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New Title: Playing with Toys

Hello and welcome to the next title release. I won't go too in-depth in this post, as I've covered a lot of what I needed to say about this book in the preview post. What I will do is simply reiterate that this book contains heavy themes of nonconsent, humiliation, and degradation, including incest. If these are not your kinks, you will not like this book. If these are your kinks, you will love this book

Most of what I've done covers relatively short periods of time, weeks, or even months. This story is a little different. This book follows characters over a period of eighteen years, to show their total transformation at the hands of the story's villains. In Rebecca's case, that's Cary. In Katie's case, it's her boyfriend's family, the Kellers.

As with most of my noncon content, I've tried to mix in a lot of black humor and some outlandish scenarios to keep the overall tone of the story just a touch ridiculous. Not Holes kind of ridiculous, but just a touch over-the-top. For example, it's highly unlikely that someone will hire a porn crew to follow their "girlfriend" around, kidnap her, and rape her for their amusement. It's also not likely that anyone is going to purchase an entire neighborhood and populate it with sex offenders. Any therapist with a shred of morals isn't going to spend years psychologically conditioning their patient to believe that they deserve to be a victim. Those are just some of the lengths that this story's villains will go to in order to toy with our hapless protagonists.

This story also contains some small easter eggs relating to Bad Influencer and the DomCo timeline. Things like Haloes and Maximizer treatments provide a lot of uses for story content and humiliating situations.

This story was originally a 2K word short, but in reading it over it was way too ripe for something really big. The finished book comes in at 28 chapters, 56.2K words, or 230 pages of some of the most degrading content I've ever written.

I've mentioned before that I don't do anything containing real violence or mutilation. I write dirty stuff, but those things are not fun. You will get a lot of slapping around and some BDSM-style whippings, but nothing that permanently disfigures people. What kind of monster do you think I am? However, chastity piercings do make an appearance.

As always, these stories are total fantasy. In no way are they intended to endorse, promote, glorify, or otherwise encourage anyone to participate in nonconsensual acts of any kind. Always have positive, enthusiastic consent from everyone you engage with. That said, enjoy the dirty story.

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Chapter Headings

Part One: The Mistake

1. A Pleasant Stay in the Country

2. The Company of Friends

3. Rearranging Rebecca

4. There's Everything to Fear

5. A Bright and Happy Future

6. The Pupil and the Brute

7. Revictimizing Rebecca

8. Things that are Known

9. Affirmation

10. Relationship Goals

11. Unhappy Happiness

12. The Bastard and the Bitch

13. Tit Shopping

14. An Unexpected Boyfriend

15. The Katie Show

16. Therapy

17. A Belted Butt Slut

18. Good News is Bad News

19. Reconstructing Katie

Part Two: The Rape Doll & The Rent Girl

20. Jamie

21. Toy Bimbo

22. New Town, Same Old Rapist

23. Slut School

24. Fuck Puppet

25. Subhuman Fucktoy

26. Project House

Part Three: The Victim & The Slut

27. The Replacement

28. Creamy Katie

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