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Playing with Toys (ePub+PDF)

Playing with Toys (ePub+PDF)

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This story contains heavy themes of nonconsent, degradation, and humiliation. If these themes put you off, you will not like this book. There are no happy endings.​

Length: 28 Chapters, 56.2K words, 230 Pages.


The weekend after their high school graduation, four friends spend a weekend in a family-owned cabin. Kevin, Cary, Rebecca, and Katie are ready to cut loose and have some fun before they all go away to college. When the party gets out of hand and Rebecca is raped by her three drunk friends, the entire course of their lives is altered.

Carol Keller, Kevin's mother, is a therapist with a devilish kink that she's never had the chance to fully explore. When she witnesses the video of Rebecca's rape, she knows that her chance has finally come.

With the aid of her husband, Trent, this kinky couple will set Rebecca and Katie's lives down a path of repeated victimization, degradation, submission, and humiliation. Carol's experiments with their minds and bodies will forever change their perception of themselves and everyone around them, turning them into nothing more than toys for her amusement.

Kinks Served: Noncon, Reluctance, Incest, Rape, Prostitution, Blackmail, Degradation, Humiliation, Psychological Manipulation, Body Modification, Forced Personality Modification, Light Hypno-Kink, Group Sex, Anal, Female Chastity, Impregnation

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