Tiffany said excitedly.

Kayla touched the collar around her neck and said, “This seems to indicate otherwise.”

“No, no. Think about it. They want you. You have what they desire. They’re the slaves here. They’re slaves to their own desires! Not just you, specifically, but all of us. They’re so ruled by their need for us that they’re funneling shitloads of money and resources into making us into sexy, compliant little sluts for their pleasure,” Tiffany explained in a rush, her thought train charging ahead full steam.

“And this gives me power, how?” Kayla asked.

“You’re so focused on just reacting to what’s been happening, thinking only about what they’re doing to you. You need to start thinking about what you can do! Instead of fighting the fact that they’re turning you into a brainwashed sex toy, maybe you should be proactive in becoming the best sex toy you can be, and use that fact to get yourself into a real position of power. Think about Johnson’s assistant. Is she ever called out or punished? Do they go out of their way to abuse and humiliate her?”

Kayla thought about it. It was true. Suck Pet was a true company girl, and instead of suffering torment after torment, they gave her free reign to do as she pleased, even going so far as to punish the other girls and make them comply with the rules.

“They don’t,” Kayla agreed, “She can do anything she wants. She’s a true company girl.”

Tiffany nodded and went on, “And if you were a company girl, if you threw yourself into the role, they’d give you power.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Yeah! From now on, you’re Cumhole. Forget about Kayla. What did Kayla ever do for you anyway? Kayla didn’t have the chance to move up the ranks of one of the most dominant entities on the planet. She didn’t get to live a life of pleasure and power. Cumhole does. You’re company property, now. What do you think the company is going to do to protect its property, its asset that it’s spent all this time and energy to train? They need you to help them take over the world. Are you going to dominate, or be dominated?”

Kayla thought about the heavy proposition. The company had her, literally, collared and under their control. There was no one to turn to. No one could help. They controlled judges, lawyers, politicians, medicine, and schools. Nearly every part of society, they had some evil hand in, turning people toward their cause with the two greatest rewards: sex and money. She could keep fighting them, and they’d continued to make her life hell. She’d spend every day being humiliated and degraded, punished until they’d broken her. Or she could toe the line. If she actually became a company girl, they’d treat her like Suck Pet. She’d be rewarded.

Kayla’s phone pinged. She checked it and found an email from the Media and Marketing department.

“Dear Cumhole,” it read, “Welcome to Media and Marketing! We’re so excited to have you working with us during your Scout training. The goal of our department is pretty self-explanatory. We market the company’s services and products, and help to produce media in all forms. This includes written media, visual, audio, and even video and computer games. In preparation for your start on Monday, you will find attached an outline of your first assignment, in order to help you start brainstorming. Don’t worry. Your new Master will get you off to a great start, so try not to think too hard about it. We know it can be difficult. Please view the attachment and give it some thought over the weekend.”

Kayla showed Tiffany the message.

“Wow!” Tiffany exclaimed. “What does the attachment say?”

Kayla clicked the attached file, which contained an outline and instructions about her assignment.

“On the Uses for your Cumhole,” it read, “In this assignment, you will help to craft an educational pamphlet about the uses for a Cumhole. Please craft the pamphlet as follows… “

The instructions detailed the assignment:

  1. A short paragraph describing a cumhole.

  2. Four bullet points detailing acceptable uses for the cumhole.

  3. Appropriate actions to correct the misbehavior of a reluctant cumhole.

  4. At least one photographic example of a cumhole in use, for each bullet point, to illustrate the proper usage.

They read the instructions together.

“God!” Tiffany said, “That’s seriously fucked! It’s crazy hot, but, super fucked.”

Just when Kayla thought that nothing else DomCo did to her could be surprising, something else was.

“You have to let me help!” Tiffany said.

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” Kayla added, touching the collar.

“This is your opportunity to shine.” Tiffany said, “Give them exactly what they want.”

Tiffany retrieved her laptop from her desk and booted it up. A moment later, she had a word processor open.

“What is a cumhole?” Tiffany asked, giddy.

Kayla sighed, closed her eyes, thought about the bombardment of utter depravity that she’d been subjected to for the last week, and paired it with the corporate propaganda she’d been fed by DomCo. Tiffany typed as she dictated.

“Your cumhole is a depository for your pleasurable ejaculations. It should be thought of as a favorite toy, or an instrument of pleasure for your sexual gratification. When not in use, your cumhole may serve other functions, but its primary use should always be for your pleasure. No matter your gender, your cumhole serves as a go-to relief aid, whose designated function is that of a receptacle for seminal or vaginal fluids.”

“Jesus,” Tiffany said, “And here I thought I was a pervert.”

Kayla flushed as the collar filled her with pleasant feelings.

“Acceptable uses?” Tiffany said, and mused, “Well, there’s the obvious.”

“1- Your cumhole has multiple pleasure sheaths, each of which serves the same primary function, but which can provide you with relief in different ways. Your cumhole’s mouth, for example, can be used as a masturbation device. This can either be through your own action or by setting the cumhole to “autopilot” in which it will complete its function, extracting its reward through its own efforts.” Tiffany wrote, and Kayla felt herself growing wetter.

Kayla added the second point, “2- It is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged, to offer your cumhole to friends, relatives, or acquaintances for their own use. The cumhole derives its purpose through frequent and thorough use of its abilities.”

“3- Your cumhole,” Cumhole added the next point, “can serve as more than just a depository, should you need other forms of relief. In the event of pent-up emotion, it is perfectly acceptable to release your tension on your cumhole’s naked bottom or slutty twat. Causing permanent damage to your cumhole is discouraged, but the cumhole is your property and should be treated as such.”

“4- Your cumhole can be used as a means of passive income. By creating educational or entertaining content, such as photos or videos, of your cumhole in use, you can profit through the sale of this content to those that may not be as fortunate in their availability of readily usable cumholes.”

“God, this is so fucking kinky,” Tiffany said, stroking herself. “

Kayla had to agree. The fact that she was creating an educational document about how to properly degrade and sexualize girls just like her (and herself, in particular, given the pamphlet title) was simultaneously disgusting and empowering. She imagined the Media and Marketing department printing up millions of copies of the pamphlet, distributing them throughout the company, online, and in print. Perverts across the world were going to be reading what she’d written, and as a result, she was furthering the company’s goals of turning other girls into reluctant cumholes, just like her. It might even happen to Tiffany. She looked at her friend’s excited, grinning face, and imagined her with a black collar that read, “Tongue Candy,” pumping aphrodisiacs into her brainstem, leaving her pussy a constantly soaking and excited mess.

Kayla frigged her twat as she watched Tiffany’s face change from kinky excitement to curiosity, and then to concern. Fuck! She couldn’t help herself. Tiffany didn’t have big tits like her or the other girls. The company would probably force her to get implants, increasing her bust size to something more appropriate for a hard dick to slide between. Her sexy blonde friend would become a toy for pleasure, getting her new fake tits splattered with the jizz of strangers while Kayla watched, wearing a pair of vibrating panties, and Suck Pet called her a slut.

Kayla gasped, rubbing her clit vigorously as Tiffany stared at her, mouth open in shock. Kayla came, thinking of Master Johnson pushing his cock into that open mouth until he ejaculated into Tiffany like a cumhole.

“Fuck! Oh, fuck!” Kayla gasped and came on her hand, her pussy soaking Tiffany’s sheets.

“What the fuck?” Tiffany said, “What was that?”

Kayla smeared her own juices on her fingers and sucked them off with her mouth, her warm and happy cunt sated for the moment. The dirty image slipped away, and clarity began to return.

“I… I just had to… to cum…” Kayla answered, “I think it’s the collar. Since I left the office, it’s like the effect has gotten stronger.”

“A week ago, you wouldn’t even get naked in front of me!” Tiffany said, “Now look at you, Cumhole,” Kayla felt a shiver of perverted excitement as her friend called her Cumhole, “You just played with your naked pussy in front of me. That was super hot!”

“Tiffany,” she said, coming to her senses, “They’re going to do it to you, too. They’re going to do it to all of us.”

“If that’s the case, then we need to make sure you’re a vital part of it. Let’s keep going. Are you okay?”

Kayla nodded, idly stroking her slippery slit. She felt like she could lay here and play with her wet pussy all night, as the concentrated Obsequium flowed into her brain.

“Appropriate actions for correcting a reluctant cumhole?” Tiffany asked.

Kayla thought back to the training video, and her own disciplinary actions. How many bullet points did she need? The instructions didn’t specify. Four bullet points seemed sufficient. Though thinking was difficult, she tried to imagine the way Master Johnson talked during today’s meeting. DomCo would want this to sound as though subjecting women to this sort of treatment was the most normal thing anyone could do. She felt that they’d, likewise, wish the readers of this horror she was crafting to make use of DomCo’s other products and services. She dictated as Tiffany typed.

Your cumhole might get silly ideas into its stupid head, once in a while, and be reluctant to serve its purpose. In the event your cumhole is unwilling to comply, corrective measures may be necessary. Not all cumholes receive proper, lifelong training to reinforce desired behaviors, after all. How you choose to deal with a reluctant cumhole is, ultimately, your choice. Listed below, you will find some suggestions on how to correct unwanted behaviors.

  • Forced chastity is an acceptable and encouraged solution for correcting bad behaviors. The DomCo subsidiary, Jiggly’s, offers a wide assortment of devices for your use in this case. Chastity belts, combined with the insertion of vibrating or shocking toys can instill a sense of obedience in your cumhole.

  • Restraint, while not a preferred solution when it is forced on the cumhole, can still aid in achieving the desired outcome. Some suggested tools for this use include spreader bars, manacles, ropes, chains, handcuffs, or even household objects in a pinch. While DomCo does not condone violence, it may be necessary to have one or more friends, relatives, or colleagues assist in restraining the cumhole so that you can make use of it.

  • Coercion is encouraged. Not all cumholes, at present, are comfortable with the general public or close acquaintances knowing that they are a cumhole. Rest assured, management is working on a solution to this problem. In the meantime, a simple threat of exposing your cumhole’s purpose to others is usually enough to make your cumhole comply.

  • Psychological conditioning, while not a short-term solution, is an excellent means of reinforcing the cumhole’s purpose. DomCo provides extensive aids to help you condition your cumhole, and make it the best it can be. This technique, when combined with others, such as restraint and forced chastity, are compelling methods for the long-term training of a useful cumhole.

Tiffany’s hands shook as she typed the utterly deranged words spilling from her friend’s once shy and reserved mouth. The nervous girl, once scared of her own body, was now spewing some of the most misogynistic and demeaning filth that Tiffany could imagine. She looked over the collared slut that had once been Kayla, now spread-legged and stroking her naked twat, her skin flushed with constant arousal, and she felt overwhelmed by guilt. It was her fault, she thought. She’d been completely blind to what the company was, in reality. It all seemed like just a quirky little place with an odd, sexually open culture. She’d ignored the signs because the money was good, the work was fun, and she hardly ever had to go to the office.

After only a week, though, there was barely any trace of the shy, silly girl left. While it was kinky, and it was kind of sexy, it was also horrible. And she was powerless to do anything about it, now. What could she do? She was nobody.

“I need photos for the bullet points,” Kayla said.


The mention of her name made Kayla tense, her body bracing for a painful shock. It didn’t come.

“Cumhole,” she said. “My name is Cumhole.”

Tiffany sighed and gave in, “Okay. Photos.”

Tiffany read over the bullet points of the cumhole in use. Cumhole providing sexual relief. Cumhole being shared with friends or relatives. Cumhole providing relief for pent-up anger. Cumhole as a means for generating passive income.

“At least three of these,” Tiffany said, “we can do, right now.”

Kayla gushed fuck honey on her fingers again and moaned sluttily in orgasm. Tiffany’s own pussy responded happily to the sight.

“Get between my legs, Cumhole. Lick my twat, so I can take a photo of a cumhole in use.”

Kayla pulled her sticky fingers from her cunt, and crawled between Tiffany’s legs. Tiffany took up her phone and snapped a picture of Cumhole’s squirming tongue sliding along her excited slit. Her friend’s hot tongue stroked up and down between her lips, gathering up her girl cream, as her hands slid up Tiffany’s legs and onto her belly.

“That’s so good,” Tiffany cooed, spreading her legs further and stroking the dark curls of Kayla’s hair as she licked and sucked at her clit like she’d been born for it. “Alright,” Tiffany said, stopping her, “Get up, Cumhole.”

Kayla wiped the slut slime from her mouth, while Tiffany propped the phone up on the nightstand. She clicked the screen and then roughly bent Kayla over the bed and began to spank her.

“Ow!” Kayla screeched. “Ow! What the–”

“Quiet down you little slut!” Tiffany shouted and hit her again. “Just look at you! Coming in here with your wet fuckhole and slutty udders, naked as the day that you popped out of your mother’s cooch! Tell me you’re sorry for being such a trashy, jiggly-titted, cunt teaser!”

“I’m sorry!” Kayla wailed as tears filled her eyes.

She couldn’t understand why Tiffany was suddenly hitting her. Then, the spanking stopped as abruptly as it had started. Tiffany shut off the camera and then hugged her friend.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I needed it to look really slutty. I’m not mad that you’re a jiggly-titted cunt teaser.”

Kayla sniffed into her top.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I just… being spanked makes me think about my mom.”

“I don’t really think you have slutty udders,” Tiffany said and stroked her hair. “I really like them. Go lay on the bed.”

Kayla got onto the bed, moving delicately, her ass sore. She couldn’t believe how many times she’d been spanked in the last week. It was a wonder she could manage to sit at all. Tiffany opened the nightstand and retrieved a bottle of ointment. She straddled Kayla’s legs and began to smear the ointment into her plump behind.

“What is that?” Kayla asked.

“It’ll help your ass. Sometimes, my dad likes to spank me good. You know, the whole mean, dominant daddy thing.”

“No, I don’t know,” Kayla said.

“Oh, right. Well, this stuff helps with the soreness.”

Tiffany worked the ointment into her cheeks, gently rubbing and massaging her ass. Kayla started to doze. God, it had been some kind of week. A light knock came at the open door.

“Tiff?” Cole’s voice came, and then his head poked around the doorway. “Oh! Sorry. I didn’t realize you were, um…”

“Rubbing my hot friend’s naked ass with ointment, after I just spanked her and called her a jiggly-titted cunt teaser?” Tiffany asked, grinning. “You have many skills, Dad, but precognition isn’t one of them. Say hello, Cumhole.”

Kayla raised one arm tiredly and waved, without looking up. The fact that she was naked on Tiffany’s bed, in front of her father, didn’t seem like such a big deal. Her pussy was very wet and Tiffany’s hands felt so good.

“Um, hi, Kayla,” Cole said. “I’ll leave you two to… that.”

“Dad,” Tiffany said.

He poked his head back in.

“Maybe you can help?”

Now, Kayla did raise her head. Tiffany pushed it back down gently. She adjusted her position and moved one of her hands from Kayla’s ass to her pussy. Kayla jerked at the feeling of Tiffany’s fingers probing her sex.

“Help?” Cole asked.

“Hp?” Kayla mumbled into the mattress.

“Kayla wants to give her first real blowjob to a man, and she wants me to take pictures of it,” Tiffany said and pushed two of her fingers into Kayla’s cunt.

Kayla’s legs kicked and she moaned, rather than protesting the fact that Tiffany had just offered her mouth to her father.

“I… don’t know,” Cole said.

“Oh, she’s a lot kinkier than you think,” Tiffany said. “Isn’t that right, Cumhole?”

Kayla groaned and pushed her cunt back against Tiffany’s fingers.

“Um, Cumhole?” Cole blurted.

Tiffany slid back off of her, presenting her own naked twat to her father, while she rolled Kayla onto her back. Her face was flushed and her chest heaved.

“It’s perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged,” Tiffany said with a smirk, “to offer your Cumhole to friends or relatives for their own use.”

“Oh my God,” Kayla whispered.

Something in Tiffany’s smile told her that she was already going to do it. She was going to give her first willing blowjob. Was it willing? Was it just the Obsequium making her too horny to resist? The drugs had her pussy so hot and her own desires so confused that it was impossible to separate one from the other.

Only a week ago, she’d had an erotic fantasy about Tiffany’s dad. In the sexy fantasy, Cole had pushed her onto her knees and put his penis in her mouth. Since then, she’d had Master Johnson’s cock in her mouth, as well as the Professor’s. Neither of those had exactly been willing. Johnson had simply ejaculated on her face, while Professor Miles had essentially used her head to masturbate. She wasn’t sure that either of those actually counted as a blowjob.

“Come take a look,” Tiffany said and beckoned him in.

Kayla turned crimson with embarrassment as Cole hovered over her and looked down on her naked, collared body. His eyes landed on the collar, and then they flicked to Tiffany.

“Did you do this?” he asked.

“I understand how you could make that assumption,” Tiffany said with a laugh, “But in this case, it’s not my doing.”

“It’s… it was my idea,” Kayla stammered. “I’m just a… a stupid slut.”

The back of her neck tingled pleasantly and a wave of euphoria began to creep over her. Had the collar heard what she’d said? Was it… rewarding her for saying the right thing, just as it punished her for saying the wrong thing? The thought vanished as the euphoric feeling took hold and she whimpered sluttily, her eyes on Cole’s crotch.

Cole barked out a throaty laugh and said, “You sure had me fooled. Here I thought Tiffany made friends with a quiet, shy type.”

Tiffany lay on her side and groped one of Kayla’s tits, saying, “Go ahead Cumhole. It’s easy. Just tell him that you want to suck his cock.”

“I… I’d like to… suck your cock,” Kayla said and she realized it was true.

Everything in her life now revolved around slutty debasement, humiliation, objectification, teasing, and torment. She worked with women that went out to bars to be raped, and they did it for fun. At home, her mother was becoming a brainwashed slut, just like her, torn between thoughts of being a good mother but actively encouraging the complete opposite. Her best friend was having sex with her own father.

She went to sleep at night with porno on the TV, listened to misogynist, hypnotic recordings, and then woke up to more porno. Most mornings she woke up with her fingers already masturbating her twat, and then went to work for a corporation hellbent on subjugating women. All of that and, somehow, she was still a virgin.

She stared at Cole’s crotch, where his cock tented the front of his pants. Why was it such a difficult decision? Everyone around her was doing these things, and they liked them. She, herself, had enjoyed them. Tiffany and the older women touching her and using her, she had enjoyed. Even the spankings from her mother, the rush of humiliation they brought, or when Suck Pet touched her cunt and kissed her, had all held their own pleasures.

If she took this step, shed the reluctance to partake in all the filthy things she was being made to do, and instead willingly made the decision to do them herself, then she might lead a life in which she had control. The way it stood, she was just a toy for everyone else’s amusement.

This one simple act could lead to the next. She could be like the slutty girls in the porno movies she watched. She could be like Suck Pet and have real control over her life. All of that could start here, just by putting her friend’s dad’s cock in her mouth. Kayla sat up and reached out her hand, resting it on Cole’s hidden erection.

“I’d like to suck your cock,” she said again, more confidently, looking up into his dark eyes.

Tiffany sat up behind her and pressed her body against Kayla’s back, spreading her legs to either side of her.

“Take it out,” she whispered in Kayla’s ear. “Pull my dad’s cock out, Cumhole.”

Her fingers shook as she unbuckled Cole’s belt and unzipped his pants. He pushed them down. His erection pressed against the fabric of his boxers. Kayla touched it, wrapping her hand around it through the cloth. She tugged the boxers down and Cole aided her.

She put her hand around his naked length and gently stroked it. Despite having been exposed to two real penises, she’d never really taken the time to simply admire one. Cole’s didn’t seem any different from Master Johnson’s or the Professor’s. It was a different size, maybe, but much the same.

Cole stepped closer and Kayla opened her mouth. She put her wet lips around his head and took in the first few inches. All the dirty blowjob scenes she’d watched at home, and those she’d seen at work, started to jumble up in her head. There were so many ways to do it, so many techniques. Should she use her hand, like the girls in Tug Suckers? Was it better to use just her mouth, like in Hands-Free Headjobs? Maybe Cole wanted her to reach around and play with his butt, like the slutty girls from Butt-Fingering Blowjob Beauties. Perhaps he’d prefer she played with his testicles, as she’d seen in Nut-Cradling Suckholes.

Tiffany groaned in her ear and said, “Oh, fuck! I’m so goddamned wet right now. Just take it deeper. No hands, just your mouth. He likes that. Run your tongue along the bottom of it. When it hits your throat, just relax. You don’t have to choke yourself, but he likes that, too.”

Kayla slithered her tongue along the underside of Cole’s cock, keeping her lips tightly sealed around his girth. Her pussy felt even hotter as Tiffany instructed her how to suck off her dad. The weirdness of it wasn’t lost on the little bit of rational thought she still possessed, but the forced arousal from the flow of Obsequium seemed like the most important thing. The voice from the training recordings repeated in her mind as she fed herself more cock.

“Slut… I am a stupid slut… Cumhole… I am a hungry cumhole… Cunt… I am a horny cunt… Fucktoy…. I am an obedient fucktoy…”

“That’s so good, Cumhole,” Tiffany whispered. “This is only the start. You’re going to suck lots of cock from now on, aren’t you? You’re going to be the best slutty Cumhole that you can be.”

Kayla moaned around the cock and pushed it to the back of her throat. She made a glurking noise and felt her throat contract to expel the invader. Cole grunted and set his hand on her head. Kayla trembled at his touch and felt that it was right.

“My place is on my knees… My mouth is made for pleasure… I am not a person… I am a useful cocktoy…”

Cole began to guide her movements back and forth on his cock, his hand tightening in her brown locks. Tiffany’s hand dipped between her legs, rubbing her pussy.

“God, you’re fucking soaked,” Tiffany whispered. “You love this, don’t you?”

“Hm!” Kayla mumbled and drooled around Cole’s dick.

A wet rivulet of spit spilled from the corner of her stuffed mouth and oozed its way down her chin. For several minutes, she sat trembling as Tiffany stroked her wet slit and Cole pushed his dick in and out of her mouth until her eyes watered and she felt like she was going to cum. Cole’s cock jerked in her mouth, just like she’d felt the Professor’s do.

“I’m going to cum,” he said.

Kayla made no attempt to get away, but her eyes did widen and she looked up at him.

“Feed her, Daddy,” Tiffany said. “Feed your cumhole.”

Kayla began to jerk in Tiffany’s arms as she orgasmed at the words. Cole pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and growled, dispensing hot blasts of jizz into her. Tiffany kept stroking her slit and groping one of her tits, while her father buried his length and poured more jizz into her overfull mouth. Kayla swallowed dutifully, shaking with her orgasm until Cole slowly pulled his wet cock from between her lips. Ropes of cum coated her lips and her chin as she turned, wide-eyed with her own slutty disbelief, toward Tiffany. Her friend kissed her on the mouth and pushed her tongue inside, licking at the semen coating her cumhole.

“That was superb, Kayla,” Cole muttered.

Kayla looked shocked at what she’d done, which made Tiffany laugh.

“I’m gonna clean her up,” she said. “Can I find you in a minute?”

Cole nodded, glanced down at the stunned brunette with the sticky face, and left the room. Tiffany went to her purse, then returned with a twenty-dollar bill and handed it to Kayla. Kayla took it and stared at it, then at Tiffany.

“Now we have using a cumhole for income, sharing a cumhole with friends or relatives, a cumhole in use, and taking out your pent-up aggression on your cumhole. That’s all four bullet points!“ Tiffany said excitedly.

Kayla looked down at the money again and said, “I just sucked off your dad!”

“Pretty well, too,” Tiffany said. “God, it was just as hot as I imagined! I’m gonna get railed good tonight. Thanks!”

“You… really think this is going to help?”

“Sure. My dad loves a good blowie before he bones me.”

“With work!” Kayla snapped.

“Oh! Right. Well, it does show the company that you’re taking your role as a cumhole to heart,” Tiffany said. “Did you like it?”

Kayla was having difficulty processing exactly how she did feel about it. On the one hand, it felt dirty and weird to have her best friend’s father cum in her mouth. On the other hand, it had made her feel... sexy and desired. That was an alien feeling. So many people had been telling her, lately, that she was. She just hadn’t ever considered herself to be someone that was sexy and desirable before.

Sucking his cock had been exciting, and she’d even gotten off to it. How much of that, though, was her own desire and arousal, and what part of it was the Obsequium and the repeated brainwashing she knew she’d been subjected to? Was she some kind of natural slut, like Tiffany? Had she really been this way all along? Or was it what the company was doing to her and implanted suggestions that she wasn’t that shy, nervous girl, but rather a useful toy for pleasuring others? It was all so confusing.

“I liked it,” she admitted. “I just don’t know how much of it was me liking it, or them telling me I like it.”

Tiffany sat on the bed and put her arm around her.

“Maybe it’s both,” she suggested. “When I met you, you were curious to try all these things, right?”

Kayla nodded.

“Whether it’s their influence or you’re just naturally kinky, in the end, does it matter? You have to worry about yourself. I love you, and I’m not going to forget that you’re really Kayla, no matter what they do to us. There’s a lot of fun to be had in being a kinkster. I mean, just look at me. I’m the most well-adjusted daddy-fucking slut that I know!”

“How many daddy-fucking sluts do you know?” Kayla wondered aloud.

“That isn’t the point. The point is that there are a lot worse things you can do in life than enjoy sex or being sexy. Just look at The Kardashians! Those sluts built a whole empire off being nothing more than a set of tits and ass for people to wank over. If a future of sexual domination is coming, then you have the choice to be afraid of it, or embrace it.”

“You’re the weirdest person I know,” Kayla said.

“And the smartest!”

“I should go home. I’m too tired to think about this.”

Tiffany kissed her again and said, “Call me tomorrow.”


Enjoying the story so far? Catch up on the entire novel, Korrupting Kayla, Book Two before the release of Book Three!

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