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New Title: Korrupting Kayla, Book Two

Korrupting Kayla Two Cover

It's finally here and a day early. It was ready to go, so why not give it up? Book two of the Korrupting Kayla trilogy is the official tenth book in the series. I apologize for the wait and I hope you'll think it's worth it. There was a lot of stuff to tie together in this book and to set up the rest of the series. Now, I'm under no illusions about being some great author of life-changing and meaningful work. I write sexy garbage around a whacky world of fantasy with some oddball sci-fi bits thrown in. However, the fact that so many people have tagged along and enjoyed this weird stuff with me is sincerely meaningful to me personally. Thank you to everyone that has invested time in reading these books and followed me over the years.

The tone of this second book, as evidenced in the above trailer, has taken a darker turn because the series is moving into darker territory. DomCo has been lurking and working for a long time throughout this series. Kayla's story has provided an inside look into just what a fucked up world they intend to run.

The company is now poised to drop the charade and come out to start its big push toward a patriarchal world government. Over the rest of the series, we'll see it happen. Throughout this book, you'll see much of what was thinly veiled, previously, start to come out. With the power they've amassed, DomCo has little left to fear. They own courts and schools, politicians, and medicine. They have a hand in the world's food supply and just about everything else.

And then, there's Edge. What started as a small social experiment is growing. Ultimately, Edge is a means of control and a way to direct people into performing tasks that benefit the long-term goals of the company. While it's enslavement, it's a prison designed to keep the inmates chasing after their own obsequiousness. The ones that need to be changed to comply, well, there are methods for that, too.

Halo smart lenses, also, are a big part of that control and will be a staple of the rest of the series. Haloes are one of the few semi-sci-fi bits of my stories. I know that some folks aren't interested in sci-fi elements in their erotica. I try to limit myself in these books to things that are fairly grounded in near-future tech. Smart lenses are almost an inevitability in our real world, so Haloes make sense.

Driverless cars are a real possibility at some near-future point. We will not go into further discussion on that, as it can be a charged topic for some folks and this is a place for entertainment.

AI is a real fact in our lives and it's only becoming more prevalent. Within the next decade, I think we'll be living with it in ways we never imagined. Therefore, I don't feel it's too far outside the boundaries of what's real for the purposes I use it for in these books. Really, the AI that's presented in the DomCo series isn't a whole lot smarter than what's in your phone as of the time this is being written.

Edge tech, like The Siren's Song, is actually based on experimental real-world tech for things like crowd control or non-lethal weaponry. While we may not see it on the street in use, you can bet your ass there's plenty of that whacky shit in locked-up labs around the world.

In this book, you'll see by the end the real changes in Kayla and Tiffany. Kayla was always intended for the role she's been placed in by the end of this book. Without any spoilers, it's a role that I hope most people would not expect to find her in. There are a lot of cliffhangers left out there by the end, in preparation for Book Three.

In this one, you'll be introduced to a new character. Carly is a new hire in the company, and now that Kayla's moved on to a different department, Carly will take her place in Social Media. The site banner at release time features our three slutty protagonists for this book. We'll also spend more time getting to know Suck Pet, take care of The Professor, and learn just how warped Kayla's family has become. Tiffany will also begin going down her own road with the company.

A note on previous titles:

Previous DomCo stories existed pretty well as stand-alone works. There were small cameos and crossovers, but they were designed so that folks could read them without really missing anything. When I released Edge, it was the bridge novel between the first and second phases of the series. It started to tie all those parts together.

From there until the end, things will make a lot more sense if you have read the previous books. Here are the bits that pop up in Kayla Two from previous stories.