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The Penalty for Failure: An Edge Story

This is my first post using AI generated artwork. I think it came out rather well.

The Edge novel focuses on Jenna and Kara's small group and their battle with Harder as they learn about how to be good Edge slaves. There are a whole host of other characters out there that I just didn't have the room to include. This is one of them. One of my personal favorite parts about Edge is getting to write action sequences. It's something I don't do a lot of since, you know, hot fucking and action sequences rarely go hand-in-hand. I'd love a like or comment on it, though to know your opinion, so leave one if you're so inclined. Enjoy PrettyNPInk's Edge hunt.

For those who have not read the full story of Edge:

Edge is an augmented reality game and social engineering experiment, in which the female players are forced to compete in slutty challenges for rank and rewards, both virtual and real. They are kept in chastity, only released for good behavior or for the requirements of the challenges. They are constantly fed Obsequium, which is filled with aphrodisiacs and drugs to keep them compliant, anxious and confused.

Haloes are an augmented reality technology first shown in Love, Lust, and Erin. Essentially, they are smart lenses with built-in AI companions. Halo Technologies is a DomCo company looking to put DomCo, quite literally, in everyone's head.

Hunts: Only one hunt was described in the novel. It was already a long book, so for the sake of brevity and telling the essential story, some other content ended up on the cutting room floor. During a hunt, female players are made to evade capture by male players. If caught, they become the player's toy for a set period.

The Great Hunt

Player PrettyNPink had once been a girl name Melly, but after eight months in Edge she no longer thought of herself as anyone but PrettyNPink. During those months, she'd met girls that hated the game, just as she'd once hated the game. Edge, in those early days, had been a mindfuck, scary and confusing. Sometimes, it still was, but that was part of the appeal, the rush.

At rank 69, PrettyNPink didn't fear much. What she did fear, though, was failure. Anyone of her rank had monumental barriers to overcome if they wanted to keep increasing, and the price of failure became more dire. The loss of money wasn't the issue. PrettyNPink had earned more cash than she could reasonably spend. What she feared was the loss of rank, which, more and more, seemed to be part of every failure penalty.

The challenge she'd accepted for today was no different. Pretty had been hunted her fair share of times. Over eight months, she wasn't certain exactly how many. Things like that were difficult to keep track of when one was constantly kept in a state of horny confusion by a chastity belt, forced to consume a red drink that made one aroused and stupid, and made to think of nothing but sex every day. She only knew it had been a lot.

Some of the hunts she'd evaded capture. Some she'd failed. Today's, though, was her first willing participation in such an event. This was no ordinary hunt, though, lasting some fifteen to thirty minutes. This was an all-day event; a challenge called The Great Hunt. The rewards were phenomenal, but the penalty for failure was equally miserable.

The Great Hunt: This all-day special event challenges only the craftiest players to outwit their opponents over the course of the duration. During the course of this event, total freedom is granted. Hunted players are marked with geolocation, pinpointing their location within fifty meters. The Great Hunt is conducted over a 200 square mile location, cordoned off specifically for this challenge. The rules for this challenge dictate that there are no rules, short of inflicting permanent bodily harm. Hunted players will have a one-hour head start to seek concealment ahead of the hunters.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $120,000, Motor Pool Vehicle Selection

-14 days freedom, Level 85 item choice, Cash prize of $15,000

-Rank up X 10, Epic level equipment selection

Result of failure: Rank down X 10, Cash deficit of $15,000, one month enforced chastity, seven days with Free Use designation, geolocation active, available to all players.

Consolation Prize: Level 55 item selection

Ten ranks for a single challenge were something that Pretty couldn't pass up. The chance for Epic equipment on top of that made this impossible to avoid. She had to do it. Having prepped her best equipment, her EV approached the challenge zone.