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March Roadmap: DomCo, Audio, Site Polls

I'm going to open this month with an apology for missing yet another self-imposed deadline. Kayla, Kayla, Kayla. I have yet to write a book that took more work than this one. I don't typically go back and do tons of rewrites on manuscripts. Maybe it's the fear that comes from following up a good book with a sequel.

You want it to be Terminator Two, rather than The Phantom Menace, you know? Not the murderous robot part, but the "on par with what came before" part. Now, it's all but finished and we have a release date. This book is now available! Enjoy this completely unnecessary and overly dramatic book promo.

I'll elaborate more on this in the official release post, but the tone of this story has turned a bit darker than the original. Not quite Edge dark, but similar. That is by design. The first book was started in 2019. Over four years, the series has evolved and matured, just like the writing has matured and the characters must mature for what's coming.

In preparation, the original book has been overhauled with a full edit that has fixed the original formatting, the typos, and the rather embarrassing mistakes that I somehow missed in those earlier days. There is no new content in it, other than the preview chapter for Book Two in the end matter, but it has been cleaned up and brought up to spec for the kind of quality that I want all works to have going forward.

If you have purchased this title and would like a copy of the updated edition, just drop me an email here and I'll send it over for you. If you purchased it with the DomCo Debauchery Pack, that version already includes the new formatting. The Second Place Sister will be receiving the same thorough going over soon

Site Polls

I'd appreciate some input from everyone who visits and reads these stories. All polls are anonymous. Come forth and shape the future.


Not everyone has the time to sit down and read a book. It's why there's been such a huge rise in audiobook sales. I'm looking into offering this option with future releases. I'll be putting out a short work soon in audio format for feedback. This is not AI production. I'm looking into a variety of options for this, all of them human. This would allow the site to put content out in different formats and on other channels. Here is the question: Do audio versions of stories interest you?

Do you like erotic audiobooks?

  • 0%Yes, with a professionally done male actor.

  • 0%Yes, with a professionally done female actor.

  • 0%Yes, and the gender of the actor does not matter.

  • 0%Yes, with individually-voiced parts.

Sex & Story

Erotic literature (I use literature loosely) comes in a lot of different flavors. What I aim for is putting the story first, built around a filthy concept. Short works are usually a bit more to the point on the sex part, while the books I tend to do more character and world-building. For me, the world-building around the concept is a lot of fun. It's part of what made doing The Demon Chain appealing.

If you're a return reader, I'm making the assumption that you're coming back and reading because you're engaged with the weird world I've been putting together over these past years. You read my sexy garbage because of the dirty concepts and the worlds in which they take place. Hopefully, you also find the characters likable. I always aim for a mixture.

I define "sex" in the story as basically anything that gets the reader sexually charged and erotically involved. That can be teasing, spankings, or in something like Korrupting Kayla, the humiliation factor. Some of my most popular stories don't have much actual sex but do contain a lot of sexually charged scenarios.

What is your opinion? What do you like about Tori Hamlin stories? Your opinions will shape how future stories are structured.

Sex, story, or a mix?

  • 0%I read for the mix of sex, storyline, and character.

  • 0%I read for the story but the sex is a bonus.

  • 0%I read for the sex.

  • 0%I would read this style of story, even w/o graphic sex.


I'm really passionate about finding, and helping others find, good erotica writers. They might not all fit this site's theme of dark and filthy, like Lisa X Lopez. However, there are more out there that write in the style of myself and All These Roadworks. I just have to convince them that they deserve to be read. I read a ton of erotica and I have yet to find anyone else that's doing things in the same style. By no means am I putting myself on the level of ATR.

That guy's a friggin' master of humiliation and degradation. If I could think up the insane ways to humiliate my characters that he does, you all would be in for some ridiculous stories. Jesus, I'd probably go dark for a couple of months and then unleash a proper Hell of filth that would make the most devout nun cream her panties.

Anyway, we were talking about podcasting. Down the road, I've been considering doing a monthly erotica podcast and interviewing authors. This would also have some discussions around kink, particularly the darker stuff that you find here. That is something that's really lacking out there. Most erotica podcasts are focused on the more mainstream acceptable kinks, like hot wives and romantic tumbles, seduced stepbrothers, or an office tryst.

If I were to look into this as a possibility, is it something that would appeal to you as a lover of erotica?


  • 0%I would listen to a podcast about dark erotic kinks.

  • 0%I'm not really interested in a podcast on this topic.

  • 0%I'm not into podcasts in general.


Where do you go to discover new erotica authors? This question is geared toward marketing my work. I'd like to know where people discovered it and what brought you here. You can vote for as many as you like. Click See All Results to view all the choices.

Discovery sites?

  • 0%Literotica

  • 0%Lush Stories

  • 0%Reddit

  • 0%MCStories

You can vote for more than one answer.


The DomCo series will be closing out, hopefully, this year. Korrupting Kayla, Book Two ends on a cliffhanger, much as the first book did. We've tied up some of the loose ends (some of them literally) and paved the way for Book Three. Yes. Book fucking Three.

Here is the outlay for the rest of the series:

  • The Traitor's Council

  • Reluctant Suckslut

  • Korrupting Kayla, Book Three

  • Untitled conclusion

I'll be posting more on The Traitor's Council next month. This one is a series of stories, each of them similar to Vicky's Inheritance. Only, these will all take place in a single book. The Traitor's Council is introduced in Korrupting Kayla, Book Two.

New for March

Now that Kayla Two is out of the way, this month's releases will be a bit shorter. I alluded to a story featuring a slutty cheerleader in February's roadmap, and that's still on the table. I'm also looking to wrap up and start pushing out chapters for the kinky sci-fantasy Waygate Wanderer.

There will be new holiday shorts coming, featuring Kimmy the reusable holiday hump toy. Those will be released for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Kimmy might even get her own page on the site, and I'll eventually compile her misadventures into a collection. You can read Kimmy's current unfortunate adventures in The Magic of Forgotten Sluts and Kimmy and Cupid's Arrow.

My hope is to get out a few more shorts alongside two novellas that will be roughly the length of Altering Annika. The shorts will come out with Slutty Shorts: Volume Two and will, of course, be free on the site.

Oh, and yes. Fucking Holes.

Sounding off!

As always, I appreciate everyone that comes to visit this kinky little corner of the net. If you have thoughts, feedback, or want to sound off about anything, leave a comment or shoot me a message. Until the next time, friends.

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