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Paying with Toys, Part Two

This story contains themes of nonconsent, emotional manipulation, and psychological conditioning which carry on for years. If these kinks are not for you, you may not enjoy this story. There are no happy endings.

Previous Parts: One

Chapter Two: The Company of Friends

Rebecca’s recollections of being a cumdump for her drunken friends were hazy the following morning. She was hungover, which was an unfamiliar feeling. Every part of her felt dirty, both inside and out. She recalled sensations and some images, discomfort, and fear, but the details were a blur. Katie was already awake and dressed. Her hair was damp and she looked freshly showered.

“Hey,” Katie said peppily. “How are you feeling?”

“Gross,” Rebecca said tiredly.

Katie laughed and said, “Uh, yeah. You were quite the little slut last night, weren’t you?”

“I was?” Rebecca asked, rubbing at her eyes.

She didn’t remember acting like a slut or instigating anything, but so much of it was a blur. She was quite sure that she had kissed Katie, as well as both boys, and they had certainly fucked her. She did remember that. Mostly she just remembered being afraid and not being able to breathe.

“Yeah,” Katie said. Rebecca thought she had a bit of a quaver in her voice. “You were, like, all over me you fucking lesbo.”

Rebecca blushed.

“Sorry,” she said. “I think I drank too much.”

She noticed, now, that the blanket was now pooled about her waist and her tits were still hanging out of her bra. She ashamedly tucked them away. Her cunt felt sore and she touched it. It was spunky and gross.

“Oh, shit,” she hissed. “They… they did it inside me!”

“So? Don’t you take pills or something?” Katie asked.

“No!” Rebecca cried.

“Shit, girl? What the fuck?”

“What do I do?” Rebecca wailed, her fear rising.

“You can take some morning-after pills,” Katie suggested. “I don’t have any, but we can get some from a pharmacy on the way home.”

“That’s two more days! We have to go now!” Rebecca cried, staggering to her feet.

“Take it easy, Becca,” Katie said, tapping at her phone. “As long as you take them within three days, you’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” Katie assured her. “It says it right here on Planned Parenthood.”

“Isn’t sooner better?” Rebecca argued. “I don’t want to get pregnant!”

Katie sighed impatiently, as though Rebecca were being unreasonable.

“Fine,” she said. “Go take a shower and clean out your pussy. We’ll go into town. Kevin wants to get some pot anyway. Maybe, you know, don’t be such a slut next time.”

Rebecca flushed with embarrassment and guilt as she left to shower. A short time later she was back, dressed, and ready. Kevin and Cary were in the living room.

“Hey, hot stuff,” Cary said, grinning. “That was a lot of fun last night. You were fucking wild!”

“Can we not talk about it?” Rebecca asked, blushing. “I’m done drinking.”

“Don’t be lame, Becca,” Katie said. “You had fun, right?”

“I… I think so. I don’t really remember.”

Kevin and Katie shared some kind of look, but Rebecca was too anxious to notice.

“Can we go?” she asked.

The four of them made the hour-long drive into town in Kevin’s car. The conversation was minimal and the music was low. Everyone seemed tired. Breakfast at a small cafe in town helped Rebecca’s queasy stomach, and the pills she bought at the pharmacy calmed her anxious nerves. They drove out to the outskirts of the town, where Kevin made a trip into a trailer and returned a moment later with a rolled joint and a bag of pot. He handed the joint to Katie.

“Fire that up, baby,” he said.

He navigated back to the country road, heading for the cabin, as Katie lit the joint and cracked her window. She took two long pulls and passed it to Kevin. The car began to fill with white smoke. Rebecca shifted nervously in her seat. She’d smoked pot with Katie before, and even liked it, but it always made her feel silly and slow. She wasn’t sure how it would make her feel today, after the drinking. The joint made its way back to Cary, and then to her.

“Surefire hangover cure,” he said.

Rebecca took the joint and toked it once, twice, and passed it back to Katie. It made a second rotation. Rebecca started to feel giggly and stared out the window, watching the trees blaze by on the roadside. On the third time around, Cary held the joint and turned to her.

“You want a shotgun?” he asked.

“A what?” Rebecca asked back.


“What is that?”

Cary took a long pull on the joint, held it in with a grin on his face, and then beckoned her to lean in. Rebecca did. Cary put his lips on hers and, reluctantly, Rebecca parted them. He blew the smoke out into her mouth and she inhaled. Cary began to kiss her. Rebecca was high and feeling very relaxed. Cary’s mouth felt good.

She kissed him back, and then he broke away, took another hit, passed the joint, and then repeated the process. Rebecca inhaled and let him kiss her again. His hand groped one of her tits as he kissed her, making Rebecca squeak. She broke the kiss and swatted his hand playfully, but it seemed more silly than anything.

Katie roached the joint in the ashtray and rolled the window down a bit more, clearing out the smoke. She leaned over to whisper something into Kevin’s ear and he nodded enthusiastically. Rebecca leaned back in the seat, her head light. Everything seemed so bright and fun. She watched Katie unbuckle her belt and then do something in Kevin’s lap. She could hear his zipper. A moment later, Katie leaned over and started sucking his cock.

Cary laughed and said, “Oh, shit! Nice, dude!”

Kevin gave him a thumbs-up. The sound of Katie’s wet mouth around his cock reached Rebecca in the back seat and she blushed. She looked out the window and tried to ignore it. Cary looked at her expectantly.

“What?” she asked.

“Come on, Becca,” he said. “It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t wanna do that,” she said.

Katie pulled her mouth off of Kevin’s dick and said, “Come on Becca. Double road head! It will be super hot!”

Cary unzipped his pants and pulled out his half-hard cock.

“Nothing you haven’t done before,” he said, grinning. “It will be like last night. You liked that, right?”

“I don’t know,” Rebecca said hesitantly.

In truth, she didn’t think she had liked it last night. She remembered choking on Cary’s cock and him slapping her face, but even those things were hazy.

“Yeah,” he said. “You’ll like this baby.”

He put his hand on the back of Rebecca’s head and urged her down. Rebecca resisted, but only slightly. He guided her down until she was bent at the waist, and his stiffening cock was just inches from her mouth.

“Go on,” he whispered.

Rebecca could hear Katie’s moaning and slurping from the front seat. Cary’s hand on her head was insistent, but she still pushed back against it. He took his cock in his hand and beat it against her cheek, but she still didn’t take it. Then, he slapped her cheek with his hand and Rebecca flinched. She tried to pull back, to get angry, but in truth the slap just made her feel afraid. He took his cock in his hand, put it against her lips, and gave her head another insistent push.

Rebecca saw no help coming from Katie or Kevin, who were lost in their own fun up front. She opened her mouth and reluctantly let him put his cock in it. Cary held her in place and began to pump his erection into her mouth in slow, even thrusts as he groaned with pleasure. Rebecca just gagged on the thick head of it and coughed.

“There you go, baby,” he whispered. “Suck that dick. Fuck yeah.”

Rebecca sniffled as he held her down and fucked his prick into her mouth. She supposed she could fight, but then he might slap her again and she didn’t want that. It seemed easier to just let him use her mouth and get it over with. Within a minute, both of his hands were holding her head and he was masturbating himself with her face. Becca made small whimpers of protest and clutched at his leg with her hand.

“Fuck yeah, you little slut. That’s the shit,” he whispered. “Gonna cum in that fucking mouth.”

Rebecca could hear Kevin groaning and Katie sucking furiously in the front seat as she made muffled protests against having her mouth spunked. Cary didn’t seem to care. He grabbed her wrist in his hand and continued to hold her head with the other as he gagged her on his dick, and then firmly held her in place as he began to cum. Rebecca choked and sputtered but he didn’t relent. He just grunted and unloaded shot after shot into her mouth. He didn’t even care that most of it drooled back out onto his crotch as she gagged on it.

“God damn, girl,” he hissed. “Fucking hot!”

Katie came up and wiped at her mouth, giving Kevin a satisfied grin as she swallowed the remains of his semen. She glanced back at Rebecca’s plight and laughed.

“Damn, girl! There you go. Take it like a champ!” she cheered.

Cary finally released his hold on her and Rebecca reeled back, coughing and wiping at her mouth and watering eyes. She scooted away, against the window, and fixed Cary with an angry glare.

“You jerk!” she spat. “Why did you do it in my mouth?”

“It’s just some cum, Becca,” Katie said, rolling her eyes. “Don’t be such a pussy.”

“Sorry, babe,” Cary said, though he didn’t seem sorry at all. “You were just too good. I couldn’t help it.”

He took his shirt off and used it to clean the scummy mess from his crotch. Rebeccas sulked in her seat, looking out the window, her face burning with humiliation. Katie turned around and cranked the music up.


Rebecca stepped into the paddleboat and took the cooler of drinks from Katie, then sat down next to Cary. He put a hand on her leg, which she brushed off, and she gave him a sour look. He only smiled at her, opened the cooler, and handed her a beer. Rebecca took it, opened the cap, and resolved to take it easy today. Kevin and Katie took the front seat of the little boat and worked the pedals, driving it out onto the water as the summer sun beat down on the lake.

Katie and Rebecca wore bikinis, while the two men were bare-chested and wearing board shorts. Once the boat was out on the water, Kevin allowed it to drift lazily and swiveled his seat around. Katie did likewise. Kevin pulled a bottle of rum from his bag and shot glasses banged down on the top of the cooler. He poured four of them and handed them around.

Rebecca didn’t like the idea of mixing the alcohol with the beer. She was already buzzed from the pot and the beer, but Kevin gave her one anyway. He clinked glasses with all of them, then tossed back his shot. Rebecca took hers, along with Katie and Cary. Kevin lit another joint.

“So,” Katie said. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

“I fucked you in the ass,” Kevin said, grinning.

“You fucker,” she laughed, slapping his arm. “That fucking hurt!”

“You liked it after a while,” he argued.

“Yeah, but not at first.”

“I had sex with Kevin’s mom,” Cary said, and Kevin looked aghast. “I’m kidding, dude.”

“Fucking asshole,” Kevin chuckled.

“I’m not kidding,” Cary said to Rebecca.

Katie laughed and Cary grinned, adding, “Nah. I just beat it to her once. Maybe twice.”

Kevin rolled his eyes and said, “You sick fuck.”

They turned to Rebecca.

“What?” she asked.

“Kinkiest thing you’ve ever done,” Katie reminded her.

Rebecca wasn’t sure how to answer.

“I haven’t done anything kinky,” she said.

“You had sex with Tommy Parson after prom,” Katie said slyly.

“That was barely even sex,” Rebecca said, then blushed.

“It was her first time,” Katie said and laughed.

Rebecca squirmed, accepted the joint, hit it, and passed it.

“What about last night?” Cary said, puffed the joint, and passed it.

Katie laughed again and said, “That was totally kinky! You were like, ‘Oh, Katie! I want to lez with you so bad.’”

Rebecca blushed deeper. She didn’t remember it happening that way, but then she couldn’t remember much about how it had started. She felt certain that Katie had kissed her first, though.

“Nah,” Cary said. “Becca was a good sport. You were the one that lezzed out on her.”

“Okay,” Katie admitted. “Maybe I did a little bit. But at least I didn’t fuck two dudes at the same time. And one of them was your bestie’s boyfriend. That was like, mega slut!”

Kevin poured more shots and handed them around. Everyone tossed them back, but Rebecca only took half of hers.

“I don’t think I want any more of that,” she said, shaking her head as the rum burned her throat.

“Okay,” Katie said, “Next question. What’s the kinkiest fantasy you have? Something that you want to do?”

“A fucking orgy,” Kevin said. “That would be, like, the hottest.”

“Oh!” Katie exclaimed. “That would be super hot! Cary?”

“You first,” Cary said. “We’re going boy, girl, boy, girl.”

“I think it would be kind of hot to get tied up and teased,” Katie said, with a pointed look at Kevin.

“Good thing your boyfriend’s parents have a fucking sex dungeon, then,” Cary said.

“Oh, was I too subtle for you?” Katie said to her boyfriend.

“No, but, like, my parents have been naked down there,” he said.

“That makes it way hotter!”

“You’re so fucked,” Kevin said, laughing.

“Okay, go Cary,” Katie urged.

“Nah,” he said. “Mine’s too dark.”

“Oh! That sounds interesting. Now you have to tell.”

Cary drew it out for a moment and said, “I’d like to do some real BDSM shit. You know, like the whole whips and chains thing.”

“That could be hot, too,” Katie agreed. “What about you Becca?”

Rebecca only shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I never really thought about it.”

Katie rolled her eyes and said, “Jesus. How do you go from super slut to boring? I think you want to get gangbanged!”

Rebecca flushed and argued, “I do not. I just don’t think I’m all that kinky.”

Far from feeling kinky, she was very buzzed and didn’t really want to discuss fucking.

“Hey,” Cary said, “You guys wanna go back for lunch?”

“Sure,” Kevin agreed.

Katie nodded, and Rebecca enthusiastically agreed.


Following lunch, an amorous Katie suggested that she and Kevin take another look at the sex dungeon.

“Maybe we can play around a little bit?” she teased.

“Jesus, you and that fucking room. Alright, let’s go,” he relented.

His dick was hard in his shorts, which Katie made apparent as she squeezed it and waved it, laughing.

“You wanna come, Becca? Let’s just go look,” she invited.

Rebecca didn’t particularly want to go into the sex dungeon, but she also didn’t want to be left alone with Cary. She was already high and very buzzed, and Cary had been drinking much more. The sex dungeon seemed the safer of the two options. Reluctantly, she followed all of them downstairs.

Kevin flipped on the lights again, and Katie began to flit about the room, examining the toys. Then she crawled on the bed and turned to Kevin.

“This thing’s huge,” she remarked. “How many swingers do you think your parents have had on this thing at once?”

“Beats me,” Kevin said. “I just know that they have a lot of parties out here that I didn’t get invited to.”

“Do you think they’ll start inviting you now? You’re old enough.”

“I don’t think so. I imagine that would be kind of weird. For all of us,” he said.

“Do you think they’d invite me?” she teased, bouncing on the bed. “Can you just imagine your dad spreading my legs while your mom watched? That’s totally kinky, right?”

Cary passed the bottle of rum around and everyone took a swig. Rebecca’s head felt very warm and fuzzy. Katie was slurring her words, too.

“Hey, I guess if they invite you, whatever,” Kevin said, shrugging. “I don’t really want to think about my dad’s dick.”

Katie beckoned Rebecca over to join her. Cary had crept much closer to her, so she joined Katie on the bed to get away from him. Rebecca lay back on the bed and sighed.

“This thing is so comfortable,” she said, snuggling into one of the pillows.

Katie rolled on top of her, straddling her chest.

“Hey!” Rebecca protested.

“Can you just imagine it?” Katie said. “All those hot swingers down here?”

She reached out and grabbed one of the padded cuffs at the side of the bed, grabbed Rebecca’s wrist, and put the cuff on it.

“What are you doing?” Rebecca said. “Quit it.”

“I’m just playing around,” Katie said. “Come on. It’ll be fun. Just wear them for a second.

“I don’t want to!” Rebecca argued.

Katie grabbed her other wrist and put the second cuff on it.

“I’ll bet Kevin’s mom does this to the other wives,” she said, ignoring Rebecca’s protests.

“Quit it, Katie!” Rebecca yelped. “Let me up.”

Katie slithered down her body, instead and put her lips next to Rebecca’s.

“Give me a little kiss, like last night, and I’ll let you up, slave girl!”

“This isn’t funny,” Rebecca said.

“It is kinda hot,” Cary said.

“Just a little kiss, Becca,” Katie said, stroking her cheek.

“And you’ll let me up?” Rebecca said.

Grinning wickedly, Katie nodded.

“Fine,” Rebecca said and huffed.

“Good girl,” Katie said.

She pressed her lips against Rebecca’s and kissed her, purring. Rebecca allowed her friend to kiss her, but she didn’t respond.

“That’s not a very sexy kiss,” Katie said, displeased. “I’ll have to punish you.”

“I did it,” Rebecca said. “Let me up.”

Katie ignored her and turned around, crawling away. She took up another cuff at the foot of the bed, dragged it up, and then put it around one of Rebecca’s kicking ankles.

“Don’t!” Rebecca protested again, panicking.

Katie fastened the last cuff around her other ankle, giggling as if it were all a game. She crawled back up and lay across Rebecca’s chest again.

“Now, be good and give me a kiss, slave,” she said.

“Please,” Rebecca pleaded. “Just let me up. I want to go home.”

“You liked it last night,” Katie said. “Just do it again.”

She kissed Rebecca again and this time she sniffled as Katie pushed her tongue into her mouth. She reluctantly parted her lips and let Katie kiss her, and then relented and kissed her back. Katie moaned and began to squeeze Rebecca’s tits. Rebecca whimpered into her mouth and kicked her legs, but the cuffs held them in place. Finally, Katie pulled away.

“You’re not being a very good slave, Becca,” Katie said. “Just relax. We’re just having some fun.”

She slid back down between Rebecca’s legs and pulled her bikini bottom to the side.

“I know what you’ll like,” she said. “You loved this last night.”

“No!” Rebecca snapped.

Katie pushed her tongue into Rebecca’s cunt. Rebecca jerked and gasped.

“Take it out,” she hissed, but her hips wiggled against Katie’s mouth.

Katie ignored her and sucked at her pussy, licking and tonguing her lips, her hole, and her clit. Rebecca flushed as the two men moved in for a better view. They passed the rum bottle back and forth, watching Katie girl rape her best friend as though it were just another porno. Rebecca, her eyes tearing up, ground her cunt against Katie’s face. She hated that it felt good.

Cary sat on the bed next to Rebecca and pushed back the hair from her face. She could smell the liquor and the pot on him. He groped one of her tits. Rebecca whimpered and pleaded with her eyes for him to stop, but he just gave her a drunken grin and rubbed his crotch. Kevin moved onto the bed behind his girlfriend and spread her legs. Rebecca squirmed against Katie’s lapping tongue and moaned. She felt tears on her cheeks.

Kevin pushed his cock into Katie’s pussy, grabbed her hips, and began to slowly fuck her. Katie groaned into Rebecca’s cunt and tongued her more vigorously. Rebecca shook and trembled, her lips quivering as she resisted the pleasure. Her heart hammered and, even though her thoughts were sluggish, she realized that she was very vulnerable. The situation was already out of hand and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The two drunk, horny men were clearly not going to do anything to help her. Grinning, Kevin nodded Cary over to take his place.

Cary smiled and moved behind Katie. Kevin got out of his way. Cary pulled down his shorts and pushed his cock into Katie, who bucked back against him, stopped her licking, and then turned toward him.

“Fuck, that’s big,” she said, and then went back to sucking Rebecca’s cunt.

Kevin mounted Rebecca’s chest, his cock hard and wet with Katie’s cream. He slapped it against her lips. Rebecca shook her head. Kevin slapped her cheek. It wasn’t hard, but as Rebecca was already scared, she obeyed and opened her mouth. Kevin pushed his dick into it and began to feed her his length. Rebecca sputtered and glurked when his cockhead hit the back of her mouth, but then he withdrew and began a slow, rhythmic stroking in and out of her mouth. She mewled weak protests around his cock but he was too drunk and horny to care.

Rebecca could hear the slap of Cary’s hips against Katie’s ass stop, and then Katie’s tongue withdrew from her cunt. A moment later, Rebecca squealed around Kevin’s penis as she felt Cary press his cock against her opening. She struggled and squirmed, but the bonds and the weight on her chest wouldn’t allow her to fight. Cary’s dick spread her open and he put his hands on her twisting hips.

“Fuck, that’s so wet,” he hissed and slid the fat length of his tool further into her.

Rebecca did cry now, sobbing pitifully as the two of them used her mouth and pussy. They groaned and stroked their meat into her holes, and then a new sound joined their pleasurable grunts. It was the hum of a vibrator, which Katie held in her hand. She pressed it against Rebecca’s clit and Rebecca’s struggles intensified.

“Fuck yes,” Katie hissed. “That feels so good, huh?”

It did feel good, but the fact that her friends were raping her did not. That they were ignoring her tears and her struggling did not. They were either too stoned and drunk to notice, or too horny and fucked up to care. The result was the same. They were satisfying their urges with her body as if she were their personal sex doll. Reluctantly, Rebecca orgasmed around Cary’s cock as the vibrator hummed against her clit.

“See, Becca,” Katie said. “You fucking love this. You’re such a slut.”

Rebecca sobbed at the words. She must be a slut if she’d just orgasmed from being gang-raped by two men and her best friend. What other explanation was there? She was a drunk slut that got off on being raped. Cary and Kevin quickly swapped places and, before Rebecca could suck in enough air to tell them to stop, her suckhole was filled with cock again. Now, she was adding her own cunt honey to that of her best friend. Kevin shoved his cock into her and fucked her while his girlfriend moaned and watched, forcing Rebecca to another orgasm with the vibrator.

Rebecca lost her sense of time. The three drunk fools repeatedly swapped places, filling her mouth with cunt and cock, shoving more cock into her unwilling cunt. They never seemed to tire of it as they used her. Eventually, her tears were dry crust on her cheeks and she felt too tired to struggle any further. She lay, limply, and let them use her.

The rape party came to a sudden halt, when, from the bottom of the steps came a furious voice.

“What are you fucktwats doing?”

The three rapists turned toward the voice in astonishment to see Kevin’s mother standing, with her hands on her hips, and a livid, angry glare on her pretty face.

“Mom?” Kevin blurted and quickly whipped his naked cock from Rebecca’s sore cunt.

“The three of you,” she ordered, “Up the fucking stairs right now!”

Katie began to cry as she rushed past and up the steps. Kevin and Cary fumbled on their shorts and ran up behind her. Kevin’s mother gave the dazed, spit-soaked Rebecca a long look, then left her there and climbed the steps. She shut the basement door. Rebecca sobbed quietly once more, now that she was alone. Her body ached and her cunt felt messy. She wasn’t sure if either of them had cum in her. She felt so tired as she strained her ears, trying to figure out what was happening, and why the woman hadn’t immediately untied her.

Upstairs, Kevin’s mother slapped him across the face.

“Are you all a pack of fucking morons?” she hissed.

“What… what are you doing here?” Kevin asked stupidly, stunned.

She slapped him again and said, “It’s my goddamn house! And that,” she pointed to the door, “Is my goddamn playroom! We have fucking cameras down there. Do you idiots know what’s on them? Do you know why I’m here?”

Katie sobbed loudly. Kevin’s mother slapped her, too, and she cried all the harder.

“What’s on them is the three of you… raping a girl! Jesus Christ! Are you fucking insane?”

“She… she wanted to,” Cary argued weakly.

Kevin’s mother slapped him next and then slapped Kevin again.

“I saw you start in on her nearly two hours ago!” she hissed. “She’s fucking crying. Do you shitheads have any idea what happens to you, when she goes home and tells her parents that you spent the weekend with her tied up in a basement? And that she was raped repeatedly? No? Of course, you didn’t fucking think about that! You go to goddamn jail, that’s what!”

Katie vomited on the floor. Kevin’s mother slapped her again.

“Jesus Christ,” she exclaimed once more. “Grow some balls you little cunt!”

“I’m sorry, mom,” Kevin said.

“You’re sorry? You’re… fucking… sorry? You didn’t bring home a bad grade, you retard! You just sexually assaulted your girlfriend’s best friend!”

She rounded on Katie again and stabbed her finger into her chest, “And you,” she hissed, “You fucking… gender traitor. You did it, too!”

Katie only bawled all the harder.

“Mrs. Carol,” she squeaked.

“Don’t you Mrs. Carol me, you stupid little slut!”

She began to pace as the three of them stood still as if they could blend into the room and disappear. Finally, she stopped.

“I’ll fucking handle this,” she said. “You, all of you,” she hissed. “Get the fuck out of here.”

The three of them scrambled toward the door.

“Katie,” Mrs. Carol snapped.

Katie froze.

“Not you. You’re coming with me, you little cunt.”

Katie paled and looked to Kevin for help. There was no help.

“Come with me, or I’ll personally tell her parents that this was your fucking idea, and then I’ll laugh as the police put you away, you little sex offender.”

Katie looked like she might throw up again. She followed. Kevin and Cary bolted out the door. Quaking, Katie stood sobbing and staring at the floor. Mrs. Carol tilted her chin up to meet her eyes.

“Slave. That’s what you said to your friend when you put those cuffs on her,” Carol said. “Don’t deny it, you bitch. I heard it. I have it on video. Here’s what’s going to happen, Katie. I’m going to save you. All of you. While I’m doing it, you’re going to learn. And you’re going to be my slave. Do you understand?”

Katie nodded.

“Don’t lie to me,” Carol said. “That’s the first rule of being my slave. If you lie to me, I’ll put you in a far worse fuck dungeon than the one down there, and I’ll spend the weekend shoving burning candles up your twat while a German shepherd fucks your asshole. Now, do you understand?”

“No,” Katie admitted, horrified.

“No, Miss,” Carol corrected. “From now on, you will call me Miss, cunt. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Miss,” Katie said.

Carol slapped her again and then backhanded her.

“When I say cunt, how do you respond?”

“Yes, Miss,” Katie sobbed.

“When I say slut, how do you respond?”

“Yes, Miss,” Katie sobbed again.

“When I order you to fuck, suck, or even to piss yourself, how do you respond?”

“Yes, Miss!”

“What happens if you don’t?”

“You’ll… shove burning candles up my twat and make a dog fuck my ass!”

“That’s day fucking one!” Carol hissed. “Do you want to see how creative I get on day two?”

“No, Miss!”

“Come with me, cunt. Quit your blubbering. It isn’t cute.”

Katie sniffled and tried to choke back her sobs as she followed the older woman back downstairs. Rebecca sobbed and squirmed as they entered.

“Take off your bottoms,” Carol ordered.

Katie obeyed.

Carol went to a safe and pressed her finger into a pad in the front. The thing clicked open. She rooted inside and returned to Katie with a weird thing that was thin metal and black leather. She knelt, lifted Katie’s leg, then the other, and slid the thing up her legs. Something inside the crotch jammed into Katie’s cunt and she jumped. After a few adjustments, Katie heard a lock click.

“From now on,” Carol said, “You do not have a cunt. I have a cunt. It happens to be part of your body, but it belongs to me.”

“Yes, Miss,” Katie sniffled.

“We’ll discuss my expectations of how to manage my cunt later. First, we have your stupid fuckup to take care of.”

She returned to the safe, did something inside, and then she walked over to Rebecca.

“Rebecca,” she said kindly. “I’m going to give you something that will help you relax, alright?”

Rebecca’s eyes were red and puffy. Dry spit crusted the corners of her mouth.

“Can you just let me go?” she croaked.

“Soon,” Carol said.

She pressed a needle into Rebecca’s arm and depressed the plunger. She held it there for a short time, then slowly withdrew it and dabbed the site with a swab. Rebecca slumped and became very relaxed. Her eyes fluttered and she looked sleepy. Carol took the syringe back to the safe. She rounded on Katie.

“Help me undo the straps and get her upstairs.”

Katie, shaking, rounded the bed and undid the straps on one side of Rebecca, while Carol did the others. Rebecca wobbled to her feet, giggled, and the two women slung her arms over their shoulders.

“Um sleepy,” Rebecca said, sounding even drunker.

The two of them got her up the steps and then down the hall to the master bedroom, where they set her on a chaise lounge chair. From the front of the cabin, they heard the sound of the door opening and rushed footsteps.

“Carol?” someone called.

“Come with me, cunt,” Carol ordered and Katie followed.

Coming down the hallway, Carol’s husband, Trent, wore a look of concern.

“Are you alright?” he asked. “I came as quick as I could. What’s happening?”

His eyes flicked to Katie, then to the chastity belt, and his look of concern mingled with a powerful curiosity.

“Let’s go in the living room,” Carol said.

Once there, she pulled Katie in front of her. Katie trembled violently as her boyfriend’s father looked her over. He did not look amused in the slightest.

“Our son, this bitch, and fucking Cary have created a situation. What did you do, Katie? Tell my husband.”

Katie began to sob again and choked out, “We… we had sex… with Rebecca.”

Carol turned her around, slapped her, and asked, “Is that what happened?”

She turned her around again.

“We… I don’t think… she really wanted to.”

“Don’t you dress it up,” Carol said. “Admit what you did, or you know what happens.”

“We raped her!” Katie blubbered.

Trent was stonefaced and silent as he absorbed the admission.

“Kevin was in on this?” he asked after a moment.

Katie nodded.

“They did it downstairs, and it’s on the cameras,” Carol explained.

Trent’s furious face paled.

“Now,” Carol said, “I’m going to take care of Rebecca. Clearly, we’re not going to let her go home and tell her story. I’m going to save these three fools from prison. Are you on board with that?”

Trent hesitated, then nodded.

“However,” Carol continued and put her arm around Katie, squeezing one of her tits, “that doesn’t mean that we won’t exact our own price for this favor or punishment for what they did. As you can see, Katie now belongs to me. If Katie doesn’t want to suffer the legal consequences of what she’s done, she’s going to devote herself to doing everything I want. Isn’t that right, Katie?”

Katie wiped at her eyes and nodded. Trent’s fury didn’t fade, but his eyes narrowed menacingly. They seemed to twinkle with desire.

“I’m going to work on Rebecca,” Carol said. “I’d like you to start instructing Katie on her new position. Would you do that for me, sweetie?”

Katie let out a gasping sob and shook in Carol’s arms.

“I’d be pleased to assist,” Trent said.

Carol turned Katie around and commanded, “Come with me.”

They returned to the doorway of the bedroom, where Rebecca stared at the ceiling.

“Look at your friend,” she instructed and made Katie take in Rebecca’s nude body, her vacant, drugged expression. “What you did to her is going to fuck her up for the rest of her life. You did it because you’re the kind of slut that listens to her cunt and does what it wants. You can’t control your cunt, so you let your cunt control you. That won’t happen anymore. Now, I’ll control that cunt and it will listen to me. When I’m done with Rebecca, she’s going to be even more fucked up. That, too, is your fault. She’s going to come out of this with the knowledge that everything that happened to her this weekend is her fault. She’ll live with that guilt, and that is also your fault. Now, Trent is going to give you an… introduction to what you deserve, the kind of life that a slut with an uncontrollable fuckhole gets to live. It will soften you. Then, I’m going to break you and rebuild you. Do you understand?”

Katie, through her tears, choked out, “No, Miss.”

“Good. You’re right. You don’t.”

She took Katie back to Trent.

“All yours, honey,” she said, all sweetness and honey.

Trent rolled up his sleeves with a grin that made Katie piss herself and then cry all the harder.

“That’s a good start,” Trent said.



Like the sound of this story? Follow the dark descent of Rebecca and Katie in the full novel, available in the Erotikinks shop!

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