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Korrupting Kayla, Part 3

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It was early in the evening when Kayla awoke, which roused Tiffany, as well. Tiffany gave her a groggy smile and stretched languidly on the bed.

“I could go for a shower,” She said, blinking away sleep.

“Sounds good.” Kayla agreed, and they looked at one another.

“Are you going to ask who goes first?” Tiffany asked.

Kayla sighed, “Would it do any good?”

“Nope. Today is all about breaking you out of that shy shell, and if that means I have to spend the whole day being your personal slit licker, that’s what I’ll do. What are friends for, right?”

She rolled Kayla off the bed, then swung her legs off the side and stripped off her clothes. Fingers trembling, Kayla did the same, flushing as she dropped her shirt, then unzipped the skirt. Unconsciously, she covered her breasts, and Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“It’s like Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa and then hid it in a closet,” Tiffany said, “you’re a work of art, and it deserves to be seen, and admired. Maybe even charged admission for!”

Kayla laughed, and lowered her arms, but still felt ashamed. She was being so bad, but it was exciting. Tiffany went to the door, cracked it, and poked her head out.

“Looks clear of monsters,” she said, and stepped out.

She made a show of creeping quietly down the hall, ducking around each corner like a ninja, while Kayla scampered behind her, flushed with excitement and embarrassment at being naked. Cole’s door was shut, and they neither saw nor heard any sign of him.

Again they brushed their teeth and waited for the water to heat, then Tiffany led Kayla into the shower and began to wash her body. The heat in Kayla’s cunt was becoming unbearable again. The feeling of Tiffany’s hands all over her body felt so wonderful. She wondered, though, what Tiffany got from it. What was the draw of touching and pleasuring someone else?

Her hand shaking, Kayla reached out and touched Tiffany’s flat tummy. Tiffany smiled at her, encouragingly, and put her hand over Kayla’s, moving it up until it covered her breast.

“That’s so nice, Kayla,” she rasped, “It’s ok. You can touch me wherever you want.”

Kayla reached out her other hand, and ran it up Tiffany’s slender, water-slick thigh, over her hip, following the curve of her body up her side. She heard Tiffany sigh with pleasure as she pulled Kayla closer. Kayla’s fingers rolled the other girl’s nipple between her fingers, looking into her excited eyes. Tiffany’s fingers found the hot V between Kayla’s legs and rubbed her gently. Their lips drew closer, and then Tiffany was kissing her as the water cascaded over their bodies. Kayla moaned into her mouth as Tiffany’s fingers slipped inside of her, and her other hand snaked around to cup her ass.

Tiffany broke the kiss, and nuzzled Kayla’s neck, her breath hot against her wet skin. Kayla’s hands moved of their own accord, wrapping around the other girl, feeling the curves of her bottom, while Tiffany fingered her to a delightful little orgasm. By then, the water was beginning to run cool, and Tiffany shut it off, giving Kayla one last kiss on the lips. They toweled off, Kayla casting shy glances at Tiffany’s body. Tiffany only grinned.