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Edge, Chapter Twenty-Two: Cum Bucket

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Chapter Twenty-Two: Cum Bucket

Extraction proved to be one of the oddest events Jenna had yet experienced, during which the strange man had forced her to her knees to use her mouth. Given her Cum Bucket designation and the fact that he was a rank 99 Enforcer, she readily complied, not that she’d really felt any desire not to. He was the highest-ranking player she’d encountered, and she wondered if he was actually a player, or part of the system. The experience was altogether strange, though, for another reason. Power.

From the moment the man stepped through the door some kind of weird hum seemed to invade her thoughts. She instantly fell to her knees in front of the man and began to weep. Looking at him was like trying to look at the face of a god. She couldn’t do it. When she tried, it was as though her free will was overridden. She could only look away, the humming becoming an entrancing song in her head that made her delighted and afraid to even be in his presence. She wept tears of joy and love as the man pushed his cock between her lips, and Jenna found herself eager to please him as well as she could.

Nothing mattered except his pleasure, his power, her need to make him happy. She couldn’t imagine not having this feeling of love and bliss in her life. Her pussy was soaking the carpet as she knelt, the pleasure of serving him a soul-consuming thing that mingled with a horrible fear of what would happen to her if she wasn’t pleasing enough. He brushed her hair and Jenna orgasmed at the touch, her eyes rolling back in her head as the song played in her mind and a wave of intense pleasure swept through her.

When he ejaculated into her, she continued to weep, this time with a shameful sense that she was fulfilling her purpose, but with a terrible disappointment, because she knew that she could be better, if only he’d give her the chance. She could work at it. She could learn, and prove her devotion, if only he’d allow her the opportunity.

“Please,” she said, tears streaming down her face, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me,” she squeaked, only knowing that she was worthless before this powerful man.

He laid his hand on her head and she found herself melting into a pool of orgasmic joy, writhing on the floor and crying at this small gesture of approval. The man, then, did something that unlocked the cuffs on her wrists. He removed the collar and gently slid a new belt up her legs. When she heard the click of the lock and the familiar sensation of restriction, she continued to sob with delight, because it was what he wanted for her. His will was that her cunt was closed off and unavailable to her, only to be accessed during the time when it was needed for use. It made her happy, so happy.

The man left her on the floor and when his presence withdrew, Jenna continued to cry in confusion and horror. He’d left her. He hadn’t wanted to keep her. She wasn’t worthy of his endearing love, only worthy as a temporary hole to relieve his need. Worthless. She was worthless. The song in her head ended, leaving her in a state of confusion, with a deep sense of depression that lasted for over an hour, during which she wept on the floor as she thought about him and his love.

The feeling, eventually, began to subside and she wobbled to her feet, her mind a jumble of feelings that were impossible to sort. Just as she’d managed to get to her feet, the motel door opened again and she faced two hunters, who grinned at her wickedly. She already knew what was going to happen and had no will left to fight it.

Within a second she was on her back as the two men fed her their cocks, the motel door wide open to the night, until each of them blasted loads of hot cum into her mouth. Once they’d gone, she managed to get to the EV and commanded it to return to the garage. She slept the sleep of the dead, curled up naked in the back seat, her pussy burning as the Recoder built her arousal back up and the new belt tormented her.


Jenna awoke, uncertain of where she was. Her tortured pussy leaked fuck honey and the haze in her head was back, thick and cloying, making it difficult to think. She checked the time. Her parents would be gone for work by now. She lay back in the seat and instructed the car to drive her home, while she rubbed at her locked-up cunt and fumbled through the challenge screen. The Recoder had not faded away.

Whatever it was doing to her was making her stupid with fuck lust, even more than normal. It wasn’t at the level of the previous evening, but she could already feel it moving in that direction. She needed to get some challenges lined up to get fucked and clear her head. While the EV navigated the streets, she called Kara and related the previous night’s episode, including the Enforcer she’d met.

“Holy shit, Jenna! Are you alright?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “Do you know what a Recoder is?”

“No. Can you make it to the shop?”

“I can’t. I have Cum Bucket, and anyone will be able to track me. I need to lay low for the day, until the designation wears off,” she said.

“I’m coming to you,” Kara said, brooking no argument.

The car pulled into her driveway, where she quickly ran up to the door, naked, praying that her brothers weren’t on the other side.

“Fuck!” she cursed, now remembering that her keys were in the robe Harder had stolen.

Instead, she went to the garage and tapped in the code on the box, flushed as she waited, naked in her driveway, for the door to raise. She was fortunate not to meet her brothers, and made the dash up to the bathroom, where she used her key to unlock the belt and quickly jumped into the cold shower. The icy spray did little to take the edge off and within seconds she was furiously masturbating herself in the shower, desperate to orgasm again.

Jenna’s brothers drooled over the sight of Kara in a micro miniskirt, her tits bulging from an obscene, black top that showed significant underboob. She gave them a smile as they let her in. Kara found Jenna vigorously pumping her twat in the shower, her eyes glazed over with fuck lust as she brought herself off.

Kara had seen her share of horny girls while playing Edge and had been in a similar state herself many times, but this was something altogether different. Jenna met her eyes, took in Kara’s open-mouthed look of shock, but continued to masturbate as the other girl watched. She had to cum again. She just had to!

Kara shut off the water and hauled her naked friend out of the shower, which was complicated by the fact that Jenna would not stop playing with her cunt and panting. She threw a towel around her shoulders and urged her, still fingering herself, down the hallway to her bedroom. Kara stripped off her tiny clothes and turned toward Jenna, who had lain on the bed to continue fucking herself.

“Dr. Karalingus is gonna take care of you,” Kara said, and happily knelt between Jenna’s legs to suck her cunt.

Jenna humped her face brutally, hands tugging at Kara’s hair and squealing in delight as she used her friend as a masturbatory aid. This was wholly unlike the sweet girl that she’d played with so many times, now. This Jenna was wild, utterly lost to her need to orgasm. Kara had never seen anything like it. The more Jenna came, coating Kara’s face in hot girl cum, the more she seemed to calm. After six long and explosive orgasms on Kara’s tongue, Jenna began to calm, then finally lay quivering and satisfied.

Kara slid next to her on the bed, holding her as she regained her senses. Jenna’s timer showed that she had ten minutes of freedom from the belt left.

“Fuck…” Jenna said.

“You okay?” Kara asked.

Jenna nodded, weakly, saying, “It’s like… like my head is going to explode if I don’t cum. God, Kara, it fucking hurts!”

“Leanna’s looking into it,” Kara said, “If anyone can find an answer, it will be her. Until then, we’ve got to figure out how to manage this.”

“Orgasms. They make it go away for a while,” Jenna said, “but within a few hours it’s all I can think about. It’s like Obsequium on steroids, while the belt is at max.”

That was a comparison that they could both understand, and it made Kara cringe.

“Jenna?” the voice of one of her brother’s called from down the stairs.

“Shit!” Jenna cursed and looked about for her robe, then remembered that Harder had taken it, along with the belt and her keys.

Kara quickly donned her skirt and top as Jenna pulled the first thing she could find from her closet. A moment later there was a knock on the door, followed by her brother’s voice again, “Jenna?”

Jenna opened the door.

“There’s a couple of guys at the door that said they’re friends of yours.”

Jenna hid her fear and said, “Thanks.”

Kara followed her from the room, ignoring the boy’s puppy dog look. In the entryway, two men Jenna had never met before stood waiting. Each of them had a nameplate over their heads, showing one as rank twelve and the other as rank seventeen.

“Hey there, Bucket!” one of them said, and the other laughed.

Jenna’s eyes darted about, and she blushed, praying her brothers hadn’t heard.

“Come upstairs,” she said, nodding.

She let the strangers in, leading them to her room. The boldness of these two, she thought, was remarkable. To come to her house in the middle of the morning just because she was available for use? The idea scared her. She needed to take care of this and get away from here. The thought of staying home all day with a constant string of men looking for blowjobs was something that she did not want to have to explain. Then, there was the EV in the driveway, which was going to be hard to hide from her parents. One problem at a time.

Kara did not need to ask what the purpose of this impromptu visit was about. Jenna sank to her knees as soon as she closed the door, the men dropping their pants with smiles.

“You can wait,” Kara said, dropping to her knees next to Jenna, “or you can use me, too.”

The second man pushed his cock into Kara’s mouth, wordlessly, grabbing the back of her head and forcefully fucking her face. His friend chuckled and followed suit, pumping his shaft between Jenna’s lips as she stared up at him expressively, showing her submission in that way that she’d learned men loved. The man groped her tits roughly as he took his pleasure from her, groaning, while her lips created a tight seal around his penis. Within minutes, the two men were feeding them cum. Sucking strange cock had become a near-daily routine for Jenna and Kara, who mewled and swallowed their reward happily. Jenna, then, showed the two men out of the house.

“We need to leave,” she said to Kara.

“I’ll stay with you to help you through this,” Kara said.


They left Kara’s car in the driveway, Jenna navigating the EV out into the street with no destination in mind. She only knew that she couldn’t stay in one place. Her arousal level was starting to increase again, too, and she felt like it wouldn’t be long before she was out of control once more.

“I need challenges,” Jenna said. “Within a few hours I’m going to lose my shit again. I can already feel it.”

Kara was already searching the list and matching up challenges from the pool.


When they stopped for a late breakfast, Jenna forwarded the contract from Harder to Leanna, after which Jenna found herself squatting in an alleyway behind the restaurant as another strange man fed her semen, while Kara stood lookout. Her pussy was ridiculously wet and hot as they got back in the car, where Jenna directed Erin to take control of the car and navigate to the site of their first challenge.

As their rank increased, the challenges offered were becoming more varied. While there were, still, a great deal of pure slut challenges, such as gangbangs, more and more of them seemed to be linked to some other purpose. Jenna had avoided these after the Courier incident, but she and Kara, both, had become more curious about their purpose. Kara lined up the first of these challenges for them as Erin drove them in circles around the city.

Party Favors: In concert with another player, serve time as entertainment for an elite target. This challenge has no specified length. For the duration of this challenge, you will fulfill all requests as dictated by the target. Your ultimate goal is the target’s satisfaction. Additional details provided on acceptance. Any previous failure designations are removed for the duration of this challenge. Total freedom from restriction granted on acceptance and perpetually granted for the duration of this challenge.

Reward Choice:

-Rank up x 5, Cash Prize of $10,000, level 65 equipment choice, 72 hours freedom

-Cash Prize: $100,000

-Class realignment

Failure Penalty:

Ninety days enslavement

Rank down x 10

Consolation prize: None

“You can lose the Cum Bucket designation with this one,” Kara explained, “and look at those reward choices!”

“Take it,” Jenna agreed, hoping that whatever it was would allow her to remove the belt and cum. She couldn’t think straight.

Kara took the challenge, shared it with Jenna, and a moment later a message detailing their instructions appeared in their Haloes. The two of them looked at one another as the belts clicked and unlocked. Freedom.


Enjoying Edge? You can pick up the full novel, containing 30 chapters in the shop right now! The updated edition also includes the bonus story, The Penalty for Failure.

Curious about Halo technology? Read Love, Lust, and Erin. This story is available as a free read on the site. You can also pick up a copy in the shop.

To learn more about the Recoder, read The Second Place Sister.

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