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March Roadmap: DomCo, Audio, Site Polls

I'm going to open this month with an apology for missing yet another self-imposed deadline. Kayla, Kayla, Kayla. I have yet to write a book that took more work than this one. I don't typically go back and do tons of rewrites on manuscripts. Maybe it's the fear that comes from following up a good book with a sequel.

You want it to be Terminator Two, rather than The Phantom Menace, you know? Not the murderous robot part, but the "on par with what came before" part. Now, it's all but finished and we have a release date. This book is now available! Enjoy this completely unnecessary and overly dramatic book promo.

I'll elaborate more on this in the official release post, but the tone of this story has turned a bit darker than the original. Not quite Edge dark, but similar. That is by design. The first book was started in 2019. Over four years, the series has evolved and matured, just like the writing has matured and the characters must mature for what's coming.

In preparation, the original book has been overhauled with a full edit that has fixed the original formatting, the typos, and the rather embarrassing mistakes that I somehow missed in those earlier days. There is no new content in it, other than the preview chapter for Book Two in the end matter, but it has been cleaned up and brought up to spec for the kind of quality that I want all works to have going forward.

If you have purchased this title and would like a copy of the updated edition, just drop me an email here and I'll send it over for you. If you purchased it with the DomCo Debauchery Pack, that version already includes the new formatting. The Second Place Sister will be receiving the same thorough going over soon

Site Polls

I'd appreciate some input from everyone who visits and reads these stories. All polls are anonymous. Come forth and shape the future.


Not everyone has the time to sit down and read a book. It's why there's been such a huge rise in audiobook sales. I'm looking into offering this option with future releases. I'll be putting out a short work soon in audio format for feedback. This is not AI production. I'm looking into a variety of options for this, all of them human. This would allow the site to put content out in different formats and on other channels. Here is the question: Do audio versions of stories interest you?

Do you like erotic audiobooks?

  • 0%Yes, with a professionally done male actor.

  • 0%Yes, with a professionally done female actor.