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Korrupting Kayla, Part 3

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It was early in the evening when Kayla awoke, which roused Tiffany, as well. Tiffany gave her a groggy smile and stretched languidly on the bed.

“I could go for a shower,” She said, blinking away sleep.

“Sounds good.” Kayla agreed, and they looked at one another.

“Are you going to ask who goes first?” Tiffany asked.

Kayla sighed, “Would it do any good?”

“Nope. Today is all about breaking you out of that shy shell, and if that means I have to spend the whole day being your personal slit licker, that’s what I’ll do. What are friends for, right?”

She rolled Kayla off the bed, then swung her legs off the side and stripped off her clothes. Fingers trembling, Kayla did the same, flushing as she dropped her shirt, then unzipped the skirt. Unconsciously, she covered her breasts, and Tiffany rolled her eyes.

“It’s like Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa and then hid it in a closet,” Tiffany said, “you’re a work of art, and it deserves to be seen, and admired. Maybe even charged admission for!”

Kayla laughed, and lowered her arms, but still felt ashamed. She was being so bad, but it was exciting. Tiffany went to the door, cracked it, and poked her head out.

“Looks clear of monsters,” she said, and stepped out.

She made a show of creeping quietly down the hall, ducking around each corner like a ninja, while Kayla scampered behind her, flushed with excitement and embarrassment at being naked. Cole’s door was shut, and they neither saw nor heard any sign of him.

Again they brushed their teeth and waited for the water to heat, then Tiffany led Kayla into the shower and began to wash her body. The heat in Kayla’s cunt was becoming unbearable again. The feeling of Tiffany’s hands all over her body felt so wonderful. She wondered, though, what Tiffany got from it. What was the draw of touching and pleasuring someone else?

Her hand shaking, Kayla reached out and touched Tiffany’s flat tummy. Tiffany smiled at her, encouragingly, and put her hand over Kayla’s, moving it up until it covered her breast.

“That’s so nice, Kayla,” she rasped, “It’s ok. You can touch me wherever you want.”

Kayla reached out her other hand, and ran it up Tiffany’s slender, water-slick thigh, over her hip, following the curve of her body up her side. She heard Tiffany sigh with pleasure as she pulled Kayla closer. Kayla’s fingers rolled the other girl’s nipple between her fingers, looking into her excited eyes. Tiffany’s fingers found the hot V between Kayla’s legs and rubbed her gently. Their lips drew closer, and then Tiffany was kissing her as the water cascaded over their bodies. Kayla moaned into her mouth as Tiffany’s fingers slipped inside of her, and her other hand snaked around to cup her ass.

Tiffany broke the kiss, and nuzzled Kayla’s neck, her breath hot against her wet skin. Kayla’s hands moved of their own accord, wrapping around the other girl, feeling the curves of her bottom, while Tiffany fingered her to a delightful little orgasm. By then, the water was beginning to run cool, and Tiffany shut it off, giving Kayla one last kiss on the lips. They toweled off, Kayla casting shy glances at Tiffany’s body. Tiffany only grinned.

Naked, they left the bathroom, holding hands. Kayla wasn’t sure how to feel. She’d never felt so...close to someone else. This girl, who was just a stranger less than a week ago had just, suddenly, become important to her. Yes, that was it. Tiffany was important. Her whole life had fallen apart. Her family broken up. Her mother gone crazy. Her dad, gone. The Professor. Then, this person appeared in her life and showed her that it was ok. That there were, still, people in the world that could love you. They made it to Tiffany’s room, and her friend pulled a fuzzy white robe from her closet, and wrapped Kayla up in it. It was perfect. Kayla felt overwhelmed. She sat heavily on Tiffany’s bed and cried.

For a moment, Tiffany was sure that she’d broken her. She’d pushed the shy girl too far, and now she was scarred for life. She quickly put her arms around Kayla, holding her close.

“It’s alright,” she said soothingly, “it’s ok.”

Kayla hugged her back and choked back her sobs.

“Thank you,” she said softly, “Just, thank you. For everything.”

“You’re not mad?” Tiffany asked.

“Oh no! No. I’m just...happy. Thank you for”

Tiffany felt herself sniffle, at that. The raw sincerity in Kayla’s voice touched her in a way that she’d never felt. Had anyone ever genuinely been grateful for her? Had she ever done anything that someone should be grateful for?

“Thank you, too,” she said, “for being my friend. I know I’m, you know, kind of weird.”

Kayla laughed, “That makes two of us!”


“I’m starving,” Kayla said.

Tiffany, still naked, grabbed the remote and tossed it to Kayla as she picked up her phone and started a pizza delivery order.

Kayla lay back on the bed and started flipping through channels. Tiffany lay beside her, vegging, tapping at her phone, throwing the occasional glance or silly comment at whatever show Kayla stopped on. She held the phone up high, and snapped a selfie of the two of them laying together. Nimbly, she cropped the photo above her naked tits, and added a text overlay that read “Homegirlz”. She added some stickers that gave them both big sunglasses, and a moment later it was uploaded as her profile picture.

“So gangsta,” Kayla said.

“Word, Big Titty Smalls.”

Kayla choked on a laugh. The sound of the doorbell drew their attention, and Tiffany leapt from the bed, shouting “Pizza!”

She headed for the door.

“Hey,” Kayla stopped her, “You know you’re still…”

Tiffany raised her eyebrow, that familiar half-grin on her face.


Summoning her inner Yoda, Tiffany said, “Ooo, learn quickly she does,” and stuck out her tongue. She snatched her wallet from off the table.

Like watching a trainwreck she knew was coming, Kayla couldn’t help but follow her down the stairs. She watched from around the corner as Tiffany checked the peephole, turned back to her with a giggle, and then swung the door open.

The delivery man’s eyes widened, and his mouth opened, but no words came out.

“Yes, this kind of thing does happen outside of porno,” Tiffany said, “Does my hot, naked, teenage body please you, sir?”

“Um, delivery for Tiffany…” he said, trying to regain some semblance of professionalism.

He was certain he was going to end up on YouTube in 10 minutes with the title, “Naked Pizza Delivery Prank”. Deciding this was better than ending up on CNN with the heading, “Pizza Delivery Molester gets 6 years,” he politely averted his eyes and told her the total.

Tiffany handed over cash, took her pizza, and said, “your loss.”

She shut the door and started back toward the cowering Kayla.

“Well, that was anticlimactic,” she said, “I totally would have blown him.”

They took the pizza back upstairs, and resumed their vegging. Time ticked away, until at last Kayla’s eyes began to droop. They made one last trip to the bathroom, brushed the pizza sauce away, and headed back to Tiffany’s room. Kayla noted that Cole had still not come home.

“Is your dad always gone?” She asked.

“No. Some weekends he likes to go out. He’s quite the dancer, if you can believe it. Loves it.”


“Yeah. Him and my mom used to do these whole dance competition things. I guess they were really good.”

Kayla yawned and climbed under the covers as Tiffany slipped in beside her.

“He seems really nice.” Kayla said sleepily.

“He might fuck me again tonight,” Tiffany said, as though it were the most normal thing in the world, “you can watch if you want. Or join. Whatever.”

Kayla stiffened, remembering the previous night, the sound of Tiffany’s excited moaning as that big penis was stuffed into her over and over. A moment later, she heard Tiffany’s breathing become more even as she fell asleep. She wasn’t far behind. At some point she dreamed that Cole had come into Tiffany’s room, and slid back the covers. His daughter was sprawled, naked, next to Kayla in the bed. But, it wasn’t Tiffany he touched.

He tugged the tie of the white robe, without a word, and opened it to expose Kayla’s body. She trembled, her bare sex already hot from her exciting day. Cole was naked, too, his big penis erect and bobbing up and down. Kayla’s eyes fixed on it. He dragged her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs open around his waist. Wordlessly, he pushed himself into her, making her gasp.

She awoke with a start, her breathing heavy. She was sweating. She threw back the covers, causing Tiffany to mumble something in her sleep. Kayla stared at the ceiling, her breathing relaxing as the dream faded away. The gray light of pre-dawn slinked its way across the walls, giving the waking world the same dream-like quality she’d just roused from.

Her robe was open. It was just a dream, wasn’t it? She cautiously felt between her legs. She wasn’t wet. She didn’t feel any different, other than the still new sensation of being shaved. She rolled on her side, closed her eyes, and half slept, letting her mind wander.

Some time later, Tiffany slowly woke up next to her. Still half asleep herself, Kayla didn’t respond. She noted, dimly, that Tiffany was squirming under the covers, but paid it no mind. That is, until, she felt Tiffany spread her legs open and begin to lap at her vagina lovingly. That did bring her around.

Kayla’s breathing quickened as Tiffany’s tongue slowly licked the length of her slit, up and down, rhythmically. At the top of her gash, the tip of her tongue flicked Kayla’s nub, before it slithered back down, up, down, up. Soon, she was rocking her hips in time to the movement of Tiffany’s tongue. A moment later, her tummy clenched and she arched her back, while Tiffany buried her long tongue inside her and lapped at her sweet girl cream.

It was different from yesterday, and even as Tiffany kissed up her body to press her lips against Kayla’s, she contemplated how the same act done a different way could produce two completely opposite feelings. Yesterday, it had been dirty. Naughty. Delicious. It had burned inside of her, breaking down the walls of resistance and embarrassment that she’d spent a lifetime building. Today, it was like being on a cloud. Tiffany had made love to her, sweet, gentle. There wasn’t a word spoken. The only communication was the desire expressed through her body.

Kayla kissed her back, clumsily, but she felt like she was improving. And she wanted to improve more. That was for sure. Maybe it was filthy, and naughty. Did that make it wrong? She wasn’t so sure anymore. She knew her mother would think so. She’d probably tell her that dirty little pantiless lesbos that suck cunt were the spawn of Satan, or something. But this didn’t feel naughty, or wrong. It felt right.

Tiffany broke off her kiss and grinned at her with that sexy, lopsided grin.

“Good morning,” she said, kissing Kayla’s neck.

“Am I a lesbian now?” Kayla blurted.

Tiffany choked herself with laughter, falling to the side and burying her face in the pillow. Her face was red when she popped up a moment later.

“I can’t answer that for you, honey,” she said, “You don’t really have to put a label on yourself. You’re just you. If you like being with girls, then do it. If you like men, do that. If you like both, have fun with both. You’re”

Kayla thought about it. She’d never been with anyone, sexually before yesterday. Tiffany was probably right. She shouldn’t try to decide. She was curious about men, too. She knew she found them attractive. She thought about their bodies, their cocks, how they would feel. She recalled the dreams she’d had, where they’d put their cocks inside her. She remembered the way the rubber penis had felt, and that she’d liked it.

“You like both, obviously,” she said, questioning.

Tiffany nodded, “Yeah. There’s fun in both, but I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t actually know that until yesterday…”

“I don’ mean, you never...with a girl?”

Tiffany shook her head.

“Oh! I just thought that, well, it was really good.” She blushed.

“Nope. I was a total pussy virgin yesterday, just like you! I just kind of do what I think I’d like, and I guess it works.”

“It sure did!”

“I know that you probably think I’m like this big slut, and I am, kinda. I think our sexual desires aren’t something that we should be ashamed of, and that if people can bring each other pleasure, joy, happiness, whether for a moment or a lifetime, that it can’t really be a bad thing. I mean, who cares what’s between their legs? Life throws enough shit at you. You’ve got to find those moments of bliss where you can. But, it’s not like I’ve fucked hundreds of people or anything. Only 3, including you. Anyway, it’s just my opinion.”

“I think it’s a beautiful opinion,” Kayla agreed, “Tiffany, you’re not mad that I, well, that I didn’t, you...too?”

Tiffany brushed Kayla’s brown hair from her face and kissed her forehead.

“No, silly. One of Tiffany’s other philosophies on life is that pleasure isn’t a tit-for-tat. It gave me pleasure to give you pleasure. Does that make sense? I just like seeing you enjoy something new, and it made me feel great to share it with you, to be part of it. It doesn’t matter if you buried your tongue in my snatch, too. I don’t care if you ever do. I just know that I liked doing it to you, and I liked how it made you feel. Reciprocation is not necessary. Unless you feel like you want to try it?”

“I don’t know…” Kayla said, “I don’t think I’d be any good.”

“It’s ok,” Tiffany smiled, pulling Kayla up, “let’s just go shower and get some breakfast. We have this last day of lounging, summer has begun, and I hear the pool calling!”

They dashed from the room, giggling. Tiffany was naked, of course, but Kayla pulled her robe around her and followed. Cole’s door was shut. They got themselves clean, spending their shower time gently kissing and touching. Kayla wasn’t sure she’d ever felt so loved by someone else. They exited the bathroom. Cole’s door was still shut as they passed by.

“Must have had a long night,” Tiffany commented.

“You didn’t…”

“No. I was assed out.”

They shuffled down the stairs, and into the kitchen, where Tiffany started breaking out a package of bacon, a carton of eggs, bread for toasting, jam and jelly, a bowl of fruit. Kayla’s mouth watered at the sight of it all. They set about making breakfast together. Tiffany played an 80s rock playlist from her phone and swayed her naked hips as she watched eggs sizzling on the stove. Bacon popped in the frying pan, splashing her with drops of hot grease and she shrieked, leaping back.

“Yikes! The perils of cooking in the buff!” She cried, wiping at her chest with a rag.

Kayla handed her a cup of coffee and peered into the back yard, where the sun was already up, and the thermometer on the porch read 75.

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” Kayla said.

Tiffany cocked her hip, set her hand on it, and then gestured down her body with the other hand.

“Of course,” Kayla said dryly.

“I mean, I can give you one of my bikinis, but it’s going to look absolutely obscene on that big rack. If you can even get it on over those Grand Tetons.”

Kayla blushed. She was still embarrassed by her big tits.

“Someone climbing mountains?”

The two girls turned to see Cole standing in the doorway in sweat pants and a tank top. He looked as though he’d just rolled out of bed, but Kayla still thought he was gorgeous. He didn’t bat an eye at Tiffany’s nudity.

“Good morning, parental unit,” Tiffany said.

“Good morning, offspring. Kayla.”

Kayla flushed, “Good morning.”

“Got anymore of that coffee?” he asked.

Kayla busied herself pouring another cup, and handed it out. He stepped into the kitchen and took it. He put his hand on Tiffany’s hip and kissed the top of her head. She bumped him with her hip.

“Beware the bacon,” she said, “it’s aggressive.”

“You’re supposed to slaughter the hog first,” Cole remarked.

“Knew I was missing a step somewhere. You know me, just a little dumb blonde girl,” she giggled obnoxiously and batted her eyes, making Kayla choke on her coffee.

“Like, what did I say?” She asked, giving Kayla a vapid stare.

Cole pulled a tablet from a charging station and took a seat at the table, sitting down to browse his email.

“Late night?” Tiffany asked.

“A little fun, a little business. Got a new commission.” Cole replied, scanning his emails.

“Commission?” Kayla asked.

“City’s erecting a statue in Memorial Park, and guess who gets to make it?” Cole grinned.

“You make statues?” Kayla asked.

“Sculptor,” he said, “Metal, stone, you name it. You may have noticed my affinity for them?”

“He has a studio and everything,” Tiffany said, piling food onto plates.

They fell on the food like a pack of ravenous beasts, then sat back drinking more coffee and chatting idly.

“So, summer break, huh?” Cole said.

“Pool day!” Tiffany cheered.

“Don’t get burnt.”

“Wanna come?” She asked him.

“Gotta get into the studio,” he said, “I want to start some sketches.”

The girls collected the dishes and put them in the washer, while Cole disappeared upstairs to get ready. Cleanup done, Tiffany pulled Kayla by the hand into the back yard, opening a cabinet next to a pair of loungers, and taking out some towels and tanning lotion. She started smearing the cream on her body, and handed the bottle to Kayla.

With trepidation, Kayla shrugged off her robe. She’d never been naked outside. Tiffany’s eyes roamed over her body as she applied the lotion with trembling hands. Tiffany turned her around and smeared more lotion on her back, taking a little extra time on her ass, and between her legs.

“Do my back?” Tiffany asked.

Kayla did the same, her hands shaking as she touched Tiffany’s bottom, and then between her legs. Satisfied, Tiffany threw the towels down on the loungers, and pulled them from the shade to the sun. They chatted idly as their stomachs settled, and they let the sun beat down on their naked bodies. Kayla almost forgot her own nudity as she soaked in the sun.

Eventually, Tiffany got up suddenly and took a running leap into the cold pool, coming up spitting water. She waved for Kayla to join her. Kayla wasn’t as quick to dive in, but she did go around to the stairs and wade out, big boobs bouncing with each step. She backstroked over to Tiffany and treaded water nearby. After the time in the sun, the pool felt fantastic on her reddening skin.

They spent the time drifting lazily, competing for who could hold their breath longest, racing from one end to the other. Well after noon, they finally left the pool and dried off before heading back inside. After a quick shower together, they munched on sandwiches, naked on the couch in the den. It was late in the afternoon when Kayla, tired, finally made the decision that it was time to go home. She didn’t want to push her crazed mother too far by staying out late.

Tiffany hugged her close.

“You can come back any time,” she said.

“Tiffany,” Kayla replied, hugging her back, “Thank you for everything. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.”

“Hey, I’ll talk to the boss tomorrow and see if I can get you an interview. And our orders from yesterday have probably processed, so I should be getting a payout tomorrow. I’ll have a nice, fat check for you!”

Kayla hugged her again, shouldered her bag and sighed. It felt strange to be back in her baggy, frumpy clothes, hiding her body. She made the drive home, feeling sad and lonely.

Bald, Sticky, Wet Cunt

When she arrived home, her mother’s car was in the driveway. She’d returned from her work trip. Kayla parked nearby, and carried her bag into the house, where a familiar sight made her heart sink. Her mother lay on the couch, legs stretched over Professor Mile’s lap, while Rich lounged in a recliner. They were watching some show, which Marie muted when Kayla walked in and froze.

“Welcome home, honey. Did you have a good time?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Kayla said, noncommittally, “it was fun. We just layed around, swam in the pool, ate pizza.”

“Great. I’m glad you had fun. Do you want to watch the show with us?”

“I’m pretty tired,” she said, “we were in the pool all morning.”

She started toward the stairs up to her room, when the words she had dreaded reached her.

“Just a second, there, young lady,” Marie stopped her, “aren’t you forgetting something?”

Kayla’s shoulders fell in defeat as she trudged back.

“Mom, really? I’ve been following the rules. I didn’t sneak anything!” She whined.

“Show me.”

Despite having been naked, or nearly naked the last few days, this was different. It wasn’t fun, like with Tiffany. It was awful. Averting her eyes, Kayla lifted her shirt quickly to flash her huge tits. Then, she snapped her sweat pants down just enough to show that she hadn’t stolen her underwear. When she saw Marie’s wide eyes, though, she realized her mistake.

“Kayla!” Marie shouted, “Did you...did you shave yourself?”

Kayla turned a deep red.

“I...It was just…” She stammered. She knew nothing she could say was going to help, but her mind whirled at how to explain it.

Marie shot up and took her by the arm, bending the frightened teenager over her lap like a naughty child. Before Kayla knew what was happening, her pants were around her ankles, and Marie had pushed her head into the Professor’s lap. Kayla felt her big tits squashed against her mother’s knee.

A hard whack hit her bottom, and Kayla cried out, her voice muffled by the Professor’s lap. She felt his penis twitch against her face as another blow landed.

“I just knew you would get up to no good,” Marie admonished her, “I can’t believe you,” WHACK! “I just wanted you to be good, but good girls don’t shave their vaginas! The only reason you’d shave it was to show it off! Who did you show it off to?”


“No one!” Kayla screeched, tears streaming from her eyes as the next blow stuck her exposed pussy. She knew that her brother must be getting a good look at her bald slit. Her cheek pressed into the Professor’s lap, and she could feel his stiffening penis writhing against it. He calmly stroked her hair with one hand, as though nothing was happening, while his other hand held her neck firmly in place. Despite the pain, and the humiliation, Kayla felt her pussy getting warm, and not just from the next whack that struck her. A third blow fell on her pussy, and Marie’s hand came away wet with a trickle of hot slut nectar.

Marie looked at the fuck slime on her hand, and gave Kayla another whack on the snatch, saying, “Good grief Kayla! You’re getting turned on by this! You don’t have a vagina. Good girls have a vagina. You have a bald, sticky, wet cunt! Don’t you?”

Kayla bawled into the Professor’s lap. His penis was rigid now against her cheek, and she could feel it pulsing.

“Yes!” Kayla agreed, hoping it would get her mother to stop.

“Do you know what kind of girl has a bald, sticky, wet cunt?” Marie asked, and swatted her again. This time, Kayla’s body trembled as a spike of pleasure surged through her. She felt her legs spread a little wider in anticipation of the next blow. The feel of the Professor’s firm hand on her neck made her feel helpless, and somehow that was exciting.

“Horny sluts,” Marie went on, “that’s who.”

The blows stopped, and Marie caressed her burning bottom. Kayla's tears soaked the Professor’s trousers, outlining his hardened penis. Marie’s hand slid between Kayla’s slick slit, massaging it gently.

“Who has a bald, sticky, wet cunt?” Marie asked.

“I do,” Kayla wept.

“What does that mean, Kayla?”

“That I’m a h...horny slut!”

Marie frigged her bald, sticky, wet cunt until Kayla orgasmed on her fingers, in front of everyone.

Finally, she let Kayla up, swatted her bottom one last time, and ordered the crying teen to her room. Kayla pulled her pants up hastily and ran up the stairs. Dabbing at her eyes with her sleeve, she ran into her room and turned to shut the door. But there was no door. Then, she stopped crying abruptly, her eyes widening with shock. What in the hell had happened to her room?

When she’d seen Tiffany’s room for the first time, she had been surprised at how normal it was, given her propensity for over the top sexual exuberance. Now, her own room looked as she’d imagined Tiffany’s might have.

Gone were her classic movie posters. In their place were big posters of naked, hunky men, fat penises standing erect. Her classical literature books were now a collection of dirty magazines and full-blown erotic novels. The comforter on her bed was a naked woman with her legs spread, stuffing a big vibrator into her cunt. Even her alarm clock was a spread eagle pair of legs.

That was when she took note of the sounds of hardcore fucking, and she turned to her TV. A pretty brunette girl with big, bouncing tits was getting spit roasted by two men. One thrust into her pussy, while the other held her hair like handles and ruthlessly plugged her throat with his thick, fleshy pole. The girl gagged and choked.

Kayla looked about wildly, spotted the remote on the bedside table--which was in the shape of a bent over woman with her ass in the air--and grabbed it, knocking over 2 dildos and sending a butt plug and a vibrator falling to the floor. She stared at it dumbly. The remote had only two buttons: an up and down arrow. She tried one, which only changed the channel to another video, this time a redhead with her hands bound to some kind of table as a machine continually pummeled her wet hole with a big dildo.

She tried the other button, which flipped back to the brunette. Pressing it again gave her two women taking turns sucking on a muscular black man’s penis. With a growl she dropped the remote and flew to the TV. She found only the same two buttons. No power. No volume. Not only that, but the TV was mounted to the wall, and the power seemed to be hardwired in, as there was no plug that she could pull to shut it off.

She backed away, eyes darting wildly around the room. She had no idea what was happening. With the sounds of the two women suckling lovingly on the black penis behind her, she opened her closet in a daze. Yes. All of her clothes were gone. Her closet held a variety of mini skirts, tube and crop tops, v-neck shirts, mini dresses. All of the shoes were heels, pumps, and wedges.

She backed out of the closet and began pulling open drawers. Thongs. G-Strings. Plunge bras, demi-bras, Balconettes, stockings. She had underwear again, but it was the sluttiest underwear she could imagine. She wasn’t even sure if it was better than not wearing any. She whirled toward the place where her door had once been, and saw her mother standing there.

“Mom! What the... why... what is…” she gestured wildly at the obscenity all around her.

“Well, Kayla, with how you’ve been acting, I decided that the best way to show you where that kind of life leads is to let you live it for yourself. So, since you want to be a horny slut with a bald, sticky, wet cunt, you can act like one all you want. You’ll see where it gets you. So, I had the Professor and Rich do some redecorating while you were away this weekend. It’s just until you decide that you’re going to be a good girl.”

“But... but I am good! I don’t wanna be a horny slut!”

“No? Your actions say otherwise. Until your actions match your words, you’ll just have to deal with it.” Marie stated, finally.

“I don’t even get a door?” She cried.

“Horny sluts don’t have any shame, Kayla.”

Marie walked away, and Kayla was sure that she had finally lost her mind. The sounds of the black man fucking one of the women on her TV was the only sound. She texted Tiffany, but after a few minutes there was no reply. She paced the room back and forth, not sure what to do. She decided to go have a shower to see if she could clear her head.

Fortunately, the bathroom still had a door. She ran the water, shucked off her clothes, and got in. She didn’t even care that the water was still cold. She hung her head in it, and shivered as it warmed. What was she going to do? Tomorrow was the last day of school, and a half day. Then, summer vacation. She was paralyzed at the thought of having to wear the new clothes in public. She’d just wear the baggy sweats again, and get through the day, she decided.

Unfortunately, when she stepped out of the shower, her clothes were gone. Likely her mother sneaking in. She growled and cursed herself for not locking the door. She felt stupid. She wrapped the towel tightly around herself and poked her head from the door. The hall was empty, so she sprinted to her room and ducked around the corner. This was silly. She shouldn’t have to hide around corners!

Kayla ducked into the closet and shut the closet door behind her. The muffled sound of men groaning and a woman moaning became a muted mumble behind the door. She flicked on the closet light and peered at the slutty clothes. Her phone pinged. Tiffany.

T: What’s up girl?

K: OMG. My mom has officially lost her shit.

T: ??!?

She cracked the closet door and snapped a picture of her room with her phone, sending it to Tiffany.

T: Ooo. Cool decor! Sup up with ur mom?

K: That’s what’s up! She turned my room into a giant porno! And took all my clothes!

T: O. It wasn’t always like that?

K: No! It was normal!!! :(


K: She spanked me and told me I’m a horny slut with a bald cunt! That she’s going to let me act like one, and encourage it so I can see “where that kind of life leads”. So pissed.

T: That is kinda F’d up. What R U gonna do?

K: I don’t know.

T: Half day tomorrow. Let’s go by my work after and talk to the boss. Maybe get U a job? Then you only have to be a horny slut when you want to be? XD

K: Not funny!

T: Hey. It’s just a few hours of people looking at your cleavage and legs. We’ll get you through it.

K: You haven’t seen this stuff. The clothes you gave me look stuffy and conservative.

T: Fuck, UR making me horny thinking about it.

K: I’m serious!!

T: KK. I’ll bring you a sweater or something.

K: TY! Night.

T: XOXOXO B====D~ :D

Kayla sighed and clicked the screen off. She clasped the towel tightly around her body and ducked out of the closet, padding to the drawers. She looked through the skimpy underwear, and pulled out a matching white thong and demi bra. Glancing furtively, she bolted back into the closet, where she wriggled into the little panties and bra. It was strange, after so many days to wear underwear again, even if it was tiny underwear. She started looking through the clothes. They were all obscene.

A tube top with “TEASE” in big glittering letters. A crop top that would leave her tummy bare, and stretch lewdly across her big boobs. a v-neck top that would have her cleavage fully on display. A cut-off t-shirt that would leave the bottom of her tits exposed, with the word “Porn Star” in flowing script.

For tonight she settled on a cross wrap tank top. It covered most of her tit flesh, but left an opening in the center that showed the inner curves of her breasts and left her tummy bare. She wriggled into a slim black mini skirt that came well above her knees. If she wasn’t careful bending over, she’d be showing the whole world her big, round bottom.

Finally, she left the safety of the closet and dashed to her bed. It was barely 7:00, but she just wanted to go to sleep and get out of the house as quickly as possible in the morning. Unfortunately, sleep didn’t come easily with the constant sound of sucking, fucking, moaning, and strings of obscenity assaulting her ears as she clenched her eyes tightly shut. She pulled the covers over her head, trying to drown out the noise. Still, she could hear it.

“Oooh, fuck! Put that big dick up my ass,” the porn girl was screaming, “yeah! Just like that! Fuck I need another dick! Give me another dick!”

The sound of her mouth being filled with said other dick replaced her begging. The unending squelching and slapping of flesh was beginning to get to her. Here she was, her warm slit covered by tiny underwear, big fuck melons heaving, looking like some porno girl herself, and she was getting aroused by the animal sounds from her TV.

Just a peek, she told herself, and pulled back the covers enough that she could see the TV. The woman was older, maybe the same age as Vanya and her friends. She was surrounded by 4 men, all of whom were much younger-looking. Two of them were stroking their big penises, while the other two slammed the woman back and forth between them, one with his penis in her butt, the other in her mouth. After a moment, they switched with the other men. The two new men turned the woman over onto her back and slipped their penises back into her as she moaned and bucked in pleasure.

Maybe there were other channels, she thought, that weren’t porno. Like music channels. If she couldn’t turn it off, maybe there was something more relaxing and quiet, so she could sleep.

She emerged from the cover cave, retrieved the remote, and climbed back in bed. She flipped the channel. Asian teenager with a cock in her pussy, another in her ass, and a third in her mouth. Two more men slapped her face with their cocks, and she had one in each hand.


Two Latina girls with big boobs and bubble butts licking at each others’ cunts, while two men drove their cocks into the girls.


Brunette teen with big tits, her legs wrapped around a man as he rhythmically thrust into her. Their tongues played with one another. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. They weren’t saying anything, just kissing, thrusting, moaning. The girl reminded her of herself. Kayla watched this one for a bit, and then remembered she was looking for something that wasn’t porno.


“Shoot it all over me!” cried a slim blonde with small breasts. A penis erupted, shooting sperm all over her face in big, sticky shots. “Fuck, yes,” she said, smiling. A second penis splattered her, sending semen dripping from her eyelid. Yet another squirted into her hair, then another on her face, then on her lips, into her open mouth, between her eyes, another in her hair. It seemed like an endless line of penises, one after the other, and she smiled and laughed at each one as though it were the best feeling in the world. Kayla could hardly make out the woman’s face anymore, it was so caked in semen.


A woman with her arms stretched by chains in the ceiling, her legs spread by chains in the floor. She was blindfolded, and had some kind of ball in her mouth. There were clamps on her nipples that made Kayla’s own nipples ache a little at the memory. Another woman slapped her ass with some kind of whip that had lots of leather tails on it. The bound woman moaned each time she was whipped.


On and on it went, each channel some new degradation or a variation on a theme. While some were only scenes, others had stories to accompany them. But, they were all porno. She wasn’t sure how many channels there were in total, but each one was more fucking, more fetishes. She couldn’t help it. Her poor pussy was so hot and soaking her thong panties. She was no closer to getting to sleep, either.

A sound in the hallway caught her ear. She strained to listen through the fucking on the TV. Her mother giggled, and then the sound of her bedroom door closing, undoubtedly with the Professor. Slut, Kayla thought. Her mother was the slut, not her. She was probably in there getting fucked by Professor Miles right now. Sucking on his big, hard penis. The same big penis that had pressed against her cheek only a few hours ago. Her mother had a bald, sticky, wet cunt.

She tossed and turned, trying to ignore the feeling between her legs, but her eyes kept coming back to the TV and the constant stream of sex. Throwing back the covers, she crept to the door and peeked out in the hall, listening for any signs of movement. Nothing. She hurried back to bed and got under the covers. The little thong was hot and sticky in her excited slit, so she pulled it off and shoved it under her pillow. Somehow, it felt more normal to have a pantiless cunt. A pantiless, bald, sticky, wet cunt. Like a horny slut.

She touched it, remembering the feeling of Tiffany’s tongue inside it and shivered. As if on cue, the scene on the TV ended and another one began, showing a slim blonde teen and a brunette with big round tits making out like a couple of naughty lezzies. Kayla rubbed at her horny snatch and watched the two girls kissing and touching. She missed Tiffany. Curious, Kayla reached to the grotesque nightstand and her hand found one of the dildos that she’d knocked over earlier.

The two girls were topless now, the blonde sucking on the brunette’s nipples, while her hand worked its way into her panties. The brunette moaned, her head thrown back, mouth open. Kayla touched the dildo to her wet sex, teasing the tip inside. She sucked in a breath as she felt her tight lips part to accept the toy. Her other hand gently rubbed her nipple as she watched the two girls remove their panties.

The dildo slid in deeper, and Kayla bit back the urge to moan out loud. She began to slide the toy in and out, a bit deeper each time. She couldn’t believe the feeling, and wondered how it would feel if it were a real penis. The brunette girl crawled between the blondes’ legs and began to lick her. Kayla closed her eyes, thrusting the toy in and out, her hips bucking up and down as she lost herself in the feelings. She roughly squeezed her breast, slipped her hand under the cross tank and bra to tug her nipple. The toy, slick with her cream now, slid in and out more easily, bringing her closer to the release she needed to finally fall asleep.

A little moan escaped her lips as she came, fucking her little hole with the toy. Finally, the big one hit her and her head swam. She pulled the dildo from her satiated snatch, hid it under her pillow with the panties, and finally fell asleep to the sound of the two girls sucking each others’ cunts.

New Job

Kayla slept fitfully. The light and sound from the TV made it difficult to get any meaningful rest, and when she awoke early to the sight of a title card reading “South American Squirters 3,” she groaned. A montage of lusty latin beauties spraying fountains of slut slime from their cunts assaulted her senses. The constant sounds of sex had invaded her dreams when she did sleep, leading to vague memories of herself in a variety of hardcore situations.

She’d purposely tried to get up before anyone else, setting her lewd alarm clock two hours before she’d normally wake up. She dragged herself from bed, while a latina with blonde streaks in her dark hair, nipples pierced with rings shaped like penises, stroked a mammoth dildo between her legs. Quietly, she opened her drawer and took another pair of tiny panties out. Glancing through the closet, she was torn. She’d been through all the clothes the night before, and she couldn’t see how any of them were appropriate. What she already had on likely offered the most coverage of her body, but the top now stank of girl sweat from her masturbation the prior evening, and restless sleep.

She chose a white, short sleeve tie-up crop top with a v-neck. It would cover most of her tits, but showed a ridiculous amount of cleavage, as well as her midriff. The skirt she wore now had a dried crust of cunt cream, both from her dildo play, as well as the fuck honey that was, even now, dripping from her slit. She picked another mini skirt. It seemed skirts or dresses were her only option. There were no pants of any kind.

Kayla Sterns Sexy: Korrupting Kayla

She looked at the top, considered the demi bra, and then went to her drawers and retrieved a plunge bra instead. The demi offered more coverage, but it would be much more visible with the top, and probably attract even more attention than she would already garner. She was sure the top wasn’t meant to be worn with a bra at all, but the thought of going out dressed this way was already more than she could handle. To be braless and jiggling all over in the tiny top wasn’t worth contemplating.

She snuck down the hall as quietly as she could, shut and locked the bathroom door and showered quickly. She donned the slutty clothes, and went to her room for her backpack. A new girl sprayed another woman’s face with a powerful helping of whore honey, while another man used her mouth like a fleshlight, spewing a stream of something in Spanish, which she was sure was obscene. Kayla ignored her own warm cunt and retrieved her backpack.

She crept down the stairs into the darkened foyer and made a beeline for the door, when she noticed a light from the kitchen. Fuck. Determined to flee, she resumed course, but it wasn’t meant to be.

“Kayla?” her mother’s voice called.

For a moment, she considered just running. She could take her car, live in the back seat. Never come back. She sighed. It was stupid. She turned toward the kitchen, some hardwired instinct to obey those in charge causing her feet to move. She cast her gaze at the floor, trying to look as small and non-threatening as possible. She tottered unsteadily on her wedge shoes.

“Sneaking out?” Marie asked. She sat at the table with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

“Just, um, getting an early start on the last day.”

Marie stood up and took her firmly by the arms, eyes scanning her body.

“So? How does this feel? You liked dressing up like a slut enough a few days ago.”

Kayla reddened, angry at the unfairness of it.

“I’m sure this experience will show you the need to value your decency,” Marie went on, but Kayla failed to grasp her logic. It just didn’t make sense. Something had clearly happened to her mother’s brain, and she was sure it had something to do with Professor Miles.

Marie turned Kayla around and bent her over the table. Kayla gasped, her legs trembling. She couldn’t make sense of the emotions. She was angry, concerned, but as soon as Marie bent her over like she was just a toy, the warmth in her cunt began to spread throughout her body. Her mind clicked into obedience mode, telling her to stay. Do as she was told. Marie lifted her skirt and tugged at the tiny thong, snapping it against her skin.

“These panties are totally inappropriate,” she said, “but that’s the kind of girl you are, isn’t it?”

Kayla nodded her head meekly.

“Stay,” Marie told her.

She crossed to a cabinet, opened it, and returned with a glass thermometer.

“Your bald cunt seems very warm, Kayla,” she said, and slid the device into Kayla’s slippery gash, making her moan. “Just hold on a bit,” Marie continued, and while the numbers on the thermometer ticked up, Marie’s finger collected the moisture from Kayla’s fuck tunnel and rubbed her clit with it. Kayla started panting, clenching the table. The rubbing became more intense.

“My, honey, your wet hole is very hot! You’ll need to take the edge off before you leave, or you’ll be no good at all for school. I’m surprised you’re able to think of anything besides your cunt with how warm it is.”

Kayla felt her legs spreading further, the good tingles like pins and needles across her body as her mother frigged her. She felt like a mess. The lack of sleep, the constant sex everywhere she looked. Everyone was naked, fucking, sucking, squirting, jerking and humping. Every other word seemed to be fuck, pussy or cock. It seemed as though people were just touching her whenever they wanted, stroking her body, feeling her most intimate places, like she was just there to be played with. She wanted to be good. She really did! She just couldn’t help herself, like her bald, sticky, wet cunt was in control of her.

A hard orgasm made her body quake, knees weak. Marie popped the thermometer out of her and took her hand away. Kayla felt the thong slide back between her slit, soaked with her sex juice.

“Now, try to focus in school today” Marie said, and sat back down to her coffee as though nothing strange had taken place.

Kayla teetered away on shaky legs and retrieved her backpack, walking out the door in a daze. She drove to school on auto-pilot, arriving well over an hour before the doors opened. Sitting in the parking lot, she stared at the building wearing her slutty clothes, and realized how quiet it was. No one was fucking. No one was moaning or saying filthy things. She leaned her seat back slightly, spread her legs to get more comfortable, and tried to ignore the feel of the wet thong wedged in her slit.

Self-reflection had never been all that necessary for her before. A week ago, life had been pretty normal. She had a regular family. Her brother was kind and funny. Her mother was stern, but not overbearing. Then, everything had just flipped upside down. Her dad was gone, and wouldn’t even return her calls or messages. Her brother had gone creepy. He didn’t even talk to her anymore. Just stared at her like a piece of meat. Her mother seemed to have some kind of bi-polar disorder, admonishing her for being a slut, while at the same time trying to make her be one. She was so confused.

She thought, maybe, she should talk to someone, but that only brought the thought of Professor Miles. He seemed to be the strangest factor, and the fact that he was just there, manipulating her mother’s brain, her brother’s, told her that he had something to do with the changes. However, she herself had barely spoken to him, so how could he have done something to her? It was all so strange. She couldn’t figure it out.

The sleepless night had taken its toll on her, making it hard to think straight. She set her timer on her phone, in case she fell asleep, and then leaned back in her seat and let her mind wander in the silence. Unconsciously, she rubbed at her warm cunt as she semi-napped. Her phone rang a short time later, snapping her awake. Tiffany.


“Good morning!” Tiffany’s cheerful voice said over her speakerphone.

“You too.”

“So, I’m about to pull into school. I brought you a sweater.”

“Thank you. I’m parked in the back of the lot, by the sign.”

“Be right there.”

She hung up. A few moments later, she pulled up next to Kayla’s car.

When Kayla emerged from the car, she saw Tiffany’s shocked expression.

“Holy mother! Now, that is how you should be dressing!”

“Stop it. Give me the sweater.”

“Alright, but are you sure? You look amazing!

The parking lot was beginning to fill up, and Kayla already noted some cars driving by slowing to look at the scantily-clad girls.

“I’m sure,” Kayla said, “My boobs are practically falling out!”

Tiffany handed her the sweater, and Kayla pulled it on. It would be miserable in the summer heat, she knew, but today was a choice between one misery or another, it seemed. They walked together toward the building, Kayla still a bit unsteady in the new shoes, but learning. Other students gave them appraising looks, which Tiffany seemed not to notice. Kayla saw them all looking at her bare legs and tiny skirt, though. She tried her best to ignore it, but she could hear them whispering, catching a few words here and there.



“Tap that…”

“That Kayla?”



She parted ways with Tiffany and went to her English class, where she aced a multiple choice exam over the books they’d read this year. Kayla had enjoyed the reading. She thought back to her bookshelf at home, now, all dicks, pussies, and cum. By the time she headed to her second class, the sweater was getting hot and itchy. Even the industrial A/C of the school building struggled to keep out the summer heat.

As though the universe had conspired against her, her second final was on anatomy. She spent the next 40 minutes answering questions and looking at diagrams of vaginas, penises, uteri, and mammaries. As the day heated up outside, and she headed to her study period, she began to sweat. She could feel the drops of moisture clinging to the fabric of the sweater as she tried her best to sleep through the useless study hall. Just another 30 minutes and the school year was over. The period teacher had essentially phoned it in for the day, as well, and the room was a bit rowdy as the antsy students waited out the final few minutes.

At last, the bell rang, and Kayla was no longer a Junior. In a couple more months, she’d start the final year of her high school career. She filed along with the press of eager kids toward the exit. The cluster of warm bodies around her was stifling. Finally, she was outside, and the full heat of the summer day hit her with a wave of humidity.

Kayla Sterns in Sweater: Korrupting Kayla

It was too much. She yanked off the sweater, no longer caring. A series of whistles and catcalls followed her as she clacked across the parking lot, but most of the other students were more concerned with getting away from school than ogling her big tits. She met Tiffany by their cars.

“Freedooooooom!” Tiffany cried, raising her hands toward the sun.

Kayla laughed. It was hard to feel dreary with Tiffany.

“Glad you ditched the sweater. I’m sure your puppies were suffocating,” Tiffany remarked.

“So hot…” Kayla agreed.

“You wanna come to the office with me? The boss said I could bring you by to talk.”

“Sure. Do I have to, like, fill out an application or anything?”

“At some point there’s paperwork, but Big Dick is pretty informal.”

“Big Dick?”

Tiffany laughed, “His name, if you can believe this, is Richard Weiner. He has a son, also named Richard. So, you’ve got Little Dick and Big Dick. The universe moves in mysterious ways, Kayla.”

“You’re serious?”


Kayla shook her head, “let’s go.”

“I’ll drive. We’ll come back for your car.”


Driving to the Jiggly’s office, Tiffany fished in her purse, and handed Kayla a personal check.

“Our sales cleared, and commissions got issued overnight, so there’s your cut homegirl,” she said proudly.

Kayla stared at the check. She had money that was hers, for the first time in her life. She felt hopeful. This was the first step in her freedom! During the drive, Kayla related to Tiffany her awful experience of coming home, finding her room changed, the slutty clothes. She did leave out the part about her mom frigging her twat this morning, though.

“It’s kind of hot, in a way,” Tiffany said, “but I get that your mom’s gone weird. It doesn’t seem normal. You think it has something to do with this Miles guy?”

“I’m sure of it. Everything was normal before he showed up.”

They pulled up to a big building with blue glass windows in an office park, where Tiffany parked in a lot marked “Employee Parking”. The sign on the building read DomCo.

“DomCo?” Kayla asked.

“Jiggly’s is just a subsidiary of a larger company. And even they’re a subsidiary of some foreign company based in the UK, or somewhere.”

They exited the car and made their way into the lobby, which was well-furnished, and seemed normal enough. Tiffany approached a reception desk, staffed by two blonde women, both very attractive, and showing a lot of cleavage.

“Hey, Tiffany,” said one of the women as they approached.

“Hi, Honey. We’re here for Dick.”

The two women and Tiffany laughed together at the joke, and Kayla smiled nervously.

“Well, if it’s Big Dick you need, then you know where to go,” Honey said.

She waved them by, and Tiffany led Kayla to an elevator, which they took up a few floors. They exited into a bullpen. Individual desks with computers stood in rows, all of them manned by attractive women in clothing that went from revealing to scandalous. The outer walls of the room were frosted glass offices with closed doors and nameplates. Managers, Kayla assumed. The women working glanced up at the girls as they passed, some giving them approving nods. Kayla noted that some of them wore headphones. At least one had one hand on her computer mouse, and another under her short skirt as she stared at her screen. It seemed normal enough, she guessed. Given the kind of products they sold, she supposed it wasn’t abnormal to get a little aroused now and again.

Tiffany stopped in front of one of the managerial offices, with a nameplate that read “R. Weiner”. Another girl sat at a desk just outside the office.

“Hey Tif,” the girl said, “Let me buzz him.”

She tapped a call button on the phone in front of her, and a moment later someone must have said something into her headset. She waved Tiffany on, and she opened the door.

Entering the office, they were met by a giant of a man. Richard Weiner stood over six feet, heavily muscled with a military cut to his salt and pepper hair. A performance polo stretched across his rippling frame, and his tight trousers revealed that the moniker Big Dick was not just a reference to his name. Kayla blushed as the big man approached them with an inviting smile.

He put his arm around Tiffany, his meaty hand sliding down to cup her ass.

“There’s my rockstar,” he said, “you killed it this weekend!”

Tiffany seemed oblivious to the hand feeling her up. Or maybe she didn’t care.

“Oh, I had some help from a friend,” Tiffany admitted, “This is Kayla, the one I told you about.”

Kayla held out her hand, and Dick shook it firmly, professionally. His eyes, though, scanned her body and liked what they saw.

“Pleasure to meet you, Kayla. Please, have a seat.”

He gestured to the chairs in front of his desk, and sat behind it.

“So, Kayla is looking to start working on her career,” Tiffany began, “and I was hoping you might have an idea of what kind of positions are available, if any?”

Tiffany sat with her legs spread, her naked cunt on display as though it were nothing strange. Kayla kept her legs clamped tightly together.

“Of course.” Dick agreed, “Why don’t I tell Kayla a bit about our company.”

“Please,” Kayla said, wanting to sound enthusiastic.

“DomCo is a multinational company. We have a strong name, because we’re looking to dominate every sector we work in. We’re an aggressive company, and we’re always looking for the right talent for any department. Tiffany is great with sales in the Jiggly’s line, but that’s just one thing we do. We’re active in marketing, video games and other entertainment, social media, political activism, technology, and a host of other sectors.

We also offer some of the best compensation packages around. What Tiffany does is primarily a commission based business, but she also gets bonuses each quarter based on performance. She also gets full coverage medical benefits, reimbursement of expenses, college funding, etcetera.

Now, one of our programs we have is called Scout. It’s a kind of talent-finding program. You’re young, and you haven’t worked before, is that right?”

“No, Sir,” Kayla said.

Dick smiled at that. He liked being called, Sir.

“So it’s safe to say that you probably aren’t sure where exactly your talents lie. That’s what Scout is for. We’ll provide training in multiple departments, and help to determine your aptitude. It’s great for you, as you’ll come out of it having learned a whole host of new skills. It’s great for us, because we can determine what part of the company you’ll thrive in, and can train you appropriately.”

“That sounds really good, Kayla,” Tiffany said.

Kayla nodded. It did sound great!

“Now, I know you kids all want to buy iPhones and Teslas, so let’s talk about compensation. The Scout program lasts for a year. During that time, you’ll have an annual salary of $50,000. You’ll also receive the same benefits package as Tiffany. If you need a place to stay, we offer employee housing that can be subsidized from your pay. If you need a vehicle, the same.”

He pulled a thick, bound stack of paper from a drawer on his desk, and handed it across to Kayla.

“This is our standard Scout contract. Go ahead and take it home and review it. It’s a lot of legal mumbo jumbo about how we, as the company, agree to pay you so much for a year, how you’re entitled to benefits, and about how we can’t sue you if you decide you don’t want to work here after the year is over. Blah, blah, blah.”

Kayla took the heavy document. He also handed her a brochure, slick and blue like the glass of the building. It read, “DomCo: Building a better future for mankind.”

“Any questions?” He asked.

“Um, I’ll just read through the material first. It sounds really great, though. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.”

Dick stood up, looking down at her. Or down her shirt. She wasn’t sure exactly. He stuck his hand out, and Kayla rose to shake it again.

“Just looking at you Kayla,” he said, “I know you’ve got what it takes to be a great asset to this company. I’ll be really excited to see just how much you open up at the end of your training.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“Thanks, Dick.” Tiffany added.

Dick showed them out of the office. Walking back to the elevator, they narrowly avoided a collision with one of the women coming out of another office. Her hair was mussed, shirt slightly askew, and she quickly wiped something off of her chin as she politely said, “excuse me.”

Tiffany and Kayla shuffled out of the offices and back to the elevator. Once the doors shut, Tiffany mimed a blowjob and laughed.

“You really think so?” Kayla asked, eyes wide.


“But, at work?”

“Maybe she’s just trying to, you know, get a-head?” She chuckled at her own joke.

Kayla sighed. The elevator doors opened, and Tiffany waved to the desk girls as they passed through the lobby.


Kayla nodded, hungry.

“Really?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“No complaints about people seeing your gorgeous melons and legs?”

Kayla shook her head, “It’s too hot. Besides, if I’m going to work there, I guess I have to get used to showing a little skin. Did you see how those girls were dressed? Is that some kind of dress code?”

Tiffany laughed, “I don’t remember hearing anything about a dress code. People just kind of dress as they please, from what I’ve seen. But then, I’m not exactly in the office a lot. A few minutes once or twice a week. When I do product testing, I go down to the labs on the lower floors.”

Kayla flipped through the brochure as they drove. Photos of lush corporate offices, filled with groups of happy and smiling employees filled the pages, and the glossy print extolled the virtues of DomCo. There were photos of men on construction sites. Men and women in lab coats mixing vials of fluid. Women with big boobs drawing video game characters. Men shaking hands with other men. More women with big boobs typing at computers or talking on headsets. On the back there was a list of countries where DomCo had a presence, as well as logos for the various companies they owned. There were dozens of them.

Tiffany pulled into one of the new health-conscious places that were springing up all over, serving smoothies, meal replacements, organic salads and the like. Kayla thought it sounded great. It was far too hot to eat anything heavy.

Kayla brought the thick binder in with her, and tried to peruse it while they ate. The legal wording made her head spin. She found herself just flipping and skimming for anything that seemed to stand out, but there didn’t seem to be anything sinister about it. Her thoughts focused on the prospects of a job, she hardly paid any mind to the lustful stares of salivating men eye-fucking her.

“You doing anything now?” Tiffany asked as they made their way back to the car.

“Going home, I guess,” Kayla said, “you?”

“I dunno. I mean, why go home? It’s not like you have anything pressing to do, right? We could, maybe, do something else? Together?”

Kayla felt her pussy getting warm at the thought. She nodded, blushing.

Tiffany grinned and drove them to her house, where she whirled on Kayla the moment they were in the door. Her hands were all over Kayla’s body.

“God, that outfit is so hot. I’ve been thinking about you all day,” She said, and kissed Kayla like a mad woman.

Kayla was caught off guard by the aggressiveness, but quickly matched Tiffany’s enthusiasm when she felt the other girl’s tongue slip into her mouth. Tiffany’s hand was under her skirt now, slipping past her tiny panties to rub her needy cunt. She led them into the den, where she pulled Kayla to the floor with her in a tangle of giggles of limbs.

It was nearing evening when Kayla dressed herself, showered and clean, and they got back into Tiffany’s car. She glowed as they drove back to her car, the big binder and brochure in her lap.

“Do you think you’ll do it? The job?” Tiffany asked.

“I think so,” Kayla said, “It sounds great, right?”

“Yeah! It will be!”

“So, what do I do?” Kayla asked.

“We can go by again tomorrow and tell Dick. There will be paperwork, but I’ll help you, if you need me to.”

Kayla nodded. They pulled into the deserted parking lot. Tiffany leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek, squeezing her hand encouragingly.

“Thank you,” Kayla said, and got out of the car.

She watched Tiffany drive away, and got into her own vehicle, driving home in silence. She was nervous about the Scout program. What if she wasn’t good at anything? She fretted about it while she drove, but soon dismissed the line of thought when she pulled into the driveway. What new horror awaited her inside, she wondered? What shameful and degrading punishment would her mother have for her?

She took the binder and brochure inside. Maybe, she could show that she was doing a positive and mature adult thing, like getting a job. Would that be enough to prove that she was actually a good girl? That she could have her normal clothes back and not have to listen to porno all night?

Once inside, she was met with the sounds of the TV in the den, where the three weirdos she lived with sat waiting for her.

“Come in here, honey,” Marie called.

Kayla shuffled into the den, where her mother and Professor Miles were relaxing under a blanket. Rich looked up from his phone, looked over her body with admiration, and then went back to whatever he was doing.

“Done with school, huh?” Marie asked.


“And, how did your first day dressed like a slut go?”

Kayla reddened.

“It was embarrassing,” she admitted.

Marie nodded. She looked pleased.

“I’m sure a little while longer, and you’ll have learned your lesson.”

Kayla huffed, “I already learned! I even went to an office and got a job!”

She waved the brochure.

Marie squealed, shocking Kayla as she leapt from the couch and embraced her.

“Oh, Kayla, I’m so proud of you,” she said, “A real job? At a real office?”

Kayla hugged her back, feeling strange. Her mother was almost normal for a moment. Kayla saw what looked like displeasure on the Professor’s face for a moment, but then it was gone and he seemed cheerful. Then, Marie’s hands crept down to Kayla’s bottom, and she felt the back of her tiny skirt slide up, exposing her thong. Marie gripped her ass cheeks as she hugged her.

“So, tell me about it,” Marie said, letting her go. The skirt fell back into place.

“Um, well, they have this program called Scout, where they train you to do lots of different things to see what you’re good at. And after a year, you get placed in whatever department you’re best at. They have medical benefits, and even give me money for college.” She said proudly.

She showed Marie the brochure. Her mother took it and began to flip through, showing it to Miles. The Professor seemed more enthusiastic when he saw the brochure. Not that Kayla cared.

“Promising company,” he remarked, “I’ve heard of them. They fund some research at the University.”

“I’m going to do paperwork tomorrow,” Kayla said.

“And they’re hiring you, dressed like that?” Rich commented.

“Yes,” she said, “Nobody cared how I dressed.”

“Well, I think it’s great, honey,” Marie said.

“Does that mean I can have my regular clothes?” Kayla asked, hopefully.

Marie raised an eyebrow, “Of course not. Just because you got a job doesn’t mean you’ve learned your lesson. After all, you remember what happened just this morning?”

Kayla blushed deeply.

“And what I found hidden under your pillow?” Marie continued, and produced a soiled thong and the dildo she’d played with the night before. “Clearly, you’re not ready to be treated like a responsible adult.”

“But I am!” Kayla argued.

“Throwing a fit isn’t going to convince me,” Marie said, shaking her head, “Now go to your room and stop acting like a child.”

Clenching her fists, Kayla bit her tongue and marched past them, heading up the stairs. The sounds of lusty moaning echoed down the hall from her room. Kayla sighed as she crossed the threshold, eyes flicking to the TV. A blonde woman had a penis stuffed in her throat, and the burly man it was attached to held her head in place as the woman gagged. Behind the blonde, a dark-complected asian woman was busy stuffing a series of increasingly larger butt plugs into the blonde’s gaping asshole, while holding a buzzing vibrator against her clit.

“...gonna open that ass up real good so you can get at least 2 dicks in there!” The asian woman said, and the blonde choked on the dick buried in her throat. The next butt plug sunk to the base in her ass, and she screamed around the cock, and orgasmed. The man slapped her face and called her an ass whore.

Kayla lay on the bed, and started browsing Facebook, trying to ignore the sounds of the blonde choking, moaning, screaming and cumming. She scrolled through the stream of people with normal lives. There were no dicks in their mouths, no semen spraying their faces. As she scrolled, though, she found herself filling in those gaps. She pictured the girls taking sexy selfies in their bikinis with faces coated in sticky cum. A leggy redhead had taken a shot in the mirror, showing off her toned ass in her swimsuit. Kayla imagined her bent over with an asian woman shoving an oversized butt plug into her. A toned man on the beach in a tight-fitting speedo, showing a significant bulge, made her visualize his big penis spraying her tits with his seed.

Kayla stopped herself and lay the phone down. Fuck! She couldn’t seem to look at anything without sexualizing it. On her TV, the big man’s dick was still in the blonde’s mouth, but the butt plugs had been replaced by two other men’s cocks. The blonde groaned as the two men, one under, the other on top, plugged her stretched butt. The asian woman was behind the top man, her tongue buried in his asshole.

She was struck by a clever thought. She launched one of her streaming apps on her phone. Maybe she could get around the constant porno by watching something else on her phone? She received a message stating, “This content has been blocked at the request of your internet service provider.” She sighed in frustration and tried YouTube. She received the same message. Curious, she tried other websites. Seemingly everything was blocked. She searched for “porno” and found thousands of sites. Clicking one brought it up immediately. She was, for some reason, not surprised.

Literally everywhere she looked there was sex. Her headboard had fuzzy restraints on either side. Her bedside table was a naked ass ready to be fucked. Her walls were covered with filthy posters. On the TV, the blonde now had the vibrator shoved into her cunt, as well. Her mouth was full of cock. Her ass was full of two cocks. She looked like she was just a limp ragdoll, being used like a set of warm holes by the horny men. Kayla would have thought she was unconscious, had it not been for the repeated gagging as the big man plowed his rigid penis in and out of her sloppy mouth.

Kayla picked her phone back up and tried to play a game, matching little colored crystals and watching the bright explosions of color. It was mildly distracting, but she was always conscious of the sounds coming from the TV. Her phone pinged with a message from Tiffany. It was just a little emoji blowing her a kiss. Kayla smiled weakly and returned the same.

T: I had fun today. ;)

Kayla blushed, thinking about the feeling of Tiffany’s tongue between her legs.

K: Me too. :)

T: Office at 9?

K: Yes! U Wanna get breakfast?

T: I want to eat at the Y ;)

K: ??

T: Your pussy. Your gorgeous, sweet, wet pussy. The Y.

Kayla made the connection and giggled.

K: U R so bad!

T: Not what U said earlier :O

K: Real breakfast!

T: 7:30 at Hart’s?

K: OK!

T: You watching porn?

K: I can’t watch anything else!

T: Is it hot?

K: Good night! :|

T: Night sexy! B=====D~~~ :) <-- You!

Kayla put the phone on the charger, checked her alarm, and crawled under the covers. She pulled the covers over her head, just as the Asian woman began licking a big wad of sperm from the blonde woman’s face, and kissing her tired, abused mouth. She slept horribly, again, the constant bombardment of fucking filling her ears throughout the night.

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