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Korrupting Kayla, Part 2

New Rules

The next morning, there was a new face at the table, that of the Professor. He sat in the seat, formerly occupied by Kayla's father, which made the confused teenager angry. She scowled at him as she ate her breakfast, and though he nodded pleasantly to her, and wished her a good morning, he didn't mention having seen her watching her mother fuck his big cock the night before.

Kayla hoped to sneak away from the table without having to show herself to her mother this morning, but Marie was ready for her. She made Kayla lift her shirt to flash her naked tits to all 3 of them, and then push down her pants to show her hairy pussy, too. Kayla tried not to cry as she did it, and mostly succeeded, but she broke down once she ran out to her car. For a few minutes, she wiped at her tears, trying to get a hold of herself.

Tiffany met her at school, dressed like a tramp, per usual. Her new friend noticed the distressed look on Kayla's face and asked what was wrong.

“My mom's dating some guy,” Kayla explained, “and he's some super college professor that thinks he knows it all,”

“Tough break,” Tiffany said, nodding, “You think they're gonna get hitched?”

“I hope not,” Kayla said, “He's putting weird ideas in her head that I need discipline,”

She shuddered as she thought about the conversation she'd had with Miles the previous night.

“Discipline? You're, like, the picture of fucking perfect. What do you need discipline for?”

Kayla wasn't sure if she could talk about it, but she really wanted to tell someone. It was just so strange.

“My mom's crazy, I think,” Kayla explained, “she took away all my underwear because I wasn't wearing any when I came home yesterday,”

Tiffany stopped and pulled Kayla to the corner.

In a hushed tone she asked, “How did your mom know you weren't wearing panties?”

Kayla sighed, and said, “The other day, when I had to borrow that shirt, I came home without a bra. My mom thought I was trying to show off like some kind of tramp. She...she spanked me, and then took away all my bras,”

Tiffany's face lit up, “So, that's why you've been going without a bra. Wow! That's really crazy!”

Kayla nodded, her face reddening. She felt better for having told someone, but also humiliated.

“It feels good, doesn't it?” Tiffany asked.

“It feels dirty,”

“Which feels good, right?”

“Maybe a little,” Kayla said.

“So what are you gonna do about it?”

Kayla didn't know. She didn't really have much of a choice. It wasn't as if she could just leave home. She didn't have any money, any other place to live. Her dad was always away on business, and he hadn't returned her calls the last few days. What choice did that leave her?

“I don't know,” she had to admit, “I want to get away, but I don't have any money,”

The two girls resumed their trip to Kayla's locker.

“What if you got a job?” Tiffany suggested.

“Like what?”

“Well, summer break is starting in a couple days. You're done with cheering for the year. I don't know what you like doing, but I think I could help you find something. If you're interested, that is,”

Kayla opened her locker, put her things in, pulled out some books for her first class.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, I work at this place after school and on the weekends. It's fun, and the pay is pretty good. Maybe I can put in a good word for you?”

“You have a job?” Kayla asked.

“Well, yeah. I love my dad, but I don't want to live with him forever,”

“What do you do? Where is it?”

“It's called Jiggly's,”

“What is that?” Kayla asked, afraid to hear the answer.

“It's an adult novelty company,” Tiffany explained, “They make lingerie, sex toys, that kind of stuff. I'm a product tester and sales rep,”

“Product tester?”

“Well, the company has to know if their toys are pleasurable for their market segment, right?”

“I don't know if I want to know how you test them,” Kayla said, blushing.

“Well, I usually sit in a room watching porn and fuck myself silly,” Tiffany explained, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“I couldn't do that!” Kayla cried in horror.

“Why not?”

“It's... well, it's embarrassing!”

“As embarrassing as your mom spanking you when you're 18?” Tiffany jested.

Kayla blushed, hoping no one heard. The bell rang to warn the end of the passing period.

“I have to go to class,” Kayla said, “See you at lunch?”

“Sure. Just think about it.”

Kayla nodded and hurried to her class. Fortunately, she'd already taken the final, and today became a study period. She tried to focus on the rest of the finals for today, but everything happening was just too distracting. Tiffany was right. She needed to get a job, make some money, and get away from the weird professor and her crazy mom. There must be lots of jobs out there, though, not just the kind that Tiffany was suggesting.

She thought about what her new friend had told her. She got paid to sit in a room, watch dirty movies, and make herself cum with sex toys? Somehow, Kayla was not at all surprised. Tiffany was so naughty. That wasn't Kayla, though. She was a good girl. She didn't play with sex toys. Lost in her thoughts, the morning passed quickly, and since the rest of her finals were in the afternoon classes, she basically daydreamed the morning away.

Lunch came around, and she sat with Tiffany and Mandy, as usual. Mandy was still despondent, sad that she was moving away to a new school. Kayla tried to engage her in conversation, but her friend just wasn't in the mood, and sulked the whole time. Tiffany, meanwhile, was her normal bubbly self. She, also, tried to cheer Mandy up.

“It doesn't really suck so much being the new girl,” Tiffany was saying, “I mean it's strange at first, but you make a friend or two and it feels a lot better,”

“Yeah,” Mandy said, “but I don't want new friends. I like the ones I have,”

“Well, you get to keep the ones you have, and add a few more! You can never have enough friends, right?” Kayla said.

“I guess so. It just sucks to start over,”

Tiffany and Kayla nodded at that. There was no way to say it didn't suck.

“I'm gonna head to my next class and study up a bit before the test. I'll see you guys later,” Mandy said, taking her tray and slinking away.

“So, did you think about the job?” Tiffany asked, when Mandy left.

“A little bit, but I'm not sure. There's got to be other jobs out there I could do,”

“Oh sure. You could bag groceries or make burgers,” Tiffany said, “and probably make $200 a week or some shit. Do you know how much I made last week?”

Kayla shook her head. Of course, she didn't know.

“About $1500,”

Kayla was astonished. How in the world did an 18-year-old make $1500 in a week?

“That's crazy!” she cried, “doing... well, what you do?”

“No,” Tiffany admitted, “Most of that was commission from the sales,”

“Sales? I thought you said you tested products?”

“I do, but I'm also a sales rep, remember?”

Kayla did remember her saying that. She'd just forgotten when Tiffany told her about the other aspect of the job.

“So, what I do,” Tiffany explained, “is get in touch with the customers that call in to the company for presentation parties. They invite their friends over, mostly other ladies, and they have a little toy party,”

“Toy party?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah. It's usually a bunch of older ladies that want to spice things up in the bedroom, so they invite a bunch of their friends over, they have me come in and show them slinky lingerie, porn movies, sex toys, body oils, all that shit. They buy crap that they'll probably be too chicken to use, and I get a percentage of the sale,”

“So, what do you mean you show them the stuff?”

“Well, I model the lingerie, and if they ask me to I fuck myself with the toys,”

“Isn't that, well, kind of embarrassing?” Kayla asked.

“Nah. I think it's hot,”

“I couldn't do that. I'd die from humiliation!”

Tiffany laughed, “But you would be awesome! Your body is incredible!”

“I don't know,”

“How about this,” Tiffany suggested, “I've got a party on Saturday. Why don't you just come and watch, and see what you think?”

“I'll think about it,”

Tiffany nodded as the passing bell rang. The two girls gathered their lunch trays, dumped them, and headed off to their classes. The day passed uneventfully, with Kayla confident that she'd passed the written portion of her gym final, but not feeling as good about the chemistry test. She walked out of school with Tiffany, afraid of going home.

“Hey, do you want to, maybe, hook up tomorrow night? Maybe you can crash at my place, or I can come to yours?” Tiffany asked.

“Maybe. I got grounded until tomorrow, though, so I'd have to ask,”

“That underwear thing?”

“Yeah. And my mom found some porno movie in my room that Mandy brought over and left behind,”

Tiffany laughed, “Oh man, just the thought of you watching porn gets me all juicy in the cunt.”

Kayla blushed, saying, “It was only the one time. I didn't like it.”

“Suuuure,” Tiffany drawled, “because every teenage girl hates graphic sex.”

“I'll call you,” Kayla said, and waved goodbye as she got into her car.

Tiffany just grinned at her and walked across the parking lot to her own car. When Kayla got home, her mother, the Professor, and Rich were all in the living room waiting for her. Resigned to her fate, Kayla walked in the room with her head down.

“Have you been following the rules?” Marie asked.

Kayla nodded.

“Show me.”

Kayla pulled her shirt up to show them all her big tits, and then her pants down. She wanted to die. Marie nodded, and then bent her daughter over her knee and pulled her pants down.

“But I followed the rules!” Kayla cried.

“You still need to be disciplined,” Marie said, and smacked her bare bottom.

Kayla felt her pussy getting moist as her humiliation deepened. This was so wrong! Why was she getting aroused at being spanked like this? Her mother spanked her naked ass again, and Kayla didn't even notice that her legs had parted slightly, and she was showing more cunt. A third spanking, and then a fourth landed on her bottom. The fifth swat hit her hairy cunt, and for some reason it made her pussy spasm. She began to cry as the sixth one did the same.

Her mother didn't even seem to be trying to hit her bottom anymore, instead each whack was landing square on her exposed, puffy pussy. On the tenth slap to her cunt, Kayla felt an orgasm welling up inside her. She squirmed on her mother's leg and tried to fight it, but another whack on her pussy set her off. She moaned like a slut and came in front of everyone, while tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Oh, God, Kayla!” Her mother cried, “did you just have an orgasm?”

Kayla couldn't understand what had happened. She didn't want to admit it, but there was no denying the truth.

“This is even worse than I thought,” Marie said, letting her daughter up, “Go to your room, young lady!”

Kayla, crying, pulled her pants over her sore bottom and ran upstairs. This was awful! She had to get out of here! She lay on the bed, crying, trying to understand why she had just cum from getting her pussy spanked. It was so dirty, and she'd done it in front of her brother and Professor Miles. Maybe there was something wrong with her.

Marie came into her room and sat on the bed. She stroked Kayla's beautiful hair as her daughter cried. Finally, Kayla looked up at her mother with red, puffy eyes.

“I'm sorry,” she squeaked, “I don't know why I did that.”

Marie sighed, “I think I do. It's pretty obvious that you're just missing your father, and that you're upset about our splitting up. I know it's hard, honey, but you'll have to get used to it. Now, I'm going to be leaving tomorrow morning on a work trip. You're not grounded anymore, starting tomorrow, but I really want you to be on your best behavior while I'm gone. Professor Miles is going to be in charge, so you need to listen to what he says. I want to hear that you were very obedient.”

This was terrible! Her mother was leaving her, and her brother, with the weird professor while she was gone?

“If I'm not grounded,” Kayla said, “could I, maybe, have a friend over or stay the night tomorrow night?”

Marie thought about it, then said, “Yes, I guess that would be okay,”

“Thanks, mom,”

Marie ruffled her hair and left her alone. Kayla sighed and felt depressed. She had to get out of here. She needed a job. She needed money. She was sure, now, that she was going with Tiffany to the toy party. Anything had to be better than this!

Toy Party

The bell rang at midday, signaling the end of Kayla and Tiffany's junior year. Kayla hugged Mandy as the three of them walked out of school. She was going to miss her friend. Mandy cried on her shoulder as they hugged, but eventually she had to go. Tiffany patted Kayla on the shoulder awkwardly as she watched Mandy get into her car and drive off.

“So, where are we crashing tonight?” Tiffany asked.

“Well, my mom's on that work trip, but the Professor is going to be at my place. What about your place?” Kayla replied.

“I'm sure we could hang out there. My dad will probably be out, but he doesn't really care what we do anyway,”

“Okay,” Kayla said, “Let me go home and get my stuff, then I'll text you for directions.”

Tiffany nodded and waved to her as she got into her car. Kayla drove home, eager to get in and out as soon as possible, in order to avoid the Professor. However, the Professor and Rich were in the living room. Professor Miles called her in, and she stood before him, feet shuffling as she looked down at the floor.

“Kayla,” Miles said, “your mother asked me to administer your spanking this afternoon. Let's get it over with, and then you can go about your business, alright?”

Kayla stammered, “Y... you? But I...”

“Shall I tell her that you didn't want to follow the rules?” Miles asked, quirking his eyebrow.

Kayla hesitantly shook her head and stepped toward him.

“Take down your pants, please,” he said, clinically.

Kayla unbuttoned her jeans, noticed her brother watching very intently as she pulled the pants down over her round ass. She began to cry from the humiliation. Having her mother spank her was bad enough, but now she had to let a complete stranger do it. It was awful! The whole situation, though, had her aroused in a way she couldn't understand.

The Professor took her by the arm and bent her over his knee, her big tits pressed against his other leg. Kayla began to cry, and then Miles' big hand smacked her ass. She cried out, and then the second blow came on the other cheek. The third fell on her pussy, just like yesterday, and she found herself spreading her legs a little wider. By the time the tenth slap hit her spread cunt, she orgasmed again, crying and cumming at the same time.

She lay on Miles' knee, tears falling to the carpet, but another slap didn't come. Instead, the Professor gently massaged her red ass, and then her puffy cunt.

“There, there, dear,” he said soothingly, “it's just a little spanking. You'll feel alright soon.”

His big finger pushed into her slick little hole and Kayla found herself moaning, ashamed, but unable to make herself move. This strange man had his finger in her pussy, and all she could do was cry, even as the feeling made little butterflies flutter in her stomach. She should get up, slap him across the face, and call her mother to tell her what he did.

She didn't, though. The feeling was nice. His big finger rubbed her wet pussy, frigged her clit, and she was cumming again. Her little pussy squeezed at Miles' finger as her body quaked through the orgasm. When she'd ridden it out, he pulled his finger out of her and brought it to her mouth. Without a word, he pushed it between her lips, and made her lick her pussy juice off it.

“Good girl,” Miles said.

He pulled his finger out of her mouth, stood her up, and slapped her on the bottom to get her to move. Dazedly, Kayla pulled her pants back up, wiped at her tear-stained cheeks, and ran out of the room. When she made it into her room, she quickly shut the door and pushed her back against it. She was breathing heavily, her mind a whirl of confused thoughts. What had she just done?

She'd let her mother's boyfriend finger her pussy until she came, and then licked her own wetness off his finger! It was dirtier than anything she'd ever done, and she still couldn't comprehend why it had happened. Why hadn't she argued, threw a fit, complained? She'd just, submissively, let him do whatever he wanted. The thought made her feel very naughty, very excited, but very ashamed.

She had to get out of here. Kayla quickly packed a change of clothes, her toothbrush, phone charger, and stuffed them all into her backpack. She threw it over her shoulder, and quietly made her way down the stairs. She dreaded going back through the family room, where she knew the Professor and Rich would still be, but she had to get out the door. She walked in.

“I'm staying at my friend Tiffany's house tonight,” she announced, and quickly moved to walk past them.

“Have a good time,” Miles said, “But we need to check you first.”

Kayla stopped, fought back another wave of tears, and then lifted her shirt to show them her bare tits. Then, she opened her jeans, revealing her hairy triangle. Miles nodded and turned his attention back to some science show. Kayla hurried out of the house and threw her bag in the car. She pulled out her phone, texted Tiffany, and then waited until her friend sent her an address. She put the address into her GPS and pulled away.

The trip to Tiffany’s house took only a few minutes, and when Kayla pulled into the driveway, she was impressed. Tiffany’s home was beautiful! She parked behind her friend’s car, pulled her bag from the seat, and walked up the drive to the door. She rang the bell and waited a moment for her scantily clad friend to open the door, where she was greeted with a hug.

“Come in!” Tiffany squealed excitedly.

Kayla walked into the entryway and froze. She was surrounded by nudity! Everywhere she looked were marble statues or paintings, all of them naked women. Tiffany laughed at Kayla’s open jaw.

“My dad’s been collecting them for a long time. Some of them are ancient. The statues are mostly Roman or Greek. The paintings are Italian, French. It’s art, Kayla, not porn.”

Kayla got hold of herself and followed Tiffany down the hallway and up the stairs. She could see the other girl’s naked pussy under her skirt. Tiffany led her to a door at the end of the hall and opened it to a very normal room. Kayla had been bracing herself for posters of naked men, or hardcore porn all over the walls. It was nothing of the sort, though. A big king-sized bed dominated one side of the room, while a computer desk with a large monitor sat in the opposite corner. A flat-screen TV hung in the corner, where it could be viewed from the bed. It was very clean, minimalist, and neat.

“You can just drop your bag anywhere.”

Kayla sat her bag on the floor by the bed, just as the sound of the front door opening came from downstairs.

Tiffany’s face lit up, and she said, “Come meet my dad!”

Kayla followed her back downstairs, where she was dumbfounded by the sight of the man in the foyer. He was gorgeous! Tiffany’s father was broad-shouldered, muscular, with closely cropped brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. His piercing blue eyes were gentle, but sharp and penetrating. Kayla felt weak in the knees just looking at him.

“Hi, dad!” Tiffany said and put her arms around him.

Her dad responded by pressing his lips against hers, much to Kayla’s shock. As she stood and watched, their tongues touched for a few seconds, and Kayla heard Tiffany moan. Then the kiss ended.

“Dad, this is my new friend, Kayla.”

“Hello, Kayla,” he said, and then his arms were around her. His lips pressed against hers, and she froze. She gasped in shock, and felt his tongue enter her mouth, too. She didn’t know what to do. No one had ever kissed her, and certainly not her friends’ father! Her stomach felt funny, like it was full of little butterflies. Then it was over, and his mouth was gone.

“Call me Cole,” he said, and let her go.

Kayla flushed and her body shook.

“You girls have a good time. I’m going to shower up and get ready to go out for a while.”

“Bye, dad.” Tiffany said and watched him head up the stairs.

She turned to Kayla, who was still frozen in shock.

“What’s with you?” She asked

“He... Tif... He kiss... kissed me!”

Tiffany laughed at her, saying, “Well, yeah. You’re totally hot! Is this how you react when every guy kisses you?”

“It’s never happened before.”

“Seriously! God, you really are too cute! Come on. Let’s go upstairs.”

In a daze, Kayla followed her friend back to her room. Tiffany threw herself on the bed and patted the spot next to her. Kayla climbed on the bed and lay next to her as her friend turned on the TV.

“Let’s chill for a while, and I’ll order us some takeout. Whad’ya say?”


Tiffany ordered Chinese delivery from her phone, and the girls spent the next hour giggling at silly reality shows and making fun of the over-the-top personalities that seemed so full of themselves. When the doorbell rang, Tiffany got their food and brought it up to her room. Over the next few hours, they talked and laughed, getting to know one another. Tiffany was a good listener, and Kayla felt great having someone to talk to about her dad leaving. Somewhere during that time, they heard Cole leave the house. Then, the topic of the following day came up.

“So, the toy party is at 10 am,” Tiffany said, “but I don’t want you to worry. You can just watch, and don’t feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“So, I just, like, sit there?” Kayla asked.

“Sit there and look sexy! Seriously, though, you can just observe what I do. You really should look sexy, though. Let me see what clothes you brought.”

“I don’t, um, really have anything sexy,” Kayla said, sadly.

She pulled her bag on the bed and showed Tiffany her clothes. All she had was some jeans and a tee-shirt. No panties. No bra.

“Now, look,” Tiffany said, “I know that you’ve got this whole shy and innocent thing going on, which is majorly adorable, honey. But you’re built like a total sex bomb, and you need to start realizing it. The key to making good money in this business is to be sexy, too. It’s not all showing off toys and lotions and shit. You have to make these women feel like they can be sexy, too. See, they’re all coming to these parties and buying these things because they want to feel sexy. They want to remember how they were hot little teenagers, like us, and get their husbands (or boyfriend’s) dicks hard for them. They’re tired of getting fucked once a month for 10 minutes, and they want excitement!”

“But I don’t know how to be sexy,” Kayla whimpered.

“That, I can show you. But it starts with the look. Let me get you some clothes out. I know you’ve got those big, beautiful tits, and I don’t, but we’re basically the same size everywhere else. I think I can put together something for you.”

Tiffany hopped off of the bed and started going through her closet. Kayla watched with a sense of trepidation. Soon, Tiffany had three outfits for Kayla to try. She laid the choices out on the bed.

“Try them on,” She encouraged Kayla.

“Could you, um, turn around, or something?”

“Oh, come on, Kayla! I’ve been dying to see those beautiful knockers. Please! You’ve got to let me see them. We’re friends, right? It’s just us. Let me see the goods. You’re beautiful!”

Kayla blushed and fidgeted with the edge of her shirt.

“Ok, but don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m totally jealous,” Tiffany said, “No way am I going to laugh.”

Kayla sighed, and began to pull her shirt up, and off. Her firm, plump, teen tits bounced into view, and Tiffany gasped in awe.

“God, they’re perfect,” she said, “now the rest. Don’t worry. It’s just like in gym class.”

Kayla undid her jeans and slid them down her toned legs, until she stood naked in front of the other girl.

“You really are perfect, Kayla.”


Kayla reached for the first outfit, a loose v-neck, purple top made from a light, shimmery fabric. It fit tightly against her breasts, showing a generous amount of cleavage. She paired it with a black pencil skirt that hugged her curvy ass. Even Tiffany’s shoes fit her, but Kayla had never worn heels before. She tottered on them unsteadily.

“You look so hot!” Tiffany cheered and guided her friend to the mirror. She flipped her wavy, brown hair back over her shoulder. She had to admit, she did look pretty.

Kayla stripped off the outfit and tried the next one. This one consisted of a low-cut white shirt, which adhered to her big boobs like a second skin, clearly showing her nipples. The white skirt Tiffany had chosen was so short that a few curls of her pubic hair stuck out the bottom.

“Now that is sexy,” Tiffany commented, “I love the way it shows off your nipples.”

“I feel dirty,” Kayla giggled.

“It feels good, huh?”

Kayla didn’t answer. She stripped again and went for the last outfit. This time, Tiffany had chosen a white button-down shirt that barely fit over Kayla’s big tits. She paired it with a plaid skirt and white stockings for a total school-girl look.

“It kind of suits you, all innocent school-girl,” Tiffany said.

“The shirt is too tight. I can hardly move.”

“The curse of the big-titted teen,” Tiffany joked, and giggled at herself.

“I don’t know what to choose,”

“Well, there’s one more thing before you decide,” Tiffany said.


Tiffany pulled her skirt up and flashed her bare pussy, just for an instant, making Kaya blush.

“It’s not the 70’s, Kayla. Girls shave their pussies, now.”

“But I…”

“I know, honey. You never have. Don’t worry. I’ll help you!”

“I don’t know…”

“Look, who knows when you’re going to get those panties back. You may as well look good without them, right?” Tiffany tried to persuade her.

Sensing her further hesitation, Tiffany took her hand and gently led her to the bed, where she stripped off her clothes. Kayla trembled, but she allowed herself to be stripped.

“Look,” Tiffany said, “I’ll get naked, too, so you know it’s no big deal. It’ll just take a couple of minutes, and we’ll have you shaved, ok?”

Before she could say anything, Tiffany stripped out of her clothes, too, baring her naked body to her new friend. She took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom, where she had her sit on the edge of the toilet.

“I do this all the time for myself,” Tiffany said, getting out a razor and some cream, “Trust me. Once it’s done, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with that bush!”

She smiled reassuringly and set to work lathering Kayla’s mound. Kayla did her best not to tremble as another girl touched her most private places for the first time. True to her word, it only took a few minutes before Kayla’s pussy was bald.

“See how it feels,” Tiffany said, and watched her friend touch herself gently.

“It feels weird,” Kayla giggled, shyly.

She looked down at Tiffany, and their eyes met, and then Tiffany leaned forward and ran her tongue through Kayla’s slit, quickly. Kayla jumped at the sudden sensation. It felt amazing! Her face flushed, and her mouth tried to work, but she didn’t know what to say. A girl just licked her vagina!

“I’m sorry,” Tiffany said, “I couldn’t help it. You just looked so delicious! Come on. Let’s get dressed. I know you’re probably freaking out about being naked for this long, you silly thing.”

Kayla, wordlessly, followed her friend back to her room and put her clothes back on. Tiffany followed suit, and suddenly everything was normal again. The two girls went back to watching TV and chatting mindlessly, but inside, Kayla was so confused. Her bare pussy felt so different, and the way Tiffany’s tongue felt sliding through her slit made her hot inside. She knew it was wrong, and it was dirty, and if her mother knew she’d be grounded for life. But it also felt wonderful! She couldn’t believe she’d done all these naughty things tonight! And tomorrow she was going to a sex toy party!

The TV droned on for a few more hours, and both girls were dozing on and off. Finally, Tiffany turned off the TV, and suggested they go to bed. Together, they climbed under the sheets and blankets, and soon, Kayla was sound asleep.

She awoke sometime late in the night, and Tiffany was gone. Kayla figured she must have gone to the bathroom. She tried to get back to sleep, but Tiffany didn’t come back. With her eyes closed, she could hear the gentle creaking of the trees outside, the subtle shift of the house around her, and something else. Something like a voice down the hall. Curiosity got the better of her, and she snuck out of the bed and quietly tiptoed down the hall.

The door at the end of the hall was slightly ajar, and the sounds grew louder as she approached. She could hear it clearly now, the sound of heavy breathing and moaning. Kayla felt herself getting hot between her legs. She knew those sounds from the dirty movie Mandie brought over. The dirty movie that had gotten her spanked only days ago. Tiffany’s dad was having sex! Kayla knew she should turn back. It wasn’t right for her to be here. But the lure of the naughty feelings in her bald pussy, and her own curiosity urged her on.

She peeked cautiously around the doorway, where a bedside lamp cast a pale light on the big bed in Cole’s room. Kayla almost gasped, but managed to hold it in. Tiffany’s father was naked on the bed, his legs spread. His big, shaved cock was buried halfway inside of Tiffany, who was riding it with her back to the door. The heavy breathing came from her friend who, even as Kayla watched, pushed herself down onto her father’s cock, until the whole shaft was inside of her.

“Fuck me,” Tiffany whispered.

Cole’s hands grabbed hold of Tiffany’s ass, and he began lifting Tiffany up, and then back down his long, wet shaft.

“Are you daddy’s slut, baby?” Cole hissed.

“Mmm, yes! I’m all yours. Please, give me your cock, daddy.”

Kayla watched her friend bounce up and down his cock, tossing her head back, her hands running through her hair as she trembled and moaned. She could feel the wetness between her own legs as she watched in morbid fascination. Tiffany was having sex. With her own father!

Suddenly afraid, Kayla backed away from the door and retreated to the bedroom, where she climbed back under the covers and tried to slow her rapid breathing. Without really realizing it, she found her fingers stroking her hairless pussy. The image of Tiffany’s tight, firm ass bouncing up and down on that big cock was frozen in her mind. Kayla’s fingers rubbed more vigorously at her clit, between her wet lips, and then she was really masturbating. She could still hear the soft moans down the hall, and within moments she was cumming in Tiffany’s bed!


Kayla awoke to the first rays of golden sun gently creeping through the window slats. She felt warm in Tiffany’s bed, nestled under the covers, with her friend’s hard, naked body pressed up against her ass. She blinked herself awake, suddenly, whipping her head back to look. Yes. Tiffany was naked, slumbering with her around Kayla’s waist, one hand under her shirt and latched onto her breast. There was also a knee between her legs, pressed up against her freshly shaven cunt.

She felt so warm between her legs, and she could feel the pleasurable pressure of Tiffany’s hand gently squeezing her nipple in her sleep. Almost without thought, Kayla began to rub her bald snatch against Tiffany’s leg, still fighting against the waking world. It was like the warmest, most pleasant dream, and she didn’t want to wake up from it. Not yet.

“It would feel much better if I licked it for you.” Tiffany whispered in her ear.

Kayla froze. Tiffany’s knee began to gently rub back and forth between her legs, sending little spikes of pleasure dancing across her warm cunt lips.

“I will,” Tiffany whispered again, her tongue snaking out to gently lick at Kayla’s earlobe.

Kayla had no idea how to react. Her breathing became more ragged, and her stomach felt tight. Tiffany’s hand gently tugged at her nipple beneath her shirt, then groped her breast, kneaded it, then tweaked her nipple again. She felt Tiffany’s warm lips against the back of her neck, her breath hot as she panted against Kayla’s skin. The hairs along Kayla’s whole body seemed to rise as she shivered from the feeling.

“Tell me to suck your horny slit for you, Kayla,” Tiffany whispered in her ear, “tell me what to do. Be confident,”

Her probing knee was suddenly replaced by Tiffany’s hand, moving from her breast down to the V between her legs, rubbing gently at her shaven pussy.

“It’s ok,” Tiffany continued, gently spreading Kayla’s legs wider, propping one up on her own leg to get better access, “Treat me like your personal cunt-sucker, baby. I’ll be so good for you,”

Kayla couldn’t believe how good it felt, how the filthy words wormed their way into her brain, removing the barriers of conscious thought as she felt the blood flow from her brain into her cunt. She was panting, moaning softly as Tiffany’s fingers touched her where no one ever had before.

“Tiff…” Kayla gasped

“It’s ok to want it, Kayla,” Tiffany urged, her hand gliding up Kayla’s body. Kayla could feel the trembling in Tiffany’s fingers as they ran across her smooth tummy, back up to slide over her big tits.

“Y..yes…” Kayla squeaked, the word barely audible.

“Tell me to do it,” Tiffany’s husky voice rasped in her ear, “Command me like a bitch.”

“Lick,” Kayla’s voice quaked as her hips rocked back and forth against Tiffany’s fingers, “Lick my c..cunt,” she said, and pushed her damp pussy against her friend’s fingers, the fluttering in her tummy almost unbearable.

Tiffany slithered down her body, pushing Kayla gently onto her back and spreading her legs. She went right in, gently running her tongue along the sides of Kayla’s folds, then arcing in to spear her clit, before sliding the back of her tongue down her slit. Kayla inhaled sharply, the sensation like nothing she’d ever felt. Instinctively, she reached down and twined her fingers into the blonde girl’s hair, her breathing coming in ragged gasps.

Tiffany’s hands ran up her inner thighs, caressing Kayla’s mons, as she gently ran her tongue back up her friend’s slit, pressing it flat against her peeking clit. Fingers danced up Kayla’s quivering stomach as Tiffany locked her lips in a tight suction against Kayla’s hot cunt. The back of her tongue made circular motions against Kayla’s clit, while the forward tip slithered into her creaming hole. Tiffany’s lips, tongue, and hands all worked in unison, touching pleasure spots that Kayla never knew existed.

She panted, heavy, her big tits jiggling as she moaned, unable to make real words. She felt one of Tiffany’s hands glide down her body, while the other pulled at her sensitive nipple. The girl’s tongue was focused on her clit now, sending waves of pleasure through Kayla’s body. Then, something new happened, as Tiffany’s finger slid inside of her, crooked up like a little hook to rub at the small rough patch just inside her cunt. She gently moved her finger back and forth against it, as though beckoning, coaxing.

A moment later, Kayla’s mind exploded in the most incredible feeling of her life. Her vision was edged in black, and she could hear herself, as though through someone else’s ears, crying out in joy. Her mouth opened in a squeal of pleasure and her body shook. She held Tiffany’s head in her hand as the girl continued to manipulate her juicing cunt. She had no idea how long it was before she gently began to push Tiffany away. She felt so incredibly sensitive, like every sensation was heightened beyond normal perception.

Kayla lay, limply, gasping, as Tiffany came up from between her legs. Kayla’s eyes were closed. She felt Tiffany’s breath, warm, ragged, as she pressed her lips gently against Kayla’s. Without thinking, Kayla opened her mouth, and felt the other girls’ wet tongue play with her own. She tasted herself in the squirming kiss and enjoyed it. God! She’d let another girl lick her between the legs, and now her tongue was in Kayla’s mouth! What would her mother think?

She had a sudden image flash through her mind. She was over her mother’s knee as Tiffany sat on the couch between her brother and Professor Miles. Tiffany stroked their cocks. Rich sucked at Tiffany’s small breast, while the Professor slid his big fingers in and out of Tiffany’s spread cunt. They watched her mother spank her shaved pussy until she orgasmed.

“Only horny sluts come from getting their cunt spanked!” her mother said with disgust.

And then the image was gone as Tiffany pulled away, collapsing beside her on the bed.

“Fuck, that was hot!” Tiffany exclaimed.

Kayla nodded weakly and flushed, unable to meet her friend’s eyes.

“Was I a good cunt sucking slut for you,” Tiffany purred, gently rubbing Kayla’s belly, while her breathing slowed.

“I... you... It was... Wow!” Kayla stammered.

“Any time!” Tiffany chirped, giving her a quick peck on the cheek and rolling out of bed.

Kayla took in her hard, lean body through lidded eyes as the other girl stretched, muscles creaking, a big, satisfied smile on her still-wet face. This sight was so much better than that dumb porno, Kayla thought, finally smirking to herself.

“Let’s go shower and get ready,” Tiffany suggested, leaning over the bed to grasp Kayla’s limp hands, and pull her up.

She pulled her blushing friend from the bed, where Kayla took her toothbrush from her bag. They padded down the hall, toward the bathroom. Passing by Cole’s closed door on the way, it hardly crossed Kayla’s mind that she was half naked, wearing only a rumpled night shirt. For a moment, she imagined Tiffany’s handsome father opening the door, catching them both naked in the hallway. He’d see the slut slime on his daughter’s face, the wetness on Kayla’s legs. He’d know they’d been lezzing off together, and his big, long cock would be hard.

“You two have been up to something naughty,” he’d say, stepping forward to tower over them.

She could see, in her mind, Tiffany grinning eagerly. She loved anything naughty. As Cole approached, she felt Tiffany gently pushing Kayla to her knees in front of him. She’d reach out, and gently stroke her father’s fat dick, pulling him closer.

“Open,” Tiffany would hiss in her ear.

Her jaw trembling, she’d look up into Cole’s eyes, uncertain what she was supposed to do. Her cunt was so hot. Tiffany would stroke her hair gently, and push her fingers into Kayla’s mouth, prying her inexperienced lips apart as Cole’s throbbing manhood slipped inside and rested on her tongue.

“Daddy’s going to fuck your slut mouth, Kayla,” Tiffany would coo, while fondling her father’s heavy balls, “Just wrap those big, dick suckers around it and let him use your face to jerk off with.”

Kayla would look up at him with her eyes wide and afraid, but willing, and he’d slowly push forward.

The cold tile of the bathroom floor snapped Kayla back to reality. She shook her head. What was happening to her? Tiffany shut the bathroom door behind her, and turned on the shower. Kayla Began brushing her teeth, observing her appearance in the mirror. She had a bit of a glow to her that she’d never noticed before. An aftereffect of the wonderful tongue fucking she’d just gotten? Her silky, brown hair was a mess, her shirt only half buttoned.

She saw Tiffany come up behind her in the mirror and grab a handful of her round bottom, causing Kayla to choke on her toothpaste. Tiffany laughed at her shock, and fetched her own toothbrush from the sink. Kayla rinsed her mouth.

“Who’s first?” She asked.

Tiffany gave her a foamy grin, spit paste, and rinsed her mouth.

“First?” she asked, “Why does anyone have to be first?”

Kayla cocked her head, “I don’t…” her eyes widened, “Oh!”

Tiffany reached out and started on the remaining buttons of her shirt.

“But don’t you want some, um, privacy... or something?” Kayla argued, weakly, making no attempt to stop Tiffany as she popped the last button on her shirt.

“The only privates I want right now are yours,” Tiffany quipped, pushing Kayla’s shirt off her arms, leaving her naked.

Kayla gulped, and Tiffany took her hand, leading her into the steamy shower.

It was the filthiest shower Kayla had ever taken, and by the end of it she’d learned things about her body that she’d never imagined. Tiffany sucked, licked, touched, and poked her all over as the hot water flowed over them. She asked for nothing in return, but just gave Kayla all the pleasure she could tease from her.

They toweled off, afterward, Kayla with a satisfied smirk on her face. Tiffany’s lips quirked in a mischievous grin as she made eyes at Kayla while drying her hair. Despite having her friend’s hands all over her body moments before, Kayla still felt embarrassed. Tiffany tossed her towel aside and opened the bathroom door, letting out a cloud of steam as the room cooled dramatically. Kayla pulled her own towel tightly around herself.

“You forgot your towel,” Kayla said, reaching to pick it up.

“No, I didn’t,” Tiffany shot back, winking.

She stepped out, naked, into the hall. Kayla rushed behind her, using the taller girl like a shield as Tiffany slowly padded down the hall toward her room. Kayla glanced ahead and saw that Cole’s door was now open. She froze, causing Tiffany to turn around with a questioning look. She followed her gaze to the open door and laughed.

“Dad!” Tiffany called out, making Kayla jump, “Kayla’s afraid you’re going to see our hot, naked, teenage flesh if we walk past your door! Are you decent? Will you avert your virgin eyes so as not to behold our curvaceous beauty?”

Kayla’s whole body flushed crimson, and she contemplated fleeing back to the bathroom. Maybe Tiffany didn’t mind Cole seeing her naked. After all, she’d just been impaled on his big, throbbing cock the night before. But Kayla’s mind was a whirlwind of new sensations already, and she didn’t know if she could handle a very handsome, grown man gazing at her in a towel that barely concealed her charms.

Cole’s voice boomed out, “I am rarely decent, Honey, but for Kayla’s sake I will avert my eyes, just this once.”

“See?” Tiffany said, “Safe.”

She strolled to the open door, put her back to it, and spread her arms and legs across the portal.

“Quickly, Kayla! Make a run for it!” She cried, “I’ll hold it off with my twerk-tastic derriere!”

There was an animalistic roar from the bedroom, and Tiffany shrieked as a pair of big hands wrapped around her naked waist.

“Your twerk-tastic powers hold no sway here!” The monster bellowed.

“Run for it, Kayla! I can’t hold it back much longer! I can feel its flesh club rising to attack!”

“Raaaaar! Puny human!” It cried, and Tiffany screamed as the beast pulled her inside.

Kayla rushed past the door, stopping on the other side to peek inside. Cole had Tiffany pinned on her back, his big hands holding her arms, his bare legs holding hers down, spread. He was clad only in a pair of tight-fitting boxer briefs. Kayla could see his hard, rigid shaft outlined through them.

“Save yourself, Kayla!” She cried, “I’m a goner! It’s too strong, and the twerk-tasticness has failed! I...did,” she sighed, and her head lolled back on the carpet, her tongue lolling out the side of her mouth, eyes rolled back in her head.

“Victory!” Cole cried, “And now to sup on my kill!”

Kayla’s eyes grew wide, and her mouth hung slack as Cole dove between Tiffany’s legs, snaking his tongue into her spread cunt! Tiffany squeaked and came back to life, her legs locking around his head.

“Oh, God!” Tiffany screamed, her hands clenching on the carpet. Her body was so on edge from playing with Kayla that she orgasmed instantly on her daddy’s tongue, her back arching as she cried out in pleasure.

Kayla watched in shock at the lewd display. Cole licked his own daughter’s cunt without the slightest care in the world that Kayla was watching. She felt hot between her legs again. With an effort of will she stayed her hand from drifting down to play with herself. After a moment, Tiffany relaxed and unlocked her legs.

“Away from me, you evil beast!” She said, giggling, “I have to get ready for work! I’m not some wet hole that lays around waiting for you to slake your lust, you know. Someone’s gotta pay the bills around here.”

Cole feigned a hurt expression, pushing himself to his feet and dismissing her with a wave, saying, “Away from me, harlot. Tempt me no more with your sinful flesh!”

Tiffany fled from the room, grabbing the shocked Kayla’s hand. She stuck her tongue out at Cole, and then ran down the hall, pulling Kayla with her.

“We sure showed him!” Tiffany yelled, and they heard Cole chuckle as his door shut.

Tiffany shut her own door behind them, pushing her back against it and sighing dramatically with relief.

“We made it! And with your dignity intact, thank Baby Jesus!” She exclaimed.

Kayla still wore a stunned look on her face, her towel gripped tightly around her.

“What?” Tiffany asked.

“He...your…” Kayla stammered.

“I know, right? He brushed off my twerk-tastic powers like they were nothing!”

“He’s your dad!” Kayla blurted.

“You noticed!” Tiffany laughed, “Yes, my dad licked my steamy, teenage cunt. And I came really hard, too.”

“And last night... last night he…”

Tiffany gave her that mischievous grin again.

“What about last night?” she teased, “Kayla, were you spying on me?”

“No! I just... I woke up and you were gone, and you didn’t come back, so I got up and I went out in the hall, and the door was open, and I saw... I saw…”

Tiffany came up and held her, finally taking stock of how shellshocked Kayla seemed.

“Oh, honey it’s ok,” she said soothingly, “I know that all of this is new for you, and you’re embarrassed, but it’s alright. It’s just two people fucking. There’s nothing sinister about it. We both like sex, and neither of us is commited to anyone, so we have a little fun. That’s all. And he’s really hot. Oh, and his dick is pretty big.”

Kayla giggled nervously. Tiffany made it all sound so normal, like it was no big deal. Maybe it wasn’t. Kayla wasn’t sure. She’d never experienced anything like this before. She just knew what her mother would say.

“So, how much did you see?” Tiffany asked, stroking Kayla’s hair.

“Only a minute,” she said softly, “you were... on top of him.”

She clearly remembered the moment in her mind, the image of Tiffany’s tight, round bottom, spread apart by Cole’s big hands as he moved her up and down on his glistening penis, like she was just a little toy. She could remember the arch of Tiffany’s back, the way she trembled each time he pulled her down his length.

“Do I really have a nice ass?” Tiffany asked, throwing Kayla for a further loop, “I mean, spread out like that, do I look hot from the back? Did you take any pictures?”

Kayla pulled back, saying, “N... no, I didn’t take any pictures. Why would I…”

“Shoot!” Tiffany exclaimed, “I’d have loved to see what I looked like with that big cock stuffed up in me, and my ass spread out on his lap. I’ll bet it looked hot!”

“It was... It…”

“Oooh, Kayla likes to watch, hmm? Got a little voyeur in you, do you?”


“I’m just teasing you, Kayla. God, you’re cute. Let’s get ready for the party.”

While Tiffany was quick to get herself together, she took her time fawning over Kayla like she was a pageant queen. Kayla spent more time getting her hair done and makeup put on than she’d ever done in her life.

“I’m living vicariously through your big boobs,” Tiffany explained, brushing out Kayla’s hair, “If I can’t see the looks of lust directed at me, I want to, at least, have some part in it.”

When she was done, Kayla hardly recognized herself. Gone were the frumpy clothes. They’d gone through the outfits again and settled on the silky white shirt for her top. The clingy material hugged her closely, straining against her braless breasts. She was showing some impressive cleavage as the top tried to contain her ample bosom. She’d paired it with a tight little black skirt, stretched to its limits around her round ass. It came just inches below her bare, shaven pussy. Finally, a pair of wedge sandals in white adorned her feet. Tiffany had picked them to give her ass a little more lift, but give her some support, since she wasn’t used to wearing heels.

Tiffany had opted for a wide-necked blouse with a draped front, that opened between her small breasts. She, too, wore a lacy black mini-skirt and matching black heels. She pulled a wheeled bag from the closet, and set it on the bed, unzipping it and taking stock one last time.

“We’re ready.” She declared, and Kayla followed her out of the room and down the stairs. They did not see Cole again, as they made their way through the entry, past the naked statues, and out the door. Kayla felt butterflies in her stomach as they got into Tiffany’s car and started the drive.

“Just relax, Kayla,” Tiffany reassured her, “Just watch what I do, be the perfect eye candy that you are, laugh at my stupid jokes, and be polite. These ladies will eat you up, I’m sure of it.”

At the mention of the words, Kayla’s mind flashed back to the way Tiffany had eaten her up this morning, and she rubbed her legs together. She could just imagine a room full of sexy older ladies, their hands all over her, pulling off her top, pushing up her skirt. They’d all spread her legs on the couch as Tiffany watched, and take turns sucking her warm, hairless cunt. She shook her head, dispelling the daydream. She was a good girl, she told herself. She hadn’t meant to let another girl lick her slit. She’d just lost control. Hormones. An unfamiliar environment. She wasn’t a slut.

Tiffany chattered on as Kayla half-listened, staring out the window at the other people on the sidewalks. She looked at them with new eyes, now, and wondered. How many of them had woken up this morning and writhed under the sheets as their lovers licked them? How many of them had spread their legs and felt a man’s throbbing penis open them up? Was it really normal to do these things? Her mother didn’t think so.

Before long, they were pulling up into one of the fancy neighborhoods on the north end of the city. Even the smallest of the homes here dwarfed her own, or Tiffany’s. Kayla had never seen such opulence in person. They stopped at a gated drive, where Tiffany rolled down her window at a call box. She pressed the button, and a moment later a woman’s voice answered.

“Yes?” She asked.

“Good morning,” Tiffany replied, “My name is Tiffany, and I have a scheduled appointment at 10:00. May I come up, dear?”

“We’re expecting you!” The woman answered, “Please come up. Park anywhere that’s convenient.”

There was a buzz, and the big, black gate clicked, and then began to roll aside. Tiffany drove through, up the long, tree-lined drive, and around a fountain in front of the big house. Kayla gawked at the fluted pillars supporting a large marble overhang, where a big set of banded double doors stood shaded from the morning sun.

“Don’t look like a tourist, Kayla,” Tiffany chided, “Remember that a man is whatever room he is in. Or woman.”

Kayla looked at her curiously.

“It means that you adapt to your surroundings. You’re not a bewildered 18-year-old, awestruck by the big, rich house. You’re a sexy, confident young woman, with a set of tits that would make Mother Teresa jealous. You woke up and commanded a horny bitch to eat your cunt, because it’s what you goddamn well deserve. The world can kiss your big, perfect butt.”

Kayla laughed at that and felt better. Tiffany parked the car beside the fountain, further back from the row of luxury cars that were already parked in front of the house. She got out, and pulled her wheeled bag from the trunk, heels click-clacking across the stone drive as she strutted to the front door with Kayla in tow. The door was opened by a matronly older woman in a smart, conservative dress, before they even arrived at the last step.

“Welcome dears,” the woman said warmly, “Please, come in. The ladies are expecting you.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Tiffany said politely, “May I assume you run the affairs of the house?”

The woman smiled at her delightedly, nodding, “Gissele,” she said, and gave a neat curtsy.

She beckoned the two girls to follow her through a spacious foyer, and down a wide hall behind a grand staircase. Kayla held her head up, and tried to look like she belonged, but it was difficult not to gape at the luxury on display. As they proceeded down the hall, passing a number of closed doors, the sounds of laughter and chatting women drifted their way, punctuated by the occasional expletive.

All eyes turned to them when they entered the room, and Kayla froze. The group of 4 women were scattered around couches in the big, open room. They were all dressed in expensive designer skirts and dresses, sipping mimosas as they chatted away like the attractive pack of cougars they were. They flashed hungry grins at the two teens.

“Will there be anything else, ma’am?” Giselle asked one woman, in particular.

“Thank you, dear, no,” she replied and stood to greet the girls.

“Good morning girls,” she said, extending a hand, laden with sparkling rings, to Tiffany, “Vanya,” she introduced herself.

“A pleasure,” Tiffany said, taking the woman’s hand, “I’m Tiffany, and this is Kayla.”

“Two for one deal at the toy store?” Another woman quipped from her couch, swirling her drink and throwing it back.

“Two can certainly take better care of you than one,” Tiffany said with a smile.

The woman laughed, and said back, “I prefer 3 or 4. Or more.”

“The slut over there is Diane,” Vanya nodded to the woman, who grinned and refilled her glass from a pitcher.

She went around the room, making introductions. Tiffany easily fell into playful banter with each of them, while Kayla just shook their hands nervously. Each of them eyed her cleavage wolfishly.

“And does Ms. Kayla not speak?” asked an asian woman they were introduced to as Liu.

“Ms. Kayla is here to observe today,” Tiffany explained, “to see if she likes the delicious world of erotic games, spicy toys, exotic oils, and raunchy restriction.”

“I like her,” Liu commented, as though Kayla were another trophy to be bought, “Just look at those big, gorgeous tits!” She chuckled.

“Heel, you lesbo bitch!” Vanya snapped, playfully, “You’ll scare the poor thing to death.”

She took Kayla’s hand and led her to a couch, where she sat her next to a ravishing black-haired beauty in a frilly mini-skirt, whom she’d been introduced to as Elena.

“Sit here, Kayla,” Vanya commanded, “Elena and I will keep you safe from the Asian tigers.”

“You just want her all to yourself,” Liu complained, “Never did want to share your toys.”

Vanya only smirked at her, and let her hand fall to Kayla’s exposed knee. To her other side, Elena did the same. Kayla could feel the heat of their skin against her own, as she tried to relax, and keep her legs closed to hide her naked sex. She suddenly found a mimosa pushed into her hand, and Vanya gave her a conspiratorial wink.

“I’m, um, only 18,” Kayla said.

“We won’t tell,” said Elena.

Kayla took a tentative sip. She’d never had alcohol before. Today was a lot of firsts. Elena nodded approvingly.

“Well, Tiffany,” Vanya said, “You’d best go on with it. We’re all here to spend our money on your, undoubtedly large assortment of fuck toys. Our friend, Karol, was very happy with your recommendations.”

Tiffany set her bag down, unzipped it, and began. Kayla sipped at her drink nervously.

“Let’s talk about what we want, Mrs. Vanya,”

“V, if you please,” Vanya said, her hand sliding gently across Kayla’s leg. Elena began to rub her other leg. Kayla tried to concentrate on watching Tiffany’s presentation, slurping her drink down.

“V,” Tiffany repeated, “You’ll find that I have little pretext, and less shame,”

“That’s the truth.” Kayla said, and then caught herself.

The women all giggled, though, and Tiffany smiled at her. Apparently, it had been the right thing to say, and the rest of the tension in the room faded away. She found her drink, suddenly, refilled.

“So, I think we can all drop our own inhibitions while were here,” Tiffany continued, “And just be women, discussing what we like, what we want,” She began to run her hands up her own sides sensuously, “The way we want to be touched,” one hand slid across her breast, the other between her legs.

The women were more attentive, now. A light buzzing sound hit their ears, and like magic, small vibrators were on each of Tiffany’s pointer fingers.

“About the things we want done to us,” Tiffany went on, her vibrating finger sliding under her dress, “and the things we want to do to each other,” She looked pointedly at Kayla, “Sometimes all it takes is a touch to turn an ordinary moment, into the erotic,” she snapped her hand out from under her dress, and flung each of the ladies their own tiny vibrator.

The surprised women caught them, flinching, and then giggling as Tiffany reached back under her dress.

“And sometimes a tiny little thing can turn that boring touch into something new,” Tiffany said, running the vibrator through her bare slit.

The women fidgeted with their tiny vibrators, slipping them on their fingers, and turning them on, as they laughed and threw back more drinks. Tiffany reached into her bag again, and began to hand each of them a small sampler of oils and lotions.

“Combine that touch with a little bit of nature,” Tiffany said, “and I promise the results will be orgasmic,”

Kayla was enrapt at Tiffany’s display, her cheeks red. She couldn’t believe how easily she put herself out there. Her head was feeling just a bit like it had cotton in it, and the two women’s hands on either of her legs seemed to be working their way further up. It felt nice. She relaxed, parting her legs slightly.

“Can we see how orgasmic?” Diane asked.

Tiffany looked to V, who nodded.

“Would you like to volunteer?” Tiffany asked, her voice husky.

“I was thinking more of your friend,” Diane said, “Just thinking about that cute little thing’s wet snatch is making me horny.”

“Thinking at all makes you horny,” Liu said.

Diane shrugged.

“I’m afraid Kayla is just here to watch,” Tiffany said, weakly, glancing at her friend.

The women to either side of her had managed to pry her legs a bit further apart, now, and Kayla’s bare cunt was on display for the whole room. She didn’t notice, but she reddened with embarrassment at the comment, and sucked on her drink. The womens’ hands rubbing the inside of her thighs felt very good.

“Hmm. Shame,” Diane said, looking disappointed.

Kayla could see the matching disappointment on Tiffany’s face, though she quickly hid it. She felt bad, now. She knew that Tiffany needed to make big sales for her job, and she couldn’t stand the thought of ruining it for her. She’d been so kind.

“What... what would I have to do?” Kayla squeaked.

All eyes turned to her in surprise.

V took one of the small oil bottles marked Fire ‘N Ice, and opened the top.

“Well,” she whispered in Kayla’s ear, “we just want to rub a bit of this sexy oil onto your bald little pussy, and rub it with the vibrator, so we can see how it works.”

Kayla felt her tummy flutter as she realized her legs had spread, and tried to clench them shut. The two women’s hands stayed firmly lodged between them, though. She felt herself getting wet. A feeling of shame filled her as all of the women in the room looked up her skirt at her exposed pussy, and with that feeling came one of intense arousal. Her mother would be furious, seeing her spread legs and naked cunt on display for these strange women. The thought sent a tremble of sexual energy through her body. Her head felt light from the drink, and the constant rubbing of her legs and thighs by the older women.

Before she could even answer, Vanya slid her oily finger through Kayla’s moistening lips, and everyone in the room held their breath as Kayla gasped at the feeling. First, it was cold, but as Vanya continued stroking Kayla’s wet fuckhole, the oil warmed. She heard the sound of a zipper, somewhere, and then noticed her skirt was being unzipped by Elena. A moment later it was open, and she was sitting on it as Vanya continued to stroke her.

Tiffany began pulling more items from the bag, and moved over to where the action was happening. She already knew that her presentation was done. These horny old women were about to turn Kayla into their plaything. She wanted to make sure that she showcased some appropriate products, as well as helped to keep them from getting too out-of-hand.

Elena slipped the ring vibrator on, and pushed it against Kayla’s clit. Kayla’s hips rocked as she closed her eyes and moaned.

“My,” Vanya said, “I think this does feel nice. Doesn’t it, Kayla?”

“uh huh…” Kayla groaned as the vibrations pulsed through her. Vanya slipped her oiled finger into Kayla’s snatch. The oil alternated hot and cool, sending strange feelings through her pussy.

Tiffany pulled Kayla’s hands above her head, causing the already-tight shirt to pull even tighter. Distantly, Kayla felt her wrists being tied with something, and then Tiffany was leaning down to whisper in her ear.

“You’re doing great, Kayla. They love it. Just relax. Enjoy it. I’ve got you.”

Then, her vision went dark as Tiffany put a soft blindfold over her eyes. Now, all she could do was feel. Feel the two women’s hands between her legs as she felt herself cumming, gasping as they continued to play with her. Someone began undoing the buttons on her shirt, and soon she felt her big tits come free, the shirt open. There was a collective sigh from all the women.

“That’s so good, Kayla,” Tiffany whispered, “You’re such a good girl. We’re going to make you feel so nice. Just relax.”

Kayla squeaked as she felt something clamped onto her exposed nipples. The pain was sharp and biting, but not wholly unpleasant. A moment later the clamps released, and she orgasmed again, crying out as the clamps squeezed shut once more. The women pulled her legs further apart and spread more oils onto her naked cunt. Tiffany continued to play with her fuckhandles, tweaking the clamps on her nipples, rubbing and squeezing her flesh.

The oils dripped through her slick pussy lips, down into her ass. Vanya turned Kayla’s head toward her gently and the older woman’s tongue slipped into Kayla’s open mouth. Between her legs, she felt a new sensation. It was rubbery, curved, and poking at her slick hole, running up and down the length of her slit. Her face was turned to Elena, and the other woman was kissing her, now, tongue and lips locked on Kayla’s. She squealed into the woman’s mouth as the rubbery thing slid inside of her, and she realized in the back of her overwhelmed mind that it was a rubber penis. Someone was pushing a fake penis into her!

Her world became one climax after another as the women manipulated her body. They stroked the rubber penis in and out of her, while rubbing her clit with the vibrator and the oils. Her nipples were clamped, unclamped, tugged, sucked and licked. Three, or perhaps four of them raped her mouth with their squirming tongues, while they all whispered filthy things into her ears.

“You have such a sweet little cunt…”

“I love your hard nipples…”

“You love that big cock up your pussy, don’t you, you big-titted slut…”

“Yes, suck on her tongue, baby…”

“I’d love to watch a group of hung studs gang fuck your gorgeous body…”

Kayla at the toy party

On and on it went, until Kayla thought she might pass out. She didn’t know how long it went on, until finally, the clamps were removed for good, and her wrists were unbound. She squinted against the light as the blindfold was removed. Exhausted, she still flushed as everyone in the room stared at her exposed body. She knew she must look like a mess. Hair matted with sweat. Her shirt undone, big tits hanging out, nipples swollen, red and aching, her cunt smeared with oils and her own fuck cream.

“Now that,” Vanya said, cleaning her hands with a towel, “was a sales presentation.”

Elena handed Kayla a glass of cold water, while Liu wiped at her sweaty head with a cool cloth. Diane gently began to clean between her legs.

Tiffany began to put the toys into little baggies, where they’d be separated from the unused merchandise. She’d had a great time, which made up for the loss of any sales. After all, these old bags just wanted to have their fun with a couple of young girls, it seemed.

Vanya laid a hand on her shoulder, while her friends fussed over putting a very confused Kayla back together.

“I think it’s safe to say,” the older woman began, “That you’re going to do very well out of this today,”

Tiffany raised an eyebrow and Vanya continued, “where can we place our orders?”

Tiffany lit up again, producing a tablet from her bag.

“Let’s see what we can do,” She said, and sat back down with her host to start taking orders.

One by one, each of the women sat with her to place orders. Meanwhile, they fawned over Kayla.

She sat wedged between Diana and Elena, with Liu perched on the coffee table in front of her. Elena nuzzled her neck, while Diane lightly stroked her belly. Liu held her hand.

“I would kill for tits like these,” Diana said, rubbing Kayla’s sensitive tits through her top.

“I haven’t seen something that hot since Cabo in 2012!” Elena purred, and the other ladies giggled at some inside joke.

“I have some friends that will want presentations, if they’ll all be like this!” Liu said.

“Um, thanks,” Kayla said, flushing with shame, “I didn’t really know it was going to that.”

“I don’t know if this whole nervous, innocent thing is real, or not,” Diane said, “but it sure works, honey.

They did their best to make her feel better about the fact that she’d just let five women use her like their personal sex toy all morning, but Kayla still felt very confused about the whole thing. She couldn’t understand why she just complied with it all. As soon as her, her vagina. Sluts had cunts. Good girls had vaginas. As soon as her...vagina started getting warm like that, she just couldn’t say no to the good feelings. It felt so naughty, and so good!

A short while later, Tiffany closed up her bag. She went to each woman, tapped her phone to theirs and transferred her DigiCard to them. Giselle came and saw them out of the house, and in a moment, they were back in Tiffany’s car. Once they were out of the drive, and the gate closed behind them, Tiffany parked the car on the side of the street. She looked at Kayla and leaned over to hug her tightly.

“Oh my God, Kayla! You’re the best friend I have ever had. That was incredible! You were so hot!”

Kayla blushed, and hugged her back, awkwardly.

“I hope it helped,” she said, “I just didn’t want to be the reason they didn’t buy anything from you.”

“Well, you became the reason they bought everything from us. Do you have any idea how much we just made?”


“Those horny birds practically bought the whole catalog. If they’re actually going to use it, I sure wouldn’t mind an invitation to that party!” She laughed, “seriously, though,” she whipped out her phone and started punching numbers into a calculator, then turned it so Kayla could see.

Kayla’s jaw dropped. It read $6,700.

“Half of that is yours,” Tiffany said, “Not a bad day, huh?”

Kayla shook her head. She’d never seen that much money in her life. Maybe Tiffany was onto something. If she could make that kind of money every week, then she could get away from her crazy home! Tiffany shattered her dreams the next moment, though.

“Now, a good day is a good day,” she said, “but I have to be real with you. They’re not all going to be like that. I’m pretty decent at it, so I do pretty well regularly, but there are just as many that are a bust.”

“Oh…” Kayla said, suddenly dejected.

Tiffany saw Kayla’s face fall in defeat and put her hand on her friend’s.

“Hey. Don’t do that. I’m just laying it out for you honestly. There are days that are bad, days that are good, and days that are great. It’s just like anything else in life, right?”

“I guess so,” Kayla agreed, “I was just kind of hoping that I could, you know, make some money and get out on my own. You don’t know how crazy my mom’s gotten. And the weird Professor. Even my brother’s becoming weird, like them.”

“Today was a great day,” Tiffany went on, “and there will be a lot of other great days. If you really think you want to do this, I’ll talk to my boss, and see what he can do. Even if things like today aren’t really for you, they have all kinds of different departments. Maybe, there’s something better for you?”

Kayla brightened at that, asking, “Do you really think?”

“Sure. I’ll talk to him on Monday! What do you say to some lunch?”

Kayla paled. It was bad enough to have her big boobs hanging out in front of those women. She didn’t know if she could go out in public in the tight top, and tiny skirt with her naked vagina underneath. Tiffany saw it and sighed.

Kayla Sterns: Korrupting Kayla

“You just let a group of old ladies strip you naked and make you orgasm over and over, and you’re worried about some people seeing your amazing cleavage? Oh, Kayla. It’ll be good practice. Start taking control of that hot bod, babe!”

Kayla fidgeted in her seat, and then nodded her head. Tiffany threw the car in drive and cruised out of the rich neighborhood. They stopped for lunch, and spent the time talking and laughing, relating the tales of their lives. Kayla tried to ignore the hungry stares of the men, and some women, but she couldn’t help the warm feeling in her pussy.

Cole was out when the girls arrived back at Tiffany’s home, where Kayla laid on the bed and quickly fell asleep. Tiffany climbed on beside her, and snuggled her, falling into a nap herself. In her dreams, Kayla was blindfolded, her hands bound, and her legs spread. A woman’s seductive voice whispered something in her ear that her sleeping mind couldn’t make out. A big, warm, throbbing penis slipped up and down her wet little slit. This was no rubber penis. Not this time. She panted and felt someone’s rough hands grasp her nipples, as the penis slipped just inside of her.

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