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Edge, Chapter Twenty-One: Recoder

For background on the Recoder, read The Second Place Sister. This maniacal invention of Dr. Rebecca Swell rewrites a subject's genetic makeup to cause feelings of intense, constant arousal and an overwhelming need for release.

Exhausted and scared, Jenna took her pills to try to sleep. The contract, she ignored for the time being. She could show it to Leanna the next day. Whatever Harder had just dosed her with, though became difficult to ignore as the night wore on. Since being inducted into Edge, living in a state of constant arousal had become normal. Her locked-up pussy was always wet, and her mind constantly turned to thoughts of sex and her desire to cum. The Obsequium enhanced the feeling and only made her body respond more readily to any source of stimulation. This thing, though, the Recoder, was something else altogether.

When the belt, inevitably, started its teasing Jenna jerked awake clawing at her cunt. This pulsing was weak and slow, nothing compared to what the device was capable of, but there was an almost painful desire to orgasm that was beginning to override every other concern. Even through the drowsy haze of the pills, the intense yearning made her whine. For long minutes she lay in the dark trying to ignore it, willing the belt to stop and let her rest, but even after the belt ceased torturing her, the feeling only grew.

Sweating, Jenna fumbled in her nightstand for one of her toys. She’d become rather adept, now, at making herself cum from her ass. She coated the toy in slick lube and went to work on herself, groaning as the vibrations slowly worked her up and pushed her toward the orgasm that she needed so badly. It came and she howled into her pillow, but she wanted more. Again, and then again, she pushed herself to cum. Still, the feeling wouldn’t dissipate. Her pussy was completely drenched in girl cum. She could feel it. Fuck, she’d never been so horny in her life, and that was saying something these days.

Desperate to get the belt off she swiped up the challenge list in her Haloes and filtered for the closest ones. Rewards were of no concern. Getting the belt off and being fucked was the only thing that mattered. She wiped sweat from her brow. It was difficult to think straight, to match the challenges with available players. Her pussy was on fire. She scrolled, tapped the first challenge, then moved to the LFG listings. The listings highlighted with available groups matching the challenge criteria. She picked the closest one and a moment later Hit_em_Harder appeared as an avatar in her room.

“Oh my!” he said, mockingly, “Missing me already?”

Jenna made a choked squeak and looked at the group she’d selected, cursing herself for not paying attention. Fuck, it was so hard to think. It felt like her eyeballs were vibrating in her head and the heat coming from her cunt made her feel physically ill.

“I figured it wouldn’t take long before you were seeking a little relief. Here’s the location,” an address appeared in her Haloes, “Come on through. We’ve got what you need.”

Fuck! Fuck!

“Fuck you,” Jenna spat.

“I suppose you can always fail the challenge,” Harder said, “but I don’t think you’ll like the penalty.”

Jenna brought up the challenge and cursed again, making Harder laugh.

Womb Raiders of the Lost Dark: Submit to the will of a group of no less than four persons, while deprived of your sight for one hour. This challenge is not gender specific. For the duration of this challenge, you are given the “Toy” designation and available to all players, regardless of rank.

Reward Choice:

-Rank up x 3, Cash Prize of $2,000. Additional rank up for each two persons serviced above the minimum requirement of four.

-Cash Prize: $10,000

Failure Penalty:

Rank down x3. 48 hours with Rape Toy designation. Geo-location active. Available to all players. Cash penalty of $2,000. 1 week enforced chastity.

Consolation prize: $150

Jesus Christ! She could barely read the words; her head was so fuzzy. What the hell had Harder given her?

“Come on, Angel,” Harder continued to taunt her, “It’s just a little fucking. Nothing you’re not used to by now. I promise we’ll let you enjoy it. I wouldn’t want to damage my future property, after all.”

Jenna’s pussy had become the sole focus of her world by now. She wanted to decline, to fail the challenge and find another one, but the penalty. She couldn’t afford to lose rank, and the thought of an entire week of enforced chastity feeling like this wasn’t even an option. If the Recoder lasted that long. She had no idea, but she didn’t want to find out. Jenna clawed at the belt once more, furious, and then threw up into her trash can. Her stomach heaved, again, and her head felt like it was going to explode if she didn’t relieve the pressure between her legs. It was the most horrid feeling she’d ever had.

“Erin, start guidance to the challenge address,” she said and threw on a bathrobe, bolting from her room with her keys jingling.

The Halo HUD provided a route, the Harder avatar following behind her as she fumbled to unlock the car and get inside. She wiped her hand across her forehead and found it slick with sweat. More of it poured into her eyes. She felt drunk but didn’t even consider if she should drive. The need was all that mattered. Thankful for the lack of traffic, she sped toward the address, a shitty motel only a few miles away. Jenna pulled haphazardly into the first available space, parking askew and flinging the door open. She wrenched the keys from the ignition and stuffed them into a pocket of her robe, following the last few feet of the Halo route to a motel door, which opened as she approached.

The horrifying beast that was Hit_em_Harder stood in the doorway, illuminated by the light of the room against the night. Jenna paused, her mind muddled. She shouldn’t be doing this. This was a terrible idea.

“Erin, initiate current challenges,” she said and was suddenly struck blind as the Haloes blacked out.

She gasped as hands, human hands, pulled her through the door. It shut and locked with a sickening finality. Someone, probably Harder, snapped something cold and leathery around her neck. Her robe was ripped off. Her arms were forced behind her back and something clicked around her wrists. The click of the belt’s lock as it disengaged signaled that the challenge had begun. Someone slid the thing down her legs, and then she was picked up off of her feet and tossed onto a bed like a toy. A toy. She was a toy for the duration of the challenge. They could do anything to her, short of killing her.

Jenna cursed her cunt, cursed Edge, Harder, the belt, her own weakness. She’d just delivered herself to the most sadistic pack of misogynists on the network and given them permission to abuse her however they liked for an hour. She’d done it for the promise of an orgasm that they might not even give her. She was stupid. She was a stupid slut, controlled by her cunt. Someone slapped her across the face and laughed. Someone else spanked her cunt and she winced at the sickening sound of just how fucking wet it was.

A finger gently stroked up and down between her embarrassingly wet slit, teasing it. She humped herself against it, desperate to get off and make the sick feeling go away, but they wouldn’t let her.

“Repeat after me, cunt,” Harder’s voice said, “My name is Jenna Lincoln. I’m a sick slut that gets off on being raped by strangers.”

“No!” Jenna cried and someone slapped her again. Something electric crackled and popped near her ear.

“You can say the words, or my friend here is going to stick that taser on your cunt.”

“My name is Jenna Lincoln,” she said, immediately, “I’m a sick slut that gets off on being raped by strangers!”

“Good girl!” Harder said and someone forced her legs apart and pushed a cock into her.

Jenna squealed and orgasmed, her back arching, arms straining against the cuffs on her wrists as she writhed. This wasn’t just a cock. This thing was huge! The man groaned as he shoved the thick length of it into her to the base. Despite how wet and ready she was for it, though, it felt like a baseball bat had just invaded her pussy. Over the last several weeks, Jenna had become adjusted to dicks of varying size, but this thing couldn’t be real. She screeched, her vision darkening as fireworks went off in her head.

Something hard and metal clamped onto her left nipple, and she screamed. The man fucking her slapped her again and hissed, “Keep it down, bitch!”

Jenna tasted blood on her lip, but she tried to hold in her screams as this stranger pounded his log of a cock into her until, to her shame, she orgasmed again. They clamped her other nipple, and the man pressed his hand against her mouth as she yelled. He continued to hold his hand over her mouth with brutal force as he battered her cunt with his immense organ, until Jenna felt like she was going to pass out from another orgasm and a lack of air.

Someone else tugged at the clamp on one of her tits, making her screech against the hand on her mouth, and then someone else slapped her other tit hard.

“Tell my friend that you love him and want to fuck his big dick every day,” Harder said, mirth apparent in his tone.

Jenna didn’t want to say it. The taser crackled again.

“I love you!” she said, “I love you and I want to fuck your big dick every day!”

The men laughed at her, and someone spit on her lips, then rubbed the disgusting glob into her mouth with two thick fingers and pushed them down her throat, making her choke as the big dick continued to plunder her insides until she came again. Despite the horror of it, the orgasms were relieving the desperate feeling in her pussy, the overwhelming need to cum. With each one, it seemed like the feeling drained out of her, giving her a terrible clarity that made her acutely aware of just how badly she had fucked up.

The man yanked his cock log from inside of her and Jenna nearly cried at how much her body wanted him to put it back in. They had other plans for her though. Two of them picked her up and flipped her over, dropping her, facedown, onto the mattress again. The metal clamps on her nipples pressed into her tits painfully as they smashed against the bed. Something hard and leathery smacked against her ass and Jenna screamed into the pillow at the agonizing pain. Her body jerked and she wiggled like a slutty worm to get up from the bed. A heavy body pressed down against her, pinning her.

“Tell me you’re a useless hole, whose only purpose is to be degraded for the pleasure of men,” Harder hissed in her ear.

Harder. It was Harder pinning her. Harder was going to take his turn.

“I’m a useless hole…” she said, her voice muffled as Harder pressed her face into the pillow, “whose only purpose is to be… degraded for the… pleasure of men!”

“Not good enough,” Harder said, yanking her head back by her hair, “We couldn’t hear you.”

“I’m a useless hole!” she repeated, and Harder pushed his cock into her ass, making her squeal!

“You didn’t say the rest,” he growled, angrily, and the leather thing cracked across her ass again.

Harder pushed her face into the pillow to muffle her scream, then jerked her head back up and repeated, “Say it, cunt.”

“I’m a useless hole, whose only purpose is to be… degraded for the… pleasure of men!” Jenna babbled as Harder thrust into her ass with short, hard strokes.

The men all laughed at her as she came from his violent butt-fucking. Harder pulled out of her ass. Jenna lay, panting, trembling, her ass hot and hurting but her pussy wanting to cum again. She wanted to cry, but some part of her refused to give them that satisfaction. It was what they wanted, she knew.

Someone dragged her by the hair onto her knees and then two of them lifted her. Someone else moved onto the bed. They lowered Jenna onto the cock of the man with the massive penis once more and she immediately orgasmed on his thick rod as they pushed her down onto it. The man tugged the clamp on one of her nipples painfully as someone else pushed the head of his cock into her ass. She screamed, but another cock entered her mouth and then they all went to work on her, shoving their cocks into her every hole at the same time.

Shamefully, she orgasmed again, the man fucking her mouth slapping her across the face as she did so. Every few minutes, the man in her mouth would pull out and another man would take his place. Jenna had no idea if it was two men taking turns, or if there was a waiting line of them, each of them using her mouth in sequence. The only thing she could actually see was the challenge timer, showing that she had fifteen minutes left.

Harder, she assumed, came in her ass with a hard grunt, his arm locked around her neck as he pounded into her mercilessly and she choked on the dick in her mouth. A moment later, she felt the trickle of sperm coming from her as he withdrew, but his hand continued to force her head down on the dick in her mouth as the big man in her cunt lifted her up and down his mammoth shaft by her ass. To her horror, she orgasmed again, then again, before the man in her mouth fed her his gooey load.

A hard burst of cum splashed across her face from, presumably, the fourth man. With one minute left on her timer, the big cock unleashed its grotesque charge into her in a spray that Jenna could only equate to that of a firehose pasting the inside of her pussy with a torrent that made her cum again. The man shoved her off of him and she fell onto her face on the bed, the clamps biting into her tits as she struggled to turn herself over. She heard laughter as the men left the room.

The challenge timer ended, and her vision returned, blinding her again momentarily. She blinked back tears as she managed to flip herself onto her back, which was not much more comfortable, given that they’d left her cuffed. Next to her head, she heard the sound of her own voice suddenly blare from a voice recorder, very loudly proclaiming, “My name is Jenna Lincoln! I’m a sick slut that gets off on being raped by strangers! I’m a useless hole, whose only purpose is to be degraded for the pleasure of men!”

Jenna gasped, quickly took stock of her situation and panicked. They’d left the door open. She was naked, her hands cuffed behind her back in a low-rent motel. Her face was drenched in cum. Between her legs, more sperm poured from her ass and pussy. Her voice continued to blare, on repeat, from the recorder, “My name is Jenna Lincoln! I’m a sick slut that gets off on being raped by strangers! I’m a useless hole, whose only purpose is to be degraded for the pleasure of men!”

“Erin, bring the car here,” she commanded, and the Haloes showed her the EV starting up and routing itself toward the hotel with an estimated arrival of fifteen minutes.

Quickly, she managed to fumble around and get the recorder into her hands and switch it off. She worked her way off of the bed and kicked the door shut. A new timer appeared in her Haloes, a command to get her belt back on in ten minutes to avoid a penalty.

“Fucking shit!” she cursed and looked about for the belt. It was gone. Did Edge provide for extenuating circumstances like this? She had no idea.

“Erin, call Leanna!”

The Haloes dialed and a moment later the ghostly image of a very tired-looking Leanna appeared in the room.

“Angel? What is it?” she asked.

“I’m fucked!” Jenna said, “Harder took my belt. Is there some kind of rule for this?”

Leanna took a moment, then said, “Yes. If left in a position where you are unable to comply with game rules, call for an extraction. You’ll get a monetary penalty and given a Cum Bucket designation for 24 hours.”

“Great!” Jenna said, fuming, “Thanks.”

“Are you okay?” Leanna asked.

“No. I’m handcuffed in a hotel room. My car’s on the way.”

“Can you share your location? I’ll come.”

“Unless you’re a locksmith, I doubt it will help,” Jenna said, “I’ll call for extraction.”

She hung up on Leanna and instructed Erin, “Call for an extraction.”

The wait went on for several minutes as she rested with her back against the door. Even after the orgasms her cunt still felt hot and needy. The desperation and sickness were gone, now, but it was an odd feeling, wanting to cum again, despite the awful situation she was in. A new avatar appeared in her Haloes, this one of a dour man, wearing dark sunglasses and a black hat.

“Trouble?” he asked.

“Um, hello,” Jenna said, wondering what the protocol was for this. She decided to just go for it, “I’m stuck in a hotel room after a challenge. They took my belt and I’m cuffed. Can you help?”

“I have your location. The penalty is $1,500 and a 24-hour Cum Bucket designation. Do you accept?” the man asked.


“Sit tight.”

The man faded away. Jenna stewed, with nothing to do but wait.


Enjoying Edge? You can pick up the full novel, containing 30 chapters in the shop right now! The updated edition also includes the bonus story, The Penalty for Failure.

Curious about Halo technology? Read Love, Lust, and Erin. This story is available as a free read on the site. You can also pick up a copy in the shop.

To learn more about Harmony, read The Second Place Sister.

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