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Playing With Toys: Preview

It's time for another big release. Working on The Demon Chain was a nice distraction, and Seducing Jessica was a fun ride through a dirty but sexy incest romp. Now it's time to get back to the harder stuff. I made a passing reference in the January Roadmap to a title that was coming before Korrupting Kayla: Book Two. It was referred to as the dark, dirty book of noncon incest. Well, this is it. I'm going to include a warning label on this one. If you are not a fan of noncon content, this book is not for you. If psychological manipulation is not your thing, you won't like this one.

While I've written my share of reluctance and some flat-out rape shorts, I've never really taken the plunge into something really dark in a big book and explored a character that isn't just reluctantly turned into a slut; she absolutely, in no way deserves it. Rebecca's life is a downhill slide of repeated victimization. Her best friend, Katie, doesn't fare any better.

Is it hot? Yes! Is it dirty? You bet! Is it the kind of book that everyone will like? Absolutely not. There are certain topics you will not see me write. I don't do real violence and people don't get mutilated or disfigured. I do like playing with characters' minds, though, so you will see a lot of manipulation.

Doing this and Korrupting Kayla back-to-back kind of put me in a serious funk, so you're going to see a few oddball stories coming in late February and early March to kind of lighten the mood.

This one turned out a lot longer than it was intended, which set the Korrupting Kayla release back a bit further than I'd intended. Likely, you'll see that in early to mid-February. I'll throw out the cover for you in the next few days, though. For now, I wanted to get out a preview of this one, which is undergoing final tweaks. I'm looking at a release, hopefully, this weekend or early in the week of January 23rd. Anyway, here are the first two chapters of twenty-eight! You won't see any incest in these but, oh, just you wait.

Visit the story page here.

Playing with Toys cover by Tori Hamlin

On the weekend following their high school graduation, four friends plan a weekend getaway in a family-owned cabin. It's a weekend of partying to kick off a summer that will end with the four of them going off to college.

When the party gets out of hand and Rebecca is drunkenly raped by her three friends, their lives take a wild turn. Rebecca's violation had a witness, one with the will and the power to turn Rebecca and her best friend, Katie into the perfect toys.

While Rebecca's life becomes one of repeated revictimization, Katie's crumbles into one of humiliating sexual servitude that will change her utterly. Inside and out.

Chapter One: A Pleasant Stay in the Country

Spending a weekend at Kevin's parent's country cabin seemed just the way to kick off the summer of Rebecca's graduation from high school. She rode in her best friend's passenger seat as Katie pulled her car up the long, winding drive to the remote place. At eighteen years old, Rebecca's life was one brimming with possibility. In the fall, she'd go off to college, following her dream of becoming a starving artist, and creating beautiful paintings and drawings that might, one day, earn her recognition.

Before all of that, however, there was a whole summer ahead. It would be two months of cutting loose, partying, and spending days with friends that she might never see again. This weekend was going to be the first of those. Rebecca felt a bit nervous but excited about staying a whole weekend with two boys from their graduating class. Kevin was Katie's boyfriend, while Cary she knew from school because he flirted with her constantly. She'd always turned down his advances, though.

"Cary's totally hot for you," Katie said as they drove up the road. "You should totally give it up to him this weekend."

Rebecca only giggled nervously and said, "Maybe. He is cute, but he's always seemed a little weird."

"He's a jock, Becca," Katie said, rolling her eyes. "All jocks are weird."

Katie parked the car alongside Kevin's and the two young men stepped off the porch to help them with their bags. Kevin and Katie gave each other cooing, adorable kisses, while Cary hefted the two bags from the trunk. He shouldered Katie's, lifted Rebecca's, and then turned to her.

"You two have an okay drive?" he asked.

"Yeah. It was fun. This place is really cool," Rebecca said.

"Let's put your stuff inside and I'll show you around," he said, then glanced at the kissing couple and added, "Looks like they might be busy for a while."

Rebecca blushed and followed Cary inside. She followed him to one of the three bedrooms, where he set her bag on the bed.

"I'm going to drop Katie's in the other room," he said.

Becca unzipped her bag and checked over her things while she waited a brief moment for Cary to return. When he did, he glanced inside the open bag.

"Oh, sexy," he remarked, eyeing a pair of her panties, sitting on top of her clothes.

Rebecca blushed and flipped the bag closed.