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Korrupting Kayla, Part 1

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Chapter One: Kayla's New Daddy

The day that Kayla’s real daddy packed away his things and left, she cried harder than she ever had before. The sad teen couldn’t understand why her daddy had to go. Their home always seemed happy, and she could count the times her parents had argued on one hand. Her daddy, tears in his eyes as he hugged her skinny body, tried to tell her that it was going to be alright. He’d still see her. He just wouldn’t live at home anymore.

“Why do you have to go, though?” Kayla asked, her arms clinging to his neck.

“There are things that mom and I just have to work out, honey. You’ll understand someday when you find the right man for yourself,” her daddy said.

Sadly, her father disentangled himself from his daughter, picked up his suitcase, and walked out the door. Kayla screamed at her mother that she hated her and ran to her room. Locking herself inside, she threw herself on the bed and sobbed into her pillow. She didn’t come out that night.

Chapter Two: Needs

Kayla sat at the table picking at a plate of scrambled eggs, feeling miserable and sorry for herself. Her older brother, Rich, ignored her misery as he read about some stupid football players on his tablet. Why didn’t Rich seem angry at their mother? Why wasn’t he upset that their father left? Her brother was stupid.

Kayla’s mother, Marie, hummed to herself as she slapped a load of bacon onto a plate. She brought the plate, piled high with bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and a pancake to the table and set it in front of Rich. Her plump lips kissed Kayla’s brother on the forehead and she smiled at him adoringly.

“How come I didn’t get any bacon?” Kayla whined, just to have something to complain about.

“Growing boys need a lot of protein,” Marie explained, “but us girls have to be careful. We don’t want you getting all fat and gross, Kayla. You don’t want to be all round like a beach ball, do you?”

“No,” Kayla agreed and went back to sulking.

Marie put her arm around her daughter.

“I know you’re upset, honey,” she said, “but this is the best thing. When you grow up, you’ll realize that there are certain things in life that mommies and daddies need, and sometimes it takes a long time to learn that who you’re with might not be able to give you those things.”

“What kinds of things?” Kayla asked, “Dad had a good job, he gave us a good house, nice clothes, and he loves us! What more is there?”

Marie frowned, saying, “You just couldn’t understand right now, sweetie. Just finish your breakfast and go to school.”

Marie kissed her on the head, too, and left the room. Kayla wasn’t hungry. She glanced at her brother and noticed that he was watching their mom very intently as she left the kitchen. Kayla followed his gaze, but couldn’t see anything that warranted such a long, hard look.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Nothing. Eat your eggs,” Rich said, and went back to reading.

Kayla threw her eggs away. She wasn’t hungry. Instead, she looked at the clock, noted that she had about forty minutes before she needed to leave for school, and decided to go to her room to play with herself and take her mind off the changes in her family.

Up until recently, Kayla had never touched herself with the intention of getting off. A few months ago, though, her friend, Mandy, had slept over one night. With her, Mandy brought a DVD that she’d “borrowed” from her parent’s closet. The video was called “Naughty Schoolgirls,” and it was the first exposure Kayla had to the world of pornography. Mandy had laughed at her friend’s reaction to seeing the DVD, telling her she needed to grow up when Kayla had told her she didn’t want to watch a filthy movie.

Inside, though, she was very curious. Kids at school all talked about sex, but Kayla had just never really thought much about it. Then, her body had begun to change, and a host of new and strange feelings started to creep out when she looked at boys. She always felt dirty, like she shouldn’t have those feelings, but she’d never been able to make them go away.

Blushing, she’d allowed Mandy to put on the DVD, as long as she kept the volume down so her parents wouldn’t hear it. Together, the two girls had soaked in the graphic images and filthy words, and the naughty feelings started to come back. Kayla watched the teens, not much older than herself, as they said dirty things like, “cock, fuck, pussy, ass, cum, and cunt”.

When the men put their cocks into the girls’ mouths, vaginas, and asses, Kayla couldn’t look away. All the girls seemed to be having so much fun, especially when they rubbed their vaginas and orgasmed. The two girls giggled with each other throughout the film and Kayla surprised herself when she began to call the girls on the screen dirty sluts and whores. Mandy thought it was funny, too.

After the movie was over, and Mandy was asleep on the floor, Kayla lay awake, feeling flushed. The naughty feelings hadn’t gone away when the movie was over. In fact, they just continued. She couldn’t get the images of the girls cumming out of her mind. As quietly as possible, she put her hand between her legs and felt the wetness in her vagina.

Picturing herself as one of the girls in the movie, Kayla held her breath and began to rub her vagina to see if she could make it cum. It felt so dirty to touch herself like this, with Mandy sleeping so close. In her head, she started calling herself filthy names, like the men in the video did to the girls. She called herself slut, cocksucker, whore, and then the strangest thing happened. As she said the dirty words in her head, her vagina, no her pussy, started to throb, and then it began to spasm. With her mouth clamped shut tightly, Kayla had her first orgasm and decided that it was a wonderful feeling.

Since that day, she’d been playing with herself more often, especially when she was upset. The g