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Edge, Chapter Twenty: The Offer

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

The reward money from her delivery, Jenna transferred to the account of a rank eleven submissive named Tammy, who went by the user name Pet_Me_Plz. The girl was a down-on-her-luck brunette with some serious self-worth issues, who was one of the few girls that actually loved Edge right from the first home invasion. The girl chattered excitedly about it on their drive over to a gangbang at the lavish home of some wealthy tycoon, in which Jenna would play fluffer for fourteen men as they railed Tammy.

Her choice from the motor pool was a dark blue EV convertible, equipped with full self-driving and an onboard AI that connected to her Haloes. The motor pool description had specified that the vehicle, also, came equipped with an anti-hunt evasion package, but Jenna had not yet taken time to explore those features. She stashed the car in a rented garage, which she had no problem affording, now that she was keeping herself busy with challenges. Each time she looked at the vehicle, though, she thought about Harmony, the dog girl, and she resolved to put the car to use fighting against WAT.

At rank twenty-two, now, she was ascending rapidly, but floundering whenever she thought about where her plan was going. Gathering the girls was working. Their little clique had grown to include forty girls, who were all working together to breeze through challenges, reap rewards and gain rank. Jenna opened a new account as a war chest, which the girls could donate to, if they chose. The majority of her earnings went into the account, but she still didn’t have a real purpose for it.

The lack of an endgame, a real strategy to fight was still lacking. WAT wasn’t the only group of savages out there. Edge had a global reach, encompassing dozens of countries. No one, as far as she knew, was doing what she was, though. In browsing the LFG listings from other locations, she’d learned that the majority of the girls were all doing this alone. There were tiny groups, consisting of two to four girls that worked together frequently, but nothing like their band.

The first indication she had that her own movement was spreading came in the form of a message in her Haloes from a rank sixteen dominatrix named Leashya. The girl had found them in the challenge pool and, tired of going it alone, decided to physically relocate to join their group of stalwart sluts. She’d arrived just this morning, and now sat in the back seat of Jenna’s car to complete Nope, in which she’d deny two of the men from today’s group any form of orgasm while they watched their friends gangbang Pet_Me_Plz. The girl was, currently, writhing in the back seat on the brink of orgasm from her belt, a vibrating plug in her ass and clamps on her exposed nipples. Jenna was completely unfazed by this fact.

Later today, Jenna and Kara would meet up to work out a long-term strategy with an exhibitionist named Leanna, who was a law student that had dedicated herself to learning the entirety of the Edge rulebook in and out. Drinking Obsequium, her belt at a low tease, Jenna knew that WAT was going to come for her. For all of them. Edge might be a misogynistic shitshow, but it did have an odd sense of balance, if one knew how to play. They just needed to learn how to win.

Jenna spent the next two hours on her knees servicing a line of strange men. Offering strangers her mouth for the sole purpose of hardening their cocks up, while the belt jolted her over-excited cunt seemed like just another day. As each man pushed his rigid pole between her lips, Jenna fucked them with her eyes, by now her well-trained tongue able to distinguish between a man on the verge of cumming and one who was simply close. When she knew that they were near the point of no return, she’d learned to back off and caress their engorged nuts, fondling them softly while she kept them excited with dirty talk that she’d adopted from Kara.

Leashya proved a deft hand at her class, as well, Jenna noted as she watched the girl work. Her two feminized charges were quivering and nearly in tears after the first hour of the girl teasing their rope-bound cocks and balls, while they drooled around gag balls. Their torment was punctuated by screams of pain when the girl applied little shock to their nipples from her Wand of Torment.

It was indescribably hot watching the girl turn the two of them into blathering mounds of jelly, wholly focused on the pain and pleasure she inflicted. In between rounds of vigorous cocksucking, Jenna’s attention pivoted between the moaning, filth-spewing slut being pounded into a writhing mass of orgasmic pleasure, and the leather-clad beauty utterly demeaning and control her helpless slaves.

Brushing saliva from her chin, Jenna watched Leashya, on her back on the floor, tease the men’s purple and swollen cockheads with her feet, giggling and telling, “If you fucking cum, I’m going to cage your little pecker for a month, bitches.”

Another man pulled his spit-covered tool from her mouth, stuffed it into Pet_Me_Plz’s recently vacated fuckhole, and Jenna watched the girl wrap her legs around his waist. The man piledrived her welcoming cunt until he pasted her channel with the load that Jenna had worked up for her.

Another man left a wet, sticky smear of precum and spit across Jenna’s forehead, just before he flipped Pet_Me_Plz onto her back and drove himself into her rectum, making the girl squeal and cum. Jenna had a brief glimpse of Leashya sitting behind one of her slaves, her hand on his throat, the other jerking his swollen cock while she spewed filth into his ear, “I know, baby,” she said, “you just want pussy so fucking bad, don’t you? See how all those men with real cocks get to fuck pussy? It feels so good! What if I let you cum in him, instead?” she asked, nodding toward her other slave, whose abused cock she stroked with her foot, “Would you cum in his mouth like a little sissy?”

The slave shook his head and the girl picked up the pace on his cock, saying, “No? You can cum in my hand, but then I’ll lock your pathetic dicky up for a month and coat it with itching powder first,” the man vigorously shook his head, and as the next guy in line fucked his penis into Jenna’s mouth, she could still hear Leashya going on, “Tell you what. Whichever of you wants to avoid getting their cock locked up with itching powder has to cum in the other one. In their asshole. Which of you is gonna be a little butt-humping faggot for me?”

Though the words were garbled by the gags, Jenna was certain that both of them agreed. By this point, she wasn’t sure if she had sucked off each of the men at least once, or if they were coming back for a second turn. She felt cock-drunk and the fuck-fog had taken over. The belt had turned her always wet pussy into a gushing mess that seemed like the only important thing in her life, and everywhere she looked was some manner of perversion that only made her hotter.

By the time the entire sordid affair was over, Jenna couldn’t think straight. She meandered out of the house, yearning for release, but she had no key and no one had offered to use her ass. She let Pet_Me_Plz drive them to their new “headquarters,” and begged Leashya to make her cum from her ass. Out of reflex, she accepted a challenge called Public Display of Affection, which required her to achieve an anal orgasm in public at the hands of another girl. Having the top down on the convertible, and repeated anal orgasms as they drove, fulfilled the criteria. She added $500 to her account for the low-level challenge. Leashya sent the Halo recording to her, to post to her OnlyFans account later that night.

The immediate edge taken off, the three of them parked in the back of a small, disused building that had once been an adult novelty store. The place had been Kara’s idea, and they’d both agreed that it was a fitting location. The “Closed” sign permanently hung on the locked front door, while the blacked-out windows provided privacy. Jenna let them in through the back, where a few of the other girls’ cars were parked.

Cleaning the inside of the place had taken a lot of work. Fortunately, their little sisterhood had taken to the idea with determination. The empty front of the storefront had been converted into a plush little lounge, complete with couches, TV, a well-stocked fridge, and was decorated in a pastiche of styles that reflected the personality of the eclectic gathering of women.

The back of the place contained a stock room, where they stored other supplies. There had been a great deal of inventory left over from the previous tenant, which had been eagerly put to use by the girls. The store’s office, they’d converted into a cute little bedroom, which was constantly in need of clean sheets from the excessive use of the queen bed they’d jammed into it.

In the lounge, Jenna found Karalingus and Lusteanna at a table they’d set up, while two exhausted sluts napped on the couches, half naked.

“Erin,” she said, “Send the car back to the garage.”

In her Haloes, a tracker showed her the convertible putting its top up and navigating away from the building on auto-pilot. She grinned at the cool factor and decided that this, too, was not the worst thing about Edge. Kara put her arms around Jenna and kissed her hotly, which didn’t so much as raise an eyebrow from the other girls. Every one of them had done the same, and a lot kinkier by this point.

Kara swiped and tapped at her Haloes and a challenge share appeared in Jenna’s vision.

Strap in: Give or receive vaginal penetration from another player of the same gender for thirty minutes using an artificial phallus.

Reward Choice:

-Cash prize: $100

-One hour freedom

Failure Penalty:

-Cash deficit of $100

Kara raised an eyebrow in suggestion at the easy challenge.

“Please, God, yes!” Jenna agreed and quickly accepted. Kara dragged her into the back bedroom.


Her head somewhat clearer, following thirty minutes of strap-on play, they discussed strategy with Leanna at the table. As she’d combed through the very detailed and extensive rules, as well as their varying clauses and sub-clauses, Leanna had hit upon something that might just work. Ousting a player from Edge was possible, she’d found. The possibility, though it existed, was not an easy thing to pull off. SysAdmin, of course, could do it on a whim.

In order to get it done through player action, though, the violator would need to be a habitual rule breaker, which could get them kicked off (or worse) by their own action. Alternatively, the player base could petition for the ouster of a toxic player. That, also, left the ultimate decision in the hands of SysAdmin.

Though the information was valuable, Jenna left the place, again, with no clear course in mind. She mulled it over quietly as Kara drove her to retrieve her car. She lost herself in her thoughts as she drove the reliable old beater to her house. She felt like a stranger as she pulled into the driveway. This wasn’t the home of a belt-wearing slut who had sucked off over a dozen men, before allowing another girl to punish her cunt with a strap-on. This was where a quiet and cute teenager lived, one that kept to herself and shied away from anything unseemly or even remotely dangerous.

Her parents, her brothers, unaware of what she was doing to protect them from a horrible fate, went about their lives as though nothing had changed. Jenna, though, felt distant, detached from that former life as though it belonged to someone else. Still, she played the game, both for them, and, now for others. She pulled her car into the drive, just after sunset, her heart racing at the sight of an all-black Charger parked in the driveway. She’d never seen the thing, but it sat there, sucking up the last of the fading day like some kind of malevolent, dark menace.

In the living room, she found her mother seated across from a grotesque, hairy beast of a thing with hollow pools for eyes, its fangs dripping saliva. Jenna stopped in the doorway. Her mother turned to her, frowned slightly at her state of dress, but then perked up.

“Hi, honey,” she said, “You have a visitor!”

The creature stood, imposingly, took a step forward, and extended a clawed hand toward Jenna. Illusion, she thought, it isn’t real. The nameplate above the thing’s head read, Hit_em_Harder.

“It’s so good to meet you, Jenna,” the thing said, his voice like gravel against stone in her earbud, “Or, should I say, Angel?”

Jenna sputtered, “What?”

“I always thought those games were no good,” her mother said, cheerily, “but I guess this is a new world. Apparently, there’s opportunity in that stuff now.”

Harder nodded to her politely. Jenna, disgusted, took his hand for show. He crushed it in his grip, and she bit her lip as she felt something prick her skin. When she snatched her hand back, she saw a small bead of blood on the back of her hand. The thing smiled.

“You know,” Harder said, “you’re right, ma’am. Companies like ours are using games more and more as a recruiting tool for new talent. Jenna, you’re making a lot of waves on the server. It’s really something. My company has a lot of opportunities for young minds, like yours, that can approach problems from a different perspective. I know this might seem unorthodox, but when we see promising players, we like to reach out with a personal touch to let them know that we’ve been keeping an eye on them. Now, I don’t know what kind of plans you have, now that you’re out of high school, but I hope that you won’t discount our offer.”

“Maybe I should leave you two to talk?” her mother suggested.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Harder said, the picture of politeness. Jenna wondered what her mother was seeing.

Her mother kissed her on the cheek and squeezed her shoulder on the way out, leaving her alone with the creature.

“What do you want?” Jenna hissed, once she’d gone.

“Exactly as I said. I have an offer for you. I don’t usually make an offer twice, and never the same one. This time the terms are a little different. Do you know, Angel, what the rules say about what you can and can’t do to non-players?” he asked.

Jenna paled. She knew that there were no rules regarding people who didn’t play. Only the real world’s laws applied to them.

“I know how the admin works. They sucker you into this shit with the whole family and friends blackmail thing to keep you quiet. Just remember, that they aren’t the only ones out there with the power to make people disappear. Or, have unfortunate accidents.”

Harder flicked something her way and a virtual representation of a curled-up piece of paper appeared in her Haloes. She tapped it and the paper unfurled, displaying a contract.

Player Hit_em_Harder has offered you a slave contract.

Below this was a lengthy legal agreement, which Jenna scanned, but she was too stunned to take it in. She rubbed at her hand, where Harder had pricked her. The little bead of blood had stopped, but the area itched.

“Take some time to read that over,” he said, “I’ll give you two days to make a decision. Ask yourself, little girl, do you really want to go to war?”

He glanced at where Jenna rubbed her hand and his fanged maw curled up into a snarl.

“By the end of the two days, that Recoder is really going to do a number on you. Not like the dog girl,” he said, “I don’t want you that braindead, but life ain’t gonna be a picnic from here on out.”

“What did you do?” she asked.

He shook his head and snarled, “The best things in life are surprises.”

He started for the door, stopped as he passed her and whispered, “And that little black-haired cunt of yours is gonna love what my boys do to her.”

Jenna turned to him in a rage and hissed, “Don’t you touch her!”

Harder ignored her and stalked out of the room, letting himself out.


Enjoying Edge? You can pick up the full novel, containing 30 chapters in the shop right now! The updated edition also includes the bonus story, The Penalty for Failure.

Curious about Halo technology? Read Love, Lust, and Erin. This story is available as a free read on the site. You can also pick up a copy in the shop.

To learn more about Harmony, read The Second Place Sister.

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