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February Roadmap: Kayla, Serial Finishes, Upcoming Oddities

Already one month down in the new year. Can you believe it? It's time for this month's edition of the Roadmap, in which I update those who care (myself) about the promises I'll be breaking, the ruin of more fictional people's lives, and the things that will make you scratch your head and wonder if the cheese has finally slid off the cracker.

To begin, I offer you all my sincere thanks for your continued support of what we have going on here. The site's moving in positive directions, gaining momentum, and seeing an increase in visitation and interaction. Let's dive in.


You will notice that after placing orders, you will get a follow-up email to add your honest review of a book. A couple of people have chosen to do so, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate any reviews, good or bad. You can check a box to leave reviews anonymously. You don't need to write anything. A star rating will suffice. Without feedback, I'm just kind of stumbling along and writing the dark and terrible things that come to my own mind. Sometimes that's a good thing. Other times, I stray into the weeds and we get things like Holes or The Genesis Crossing. Sometimes it really goes too far and we get Reared in Birchbark Falls. So, yeah, I guess leave reviews or I'll write a ReReared in Birchbark Falls!

Feedback is invaluable to determining if I've gone too far, gotten too dark, or gone too fluffy. On that note, I'm delighted to say that one of the books got picked up on the All The Filthy Details podcast recently. If you're not familiar, they're a popular erotica podcast that does book reads, audio porn, and reviews. If you would like to hear their reviewers get up in arms over Edge, you can find the podcast here.

If you want the summary, they thought the writing was great, but the content was far too dark. How can anyone get off to things like nonconsent and incest? Why would anyone write a lesbian sex shower scene, and follow it with a girl watching her best friend suck off her brother? It's just too much. One of their reviewers refused to even read it. However, they did have an audio actress with a rather sexy English accent read a bit of it aloud, so that was nice.

Were I to give a response, it would be: "That is what we do here." Perhaps you should pay a visit to the NewYou clinic, in which we will change your mind. In this place, we like reluctantly seduced and slutty girls, who ultimately get off on being turned into sex toys. It's all in fictional fun. Don't take it too seriously.

These things, however, are exactly the kind of things any writer needs to hear. All the Filthy Details has my sincere thanks for picking up the book and expanding their erotic horizons with my word poison. I truly appreciate the feedback and the press. The lack of kink-shaming is further appreciated. Very classy ladies over there, if just a touch vanilla. 😉


I completed my first collaborative work with Lisa X Lopez, The Demon Chain. I know that some of you (or most of you) are looking at this kind of thing and wondering if I've gone all weird again.

I can assure you that I have not. I have always been weird. The collaborations are a chance to break out of what I normally do and create fresh ideas, without having to do all the work. I get to add my little bits to the story and go on my way, letting someone else finish up the rest of the work. It's hard to classify that story. There is some dirty, noncon, and reluctant sex in it, but it also has fantasy and horror elements, so it's a bit of a mix. Storywise, though, it's a solid win. I am totally in love with the finished product.

Lisa is a fantastic storyteller who can really do emotionally impactful characters well. Every single one of her books, small as they are right now, is a tear-jerker. She has some darker stuff coming down the pipe, too, including one that I feel the folks on this site are going to love. No romance, no fluffy characters, just a horde of backstabbing sluts vying for their place in a prominent social club.

Guest Posts:

I'm continuing to work on getting other guest posters for the site. I've recently worked up a cross-promotion with Ed Leather from, so some of my shorts and book promos will be appearing over there. He has a small group of good writers that produce a lot of free content, and I'm hoping that we'll have some guest writers over here from that deal.

AllTheseRoadworks and I are continuing to work together, and you'll be seeing more of him over here. Some of my books are appearing on his site, as well, through a partnership program he runs. Like my deal with Lisa, he has another writer, Pixie Isobella, who does some great noncon/reluctance stories, most of them sex slave related. If that's your thing, I encourage you to give her a follow and a look at her site.

Serial Finishes

I just put one of the serial shorts to rest with the conclusion of Gooner Girl. I also produced a cover for it that I'm really proud of. I have a few little series like that floating around, and as I stated in the last roadmap, I don't want to move forward letting things languish like that. So, I'll be knocking those out in short order, starting with the quickest to put to rest. So, in this order, here are the serials that will get wrapped up first.

  • Holes!

  • Reluctant Suckslut

There are some others out there like The Virgin and the Slut, Homewrecker, and Katrina's Addiction, which aren't so much serials, as they are things to add an adventure to when I feel like doing something different. I don't know that they'll ever have a real conclusion. They're just fun stuff.

Kayla and Other Titles

Okay, so, here was my big failure for January. I did not get Korrupting Kayla where I wanted it, in order to release it before the end of the month. Partly, that was due to Playing with Toys, which sort of got out of control and ended up way longer than I expected. It spawned a lot of possibilities for shorts in that universe, though, and I'm really happy with the finished story. The second issue is that I had to go back and do some substantial rewrites to Kayla Two, because of how it needs to tie up some ends for the finale of the DomCo series. Also, it wasn't quite humiliating enough for Kayla, so she needed to be further degraded. So, look for Kayla Two a little closer to the middle of this month.

If you want to catch up on some of the events that are coming in that book, I'd suggest Tempting Trevor, as Stacy and Trevor will be making their next appearance. Kayla Two also sees the return of Dr. Swell from The Second Place Sister, as well as a return visit to NewYou. DomCo's maniacal overlord and his bimbofied daughter, Vicky, from Vicky's Inheritance, will also feature in this book. Edge will be putting in another appearance, though not a prominent one. However, Haloes are something that will start to become more prominent in the lead-up to the conclusion. Finally, we'll see a world beginning to change with the passing of the Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus (BIGFINCOC), which was mentioned in both Love, Lust, and Erin, and Edge.

The Waygate Wanderer

I admit that I have been doing some really dark content lately. Lots of noncon, forced stories, unhappy endings, and all of that stuff is fun. However, it kind of leaves one in a bit of a funk when you're thinking about awful scenarios all day. I have one that I started as a sci/fantasy serial for the site, and it's been kind of my little retreat from the darker stuff. I know. Rather than another serial, though, I'm just going to wrap it up into a book. Come on, Hammy! More fantastic wierdness?

Slow down, son! It's not like that. It's kind of like that, but it's not quite like that. Think of this as Doppelgänger style content. Lots and lots of filthy scenarios, following our poor protagonist that's managed to strand herself in a multiverse. Every world she visits, trying to find her way home, holds some new and horrifying perversion. Some of them are populated by post-apocalyptic societies, where women are rare. Others might be patriarchal governments, in which women are property. Still more are things like a medieval fantasy world, in which forcibly impregnating the prophecied wanderer is society's greatest honor. I have no determinate date for that one, as it's been my little side project for a while, but I'm looking at a possible March/April release.

The untitled tale of reluctant seduction and incest

So, I'm outlining and putting together another title that I won't say too much about yet, but I'm looking at putting this one out in march. I will say that it includes a cheerleader, seduction, incest, cuckqueaning, lezdom, and a set of twins. Not our favorite twins, but another pair. Will update further as this expands.

Kink Points

The loyalty program seems to be working out pretty well so far. When it started, I added 25 points to everyone's account that had made a prior purchase. This was, unfortunately, a limit of the app that's used to administer the program. It also requires going one by one through every single member, of which there are many. So, if I did manage to miss your account by accident, please drop me a note and let me know.

Social accounts

If you enjoy the stuff I put out, I'd love for you to join me on social. You can get updates on releases, notifications about new shorts, and all those fun things. You will not, however, get retweets of people's OnlyFans accounts, or photos of my food, so please prepare yourself for disappointment. I only post things related to the site and help promote other good writers. You'll find me most active on Twitter.

Follow along here:

Twitter: @Erotikinks

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That wraps this edition, so you may now return to things that actually matter. Thank you for reading!

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