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Korrupting Kayla, Part Eight

Chapter Three: Household Cumhole

By the time Kayla pulled into her driveway, she had a new review on her company profile. Whether Tiffany’s father had added it himself, or her friend had posted it for him, the sight of it further reminded her just how weird her life had become.

You come home expecting nothing more than a good dinner, and you get treated to a ball-blasting suckjob from a full-chested brunette bimbo. This darling little cocksucker has the shell-shocked look of a first-time rape victim, combined with the mouth of a virgin blowjob queen. While I’m glad I got in on the ground floor, I’m looking forward to repeated use of this cumhole, and am eagerly awaiting the day I get to bury my dick in that sweet little cunt.

After reading it two more times, she concluded that it was definitely Tiffany’s work. She locked her phone and looked at the lighted windows of the house with a feeling of dread. How was she going to explain the collar? How would she explain the collar and the fact that she was clearly horny, dressed like a slut, and looking as though she’d spent the last hour having lesbian sex? Kayla opened the door to the car, and then the house.

She found her mother in the living room, along with Professor Miles. The two of them were cuddled up on the couch, each of them with a book. No. Her mother didn’t have a book. She had a magazine and, when her head snapped up and took in the disheveled sight of her daughter, Kayla could see the cover of the publication. MILFs Gone Wild.

At Marie’s sharp intake of breath, Miles looked up from his book, but his face showed something like satisfaction, rather than surprise. Kayla blushed and took a step into the room. Marie managed to find her voice.

“Kayla? What on earth are you wearing now? And what is that?”

Kayla touched the collar and jabbered, “It’s… I got it… it’s from work.”

“From work? What does that say?”

“Can I just go to bed?” she begged.

Marie stood up and set down the dirty magazine. Kayla’s eyes flicked downward and she saw a spread-eagled bimbo on one side, and in bold letters on the other, “The Value of a Younger Lover,” at the top of an article. Marie paused and studied the collar.

“Cumhole? You expect me to believe that a professional office gave you a slut collar that says ‘Cumhole’ on it?”

“It’s true!” Kayla protested. “I told you, that place is weird! They’re making me do things!”

Marie shook her head in dismay.

“Why don’t we give your manager a call, and clear this up? I’ll just ask him about your choice of dress and we’ll see what he has to say.”

Kayla paled. She couldn’t let it happen. The scenario played out in her head in an instant. She imagined Master Johnson smoothly turning the entire thing back on her.

“We’re a very liberal organization that fully supports every woman’s right to freedom of their sexual expression,” he’d say. “If Kayla wants to wear her special neckpiece, who are we to deny her that freedom? It’s not DomCo’s policy to place restrictions on our employee’s choice of dress.”

Then, she’d come to work and face some new, horrifying humiliation that would be even worse. Maybe they’d even put one of those weird belts on her, like in the training video.

“No!” Kayla blurted. “It’s… it’s my fault. I’m just… I’m a stupid slut!”

The collar fed Obsequium into her brain and her anxiety began to fade as the pleasant injection of aphrodisiacs did their work. Marie nodded.

“Hear that, Miles?” Marie said. “Just like I told you. A slut for a daughter.”

Kayla was on the verge of protesting, intending to point out the hypocrisy of calling her slut, while her mother was reading a porno magazine, but then Marie pulled her in for a hug. Her mother’s hand slid under the skirt and cupped her ass.

“It’s alright, Kayla,” she said. “We’re going to support your decision like we always have. If you want us to start calling you ‘Cumhole’ then that’s what we’ll do.”

“But I––” she stopped.

Would the collar shock her if she told someone she did not want to be called Cumhole? It seemed likely. Reluctantly, she nodded and surrendered her old name, even at home.

“I know that you’re very curious about all the things you’re feeling, Cumhole,” Marie said. “Professor Miles and I have been talking about it.”

Kayla’s eyes flicked to the pleased expression on Professor Miles’ face and she remembered the things he’d been saying as she watched through the doorway.

“You know that I want to be a good mother for you and Rich,” Marie continued. “Being a good mother is the most important thing. It’s why I’m encouraging you to indulge in this slut business you’re so intrigued by. Professor Miles has helped me to see that, maybe, I’ve been letting my own expectations of who you should be get in the way of loving you for who you want to be.”

“But… I’m not really a slut,” Kayla protested weakly, and even to her own ears it sounded like a lie.

Marie nodded and, to Kayla’s further horror, said, “That’s because you don’t really know how. You’re just fumbling along and trying to learn on your own. That’s where I’m failing you. It’s my responsibility to make sure that you learn the important things you need to know about sex.”

The hand on Kayla’s ass slid between her legs and touched her sodden pussy. Kayla moaned involuntarily.

“You see?” Marie said. “Your bald, sticky, wet cunt is going to land you in trouble if you let it stay all hot and bothered like it is now. I want you to go upstairs, play with your toys, and watch your porno. I’ll be in soon, alright?”

Kayla was about to argue that she didn’t want to go upstairs and watch porno while she played with her twat, but then she realized that she actually did want to play with her twat. Her head was filled with a slutty haze from the Obsequium injection and it was hard to think about anything but the good feelings between her legs. It would feel so much better if she just watched porno and played with her cunt.

Marie pulled her fingers from Kayla’s wet snatch and showed them to her. They were coated in a slime of girl cum. Kayla blushed at the sight of them.

“My cunt is always wet… My twat is always ready… My pussy is always so hot…”

In a daze, Kayla let her mother push her fingers into her mouth and she tasted her cunt.

“Good,” Marie said. “Now, go upstairs and make more girl cum, okay?”

If she hadn’t been so sluttishly aroused, Kayla might have thought harder about how her mother seemed to have finally gone over the edge. But she was sluttishly aroused and the only thing she could think hard about was her cunt. She trudged up the steps to her room, where the sounds of the loud porno movies assaulted her ears before she even reached the door. Like a zombie, she pulled off her skirt and top and lay on the bed.

The toys that she’d used to make her company video were already neatly arranged on the nightstand, right next to her lewd alarm clock. She took up the vibrating rabbit and switched it on, then settled back on the bed to watch the all-too-familiar sight of hardcore porn. The current scene showed a masturbating brunette with large tits, which she thought was quite appropriate. It was like the two of them were watching each other play with their cunts.

Kayla’s leaking twat was already so wet that the vibrating toy slid into her easily. The little ears of the thing rubbed against her clit and she immediately began to orgasm. The explosive pleasure, fueled by the drugs, brought a feeling of such relief that she felt tears in her eyes. The moaning of the slut on the TV became a dull, distant thing as the pleasure blotted out her thoughts. When she opened her eyes, her mother was standing next to the bed. And she was nude.

“Mom!” Kayla exclaimed, but Marie just lay on the bed next to her.

Kayla, shocked, scooted back, with one hand still pushing the rabbit into her cunt. Marie moved closer once more and put her arm around Kayla’s waist.

“It’s alright, honey,” Marie said, her eyes glassy and distant. “I want to be a good mother. I need to teach you the important things about sex.”

“You… no, you don’t!” Kayla protested, but her mother’s hand gripped the vibrating toy and pushed it deep into her creamy hole.

Kayla gasped and shook as the vibrations made her cunt spasm. Before she could react, Marie kissed her.

“Mph!” Kayla squeaked and then her mother’s naked tits pressed against her body and the rabbit clicked to a higher setting.

Kayla made a slutty squeal of confusion and pleasure as Marie began to slowly fuck the toy in and out of her clenching pussy. Her mother’s tongue forced its way between her lips and, on instinct, Kayla let it in. Being aggressively tongue-raped in the mouth by other women had become an almost daily occurrence the last week, and even though it felt wrong to kiss her own mother, it also felt right.

Was it any different, really, from letting her mother fuck her with the sex toys for her work video? She’d already let her mother spank her and rub her cunt until she orgasmed. Her brother had jerked off onto her panties. If it felt good, was it really wrong? Even through the slutty haze, Kayla knew that there was something wrong with it. It wasn’t her mother’s decision. It was the hold that Professor Miles had on her.

“Mom!” Kayla managed to say as she pulled forcefully away from Marie’s kiss.

The glassy-eyed, faraway look on Marie’s face was one that Kayla knew. It was the same look she’d seen in the DomCo posters, and even in her own eyes in the mirror. It was the look of a brainwashed slut.

Marie pushed the toy deeper into Kayla’s cumhole and it made her tits heave with another imminent orgasm.

“Mom,” she said again. “You… oh, God… He’s doing something… to you.”

It was like Marie hadn’t even heard her. She pushed her lips back against her daughter’s and began to fuck her cunt with the toy. Kayla couldn’t hold back the pleasure and she bucked, pushing her pussy against the vibrating toy and letting loose a desperate whine into her mother’s mouth as she came.

Marie broke the kiss and said, “There’s so much to teach you, baby.”

Before the pleasure of the Obsequium orgasm faded, Marie slid the toy from Kayla’s pussy and replaced it with her mouth.

“Mom!” Kayla cried and tried to push herself back, but her back hit the headboard and Marie followed, shoving her tongue into her daughter’s wet hole as if she couldn’t get enough.

“Oh, shit! Oh my God!”

Marie’s hands held her legs in a powerful grip as she tongue-fucked her reluctant daughter. A shadow fell over the two naked, writhing women and, when Kayla looked up, she saw Professor Miles grinning down at her with a look of triumph.

He grabbed her trembling wrists while she squirmed in the throes of her incestuous orgasm and looped a cord around them.

“What are you… Oh, fuck!” Kayla trembled again on Marie’s tongue.

Miles looped the other end of the cord around the centerpiece of the headboard. He picked up her earbuds and, as she thrashed her head back and forth, he held her and put them in.

“No!” Kayla cried, but she couldn’t fight the bindings, her mother’s assault, her traitorous cunt, and the Professor.

She shut her eyes and tried to ignore the familiar whining of the training program, the same awful sound she’d listened to for a week, the one that she knew was erasing Kayla and replacing her with a humiliated slut. But the whine just oscillated, changing in tone and pitch, and she felt it pulling her down into that weird mental space where she was asleep, but not really asleep.

The calming sounds began to wash over her mind, those idyllic, soothing sounds of nature and the comforting noises that invoked feelings of calm and peace. And below were the words, the things that told her how they wanted her to behave, what kind of slut she needed to be.

“No…” she whispered, one more time, and then there were just the sounds, the words, and the pleasure.

“Fucktoy… I am an obedient fucktoy... Slut… I am a stupid slut… Cunt… I am a wet cunt and an empty head…”

Kayla’s struggles ceased and she lay back, relaxing as Marie sucked and licked at her cunt.

“I am a stupid slut,” she whispered. “I am a wet cunt and an empty head.”

As she repeated the phrases, the collar filled her with the good feelings, rewarding her compliance. The three special words from her first orientation seemed to hover at the front of her awareness. Subservience. Compliance. Reward.

“Tits… Melons… Funbags…”

“Tits, Melons, Funbags,” she repeated like a drone.

“Breasts,” said the voice.

“Breasts,” she repeated.

The collar sent a painful jolt through her that made her back arch. Miles stood by and watched thoughtfully as her mother ate her cunt.

“Kayla,“ said the voice.

“Kayla,” she repeated.

The collar shocked her again.

“Cumhole,” said the voice.

“Cumhole,” she repeated, and the good feeling returned.

Miles extracted his cock and got onto the bed. He pushed his fat head between her trembling lips and Kayla began to suck. He looked down at her vacant, entranced face, so lovely, so innocent, with that look of total disbelief. He fed her his cock and laughed as she came again on her mother’s tongue.


Enjoying the story so far? Catch up on the entire novel, Korrupting Kayla, Book Two before the release of Book Three!

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