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Playing with Toys: Part One

This story contains themes of nonconsent, emotional manipulation, and psychological conditioning which carry on for years. If these kinks are not for you, you may not enjoy this story. There are no happy endings.

On the weekend following their high school graduation, four friends plan a weekend getaway in a family-owned cabin. It's a weekend of partying to kick off a summer that will end with the four of them going off to college.

When the party gets out of hand and Rebecca is drunkenly raped by her three friends, their lives take a wild turn. Rebecca's violation had a witness, one with the will and the power to turn Rebecca and her best friend, Katie into the perfect toys.

While Rebecca's life becomes one of repeated revictimization, Katie's crumbles into one of humiliating sexual servitude that will change her utterly. Inside and out.

Kinks Served: Noncon, Reluctance, Incest, Rape, Prostitution, Degradation, Humiliation, Psychological Manipulation, Body Modification, Forced Personality Modification, Light Hypno-Kink, Group Sex, Anal, Female Chastity, Impregnation

Length: 31 Chapters, 56,000 words.

You can grab the full novel in the shop now!

Part One: The Mistake

Chapter One: A Pleasant Stay in the Country

Spending a weekend at Kevin’s parent’s country cabin seemed just the way to kick off the summer of Rebecca’s graduation from high school. She rode in her best friend’s passenger seat as Katie pulled her car up the long, winding drive to the remote place. At eighteen years old, Rebecca’s life was one brimming with possibility. In the fall, she’d go off to college, following her dream of becoming a starving artist, and creating beautiful paintings and drawings that might, one day, earn her recognition.

Before all of that, however, there was a whole summer ahead. It would be two months of cutting loose, partying, and spending days with friends that she might never see again. This weekend was going to be the first of those. Rebecca felt a bit nervous but excited about staying a whole weekend with two boys from their graduating class. Kevin was Katie’s boyfriend, while Cary she knew from school, but only because he flirted with her constantly. She’d always turned down his advances, though.

“Cary’s totally hot for you,” Katie said as they drove up the road. “You should totally give it up to him this weekend.”

Rebecca only giggled nervously and said, “Maybe. He is cute, but he’s always seemed a little weird.”

“He’s a jock, Becca,” Katie said, rolling her eyes. “All jocks are weird.”

Katie parked the car alongside Kevin’s and the two young men stepped off the porch to help them with their bags. Kevin and Katie gave each other cooing, adorable kisses, while Cary hefted the two bags from the trunk. He shouldered Katie’s, lifted Rebecca’s, and then turned to her.

“You two have an okay drive?” he asked.

“Yeah. It was fun. This place is really cool,” Rebecca said.

“Let’s put your stuff inside and I’ll show you around,” he said, then glanced at the kissing couple and added, “Looks like they might be busy for a while.”

Rebecca blushed and followed Cary inside. She followed him to a room, one of three bedrooms, where he set her bag on the bed.

“I’m going to drop Katie’s in the other room,” he said.

Rebecca unzipped her bag and checked over her things while she waited a brief moment for Cary to return. When he did, he glanced inside the open bag.

“Oh, sexy,” he remarked, eyeing a pair of her panties, sitting on top of her clothes.

Rebecca blushed and flipped the bag closed.

“Sorry,” she said, though she had nothing to apologize for.

“Come on,” Cary said. “I’ll show you around.

He took her around the cabin, showing her his bedroom, and then the back. The cabin had an expansive deck, which held a picnic table with an umbrella, a big grill, and lounge chairs. Off the back, a wooden stairway brought them down to the lakeside dock. A paddle boat was tied up, big enough for four.

When they returned to the house, Rebecca blushed once more as they heard the sounds of Katie and Kevin fucking in one of the bedrooms down the hall.

“Told you they’d be busy a while,” Cary said, grinning, showing her even, white teeth. “You want a beer?”

“Okay,” Rebecca agreed and followed him to the kitchen.

The refrigerator was loaded with snacks, beer, and liquor. Rebecca wasn’t a big drinker, but this weekend was all about cutting loose and growing up, so she accepted a beer from Cary and twisted the cap. He clinked his bottle against hers.

“Cheers,” he said and quaffed it back.

Rebecca took a more delicate pull on her own.

“Hey, you wanna see something really cool?” Cary asked, his eyes hinting at mischief.

“Sure,” Rebecca agreed.

She followed him through the open living room, to a door at the back, which he opened.

“So, Kevin’s parents are, like, super kinksters,” he said as they walked down the steps to the basement. “They’ve got all this weird stuff down here.”

Rebecca followed him into the basement, which was finished and furnished. He flipped on the lights and Rebecca gasped. The basement was like a sex dungeon. She didn’t really understand what all the stuff was used for, though some of it didn’t take a lot of imagination. On the walls were a variety of sex toys, as well as padded cuffs, whips, crops, and cords. A large bed sat against another wall, and some sort of odd contraption that looked like a swing hung from the ceiling.

“Totally horny, right?” Cary remarked.

“Yeah,” Rebecca agreed, “It’s really crazy! Are we supposed to be down here?”

Cary shrugged and said, “I guess they’d lock it if they didn’t want people to see it, right?”

Rebecca drank from her bottle. Cary walked to the swing and gave it a little push, setting it swaying.

“You ever thought about trying something like this?” he asked, grinning.

Rebecca shook her head. She walked about the room, looking at the various instruments of pleasure and pain, wondering what they were all used for.

“Oh my God!” came Katie’s voice from the doorway.

Rebecca and Cary turned to find the freshly fucked couple peering around the entrance to the basement. Katie was dressed only in panties and a bra, while Kevin sported boxer shorts and a t-shirt. Rebecca couldn’t help but look briefly at his crotch.

“Jesus,” Katie said, “Your parents are, like, total horndogs, huh?”

Kevin shrugged and said, “It’s not really something I like to think about, but yeah. I guess they are.”

Katie pressed her body against her boyfriend and teasingly put a finger on his chest, saying, “We could do some kinky stuff down here this weekend!”

“You realize,” he said, “that my mom’s probably been naked down here and half of those fucking dildoes have been inside her?”

Katie giggled and said, “Oh, shit! That’s so fucking nasty! You’d, like, totally be fucking your mom’s own pussy into me with one of those!”

“I think I’m gonna go upstairs and puke,” Kevin said, shuddering.

Katie just laughed. She flitted to one of the walls, took down a thick, rubber cock and waved it at Rebecca.

Laughing, she said, “How about you, Becca? You want a big, fat, fake cock?”

“Ew! Gross,” Rebecca said, laughing with her.

“Yeah,” Katie said, replacing the toy, “There’s no substitute for the real thing, huh?”

The two boys chuckled, and Rebecca flushed crimson.

“Hey, you guys hungry?” Kevin asked.

“Yes!” Rebecca said, eager to get out of the sex dungeon.

“Let’s go fire up the grill. I’ve got burgers and steaks. Cary? Can you bring out the radio?”

The four of them left the dungeon. While the two girls packed a small cooler with more beer from the refrigerator, Kevin carried out hamburger patties and started the grill. Cary brought an ancient boombox out to the deck and fiddled with it, until he found a classic rock station from the closest town. The sound of Sweet Home Alabama blared from the tinny speakers and Katie began to dance in her underwear.

She squealed, tossed back her beer in a long chug, and then pulled Rebecca off of a lounge chair to join her. Within moments, Rebecca was laughing and dancing, too, chugging her beer as she bumped cunts and ass with her bestie. As she drank more, the fact that Katie was half naked didn’t seem to matter much. Despite her friend’s repeated attempts to tug up her top, though, Rebecca resisted.

“I’m gonna get you in your underwear before the night’s over!” Katie declared, laughing.

“No way!” Rebecca protested, giggling.

Katie only rolled her eyes and said, “You totally need to cut loose, girl.”

The evening was filled with more drinks, more music, and more dancing. The two young men took turns with each of the girls and Rebecca noted that Kevin didn’t seem jealous or mad when Cary groped Katie’s tits or squeezed her ass as she ground her body against him. When Kevin did the same to a blushing Rebecca, Katie only gave her a devious grin and winked. The beer had her feeling amorous, though, a little wild, and a little touching wasn’t so bad. Some of it even felt good.

Eventually, they ended up in the living room on the couches, where Kevin put on a dirty movie. Rebecca squirmed a bit as she huddled with her half-naked friend under a blanket, but Katie just laughed and made jokes at the cheesy plot and the stupid dialogue. She called the porno girls sluts and whores, giggled as they moaned and yelled obscenities, and cooed over the porn stud’s oversized cocks. After the first two filthy scenes, the third one opened with a blonde and a brunette woman entangled in each other’s arms. The two women were moaning and kissing, touching one another’s tits, and toying with their tongues.

Kevin and Cary chuckled and made jokes, then insinuated that Rebecca and Katie should try it. Rebecca only blushed and Katie laughed.

“I’m sure you two would love that,” she said. “I’m not a lesbian, though.”

“You don’t have to be lesbian just to have some fun with a girl,” Cary said.

“Oh, yeah?” Katie countered. “Why don’t you two suck each other’s dicks first.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” Kevin said.

“How is it different?” Katie asked, slurring. “Ith not gay, right? You’re just having a little fun.”

“No,” Cary said. “With dudes, it’s fully gay.”

“Fucking man logic,” Katie said, rolling her eyes. “Come here, Becca.”

Before Rebecca knew what was happening, Katie’s lips were on hers and her best friend’s tongue was pushing its way into her mouth. Rebecca squealed and froze. Katie’s hand cupped her breast through her shirt and squeezed it. Rebecca moaned involuntarily, the drunken haze making her slow to react to the molestation. Katie continued to kiss her as the two boys threw each other wry grins and chuckled.

“Jesus,” Cary said. “You two are so fucking hot.”

Katie broke away and smiled at him, then turned back to Rebecca.

“You wanna give them a little show?” she whispered.

Rebecca squeaked back, “I don’t know.”

“That doesn’t sound like a no,” Katie said and kissed her again.

Rebecca squeaked but the fuzzy, warm feeling in her head seemed to be telling her that this was okay. It didn’t feel bad, after all. It felt kind of nice. She was supposed to be letting loose, doing adult things, and growing up. Lots of women kissed other women, even if they weren’t gay. She saw it on TV all the time.

Instead of pulling away, she let Katie keep kissing her and touching her, and then she tentatively touched Katie, too. She put her hand on Katie’s boob, giving it a soft squeeze. It felt like her own, which her sluggish thoughts told her made sense. It was, after all, just another boob. Katie’s weren’t as big, but they felt soft and sexy. She could feel her friend’s hard nipple through her bra.

Katie’s tongue in her mouth started to make her hot, and the way her hand slid under Rebecca’s top made her shiver. Then, Katie peeled the top up and Rebecca let her pull it over her head. The two young men stayed silent, watching, but they didn’t seem to want to disturb the moment and risk losing their show.

Katie nuzzled her cheek against Rebecca’s and molested one of her tits, whispering into her ear, “You have such big, sexy tits.”

The words made Rebecca tremble. Katie kissed her again. Rebecca didn’t see her friend beckoning her boyfriend over to the couch with her, but she did start when Kevin sat next to his girlfriend. Katie turned to him and kissed him just as passionately, while Rebecca watched, flushed and shaking. Then, Katie broke away and kissed her again.

“Goddamn,” Kevin hissed, “That’s so hot, babe.”

Katie giggled into Rebecca’s mouth and repeated it, kissing her boyfriend, kissing Rebecca, and then sitting back.

“Your turn,” she said to Rebecca.

Rebecca was confused.

“You kiss him,” Katie said.

Rebecca dithered, uncertain. She didn’t really want to kiss Kevin, but Katie seemed to expect it, and so did he. For a moment she looked at the two of them, waiting for her to do it. She felt stupid, and she didn’t want them to laugh at her or call her a pussy. So, she leaned over Katie and kissed Kevin on the mouth. He pushed his tongue between her lips, while Katie played with Rebecca’s tits and watched them kiss.

On her other side, she felt Cary sit next to her. She broke the kiss, looked at Katie’s flushed, horny, drunken face, and then she kissed Cary, too. Katie moaned, kissed her boyfriend, and then leaned over Rebecca and kissed Cary. The sounds of the two women moaning and licking each other came from the TV, but to Rebecca, they seemed a distant thing through the haze in her head.

Katie tossed the blanket aside and pushed Rebecca back. Cary’s arms went around her, and he began to fondle her tits. Rebecca gasped as Katie tugged down her terrycloth shorts in a quick motion and threw them aside, revealing her small panties to everyone’s eyes.

“Katie,” she squeaked.

“You’re gonna like this,” Katie slurred and, before Rebecca could protest, her friend dove between her legs, pushed the crotch of her panties aside, and pushed her tongue into Rebecca’s wet cunt.

“Fuck yeah!” Kevin hissed.

“Damn!” Cary exclaimed and squeezed Rebecca’s melons.

Rebecca groaned and gasped. Katie’s tongue probed her insides, her hand holding the panties out of the way, and then she fucked her tongue in and out. Rebecca trembled as Cary held her. With bleary eyes, she watched Kevin stand up and tug down his shorts, freeing his hard, naked cock. Katie’s legs stretched across the couch, as she lay on her stomach and lapped at Rebecca’s cunt. Kevin pulled his girlfriend’s panties aside and mounted her awkwardly from behind, pushing his rigid length into her welcoming channel.

Katie moaned into Rebecca’s cunt and her licking became more erratic, more intense. Cary slid her bra straps off and freed her fuck handles from it, then went to work on them with his hands, squeezing and tugging at her nipples. Katie continued to moan as her boyfriend fucked her, pushing her head into Rebecca’s pussy as he grunted. Rebecca could feel Cary’s hard cock pressing through his shorts against her back. Katie’s tongue felt so good that she found herself pushing her hips against her friend’s face.

Cary moved, extracting himself from her, allowing her to lay back on the couch as Katie ate her. He stripped off his shorts and tugged on his erect cock, and then he put it on Rebecca’s lips. Rebecca didn’t open her mouth. She’d only given one blowjob and it had made her feel dirty, slutty. She didn’t want to give another one.

Cary was insistent, though. He rubbed his fat knob on her lips, smearing them with salty precum while he groped her tits. Eventually, he tired of her defiance and lightly slapped his hand against her cheek.

“Open your mouth,” he growled.

Rebecca, suddenly afraid, did as she was told. Cary pushed his cock into her mouth. The angle was awkward, and she had to turn her head to allow him to stuff his jerking length into her suckhole. Kevin laughed and Katie moaned into Rebecca’s cunt.

“Fuck yeah,” Cary hissed. “Suck that dick, slut. You like that, huh?”

Rebecca didn’t particularly like it, but she also didn’t want him to slap her harder. It seemed apparent that Kevin wasn’t going to stop him from doing it, and Katie was far too busy sucking on her cunt to even notice. Despite the fear and feeling like a whore, Rebecca moaned around Cary’s dick as Katie’s tongue made her orgasm. The rush of pleasure made her seal her lips tightly around Cary’s cock shaft as he eagerly thrust his prick in and out of her wet mouth.

Kevin, spurred on by his alcoholic haze, pulled his wet dick from his girlfriend’s cunt. He pulled the drunken Katie’s face out of Rebecca’s cunt. Katie staggered, giggling stupidly as she sat back on the couch and let her boyfriend take her place. Rebecca didn’t have much time to process what was happening, and could hardly tell, as Cary’s rough hand was latched firmly onto her head and his prick was battering her mouth.

She sputtered and glurked as drool leaked out around his invading cock. She did notice when Kevin lifted her leg and roughly shoved his cock into her. She began to struggle and make displeased noises around Cary’s dick, but Kevin just groaned and fed the length of his cock into her pussy. Katie sat back against the arm of the couch and masturbated as the two of them had their way with Rebecca’s body.

Rebecca’s head felt light, like she needed air. Cary wouldn’t relent, though. He just kept plugging her mouth with his cock, even as she unsealed her lips and mumbled protests that were little more than animal noises.

“Fuck yes,” Katie hissed, rubbing her twat. “So fucking hot!”

Rebecca felt tears in her eyes at the violation and the lack of oxygen. There was too much drool pooling in her mouth to swallow it all, and it was even more difficult because Cary’s cock was repeatedly being jammed into her throat. She flailed her arms against Kevin and Cary, but they just grabbed hold of her wrists and continued to rape her, while her drunken bestie frigged her cunt to the sight of it.

Rebecca struggled more fervently when Kevin growled, groaned, and began to unload his balls inside of her. She screeched around the cock in her windpipe, which only came out as a choked gurgle. Kevin emptied his entire load into her depths, angrily thrusting his prick into her unwilling receptacle with short, hard pumps. When he was finished, he pulled his softening cock from her spunk-filled cunt and staggered back to his chair.

Katie stood, nearly toppled over, tittered, and then steadied herself against Cary’s shoulder.

“I wanna turn,” she slurred.

Cary looked at her, nodded, and pulled his spit-soaked meat from Rebecca’s mouth. She retched up phlegm on the couch and coughed, tears streaming down her cheeks. She tried to sit up, but Katie’s weight came down on her and smothered her face in cunt. Rebecca shrieked into her friend’s recently fucked cockhole and kicked her legs, but Katie only sighed with pleasure and rubbed her soaking cunt lips against Rebecca’s resistant mouth.

Cary held her flailing legs apart and jammed his cock into her cummy hole with a grunt.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “Been waiting a long time for this.”

Rebecca sobbed into Katie’s cunt, but her friend was too wasted to see Rebecca as anything more than a squirming sex doll. She fucked her cunt against her face, eager to get the orgasm that her boyfriend hadn’t given her. She gripped Rebecca’s hair in her fist and angrily ground her cunt on her friend’s lips and tongue.

“Fuck,” she whispered, “Fuckin’ so good.”

Rebecca stopped fighting. She was too tired and her head too light, the room spun when she tried to look up past Katie’s bucking fuckbox, so she shut her eyes and allowed the two of them to use her. Even as her alcohol-filled brain reeled with the realization that all three of them had raped her, her cunt seemed intent on enjoying the thorough long-dicking that it was getting. She choked on her tears and Katie’s cunt as she came on Cary’s cock, squealing into Katie’s pussy and setting the girl’s own orgasm off.

Katie rode her face all the harder, panting and swearing quietly as she bucked, trembled, and fed Rebecca her first wash of girl cum. Cary bottomed out in her spasming cunt and let loose a second load of sticky cum. Once the two of them had gotten off, they stumbled away, leaving Rebecca filled with spunk and her face coated in slime. Katie immediately passed out on the couch, curled up in a ball and within seconds she was snoring softly. Cary slunk off, his hand on the wall, making his way slowly to his bedroom.

Rebecca lay sniffling, too tired and drunk to move. She didn’t even have the strength to get up and clean the sloppy mess from her face. Instead, she fumbled for her shirt, found it, and used it to wipe at her face and her cunt. Sniffling, she tossed it on the floor, groped for the blanket, and huddled beneath it until she fell asleep.

With little perception of time, Rebecca didn’t know how long she slept before she awoke to the feeling of someone behind her, roughly shoving a cock into her sore pussy. She’d rolled over onto her stomach, and the blanket was pushed up over her head. She whimpered quietly, her head spinning in a drunken fog, and allowed whoever it was to batter her fuckhole. Whichever of the two men it was had some staying power now, and he put his weight on her back and crushed her into the couch as he rammed his cock into her over and over, until finally he grunted and came in her again.

Sobbing pitifully, she fell asleep once more. It happened again, later. The second of them pushed her face into the couch cushion and humped her ass hard, groaning with pleasure as he relieved his aching cock with her overfull cunt. When he was done, Rebecca fell asleep once more.


Like the sound of this story? Follow the dark descent of Rebecca and Katie in the full novel, available in the Erotikinks shop!

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