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Korrupting Kayla, Part 2

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New Rules

The next morning, there was a new face at the table, that of the Professor. He sat in the seat, formerly occupied by Kayla's father, which made the confused teenager angry. She scowled at him as she ate her breakfast, and though he nodded pleasantly to her, and wished her a good morning, he didn't mention having seen her watching her mother fuck his big cock the night before.

Kayla hoped to sneak away from the table without having to show herself to her mother this morning, but Marie was ready for her. She made Kayla lift her shirt to flash her naked tits to all 3 of them, and then push down her pants to show her hairy pussy, too. Kayla tried not to cry as she did it, and mostly succeeded, but she broke down once she ran out to her car. For a few minutes, she wiped at her tears, trying to get a hold of herself.

Tiffany met her at school, dressed like a tramp, per usual. Her new friend noticed the distressed look on Kayla's face and asked what was wrong.

“My mom's dating some guy,” Kayla explained, “and he's some super college professor that thinks he knows it all,”

“Tough break,” Tiffany said, nodding, “You think they're gonna get hitched?”

“I hope not,” Kayla said, “He's putting weird ideas in her head that I need discipline,”

She shuddered as she thought about the conversation she'd had with Miles the previous night.

“Discipline? You're, like, the picture of fucking perfect. What do you need discipline for?”

Kayla wasn't sure if she could talk about it, but she really wanted to tell someone. It was just so strange.

“My mom's crazy, I think,” Kayla explained, “she took away all my underwear because I wasn't wearing any when I came home yesterday,”

Tiffany stopped and pulled Kayla to the corner.

In a hushed tone she asked, “How did your mom know you weren't wearing panties?”

Kayla sighed, and said, “The other day, when I had to borrow that shirt, I came home without a bra. My mom thought I was trying to show off like some kind of tramp. She...she spanked me, and then took away all my bras,”

Tiffany's face lit up, “So, that's why you've been going without a bra. Wow! That's really crazy!”

Kayla nodded, her face reddening. She felt better for having told someone, but also humiliated.

“It feels good, doesn't it?” Tiffany asked.

“It feels dirty,”

“Which feels good, right?”