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Edge, Chapter Twenty-Three: Party Favors

Kara from Edge by Tori Hamlin

The idea that she and Kara were about to blackmail a priest made Jenna a bit uneasy. They’d accepted, though, and there was no way she was going to accept a failure penalty of the magnitude that this particular challenge would punish them with. The challenge specifics required a surreptitious recording of their sexual activity with a man named Father Evan Lain, who Jenna found online easily.

The man was a very prominent and outspoken religious activist, whose current, very public, battle was against a massive corporation called DomCo. The priest and his legion of followers were embroiled in a nasty spat with DomCo over a new bill making its way through the legislative body in Washington.

On one side of the argument was DomCo, pushing this legislation as an “important step forward in modern male rights,” while the other side pushed back, calling it, “the biggest setback in women’s rights in history.” The bill, with the ridiculous acronym BIGFINCOC, had the longform name of the Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus.

Father Evan Lain was a prominent detractor, and it seemed that the two of them were about to do something that could be used as leverage to shut him up. Father Lain, it appeared, was not quite as chaste and holy as he made himself out to be, given the fact that he’d used back channels to hire two teenage escorts for his sexual pleasure just this morning. Jenna and Kara were, now, those escorts.

After having to suck on Jenna’s out-of-control cunt several times to calm her down throughout the day, the two girls wheeled Jenna’s car down a long, dirt drive to park at a remote cabin in the countryside. They were stopped by a pair of security guards in dark suits and sunglasses, who frisked them happily, before escorting them into the cabin. Inside, the place reeked of money. Father Lain, apparently, was happy to put God’s donations toward his material comforts.

The Father himself, Jenna thought, did not look all that priestly. She wasn’t sure what she’d expected, exactly. Maybe, a movie-like getup with a little white collar and holy robes. Father Lain, though, wore a t-shirt and jeans, and he sat behind a polished, expensive desk covered with neat stacks of paper and a laptop. The Father rose to greet them and nodded toward one of their escorts, who withdrew to a corner of the room, looming like a sentinel.

Lain looked them over wordlessly, nodded, smiled, and motioned for them to follow him. They did, winding back through the hallway of the cabin and into a dark room at the rear of the place. Lain flipped a switch and closed the door as Jenna and Kara looked at each other in horror. The door clicked shut and the sound of a bar thudding shut whipped them both around. Father Lain, it seemed, was not a vanilla fuck. The place looked like a torture chamber.

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God,” The Father’s voice bellowed through a speaker on the wall, and Jenna was certain the man was mad, “Be at peace!” the priest finished, and the girls watched in stunned silence as the room filled with smoke.


Jenna’s mind clawed itself from a thick, lethargic fog. She heard Kara groan somewhere nearby. The all-too-familiar feeling of being restrained added an unwelcome shock to her bleary wakefulness, and when she tried to breathe, she found it difficult. There was something thick in her mouth, like a cock, only it wasn’t a cock.

She jerked her hands, found them stuck, and blinked open her eyes. For a few seconds, she fought to focus. She was staring into Kara’s exposed cunt, which was plugged with a clear dildo. Something between her legs tugged painfully on her clit. On reflex, Jenna tried to raise her head, but as she did so, the motion pulled back a chain that she realized was attached to a collar around her neck.

Pulling her head back relieved the pain in her clit, and moved the chain with her, but as the chain moved, the thing in her mouth pushed itself deeper into her throat, making her gag, while simultaneously pushing the dildo into Kara’s pussy. As the thing pushed into Jenna’s mouth, another one began to press upward and into her ass, making her moan and shiver. Kara screamed in pain, then, and when Jenna flicked her eyes up, she saw that some kind of mechanism pulled at Kara’s tits, distending them lewdly via clamps on her nipples.

She reversed the motion, causing the chain to snake back the opposite direction, pulling the dildo out of Kara, while the toys, she guessed, in her mouth and ass slid back out. The pain in her clit returned as she alleviated Kara’s predicament.

Kara moaned. Jenna held still, her eyes watering from the agony on her clit.

“Jenna?” Kara whispered.

“Mff!” Jenna mumbled around the dildo in her mouth, tears welling in her eyes.

“What the fuck is going on? Can you move?” Kara asked.

“Mff!” Jenna replied.

The pain in her clit was intolerable. Her body reacted, pulling her head back to rid itself of the pain, which resulted in the dildoes fucking into her mouth and ass, but tugging the clamps on Kara’s tits and making her scream.

“Oh, fuck! What the fuck!” Kara yelled.

Kara, on instinct, raised her arms to get at the clamps on her tits. Chains on Kara’s wrists jerked Jenna forward as the other girl raised her arms, tugging the clamp on her clit downward and making Jenna squeal in pain, while the dildoes in her holes withdrew. Again, Kara relieved her own pain, and the dildo in her cunt sank deeper, vibrating now and giving her pleasure.

The chains were not long enough to allow Kara to reach her breasts. Jenna made squeals of protest as the clamp tugged her clit agonizingly. Kara seemed to get the message, lowered her arms, and Jenna was able to pull her head back, reversing the entire process and giving herself pleasure while Kara wailed in agony.

Unable to let her friend suffer, Jenna cried as she choked on the fake cock in her mouth, but Kara’s body, following its natural reaction to the pain, raised her arms again, jerking Jenna forward and tugging her clit once more. The situation was impossible. Neither one of them could stand it for long.

Driven by the instinct to protect their sensitive parts, the two of them fell into a devilish cycle of pleasuring themselves, while torturing the other. Jenna could hear Kara’s sobs through her own, knowing that she was fighting herself not to cause her friend suffering, but unable to stand the horrible pain of the device.

“The whore finds penance in her pain,” came the voice of Father Lain from somewhere behind Jenna. With her head locked in place by the collar and a dildo lodged in her throat, she couldn’t see the man. Then, she f